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Mabon blessings! Better late than never. Hope your autumn is inspiring and the harvest is descent.
Turns out I haven't posted this pic...
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Daily Spell: September 25th
Ginger Oil Money Spell
You’ll Need:
A piece of ginger root
8 ounces of base oil
Ginger is a root found in a number of cooking applications, but it also has some practical magical uses because it's associated with money and abundance. Use ginger root blended with oil to bring money your way. For your base, use an unscented oil like jojoba, grapeseed, or safflower.
Grate the ginger finally and add it to the base oil. As you blend it, say “Money and abundance come my way, fill my purse with coins. Money and abundance for every day, fill my purse with coin.”
Dip your finger in the oil and trace dollar signs on the outside of your wallet, purse, or Piggy Bank.
“Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch: Quick, Simple, and Practical Magic for Every Day of the Year,” by Patti Wigington 
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queenie435 · 10 months ago
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Everyone wants this world
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the-witchyforest · a month ago
The best time for...
Tuesday / Saturday
Waning / Dark Moon
Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday
Waxing / Full Moon
Waning Moon / Blue Moon
Waning Moon / Dark Moon
Tuesday / Saturday
Waning Moon / Full Moon
Thursday / Sunday
Full Moon / Blue Moon
Enhanced psychic power
Full Moon / Blue Moon
Love / Friendship
New Moon / Waxing Moon
Waxing Moon / Blue Moon
Waxing Moon / Blue Moon
Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday
Waxing Moon
Waning / New Moon
Courage Strength
Waxing / Full Moon
Intelligence / Wisdom
Monday / Wednesday
Waxing / Full Moon
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pure-arcane · 2 months ago
Laws of Magick (Grimoire Excerpt)
The Laws of Magick are concepts that describe patterns in the effects of witchcraft. Here are some simple definitions.
The Law of Attraction
What you put out to the world will be returned to you. This is manifestation through intention: "I want kindness so I will give kindness"
The Law of Knowledge
Knowledge is power. The more you know about something, the more you understand it and can use it or have power over it.
The Law of Self-Knowledge
Know thyself. The more you know yourself, the more you are capable of becoming the master of your own destiny and the facilitator of change in your own life.
The Law of Cause and Effect
Consistency is key. If you do the exact same action in the exact conditions, you will get exactly the same results every time.
The Law of Synchronicity
There is no such thing as coincidence. Though possible, it's extremely rare that two things happen at the same time that are not interconnected in some way.
The Law of Association
If any two patterns have elements in common, the patterns interact through those common elements.
The Law of Similarity
Having an accurate physical or mental representation of something facilitates control over it.
The Law of Contagion
Objects or beings in physical contact with each other continue to interact after separation. More contact = more connection.
The Law of Names
Knowing the complete and TRUE name of an object, being, or process gives one complete control over it.
The Law of Words of Power
Certain words hold great power. Even if their meaning is lost, the power is still there. An example is names: though you may not know what your name means exactly, it still holds a lot of power.
The Law of Personification
Personifying (considering it alive or to have a personality) anything makes it an entity. This can be beneficial in many ways: one example is personifying an object to channel a deity through it
The Law of Invocation
It is possible to establish internal communication with entities from either inside or outside oneself, said entities seeming to be inside of oneself during the communication process.
The Law of Evocation
It is possible to establish external communication with entities from either inside or outside oneself, said entities seeming to be outside oneself during the communication process.
The Law of Identification
Prolonged connection or association with another (person, being, entity, etc) can result in becoming said person/thing, including holding their knowledge or power. In other words, possession is possible.
The Law of Personal Universes
Reality is only our perceived conscious understanding of the world around us (and within us). It's possible that "reality" means different things to different people.
The Law of Infinite Universes
The concepts that multiple realities can exist at once, whether that be your own (like "multiple/alternate reality theory") or yours vs another's (like your perception of reality being different than your friend's).
The Law of Pragmatism
If a belief system allows someone to cope, survive, or achieve their goals, it becomes "real," "true," and "sensible" to them.
The Law of True Falsehoods
It's possible for two belief systems to contradict but still exist at the same time. Basically, just because something doesn't make sense to you, it doesn't mean it won't make sense to someone else. This is like a TL;DR of the above 3 laws.
The Law of Synthesis
If two "opposing" patterns combine to produce a new pattern, that new pattern will be more true than the previous two alone. In other words, if two understandings of reality combine, the new understanding will be more "true" or reasonable/understandable because it applies to more realities and therefore can be believed by more people.
The Law of Polarity
Any pattern of data can be split into (at least) two "opposing" characteristics, and each will contain the essence of the other within itself.
The Law of Opposites
The "opposite" of something contains information about said thing, by providing information on what it is not. This creates control or power over it because you now have knowledge over it, even if through its opposite; once again showing how interconnected all existence is.
The Law of Dynamic Balance
Balance is key. To live life to its fullest, one must allow themselves to not fall into extremes so that they can experience all that life is and can offer.
The Law of Perversity
Murphy's Law. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Emotional stability and self-awareness can help avoid things becoming utter disasters.
The Law of Unity
Every phenomena in existence is linked directly or indirectly to every other one, past, present, or future.
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thevirginwitch · 7 months ago
vintage headers, dividers, and other images for your digital grimoire/book of shadows
i've compiled several images i've been using for my digital book of shadows, and thought i'd share some of my favorites!
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lennonslittlegarden · a year ago
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Cottagecore but make it dark
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hermit-wizard · 23 days ago
Yo so....
Witchcraft is actually hella customizable. You can invent shit. I don't know how this: "By the book, uber traditional, heavily controlled" thing gained so much traction, but...
You can make your own holidays
You can make your own Gods
You can design your own divination methods
You can make sigils -however the fuck you want
You can create your own theory on energy systems based on your personal experience
Write your own ethics and codes of conduct
Describe crystals or herbs by their ENERGY instead of a keyword list you got off Pinterest
Cleanse in a completely different way than the books tell you to
Literally the possibilities are unfathomably endless. And I've successfully done all of these. Go forth and get weird with it.
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artfest · a year ago
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Pʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ ʙʏ Nᴏɴᴀ Lɪᴍᴍᴇɴ.
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𝙄𝙩’𝙨 𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧, 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙩 𝙖𝙡𝙡.
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lucasthewiccan · a month ago
Unpopular opinion maybe, but I can't wrap my head around "types" of witches. Moon witch, green witch, hedge witch, water witch, hearth witch, weather witch.. I'm ??? I understand the desire to label one's self after years of practice but I only ever see beginners use these in asks asking others what type of witch they should be and how to do that? I personally find it all limiting, I'm just a witch. That's all. Thoughts?
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yourwitchmama · 4 months ago
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This is probably the best Beltane altar I have ever seen🔮
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candle magic ˚*✧˚*•̩̩͙✧•̩̩͙*˚✮
protection, self defence, breaking bad habits, banishing, strength,
healing, cleansing, truth, purification, meditation, innocence,
abundance, animals, family, friendships, grounding, stability, earth magic, balance,
lunar energy, improves psychic abilities, intuition, dreams, reflection,
wisdom, fortune, confidence, personal strength, enlightenment, brings financial gain and wealth, attracts happiness,
assertiveness, passion, energy, sex, creativity, courage, charm, maximises vitality, personal power, lust, health, sexual love, strong energy, balance, harmony, protection,
ambition, success, pursuits, concentration, happiness, justice, creativity, flexibility, fast action, profound change, positive energy,
abundance, intelligence, memory, confidence, mental health, charm, studying, beauty, clarity, persuasiveness,
growth, fertility, wealth, harmony, prosperity, health, luck, financial abundance, nature,
dreams, spirituality, intuition, healing, peace, loyalty, wisdom, sleep, clarity, patience, understanding, travel, communication, calm, forgiveness,
manifestation, wisdom, divination, intuition, healing, meditation, spiritual enlightenment, midden knowledge & secrets, connecting with higher self,
beauty, feminine power, romance, innocence, partnerships, joy, generosity, unconditional love, self-compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding, friendship,
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