venus-academia · a day ago
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art screensavers
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learnelle · 2 days ago
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MK Čiurlionis: a Lithuanian artist that did nothing but paint and compose music for 6 years straight. Most paintings rarely leave Lithuania because they’re incredibly fragile (he couldn’t afford the durability of oil paints or large canvas) so I feel blessed to have seen his mythological cities, anthropomorphic mountains and clouds in a glorious array of colours in person.
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purple-pigeon-art · 21 hours ago
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Working on commissions today so heres a budge
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fairydrowning · 23 hours ago
Riverside Paintings by "Claude Monet"
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swan-scribbles · 2 days ago
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Sophie deserves to have a corruption arc actually Shannon told me
Taglist (ask to be added): @xanadaus @three-bunnies-in-a-trenchcoat @aroace-dadwinstan @reciproburst @ve11ich0r @constellations-of-elixirs @axels-corner @neverseen-nevermore @gaslight-gaetkeep-gayboss @callas-pancake-tree @thelanternmenace @pissy-victorian-vampire @squishmallow36 @booksscienceandmath @rusted-phone-calls @katniss-elizabeth-chase @and-this-is-crazy @orionalumn @winterfireice @stopstealingtomatoes
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ilysydneyosargent · 16 hours ago
It doesnt hurt to think anymore
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[Image id; digital illustration of yellow guy from don't hug me I'm scared. Yellow guy is a yellow puppet with blue hair, an orange nose and cheeks, a long sleeved red sweater with on top overalls. There are 2 versions of him, one outside the mirror and one inside the mirror. The one outside is charged yellow guy. He has bright green eyes that glow all over the illustration, an indigo undercut and tidy blue hair with bangers. His mouth is slightly open and hes looking at the camera concerned, he's touched with his right hand the mirror. In the mirror theres uncharged yellow guy, who's hand is parallel charged's. He has wild blue hair and his eyes irises are black. He's looking down crying and distressed. In the background you can see an obscured and dark room which is long and stretches out till a staircase, the only visible thing in the background. The floor has black and white checkerboard tiles. Thw background of the illustration is black ;end image id]
Hi I might be starting a redbubble [redbubble] soon! This'll be one of the designs, if you're interested in any merch regarding this piece or my art (which can all be found under #art tag) as a whole please consider checking out my account for updates!
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havekat · a day ago
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Without The Moon
Watercolor On Black Paper
2022, 11"x 14"
Grass Orchids
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black-rose-events · a day ago
Fruit pancakes 🥞
Hero: Can I have the fruit pancakes please?
Villain: The what? There's nothing on the menu called "fruit pancakes".
Hero: Th-the fresh fruit pancakes.
Villain: Huh...
Hero: Th-this one... [points to menu]
Villain: Say it.
Hero: What?
Villain: Say. It.
Hero: I'd like a... r-....rooty t-tooty....
Villain: Say it like you mean it.
Hero: [starting to cry] I-l want a r-r-rooty t-tooty f-f-....f-fresh n... n fruity...
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a-hulder · a day ago
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Edvard Munch + women and red
Madonna (1894-95) // Love and Pain (1895) // Weeping Nude (1913-14) // Ashes (1894)
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art-b-y-eden · 20 hours ago
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When I started this drawing I was thinking it was gonna be a scene where Andrey betrays Katya but she pulls a gun on him. But now I also very much see Katya saving Goncharov's ass and he's (for some reason) surprised she brought a gun to their outing. In any case, Katya is a girlboss.
To be total clear, Goncharov (1973) is a fake movie. It doesn't exist. Tumblr collectively made it up in the past week. It's amazing and I love it.
(version without filters under the cut, click for better quality)
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enjoliquej · 21 hours ago
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oh my gosh can it be?? am I posting doodles of my ocs?? Sly Bastion is an utter mess of a man, this idiot could eat 5 Mega Wickdonalds Whoppers in one sitting and then go work on human genomes like hes normal or something. He also has a knack for getting in trouble, a lot, by doing nothing at all.
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finehoney · 23 hours ago
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Mythra Sage for the RMIT Fine Arts Grad Exhibition via lauren.gali on ig
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ahedderick · a day ago
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   Reposting so I can put appropriate art tags on. The edges are a little imperfect, but someone sent me a note about a better masking tape for delicate paper; I’ll try that next time. The bay behind Ocean City is lovely at sunset.
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purple-pigeon-art · 2 days ago
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Everything in my shop is discounted by 75 cents today through the 30th of November.
For stickers i have pigeons, opossums, cattle dogs, isopods, and a chicken.
I have 2 "keychains", one is a modena as just the charm without a chain, and the other is a double sided acrylic keychain with the chain in the pictured design.
And i have 1 enamel pin. Its a dairy cow isopod in hard enamel.
Find them all at prplpigeon.com
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wit-expansion · 3 months ago
📹 IG : ohataku0716
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havekat · 2 days ago
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Innocent Reminiscence
Watercolor On Black Paper
2022, 11"x 14"
White and Blue Forget Me Nots
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