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Writers: "English isn't my—"
You already KNOW you finna read some heaven sent material
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Worldbuilding Categories | Part 1
I'd like to preface this with two things:
worldbuilding is complex; none of this is exhaustive, but rather a starting point
unless you're doing this for RPG purposes or you're George R.R. Martin, you don't need to have a comprehensive bible on every aspect of every little thing. start with what is important to you and the story you're telling.
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Most common by geographic location, demographic, religion, etc. Dead languages. Pidgin + creole languages. Different dialects, pronunciation, and communication issues within a language. Class and economic influence. Generational differences, slang, and evolving connotations of words. Education and preservation of languages. Monolingual, bilingual, polyglot prevalence.
[Folklore encompasses legends, tales, proverbs, and myths.]
Origin of lore (religion, morality, societal need/panic, historical sightings or explanations of (super)natural events...) Focus of lore (agricultural, seasonal, health/wellness, lessons...) Common themes (deities, supernatural, cryptids...) Expression of lore (oral tradition, art, dance, rituals...)
Oral vs. written. Types of recording + distribution. Common and popular genres, themes, lessons... Importance in society and certain demographics.
Folk art, "high" vs "low" art, fine art, popular art, classic art. Common mediums. Popular themes. How it's valued, displayed, traded/sold. Influence of socioeconomics, religion, region, history, demographics... Societal view of artists, mediums, and importance of art.
Stage plays, narrative dance, operas/musicals, radio, television, film, literary/poetic performance... Geographic and socioeconomic access. "Art" criteria can be applied here as well.
Instruments. Purposes (religious, traditional, entertainment...). Lyricism and composition. Performance, recording, + distribution. Genres, themes, popularity. Perception of different variations. Prevalence and importance. Interaction with political movements and modernity. Accessibility of composition and consumption.
Who is valued above others (royalty, politicians, public figures, artists, performers, writers, certain families...) How gossip and information about celebrities are shared + consumed. Trends and crazes. Reality vs. generated press.
Available fabric, dyes, labor, + technology. Expectations of modesty. Class and occupational influence. Social importance of style + quality (+ possibly brand or designer). Gendered considerations (both of wear and creation of fashion). Implications of certain colors, materials, symbolism...
Access. Restaurants, street vendors, chefs... Recipe distribution. Popularity or disapproval of cuisine from different groups. Agricultural considerations. Preparation, processing, health and safety regulation, trade/sale... Diet culture. Delicacies and comfort foods. Hunting + gathering. Who's in charge of each stage of food from acquisition to plate.
Water + Sanitation
Cost and accessibility of clean water. Sewage. Running water. Bathing. Hot water. Rural vs. city. What happens to gray and black water. Toilets.
Historical significance. Modern view + prevalence. Branches + denominations. Conflict between groups. Church vs. state in government. Religion-based assumption of rights/ownership (colonization, crusades...).
Religion (individual)
Monotheistic, pantheistic, polytheistic, no deities... Prophets, messengers, spiritual beings (like angels or demons)... Closed or open religion. Written or documented material. Historical and cultural significance. Traditions, holidays, and other sacred practices. Buildings, sites, objects, and other sacred physical things. Afterlife belief. Magic. The "soul" and values/morals.
Holidays, Traditions, + Celebrations
Cultural and religious influence. Government recognition. Birthdays, equinoxes, lunar/solar calendars, anniversaries, births, marriages... Parties, parades, gifts, gatherings, ceremonies. Food, dress, location. Associated symbolism.
Marriage, Family, + Parenting
Age, gender, socioeconomic, religious, race/ethnicity considerations for partnerships. Marriage definition, importance, + practices. Birth vs. adopted children. Surrogacy. Community and extended family involvement with childrearing. Morality and ideas of "sanctity" around partnership/marriage. Legality and legacy of family. Strict vs. gentle parenting. Views of parental involvement vs. nannies, wet nurses, + other childcare. Single parenthood. Polyamory and multiple "direct" parents. Divorce, remarrying, + step-parenting. Family pride, loyalty, name importance...
Non-Religious Beliefs
Anything that (even if originally rooted in religion) has become mainstream, commonplace, universal, or widespread. Etiquette and manners. Superstitions. Understanding of science and the natural world. Ethics.
The type of government and its popularity among the masses. Voting + the people's voice. Political parties + important families. Politicians. Corruption. Inherited vs. elected vs. appointed positions. Divisions (local, designated counties/states, federal...). Branches of government. Executive power. Inherited power.
Law (Enforcement + Judiciary Systems)
Who defines and implements the law. Geographic divisions of law and enforcement. Systems of law enforcement and judiciary procedure (e.g. police vs FBI, local court vs. Supreme Court). Investigations, trials, sentencing, punishment or rehabilitation efforts. Forensics and law enforcement ethics. Community-based efforts. Non-government positions (lawyers, advocates, informants, clerks...). Procedures, protocols, and protection of individual rights. Emergency response and law enforcement patrol.
Religious + cultural influence/view on criminality of acts or substances. Prevalence of crime and prejudiced/preconceived ideas of certain crimes/criminals. Legality of certain substances or services (such as marijuana or sex work). How it affects perception or traffic of certain areas/times of day. Disparities in who is victimized, suspected, and prosecuted.
Tumblr media
As always, take what is helpful and leave the rest.
Again, this is far from exhaustive and more of an attempt to kickstart your brainstorming. There are always caveats and asterisks and whatever else because every world, universe, galaxy, etc is incredibly varied.
Take what ya need and happy writing!
[Call it Good] Writing
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I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together.
Lisa Kleypas
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Forbidden/doomed love 🫶🏻
"this is the last time."
"don't go yet."
being introduced officially and realizing their lover is part of the enemy
holding them longer now because they can't later
"I saw you earlier."
"are you hanging around []? because you know..."
"it's all a façade."
seeing each other from across the room, smiling, and ducking your head
"ugh, I've missed you all day."
"you could always defect. take my last name."
"is it twelve yet?"
"I have to go."
"you know you can't message me then."
"I waited six hours." "she couldn't just wait for me!"
doomed love but one person puts everything and the other puts nothing
but also healthy relationships. cause adsdfghjgf
meeting on a double blind date
they have a year before the other is booted across the world.
"I wish I could scream it to the world." "if only."
leaving physically but having actually never left.
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Liminal Spaces
hospital waiting rooms
laundromats at midnight
empty parking lots
playgrounds at night
school when you're too early
sleepovers when everyone else has fallen asleep
empty classrooms
bathrooms at parties
hotel pools at night
everywhere, the day after your birthday
neighbourhoods at 4am
on a bus with just a few people
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I hope every writer who sees this writes LOADS the next few months. Like freetime opens up, no writers block, the ability to focus, etc etc you're able to write loads & make lots of progress <3
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To lovely humans who were excluded from invitations, left behind when they tied their shoes, forced to walk in the grass when the sidewalk was full, spoken over when you tried to contribute, whispered about or laughed at, given side-eye when you tried to fit in.... you are so worthy of love.
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