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whimsigothwitch · 2 days ago
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crazycatsiren · 2 days ago
We need to stop using white sage. As in, full stop, the end.
I'm serious. It's endangered. The indigenous people who need it for ritual, ceremonial, and medicinal purposes are starting to have a hard time with it.
There are so many alternatives. There are types of sage that aren't white sage.
I think we, collectively, as non native Americans, need to just stop getting white sage, period.
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dragoncastings · a day ago
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Shadow-Work: Prompts
Shadow Work is a practice of looking towards your own darkest sides you desire not to look at. Shadow work is embracing your dark sides and growing with it.
The creator of this concept of psychology is author and psychologist Carl Jung, who found being authentic with answers towards self discovery based questions had fantastic results.
Today, various witches and practitioners alike enjoy this art form, but it is highly recommended to do so moderately with a good support system, as it is very heavy treatment and can damage your mental health in excess.
In what aspects of myself do I find myself feeling superior to others? Why do I feel this way?
What toxic patterns and habits do I find myself repeating often? When did they start, and why?
What was I raised to find value in or attraction towards? Is it healthy and beneficial for you?
What would I tell my younger self if they were to witness who I’ve become today? Would they be proud?
How can I unlock my own brightest potential and find contentment with it? What are the first steps towards this?
Why do I expect my own ethical, physical, and mental standards from others? Why do I expect my energy from others?
Is the environment and energies around me something I find peace in? Do I find myself feeling secure and at home inside?
What limiting beliefs or restrictions have formed attachment to myself? What was the purpose, and how can I release them?
What ambitions, inspiring dreams, or ideals did you let grip of whilst becoming an adult? Was that beneficial towards your growth?
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dissociatingdevil · a day ago
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I know this is from a k!nk artist (whom I love very much), but this art made me think of y’all. You’re doing your best and that’s all that matters.
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the-cobalt-athenaeum · a day ago
What is Black Salt *ACTUALLY* Used for?
Black salt (salt made with table salt mixed with ashes/charcoal/iron shavings) is used a fuckton in witchcraft and all witches assume we have to use it, but what's it really for?
Black salt is used for protection, binding, banishing, warding, reversals, cursing and hexing.
Ingredients for this can vary drastically depending on the practitioner but the base components of it is table salt and ashes. That's the easiest way to make it. You can add a crushed up charcoal briquet, iron shavings, cayenne pepper, dragons blood resin, black pepper, or black food coloring. It works just the same any way you make it.
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
Sticker Runes
It's so easy and I'm so goofy for not thinking about it before.
You want some runes to stick in random places? Want some stuck to your headboard? Luckily, you're not going to have to break out the paint or sharpies, because you can just make stickers. It's simple.
What you'll need:
Parchment paper (the kitchen use kind)
Packing tape
Your drawn runes on printer paper, cut out
What you'll do:
Lay down your parchment paper flat. You may have to use a little tape to keep it from curling up.
Stick down a layer of packing tape onto the paper.
Place your runes on the tape.
Cover with more tape.
Cut out your shapes, and boom baby! You got yourself some stickers!
You could do all kinds of things with this, too! Dried herb leaves? You betcha. Sigils? Sure thing. Embarrassing memories you'd rather forget? Eh, probably not.
As always, be safe, do your research, and blessed be!
Support your local witch on Ko-Fi or at my store, Hallow Grove!
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belladonna-moon · a day ago
buying crystals is self care for witches, i don’t make the rules
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serpentandthreads · a day ago
It's funny how so many witches, pagans and polytheists will spend their time invalidating and shaming Christian witches, but don't keep the same energy for witches, pagans and polytheists that are racist, antisemitic, etc... while simultaneously using practices from ATRs, Indigenous cultures and various closed religions. The same ones that are encompassed by the people they are racist, antisemitic, etc... towards.
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pumpkxnwitch · a day ago
Can a witch believe in Angels and Demons but not Gods/Goddesses/Deities? Maybe I’m not educated enough? I do not want this to be mistaken or misinterpreted that I want to be spoon fed religion or spirituality. I believe now that there is *something* but for a long time I thought I was an atheist. Any thoughts?
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debora-goth · a day ago
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sapphic-nature-witch · 16 hours ago
All I want is to read while seated on a window bench with a blanket draped over me, a cat on my lap,rain sliding down the glass, and a cup of hot tea by my side 🌧 ☕️ 🐈
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crazycatsiren · a day ago
It's almost 2023, and people are still confused about how anybody can be a Christian witch.
You can be a Christian and a witch. You can be a Christian and be gay. You can be a Christian and be trans. You can be a Christian and drink. You can be a Christian and party. You can be a Christian and a stripper.
It's the 21st century. People can literally do whatever the fuck they want with their lives. It's called free will. Look it up.
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dragoncastings · 2 days ago
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Witchcraft: Magical Mornings
Every now and then, I find myself and others wanting to spend more time actively practicing witchcraft. I also love to wake up early in the morning to get rid of a funk, and these tips assist me in making that task more magical. Good Morning!
Enchant your mug for morning beverages with the intentions of your goals for the day. Coffee symbolizes speed and luck, whilst Tea embodies healing energies. Water is always cleansing as well!
Establishing a five minute daily Tarot Card, Rune, or Pendulum ritual. This can be done in an app if that makes it simpler. This gives you something to focus on each day for self improvement.
Cleansing yourself through bathing, showers, and other hygienic care when in need for a deep purification. This can range from brushing your teeth and hair to facial masks and changing attire.
Listening to a fifteen minute Meditation video and then journaling about what you contemplated. If you desire, consider preforming a shadow work prompt each morning.
Practicing Color Magic through your wardrobe choices. For example, If I desired to attract protection, I would wear the corresponding shade black. This involves jewelry, tops, jackets, to hair dye choices.
Designate fifteen minutes to researching a particular occult or miscellaneous topic of interest to you. You can als document notes if you wish to in a Grimoire.
Stretching to Center your body can be empowering and beneficial both spiritually and physically. Make your bed and cleanse your bedroom by physically tidying it up first thing in the morning. Then add positive energies to space through music or scents.
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maceofpentacles · 23 hours ago
reminder to those who do shadow work:
shadow work is not a replacement for therapy. if you feel like you need therapy or already go to therapy, don’t rely purely on shadow work alone!! shadow work is a wonderful tool to help assist in therapy, but if therapy is not easily accessible to you, that’s a different story.
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journeyofdream · 12 hours ago
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Loki and Fenrir appreciation post!
Original Artist:
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