featheredstudies · 2 days
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2022.12.05 // 18:47  visited my fav stationery store again to get some refill cartridges for my monami ballpoint pen… i don’t think it should be this warm in december but i’ll take it!
pic: washington square, manhattan, n.y.
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csuitebitches · 2 days
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How To Build the Woman You Want to Be - 2
Please go through the first part before doing this. It’s imperative that you understand the basics.
Step Five:
We will use Pinterest to visualise your new life so that you can attain it faster. Create a new board “My Story” and start sourcing the following:
* 3 pictures of your ideal hair
* 3 pictures of your ideal body
* 5 pictures of ideal physical accessories (bags, shoes, nails, jewellery, sunglasses… whatever resonates with you)
* 5 ideal outfits you want to own (casual, underwear, red carpet, brunch, pyjamas)
* 3 ideal hobby pictures (ballet? Horses riding? Reading?
* 5 ideal life pictures (meditating, working out, attending events, getting make up/hair professionally done…. Your ideal lifestyle!)
* 5 free time pictures (how you and your friends would hang out; how you and your S/O would hang out; family, pets…)
* 7 ideal home pictures (what’s your aesthetic - minimal/ Woodsy, what would the bathrooms look like, house or apartment…)
* 3 work life pictures (if you want to work - where would you work, what position, etc)
* 5 pictures of your ideal partner (how they would look, where they would work, dress, etc)
* 3 pictures of how you would relax alone (go for a walk with your pet? Massages? Read alone? You get the gist)
* 7 pictures of your ideal vacation
* 4 pictures of your ideal meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner)
This is your visual diary. Whenever you feel down, not motivated, lazy, go through this board. This board visualises the best version of you. This is your best self (not was, or will be - this is your best self).
If you can print everything out and stick it on your wall - even better. Nothing like seeing exactly who you’re going to be everyday and claiming it!
Step 6:
It’s analysis time. This is probably going to be the most time-consuming part of the work that you have, but also the the first actual building block towards your Ideal Woman.
- Take a look at your New Story.
- As you read it, make a note (maybe write it on a piece of paper) of all the qualities that you see. Written them as keywords as bullet points. Qualities include all things belonging to your ideal personality (respected, kind, decisive…) and ideal skill set (strategic, creative….).
• respected
• kind
• strategic
- Then read the story again and start making a separate note (with bullet points and keywords) about your material life (body type, healthy lifestyle, being clean, attending events, brunches, travelling, your hobbies…)
• Toned body
• Clean space
• Reading
- Now read your two lists again. Put a tick mark next to the ones you think are realistic but attainable in at least 3 months. Put a heart next to the ones you feel will take more time and levelling up.
• respected ❤️
• kind ✔️
• strategic✔️
• toned body ✔️
• clean space ❤️
• reading ✔️
• attending events ✔️
- The tick marked list is the list you will start working on immediately. Choose any 2 qualities and 3 material life from the tick marked list. We won’t work on all of them at once because you need to build that habit.
• Kind
• Strategic
• Toned body
• Reading
• attending events
- For the next 3 months, you will actively work on your 5 to-dos. With your material life - let’s say for example, a certain body type - start working out from tomorrow itself. I don’t care whether it’s YouTube workouts or gym, you’re going to work on that first step. Or if it’s things like attending events - start by attending events and conferences in your industry or what interests you. Look up online for events happening in your city and go for at least one a month. Everything begins with baby steps.
- With your qualities, let’s say you want to be a good conversationalist. Start researching on the tactics of being a good conversationalist. Also search the opposite - how to recognise a bad conversationalist. Read articles, books, journals and scholarly articles. Practice on strangers when you go grocery shopping or at work. You need to put in the work.
- Not only will you work on your 5 to-dos, but you will set monthly goals for them. You will note down everything - in a journal or your notes app or maybe by taking pictures, however you feel comfortable- you need to quantify your progress.
This Month’s Goals:
• Kind - tell my friends that I love them and that they deserve all the love
• Strategic - play brain games like chess to improve myself - play at least 2 times a week online
• toned body- work out for 20 days this month
• attending events - go to 2 conferences this month that are happening in my city or online
• Reading - finish one book this month.
- Every month you will check yourself. Only when you’ve accomplished at least 85% of the tasks will you add a new item from the tick marked list or remove an existing item that you finished.
- Every three months you need to go back to the New Story and your Pinterest board with greater detail. How close are you to your goal? If you think you’ve achieved something, give yourself a pat on the back!
The last and final part of this series will be uploaded after two days.
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sunshinephysics · 3 days
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12.06.22 Being 22 is basically just freaking out on the daily because you don’t know what you want, with intermittent moments of clarity where you remember that you’re not supposed to know what you want.
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the---hermit · 2 days
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My months of rest and relaxation // day 29
In this period I feel like I am in the very middle of a big general change. This is probably coming out so strongly right now because I have a different routine, not being busy with uni for a while. I started to notice something weird in the summer when I realized I might be going through something like the queer second adolescence. I am not sure it has only do deal with me finally getting rid of the most of my internalized biphobia, but that surely has had an influence. I generally feel very confused, formless even. I am not satisfied with my clothes, I don't know what to do with my hair, I've had so much change around me in the past months. It's overall a mess both outside and within me, but for the first time in my life I am very acceptant of it. I visualize myself as I said in a previous post flowing in a river, and I am weridly peaceful about it, excited even. It's definitely a bit disorienting for the type of person I am, but this situation shows me how much I have grown just in the past year. I feel like this is the perfect moment to reflect and work on myself even more, I particularly want to keep working on my self care and self love journey.
baked bread
did a big decluttering of my closet (I've been wanting to do that for a while and I am really happy to have finally taken time out of my day for it)
ran some errands with my mom
practiced Irish on duolingo
almost finished enrolling in uni for my masters degree (I'll only need to upload some signed documents and pay the first tax and then I'll officially be a masters student which is terrifying)
finished reading Heart Magick by Harmony Nice
Self care:
did not set an alarm
read first thing in the morning
didn't drink coffee
lunlun's reading challenge // day 9
Who is the best book villain in your opinion? And why?
The first one that came to my mind is the other mother from Neil Gaiman's Coraline. I feel like it's the perfect mix of pure evil and childish fears. What I also really like about that character is that no matter what age you are she is going to scare the hell out of you.
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acadarnia · 3 days
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anatomy exam vibes
i need a coffee. or 2
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madistudiess · 3 days
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Last week’s cafe study session with some friends.
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Study notes + kitten
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stargazerbibi · 1 day
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7th december, 2022• 11/100 days of productivity
i need to do more. i need to focus and work. a lot has been happening, but i can't let it take over my life. honestly, whenever i try too much, it always turns out worse than if i had stayed put. so yeah, i'll be doing that. i'm done with the drama, i'm done playing around. i'm gonna study and become a better person and happiness will follow, i have to believe that.
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softdaisie · 7 months
i think society’s obsession with productivity will be our downfall, it’s unrealistic. you don’t need to be productive every minute of the day. your body needs rest. it’s not natural to stay “grinding” or “hustling”. please don’t feel guilty about taking care of your body and taking a break when you need one.
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writers-hq · 1 month
Ten types of fuckery that stop you from writing the thing:
1. Imposter syndrome
You think you're not good enough or everyone else is better than you and you're just winging it AKA ye olde imposter syndrome bullshit. Yeah nah you're fine. No really, you're exactly where you need to be right now, and you'll keep getting better and better so long as you don't stop. Chances are, if you're filled with doubt about your abilities it means you've actually improved to the point where you can really start to understand what makes good writing. It means you know where you wanna end up and goshdarn it you're gonna get there.
Read this: 4 tips to kick imposter syndrome in the face and also genitals
And also this: How to silence the inner critic
2. Fear of rejection and/or failure
Yeah, us too. It fuckin sucks. BUT. Not all rejections are equal. And rejection is a necessary part of the process. Sometimes it takes a rejection to realise that a story isn't ready. Sometimes a rejection is entirely subjective and has ZERO reflection on the quality of your work. But shying away from the very idea of possibly maybe hypothetically getting rejected is only going to hold you back from even trying. And knowing why you got rejected and how to learn from it is one of the most valuable writing skills.
Read this: The different types of rejection (and how to deal with 'em)
Then read this: How to cope with rejection
And also this: Writing lessons from Groundhog Day
3. Not enough planning / too much planning
Leaping into a new story with nothing but a glimmer of an idea is exciting as heck (and can sometimes be a great way to begin) but at some point you're gonna need some sort of outline or plan to keep you on track. HOWEVER. Planning your story to within an inch of its life can also sometimes be a hindrance - leaving you stuck in the hypothetical stage of the process where your story doesn't quite exist yet (and therefore avoiding the prospect of it sucking). The sweet spot is in the middle. Having just enough of a plan to know where tf you're going, but enough freedom and flexibility to let the story lead the way...
Read this: Planning vs pantsing
Then read this: Five plotting techniques
And also this: The perils of overplanning
4. Your WIP just isn't working
Sometimes things just fall flat. Sometimes you work on the same story for yeeeeears and then it just kinda... dies. Sometimes you have the best plans (see above) and the best intentions and things still don't work out. Sometimes it's just time to move on. And sometimes it's not! Sometimes a story can be revived, fixed or changed. Sometimes you just need time. Sometimes YOU'RE the one that's changed and this isn't the story you need to be writing right now. Many variables. Muchly personal. Read the things below for more advice cos this is a big question:
Read this: What to do when your WIP isn't working
And also this: Give it space - how to grow a story in your head
Or how about this? Editing 101
5. You keep deprioritising it
Ah the irony of writing being the thing you love/want to do most of all AND YET the thing you procrastinate over and avoid and shove to the very bottom of your to-do list all the freakin' time. Maybe it's the comodification of art destroying our freedom to create without pressure. Maybe it's late capitalism sucking up all our available time and energy. Maybe it's a lack of self-belief subconsciously telling us our 'little hobby' doesn't really matter. Maybe it's maybelline. Whatever it is, you have the power to reclaim and revalue your writing. To say, "I'm a fucking writer, goddamnit!" and mean it. To ringfence your creative time so nothing and nobody gets to interrupt it. To do that thing you love.
Read this: Prioritise your writing
Read this: How to write in 30 second bursts
6. Shiny Thing Syndrome
You know that feeling when you're just getting stuck into a writing project and then — SQUIRREL! — you get distracted by another, better, more shiny writing project? Or maybe you're deep in the editing phase and your current WIP just isn't feeling very shiny at all and pretty much ANYTHING seems more exciting? Or you simply can't decide which of the many squirrelly writing ideas to actually start? You, fine writerperson, may be suffering from Shiny Thing Syndrome (STS). But fear not! There are a few ways to combat it, depending on the cause, and most of them involve embracing the squirrel-brain and injecting a bit of fun into your writing, like so:
Read this: Shiny thing syndrome - a writer's malady
Aaaand read this: Get excited about your writing again
And also this: Write like a kid
7. Perfectionism/self-sabotage
Look. Writing is scary as shit. What if someone READS it? What if they don't like it? What if they see into your soul and gain a deeper understanding of you through your words? Writing your truth, being vulnerable, smearing your heart juice all over the page? No thank you. But also, that's where the good shit is, so actually yes please. Just make sure you smear responsibly. And rest assured, even the most 'successful' and experienced writers ALSO feel like this sometimes, so you're in good company. It's just part of the art, bruh.
Read this: Why writing is scary (and why that's a good thing)
Read this: Beginning a story - what stops us starting?
And also this: Get out of your own way
8. The dreaded blank page
Oh godddd the blank page. It should be an exciting palimseset of possibility but is somehow also the most terrifying thing known to humankind. You wanna write something but where to start? HOW to start? You type that first line and immediately delete it. You watch the cursor blinking at you—taunting you—until you just give up and shut your laptop again. It's probably tied up with a bunch of things we've already covered so far: perfectionism, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, maybe a lack of planning or faith in your story or whatever. But it doesn't have to be this way. A blank page IS exciting and full of possibility. We just have to get over ourselves and learn to embrace the unknown...
Read this: Don't fear the blank page
And also this: The moaning method
9. Not enough time/energy/motivation/gnuuuughh
Dude, same x 1000. But you don't have to get up at 5am, do hot yoga, drink a kale smoothie and write a thousand words before sunrise to be a Proper Writer. You don't even have to write every day. But what you can do is hack your writing brain and figure out when, where, how, and why you write most effectively. Then tweak your schedule, your habits, and your attitude to ensure you're making the most of your time. Productivity is a big ol' lie but finding the secret to getting in your own personal writing zone is actual MAGIC.
Read this: Maximise your writing time
And also this: Get in the writing zone
And also unto this: The Writers' HQ Guide to Productivity
10. You're just fucken stuck
Got the writing morbs? In need of some literary sudafed? Stuck as a pig in a poke? Writing is a whole puzzle of a process—and to be honest that's what makes it so fun and exciting and addictive, because your writing brain is hardwired to both create AND solve the wordy puzzles within your story. Sometimes the answer is time. Sometimes it's a second opinion or a fresh eye. Sometimes a totally different approach or just a hefty kick up the bum. But whatever the problem, there IS a solution. You just gotta keep going and trust that you'll find it...
Read this: Troubleshoot your writing - why are you stuck?
And also this: Break through the writing blockage
And also also this: Write yourself into a pit (and then dig your way out again)
Alright, that's it for today. Now go write, you flithy animals.
(And if we missed anything, stick a question in our ask box or check out the rest of our shit here)
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lottiestudying · 5 months
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16.7.2022—we’ve had some good sunsets recently 🌸🌿🍃🧚🏻‍♀️🌟
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chibird · 3 months
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I used to be so hard on myself for not getting more done. This was especially true when I was still an engineer- but amongst the hours of meetings and interviews and planning I did, it was more of a miracle that I was getting so much done. Let's be kind to ourselves! What other factors are contributing to our productivity, our energy, and our time? Only when we're more reasonable with ourselves, can we adjust how much we can actually get done, and then accomplish things without guilt.
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Webtoon  
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notpikaman · 17 hours
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csuitebitches · 1 day
Reality Truth bombs #1
Everything takes effort.
Whether its a work promotion, a relationship, or learning to love yourself, everything takes effort.
You get jealous of other people’s lives because you can’t imagine putting in half the effort they put to have their lives.
With what audacity can you be jealous of someone else’s life when you don’t even put in the effort to better yours?
You want to work on your body but you can’t even do a 10 minute workout or put one meal with decent nutritional value in your body.
You want to have friends, but you don’t reach out to the ones who have always supported you.
You want to be rich, but you refuse to get financially literate because its too overwhelming.
You want to own nice things but half your day goes in daydreaming rather than working towards your goals.
Then you get mad at someone else’s goals and progress. Because they had the courage to take that first step towards their new life.
It starts with one step.
One 10 minute YouTube yoga video.
One snack that is fruit.
One message to check in on your loved ones : “How are you?”
One article or YouTube video about personal finance.
One goal a day that you promise yourself to achieve no matter what.
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fantomethread · 3 months
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giverny, france
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the---hermit · 3 days
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My months of rest and relaxation // day 28
Winter is definitely approaching. This morning when I got out to go to work everything was frozen. I can see the snow on the top of the mountains that surround me, and I cannot wait for it to snow here as well. I am not the biggest fan of the cold, but I adore snow. It just makes evrything so cozy, and there's nothing better than to have a walk in the snow and then go back into the warmth of your home.
worked in the morning and most of the afternoon
continued my re-listening of the magnus archives
practiced Irish on duolingo
Self care:
read first thing in the morning
made sure to drink enough water during the day
lunlun's reading challenge // day 8
What is your favorite book cover ever? As with everything I cannot choose one single favourite thing, there's so many sstunning book covers it's impossible. I tend to like a lot books that have paintings on the cover, like A Certain Hunger by C. G. Summers. My copy of The Master And Margherita by M. Bulgakov is also really pretty (it's part of a series of classics editions that are simply stunning, in fact I have a couple on my wishlist). I linked old posts in which you can see the covers I am talking about!
📖: The View From The Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman, Heart Magick by Harmony Nice
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un-----made · 1 month
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taking a break from my second monitor again 🌷 i always feel so much better when i don’t have it in front of me all day
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