dal-chawal · a day ago
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to the man i will fall in love with -
no matter the external cold temperament of mine, i am still one extremely sensitive by heart, i am the cringe version often, and the mature adult in the need of an hour. my hopeless romantic heart needs affection, however it loves showing affection the most, on the days when i feel low, you will find me vibing to the sad playlist of mine, shuffling mindlessly, jumping from one song to another real quick, on days when i am the happiest, you will be the reason behind it, for the smile of yours would bestow the warmth of divinity, i have this presentiment hovering around my soul, and on your bad days, there won't be a single chance i will leave you alone, we will figure out everything together.
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you know i would love it, keeping you closer to me, because no one has ever been close to me (even a tiny bit) and i want to make it last for eternity, hope when i meet you, i am in the most magnificent days of mine, for i want all my miseries to end once and for all, 'cause for a long time this heart has suffered trauma. so when our destiny finally get along we will create the fairytale of ours, which i have always craved for and detested too, but with you, it'd indubitably feel like the warmth of a sunset (when the sun would gradually hide into the horizon - leaving behind the favourite colours of ours, yours hand in mine)
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you will find me smiling/appreciating the little things which life has to offer me, for i am one who gets happy to watch the moon pinned so aesthetically on the black canvas. if my fate does get along with yours, i will take you in my arms and kiss you under the moonlight, and would want to etch you in every fibre of mine, you and i (a tale worth waiting for)
- cs ūüĆôūüēäÔłŹ
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jordynhaiku · 2 days ago
Too many mornings
I am waking up alone
and not in your arms.
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soulwr1ter · a day ago
Some people
lie to themselves
so much
that they
figure that
they can lie 
to you 
not knowing 
that you can 
see right 
through their facade.
Other people
try to blind you with 
beauty or perfection because
they are too afraid 
of their own flaws
or have not come to terms with them. 
It is your business if you 
choose to fool yourself
until you stand 
in front of those
of us who see with the 
soul and you attempt
to stand with a pretense
before our eyes as we 
see straight through everything
including what you are
afraid to look at yourself.
A person who lives by the 
truth of the soul will
absolutely refuse
to be kissed by the
burn of lying lips.
They will demand
truth and if you do 
not give it,
they will find it themselves.
-J.Wool, By The Soul, Soul Whispers
Algunas personas se mienten tanto a s√≠ mismas que piensan que pueden mentirte sin saber que puedes ver a trav√©s de su fachada. Otras personas trata de cegarte con belleza o perfecci√≥n porque tienen demasiado miedo de sus propios defectos o no han llegado a un acuerdo con ellos. Es tu negocio si eliges enga√Īarte a ti mismo hasta que te detengas frente a alguien que ve con el alma y tratas estar de pie con una pretensi√≥n ante sus ojos mientras miran directamente a trav√©s de todo incluyendo lo que tienes miedo de mirarte a ti mismo. Una persona que vive por la verdad del alma se negar√° absolutamente a ser besada por la quemadura de los labios mentirosos. Ellos exigir√°n la verdad y si no la das, ellos mismos la encontrar√°n.
-J.Wool, Por el alma, Susurros del Alma
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poetryshewrote · 19 hours ago
two hearts
two aching hearts, intertwined.
both of them, cards on the line.
neither of them, surrender their pride.
two futures that no longer align.
how their love, now disoriented.
separation seemingly cemented.
two aching hearts, pulled apart.
not entirely ready to restart.
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euesworld · a day ago
"I know where the garden of Eden is, it's when I walk through the fields of your soul.."
Touch me, she said.. so I touched her soul - eU√ę
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groceries-with-me · 2 days ago
the ambulance ride to the psych ward was quiet. i'd spent the day crying and sleeping and throwing up the fistful of pills i'd swallowed. i didn't know what to say. it was dark outside, dark in the ambulance, dark in the pit of my stomach where the damage i carried every day twisted and swelled. but little by little, the paramedics started exchanging small talk. they talked and cracked jokes and made fun of each other. little by little, the laughter started slipping through my lips before i could remember all the reasons i had to be sad. sometimes the world is big and terrifying and feels impossible. but sometimes, sometimes it is small enough to fit inside the palms of three kind strangers taking a girl somewhere she can go to get better.
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myinvinciblefriend97 · 7 hours ago
Lando Norris - Singapore gp
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academic-nyctophile · a month ago
Tumblr media
- Beau Taplin
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yourloveisgold · a month ago
I read. Obsessively. Because, when I read, there is purpose to my loneliness.
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night-thief · 27 days ago
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‚ÄúYour worst sin is that you have destroyed and betrayed yourself for nothing.‚ÄĚ
- Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment
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poetic--elixir · 10 months ago
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Art is to console those who are broken by life. ‚ÄĒVincent Van Gogh
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jordynhaiku · a day ago
Reading Slump
The weight of black ink,
suddenly a burden in
my paper cut hands.
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cosmicwriterof21stcentury · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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misscrappy · a month ago
That feminine urge this, masculine urge that ….
Yeah, okay , cool
But what about the Lunar urge to ritualistically disappear every couple of weeks ?
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euesworld · 7 hours ago
"She's like a good romantic book, everything that I need to satiate and quell all of my yearning.. a slow burn, softly burning as I yearn."
She's the poetry that flutters through my veins, like a million or more butterflies as they take me away into the rain of sunshine that hails the day - eU√ę
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ab-initioo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
- rebecca solnit
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linkinmoon · 11 months ago
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Edna St. Vincent Millay, in Letters (1952)
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