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popsicle-stick · 2 days
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here it is. the unhinged thing i've been sitting on
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marghen · 5 hours
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The only stats that matter to me
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animate-mush · 2 days
Although frequently analyzed as sexually liberating, by interrupting both planned weddings Dracula represents the greatest force in this novel preventing people from having sex. In this essay I will
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For all who celebrate Christmas, like Charles Dickens, or love it when ghosts psychologically torment capitalists into giving away their money!
The original book is a short read, easy to condense into a one month substack, and includes 100% canon things like
Scrooge cutting to the chase and telling someone to go to hell
A threat to swallow a toothpick
Past, who is described as the size of a small child, physically manhandling Scrooge around like he’s a wet cat
Present having Spooky Scary Children
Yet to Come being heavily implied to be able to talk to people in their brains/to have psychic powers
so much roasting
get his ass
I know we all know the story, but there are probably at least a few surprises that have slipped by you if you haven’t read the original. Even if you have, book clubs are fun. Consider partaking in the ghostly attack therapy session for the worst man in the world. It’ll be fun
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actually the best subversion of expectations in dracula is renfield, the emotionally unstable madman that eats bugs, is actually extremely smart and more aware of whats happening in the story than most of the characters until its too late while seward, who were introduced to with a praise to already owning an asylum at 29, spends most of the plot being wrong on everything ever and also being very bad at his job
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thegoatsongs · 1 day
The juxtaposition of how Jonathan reacts to the sisters being vampires to Mina becoming one is stark, to show the extremities between the hate and love he respectively feels.
He spends a month avoiding, running away from, and chasing away the sisters. He even chooses almost certain death over submitting to his fate to be with them. "I shall not remain alone with them."
There is not a beat of hesitation when Mina is blood-baptized and is essentially turning into their kind. He decides that her fate is his fate, and if it comes to it, he'll submit to it and be alone with her.
I am alone in the castle with those awful women... They are devils of the Pit! He refuses to acknowledge that these vampires are women, they're simply demons to him.
If ever there was a woman who was all perfection, that one is my poor wronged darling. Mina is turning into a vampire, but not only is she a woman and not a demon, she is also "all perfection".
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cattuladaily · 1 day
Postgraduate thesis: "The knives are masculinity"
tumblr.edu: "This oft-overlooked line is a direct reference to an oft-overlooked line in the Talmud between king David and Jonathan "whose love was sweeter than that of women", further recontextualizing metatextual implications of the relationship between Mina (who, as aforementioned, can be read as the author's avatar) and Harker, whose biblical namesake-"
I mean a ton of people on Tumblr technically are actual academics and we do have at least one Dracula scholar on here, but also I have read some choice academic takes so you're not entirely wrong here
Truly the incentive of people saying they wanna kiss you with tongue in the tags does something to a person's capabilities
(to give an earnest answer: it's the relaxed interactive aspect. The Jonathan/knit into one intuition was several people, same for Mina who can be read as a self-insert. Good academia, especially in the social sciences, has always been something that is borne out of collaborative efforts and collaborative effort is much easier when you don't feel like you're going to be judged for not knowing something or getting something wrong).
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vergess · 2 days
sorry if this is a weird question, but if victorians thought something so physical like sex was really good actually between married couples, why did mina talk at length about how londoners were looking at her and jonathan judgmentally for holding arms (while married)? and that she felt inappropriate due to having been teaching to girls to do the exact opposite, but that she and jonathan are ultimately choosing to go ahead and do it and ignore all the stares? was it the fact that they were being touchy in public?
Yeah, public displays of affection between a married couple are acceptable if a bit Much, but Mina has spent her entire life until like the week before that operating not just on 'unmarried woman' mode, but operating on 'absolutely flawless, unquestionably perfect orphaned woman' mode. That extreme social paranoia served her well as a ward to someone of significant and rising class status (Mr Hawkins).
Additionally, even if such a display is 'fine', it's still backwards: Mina acting as the resolute force keeping her visibly extremely sickly husband upright and moving.
Pretty much everything the Harker's do is backwards like that. I keep calling them unironically gender non-conforming, but because gender roles in 1893 were very different from contemporary ones in terms of scope and scale, it can be hard to tell.
But it's worth remembering that at a glance, the Harkers modern equivalent is not
Tumblr media
But rather, is more like:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And I think a well dressed couple consisting of the sickliest twink on earth passing out against his much, much butcher yet dramatically beautiful wife has the chance of drawing stares even today!
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dickensdaily · 1 day
Have you ever wanted to read a Dickens novel in the way it would have been originally enjoyed? Dickens Daily allows you to do just that by sending instalments right to your inbox at the same rate as the original serialisations!
Our first book will be Great Expectations and it will be starting on Thursday 1st December 2022 and running until August 2023.
Sign up and read the FAQ here!
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barghesthowls · 1 day
Tumblr media
This part emphasizes something that's a reality but is left unsaid: in traditional marriage, even in many societies today, the bride-to-be needs to have a good dowry, no matter her class (which is why for many families collecting a dowry for your daughter is a lifetime process).
As an orphan with no family (just like Jonathan, putting them in almost equal standing) she has no such thing to give, all she has is her love and trust.
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temporal-mechanic · 2 days
Nautilus News: like dracula daily and whale weekly but it's 20000 leagues under the sea
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thebibi · 2 days
Someone once said (maybe @animate-mush ?) that it feels like everyone is trying to save Lucy's and then Mina's soul, while Mina and Van Helsing are also trying to save Jonathan's soul, and now I can't stop thinking about it
But it's no wonder these two end up going to the castle together without Mina having any objections, I think she'd not have done so if she didn't believe that this separation was the best for Jonathan's soul no matter what happens to her
Yes, the more I re-read those passages, the more it becomes clear Van Helsing and Mina see salvation of their souls in following a certain order. They formed a pact with one another. Mina promises to fight her vampirism and not commit suicide and Van Helsing promises he will euthanize her if it is too late, or die trying. Jonathan is off to the side being a gremlin about his holiest love, which is a cool storytelling moment. Mina and Van Helsing declare their intentions loud and proud, but Jonathan whispers it to himself. And its very romantic and bold of him, but ultimately its a selfish desire that could jepordize the whole plan.
I also think Van Helsing and Mina had probably agreed to go to the castle together off-panel. She's the one who suggested going to Dracula's castle first! I don't know why, but the fact that Mina meets with the professor to obtain all of their unrecorded diaries, specifically, before she analyzes how to find Dracula, is a bit telling. Despite everything that's happened, Mina trusts herself to be with Van Helsing in possibly her final moments, even though it physically pains her to be apart from Jonathan.
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marghen · 2 days
Mina: Nooo I’m corrupted and you must stay away from me or I’ll drag you down with me into ~Sexual Vampire Hell~
Jonathan: Joke’s on you, I’m into that shit
Jack: Since WHEN?
Jonathan: Since right now!
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animate-mush · 3 days
wait what ellipses of erotica. did she fade-to-black her own letter at some point. because that'd amuse me so much esp given that scholars treat this married woman like a perpetual prudish virgin.
And, my dear, when he kissed me, and drew me to him with his poor weak hands, it was like a very solemn pledge between us....
(August 24th)
YMMV but that's my read at least
I think Mina (and by extension Jonathan) is the only person in this novel that you can make a good argument has had sex more than once (right here and some February in the next seven years - so: twice!)
Even without tumblr's penchant for reading desire into quite subtle interactions, the Harkers canonically hold hands in public, embrace smoochfully in front of their friends, and habitually bedshare. There's no evidence that they deviate on any meaningful way from the normal disposition of Victorian newlyweds, except perhaps in over demonstrativeness.
The only moment of frigidity between them that jumps out to me is when Jonathan goes to sleep on the sofa rather than come into bed and disturb her after the Carfax raid. And that's supposed to be anomalous, and symbolic of the unwonted and growing separation between them and that something is seriously wrong here.
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dathen · 2 days
Yes, turns out Mina used to have her arm held by Jonathan since before she went to teach etiquette!
And he wasn't disabled back then, they evidently just liked walking that way, and now they were back to old habits that Mina finds now inappropriate but still chooses to do anyway and ignore the stares.
I find it interesting how this has nothing to do with the wider scope of the story but it's still a tidbit that ended up being included.
That’s one of the things I loved the most about the Dracula novel, is there are so many little details given to flesh out the characters in such lively ways regardless of whether it furthered the plot. I was engaged with the plot because of how much these characters had endeared themselves to me, by little moments like this.
This one in particularly also really adds to the story long-term in how it establishes the casual nonconformity in their relationship leading up to the formation of the Vampire Hunting Group, how uncomfortable it was for them to force themselves into those more traditional gender roles for three days, and how eagerly they snapped back to their unconventional dynamic.
I just!! Love them so much!!
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popsicle-stick · 2 days
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@garnetsfists i genuinely love this because on the one hand, you have jonathan calling with beautiful and heartfelt little check-ins each and every day (you KNOW they'd be the first house on the street with a phone) meanwhile van helsing is using his new 24/7 amsterdam-london instantaneous communication method ringing jack's ear off with the corn monologue du jour
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