todaysbird · a day ago
Ravens Big????????????
Tumblr media
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farm-paws · a day ago
wait what's wrong with the talking buttons?
So, the talking dog buttons are fine when they’re used for a concrete action (like asking to go outside, for water, etc) or as a funny trick (‘happy birthday bitch’). The former has an immediate reward/reaction that the animal can conceptualise; the dog gets to go outside, or gets water. And the latter is a trained behaviour sequence exactly the same as any other trained behaviour.
But they’re not fine when paired with non-concrete action or concept, such as time. You see this a lot in @/WhatAboutBunny’s videos. Dogs don’t conceptualise time like we do. They can learn routines (see: Bella harassing me at 6:15pm exactly for dinner) but don’t understand things like ‘tomorrow’. They are more likely to understand words like ‘tomorrow’ or ‘later’ as ‘that’s not happening’ or ‘go try something else’
The use of the buttons is the same as a verbal cue; it’s a sound tied to a specific action. There is no action tied to sounds like ‘why’, ‘where’, or ‘question’ (all buttons that Bunny has) except for gaining attention and interaction from her owner. This is a reinforcement the same as getting a treat from pushing ‘treat’ or water from pushing ‘water’. Good reinforcement histories are incredibly powerful things. There’s a reason why my dogs sprint full speed to their kennels when I say ‘go to your pen’, cause they get their dinner there! There’s a reason that Bunny and Stella (the OG talking buttons dog) push the buttons for questions, emotions, or other concepts. But it’s not because they understand them like people do.
Also the whole marketing of them as ‘finally our dogs can communicate with us!’ is kind of shitty. Dogs already communicate so much with us. Verbally too (ever owned a terrier or northern breed?). Just because they’re not saying words doesn’t mean it’s not communication.
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kedreeva · 2 days ago
Learned a new bird: purple-crested turaco. They have pretty colors, nobody knows how to classify them, and the whole outer part of their wings is bright red. In flight, they look like some mythical creature. Very neat bird.
Oh hello
Tumblr media
what a handsome bird. I have never seen these fellas before
Tumblr media
They're really just chillin out there with purple mohawks huh
Tumblr media
Thank you for telling me about them!
(pic 1)(pic 2&3)
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kaomogi · 2 days ago
if the color palette thing is still open can you do my wife fucking left me with ralsei deltarune if it's not too much trouble please and thank you
Tumblr media
this was such a funny ask to read im sorry FJDFJLSD
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comicaurora · 2 days ago
Why does everyone call you Red?
When I first made my channel I called it RedEyesTakeWarning, after one of my favorite TVTropes at the time. The handful of people who watched my Shakespeare videos took to shortening it to Red when they addressed me directly, which I liked, so it stuck. After the channel was renamed the source of the reference was lost, poignantly proving how easy it is to lose the thread of etymology and make a nightmare for future researchers.
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funnytwittertweets · 2 days ago
Thanks to that ask I realized that your pic is more than just a sunflower. I feel robbed. I feel confused. I really liked the sunflower. You have very pretty eyes :3
i always picture people looking at my picture and it’s like this
Tumblr media
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boss · a day ago
are you hot?
i'm dying inside
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slimegirlwarlock · 2 days ago
i love hole Wednesday is there any way we can do this on more days
happy to know you enjoy Hole. our top scientists are working on expanding to more days
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cowboy · 22 hours ago
Do you think saying "I cultivate flowers" rather than "I grow flowers" is right? Because saying "I cultivate flowers" sounds more like you are putting work behind it actually..
I'm worried if i answer this I'll get canceled
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shanastoryteller · 2 days ago
I think it only fair to ask on this, the beginning of Spoopy Season, for a continuation of Living Blood? 🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡 Also Happy Halloween!!
a continuation of 1 2 3 4
Zagreus hoards the darkness.
It's a waste to spend it on the mirror when he can twist it into something different, something better and more useful.
Wielding chaos doesn't come to him easily, but that just means it's like everything else in his life. He uses it to hide things from his father and to change things without his notice.
This domain belonged to Chaos first, after all. They can see everything that he's doing, but they;re intrigued and amused and even offer boons and advice to help him. Zagreus is grateful for it, even though it's always a double edges sword.
He wouldn't have been able to do so much so quickly without it.
Replicating Chaos's portals is tedious and pulls the blood from his veins, but less and less as time goes on. And as his priestess spreads his names and his blessings across the mortal earth, he has more blood to give.
Zagreus bleeds, and bleeds, using the power of his blood melded with chaos to twist the underworld into a different shape, and yet his body never runs dry. These days he only dies when he chooses to.
He shifts among the levels of the underworld, bypassing all the irritating challenges and using the time everyone thinks he's using to fight his way to the surface on more substantial pursuits.
Creating a path from Tartarus to Asphodel to Elysium without getting caught by Charon does drain him to exhaustion a few times, but it's worth it.
"Oh, you've been up to something interesting, haven't you Prince Z?" Sisyphus asks in delight when Zagreus shows him the entrance.
"We could use some help with the next harvest," he says, grinning. "If you're up to keeping a secret."
It's a huge swath of the underworld that he's edged his way into, formed by chaos and blood and that can’t be touched by anyone without his express invitation.
“This isn’t a path,” Patroclus scoffs when Zagreus shows him. “This is – it’s nearly the size of Elysium! You could fit a whole kingdom in here!”
That’s an exaggeration. It’s much smaller than Elysium.
“Or a princedom,” Eurydice adds thoughtfully. “The clearing has been getting a little crowded. I don’t suppose anyone knows how to build a castle?”
“I designed a few in my time,” Sisyphus says, rubbing his hands together.
Zagreus frowns. “I don’t – it’s just supposed to make things easier for us, and to give us more room to grow things.”
“We’ll do that too,” Patroclus says, surveying the land with a contemplative air that makes Zagreus nervous. “But every god needs his domain.”
“This is my father’s domain,” he points out. “My domain lives in my followers’ veins and perhaps in the temples they’ve started constructing.”
“Where is your father’s power here?” Patroclus asks. “All I feel is yours.”
Well – well. Hm.
“There are a few more nymphs I trust that could help,” Eurydice says, “if you don’t mind, Prince.”
He gives up. “If you trust them, I trust them. Just don’t go overboard.”
Three of his very good friends are smiling at him and nodding and Zagreus tells himself the unease he feels is paranoia.
Meg hears rumors but doesn’t understand them and dismisses them. The dead are all a bunch of gossips and nothing they say can be trusted.
Except she vanquishes another disobedient soul and as it vanishes it hisses, “Horrible harpy! You deserve to be part of the Prince’s Court!”
What an odd way to phrase that, she thinks. She and Zagreus are just sleeping together, whenever she’s free and she can stop him for long enough to roll him into bed.
It’s almost laughable – the idea that Zagreus would have any court of his own, that there’s any power that could be clawed out of Hades’s grip.
It’s impossible.
She’d once thought escape was impossible too.
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yooniesim · 2 days ago
who are your favorite cc creators?? im getting back into the sims and cc and i wanna support my fave creators favorite creators 💕
hmmmm i had a list going of awesome creators but its lost somewhere in my 70+ drafts 🥲 so lemme try and start again for you nonny! in no particular order lol based on my likes rn bc I have the memory of a goldfish. some of these are newer, some are older, all should be always-free.
I ran out of mentions askdkdk tumblr why!! I'll probably make a part 2 🙏 I also have a finds blog you can see more on called @alwaysfreecc! 💜
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funneylizzie · 2 days ago
So how do you think it went when Casey Jr got to crash on a regular bed and sleep in (probably for the first time) like a normal teenager? Seeing as he probably didn't get those chances fighting for his life constantly with the Krang
Casey finally getting some proper rest for the first time in his life, after YEARS of sleeping with one eye open, in short naps spread throughout the day, after so many slow, agonizing, tiring nights where he had to be the lookout so the others could get some rest too. After FINALLY defeating the Kraang in his redo timeline, his brain is still so active. He has a hard time falling asleep, breaking a life long habit is not an easy thing to do!
The others will try to coax him into sleeping, give him a nice comfy place to sleep, whether it be a bed or the couch. Lots of blankets and pillows, they’re doing their best to show him the comforts of the present day because this boy has never gotten proper rest in his life.
It takes a while, but Casey FINALLY falls asleep during one of their movie marathons. He doesn’t intend to, but they were all just so comfy, and his brain finally took a moment to relax. This isn’t just asleep, it’s asleep asleep.
Boy is knocked for a good 20 hours after that, wakes up in a completely different room with blankets over him and the lights off. Dried drool on the side of his cheek, hair matted to one side, incredibly thirsty, doesn’t know what year it is, the wrinkles in the sheets and his clothes leaving little indent marks on his skin. He cannot form one single cohesive thought. It’s like one of those after school naps that just hit different
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todaysbird · a day ago
Today I learned what mourning doves are :)
I started seeing around my apartment complex in the summer and I had no idea what they were. They're gorgeous 💕
Mourning doves are awesome!
Tumblr media
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frogchiro · 23 hours ago
Gross horny Childe getting so worked up when wifey calls him ‘good boy’ or ‘pumpkin’ (I for some reason said pumpkin in my head in a southern accent)
he will deny it but secretly he loves praise! be it fellow harbingers (which happen once a blue moon), his other comrades, underlings etc. he hides it under a mask of indifference and just smiles and waves his hand but secretly he preens like a peacock...well but with you it's a entirely different situation.
he EATS THAT SHIT UP, he loves being praised by you, getting called all the cute petnames and he doesn't really try to hide it! he blushes a nice red color, his usually pale cheeks get pink when you tell him what a good boy he is when you inspect the cake he baked and you deemed it to be perfect, or when you call him shit like 'darling' or the cheesy 'pumpkin' he swears he has to physically reign himself in or he'd jump you right then and there in the middle of your kitchen.
it a miracle really that with what little flimsy clothes he wears you never noticed the twitching tent in his pants, bulging and begging for attention. ohh what would he give to be able to feel your soft hands in on the wet tent, massaging it before firmly gripping his clothed erection and shyly pumping it <3
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kaomogi · 2 days ago
2016 era meme or bombs with axel minecraft or dj octavio maybe ?
Tumblr media
go grampa
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mcyt-cats · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
does this count as an mcyter’s cat
I think it's time to launch an internal review on what the guidelines on this blog are.
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abyssruler · a day ago
Thank you for writing so much Cyno content!! Love your writing! Hope to see many more in the future!
hehe i love writing him 😚 also, funny you should say that because i have a fic idea that popped into my head in the middle of the night that i found so hilarious
summary: there’s no better way to start a friendship than one person barging in while the other is in the middle of taking a shower. or — cyno swears he didn’t mean to, collei thinks you should give him a chance, tighnari wants you to file a lawsuit, alhaitham is constantly questioning your intelligence, and all you want to do is get to know the only person who’s seen your bare ass. (modern au)
excerpt from the fic:
“Tell me,” you start in a grave tone, a serious look in your eyes that Cyno rarely gets to see. He leans close, brows furrowed as he strained his ears to hear every single detail of what you were about to say.
You grab his shoulders, gripping tighter than you did when you had to grab onto Alhaitham’s foot so he didn’t fall face-first into a pit full of horse poop.
With a tone that’s normally used when discussing life-threatening matters, you ask him, “Does my ass look fat without underwear?”
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