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astronautjin 10 hours
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馃ゥ馃イ馃崝聽jun鈥檚 food vlogger era聽馃崝馃イ馃ゥ
bonus: feeding wonwoo some coconut聽
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comic-art-showcase 1 day
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Sketches by Dan Mora
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raceweek 3 days
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alex literally the guy who says i know a place and takes you for dinner under a picture of michael schumacher
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writingpotato07 1 day
okay but like
what kind of cakes do you all like for birthdays?
i need inspiration I'm trying to plan mine
I don't have any allergies except seafood which...isn't applicable here xD
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grazieseb 3 days
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via lilymhe instagram stories
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rebeccaselfships 3 days
Imagine you and your f/o baking and/or eating cookies
What types of cookies do you and your f/o like to bake and/or eat? Do you and your f/o like to eat soft, crispy, or both cookies?
proship/comship DNI
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iheartliquor 1 day
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averygaypersonthing 2 days
Is caleb awake yet?
He's up!
Currently eating apple sauce
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moirailegiance 3 days
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stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper, "i love you!" birds singing in the sycamore tree, oh dream a little dream of me!
komahina stimboard with orange, knitting, cooking, and other stims that remind me of hajime. requested by no one! (requests are open, feel free to send one!)
do NOT tag as kin/me/id, i am komaeda irl and will bite your dick off.
x x x / x x x / x x x
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fortheloveofjellycats 22 hours
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Jellycat Henry Hound Stim Board
Disclaimer: images are not mine unless otherwise stated. Sources listed below for credit.
SENSORY WARNING: Some sources below contain other stim images.
Sources: x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x
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ladychlo 11 months
I wish you all very good sex. if you don't like sex, I wish you a very good romance. if you don't want either of them. I wish you a very good bowl of soup and some bread, mate.
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homo-sex-shoe-whale 5 months
As a biochem student and certified nerd, I feel the responsibility to bestow this knowledge upon as many people as I possibly can:
You do NOT need to "earn" meals through exercise.
You know why?
Because exercise only accounts for about 20% of your calories. The majority of the calories your body burns, it uses to keep itself alive. It uses them to power your brain and metabolism. In fact, your brain ALONE is responsible for spending about 20% of your calories.
Your BRAIN, just to keep itself going, uses up just as many (or even more!!!) calories than all the exercise you do.
Your RESTING metabolic rate is responsible for burning between 60 and 75% of your calories.
You don't just deserve food because you're working out. YOU DESERVE FOOD BECAUSE YOUR BODY NEEDS IT TO STAY ALIVE.
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izurou 3 months
if katsuki has told you once, he鈥檚 told you a thousand times鈥攄on鈥檛 wait up for me.
you never did understand what all the fuss was about. sure, the fatigue would catch up to you after a few consecutive days of doing so鈥攂ut it was never anything a little more sleep in the morning couldn鈥檛 solve.
still, after seeing how adamant he was about the whole thing, you dropped the habit altogether鈥攐r at least, he thought you did.
it鈥檚 almost midnight when katsuki arrives home, easing the front door shut with the utmost care. he doesn鈥檛 bat an eye upon noticing the dull amber glow emanating from the kitchen鈥攜ou always leave the little light above the stove on for him. he does however, feel his heart skip a beat when he rounds the corner and sees a figure clad in black sitting at his kitchen island.
he easily recognizes the figure as you鈥攕eemingly lost in your own little world as you rest your chin in your palm and stare down at your phone. you click on a news article that catches your eye鈥攐ne from just two hours ago. dynamight鈥檚 big rescue! on the evening of tuesday september 6th, three villains entered a bank around ni鈥
鈥渢he hell are you doin鈥?鈥 his voice lingers from the doorway, much softer than usual鈥攂ecause he knows you鈥檙e unaware of his presence.
it startles you nonetheless, but it could have been much worse鈥攈e probably just saved you from a major heart attack. a true hero, even off duty.
鈥渏ust some light reading,鈥 you turn your head and give him a sheepish smile, simultaneously giving him a once over for any injuries. fortunately, you find none鈥攏ot that you can see at least.
鈥渕eant what鈥檙e you doin鈥 up,鈥 he replies, crossing his strong arms over his chest as he takes a few steps further into the kitchen.
鈥渨aiting for you,鈥 you hum, hopping out of your chair and padding over to him. he watches, from the moment those words leave your mouth to the moment you wrap your arms around his neck鈥攁nd then he turns his head. 鈥渒ats, i missed you.鈥
he knew it was coming, but that didn鈥檛 mean it was any easier to hear. lately, with this increase in crime, you鈥檝e been seeing him less and less. he hates it, but he knows you鈥攁nd how quick you鈥檇 drop everything for a little more time together. he鈥檚 witnessed it, all those late nights and early mornings, they took a toll on you鈥攁nd you don鈥檛 deserve that. so, he put an end to it, made sure you knew how important your health was, and had you sleeping like a baby by ten o鈥檆lock most nights. but, here you are.
鈥済o,鈥 he nods towards the stairs and rests a hand on your lower back, ushering you ever so gently. 鈥溾榣l be there in fifteen.鈥
he鈥檒l inhale his dinner, wash up at the speed of light, and slide into bed next to you鈥攋ust like the old days, right?
鈥渋 haven鈥檛 eaten yet,鈥 you mumble.
you feel his hand stiffen up, and he鈥檚 no longer steering you towards your bedroom. he peers down, scarlet eyes boring into you from right beneath his furrowed brow鈥攂ecause he knows that you know, he鈥檇 never let you go to bed on an empty stomach. touch茅.
鈥減ain in my ass,鈥 he mutters, dropping his hand and letting you shuffle towards the fridge where you鈥檙e harbouring two plates of leftovers. he trails his gaze down to your feet, and you swear you hear a little snort slip out of him.
as if drowning yourself in his hoodie and sweats wasn鈥檛 enough, you have his slippers on鈥攁nd they鈥檙e a size, or seven too big for your feet. you don鈥檛 have enough fingers to count all the times he鈥檚 called you ronald, or said that he didn鈥檛 know the fuckin鈥 circus was back in town. he can make all the clown jokes he wants, you鈥檒l never give up that warmth and comfort鈥攈im getting a kick out of the whole thing is a side effect you can handle.
鈥渉ow was patrol?鈥 you ask, sliding one of the plates into the microwave. you more or less know how it went, but you鈥檒l keep that to yourself.
he mumbles a same old shit before giving you a vague rundown of the bank robbery鈥攚ell, the attempted bank robbery. he鈥檚 cut off by the loud beeps that echo throughout the room. you reach for the button that opens the little door, but he beats you to it, nudging you away with his hip. he removes the plate鈥攁nd it鈥檚 blatantly obvious that it鈥檚 his鈥攖he portion size being a dead giveaway. still, he holds it out for you to take. 鈥渆at.鈥
the look on your face must鈥檝e said it all, because he鈥檚 quick to follow up. 鈥溾榣l finish what you don鈥檛, baby. sit, eat.鈥
his gaze lingers on you for just a tad longer than usual before he turns around and heads for the second plate. there鈥檚 probably half the amount of food on this one, but he doesn鈥檛 seem to mind. so you sit, and eat. he鈥檚 not far behind, plopping down next to you just a couple minutes later.
鈥渒atsuki?鈥 you side eye him, thinking about how cute he looks with his cheeks all full. it鈥檚 been a little while since you鈥檝e sat down and had a meal with him鈥攖his is perfect, just what you wanted. still, you can鈥檛 help but look ahead as you yearn for a little more. 鈥渨ill you wake me up before you leave tomorrow morning?鈥
鈥渕mm,鈥 he holds his hand in front of his mouth, rapidly chewing the remainder of his bite so he can answer you. 鈥渨hatever, but if you swing at me once 鈥榤 leavin鈥 you there.鈥
as much as katsuki would love to have a testy six am encounter with the little overtired monster that is you鈥攈e won鈥檛, because he鈥檚 going to let you sleep until your sweet heart鈥檚 content.
you won鈥檛 be happy, he knows that鈥攈ell, maybe you鈥檒l even swing at him tomorrow evening while fully awake. nah, who鈥檚 he kidding? you鈥檇 never consciously do that. he almost smiles at the thought though, biting the inside of his cheek to prevent it.
right, you won鈥檛 be happy, but you鈥檒l get over it. it鈥檚 his job to get up early, come home late, and deal with all the bullshit in between.
because, in all aspects of life鈥攆rom sleep, right down to the level of warmth and comfort you feel on your feet鈥攌atsuki believes you deserve just a little more than him.
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imapursoon 11 months
if this post gets 5000 notes I鈥檒l bite into a tomato like it鈥檚 an apple
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netherworldpost 2 years
Because I will never be able to eat lava鈥 (I pause to look pleadingly at a volcanologist, they sternly, subtly shake their head no. It is clear this is an old, ongoing argument.) 鈥. my prevailing theory is it has a texture of very thick honey.
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What the godforsaken FUCK
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