vampirate · 2 days
did not realize oingo boingo was a real group until i saw your post.. i thought it was just a term for like if your blorbos were also a band
This ask has genuinely left me dumbstruck i dont even know what to say
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fernsnailz · 1 day
Can I ask for more of your Rouge please?
yea sure random assortment of rouge sketches coming right up
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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funnytwittertweets · 2 days
why are you gay
why aren’t you
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boss · 2 days
How much do I have to pay you to have you creampie me
where are your morals? where is your self respect? what state do you live in?
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mrspider · 15 hours
someone on the csm subreddit sought out an autism diagnosis after the latest chapter so all those anons owe you an apology
this is so funnyim gonna throwup
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xenolinn · 1 day
Is past-human-jon still there in the catjon AU?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Past Jon is indeed there! And very much still a human! :>
He's on neutral terms with Past Jon of course, just like the rest of the archive crew Cat Jon wants to protect his past self as well. Even if he's still a bit rude to Martin but hey he's working on it.
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e-102 · 2 days
What happens in disco assilum?
there’s a bug
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okay so lately I have seen a lot of people claim they hate mammon bc he steals from mc, and like there's nothing wrong with disliking a character lol but I don't recall mammon ever stealing from mc?? like the only thing I can think of is that one time in season 1 I think where he was going through their stuff and said he was looking for something to sell (I think?? it's been a while) and beel straight up calling him a liar lmao l'm just wondered if I missed something? or if this is just newer players who maybe misunderstood that one scene? and I figured if anyone would know it would be you lmao
I got so fucking pissed about this (not at you anon <3) cos this is the third time I got an ask like this, that I scrolled all the way down my 'Obey Me Mammon' tag to June/July 2020 and then slowly scrolled my way up pulling all the receipts I could.....I saw this immediately after you sent it and I just finished now...... turns out it takes 5 straight hours to go through my Mammon tag😶
I have answered this exact same ask twice before and I can only assume it's new people? Like honestly you can't play the game for a long time and still think this (they prove this false within the game in LESSON FOUR)
Not only does Mammon NOT steal from MC, he also:
a.) Gets legitimate/legal jobs whenever he wants to buy MC something (which is pretty frequently)
b.) Shares the money with them when he comes into a large sum of money
But anyway here are the links to the posts talking about all this:
(everything is directly taken from canon or based off canon)
A.) No he doesn't steal from MC
• Full Summary of the Lesson 4 locked chapter where he goes through MC's stuff and a compare and contrast of what we know about Mammon from future lessons, events, devilgrams
• First post talking about this, goes more into detail about him not stealing from them
• Second shorter post about how he doesn't steal from them
• They're literally Partners in Crime
• He straight up refuses the Midas touch (multiple times I believe) after realising it means he won't be able to touch MC anymore
• HEADCANON that maybe he steals/borrows their clothes, with their knowledge, to wear
• In the small introductory manga page they say the thing he likes as much as money is MC
• In S3 he admits to loving MC more than he loves money
B.) He goes out of his way to get MC Presents (which we works actual jobs to earn money for)
• Mammon at the Office Devilgram, where he gets an actual office job so he can buy MC a watch he saw them looking at
• In the Movie Date Devilgram he rents out an entire theatre for the two of them because it was the anniversary of the day they first met
• In the You Always Ride Shotgun Devilgram he rents out a pool for the two of them
• He's always giving MC presents
• Usually he buys matching things for them
• He buys them shoes in their favourite colour
• Mammon's love language
• He wants to share his winnings from a lottery with MC
• He finds a secret second map in the pirate au event and tells only MC so they can share the treasure
C.) It's not just MC, he puts the others before Money too
• In the Presents From Mammon Devilgram he buys presents for everyone
• In The Guardian Demon Devilgram he saves a 9yr old orphaned homeless human girl from a mugger, fosters her and plans to pay for all her needs until she's an adult/can provide for herself - which is why he's always in debt to the three witches who look after her for him, there's also extortion going on from them towards him
• He'd rather lose the entire fortune he won than make Luke upset
• List of times he's put others before money
• He straight up tells Luke he doesn't mind missing out on a reward as long as it means Luke is alright
• Socks for Beel
• He gets a stone for his birthday which can give him whatever he wishes for, he wishes for fortune to come to whoever has the stone and then gives the stone to a student who tried to hurt him
D.) How Mammon works as a character
• Solmare makes you form certain expectations about him and then starts breaking them within the next few lessons and it's amazing to witness
• Friendship, Actions & Reality Vs Calling MC 'Servant'
• Mammon, MC and their Friendship
• Mammon being smart and why he comes off as an idiot
• His thoughts about himself vs MC
• He's actively changing and growing as a character and he knows it
• How Mammon actually views himself
• Why there's a difference in his level of affection in public vs privately
• Jerk with a heart of gold trope but better
• Mammon and how much he cares about consent
• How outsiders see Mammon vs how people from the city see Mammon vs how his close friends and family see him
• Chasing some creep away from MC
• How his relationship with MC changes and grows throughout the season
E.) Other reasons to love him
• Examples of how much he loves MC
• How supportive he & MC are of each other
• Some of his funniest moments
• He's objectively terrifying
• Mammon being a good brother
• He's extremely ride or die for MC
• He waits for MC when they've got to stay late at RAD for other work
• Despite being an ancient being all his best memories consist of the time he's spent with MC
• He created a whole line of toys based around missing MC
• Everything he says about loving MC in his 2022 birthday event
• List of things he's good at
• The amount he loves MC
And this is just a few of my posts about mammon, his character and what there's to love about him
And look it's MORE than okay for people to dislike a character but at least dislike them for something that actually happened?
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oncat-my-beloved · 2 days
i dare u to draw ur faves in christmas sweaters
Tumblr media
merry crisis
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shanastoryteller · 3 days
Happy Crimus! Some siat teacher shenanigans?
Severus walks into the teacher's lounge to see everyone crowded around a long strip of parchment next to a pile of galleons and considers walking right back out.
"SEVERUS!" Filius shouts. He's so small and his lungs are so large. It almost reminds him of Lily. "Come here, come here, you have to get your bets in now."
"I really don't care to participate," he says, the same as he does every year.
Minerva ignores him, as she also does every year. "How many detentions for the Weasleys?"
"Individually or cumulatively?" he asks.
"Cumulatively, of course," Sinestra scoffs. "I've put ten galleons on Silva blasting off the door to your classroom by Yule, by the way."
A fool's bet. He'll be lucky if ze doesn't do that by the end of the first week. "Seventy cumulatively. Detentions for the twins count as two each, not one."
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stvharrngton · 1 day
I'm sure this has been said a million times, but *clears throat*
He had a shitty day at work? An hour later your sobbing as you cum for the god fucking knows time. And after he just pushes himself up and is all "you want pizza?" as your on the verge of passing the fuck out.
first time one millionth time i will eat it up every damn time!!!!
steve harrington loves eating pussy. just fuckin loves it. literally his favourite activity like I JUST CANT like he will get off on the fact that he’s getting you off he just looooves how your body reacts to his tongue all your little whines and moans and how your back arches when he sucks on your clit just right and it gives him the perfect view of your tits if you’re laying down 😳 he loves when you sit on his face he actively encourages it lbr loves having your doughy thighs either side of his head as he licks and sucks uhhdjfj and eating you out from behind? you betcha he loves that too loves holding your ass in his big hands and just burying his face in your pussy and it just gets everywhere he’s soooo messy with it fhdjdkd
but he comes home from work all glum shoulders slumped and a pout on his face and you already know what’s coming and you just ask him like ‘you ok stevie?’ and he just says ‘yeah, baby, c’mere’ and he pulls you into his lap and he’s kissing you stupid and breathless and when you get to the bedroom he’s just all over you you’re naked on the bed but he’s still fully clothed in his family video vest too😭 and he just keeps going after the first time you cum and you’re shaking and writhing on the bed at the overstimulation and he just coos at you like ‘aww come on baby you can give me another one yeah? love making you cum’ and next you know you’re cumming again and again and again and your poor pussy is so sore and throbbing from his mouth sucking at you so harshly dhsjsjs😫 and when he finally decides to let you have a breather he’s just wiping his mouth with the back of his hand like ‘ya hungry? i could really go for pizza’ and you’re just like….. what the fuck😃
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petricorah · 2 days
hey for the prompt thingummy, zuko with the g6 expression and the fistfight with god palette could be cool i think
Tumblr media
yall like seeing him sad huh 
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fernsnailz · 2 days
may we please see the small man with the flopped ear
Tumblr media
the little guy in question
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funnytwittertweets · 21 hours
I’m sorry but absolutely everything about your profile and the way you type screams “I’m a bot”
send me a captcha i’ll do it i’ll prove i’m a real girl
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boss · 14 hours
stop saying "me nd who" we both know you are going to die alone.
just let me be delusional in peace
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assumptionprime · 3 hours
Just a heads up, but king pow penis a coperate tumblr account doesnt actually hurt them and if anything it just helps spread their post with more exposure. Dont interact with cooperate tumblr accounts, otherwise you're just playing into their hands.
sorry I spread the post from sylph co, the fictional company that produces pokeballs in the pokemon universe
I’ll be more mindful in the future
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