tides-miraculous · 1 day
I never knew how much I needed felix and nino interactions in my life until I found you
Tumblr media
I think their dynamic would be really interesting
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daddy-dingus · 2 days
Draw one where convex just use their vex magic to reach through walls to grab stuff like the coffee they left in the other room XD
"just coffee" urm
Tumblr media
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snekberry · 2 days
Okay, but the way you draw F!Jon makes him look like he’s got pointy little non-canonical vampire teeth
Past Tim finding out F!Jon has pointy teeth and immediately asking his Jon if that’s why he never smiles
Your comic gives much brain rot thank you
I gave Future!Jon fangs for purely self-indulgent reasons honestly. Maybe he needs them to munch on statements.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mozzaremi · 3 days
Kel " I know what you are " meme
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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staffs-secret-blog · 23 hours
When do the check marks become crabs I'm sick of waiting
I'm starting to think they don't and it was a joke by staff
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thoughtgained · 1 day
I’m on my knees begging for more ai-generated kim voice posts they’re hilarious.
Tumblr media
yeah okay
with respects to relevance and wyndrga
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capydoodle · 21 hours
This is Diego. My girlfriend and I got to feed him and his brothers at the wildlife park today and I thought you might like to see him!
Tumblr media
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Sonic needs a nap
Tumblr media
He really does. Good night, Sonic!
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dailyhatsune · 2 days
hachune miku is destroying the world
Tumblr media
she didn’t mean to
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pictures-of-dogs · 2 days
hey can you post the sloth dog. favorite animal of childhood
Tumblr media
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awesomefringey · 2 days
Oh baby😭 Louis was so excited to talk about this robotic drummer 😭
I love the video for all the hand gestures alone! But his excitement is so cute!
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
who's most likely to use duke's powers to mess with bruce?
He turns the lights off whenever he leaves the room
He sucks the brightness out of the Batcomputer so it technically works but is basically useless
He illuminates Bruce's window with a massive flash at 3AM
He wraps the remote in a shadow pouch
He says things like "I saw your light trails. I know what you did last night"
He leaves star-like balls ominously floating in the backyard sometimes they move
And he always has a sibling on hand ready to blame
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snekberry · 12 hours
Ive heard fangs make people look hot, does P!Martin struggle with this at all?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cuubism · 2 days
I feel like the line "Did he really expect Hob to be at all normal about it?" from the heist fic really sums up Hob perfectly lol. Now I'm imagining Death, or Lucienne, or Matthew or whoever to be just. So distraught. They really thought Dream was going to have a nice normal boyfriend to help him calm the fuck down and instead they got feral monster-fucker Hob Gadling who only ever fans the flames of Dream's own brand of weirdness. Everyone is like "Hob please, we're begging you, please be normal for five minutes" and he's just like "(✿◡‿◡) ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* no *:・゚✧*:・゚✧"
hob, hammering nails into the inn he built for a guy whose name he doesn't even know: i am. being. so fucking normal about this relationship right now---
lucienne will be like hob i love you but for the sake of all our sanity we need you and dream to tone it down. can you PLEASE tone it down
and hob will just gesture wildly at dream, who is definitely in that moment just like. sitting casually reading a book and doing nothing of note, like, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE NORMAL ABOUT THIS??
lucienne to herself is like: you know, i did wish for my lord to be happy. i really should have known this is how it would happen. that's on me.
hob and dream deserve each other though, they really do. who else is going to handle them 😂
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staffs-secret-blog · 3 days
imagine having only 6 blue checkmarks
couldnt be my broke ass
Have you tried not being poor?
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chicinlicin · 3 days
sneapot (snail teapot)
i'm so glad this is a thing that actually exists and looks exactly the way i imagined it
Tumblr media
thank you
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