witchesversuspatriarchy · 2 days ago
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Soft reminder to be patient with yourself this winter ❄️
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crazycatsiren · 2 days ago
Spirit work requires consent and that means from both sides.
You can say "no" to a spirit, and a spirit can say "no" to you.
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pondering-the-kaiju · a day ago
Some warning signs you're dealing with a cult
Conspiracism Now to be fair, it's not always clear what's conspiracy theory and what's fact, and people sometimes end up believing some amount of conspiracy theory because they heard it somewhere and it didn't cross their minds to question it. (This is why historical literacy matters!) The thing to watch out for is when a group's beliefs hinge on a conspiratorial narrative. A common one these days is the New Age narrative that Christianity as we know it was created as part of a conspiracy to conceal the "truth" from people in order to keep them bound in slavery to the "elite." (I highly recommend reading The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings by Bart D. Ehrman.) This can also include things like the belief that anyone who doesn't agree with their teachings is part of a conspiracy to bring them down, or that an underground Satanic cult is out to hurt them.
Belief in a grandiose existence If the group and/or their leaders make themselves out to be really special, watch out. This can be things like claiming they're reincarnations of famous figures, claiming they're on the side of light in a cosmic war against darkness, or claiming they're going to save the whole world with their teachings. A healthy group has quite a bit more humility than this.
Contempt for nonbelievers If they talk as if outsiders are stupid, disgusting, and generally just beneath them - that's a sign you should get away now. Same goes if they're comfortable with the idea of mass death and believe that huge numbers of people will be destroyed in a coming shift/cataclysm/whatever.
Contempt for science and empirical evidence An example of this would be refusing to accept that legitimate archaeologists and historians have found everything but evidence for Atlantis and ancient aliens, and instead insisting that the transmissions they're channeling from alleged alien beings are more reliable, because something something scientists distort the data to fit their preconceptions. It can also include a rejection of modern medicine, and shaming or fearmongering people into relying on faith healing or "natural" remedies. It can also include generally refusing to acknowledge modern scientific advancements, like claiming that science can't explain things that have actually been explained for years. (And this is why scientific literacy matters!)
You have to believe in their UPG - or else! The reality is that everyone is going to have different experiences with spirits, deities, etc. Sometimes these experiences will suggest things that are completely contrary to each other, because that's just what happens. By and large, there's just no real way of knowing whose experience - if anyone's experience - is the most objectively "valid." If they act like their own UPG is the only valid UPG, and belittle everyone else's experiences, that's a sign you should steer clear. Throwing around spiritual diagnoses This can include quickly and confidently asserting that people are possessed by demons, controlled by low-vibrational entities, suffering from past life trauma, living in their ego, and other similar things; especially in response to people expressing doubt, criticism, or just telling them no. (Worth noting, tossing out spiritual diagnoses can be a form of gaslighting.)
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wishful-seeker · 2 days ago
Let's Talk About Hagstones
Tumblr media
Hagstones are rocks with naturally occurring holes in them. These rocks are usually found by bodies of water, and the hole is created by erosion from the water. I personally also consider shells with holes in them hagstones.
Hagstones are considered to be good luck, to help with fertility, protection, healing, and seeing and communicating with spirits.
Some claim the only way to use a hagstone at "full" power is by finding it yourself or if it was given to you as a gift. Some people even say it has no power if you buy it yourself. "It only works if you find it yourself." I honestly think that's some superstitious (and slightly ablist) bs because mine were purchased and work just fine. Don't let superstition stop you from buying a pretty rock.
Anyways, here are some other superstitions regarding hagstones:
It is said that hagstones can ward off or attract the fae, as well as see through glamours. if you wish to attract some, you can pour morning dew through a Hag Stone hole and anoint yourself with it. 
It's said that if you find a large hagstone, big enough to walk through, if you walk through with your partner you'll be blessed with a baby.
To have a good dream and calm mind tie one to your bedpost.
Nailing a hagstone to a boat will disperse oncoming storms
To make a wish come true place a hagstone in your left hand and rub it clockwise while thinking about your wish.
Tie them to something you want to protect to protect it.
Some say if you hold a hagstone you can't lie.
I personally keep one infront of my scrying mirror to keep spirits from leaving the mirror. I haven't anointed my stone with morning dew or seen much but looking through it definitely gives me a strange feeling. It definitely feels like a film infront of the world has been stripped away when you look through it.
Either way it's a pretty and cool rock
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pupper-punx · 2 days ago
Discord moment #2
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burythesememories · 16 hours ago
I re-made my Tumblr because this is the only social media site I can go and not be inundated with ~*products*~ that are pretending not to be products.
Anyway, my dash is so dead and I would like to find people to follow so I don't have to rely on this website's terrible algorithm and search functions??? Please feel free to like/reblog/follow if we share any common interests!!!
Cool art/photography
Astronomy, biology, and just like science/nature in general
History, and especially weird history
Video games (some of my favorite series are Pokémon, Ace Attorney, and Animal Crossing, but I've played it all)
Board Games/TTRPGs
Interior design
The horror genre in general
Memes I guess? (Seriously if I see 1 (One) more tweet that's screenshotted and reposted here instead of a good old-fashioned Tumblr meme I'm gonna scream)
Word-vomiting my insignificant opinions everywhere
Stick around, if you want, or don't! I hope your day is going well, regardless. :)
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kawaiibabeshop · a day ago
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💜 Pretty Kawaii Shop💜
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traegorn · a day ago
Inclusive Witchcraft Stores
Hi there! Would you or any of your friends happen to know a good list of inclusive witchcraft stores? Sometimes I want to get some witchy things but it's so disheartening to click on a store, only to see tons of cultural appropriation (smudge sticks, dreamcatchers, etc) or the ol' g-slur being applied to every product. In addition, I've noticed most pagan shops seem to carry identical imported items that are made overseas in dubious human rights environments... I just want to give my money to witches who are still making things by hand!! I know they're out there but the search engines elude me! Where are all the cottage witch stores?? Thank you so much in advance <3
Okay, so... these are just the few that I thought of off the top of my head. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but -- like -- this is what I got.
Pretty much all of these are just small setups run by individual witches, so availability, ship times, etc. may vary. Most of these are US based too unless I note otherwise, so keep that in mind. Some of these are friends, some of these are folks I've just run across online over time. I have not fully investigated every item in every shop, but I trust all of them enough to know that if there is an issue with any of their stuff they'd listen.
Here's the list:
Spiral House - Run by @upthewitchypunx, as a part of Portland Button Works. Probably the most shop-y of the shops, but still a very DIY operation?
Willow Wings Witch Shop - This is, like, the opposite end of the spectrum, as it's primarily just the way @breelandwalker sells her books, but she has some other stuff for sale too -- so it might be nice to check her out.
Magpie Witchery - An etsy shop that is pretty good about sourcing ethical supplies
DeathsHeadDivination - @torque-witch makes some unique, cool stuff and it's worth checking out their stuff for some unique things you won't find other places.
MoriMoonCo - UK based, @themori-witch has neat stuff available. But, as noted, ships from the UK so take that into consideration.
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tarotreaderbabe · a day ago
Your next partner.
This read is for my single babes! I want to focus on the next person you'll be with, the dynamics, etc. It can be for those who were once in a relationship or who never been in a relationship. I'll just say, if you're a minor.. focus on other things. please.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pile one
It seems like you'll be together with an ex once again. I feel like this person have betrayed you in a way. They regret that deeply, or will soon. You'll be very guarded when they come back, but it seems like their energy will have shifted a lot. I see that they are in the process of becoming, again, the person you fell for. You're working on yourself, healing and being the best version of yourself, and soon you'll be fully healed and self sufficient, and they will be attracted to that energy. You'll probably meet them again in a public setting, some sort of celebration. They will be absolutely charmed by you, without you even doing anything.
Signs this is your pile: you fell for this person very slowly. you were incredibly dedicated after you fell for them. they are the one that left. this person is a child at heart, loves exploring, loves excitement and new things.
Pile two.
This is probably someone that you feel is out of your league. They seem like a dream that can never come true. You probably met them at school, and it will start with some sort of intellectual conversation. This person will feel.. aroused by your mind haha. This is why they will fall for you (which is kind of weird, because you fall for someone for deeper reasons than their intellectual baggage). I'm sorry so say but, if you put them in a pedestal or go too quickly, they will leave you. And please be very careful if you choose to have unprotected sex with them.. i see pregnancy. I'm sorry about such a negative read, but I have to say what i see. If you have a crush on someone and they approach you, don't let your heart fool you. They are not good for you. You have an insanely powerful mind. You can analyze and organize information in even the most complex situations, but sometimes your heart takes over and your mind gets clouded. Understand that they are in love with the idea of love, with their own idealized version of you, and as soon as you show the real you, they will leave.
Signs this is your pile: if things have already started with them, it's developing way too quickly. you feel like this is a spiritual connection, such as twin flame. you can have friends in common, or your friends know that you like them. you could have worked in a group setting with them already.
Pile three.
If you upset someone in the past.. They will confront you. This person will feel a weird feeling on their belly while they talk about their upset. You'll be very beautiful that day. You'll notice them starting off very angry and calming down and getting embarrassed as they speak, and you'll try to keep your composure. You two will feel angry at each other, but with some sort of attraction. Enemies to lovers?? haha
They tried and still try to move on from whatever you did, but it seems way too painful. You regret putting them in that situation as well, but you seem to try to keep your face stoic. After this conversation, after a few weeks/days i believe, they will show up at your door. They are very scared of your reaction, and of looking stupid if you reject them. Even with all the resentment you two hold for each other, they love you, actually. You feel something too, but you want to use your mind a lot more than anything else. they have such a cute, humble, and kind heart. they are the type of person to laugh embarrassed when people are singing them happy birthday. really, really, I mean really soft heart. which they try to keep safe, unsuccessfully. you are, on the contrary, a very stoic and mental individual, even apathetic sometimes. but you'll work on that for them.
signs this is your pile: you might have a very different, unusual type of mental health problem. it seems a very tricky problem to diagnose. you're an optimistic person, even with difficulty feeling. someone might be working on their career. they might have gave you some jewelry as a gift.
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chained-demon · a day ago
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spellspa · a day ago
PSA: Not everything is about Crowley
Some of us are old enough to remember when you spelled magic with a k as not to be confused with stage magicians. 
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pretty dagers
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crazycatsiren · 19 hours ago
It very much is a problem that the modern witch/Pagan communities want to just label everything as Paganism and shamanism and call it a day.
Look up what these words mean, where they came from, and what they originally applied to. I'm begging you.
Because taking the shortcut of lumping completely different and separate indigenous cultures, religions, traditions, and spiritual practices into one pile is not only disrespectful and colonialist, but also ignorant, and you're not learning about how diverse the world is this way.
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wanderinghearth · a day ago
if you find prayer difficult or unengaging, consider keeping a "destroy this book" style free writing journal.
You "pray" by writing, scribbling, drawing, practice automatic writing, sigil making, etc, and then dedicate the page to your desired entity by anointing it with oil and herbs, sealing it with wax, staining it with coffee or tea, pressing little scraps of things into the hot wax on top of your prayers, etc.
it's basically a practice of free intuition that feels very very good, better for me than sitting in a dark room with a candle and speaking in a formal tone.
As an added benefit, once you fill your book, if you feel like labeling the pages (I didn't, lol), you have within your possession a lumpy, bumpy, messy compendium of beings you can use to summon that absolutely no one else will know what to do with.
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dragoncastings · a day ago
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Sunshine Simmer Spell
This is a spell in a Sachet vessel to enhance positivity, motivation, creativity, stamina, and hopefulness. These ingredients were carefully selected with correspondences of the magical energies of happiness and the Sun.
One Cinnamon Stick One Dried Lemon Slice One Dried Orange Slice One Dandelion Flower One Yellow Rosebud One Sunflower
Cleanse your self, space, ingredients, and tools. After content, take a moment to truly connect and output your intention into each one these materials and the universe. Thank it for its contribution and be compassionate.
Open your sachet and try to have the perspective of this vessel being a goblet; You are actively and adding sunshine into your goblet with magical intentions. Goblets or Chalices can represent wealth when filled, which is why this concept works.
Place each ingredient one at a time, with focus and energetic output. Once completed, pull the drawstring of the sachet to both seal and activate this ceremonial enchanted sachet.
Bring a close to your now casted spell with gratitude and grace, placing this vessel wherever you may find an abundance of darkness or gloom. Examples include purses, wardrobes, pillow cases, altars, and on door handles. Happy Casting!
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iridescent-witch-life · 13 hours ago
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Will you do a year ahead spread for 2023?
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