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hey witches (or whatever term you prefer!)! the spookiest season is fast approaching, and so i wanted to put together a little list of something witchy you can do for each day of our favourite month! majority are low key, and feel free to do all, some or none of the activities - whatever suits you best, this is just a fun way to introduce witchcraft into your month.
do a tarot/oracle/rune/etc spread for the month of october (i’ll post a “new month spread” very soon!)
write out your goals for the month - witchy and not. maybe you want to try journaling more frequently, meditation, going for walks, drinking more water or cooking some meals at home!
write about a new topic in your grimoire/BoS - this could be a topic you’ve been interested in for a while or something totally left field. you never stop learning as a witch!
try learning about your ancestors. this can be hard for many (difficult family relations, not knowing biological families, the like), however if you can find a family name that’s always a great place to start!
spend time in nature/connecting to nature spirits. going and talking to the trees is so incredibly beneficial, especially if you need to talk about something you feel you can’t open up to a person about. the trees, the ocean, the forest and the mountains are always happy to listen to us
create a new candle - sounds hard, but it’s a lot easier than you think! i love making seasonal candles by taking a store bought, plain candle, then dressing it with oil and some herbs. bonus points for using herbs associated with fall/spring (depending on where you live!)
do a manifestation spell with the waxing moon! this can be as elaborate as a full ritual, or as simple as writing your manifestations on a bay leaf/piece of paper and burning it.
witch-ify your beverages! adding intention into your coffee, tea, water or any other drink you prefer is super effective witchcraft! you can also add things to your drink, such as honey for attraction, cinnamon for abundance, or sugar for sweetness (taste wise too)!
i’m really big on cooking seasonally, so if you can, try and cook or bake (even just throw together some things into a sandwich!) using some seasonal ingredients (i.e, pumpkins, root vegetables, stuff like that) in a meal today
happy full moon! don’t forget to cleanse and recharge your crystals, decks, and of course, yourself today. maybe put out some water to creat some moon water!
refresh your altar if you have one - maybe give it a good wipe down with some moon water (or just normal water!), cleanse it and redecorate it however you like
create a new sigil today, either creating one of your own design or using an online generator (like this one!) for prosperity, abundance, protection, whatever you like! use in your craft however it suits you
do some shadow work - i recently posted a 30 days of shadow work challenge, so you could try a prompt from that list or any you find!
try giving an offering to a deity, ancestor or spirit you work with or are wanting to connect to. this can be as simple as offering a portion of your food to them, or an entire ritual dedicated to them - whatever works best for you!
look into your astrology! if you’ve never looked at your chart before, there are lots of different websites that can do it such as this one, and they’ll give you a pretty in-depth dissection of your chart!
cleanse your space - either with a smoke method, sound, a spray, or visualisation!
try doing some mindful movement - this can also work as a meditative practice! this includes walking, yoga, running, or weight training. set your intention first, then see how you go!
find out some local lore of the town you live in! it’s often a lot more interesting than you think. i also love to learn about local native plants in my area that i can then use in my craft!
refresh any wards your have set up if you have them, or if you don’t, now is a great time to set one up! they can be very simple or complex depending on the method you choose, and there are several great posts on here about them!
as the moon wanes (gets smaller!), now is the perfect time to do some releasing. write anything you want to let go of - people, things, attachments, etc. - on a piece of paper and burn it or otherwise dispose of it
read a new witchy book - don’t sleep on your local libraries! there’s also plenty of pdf books about witchcraft topics online if you can’t get your hands on
make a spell jar! this kind of magick is super fun, relatively simple, and can be done quickly with items you already have. any jar is suitable, such as the jar from your pasta sauce, not just the aesthetic ones you see on tiktok! add your ingredients along with your intent, seal with wax from a candle and set it wherever suits the intention.
practice some grounding. place your bare feet on some soil or grass, or even hold some soil if you don’t have access to natural ground today. visualise roots growing from the centre of the earth towards you, and from the centre of you towards the earth. see them intertwine and let mother earth ease your physical, spiritual, and mental struggles, pain or heavy emotions
visit a cemetery if you have one close by. you don’t need to go to one holding someone you know, it’s still just as meaningful to visit a new one you’ve never been to (a post soon coming on what to do when visiting a graveyard!)
put together a witchy playlist! this can be for your walk or to start your day, to listen whilst you practice/divine, or just to play to help you feel a bit better. if you don’t want to make your own, you can always just listen to one someone else has curated!
make a cleansing scrub - all you really need is some salt (medium-ground works well for scrubs!), any oil of your choosing, and some herbs if you choose. make sure anything you add is body safe!!! set your intention whilst using and allow the scrub to cleanse away any spiritual “dirt” you’ve accumulated
enchant a piece of jewellery! can be a ring, a necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings, or even bobby pins used in your hair
write a gratitude list. get specific and write as many individual things as you can!
reflect on the goals you wrote down at the start of the month. have you achieved them? why/why not? is there something you achieved that you didn’t write down that you’re proud of?
do some protection magick. the spirit/earthly worlds are growing closer now, so some extra protection can never hurt!
happy Samhain/Beltane/Halloween! the veil is thin today, so now is the perfect time to reach out to spirits (safely of course!) and try a (potentially new) form of divination!
i hope this gives you some ideas for witchy things to do this month! just as a reminder, your craft is so personal to you, please don’t let me or anyone else ever tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing in your craft (unless you’re taking from closed practices - DONT DO THAT). never feel bad for not having the energy or not being able to partake in a certain activity. you are always a witch, no matter how you practice.
love always, taylah. 🤍
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Swamp witch aesthetic
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🍄🌿✨ hanging propagation station for plant cuttings and flower clippings
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Finding solace in the dark things 🌙
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✨Witchy tip✨
I like to sew talismans into the pockets if my clothing. I make homemade herb packets using coffee filters/fabric scraps or use tea bags depending on the mix. These also work brewed as a tea.
🌱Herbs for calmness
- chamomile flower, lemon balm, Holy basil, sweet marjoram, thyme
🌱Herbs for luck
- rosemary, cloves(quite strong, a little goes a long way), cinnamon pieces, red clover blossoms, oregano
🌱Herbs for easing pain (works best as a tea)
- mint leaf, strawberry leaf, rose hip, dried ginger
🌱Herbs for mental clarity
- sage, peppermint,
🌱Herbs for protection
- lavender, oregano, parsley, catmint root, fennel seed, sweet woodruff
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Looking for more Witchy tips?
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Where's my head? Tarot Spread🔮
[@divinemoonapothecary on IG✨️]
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When your non witchy husband brings you gifts
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