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Standing on the trail at sunrise: look forward, look back.
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 All rights reserved by André Farinha
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Sango sands beach at sunrise.
Durness, Scotland.
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Zamanın iki boyutu var. Uzunluğu güneşe ; Derinliği tutkulara bağlı…
Amin Maalouf
24.11.2022 14:45 #nevsharing
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“ Foggy sunrise “ // Ivo Stokman
Music:  Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize
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Photo: 3doors2thebeach
Kirra Beach, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia 🇦🇺
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Some Days Start This Way
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Not sure if you've been asked but have you read any good sun/moon or sun/moon/y-n fics lately or have any you recommend? I'm in the process of reading yours. So far so good!
Hi! Sorry it took me a couple of days to answer this, I had to actually think really hard of some of my favourite fics to recommend, as so many of the on-going ones have been abandoned for months, but I personally like multichapter fics over one-shots. So, anyways.
None of my recommendations are Sun/Moon/Reader fics, because I do not read reader-inserts. Besides one Solar/Reader fic based on my own AU, all the other fics are Sun/Moon (mostly romantic, but I have a couple of platonic ones I like as well!)
My current favourite on-going fic is "Yellow" by Haru1027: Moon gets a new human partner to do his nightly patrols with him, and Sun doesn't like how the girl acts around Moon. She is literally trying to steal Moon from Sun! Sun and Moon are in an established relationship here. I love this fic because Sun's anxiety, Moon's obliviousness, and the unnamed nightguard's character are so well written and I've been on the edge of my seat every time a new chapter gets posted because I'm so scared of what she will try to do next to mess with Sun's love. Moon is obviously a very adoring and loving boyfriend, but the girl keeps coming up with a lot of stuff that just stings right into poor Sunny's heart! (CW: Has smut in some chapters.)
The next fic I'm not completely sure if it's still continuing or not, since it hasn't been updated for a while, is "Runaway Robots" by Made_Of_Galaxies: Sun overhears that he and Moon are about to get decommissioned. Moon takes forcefully over their body, and runs away. The story focuses on their survival in the outside world; they need a place to stay, a way to hide, and a spot to charge. I love this fic because their relationship is so cute. Both of them are written in a way that I personally headcanon them to be, and they're just so sweet with each other my heart literally melts. The adventure and slight angst add nicely to the story.
The next fic is "Long Distance In The Same Body" by SplatteredRaccoon, though, I'm not sure if it has been abandoned. It has a short prequel, "I'll Be Waiting, When You Wake Up...". Sun and Moon lose their headlink connection due to their new body upgrades after the fire. Thankfully, the new staff is nice enough to gift them a phone! They start recording videos for each other. The fic is very cute and has that sort of silly miscommunication tease of both of them obviously pining over each other, but being too shy to admit it aloud. Some Sun-sided jealousy is added as well, which I always find interesting to read.
This one is not a ship-fic, but more of a parental/sibling relationship. "Big Brother Moon" by NightingaleWitch7: Moondrop is an advanced Daycare robot good at his job. But he starts to get stressed, and it ends up in an accident where the Daycare needs to be closed for a while, and his supervisor starts to look for another helping hand for him. Moondrop thinks he doesn't need it, but the higher-ups think the opposite. After sneaking around the Plex while being bored due to the Daycare being closed, Moondrop stumbles upon a small robot baby in his supervisor's workshop. He takes the baby to himself, eventually naming it Sundrop. Moondrop's caretaking code clearly was playing some tricks on him, as he tries to accompany himself with the new, adorable baby bot he literally stole while the Daycare goes through its renovations. Baby Sundrop is literally the most adorable thing in the world. This fic is very slow-paced, and I was actually struggling a little bit at first because of my short attention span, but now I'm waiting for the new chapters a lot because Moondrop is written in a very nice and funny way, and baby Sundrop really makes me want to get a baby robot on my own... XD
Another fic that can be read either romantic or platonic is a oneshot, "Be Still" by QueenEvac: Sun is ADHD and ASD coded, and can't sit still to appreciate the world around him. Moon helps him, and it is just so fricking cute.
Another oneshot recommendation is "Love of Mine" by RanniParty: This is literally in my bookmarks as "Re-read when u need fluff". After the fire destroys the Pizzaplex, Sun wakes up, but he is alone in his body, without Moon is his code. He grieves over his other half, only to see him walk through the door in his own, separate body. The fluff in this is so immaculately cute, this fic is my rainy-day saviour.
And here are some explicit/adult-content fics that I'd recommend for adult readers:
"Redeeming the Stinky Man" by quixotic_calamity: The Solar x Reader fic I mentioned. Now, as I am not a big fan of reader-inserts, nor am I into smelly mutants, but chapter 2 of this fic literally made me simp for my own stinky character. Quix did an amazing job writing him so well, and the story is set very nicely in the universe, even though it's mostly just going to be smut for the two last chapters. So far, Quix has only posted the first chapter, but I've already read the second one since she sent it to me privately, and it is very... interesting and Solar-like. Boy just needs a bath and a reward- I know this isn't Sun/Moon/Reader, but more of Eclipse/Reader.
Another smut fic from Quix is "Blackberries and Lavender", which I'll soon post separately as its own post too. This is also from my Animutant AU, and after reading it, I've decided to make it canon to the universe. It's a oneshot about Moondrop overcoming his trauma of 'being not pure' and hating his vagina due to the past he had with El Chip. Sunrise helps him to gain the trust and worth of his body back in a very Sun-typical way. The fic is absolutely adorable, and despite being a sex fic, it is so fluffy your teeth will rot worse than Solar. Sun and Moon are perfectly in-character, which makes it so perfect to fit the AU Canon.
The next, possibly still on-going(?) NSFW fic is "All's fair in Robo-Dicks and War" by LavalampGoldfish: This fic is, as the name suggests, technically about robot genitals. It's written from Monty's POV, but Sun and Moon play kind of an important role in this. Monty loses a bet and is forced to go to the weirdo-land (Daycare). When he sneaks in he sees Sun and Moon having sex. The fic follows Monty's inner and outer struggles of trying to understand WHY the Daycare attendants have dicks, who gave them to them, and can he have one too. The fic is so funny and well-written, I am in love how (to my own headcanons) accurately this fic describes the relationships between the characters. I would lie if I didn't say my own fic was inspired by some of the characteristics given to the characters in this fic. The parts where Sun and Moon show up are so adorable, Moon is SO overprotective of his precious Sunshine, and Sun just wants to be friends with everyone. I don't wanna spoil too much, but reading Sun and Moon from someone who dislikes them POV is a refreshing experience. The humour is really top-tier in this one as well.
Here's my recommendation list, I hope you like it! :>
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Twilight. November 24, 2022. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. (@dkct25) 
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Bu sabah bir büyü taşıyor sanki
Olmamışı olacak eden
Bu sabah coşkuyu getiriyor
Yarınsız kalplere
Bu sabah özlemi götürüyor
Gelecek günlere
Bu sabah aydınlığı müjdeliyor
Ayrıldığı geceye
Bu sabah herşeye söz veriyor
Uyan da dinle..
İlhan İrem...
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All rights reserved by Zfy
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San Luis Valley Sunset Acrylic on canvas 8x8". 
Charles Morgenstern, 2022.
 The San Juan Mountains seen from Crestone, Colorado.
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November Sky
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LAKE BLED, Slovenia - it's hard to imagine a more picturesque sunrise than at Lake Bled in the autumn. (photo: Krénn Imre)
All you need to know to visit Lake Bled: travelslovenia.org/lake-bled/
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