brendanicus · 2 days ago
Cuba is genuinely such an inspiring and beautiful country. It's not just that its people passed a referendum to legalize gay marriage and adoption, but that it came after a year of consultation and modifications by Cuban citizens and activists which made it go way beyond just gay marriage to being one of the most progressive family laws in the world, and was itself enabled by Cuba's 2019 constitutional referendum which was also voted on by its citizens. Cuba is in lockstep with its people and that is why its revolution persists even after 60+ years of sanctions, invasions, and destabilizations by the US empire.
"You can put a man on the Moon but you'll never put an imperialist in Havana." - Fidel Castro
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kropotkindersurprise · a day ago
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September 26, 2022 - Congratulations to the Cuban people for voting in favor of the Family Code! [article]
The new code guarantees the right of all people to form a family without discrimination, legalizing same sex marriage and allowing same sex couples to adopt children. Under the new code, parental rights will be shared among extended and non-traditional family structures that could include grandparents, step parents and surrogate mothers. The code also adds novelties such as prenuptial agreements and assisted reproduction.
The Code promotes equal distribution of domestic responsibilities amongst men and women and extends labor rights to those who care full-time for children, the elderly, or people with disabilities. The code establishes the right to a family life free from violence, one that values ​​love, affection, solidarity and responsibility. It codifies domestic violence penalties, and promotes comprehensive policies to address gender-based violence.
The Code also outlaws child marriage and corporal punishment, stating that parents will have “responsibility” instead of “custody” of children, and will be required to be “respectful of the dignity and physical and mental integrity of children and adolescents.” It also asserts that parents should grant maturing offspring more say over their lives.
The new code also expands the rights of the elderly and people with disabilities. It recognizes the role of grandfathers and grandmothers in the transmission of values, culture, traditions and care.
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sweetkorn · a day ago
there needs to be more EVIL trans men
edit: I do not support transmeds. I mean this in a fun and joking way.
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nil-elk · a day ago
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Return of the nip nops 😭feat. studies that turned into my vampire hunter OC Rahi, that I forgot to ever post anywhere.
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heavenhatesme · a day ago
As an Iranian girl, I want to tell you, Mahsa Amini's hijab was much more decent than my own everyday outfit. It might've been me, my mother, my sister, my friend or anyone.
Then they kill 100 more to prove they didn't kill 1? Where is the justice in that? Who can we go to when the police is the murderer?
As a feminist, as a human, send our voice across the world. We're fighting, and this time, we are not giving up!🇮🇷🕊
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transmascrage · a day ago
Snowmen and scarecrows are the same species of animal btw. Seasonal variants even.
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uncanny-tranny · 2 days ago
A little-talked-about sign you might be trans: you are unable to imagine a future for yourself as your expected gender
When I was a kid, my peers could tell an adult exactly how they pictured their adulthood looking - motherhood, being a hundband, or being a woman in STEM, just being alive even - and they genuinely meant it. When I was that age, I frankly didn't see anything in my adulthood. I couldn't picture myself as anything. And it wasn't that I didn't have ambitions - I did! But the thing is is that I couldn't picture myself achieving anything as the gender I was expected to be, so when I tried to picture personal achievement, I saw a grey void. I would have rather been dead than achieve any ambition as the gender I was expected to be (but maybe that's a reflection of my dysphoria).
Once I transitioned and recognized my manhood*, I could suddenly picture things. I know now what my peers were feeling when they said they wanted to be a father, a doctor, a husband. I know what it feels like to see yourself in your future. I don't see a void, I see possibility. I see potential. I see life. I hope when you look into the future, that's what you can see. I hope you can see yourself.
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mpickz · 2 days ago
reblog/like if you think bisexuality is valid
trying to prove something to my dumbass queer drunk friend
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grumpytrans · 2 days ago
no matter how old you get, doing something that is so Right for your gender still hits. like today i found a cologne that smells just like me. like wow, my gender sure liked that. +100 HP
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ughalicesblog · 2 days ago
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credits: itsheartstopperquotes on instagram
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ilovetvtoons · 2 days ago
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This is the last pic of Luz moments before she got her scar. But at least it was her saving her awesome girlfriend Amity.
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writersarea · 3 days ago
GOT A BOOK REC FOR MY ACES OUT THERE (especially my fellow white aces)
Tumblr media
I heard about Refusing Compulsory Sexuality by Sherronda Brown from tiktok, not gonna lie, and I knew I had to read it. I just finished it, and I loved it.
It has a fantastic discussion of asexuality, racism, and sexism (especially the intersection thereof). Sherronda is a wonderful writer and does a great job exploring not only their experience but discussing the history of black people’s sexuality and aceness in a way that is educational and very interesting to read.
It also has a timeline about asexuality dating back to 1855 which I have never seen one that dates back that far before. The amount of research that must have taken floors me, and I love it.
They also sprinkle in really cool tidbits throughout the book that I’m not going to spoil except for my favorite one. Apparently, ace people are 2.4-2.5 times more likely to be left handed than the general population. (And I’m a left handed ace)
I’m hoping to buy myself a copy soon so I can mark it up like I did my copy of Ace by Angela Chen. I checked this out from the library.
So go see if your local library has a copy or if you can buy a copy!
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nichet-crochet · 2 days ago
anyways, punpikn pos anyone?
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beck404 · 2 days ago
Imagine this is how season 2 starts, Nick and Charlie kissing and coach Singh walking in…
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torispringismybae · a day ago
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my babes <33
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themacklemorebrothers · 2 days ago
having so many shows with queer rep the past year is actually making my brain short-circuit a bit. you mean.. you mean cishet ppl were getting this the whole time???
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renae-okay · 2 days ago
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Happy little Sunday ✨
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