dooareyastudy · 2 days ago
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03.10.2022 | This is not a realistic depiction of a PhD student’s life ; I repeat : this is NOT a realistic depiction of a PhD student’s life !! However, I had a very nice weekend, to prepare myself to face a HUGE month of October.
Happy October everyone :)
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the---hermit · 2 days ago
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Productive things I did today:
finished creating a single file with all the parts of my thesis (tomorrow I'll work on the conclusion and send it to the professor, so that I'll be done with my work until she sends me more corrections)
update my reading journal
did my inktober doodle of the day
practiced Irish on duolingo
Self care things I did today:
read first thing in the morning
continued working on my crochet project which has now changed from a cardigan to a sweater becuase it makes more sense with what I have done till now (I have to figure out a way to make the neck and I also have to pray the gods the final result will look nice)
started listening to a new audiobok (I started The Atlas Six, I am at the very beginning, about one hour in, and I must say that until now it's not pulling me in that much, but I am curious to know what the hype was all about)
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teacherstudiies · 2 days ago
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October 2, 2022 | 🍁
Studying for civil service law 
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study-acad3mia · a day ago
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Can we be real about something? What I'm about to say isn't targeted towards anybody but rather is a reminder towards both myself and anyone who may relate to this.
Studyblr isn't always about pretty study spaces and notes. It's not always about productive study sessions and neat bullet journals. Sometimes it's about the empty pop cans and cups sitting around, papers with notes flying around, and layers upon layers of whiteout. Sometimes it's about sitting in your pajamas all day staring at your computer screen and wondering when your brain will decide to concentrate. It's about sitting in lecture and feeling like you're the only person in the room that has no idea what the professor is talking about. It's about feeling alone. But also about not giving up.
If watching YouTube videos and rewriting your notes 5 times with all sorts of colors helps you learn the material, then so be it. If you can't study at home and need to be at a cafe or a library to focus, then so be it. If you take a thousand breaks and get distracted easily, then so be it. And if you takes you twice or thrice the amount of time to do homework, then so be it. All that matters is that you're trying. You're trying and you're learning what your brain likes and dislikes.
Studyblr is both the pretty and the frustrating sides of academia.
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myhoneststudyblr · 2 days ago
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i had a busy weekend so i forgot to post! but i went to a ball and planned my first essay!
i’m really hoping that today will be productive! i have a lecture this morning and then two lectures in the evening and in the hours in between i’m planning on getting started on my first social anthropology essay! 
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caramelcuppaccino · 2 days ago
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03.10.2022 • i'm back with a study post after a while! it was the first day of uni and i just rewrote the notes i'd taken during the class earlier. and wanted to share my desk setup in my dormitory room. (⁠.⁠ ⁠❛⁠ ⁠ᴗ⁠ ⁠❛⁠.⁠)
i'm still writing the prompts for my autumn studying challenge, and i hope i'll be able to share it with you this week :].
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maeve-studies · a day ago
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• 10.3.2022 •
“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.” “It’s October 3rd!” I hope everyone is having a great fall so far. I absolutely adore this time of year 🧡 I have all my spooky podcasts all queued up!
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oneanxiousstudybuddy · 2 days ago
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Monday, the 3rd of October
Today is a national holiday we are going to celebrate by cuddling, wandering around and going out for some coffee. It's the day of German Unity and as a person whose parents wouldn't have met if it weren't for the fall of the wall that separated east and west, I will be eternally grateful.
Studying and working
Continue analysing medieval historiography by Monmouth
Write to students and housing
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crisis-vision · 23 hours ago
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when life gives you lemons… extract limonene 🍋
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ckmstudies · a day ago
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Today was a bit all over the place. I met with a friend for lunch and she gave me this really sweet birthday present! She knows how much I love cats (as can bee seen with my few cat clutter items on my desk!) and she knows about this studyblr so she wanted to get me a fun notebook and some pens to post for y'all! :)
After lunch I went to take my Latin quiz which went terribly. I was the last person to finish and even had to go to another room to finish because the professor wanted to start class. However, apparently everyone in the class did bad on the quiz because she emailed us giving us an extra credit opportunity due next week. But if everyone did bad then it isn't just me which is comforting. We also have another quiz on Wednesday and an exam to take home over fall break and finish. I knew this class was going to be a lot of work and dedication I think I just underestimated my ability to focus on it and everything else going on.
After Latin I had one of my favorite classes, developmental psychology! I made an 89 on my exam last week which I am very happy about. There's room to improve but that is a solid starting grade.
Then I went to a meeting for a mental health organization we have on campus. I'm on the exec for the club so it was fun being able to tell everyone all our plans for the semester! After that I went to get dinner with my roommates and few friends at a local Mexican place.
The last thing I did during this very long day, is take my quiz for my advanced accounting class. I didn't truly start studying for it until around 11:30 and then panicked and decided to stay up studying for it and take it before I went to bed. So at 2 in the morning I finally started my quiz. Good news is I mad a 100! Bad news is I am going to be dead tired tomorrow morning but at least I won't have to worry about getting the quiz done tomorrow!
If you made it to the end of this you get this flower 🌸 because this was very long lol. Hope everyone had a great Monday!
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septemberstudies · a day ago
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Exams have begun! Im kind of enjoying it, but im also simultaneously terrified.
I had quite a bad breakdown last week, i felt overwhelmed because i had taken on too many projects and was struggling to manage it all. I realise i need to learn how to say no to some things, but it's something i need to work on
Life is much easier and more fulfilling when i prioritise, here's to actually acting on that knowledge.
In other news, i have given up gel pens this month of october, ball pens all the way.
It also seems important to mention that i have started and finished The Infinity Train, would highly recommend, somehow gives me whimsical alice-in-wonderland/physic damage Halloween vibes
I shall now return to studying geometry. Good vibes and warm wishes to everyone who sees this, have a wonderful spoopy October! <3
🎧: Bedtime Stories (MOTHICA)
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studyyowl · 2 days ago
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üni days🌱🌼
hope you like my drawing tho. I can share them more if you like🌞
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the---hermit · 10 hours ago
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Today didn't go as I was hoping yesterday, I was looking forward to a day of relax, I didn't want to do anything regarding uni, but I had to. Last night the professor answered me giving me some indications on things that needed fixing in the thesis so this morning I did that. Thankfully it did not take the whole day, but still I hoped to have a full day off. Anyway I did what I had to do sent everything to the professor yet again and asked for an in person meeting to discuss the final things. After all of that I did take the rest of the day to relax which wasn't too bad.
Productive things I did:
fixed what I had to fix in the thesis and sent an email to the professor
practiced Irish on duolingo
did my daily inktober doodle
continued working on my crochet sweater
Self care things I did:
read first thing in the morning
took the rest of the day off trying to ignore anything that has to do with university and my thesis
crocheting while listening to an audiobook
📖: The Secret History by Donna Tartt, The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake
🎵: Cult Leader by KiNG MALA
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tealover-studyblr · 2 days ago
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Tea time readings
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poetryofmuses · 11 hours ago
when your teacher was the only reason you fell in love with the subject and were finally able to find your strengths and interests>>>
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chineselangblr · 2 days ago
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I've briefly gone over one on the main reasons I study Mandarin Chinese in the past, as well as some of my personal study methods, however, this post really goes into a bit more depth about my motivation and reason to study as well as a few more of my main tips and strategies that I use to study and take notes.
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riesenfeldcenter · a day ago
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From the archives: this Halloween-themed masthead from a 1972 issue of Quid Pro Quo.
Happy October!
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