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dreamy, gloomy mornings
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i need a dark academia book revolving around oscar wilde. like okay we've got the secret history- greek literature, dead poet's society- poetry and thoreau, if we were villians- shakespearean lit. so it would make so much sense for a oscar wilde style dark academia book/movie. i want secret seances, gay romance, unhinged sexy as fuck characters and murder
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adhd-academia · 3 days
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12/5/22 - i submitted my application to study in germany this summer … i won’t know the results until march but wish me luck 🤞🤞
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not sure why this pic combo was in my drafts since the summer… but this combo really speaks to me right now <3
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08.12.22, thursday
jolly mornings
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Shoutout to everyone
Drink some water
Straighten your back
Take care
Sending you hugs
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“I was raised among books, making invisible friends in pages that seemed cast from dust and whose smell I carry on my hands to this day.” ― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind.
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odenadnihilum · 3 days
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I prefer living in my memories. Then i have the time to perfect them and live them through slowly again and again like they're supposed to be lived through.
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gushuwa · 2 days
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07.12.22 🌻 i love when things go right, I let the good invade and colour my body, all my thoughts, even the fears - so as to remember these moments when things go wrong, to hold on and have hope that I’ll have good times again, with the people I love 🌻 reading a new Natsuo Kirino book and enjoying it very very much
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"everyone else in the room could see it, everyone else but you" types of ships>>>
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If I ever come off as boring , it was 100% intentional.
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cafe hopping in toronto
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toliveistolie · 2 days
become a mother? no thanks, I'd rather read every single book in the whole world.
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foxtea · 6 hours
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Cam and Nona are such a sweet little family
i had so much fun doing this commission 🖤 drawing them is always a treat
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the---hermit · 2 days
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My months of rest and relaxation // day 29
In this period I feel like I am in the very middle of a big general change. This is probably coming out so strongly right now because I have a different routine, not being busy with uni for a while. I started to notice something weird in the summer when I realized I might be going through something like the queer second adolescence. I am not sure it has only do deal with me finally getting rid of the most of my internalized biphobia, but that surely has had an influence. I generally feel very confused, formless even. I am not satisfied with my clothes, I don't know what to do with my hair, I've had so much change around me in the past months. It's overall a mess both outside and within me, but for the first time in my life I am very acceptant of it. I visualize myself as I said in a previous post flowing in a river, and I am weridly peaceful about it, excited even. It's definitely a bit disorienting for the type of person I am, but this situation shows me how much I have grown just in the past year. I feel like this is the perfect moment to reflect and work on myself even more, I particularly want to keep working on my self care and self love journey.
baked bread
did a big decluttering of my closet (I've been wanting to do that for a while and I am really happy to have finally taken time out of my day for it)
ran some errands with my mom
practiced Irish on duolingo
almost finished enrolling in uni for my masters degree (I'll only need to upload some signed documents and pay the first tax and then I'll officially be a masters student which is terrifying)
finished reading Heart Magick by Harmony Nice
Self care:
did not set an alarm
read first thing in the morning
didn't drink coffee
lunlun's reading challenge // day 9
Who is the best book villain in your opinion? And why?
The first one that came to my mind is the other mother from Neil Gaiman's Coraline. I feel like it's the perfect mix of pure evil and childish fears. What I also really like about that character is that no matter what age you are she is going to scare the hell out of you.
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