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ask-hellbound · a day ago
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You know what day it is, HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY CUPHEAD!
this game has brought me so many memories and many friends, I love all of you and just being here is making me happier than anyone could ever know.
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idol-trickster · a day ago
Hot sexy body and cute nice babyface.
Will you make some breakfast in the morning?
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Well, if you're calling me a 베이글, then all you need is some Coffee to go with it, right?
Good morning.
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cartoondemon10 · 16 hours ago
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This isn’t a ask. But here are my headcannons for all the characters in the Ask Blog so far! Hopefully I don’t get hate crimed
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askmovieslate · a day ago
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I thought there was only one, what is this?
Is this like the Resident Evil movies? Where there is like, six of them and a bunch of animated ones? This is so concerning. I’m gonna have to spend a whole month turned into a werewolf, aren’t I?
This isn’t fair, what has my life turned into?
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edweird-nashton · 13 hours ago
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cakeinpants · 16 hours ago
Getting ready for the day.
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demitasse-family-au · a day ago
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This au is about cuphead and mugmans family!
(Chapter 1 part 1 will be a little slow cause I’m waiting for season 3)
Now time for rules!
1. This blog is for people to escape reality, so I would GREATLY appreciate it if you don’t do politics questions
2. Only certain amount of time I will allow role play, but do not try to shove your story into mine. Only 1-3 rp questions.
3. Reblogs are HIGHLY appreciated! But if you would like to rePOST (like for edits, or to post somewhere else) please ask permission first, if you do not, I WILL have to ask you to take it down and block you.
4. PLEASE no overly sexual questions! Yes, this blog DOES have a lot of sex JOKES, but considering that the creator (me) is a minor, none of that please.
5. Don’t get upset if your ask isn’t answered! And DONT try and push me into going faster with my work, Art takes time! >:(
6. Also don’t harrass me if your ship is in here! (Also, NO incest/pedo asks)!
7. And on special occasions, there will be animated music! I’m a beginner animator, so don’t expecting to be THAT good-
8. When there are too many asks, I will close the ask box. But when it is nearly empty, I will open it again.
1. This blog has LOTS of profanity, like a LOOOOTTT.
2. It also have a lot of violence, blood, death and (slight) gore, there WILL be warnings before you scroll! I’m not a monster!
3. There also WILL be spoilers for both the cuphead game and show! This is not a spoiler free account!
4. As said before, there will be a few sex jokes every now and then, but no NSFW!
5. This au also deals with serious issues, such as abuse, manipulation, depression, anxiety, death, grief, and many more…
6. There also WILL be plenty of guns and weapons!
7. There will be mention of religion on this blog, if it’s inaccurate, DONT BE A SNOB ABOUT IT!
That being said, this blog is +13 plus, if you’re under that, don’t get mad at me if your parents find you looking at something you shouldn’t!
Original account @firecurls-27
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ask-a-very-good-boy · a day ago
HI SCOTT!! :D how have ya been buddy?
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askthecultofthelamb · 2 days ago
So what do you do for fun around here also can you do a flip
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lamb: yes!
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cartoondemon10 · a day ago
Have you heard of a spell called snowgrave
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ask-flaky-flakes · 2 days ago
//No question, just doodles of flaky <3 -Angelic☁️
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//I used to draw flaky so emo smh so I kinda tried doing it again in the “blog” artsyle—
(Also this is how I used to draw Flaky from before ⬇️)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
//The last one has both Flippy and Flaky :D -☁️
(Shipping maybe 👁👁)
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questionthedoctor · 2 days ago
What's your latest wibbly wobbly time wimey hijinks?
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@askdrunktwilight I give you the timelord's garuntee!
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unlocktheaskblog · a day ago
You know, something interesting I’ve noticed about the community is how close knit it is. I keep seeing the same ponies re-occur in asks over and over. It’s a great thing to see, but at the same time, seeing @askalbinopies comic along with some stuff from @askbananapie about Bananas wit, I can see how much has died over time. I just want to say how much I have fun and appreciate being part of this community again. This may be my first time on Tumblr, but I started doing ask blogs years ago with many of the characters that you see now. So in a way, those blogs died. However, the characters never did. They’re still here, living on in “Unlock the ask blog”. Their lore and stories may change and they mature and develop, but they’re still them. The time that we had together in old blogs such as “Ask the Trio of Harmony” That featured Paint Tastic, Boe, and Feather Flu was so fun and dear to me, even if looking back on it shares its rather embarrassing moments. My point is, blogs will die, but that doesn’t mean what they had did. Those beloved characters live on and the memories that everyone had with them will always be fond. 
Just a thought, thanks for coming to my ted talk, and thank you for reading and continuing to read “Unlock The Ask Blog”. I’m so glad to be part of this community with everyone :)
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ask-braska-pony · 2 days ago
The parents
Tumblr media
Robins Father, Sparrow. Braska and Robin’s Mother, Juniper Haze. Braska’s Father, Crimson Zodiac. [ Their mother is a terrible pony. Going to be drawing all the parents! ]
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ask-the-face-man · 21 hours ago
you ever see Donnie drawing his eyebrows? His reaction?
"Oh I've seen Donnie do a lot, but yes I've definitely seen them draw their eyebrows on and I maaaaaaaay be responsible for a few skewed brows over the years. But it's so worth it."
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lord-of-the-frauds · a day ago
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Ask Or Dare Macabre's Carnival #1
Doing some ask or dares for fun because who's gonna stop me
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