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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jaemin x fem!reader
smut, minors dni, husband wife relationship, making out, oral (f receiving), grinding, nipple play, unprotected sex, breeding kink, kind of cockwarming idk, creampie? marking lol etc
2.1+k words
"Honey?" You called your husband as you walk into the bedroom, he was currently sitting at the edge of the bed, talking to his phone for a while before he hang it up, finally facing you.
"Yes baby?" Jaemin put his phone down on the drawer and replied. But you remained silent, apparent to unconsciously bit your lower lip. He didn't realize, but when he was on a call earlier and you waited at the door frame, you can't help but eyeing him from head to toe, how he looks so fucking good with his suits tonight.
Jaemin called again, making you pep up from your fantasy. He's not dumb and was aware of what's up on your mind just now, there's no way that he's missing out on how you staring at him with a lust gaze earlier.
He shifted on the bed, taking off his dark suits then manspreading in front of you. Both of his hands carried his bodyweight that leaned backwards. You pressed your thighs together when he give you the look, one of his eyebrow cock and he snickered at you.
Fuck this man. He's so fucking hot.
"C'mere." He spread his arms as he's welcoming you, and just like hooked on something, you obeyed and walked to him immediately without being told twice. Then you take his hands as he made you straddle his lap. Both of your legs folded against his thighs and you rest your arms on his shoulder, while he rest his hands at your back and hip.
"You can do whatever you want to me, you know?" He leaned in to the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent as his lips ghosting to your skin ever so slightly that made you whimper, and you arched your back, indulging yourself to leaning onto his touch.
"Uhh i'm not saying anything." You play dumb and started to fumbling with his hair.
"But i know what you're thinking. You've been staring, baby, you think i'm dumb?" What he said just made you tuck another flesh between your teeth. And fuck yes you've been thinking of that since forever.
Without even saying a thing, you press your lips on jaemin's, the kiss was slow and sensual before it turned a little bit more passionate, tongue all over each other's with teeth clashing as you rolled your hips continuously that made him hiss pitifully. Jaemin's kisses traveled down to your jaw, neck, and collarbone, making you sigh dreamily at his doing. But then you remembered what you wanted to do with him just now.
"Jaem-" you stopped him by bringing his cheeks together. He hums sweetly, "hmm, what do you want baby?" He asked with such sweet tone and gaze. He's leaning onto your face, all smiling, sickeningly handsome, then gave your nose a little peck. All of what he did was making butterflies fluttering in your belly. "I just want to kiss you." You're being honest. He smiled sickenly sweet at your words and answered, "i'm all yours, princess. Kiss me as you wish."
You murmured "i fucking love you," before getting up and walk away to get your purse and pull your lipstick out, doing a pretty bold touch up with the red shade. You smile to yourself as you approached him again, neck bend down to match his face as his hands resting below your waist, and you started to slowly peppering kisses on his face. It begin with his forehead, his right cheek, then left cheek, and both the corner of his mouth. You already giggled at the sight.
Then you straightened up before doing the further ministrations, pushing him hard so his back was on the mattress with a bounce, and you started to undress him. You bend over slightly to grabbed his collar and unbind his black tie then tossed it onto the floor. Your hands pressed through his bulging chest and managed to unbuttoning his white shirt.
Button by button, he watched you carefully at your attempt to strip him in a slow motion, eyes locked at each other's. After you got his shirt loose and unveil the material apart, you put your hands all over his bare torso and crawling over him, then started to attacking his neck. You lick a long stripe up his throat, stopping at his jaw and giving them a wet kisses. You're not only marking him with your lipstick, but you sucked on the skin, hard. Intended to make a real mark that lasted for days on his beautiful throat. After you went from his neck you started to paint him more with litter of kisses all over his frame, down and down, with a painfully slow pace. It's making him losing his mind, the way you leave open mouthed kisses with some licks while got his chest all heaving, you know you're doing something to him, and it made you want to play even more.
You gave a chaste kiss next to his belly button before getting up, fully seated on his crotch, and meeting with his fucked up gaze while you sneered at him. Then you leaned down again to swirl your tongue against one of his nipples, letting a soft groan from him. You licked around the areola, and he won't stop grunting from there. You flick your tongue over his nipple again and again, switching from one to another. You lick, and suck, and swirl, and lick, and suck again, and you just got him squirming under your mercy. You felt his boner grazing over your thighs, and you cupped him by a hand, making him growl. 
"Shit, y/n." You chuckled as you continue to roll your hips onto him, your clothing now were formless, the hem of your silk red dress hoist too high from your thighs, giving jaemin an easy access to grabbed your thighs and pressed onto him even harder.
"Wanna be inside you." Jaemin said between panting. Why would you turn him down while he asked so desperately?
Nonetheless, you wanted to keep teasing him.
"Yeah? Show me how much you wanted me then." As you said that, jaemin suddenly sat up, making your back pushed against the mattress. He's on top of you, kissing down your jaw, neck, and above your cleavage. You arch your neck, giving him all access he need to mark your body, and he sucked hard, leaving a shady red mark on your skin that will turned purple later. He pushed down your bodice, revealing your bare chest. He kneaded one of your tits while he laps and suck at the other one, making you moan. He keep going on the ministrations, making you writhing under him and you can feel your panties were already damp with arousal.
"J-jaem-," your hands were all over his back of head, squeezing at the locks every so often. Finally he let go your nipples with a pop, hands still kneading around your breasts. "Revenge." He said with a devilish smile.
He went down and grabbed the back of your thigh, sucking hard on the skin that awfully close to your throbbing core. He marked your inner thighs-high enough to finally reach your pussy yet felt too fucking far-with some of bites and sucking, his teasing making you buck your hips in the meantime, desperately wanted to feel him where you need him the most.
"Jaemin, stop teasing," you cry, and he just laughed at your miserable state. The dress you're wearing tonight completely pooled around your waist. He then snug his nose against your clothed core and inhale harshly, making you gasped, "oh my god-," your voice came out shakily. "I really like your scent. You're so fucking sweet." You felt tears almost slip from the corner of your eyes as he yank down your panties and dive into your core, eating you out like he's starving.
"Fuck." You place your legs on his shoulder and back, you buckled around him while both of your hands grab a handful of his hair. "That feels so good. So fucking good."
Jaemin hummed as you continue to cry out the way he eat your pussy out, how he have always been good at doing the shit. He laps at your folds and suck on the clit softly, making you lose your mind to get some another pressure and so you pressed his face against your sex harder, and he suddenly flick your clit relentlessly before sucking hard at the bundle of nerves, soon made you come undone.
You moan and pant from the overstimulation jaemin gave you, he's keeping on sucking and lapping around your pussy until you heard him unbuckled his belt and yanked his trousers along with the boxers down, his shirt now long gone and his cock springing free against his abdomen. "Gonna fill you up now, pretty wife." You shut your eyes, bit your lip, and nodded at his saying.
"So cute." Jaemin drag his cock along your fold, lubricated it with your wetness before eased his length down your hole steadily until he bottomed up, making the two of you sigh in a bliss. You stayed in the position where jaemin was on top of you, not moving, just feeling content while you guys kind of cuddle for a while. (Jaemin was actually being considered since he's fucking big and let you adjust around his size)
"Jaemin, you can move." You coo and he nodded, then started to fuck you slow, before eventually finding a pace and rapidly hitting your walls in a perfect way that made you a moaning mess underneath him. "Faster, harder," you cry out, and jaemin sped up, grunting, he tip his head back, bullets of sweat running from his temple. "Such a good wife, aren't you?"
He fuck you so good it left you stoned, all you can do now is taking him, take him like a good girl wife you are. Your hands were all over his torso, nail scratching his skin deliciously that got him hissed, clearly gonna leave marks behind.
Jaemin felt you clenched around him and he huffs, "come on baby girl, come all over my cock," all while drilling into your hole relentlessly. That's when you snapped, back arched high from the mattress, your voice were high pitched while jaemin keep thrusting into you, catching his own release.
"I'm close. Want me to stuffed you full of my cum, angel?" You kind of feeling too wear out, but you managed to respond, "yes please-," jaemin groaned, "gonna put a baby in you. Gonna raise the fuck out of our kids." He thrust hard for the last time before he spurt his white and warm seeds inside you.
Heavy breathing and panting were heard all over the room until you broke the silence. "Jaemin, get off me." You chuckled as he stay still above you, you can feel his cock getting softer inside you. "Jaemin, you're heavy!" You tried to push him away and he finally get up, suddenly pulled you into him for another kiss. You reciprocate his kiss and properly straddle his lap, all while his cock still inside you and got his cums leak out of you. In no time you eager to catch his lips again, you leaned in until he leaned back, almost losing his balance so he put one of his hands to rest on the mattress to support the both of you.
You let your arms hooked around his shoulder, deepening the kiss as you grab the back of his head, tugging hard at his hair that got him groaning, you kiss him hard with purpose and all messy, your lipstick smeared all over his mouth, leaving your lips all smudged. Both of you making out until one another gasping for breath, and you deliberately clenching on his length, making one of his hands that rested on your hips grasping hard on your skin, a warning.
You broke the kiss first and when you found him chasing for your lips, you stared into his eyes, clearly both of your pupils were hazy with lust.
"Fuck, you're so hot." He's panting against your lips.
"You say that to yourself." You kiss him one more time before quick to leaning back as you were checking on him.
Hands clawing at his shoulder for a grip and indulged at the sight you just made, seeing jaemin all vulnerable while your lipstick prints (and hickeys and scratch marks from your nails earlier) were all over his face and body, some of them were all smeared and shapeless. It looks like someone just.. attacked him.
You jeered and hummed in satisfaction. 
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Indulge in me (Mark Lee x Reader)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings/themes; smut, some fluff but barely lol, 18+ story.
(afab reader) (oral both recieving, missionary, spit kink, slight breeding kink, etc.)
word count; 1279 :)
♡ *.✧ ☆゚.*・。゚☁︎︎ ♡*
Mark and you decided to stay inside and spend the whole day together, as you were finally off from work and he had nothing scheduled for the day. You both slept in and you just so happened to be the first to wake up. Mark looked so peaceful sleeping but the longer you sat still watching your boyfriend, you couldn’t resist the urge to mess with him. Usually you wouldn’t bother him from getting extra rest but you woke up feeling needier than usual and this was the first time in a while that you actually had time to engage in something longer than a quickie. You remained seated procrastinating on whether or not if you should let your boyfriend continue sleeping or if you should be selfish and wake him up. While you were continuously going back in forth in your head, you caught a glimpse out of the corner of your eye of Mark’s cock hardening through his sweatpants and that gave you all of the motivation that you needed.
You started to rub his lap in delicate up and down motions. Mark didn’t even move or make a sound which caused you to groan internally. You slipped your hand into his sweatpants and started to stroke his cock through his boxers. In doing so, you elicited a low toned groan from Mark. Your legs closed together immediately and you could feel the heat radiating from between your legs. Mark had this effect on you that could have you on your knees begging him to fill you up with his cock. 
He was awake by now, but he didn’t want you to know that. He was curious to see how far you’d go to get off without him actually doing anything. Mark wanted you to use him as your fuck toy. He was more than willing. You had no idea. 
You pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles and admired how red his cock was just from you barely touching him. The tip of his penis was leaking with pre cum and it sat up fully hard, waiting for you to take hold of it. From the moment you wrapped your soft plump lips around his tip, swirling your tongue and gently sucking on it. Mark was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.
You continued to tease him, releasing him a few times from your mouth with a pop. With each time Mark clenching his eyes hoping to not make a sound or a sudden movement. That was until you placed quick but juicy pecks on his neck and Mark’s hand flew straight to your hair, pulling you completely up to his face. His tongue dived right into your mouth, you were so inviting. Mark flipped you over and brought one of his hands over your warm cunt and started to rub the area while he made out with you. You were very much ready for him and he loved how accessible you were to him in this moment.
You continued to tease him, releasing him a few times from your mouth with a pop. With each time Mark clenching his eyes hoping to not make a sound or a sudden movement. That was until you placed quick but juicy pecks on his neck and Mark’s hand flew straight to your hair, pulling you completely up to his face. His tongue dived right into your mouth, you were so inviting. Mark flipped you over and brought one of his hands over your warm cunt and started to rub the area while he made out with you. You were very much ready for him and he loved how accessible you were to him in this moment.
“Take these off”
With no hesitation you pulled off your red colored lace thong and threw them somewhere on the floor. Mark went under the covers and assumed position right in between your legs. He inserted two fingers while his other hand was busy rubbing circles onto your clit. There was denying how sensitive you were to his touch so when you let out a few moans as soon as he touched you it was no surprise. In fact, it was music to Mark’s ears. He licked around your labia a few times as he continued to pump his fingers into you. Moans began to spill out of your mouth even more as he quickened his pace which caused you to cover your mouth. Mark looked up immediately. He wanted you to be vocal and he was gonna make sure you were”
“Tell daddy what you want my little slut” He said almost in a growl. This sent a wave through your body and you knew you were close to your first orgasm already.
“Please fuck me- I need you so bad” You whimpered as he inserted two more fingers into you. He laughed as he watched you unravel under his touch and started to suck on your clit messily. This wrecked you. Your legs started to shake like crazy. Both of your hands wrested on top of Mark’s head, one hand intertwined in his hair and the other simply just holding his head.
Mark continued to slurp and suck on your sex while simultaneously finger fucking you with four of his fingers. You felt like you were ascending to another planet. You felt that familiar feeling start to build up in the pit of your stomach and before you could release Mark stopped abruptly.
He straightened up and started to stroke his member preparing himself to fuck you silly.
“Spit on it”
You looked up into Mark’s eyes and while making eye contact, you took his cock into your mouth swirling it around on your tongue building up spit bubbles until you were able to gather enough saliva to wet his cock. He rubbed your saliva around his penis and repositioned himself between your legs.
He teased his cock between and around your folds and then inserted himself halfway before pulling out. You’d never adjust this way and it killed you. You were so desperate for Mark to fuck you senseless. He wanted nothing more than to fill you up with his warm seed.
He inserts himself fully until he’s bottoming out and starts to thrust. You were in the missionary position and Mark’s hovering over you, fucking you like there’s no tomorrow. He starts rubbing circles onto your clit again while maintaining eye contact with you and you swore you started to see flying birds.
“Fuck you’re so tight, you couldn’t wait for me to fuck you loose”
“Daddy can’t wait to fill you up with his cum”
“Who’s pussy is this?”
“You’re such a slut, you couldn’t wait for me to fuck you dumb”
“Open your mouth”
“Don’t you fucking run from me”
“I want to hear you”
Such responses from Mark drove you crazy. Your mind was still hazy. Orgasm after orgasm, you knew you still had a long time to go and tapping out was not an option unless you used the safe word but you never really wanted to stop.
The sounds of groaning, moans, skin slapping against eachother, the lewd sounds coming from between your legs were just fueling you both.
Mark continued thrusting into you until he soon felt his climax coming. He rocked his hips shamelessly into yours and continued until you started to cum and you squirted onto him while still wrapped so tightly around him. He kept fucking you until feeling that familiar euphoric feeling and releasing his load inside of you. That made him even more turned on, the thought of breeding you and getting you pregnant. He kept fucking you until you became numb to the feeling and he slipped out of you.
He fell onto his back and kissed your forehead. You laid on your back in the same position he fucked you in, you both were stuck in the post nut clarity. Your mind was clear and you now could think without thinking about sex. All you wanted to do now was cuddle with Mark and be in his company before you both returned to your busy schedules.
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hazy — mark lee
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing mark lee x afab fem reader
summary mark's always been so sweet, even when you don't want him to be. you’ve grown tired of his caring ways. if you push him enough, surely you'll get your way.
genre smut and established relationship
contents in order (i think): teasing, ass slapping sub!reader, hard!dom!mark, fingering, edging, oral (receiving), references to smth like a free use kink, creampie, dacryphillia, degrading and praise at the same time, just degrading, spit kink, finger sucking, missionary, doggy style, whore and slut are his fav words, bondage (holding her wrists down), overstim (like 3+ orgasms), dumbification, choking, hair pulling, a fuck-load of dirty talk, daddy kink for like two seconds, oral again but this time he eats his cum out of her lol, no mentioned aftercare
warnings coded language (clit, tits, pussy, wife)
words 8.0k without the lyrics
note this is a re-upload from my sister's old blog because she came her young ass on here and uploaded my private work as her own. she wrote like 2 paragraphs so keep that in mind if it makes you uncomfortable. other than that enjoy lmao.
kind words? — masterlist — navigation
Tumblr media
“mark, you know how i told you a while ago how i wanted you to be a little rougher? do you think we could try that tonight?”
mark is aware of the desire you have for something more than sweet and soft kisses, something more than the slow strokes of nights passed, something that lays hidden in him, too afraid to be shown for fear that he’d go too far, that he wouldn’t be able to stop until he’d laid claim to your body in a way that lovemaking just couldn’t do.
so when he says no, it doesn’t come as a surprise. you’re understanding. you know where he's coming from, honestly. you’ve been there, know how it feels to look at someone and feel foggy, like you won’t be satisfied until you’ve had all of them, devoured them until you’d had your fill. but you also know that you want that from him, want him to take what he wants, needs, from your body and leave you ravaged. you trust him to do exactly that and not go too far, not breach your boundaries. and you think you have a way to make him snap.
you go to bed that night, slightly frustrated at mark’s refusal to touch you, but understanding all the same. mark, on the other hand, can’t sleep. his mind is plagued with a back and forth. he knows you want it, and he wants it too. but he doesn’t want to hurt you. he loves your body, always has, always will, and has dreams of seeing you completely at his mercy. but he doesn’t want to see you that way, afraid he’ll go too wild if you let him have you like that. he falls asleep, still playing a mental tug-of-war with himself.
"i know you like just what you see when i walk by
you take your time, and you travel my world with that look in your eyes"
when he wakes up the next morning, god themself couldn't have prepared mark for the temptation he'd be faced with. from the moment your feet hit the floor, you were plotting, planning ways to get him to just give in. you hop in the shower first while he makes breakfast, bringing it back to your bedroom.
he takes notice immediately, despite his best efforts to hide it. last night’s talk plays through his mind, and he thinks he knows what you’re up to. he tries to pay you no mind, but he can’t help the way his eyes drift to your form, meaningless words drifting from his mouth as he tries to make conversation. you can feel the way his gaze grazes over your body as you dry off, making a show of bending over and displaying yourself to him while he makes a show as well, purposely turning away, focusing on his food as if it’s the most interesting thing in the world. and as you walk out of your room to start your day, he thanks whoever's listening that you're gone.
his reprieve doesn't last long, though.
later, while you two are making lunch, you’re at it again, much to his dismay. it’s already been hard enough for him to keep his eyes and hands off of you, with the tiny little shorts and almost see-through shirt you throw on after your shower making you all the more tempting. he’s not a teenage boy. he knows how to keep his hormones under control. but he loves your body, and the way you know just how to make it look so inviting. from the endless bending over to get things that were obviously accessible without needing to lean, to the “accidental” brushing up against him, to the way you so shamelessly eye him, he’s, for a lack of better words, fucked. you’re so damn beautiful. and he’s so close to bending you over the counter and taking you right there.
and you know it. you can see, damn near feel his desire radiating off of him, eyes tracking your every move. you feel his eyes on you when you bend over. you feel the way his body tenses up when you brush against him. and you see the way his eyes flit to yours when he catches you eyeing him. he wants you so bad, and you can tell. he’s so close.
when you spill your leftover drink on yourself while taking your plate to the kitchen after lunch, he thinks nothing of it. he continues the show you both were watching, scrolling on his phone as well. the want from earlier has almost worn off, and he thinks you’re done with your antics. how could he have been so wrong.
and now here you are, walking past him in nothing but his shirt. he thinks he's going crazy. and then you're bending over to pick up some minuscule thing on the floor—he doesn't know and doesn't care what—and, oh god, you've got those pretty panties on. time seems to stop as he watches you walk towards him. he can feel his control getting foggy around the edges. he doesn't know if he can last much longer.
"your smile is like the first rain out of the summertime
your soul is kind
my, my, my"
now you're sitting next to him on the couch, and he can smell you, feel the heat from your body, almost fucking taste you. he knows where this is going. and, to be honest, he's starting not to care. he wants to wreck you, wants it like fire needs air. and you can see it, almost feel his desire swirling right under his skin, begging to be let go. but he holds back. he can't hold back forever though, and you know it. he just needs a little more. just a little.
"you know that i love our long nights
you're starin' in my pretty brown eyes
and i can see you bein' polite
but come on baby, take a long bite, bite"
his body goes rigid as you run your hand up his thigh, fingertips grazing lightly, stopping at the hem of his basketball shorts. you think about slipping your hand underneath the fabric, but you’re stopped when he calls your name.
“yeah, baby?” you answer as innocently as you can, though your hand is so close to where you both want it to bed. he’s entranced, confused at the way you can talk like this while you’re touching him like that. he wants to move your hand away, to get up and move somewhere else in the house like he's done when you’ve gotten like this, but he can’t. he’s stuck. you’ve almost got him.
“what are you doing?” he asks shakily, eyes not leaving your hand, and you grin internally at the way he’s obviously so very affected. you’re won't lie to him. you move your hand ever higher, fingers brushing over his cock, separated by nothing but the thin layer of cloth of his basketball shorts, noticing the twitch of his leg and the hitch of his breath, and answer him again.
“i just want you to take me like you want to, mark. you keep trying to be nice but i don’t want nice. i want you to use me.”
you have a hold on his mind. he breaks even more with your words, mind getting even foggier with every sentence that flows from your lips.
you can see your words turning his mind into air, and you swear you feel him harden under your touch.
this is it. you've got him-
but now he’s standing up, walking away into the kitchen, and you’re left wondering if you’re going to be able to get him to give in today.
you’re not giving up, you decide. one last try, and then maybe you’ll try again later. but he's so close. it won't take much.
“mark.” you call out, following him into the kitchen. he’s hidden by the refrigerator door, rumbling around in the fridge, looking for something, anything to distract him from you. he’s so close. you’ve got him, and he knows it. he just hopes he can distract himself long enough to get away from you and your siren-like advances, your words that loosen his hold on his own brain and tighten yours. he grabs the pitcher of lemonade, reaches into the cabinet for a cup, hoping getting a drink of something will clear the blurriness in his mind. you have a grip on him today and he’s not sure he can shake it. but he still doesn’t want to hurt you.
"you're fallin' for me, baby i know i make you crazy"
he hears you talking through a muddle of thoughts in his mind, your words adding more fuel to the fuzzy fire, your oh-so-tempting form leaning onto the fridge, the lines of your body making you so goddamn alluring.
“come on mark, please."
"like when the clouds are hazy you like to smell my daisies"
he’s almost gotten to this point before, and his brain felt just like it does now. and that’s why he doesn’t want to go there again, because he liked how it felt. and he knows, he knows that if he goes there again he’s not stopping until he’s had his fill. and that’s what he’s afraid of. and he knows he might be too far gone this time. and when you walk towards him, he almost snaps.
"i can see that you wanna i smell on your cologne"
“baby, please. wanna be yours, want you to make a mess out of me. wanna feel you for days after. i can take it.”
you pour every ounce of pleading and begging and seductiveness into that last try, staring him dead in his eyes, ones that flit from your face, to your lips, to your exposed chest and thighs, and finally to the wall behind you, but never once meet your gaze. because he know if he looks you in your eyes he’s done for. but something in him doesn’t even care.
mark doesn’t respond.
and you’re done.
you give him one last look before turning around and leaving the kitchen, embarrassment creeping up on you as you process what you’ve just done.
your mind is racing as you think about exactly how you’re going to face your husband after this ordeal, scenes of the confrontation afterwards playing through your mind.
he's standing in the kitchen, breath shaky, mind hazy, body aching in want. no matter how much he drinks he still can’t help the dryness of his throat, calm the beating of his heart. for so long he’s been afraid of reaching this point, scared of what he would do if he got this far gone.
but when you beg so earnestly, and tease so menacingly, how could he resist? and that’s when his brain clears just enough to know that he’s done. today’s the day you’re both going to get what you’ve wanted for so long. you’ve made his mind too hazy to go back.
this is it.
you know nothing of what’s happening. you just hear a glass break, and a growl that falls just short of animalistic. your body responds on its on, tries to move your legs, to get you out of the living room before he reaches you. but there’s no point.
"be tough now, don't be lazy"
and now his hand’s in your hair, yanking you onto the couch, bending you over just how he wants you; on display, shirt flipped over your ass, his hard-on pressing against you.
"come love me like you hate me"
“the fuck is wrong with you, huh? prancing your pretty ass around here in this little pair of panties.” he says through gritted teeth, snapping the waistband against your skin, growling when you whine. “you want me to be mean, baby? want me to slut you out, yeah?”
he’s never talked to you like that. you don't even process what he just said to you, couldn't if you tried.
he doesn't like that.
"come on, baby, use that filthy mouth like you did earlier." a slap lands on your ass.
you’re still stunned, even though you brought this upon yourself, so you don’t answer. “i asked you a fucking question.” mark grits out through clenched teeth, yanking your hair again and bringing his mouth to your ear, already so frustrated with you. “you did all this, and now that you got what you wanted, you’re frozen, hmm? where’s all that mouth you had just a second ago, baby?”
you still don’t respond, too shocked at the way he snapped so instantly, the last few seconds a blur. at your silence, he’s just fed up more.
“you drive me fucking insane, you know that? i tried to hold it, i tried so hard, but whores can’t control themselves, can they baby?” still no response from you, only whines and whimpers from the sting of his pulling on your hair and the overwhelming situation.
“and now that i’m gonna give you this dick just the way you asked, i can’t get a peep out of you. fucking answer me, slut. tell me you want me to treat you like the dirty fucking thing you’ve been acting like all day.”
"love me like you love me like you hate me"
you recognize his words as a sign of consent, asking even though that’s what you’ve been saying all day, and you love him more for that. you gain your wits back enough to answer and tease just a little more, pushing yourself back onto him, fucking with his mind more when you beg him use you like he wants.
he’s pushed even further into this blurry headspace by your words, even more willing to give you what you want. “yeah?” he asks, letting go of your hair to grab your wrists in one hand, the other ripping your panties straight off your body.
“yeah.” you whimper, feeling so defiled at the predicament you’re in. but you like it. you’ve wanted this for so long.
he takes a look at the pretty red panties, chuckling at the way you’ve damn near ruined the thin piece of fabric with your arousal.
"love me like you love me like you hate me"
“when’d you get this dirty, hm? getting so wet, untouched, soaking these pretty panties. it’s a fucking shame.”
he’s fucking sadistic. how are you supposed to respond? your body heats up at the way you’re fully bared to the judging gaze of his eyes. he drops the ruined fabric somewhere near his feet, turning his attention to your core, already dripping.
“look at you, baby.” he coos in awe, running his fingers up and down your slit, spreading you out. “i bet i could fuck you just like this, just slip right in.”
you’re so fucking embarrassed, and so fucking turned on. his fingers are just barely there, moving up and down, slipping two fingers in, pumping slowly. you’re already riled up, the simple movement drawing whines from you.
he can't believe how quickly he got you in his grasp, the way your body responds to his motions almost immediately. he sees you start to cant back onto his fingers, and it takes a second for him to realize that you want more. god, you're gonna drive him crazy.
“you want more, hm? 2 isn’t enough for you?”
“no.” you say through a moan, “ ‘s too soft.” his fingers go still inside you, his irritation almost palpable. he doesn’t say anything, you only feel him pull out just to plunge three fingers into your core, pumping rapidly.
“you talk too fucking much, you know that? i should put that pretty mouth to use some time.” chills run through you at the prospect of doing something like this again, the thought of mark finally taking over flooding your body with warmth. his grip on your wrists tightens when you start to writhe in his grasp, his name falling from your lips in a moan.
“take it.” he bites, keeping you in place.
“fuck.” you breathe shakily, eyes closing in a mix of pain and pleasure. mark immediately takes notice, stops his movements to speak.
he leans down beside your ear, loosening his grip on your wrists for the time being. “if it’s too much, the safeword is hazy, okay?” you’re still coherent enough to comprehend what he says, nodding in affirmation before repeating the word back to him.
“hazy.” you echo, and then his demeanor snaps back to what it was, his grip on your wrists tightens, and his fingers start their movements again. it burns in a way so unfamiliar, a way you’ve wanted for so long. he’s rough, movements fast and uncaring.
“you’re so fucking easy. got you bent over this couch and you’re not saying shit, letting me play with you the way i want.” his words just spread the pleasure through your body, and you start to rock back onto his fingers. he sees you start to cant back into him, and he laughs in awe. “oh my god, you’re so fucking filthy.” he growls. that’s just another nail in the coffin as that familiar feeling starts to creep up on you, but in a way you’ve never felt before.
"touch me like you touch me like you hate me"
mark takes notice immediately.
“already? fucking pathetic.” you couldn’t respond even if you wanted to, only being able to muster up whimpers of his name, chills running through your body at his words. you sob out a moan when he brings his thumb down to rub at your clit, burying your face in the back of the couch, trying to mask how wrecked he’s got you already. you think you might be able to hold on, to prove him wrong, but it’s futile as he opens his mouth again.
“all that mouth just for you to end up speechless. fucking shameful.” at his words, he curls his fingers up to hit that spot; the one that’ll have you seeing stars in seconds. you can’t even fathom what he’s doing to your body, brain trying to rationalize how he can make you feel like this so soon. you let out a strangled moan, toes curling and hips rocking even faster. he works you so well, months of experience mixing with hours of frustration to send sparks straight through your body.
“ ‘m gonna come.” you slur, shuddering and whining when he just speeds up more.
he’s silent, fingers doing everything for him. he just watches as you fuck yourself on his fingers, tightening around them. he knows you’re so, so close. he can feel it in the way you clench around his fingers, hear it in the way your moans climb louder and louder, moaning his name again in warning. “gonna come.” is all you can manage as you tense up, thighs trembling, eyes closing, and you’re building and building and building, almost high off the pleasure he’s giving you.
“coming.” escapes your mouth in a silent whine, and you brace yourself, so ready to let go.
and then he pulls out and away, snatching your climax from you, stealing your pleasure.
“no you’re not.” he says simply, kneeling down, eye level with your core. “you’ll come when i fucking let you.” and then he’s diving into your heat, licking at your slit like he’s never tasted you before, flicking your clit with his tongue the way he’s been afraid to do. “always wanted to bend you over and fucking ruin you. eat this sweet little pussy until you’re begging me to stop.” half of you is still reeling with the fact that mark just denied you an orgasm, something he’s never done, terrified at the premise of your orgasm being out of reach. but the other half, the half that’s registered he’s eating you out from the back, is reeling in pleasure, feeling so dirty but so happy you’ve gotten what you wanted. but something else inside you knows that you’re not getting out of this easy.
he brings a hand up to slap your ass, gripping it as he dips down to take your clit into his mouth and suck, the sound resonating throughout the room. you’re flustered, shy at the way he’s so filthily eating you out, unabashed at the way he’s face deep in your pussy and you’re bent over a couch. he kneads the flesh of your ass as he licks a stripe up your folds, bringing his other hand up to spread you open for his tongue. “so fuckin’ messy, baby. sloppy little thing.” he murmurs into your core, his words spreading the infectious hold he has you in, your entire being succumbing to his whim.
how easily he’s taken you apart.
the hand that’s spread you open slips into you once again, curling up to stroke that spot. his head moves down to focus pleasure on your clit, the sound of him sucking echoes throughout the room again. it’s so much, your body moving back onto his tongue and fingers on its own. you’re sure he’s covered in you by now, and you would care, if you didn’t know you were about to come again.
that sweet feeling of release starts to creep up on you, never fully leaving your body from your last buildup. your brain has already started to crumble, piece by piece into mark’s hands, crushed by your husband in a way you’ve never felt.
"love me like you, love me like you hate me"
“mark, i’m gonna come.” you warn, hoping he’s gonna give it to you this time, but dread seeps into your bones when you receive no response. “please.” you beg, the thought of your high being so far away almost unbearable, body aching to let go, to give yourself over to him, to submit to the pleasure he’s spreading through your veins like a drug. his tongue flicks at your clit again and you jolt, your cheek rubbing against the fabric of the couch cushion as he circles the bud with his tongue, drawing you farther and farther into this untapped reserve of bliss. you try not to lose yourself, knowing you won’t be allowed to come, but you can’t help it with the way he works you so well.
“i’m- mark i’m gonna come.” you whine, some part of you wanting him to pull away, to become what you’ve wanted of him for so long. he circles your clit once, twice more, and then he’s pulling away as you start to shake again. you cry out in frustration, knowing your fate was sealed but not being able to handle it all the same.
"little aggression
it always sets my heart on fire
i pay attention
yeah, don't be shy, know it's in you like knives"
“be quiet.” is all you hear from him as he flips you over and lays you down, yanking his shorts and underwear down in one fell swoop. as he steps out of them you see he’s so painfully hard, and he has been ever since you started up this morning. you’re knocked off your rocker, brain barely registering what’s happening. you catch his eyes as he wipes you off of his mouth with the back of his hand, his gaze something you’ve never seen before, pure desire mixed with something so carnal. he knocks your legs apart with his knee, kneeling between them, one leg balancing him on the floor.
he cracks a sadistic grin, looking over your body as he strokes himself, admiring the way you’re so fucked out and still wearing his shirt. he thinks he could get used to seeing you like this. red eyes, messy face, eager to be fucked senseless. he taps the tip of his cock on your stomach, almost growling at the way you moan.
“you’re laid out like a proper fucking slut.”
you try to close your legs out of embarrassment as you whine, but he’s not having it, yanking your legs open with one hand as he leans down over you, pinning your wrists down with the other. “ah ah, baby. you weren’t all shy earlier. want you to be my slut now. put that pussy where your mouth was.” where’d he learn how to talk like this? you’ll figure it out later. right now, all you can do is squirm as he runs his cock up and down your folds, gripping your wrists tighter as you thrash.
“gonna fuck that shyness out of you, baby.”
and then he’s sliding in.
"you have permission to shake my world 'til it falls down
then pick me back up, don't you know you're my guy?"
it feels almost too good as he starts to thrust in and out, your body softly jolting up the couch. his hands keeps you in place though, one hand still holding your wrists down, the other pinning your hip to the cushions. he finds his pace quickly, hips starting to drill into you.
“is this how you wanna be fucked? pinned down to a couch, legs held open?” he feels so good inside you, so different in a way you love. there’s no sense in denying his question, body shaking as you nod as best you can with the way he’s driving into you. “such a dirty little thing, can’t believe i have such a slut for a wife.” his hips snap into you wildly, reaching deep with every thrust. mark’s brain is still clouded, arousal morphing him into something even he doesn’t recognize. neither one of you could anticipate the way he wraps a hand around your throat, pressing lightly. and when your mouth falls open in a silent gasp, he can’t help it, angles himself over your mouth and spits.
"you know what i love our long nights you're starin' in my pretty brown eyes"
“swallow it.” its an order, one that you obey as soon as he utters it. the way he coos at you contrasts so vividly with his rough strokes, the same man proclaiming you as his “good little slut” pounding into you like it’s the only thing he wants to do. whines and moans and whimpers slip from your lips to meet mark’s promises to fuck you stupid, to make you think twice before ever teasing him like that again. it’s thrust after thrust after thrust, wrists probably bruised as he holds you in place, makes you take his dick the way you begged. that feeling creeps up on you again, takes hold of you until warnings spill from your mouth and your body buzzes like a live wire. and when he angles his hips, grabs yours and starts to hit that perfect spot, you know you’re done for.
"and i can see you bein' polite but come on baby, take a long bite, bite"
“gonna come.” is all you can say, eyes rolling back and mouth falling open. it builds him higher, gives him more control over you, makes him want to wreck you until all you can do is say his name over and over while he fucks you the way you’ve both wanted for so long. his hand flies down to your clit at your admission, rubbing in tight circles, blanking your mind even farther. he’s determined, bringing you to the brink, fucking you right to the edge and you’re so close, so so so close-
until he slows down and his hand flies away from that bud, pulling wrecked sobs from your mouth as you thrash in his grasp, begging, pleading with him to let you come.
“fuck, please mark, i need it so bad, so so bad.” you’re babbling at this point, only needing to come, for him to give you the pleasure of that sweet release. tears slip down your face in frustration and it only satisfies mark more, shows him the power of having you like this, helpless and desperate, depraved and stripped down to nothing but a pathetic mess. the hand holding your hip grabs your face, grips your chin and forces you to look at mark in his eyes.
“look at yourself, baby, you’re fucking pathetic. crying over some dick.” you should be embarrassed, ashamed of the way you’re damn-near groveling at his feet just for his cock, but the ability to care left you a long time ago. you’re praying to him at this point, asking him to forgive you and just let you come. he’s still gazing, almost glaring at you as he thrusts slowly, taking in the way you need him so badly, wondering why he didn’t do this sooner.
“the slut wants to come?” he murmurs, speeding up just a little, just enough to have you mewling for more. you nod before he even gets the words out, completely broken and needing nothing more than him to fuck you until you’re screaming his name. his hand slides from your chin to your lips, pushes his pointer and middle finger into your mouth until you gag, chuckling darkly at the sound. he thinks he’s never seen anything more arousing until you start to suck. he can’t quite process the way you’re so open to everything he’s doing to. you’re spread open on a couch, hands pinned down and sucking on his fingers, wearing his fucking shirt, taking everything he gives you and begging for more.
you’ve fucked his mind up too much now. he’s so far gone. you can see his eyes glaze over as he speeds up again, raises up to grab your hips with one hand, fucks into you with new purpose. he still wants to punish you, to take out the frustration that you gave him with your silly little antics. but there’s also something new in him. he wants to make you come now. he wants to take from you until he’s satisfied, until you can’t fucking think. and that’s exactly what he’s gonna do.
“fuck me, baby, you’re such a dirty little thing. sucking on my fingers while i fuck this slutty little pussy.” you’re floating now, the praise and the degradation and the way he’s fucking you like you’re nothing but a toy all mixes together, sending you places you’ve never been before. you’re not speaking right, babbling and cooing, mixes of please and mark’s name spilling from your mouth. he’s building you up again, impossibly high, pleasure shooting through every nerve in your body until you can’t feel where you end and this feeling begins. his grip on your hip is the only thing grounding you, tight enough to bruise, to leave marks you��ll admire tomorrow.
his hips seem to never falter, determined to get you there, to fuck you up as bad as you have him. he’s got you close now, teetering over the edge of a cliff that you need so badly for him to plunge you headfirst off of.
“c-close.” you attempt to warm, though it comes out garbled and choppy from the way he fucks you with no remorse, holds nothing back from you. he pushes his fingers down into your throat once more, relishing the way you gag, before he brings them down to your clit, circling how you taught him way back when. your body wants to cave in, to run from the pleasure, but mark stops you as soon as he sees that, whispers “take it baby” and pushes your hip down, pinning you to the couch once again. it’s building up with a vengeance this time, you know you’re screwed. and when mark leans down next to your ear and gives you that one command, you’re done.
it’s something you’ve never felt before, the satisfaction of being given an orgasm that you’ve been denied. it spreads through you like honey, the sweet feeling taking over your senses until you can only shake and whine and choke out attempts at his name while he fucks you through it, doesn’t stop his thrusts or his circles on your clit. it’s almost maddening, the way he’s dunked you into this unfathomable pool of pure fucking pleasure, the way it fills your nose and throat and mouth with screams, and your eyes with tears, and your body with shakes until you’re nothing but a mess beneath him.
you don’t regret a thing. you don’t regret the teasing, the edging, the way he’s talking to you. it was all worth it. it’s worth it now, as he talks you through it, tells you how fucking filthy you look like this, shaking and crying. you can barely even hear him as wave after wave hits you, clouds your mind, makes him sound like he’s speaking through a fog, barely registering a word he said.
this is what he wanted. this is what he used to fear if his mind got too hazy.
"you're fallin' for me, baby i know i make you crazy like when the clouds are hazy you like to smell my daisies"
he has no fear now, though, not as he keeps rocking his hips into you even after your orgasm subsides. he wants to see you come again, needs it like fire needs air. he wants to fuck you stupid now. and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.
you don’t even get to come down as he picks his pace up again, frees you from his grip and maneuvers your legs over his shoulders.
“i used to be so scared to fuck you like this, but you always get what you want, yeah? you’ll do anything for some dick, even slut yourself out.” you try to respond, but all you can do is whine as he plows into you, hands slotted into the space between your legs and your hips. fuck, he knows just what to say to bring you to ruin, what buttons to press and what spots to hit. it's so obvious, as he angles his hips to hit that spot once again, that you are his to control. you’re putty in his hands now, only able to react to everything he does; it’s senseless, the way he has reduced you to nothing but feelings.
and you’ve done the same to him, chipped away at his reasoning and sound mind until all that is left of him is pure want. mark can no longer tell where the want ends and he begins. in this plane you’ve sent him to, in this state of mind he’s in, there is no rational thought. there is only the need to fuck you, the need to make you come until you’re as fucked in the head as he is now.
the only thing grounding him is you. the way you whine and moan for him, your mad clawing at his shirt as you try to bring your being back down to earth, and how fucking good you feel as he thrusts into you like a man gone mad. and really, he has, driven even farther into this headspace when you start to warn him of your impending orgasm, your whines breaking through the fog and setting him on the solid ground that is making you come again.
“gonna come.”
you can see the determination radiating off of him, feel it in his strokes and his circles on your clit, hear it in his tone. “be a good slut and come again. if you can’t do shit else, i know you can come for me.”
fuck, you’re done. how does he do it? how does he know what words to string together to bring you to and over the edge? you’ll think about that later; now, as he works you through another orgasm, you have no thoughts. you are not yourself, you are just what mark has made of you. and that’s fine. god, it’s more than fine. it’s almost sinful with how perfect this feels, shivers and shakes racking through your body while mark treats you the way you’ve longed to be, talks you through it, murmurs “such a fucking slut” into your ear. and then he’s pulling out, turning you over, bringing you so close to where you started.
"i can see that you wanna i smell on your cologne be tough now, don't be lazy come love me like you hate me"
this is almost how it all began, face down in the back of the couch, ass in the air for mark. this time, though, you’re face down in the cushions, gasping for breath. he gives you no reprieve, enters you just as quickly as he slipped out, starts his pace up again. it’s too much, your brain can’t handle the way he sinks the pleasure into your skin, the way he just won’t stop. “mark, mark, oh my god, please.” you beg, whine, cry, just needing to express what he’s doing to you, the way he’s fucked you up so bad. he doesn’t care, doesn’t wanna hear you beg for him to stop after what you pulled earlier, the way you fucked with him to make him like this.
“shut the fuck up.” rips from the back of his throat as he grabs an arm to pin behind your back, pushing you farther into the couch. tears slip down your cheeks as he just keeps fucking you, plowing into your hole like it’s hard-wired into his brain. you turn your head sideways to breathe and catch a glimpse of his face, barely recognizing the look gracing his features. “take this dick and thank me for it.” he says at the sight of your tear-stained face, the way you silently beg him to give you some slack. he’s merciless, the way he treats you. unrelenting in his thrusts, angry with them. he can’t help but speak his mind now, not scared to go there with you.
“you’re such a slut, but i think you know that. all i wanted to do was be nice to you, but you didn’t want that, did you baby?” he’s patronizing with his tone, grip bruising your arm and hip, fucking into you like it’s all he wants to do. “walked your pretty ass around here in those tiny little panties, doing whatever you could to piss me off.” he moves his hand from your hip to your hair, yanking it again, leaning down to speak directly into your ear, to make sure his words hit you head-on. “is this what you wanted, baby? wanted me to fuck you senseless? pound this little pussy until you’re begging me to stop?”
a long, drawn out whine leaves you in response. it’s all you can manage.
it’s all so much, the way his hips angle to hit that spot pushing your farther into this pain-laced pleasure. all you can do is whine and moan and whimper while he fucks you the way you’ve always wanted, the way he’s always wanted. you can feel your orgasm building up once again, soft please’s leaving your mouth, mark’s treatment an assault on your senses. it only pushes mark farther into that hazy headspace, makes him fuck you harder and deeper and rougher, taking you higher and higher the way you begged for. he’s not hearing you whine, doesn’t want to hear shit from you since you wanted this so bad. “shut the fuck up.” he growls again through clenched teeth, and you’re so close to coming again, and god it hurts so good, “slut,” hand moving from your hip to slap your ass, bringing you right to the edge. “you wanted me to take you like a whore and that’s exactly what i’m doing. show me you can take this dick exactly the way you said.”
"hate me
it's okay, baby, if you love a little too hard for me"
it’s too much for you, feels like all you senses are on 10, every little thing mark says and does overloading your brain and body even more. your thighs clench almost involuntarily as you feel his hand snake around you to abuse that swollen bud once again, and it’s all way too heavy. the way mark whispers things you never thought you’d hear from him into your ear, the way he’s rubbing directly on the spot inside you, the circles he rubs onto your clit, they all bring you over the edge. you climax again, mark’s name leaving your mouth for the hundredth time today, eyes rolling back so hard it hurts. he fucks you through it, leaning down to kiss you, tasting the salt from your tears on his tongue. it’s the first time he’s been gentle with you since the kitchen, but you know he’s not done with the way he’s still slowly rocking into you, never stopped his thrusts. you meet his lips with yours, indulging in the softness he grants you.
"for me, kiss me a little harder, little harder now
touch me a little harder, like woah"
“look at you, coming nice and hard for me.” his words sound like they’re coming through a fog as he starts his pace again, raising back up, grabbing your hips and yanking you back onto his cock. “you’re gonna give me another one, baby, one more.” you can’t deny him, body limp in pleasure as he takes and takes and takes from you like a man starved. every thrust shoots more and more pleasure through your body, spreading through you like a drug. his words make it no better as he rambles off, praises and degrading mixing until you can’t tell what’s what. “my good whore, coming again and again for me. maybe i should have fucked you like this sooner.” he receives no response from your broken form, only hears dumb whines and pathetic whimpers.
“have i fucked you stupid, pretty girl? my dumb little whore can’t even handle what she asked for. that’s too bad baby, cause you’re gonna take this dick until i say you’re done.” it’s like you’re floating, sensations taking over until all you can do is feel. feel his cock stroking against that spot with every push of his hips, feel the way you jolt with every thrust, feel his hand snake into your hair to meet your back with his chest, resting his head on your shoulder. one hand wraps around your waist while the other moves to your clit again, pulling you tighter to him when you jerk away. “you’re my dumb, stupid, silly little cockdrunk whore, yeah? gonna fuck you stupid all the time.”
you can’t manage anything but garbled moans of his name, body shaking, head falling back onto his shoulder, hands grabbing at anything they can reach. “you’re gonna take it like this, anytime i want, over and over again.” his hips slam into yours over and over and over again, relentlessly, like they’ll never stop. your brain can barely comprehend the feeling of yet another climax building up, and your cries turn to sobs as you brace yourself for it again.
“can’t take another one, mark, ‘s too much.”
he’s not having that.
“yes you can, baby. you can and you will. now be a good whore and come.”
and you can’t deny him.
it’s too much for you. but it’s so fucking good. your head swims like there’s no air left in the world, and maybe there isn’t. you can’t tell with the way mark has fucked you into this.. whatever this is. it’s beyond an orgasm, beyond a climax. this is an unraveling of your very being, a crushing and breaking of every coherent thought you have in your mind. you think you feel him lower you down to bend back over the couch, but you can’t really be sure; not with the way the pleasure is coursing through your veins like a drug. you can still feel him thrusting into you, his movements turned slow and deep.
“good girl, you did so good for me.” he’s more gentle now, caging your body in with his as he speeds up just a bit. his change of pace is welcome, your body basically on fire with the gasoline mark has fed you since he bent you over the couch. he’s not done though. he wants one more out of you.
“just one more, baby.” you can’t even resist. you’re damn-near limp in pleasure, still taking everything he’s giving you. you can feel yourself climbing that peak, you’re so sensitive that it won’t take much to bring you over the edge again. you’re like an exposed nerve, free for mark to poke and prod and do what he wants with you. you feel him place soft kisses on your neck, leaving little praises in between them.
"kiss me a little harder, little harder now
“you’re so good for me baby, taking everything i give you.” it’s almost unfair, the way just a couple of words from him could wind you up so far. you can’t even comprehend the effect he has on you as he fucks you up to yet another high. “you came in with those pretty little panties on and you were teasing me and i just couldn’t help myself. god, you’re so beautiful.”
somewhere in the back of your mind you wonder how this man is the same one from less than a minute ago, but you feel too good to even care. and when he reaches under you to tweak at your oh-so-sensitive bud, it’s hard to understand the control he has over your body. how are you even able to come again after what he’s done to you? and that’s exactly what you ask him.
“i’m gonna come again, daddy, how am i gonna come again?” it just slips out without you knowing, and it takes mark by surprise. it’s welcome, though, and it only takes him a second before he’s using that to bring you to ruin too.
“because you’re daddy’s perfect little slut. now be a good girl for daddy and come.”
and who are you to not follow his every command? you come with small shakes and whimpers this time, whispers of “daddy” leaving your mouth. mark isn’t too far behind you, finally letting go after so long. you feel him fill you up and it just adds to the sweetness, your walls tightening, almost milking him. he praises you through both of your orgasms, tells you how good you were for him, how you’re “daddy’s good slut.” it’s silent in the living room as you both come down, stuck to each other like glue while you bask in the heat of your high. mark shifts behind you as he slowly pulls out with a hiss, and you whimper with him. he gently turns you over to lay on your back, placing a kiss on your forehead as he settles you down.
"fallin for me, baby
(fallin' for me)
like when the clouds are hazy
(when they're hazy, when they're hazy, when they're hazy)"
you think you’re finally done. until he makes his way down your body, propping your legs open just a bit.
“i know i said just one more, baby, but i never got to make you come on my tongue. just give daddy one more.”
you can’t resist when he uses that name for himself, so you just nod, giving him permission to break you one last time.
“just one more, daddy, can’ take anymore.”
he’s already lapping at your core, sliding his tongue in between your folds, using the remnants of both of your orgasms to make the slide easier. “i know, baby, daddy’s just gotta take care of his girl a little more.” he brings a hand to smooth down the leg set on the back of the couch as you start to shake and whine, comforting you as he takes you apart with his tongue once more. “such a sweet little pussy, taste so good for me.” you look down as he speaks, and the sight that greets you is something like no other. he has a mix of both of your come on his lips as he licks up your slit, swirls his tongue around your clit the way you love. you’re close again, never even having gone down from your high.
“you can come whenever you want, baby.” is all he says before he dips back down, licks and sucks until you unravel once more, small shivers traveling through your body. and then it’s like a switch has flipped as he kisses up your body until he reaches your face, brushes your hair out of your face, placing a small kiss on your lips.
you just barely kiss back, way too blissed out to even try to comprehend what just happened. you muster a small smile as your eyes open just a little, meeting mark’s soft gaze, the one you know so well.
“hi, baby.” his eyes and smile are full of love and admiration like they always are. you bring your hand up to comb through his hair, more of his warm face coming into your view.
“hi, markie.” you respond with a blissed out lilt, and he swears he’s never seen anything more beautiful.
“how are you?” he sounds almost worried. was he too much?
“i’m fine. more than fine, actually.” you can feel the sigh of relief escape his lungs, his entire body releasing tension.
“that was .. something.” he starts, and you have to subdue a chuckle at his obviously amazed tone.
“yeah. you were something as well. i didn’t even know you could talk like that, to be honest.” he’s earnest with his words as he agrees with you, his switch into ..whatever that was as jaw-dropping to him as it is to you.
“i just.. when you walked into the living room and you were wearing my shirt and those panties and you started teasing me i just couldn’t take it. and then when you said what you said in the kitchen.. it was like.. my mind just went hazy.” the room is silent as you take in his words, half of you feeling bad about your antics, the other half still in awe at what just occurred.
“well, i guess i know how to get you to act like this again.”
his eyes darken.
“next time, i won’t need convincing at all. why would i pass up a chance to get you so pliant in my hands again?”
"i can see that you wanna be tough now, don't be lazy"
come love, love"
you’ve started something. and now, he won’t hesitate to finish it.
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onyourhyuck · 3 days
Special Mittens. | Park Jisung (M)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
prologue- “You look beautiful wearing that apron and mittens on.”+ “ Special mittens saved the day.”
summary: your boyfriend Jisung is spending Christmas over at your family’s house for the first time. you’re nervous and excited because you are determined to move your relationship with jisung to the next level. But first you both need to get your mittens on and celebrate the holidays!
the warnings: Christmas lovers. First time sex type a thing. Jisung and Y/n are college sweethearts(?). Y/n finally goes back home to introduce her boyfriend to her family. Christmas theme. CONSENT. Suggestive. Wholesome fluff :)
Cinnamon rolls and jingle bells ringing like a wind up carousel, you already know what time of the year it is. It’s the festive season. Your family take Christmas very seriously, always going full out and competitively at that. They were the family in the neighbourhood that try their hardest to be the best christmasy- decorated house with the most try hard obnoxious weirdest cardboards of santa clause and the reindeer crew.
At one point last year, your family managed to make a fountain of Santa Claus. All from their hands. Seriously, hand made santa clause statue??
You’re overwhelmed because Jisung is quite timid. Unlike your family, yours are much more on par between manically insane and heavily chaotic. Your family thrive on it. Jisung and his family are very much more laid back, chill and very comforting people who prefer to be reserved and peaceful. You’re a little over-worried about your boyfriend of five months, considering he’s nervous about making the best impression on your entire family.
He seeks their approval and their validation on here. You’re aware of it, he spoke about many scenarios late at night on facetime where he states if your family don’t like him, he might bury himself six feet below. If your family don’t like him, how will this relationship survive? You sorta understand him and his worrying but you don’t think he has much to worry about.
Your family are twice as excited to meet Jisung. You spoke only the good things (it’s not like he has anything bad flaws anyways) so really, all he has to be is to be himself.
“Wait. I’m scared.” Jisung stops your hand from ringing the front doorbell of the house. You turn around sighing deeply. “Ji you’re going to be fine.” You comfort the anxiousness tall boy standing next to you. The door swings open with your large family shoving to get through the entrance to greet and welcome the two of you.
Your mother reaches to hug Jisung first, completely dismissing you. You stand there with a blank smile, as your siblings rush to welcome you inside the house. Jisung’s overwhelming anxiousness was put to a stop once he was in your mother’s hands, nevertheless he is chaotically moving around in the house with your family members. Rushing side to side, helping out with the turkey and other side dishes— lunging himself towards your father who would be in the garage fixing the bicycle that one of your little siblings happened to break on their way to school. Paying attention to you was one thing he has not been able to do so, but it would be the same with you. You were completely invested in decorating the Christmas cookies that were in the oven baking.
Your little sister kneels down to watch the cookies inside the oven, gasping a little ‘wow’. “Hey Y/n when will they be finished?”
You smile. “In a few minutes. Now tag along to help grandma and grandpa with setting the dining table.” The little girl with two pigtails nods rushing out the kitchen. Behind you would stand a taller figure, your boyfriend with a sheepish smile flashing to you. Something you grew to be wary of.
“What’s that smile for?” You interrogate with gushing suspicion of your boyfriend who seems a little too playful right now, it was like he was questioning and teasing you of something you’ve done. Or rather someone you know. He lightly shrugs his shoulders towards you and leans to the kitchen counter.
Jisung sweetly sang. “Ohh nothing.”
Your face drops at the words, it most definitely did not seem like ‘nothing’ in that tone and facial expression. It was so obvious he had something to say. You sigh out. “Whatever you want to say, say it.”
Jisung straightens his body posture no longer leaning on the kitchen counter. He kept behind you as he truthfully and fully spoke. “You look beautiful wearing that apron and mittens on. Domestic lifestyle looks good on you.”
The way those compliments roll of his lips like poetry made you seemingly weak on the knees. You brush it away however putting up a tough act. Not wanting to get flustered over such small words from him; it’s ridiculous. The slightest compliment he does makes your confident boost high and higher than before. It’s his fault if you end up having a goddamn god complex. You kneel down watching the cookies in the oven, rather turning your attention on to that. Jisung slowly ventured closer to your body till his arms reach down to your waist. With a single impactful pull he had you close to his body from behind where he towers over you. The height difference was visible. You reach perfectly to his chest halfway. He had so many inches on you, it was impossible to ignore the cute feature between you two.
His hands slide to your waist and around your stomach where he caressed it. Palming your stomach in gentle and affectionate manner. His head fell into your nape inhaling your scent. His hair prickles your skin on your shoulders and your face grew into a wide smile.
He whispers close to your ears. “I finally have time to spend with you. Your family are lovely though. I really worried my ass off for nothing.” You couldn’t agree more. Your family were going to love him anyways. You turn around to face him, your eyes land upon his lips as he was staring you down with love-struck-eyes.
“God you’re distracting me Jisung.” You fully blame him for the way he takes your mind and makes it his home. You can barely focus on Christmas.
“I’m glad.” Jisung proudly tells you as his hands crawl to cup your sides jawline. “Y/n. What would you say if i want to…”
He pauses abruptly making your ears perk up. The butterflies in your stomachs couldn’t be contained and no longer were they only floating in your stomachs, they fill your heart now too. It’s the way he stops to look at you, as if he were rethinking the decisions if he should say what he wants to say. Your intuition is telling you he wants to finally take the relationship to the next level just like you— to finally sleep together. You’ve been waiting for the perfect moment. You weren’t in a rush to lose it with him. You’re both as inexperienced as the other. But perhaps this could be a new awakening for the both of you? Christmas is supposed to be a new beginning for couples. Maybe, this is the perfect time to move into the next chapter of your relationship.
You softly reply back. “Jisung whatever you want to say i will not judge.”
“I know baby.” Jisung says against your head as he plants a kiss on your skulls crown. “I was thinking we could…Y’know maybe do it tonight?”
Your eyes light up as if your prayer was heard from god. You smile. “Really? Are you sure?” He hums. “After seeing your family and you being so happy around them. It made me think maybe we are ready to actually go into that stage of a relationship.”
“And…I do want to marry you in the future.” Jisung cutely mutters quietly though your ears heard every word clearly. You wrap your arms around his neck pulling him into a warm kiss. “I am dating to marry. I wouldn’t of asked for a better marriage material.”
“Yah! The cookies! Stop flirting in middle of my kitchen!”
A voice brings out a sudden shock from the both of you. An older and feminine striking tone that seems to be scolding you for almost burning the damn house down. Your mother sighs when she sees you push aside Jisung who looks as flustered as a tomato; you bring your mittens back on and grab the scorching tray with nearly burnt Christmas cookies. You sigh nervously.
Jisung whispers awkwardly to you as your mother shakes her head. “Special mittens saved the day.” She can’t believe you guys would makeout in front of the Christmas cookies that aren’t too badly down. Thankfully.
@onyourhyuck please refer from translating copyrighting and plagiarising my work thank youu! REBLOG THIS FIC AND FOLLOW ME FOR MORE UPDATES.
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nctsplug02 · 13 hours
hello! can u do mrs jeong is pregnant with their 2nd child and jaehyun has a pregnancy kink.. so he is kind of obsessed on having pregnant sex and curious of what breast milk taste like.. THANK U !!!! 😙
Special Kind Of Milk jeong.j
Tumblr media
GENRE: fluff and suggestive
WARNINGS: mentions of drinking breast milk (the whole topic of this one-shot), breeding kink, pregnancy kink, reader is honestly a moody bitch, and kissing.
Tumblr media
“shit.” jaehyun says as soon as he walks into the bedroom with a brown paper bag in his hand. “you didn’t want the chopped beef— you wanted bacon.” you sigh at jaehyuns obvious confession.
you reach your hand out for the bag but jaehyun hesitates. “babe, it’s fine. you forgot that baby changed my cravings. it’s okay, i’ll still eat it— gimmie.” your fingers turn into grabby fingers but jaehyun still refuses.
“i don’t want you to get mad because i messed up your order.” he hugs the bag to his chest. “well, i’m gonna get mad if you don’t just give me the damn bag, jaehyun.” jaehyun quickly hands you the bag and steps back when feeling your glare sharpen.
“thank you for canceling a meeting to get me this burrito.” jaehyun tenses up, again. “right,” he gulps and you look up from the bag. “a burrito.” he slowly nods and you frown, pulling out the short cylinder shaped item wrapped in foil.
your pregnancy hormones hit and then you’re tearing up. “a burger? babe, i asked for a burrito.” jaehyun quickly sits by your legs and cups your face. “i’m sorry, i forgot. i—i can go run and exchange it—?” you shake your head, unwrapping the burger that smelled delicious.
“it’s fine. it’s all good and i’m.. hungry, so i’ll eat it.” you shake your head side to side before taking a bite. “baby,” jaehyun softly laughs and wipes your cheeks. “don’t cry, im sorry.” you shake your head and chew.
“it’s fine— god, why am i like this?” you talk with your mouth full as you well up. “don’t say that, baby—?” you cut jaehyun off. “no, jaehyun! i’m so tired of being moody and bitchy all day. it’s exhausting. just carrying around this negativity is so tiring.”
“baby—?” you wail making him flinch back. “ask me, jaehyun. ask me why i’m so moody.” he hesitates but asks anyways. “why.. are you so moody, baby?”
you look up with a heavy glare. “because of you.” hes taken aback by your answer. “what?” jaehyun questions. “you got me knocked up and now i can’t stop bitching and crying like a fucking baby. do you know how tiring it is to carry around this negativity? right, you don’t because you aren’t pregnant!”
you lean against jaehyuns palms as he brings them up to your cheeks and wipes your tears away. “mrs jeong, are you—?” jen walks in with hannie on her hips. “nows not a good time, jen.” jaehyun says without turning his head. “yes, i’m sorry.” she closes the door and leaves without another word.
“don’t cry, okay? i’ll order it this time, yeah? here,” he takes the burger and wraps it back up. “let’s put this one away and then we can get you your bacon burrito, yeah?” you nod, sitting back with soft hiccups.
that mental breakdown was several months ago. yes, it was super stupid to cry over. yes, jaehyun got you your burrito. and lastly, yes, you had the baby.
“hun,” it was currently two in the morning and the baby had woken you and jaehyun up. baby was hungry and cranky but, your nipples ached like a bitch.
jaehyun lifts his head off the pillow. “yeah, love?” he answers in a tired tone. “can you make him a bottle downstairs? there should be some frozen packs of breast milk in the freezer— heat it up in boiling water and before you pour it into his bottle— test it to make sure it isn’t too cold or too hot. please and thank you.”
jaehyun gets up without protesting or any complaints and walks down to the kitchen.
he opens the freezer and pulls out a container that held frozen packs of breast milk. each of them labeled with dates. jaehyun closes the fridge and grabs a pot from the pots and pans drawer. he fills it up with water before boiling it.
jaehyun slightly falls asleep while waiting for the packet to boil. the machine that jaehyun wanted to melt the breast milk would’ve worked well, too but, you insisted on just using boil water to save money.
jaehyun opens the packet and pours a small bit into a cup. he dumps the breast milk down his throat and releases a hiss. he smacks his lips together and moves his mouth and tongue in weird ways.
“hm.” he holds up the packet and looks behind him before pouring some into his mouth. jaehyun smacks the tongue against the roof of his mouth and hums, again.
jaehyun shakes his head and grabs a fresh clean bottle from the bottle rack and pours the rest into the bottle. his eyebrows raise when seeing where it filled. it was near the number three.
before jaehyun brings the bottle up to you, he opens the freezer and grabs another pack, dunking it in the boiling water and waiting for it to unfreeze.
after a few minutes, jaehyun pours the milk into a cup and goes upstairs with his hands both occupied. one with the bottle for the boy and a cup filled with milk for jaehyun.
“uch, finally.” you sigh grabbing the bottle from jaehyun. “milk? since when do we have milk?” jaehyun softly smiles while holding the glass to his bottom lip. “it’s a special kind of milk.”
finally, it hits you.
“jaehyun, no. you did not?!” you shriek and jaehyun laughs. “i did and i’m not sorry. it tastes so good. here, try it—?” you shove the glass away as he attempts to share some with you. “what— jaehyun, no. you’re practically stealing his food.” you scolded and jaehyun frowns.
“and he stole you from me.” you scoff. “how? he’s just a baby— don’t accuse him of such thing!” you watch as the boy sucks the nipple of the bottle like crazy. “all your attention was on him from the start of the pregnancy.”
you roll your eyes, this man was going on about nothing! “dude, you act like we literally couldn’t go a week without having sex.” jaehyuns ears turn into a shade of pink as he continues to drink the milk.
“exactly— now, stop accusing my baby for nothing.” the boy fusses and spits out his bottle. “cmon, baby— he finished it.” you hold up the empty bottle. “jae, pour your milk into his bott—?” jaehyun hugs the cup to his chest with a gasp. “i will do no such thing.” you glare at the man. “don’t be ridiculous right now, jaehyun. i pumped that out for him so pour it—?”
“feed him your titties.” you roll your eyes with a sigh. “are you serious right now?” jaehyun gives the same look and nods. “dead serious.”
your tongue pokes your cheek as you lift your shirt, freeing your overly large breasts and letting the little man below you wrap his tiny lips around your nipple that ached in pain.
you wince and slump over, trying your best to ignore the swelling pain.
jaehyun feels jealousy slightly rage in his chest as he sets his cup down and removes the boy from your hold. “jaehyun, what are you—?” he lays in your lap and holds the boy against his chest before bringing his lips around your nipple.
this wasn’t like jaehyun. so, what was his deal?
“oh, my god. you’re so un-fucking-believable!” the boy in his arms starts to fuss. “you have your glass of milk— stop being so greedy!” you try to pry the man away from you as the boy in his arms starts to whine and cry.
oh, you were gonna kick his ass.
Tumblr media
A/N: i know this isn’t like jaehyun but i was just writing what the anon wanted, so enjoy! i genuinely cringed while writing this HAHAH. but, overall happy readings, babies! love you guys, lots!
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babiesdreams · 2 days
Advent Calendar
Day 2: Haechan and Yangyang +18
Tumblr media
Warnings: Sexual Content, edging, choking, hitting you, degradation, overstimulation, domination, raw, oral, spitting. Lots of teasing (again)
“Go slowly, let her feel your dick well” He whispers to the boy who starts slowing down his motions. Your whimps and cries drag Hyuck’s attention. “What is it baby? Is it too slow? Do you wanna cum already?” The way he teases you endlessly gets you on your nerves. “S-shut up” You manage to say. “Okay, Yangyang, go slower, this bitch doesn’t deserve pleasure yet” 
"I- don't think you should call her-" Yangyang's voice sounds so cute and innocent that makes you feel even more nervous than you already were. "Dude You need to change that attitude" Haechan starts with his talk and you just roll your eyes back, tired of his shit.
"I'll come back to you" he says pointing at you. "You said she likes rough shit. You need to change attitude. Leave the cute and disgusting stuff for aftercare. During sex you need to be a beast" His voice is just so irritating to you.
"Babe don't listen to him. It's not like that. I just want you to call me bitch and whore and degrade me, maybe even choke me..." You stop realising is quite a lot for a vanilla boy.
"You just gotta treat her like a bitch" Haechan spits out. "That's offensive" You instantly reply. "You like being called bitch" He defends himself. "I like it when he calls me bitch. Not you" You yell at him.
"Okay this is getting way out of point" Yangyang says walking away from the bed. "Why don't you try and make some stuff and I watch?" You look at him with wide open eyes. "If it's okay with you of course"
"If you think it's gonna be helpful..." You say and you turn to look at Donghyuk's smirk. "Okay then" Yangyang says, sitting on the couch right next to the bed, watching you both. "Can you just give me a chance? Like a real chance." Haechan says "Fine" you say with a sarcastic smile.
His hands instantly lay around your neck, surprising you with the pressure he actually puts against it. "Now you're gonna obey me like the fucking pathetic bitch you are" You gasp at the sudden change in his tone.
"Now you don't need to speak. Do you like people spitting on you?" The question is so sudden you blush instantly. "she does" Yangyang answers. "Rule number one: She draws her limits. Not you" he sounds so professional you kinda feel flustered. "Do you like it or not?" You nod shyly.
"Okay we're getting somewhere. Is it okay if I do it?" He asks and you nod. "Okay the rest are gonna go fast so you better listen. I've heard you like these but I want your full consent on each one of them okay?" You nod again. "If you don't want some of this you just hit my arm okay?" You nod and he starts listing your kinks.
Your blush keeps growing as you feel fully exposed. "Edging, choking, hitting you, degrading, overstimulation, domination, raw... Looks like we really have a filthy slut in front of us don't we" At this point your body is so hot that you're concerned to burn the boy's hand through your neck.
"Let's begin then" He looks right into your eyes and just shouts "Open your mouth" You feel so weak under his orders that you just need to obey his orders. He spits right into your mouth. His finger carress the edges of your lips getting the spit that fell out of you mouth right into it. "Swallow like the whore you are."
You do as he says. "Now I'm gonna get you to talk. Can you do that stupid little slut?" You nod. "Talk" He yells "Yes" you say almost as a whisper. "Any thoughts you wanna share?" He asks and his hand loosens up a bit, letting you talk a little louder.
"Hit me" you whisper "I can't hear you" he says. "Hit me" You say louder. "Still can't hear you" You know he's teasing you by the look on his face but, at this point you're even enjoying it.
"Hit me!" You yell and you can feel Yangyang staring at you. Haechan's hand hits your face and you look back to him defying his dominance. "Harder" You say and you can just guess his next words. "Can't hear you" He repeats with a smirk.
"Harder" You say and before you even finish, his hand hits you harder. You can already feel tears forming on your eyes. Gosh you love that feeling. "You see how needy she fucking is?" Donghyuck asks Yangyang who's just been sitting there jerking off at your performance.
It's clearly his cue to try degrading you and he surprisingly does. "She's such a needy bitch" He says and you smile. It's simple but it's definetely something.
"What should I do to her?" He asks and you instantly know it's his annoyingly smart way to ask him what his limits are. "Finger her until she cries." Those words coming out of your boyfriend's mouth makes you feel a certain way that you're really not used to feel.
His fingers start playing with your clit, drawing circles around it. Your whole body reacts to his touch. You feel your legs shaking out of your control. His hand grabs your neck aggressively and he looks into your eyes as he asks "Can I kiss you?" Your cheeks are flaming hot and you can just guess the color of them is bright pink.
You nod as an answer and close your eyes waiting for the feeling of his soft lips collapsing against yours. It actually feels better than what you expected it to feel, but it doesn't last forever. You grow needy to the feeling of his lips against yours as his fingers enter your vagina fastly.
"Fuck you're so fucking wet, you needy bitch. Are you all this wet just because of me?" You nod and he laughs softly. "No, you gotta say it. Say you're a needy bitch for me will you?"
"I-I'm" You try to speak but his movements kind of make it impossible. "Come on you can do it" He encourages you.
"I'm a n-needy sl- fuck a needy slut for you" his fingers curl and you just feel your orgasm growing inside of you. "Nah not yet" He says pulling his fingers out of you. Tears fall down your eyes all the way to your chin. You roll back your eyes. "Is that attitude or are you just so fucking needy that you can't control yourself?"
"Both" you whisper with a smile and he hits your face hard. "That's my fucking slut" my it somehow feels so weird but yet so good. "What should we do with her?" He asks Yangyang who is as hot and needy as you.
"Can I choke her now?" He asks kindly, eventhough he seems ready to jump right on top of you. You see haechan nodding at him and he walks to the bed. He sits on your stomach, resting his weight on his knees. His hands are softer but his grip feels rougher.
"Like this" says Donhyuck correcting his grip. Now it feels tighter but it hurts less. "Gosh you're such a filthy slut" Yangyang says and you smile at him "just for you baby" you reply and he answers with a soft hit on your cheek.
"Fuck her already" Haechan says, sitting next to you. The boy obeys his orders and starts thrusting you slowly. You can feel how Donghyuck gets up, ready to step out of the room, but you grab his hand.
"Stay" you whisper and he smiles. "Yeah, stay" Yangyang confirms making the boy step right back into your bed. "Turn around" Haechan orders and you just do as you're told to. "Now you grab his neck and fuck her harder" You moan loudly to the feeling of the boy's thrusts.
"You like that huh?" His words just get you all worked out. "Well you're not cumming until I allow you to. Is that clear?" You nod and he smirks. "You can just go ahead and cum inside. Treat her like the cum dumpster she is" His words are just getting you out of it. You moan as soon as you feel the hot cum running through your insides.
There's an intense slow second that lets you enjoy the fact that Yangyang fucked you in such a rough way while you hear him say "Fuck" with a deep needy voice.
"Get on your knees" Hyuck says just as Yangyang pulls out of you. The boy's cum drips down to the floor. "Suck it" He simply orders putting his dick into your mouth.
You start working it up the best way you possibly can. You deep throat him and you suck it on different speeds to make sure he knows how edging feels like. It gets to a point where he controls your head like a fucking toy.
He ends up cumming in your mouth and asking you to swallow it all, so you do. "I think we're finished right?" He says with a big smile. Your tears have made your make up such a mess that you could just picture how desperate you looked. Your hair has been a mess for a minute and you just don't have the energy to get angry.
You just whimp in protest. "Do you have something to say?" Hyuck asks you while his hands softly lift your face to look at him. You're now completely sit down and he's on your knees so that his face is closer to yours.
"I need it" You cry out and his hands clean your tears out of your face. "You need what?" He asks innocently. "I need to cum" You keep begging as you cry out. "Okay" He says before his lips meet yours in a soft and heated kiss.
He grabs you in his arms and he puts you down on your bed. His hands tickle you as they travel your body. As soon as they touch your clit your whole body react with a wave of pleasure. You moan softly. Two of his fingers get inside of you and they curl instantly hitting your g-spot.
"F-fuck" you manage to moan out. His left hand lift your face, making you look at him. "You're gonna cum for me right?" he asks and you just nod. You feel other hand carressing your hair. "Good girl" Yangyang says.
Hyuck's hands start moving faster and your eyes go blank as you feel the orgasm brushing your whole body. Your moans are low yet you feel like they're the loudest you can get out at the moment.
It lasts a good minute before your body calms down. "So this was lesson one right?" You whisper while you let out a deep breath. They both laugh and you feel their kisses all over your body.
Advent calendar masterlist
Masterlist –requests open– How to request?  Check out your score.
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nanaloco · 2 days
Mario Kart 10137.5
Warnings : MARIO KART (this story heavily describes a game they play of mario kart, howerver it's all in relation to HC and well, you :) alternating from game description to your reactions), slight swearing (like 2 words), hitting (with pillows😭), FLUFFFF, reader and Haechan bicker and joke a lot
Genre : Boyfriend!Haechan x semign!reader, Fluff (again), crack fic?
Word count: 1.32k
Get it! 10137.5! 101 cuz thats like the teaching number or something then its haechans viewer rating I'm so smart
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend Haechan got nintendo switches together and he's recently been obessed with Mario kart and you ,being his s/o , ooobviously have to play it with him.
The only problem is, you're absolutely terrible at it so he has to teach you how to play before he can even allow you to play with him and his friends (Johnny, Jisung and Jeno). You have no interest in playing with his gaming squad who's names all suspiciously begin with the letter J. But the main driving force which got you sitting on his bed with the controler( that he  bought for you for his house) in hand was the determination to beat him after you came 12th (last place) out of him and all the cpus (basically computer players, you play against but theyre not actual people).
Instead of him explaining to you all the controls and the game, he decided that the best way for you to learn was to throw you into the deepend on the fastest race mode with cpus. You two were going to play 12 matches, with the last one predetermined by Hyuck as 'rainbow road' (every mario kart players worst nightmare). You begin to choose your characters and haechan chooses Bowser because you said he looks ugly and scary. You choose Rosalina (because you have taste of course) and she was one of the only human characters available 😭😭
Hyuck starts the tournament and you two with all of the other cpus are all lined up in a straight line.
2! Haechan starts holing down one of the buttons on his controller
Everyone speeds off ahead of you leaving you in last place, in the first 5 seconds
'THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENCE WHAT' You exclaim already ready to quit the game, he leans over you to move your thumb over the A button on the right side of the controller and explains that you have to hold down A when it says 2! to in order to accelerate.
Out of rage you restart the game and you're back to the begining, but now you have that trick up your sleeve, nothing can stop you! 3, 2, you audibly press A, 1, GO! Now you're zooming off with everyone else and a victorious grin displays itself on your pretty face knocking Haechan from 1st to third cuz he's lowkey whipped for you as you chaotically purposefully bash into other cpus, you were 8th place making your way to the top ' I'm coming for you' you annouce which he just scoffs in reply.
A few miles ahead, there are these floating boxes which you avoid and run over the speed up as you think that they were something bad, only to see Haechan shoot right through it. Regardless, you were ahead of him. 'What's that' you ask as you see the wheel of different powerups spin at the top of his screen, it lands on a red shell 'wanna find out?' 'Go on then' you reply unimpressed. He makes his way over to you and throws the red shell which follows your kart until it hits your character and stops you in your tracks, taking you down four ranks in the leaderboard as the other players unnessicarily throttle themselves into your helpless character. 'WHAT WAS THAT FOR!' 'DID YOU NOT WANT TO SEE WHAT IT WAS' you roll your eyes but start grinning cheekily as you just recieved your powerup which was a green shell, you somehow caught up to him and threw it at his character only for it to bounce right off of a random object that was apart of the map and hit a player behind you. Your face filled with horror and dissapointment 'What the fuck was that' 'green shells go anywhere, only red shells target the person directly infront of you. ' 'all of these rules are pissing me off, what is this game' you say rolling your eyes in frustration while leaning your whole body into the screen to focus.
Haechan is back at first place and you hear an almost whistle noise as his character finishes the 3rd, final lap of that course, leaving you dumbfounded as bowser does a disgusting celebration animation around the track that Haechan replicates to get a reaction out of you. Which you retort by pushing his face away from you and starting the next match.
9 lost matches later, you've given up on winning through skill, you're willing to anything, absolutely anything to beat this jerk. You have to play dirty, super dirty. So, when the game starts, you ready one of Haechans pillows in your hand. 3! You smack him across the face with the fluffy pillow and almost like a movie feathers come out You quickly grab your controller and hold the A button to accelerate at 2!, 1! Haechan presses accelerate too late at GO! He's left in your dust, smoke coming out of his engine as he's stationary for 2 seconds for accelerating to late meanwhile, you're in steady 3th place. 'WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM' you stick your tongue out as you tokyo drift around the corner and secure 2rd place.
Climbing the ranks, you throw a red shell atthe cpu who was in 1st place making you! FIRST PLACE! With only a few seconds before your beautiful victory which was only 10 races late, this being your 11th. As the finish line is in sight, you're thinking about the funny annoying victory line you're going to scream in his face; 'maybe you could be better than me one day' no 'I was only warming up' no 'you're lucky I let you win, the first 10 matches'; when he lets out a small, evil chuckle. That wasn't a good sign, not from Hyuck.
He was in 2nd place right behind you and hadn't used his powerup from his mystery box yet, you just assumed it was something useless like a banana peel or something until, just as you're about to cross the finish line, you're character has this flying blue thing over her head and a loud warning siren is ringing through the speakers until a large blue cloud of an explosion engulfs your screen and the wicked laugh haechan had been hiding comes out in full fury. 'LEE HAECHAN' He's wiping a tear away from his eye as Bowser crosses the finish line doing that annoying animation which he soon copies in your face, pissing you off even further. 'Blue shells fly straight to the 1st person in the race regardless of what rank you are in! Har har har' he says in a mocking tone.
Consumed with genuine anger, you take it out on him by repeatedly hitting him with the pillow that was previously fired at his face, standing on your knees as he's curled up in a ball before finding his feet and grabbing another pillow, which basically turns into a pillow fight between the two of you. You grab two pillows and tightly shut your eyes as you windmill hit Haechan picturing bowser as you do so only until you notice you're not landing any hits. You squint your eye to see only a glimpse of him leaping at you with his arms reaching your middle until your head hits his bed. You're laying on your back with haechan ontop of you 'I didn't realise you'd actually get mad.' He says as he attempts to place wet kisses on your cheeks while you try to push him away 'GROSS HAECHAN' was all you could make out between your giggles, you couldn't be mad at him. "I'm sorrrrrrry" he coos "sorry for what" "sorry for being better at you in mario kart!" He beams as he starts doing bowsers dance again, recieving another pillow to the face.
--- 👾
Incase you want to know what Bowser winning animation I'm referring to, skip to 4:20 https://youtu.be/YXQCghEYzwk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fyi this is bowser lol
Thank you so much for reading ily!!!
I'm starting an @ mention list so lmk if you want to be included! 💕💕
Requests are open literally spam me!!
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127lty · 2 days
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭 - 𝐥. 𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐠
Tumblr media
post type: drabble pairing: service top!taeyong x fem!reader word count: 2,349
genre: smut themes: light humiliation, praise, begging, light spit play, light impact play, dirty talk
requested? y [𝐱] n[ ] by anonymous: 𝙷𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚘!! 𝙲𝚊𝚗 𝙸 𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚊 𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚋𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚢 𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝚝𝚘𝚙!𝚝𝚊𝚎𝚢𝚘𝚗𝚐?? 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞 🥺
m rated content below ! minors dni
he’s been begging you to let him eat you out for at least 10 minutes now, whining about just fingering you not being enough but you’ve told him to stop doing that, too, while you think about what you want to do next- he’s always made it clear that you’re the priority. what you want is what happens. he'll wait there all night for a command like a dog returning its stick, brimming with anticipation until its been thrown again, but never pushing for it to happen because that's considered bad behavior. plus, he looks so pretty just laying there for once and he sounds so sweet when he begs; there’s no reason to give in to any of his requests anytime soon. you like him just like this.
“not yet,” you coo, positioning yourself over his lower body as he asks again, running your fingers up and down his length but not giving him any real satisfaction or relief. he would say he only gets that from making you cum, anyway. and instead of making a big deal about how much you're teasing his dick, he's fussing over the fact that you're not accessible to him. his hands are reaching out for any part of you that they can touch, his fingers grazing your upper back and trying to be sensual about it as a shitty attempt to get you to give into his desire to touch you elsewhere because as much as he wants to in order to be seen as being good, he can't fully accept being under your control unless he's eliciting a pleasure response out of you. it's too bad that he doesn't have access to your most sensitive parts, otherwise you might give in more quickly. he's learned your body so well. sometimes, you do want to give into him as soon as he starts. but you find more pleasure in stringing him along. “please,” he whines, “want to make you feel good. i’ll be good. i’ll be so good.” “you always are, tae. such a good boy for me. but i want to have some fun with you first. is that okay?”
you know that he can’t take it for long. he’s never been able to. he’s always resorted to his role to stop himself from cumming before you do because he hates the selfish feeling that comes over him when he hasn’t prioritized your pleasure over his own. but you also know that he can't tell you no. “i’ll do whatever you want." you can hear it in his voice that he's torn. of course he didn’t say that it was okay. he doesn't want you to have fun with him like this. he wants you to have fun with him while he's the source of your enjoyment, while he's working to make it happen. he just wants to please you. that's all he ever wants. he loves the way you make him feel, but he loves making you feel good even more. in some ways, it's pitiful. you can't help but to love it anyway. “what should i do with you then?" you ask, looking up at him from below and letting a little bit of your drool coat his tip before you grip him more tightly. he doesn’t answer, but you watch his eyes flutter shut and his fingers finally separate from your skin, gripping the sheets as an alternative. "oh. that's right. you'll do whatever i want. those were your words." your hands continue working up and down his shaft for a while until you decide that his silence has lasted long enough. his eyes are squeezed shut and he’s biting his lip so hard that it might bleed but aside from one small whimper he couldn’t contain, it’s been quiet. “hm. i don't think i want to do that anymore,” you say, removing yourself from him entirely and rolling over to lay next to him instead, “just because you won't tell me what you want," you finish, exaggerating the distress in your voice as your finger traces his jaw while he catches his breath. you actually find it endearing how he won't even consider expressing what he might prefer. "you’re always looking out for me. maybe i want to do the same for you.” that's true. you do hope he'll let you someday, but in a more authentic way than could come from the way the two of you typically go about things.
“whatever you want. i’ll do whatever you want,” he whispers again. your thumb travels along his bottom lip as you think about how to respond. he's become a broken record at this point. he doesn't know how to do much except make you finish when he gets into these moods. you do want to take care of him, but you know that taking care of taeyong means letting him take care of you. you’re his purpose, his puzzle to solve. he looks pathetic when he’s being denied. it’s cute, sweet even, but you do have empathy, too, at least enough to find a happy medium.
“honestly, it’s no fun trying to get a rise out of you when i know that you’re at your most desperate when you’re between my legs humping the nearest pillow until i let you fuck me because you don’t want to come across as too needy.” he turns to look at you, unsure of how to respond. he’s so precious when he’s speechless. “instead of acting so helpless, why don't you tell me what you want to do to me?” you prompt. still nothing. “your imagination is so colorful. i'm sure you can come up with something." he's still collecting his thoughts. he's already told you what he wants. he wants to bury his face in you until your legs are shaking, but you've made it clear that it might not happen tonight. what can he ask for instead without seeming too demanding? "we got into this position by accident, didn’t we? you can never keep your hands to yourself. you couldn't help but to take it to the next level just because i kissed you; always trying to one-up me. all it takes for you to want to fuck me is my lips on yours. such a dirty boy. so desperate, too. but you always make it up to me when this happens. i’m sure you want to start over. do it right. you always want to do things 'right'. kiss me everywhere first. tell me how pretty i am. how you like this,” you say as you point to your mouth, “and this,” your neck, “and this,” now your tits, “and this,” your tummy, “and here, too,” you finish as your hand slides further down your body. taeyong always liked to take his time worshipping you before he ever did anything genuinely stimulating, to show his appreciation for you rather than seeming too eager or greedy. you couldn't help but to tease him, especially because his dick never cooperated with his calm, patient act, always so hard that it nearly laid flat against his stomach, dripping so much precum that you can never tell if it’s actually the real thing before he’d even actually touched you. and you were right. he did want that. he loved to make you feel special. he knew you liked it because of how your body always responded to the way his lips brushed against your skin as he told you he liked that part and the next one and the next one, too, even if you never admitted it.
“and then you want to eat me out. we’ve already been over that. have i ever mentioned that i think it’s so nice of you to do that even when all you really want is to be inside me?” “n-no,” he argues, “yes. want to fuck you, too. but i want to taste you first. please. i love the way you taste. i need to eat you out.” “i think we should skip that for today, yongie. i feel really empty. i need you to fix that,” you tell him. “but then i get to feel good, too,” he whines, “why can't i help you a few times? i'll take care of you all night." his pout almost makes you give in. “you’re so sweet, but i’m telling you i want you to fuck me. it’s not like you to not listen. this is the second time in a row. first, i ask you what i should do to you and you don’t answer and now this. if you’re not going to listen, i can wait until you’re ready to.” you can see the guilt flicker across his face as he realizes that you’re right. he’s not serving you the way he’s meant to. “i’m sorry. i’m so sorry. i’ll listen. i want you any way i can have you. i hate not being able to give you what you want,” he says as he props himself up on his elbow and tries to kiss you before you push him away and grab him by the jaw. “i want you to fuck me so hard that i can’t walk tomorrow. be rough with me. can you do that for me?” “i can do anything for you. please.” “i want to see you try,” you tell him. you know he struggles to commit to it. he loves when you’re rough with him, but he can’t wrap his head around being rough with you despite how good it makes you feel. it’s something the two of you have been working on since you’ve gotten together.
he’s off to a good start at first, when he slams into you so hard that you honestly do lose your footing for a moment- but all he’s really doing is the first thing you asked, fucking you hard and not really being rough. his eyes are glued on yours, his mouth sealed shut in concentration before you grab him by the back of the neck to pull him closer. “i need you to be rougher with me, taeyong. and don’t lose your focus just because you like it when i’m rough with you. all i did was touch your neck. i can take more than you can.” he nods, wrapping a hand around your throat before giving you a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss where so much spit is exchanged that you might have more of his in your mouth than your own. “wait. keep your mouth open,” he says. you don’t comply. “please?” he asks, and you do. you always entertain his requests when you're giving him a challenge. two of his fingers are there to gag you before you can gather a response, the rest of his hand holding your chin in place so he can keep you where he wants you. he lingers there for a bit while he pounds into you before he graces your cheek with a slap. it's a light one, but it’s the thought that counts. he gets cocky once he sees the grin he's able to produce out of you.
“kinda want you on your hands and knees,” he tells you. “ask politely.” “please get on your knees for me.” you always loved the contrast between his wannabe demanding actions and his polite, pleading words when he was trying to be this way with you. you follow his attempt at an order, arching your back the way you know he likes. you assume he won’t last much longer this way. his hand tangles itself in your hair while he fucks you from behind; you can feel your thighs growing weaker. “keep going, taeyong. your cock fills me up so well.” he doesn’t answer, instead moving his hand back to your neck again before trying to pull you upwards so that the two of you are in closer contact. you can feel him deflate a bit when you don’t let him, but he likes being denied of his preferences. he justifies it in his head by telling himself that what you want is in contrast with what he does. yours matter more. you can feel him begin to lose his rhythm. “what’s wrong?” “think i’m gonna cum,” he whines. “i want you to. before me tonight. only because you're doing so well; my perfect boy.” his thrusts are getting sloppier and he’s let go of your neck, both of his hands now lazily resting on your hips. “keep going, baby. i know you're tired of waiting.”
he is, but he'd never admit that. and he can’t finish because he never can before you, anyway, so he's able to contain himself for way longer than you anticipate. his hands have turned your ass into the brightest shade of red, there are light scratches gracing your back and torso; he’s been rough with you like you asked of him & before you know it, you’re about to finish instead. “am i doing okay?” he asks, a tinge of uncertainty in his voice. “s-so good. you're the only one who can make me feel like this. you work so hard for me,” you mumble, your face squished against the pillow before you. somewhere along the way, he had gotten you so fucked out that you had forgotten to continue giving him the praise he needed (and deserved, to be honest). “please don’t stop.” he doesn’t. his confidence and speed both grow with each and every sound that he musters out of you until he has you shaking, pulling away to avoid the overstimulation that would follow if you had allowed him to keep going. he smiles down at you when he realizes what he’s accomplished. “did i do okay?” he asks anyway, leaning down to try to kiss you . “you did alright,” you tease, pulling away from him like you had before and pushing him against the bed, "but you didn't cum yet. did i make you nervous?" "a little," he confesses. "let me help you. i'll do whatever you want."
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damuswan · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning. vanilla sex, dirty talk, pet name, big dick, short e song fic, cockwarming, fem reader, creampie, uso de ‘jae’ ‘linda’ e mais. . .
word count. 1.308K
• • •
Acordar depois de uma noite intensa repleta de carinho e de prazer te faz querer voltar à noite anterior para reviver a cada momento como se fosse o único novamente, seu homem é tudo, isso mesmo seu homem porque ele é apenas seu e ele é seu.
ele é seu canto de conforto, sua felicidade, sua paixão, a razão da sua existência, quando está entre seus braços e se sentir amada, cuidada e muitas outras coisas, ele te passa conforto, confiança e amor, se sentir feliz com coisas mínimas que nem um outro homem passará a você, porque você é exclusivamente dele, e isso é deixado claro nos toques, é isso que o Jung Yoon-oh passava pra você.
de frente para o homem agora de sente sortuda por tê-lo, ter um homem desses ao seu lado significa sorte, mesmo quando sua vida está indo por água abaixo Yoon-oh vai lá e levanta você, quando está com raiva e quer acabar com tudo, ele é quem te tira esses pensamentos da sua cabeça e fala que a única coisa que tem que passar por ele, é ele, apenas ele, amar Yoon-oh é a mais pura e doce melodia que existe.
sorri para o homem que estava em sua frente, fazia um carinho em seus cabelos enquanto via cada parte do corpo, era um corpo musculoso e delicado ao mesmo tempo, Yoon-oh é tão lindo quanto belo, deixou um beijo em seus lábios, continuava acariciando o rosto do homem. — “você é tão lindo, sabia?” falou pra si mesma, porém não esperou que o homem abrisse os olhos e mostrasse um sorriso lindo, o que resultou as suas covinhas aparecer. — “sabia sim…” falou. — “Yoon-oh… você quase me mata de susto!” o homem apenas continuou com o sorriso nos lábios. — “amo você também amor” o homem puxou você devagar até que você ficasse embaixo dele.
Yoon-oh segurou o seu rosto pra que você desse um beijo nele. — “você fica tão linda assim, as vezes prefiro quando está desse jeitinho, pelada” falou descendo o beijo pelo seu corpo. — “jae…” o homem olhou pra você com uma cara questionável. — “amor, não geme desse jeito pra mim… eu vou acabar deixando você de pernas bambas, hum?” abriu suas pernas, esse apelido que é o segundo nome do homem é proibido quando ele está sendo fofo com você, ao apenas da um beijinho na parte interna da sua coxa foi o suficiente pra ouvir um gemido manhoso sair de seus lábios, sorriu pra você antes de enfiar de vez a língua na sua boceta.
Jung Yoon-oh mordia, chupava e mordiscava seu clítoris, os movimentos giratórios focando sempre no seu ponto estava te levando à loucura e pra tudo melhorar o homem enfiava os dedos na sua boceta, os gemidos estavam cada vez mais altos. — “Yoon…oh” segurava a cabeça dele pra que fizesse do jeito que você queria, o homem que tinha as mãos em suas pernas segurando foi direto aos seus peitos apertando e beliscando o bico. — “amor” puxou os cabelos dele pra que ele fosse mais fundo, estava perto demais do seu próprio prazer, porém o homem saiu fazendo com que o seu olhar se apertasse.
— “não fique assim linda, só não quero que você goze na minha boca, quero que goze no meu pau… depois de chupar ele” ficou ao lado de seu rosto e você pôs a mão em cima do pau teso, passando a língua na ponta da glande avermelhada, descendo até o final do pau do homem molhando todo o pau. — “não brinca assim comigo linda, quero que enfie logo!” falou e o mesmo fez isso por você te fazendo engasgar. — “assim. gosto de ouvir os seus engasgo no meu pau” você desceu novamente arrancando gemidos do seu marido, descia e subia numa velocidade média, a ponta do nariz batia na virilha depilada do homem, passava a língua e voltava a chupalo como antes. — “isso amor, você é tão boa pra mim” gemia nas palavras, você olhava para ele com os olhos brilhantes, ele apenas limpava o seu rosto que molhava cada vez mais por causa das suas lágrimas, o que motivava ele é você conseguir ir até o fundo da sua garganta e voltar, o pau dele é grande, no começo você tinha dificuldades por estar nervosa e nunca ter feito isso com ninguém, Jung Yoon-oh ao ouvir isso saindo da sua boca te achou ainda mais interessante, gostava de ensinar e ficou feliz por você nunca ter feito. — “minha…” sorria para você.
começou a cavalgar no pau dele agora, Jung Yoon-oh segurava sua bunda e sua cintura pra te ajudar a se mexer, parecia que quem tava desesperada era você e não ele, o homem mordia os lábios quando você começou a ir mais rápido, fazendo a pele de vocês chocarem, a luz que entrava através da janela enorme de vidro iluminava o seu corpo, que se remexia desesperadamente. — “porra… garota você é muito gostosa” sorria gemendo cada vez mais, com a sua visão dele que não estava muito longe da sua, a luz da janela que refletia no rosto do homem mostrava a pupila dilatada e os olhos castanhos. — “… te amo” se inclinou e beijou os lábios rosados e cheios, Yoon-oh sorria e gemia quando você falava os ‘te amo’, era bonito quando saía de sua boca, todas as vezes, principalmente quando estavam fazendo algo sujo, você parou de cavalgar no pau do homem fazendo ele ficar irritado. — “mete você agora amor, estou cansada” falou manhosa saindo dele deitando de lado. — “como você quer?” perguntou. — “de ladinho amor!”
o homem se posicionou novamente na sua entrada, um outro gemido saiu de sua boca. — “shh… quero que fique quietinha” você mordeu os lábios. — “imagina se alguém visse que aquela mulher com pose de durona fica toda manhosinha quando leva pau?” o homem enfiava devagar, queria provocá-la. — “eu deveria tirar uma foto ou gravar como te deixo?” falou beijando seu pescoço. — “Yoon-oh, porra…” tentou não gemer. — “o que foi? eu acabo com você não é? tão linda.” segurou em seus os puxando para trás para que visse seu rosto, deixou um beijo no canto dos lábios. — “você é linda amor… tão linda, duvido existir alguém tão bonita, gostosa…” passou a língua e depois mordiscou seus lábios. — “e o principal… consegue aguentar o meu pau” limpava sua testa e pescoço que tinham resquício de suor. — “… tanto na boceta quanto nessa boquinha gostosa” suas bochechas começaram a ficar mais avermelhada. — “você fica linda, assim, tanto a luz da lua, como a luz do sol, cada toque me faz querer te dar o meu coração…” você sorriu para ele. — “eu nunca soube que o sol poderia segurar a lua com as mãos.” aquilo foi o suficiente para que ambos gozassem. — “eu te amo”.
⟣───────── ⟨ ⟡ ⟩ ─────────⟢
notas. gente, eu amo escrever com o Jaehyun assim, principalmente quando eu escrevo fluffy sex (nem sei se existe isso) ariana grande invadindo meus imagines dnv.
a minha cabeça criou que o Jaehyun é estilo bad boy e bravinho, o Yoon-oh (amo falar o nome dele, encher minha boca com esse nome lindo 😻) sério eu aaaaaah, pra mim ele é fofo, eu amo um homem assim, o bad boy é bom, mais o fofo ganha o meu coração inteiro(volta vida.
olha, espero que vocês tenham gostado do imagine, é um dos meus favs até agora, mas é isso, um beijo da maior reveluv do site :)
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127fans · 16 hours
haechan’s body hovering over yours, his hips rhythmically pounding in and out of you. moans and groans slipping from his lips because of how good you feel around him. his hair stuck to his forehead because he’s all sweaty.
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127tyong · 20 hours
hi !! can you please do one shots for jungwoo? 🥺
thank you so much !!
hi anon! i wasnt sure what u wanted so i wrote straight filth haha, hope u like it <3
Time Lapse
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungwoo X Reader
Genre: Smut, wtf is a plot, Established Relationship
Warnings: Overstimulation
Word Count: 1 k
Jungwoo’s arm was wrapped tightly around your waist as you slept. He watched as your chest rose and fell, and he unknowingly synced his breathing to yours. He brushed your stray hairs off your face.
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
Your phone's alarm woke you up on a Saturday morning.
“Mm, Jungwoo, get off me…” You mumbled, pushing the boy off you to turn off your alarm, hitting the button.
“Stay with me.” He grabbed your waist again. “You’re so warm.” He snuggled into your side.
You rolled your eyes. “Five more minutes, then I have to get ready.” You held his hand, playing with his digits.
“Spend today with me.” Jungwoo started to suck on your neck.
“Ugh, fine, fine.” You grabbed your phone and texted your friends a half-assed apology about how something came up and you’ll try to visit them later.
“Jungwoo, don’t give me a hickey!” You commanded. “I’m visiting my friends today!”
“You see them every week, spend today with me.” Jungwoo started to bite down, his voice whiny.
Jungwoo continued to sink his teeth into your shoulder and his hands freely roamed your chest, squeezing your breasts and trying to make your nipples hard. 
“We just woke up Jungwoo…” You stifled a moan, slamming your phone back on the dresser.
He grabbed your hand and rubbed it against his boner. “I’m already hard, baby. Always so fucking hard for you…”
You slid your hand under the waistband of his sweats and started to jerk him off. “Oh yeah?”
“Yeah baby… Just like that.” Jungwoo’s breathing staggered as he began to suck on your nipples, biting and pulling on them.
“Always so fucking needy in the morning.” You rubbed his tip, precum leaking onto your fingers.
“I always need you. Need you so fucking bad…” Jungwoo began to rub your clit through your panties, a wet spot forming. 
“So cute.” You moaned out, pulling on Jungwoo’s hair, licking his precum off your hand.
Jungwoo’s plump lips made contact with your lips, his tongue swirling around yours in your mouth.
You broke the kiss. “Hurry up and fuck me.” You slid off your panites and he took off his sweats. 
“I love it when you’re horny.” Jungwoo pulled you down, then spread your legs apart. “So wet just for me.” His tongue gently licked your clit, teasing you. 
“Just fuck me already.” You groaned, pulling on his hair.
“I wanna worship your body.” Jungwoo’s tongue made its way into your hole, swirling around. His hands roamed around your waist, hips, and hands, unable to find just one place to touch, needing to feel your entirety all the time. He kept teasing your clit with his finger, rubbing circles into it.
“Fuck… you…” You hissed out, unable to take the torment. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you…”
“Gonna cum… Jungwoo, so close…”
“I know, pretty.” Jungwoo kept eating you out, his tongue lapping up your creamy juices.
“Cum for me.” Jungwoo whispered.
You came on his tongue as he continued to eat you out, your body shaking. “Jungwoo… Too much…”
Jungwoo didn’t pay attention, as he continued to suck on your clit and his hands kept playing with your chest, his fingers flicking your nipples until they were hard.“So pretty, so, so pretty.” Jungwoo hummed against your thighs.
Your brain became fuzzy, only able to really think about Jungwoo’s lips and tongue. He was always too much when he ate you out, always had too much fun, always wanted more.
“Jungwoo…” You whimpered.
“Cum for me again.” Jungwoo mindlessly licked your clit, unknowing of what he was really doing to you, just wanting to take in your scent and taste.
You squeezed on Jungwoo’s head with your thighs, cumming. “Too much…” You cried out.
Jungwoo finally pulled away. “Stay still.” Jungwoo released you, lining up his tip on your clit, rubbing it with his dick. 
“Seriously, Jungwoo…” You cried out, overstimulated from his tongue, certain you looked like a mess.
Jungwoo looked at your cute facial expressions. Sweaty, your tongue stuck out, your eyes rolled back. He kissed your breast. “Now you’re the needy one.” Jungwoo suddenly slid his whole length into you.
You adjusted quickly to his size, his length being familiar to you. “Fucking finally.” Jungwoo clicked his tongue, then you slowly realized he wasn’t going to fuck you. “I hate you…”
“I’m gonna use you as my little cock sleeve.” Jungwoo held onto your hips. You could feel his cock twitching inside you, pulsating.
“Please fuck me… God, I really hate you…” You were already shaking from his tongue, and now you were begging for his dick…
Jungwoo grabbed your wrists and pinned your arms above your head. “Be a good girl. I don’t think you’re in the position to be telling me what to do.”
“Jungwoo!” You screamed out. “You’re going too fast!”
You bit your lip and nodded. “Of course, Jungwoo…”
Jungwoo laughed and began thrusting, gentle moans coming out of his mouth. “Always feel so good around my cock…”
“The face you make when you’re about to cum.” Jungwoo took the finger he was using to rub your clit and shoved it into your mouth. “I love when you drool for me.”
Jungwoo started rubbing your clit. “I love it when you make that facial expression.”
“Huh?” Your voice was high-pitched and breathy.
Your head rolled back as you sucked on Jungwoo’s fingers, not knowing what to say. Only being able to think about Jungwoo’s dick and fingers inside you, fucking you into a moaning mess.
“Such a good girl. Gonna cum in you.” Jungwoo’s thrusts became more unpredictable, as he began rubbing your clit again.
“Jungwoo! Cumming!” You screamed, climaxing.
Jungwoo slammed into you one last time as he filled you up with his warm cum, then pulled out and laid next to you again. “I love you.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your cheek.
“I love you too…” You rolled over to kiss him. “What would you like to do today?”
Jungwoo played with your hair. “I can certainly think of a few ways.” He began kissing your neck again.
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dimplesir · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
conteúdo: masturbação (masc.) , oral (masc.) , riding , sexo sem proteção (não façam hein) , breeding , chenle obediente (??? adoro)
Chenle se remexia levemente na cama. Algo incomodava seu sono. Ele abriu os olhos, despertando, e procurando o que foi que o atrapalhou. Você. Não parava quieta na cama e algo o chamou atenção. Você começou a gemer. A princípio eram apenas sons manhosos, mas logo o nome dele podia ser ouvido. Ele sorriu com o ego levemente amaciado, afinal, aquela era a primeira vez que presenciava algo do tipo. Era a primeira vez que dormiam juntos.
Sentindo o pau começando a dar sinais de vida, ele resolveu te acordar e, quem sabe, você o ajudasse. Se inclinou sobre você, alisando seu braço, beijou seu ombro e distribuiu selinhos por seu rosto. Ele chamava seu nome suavemente, não cessando as carícias. Você se moveu, sentindo os toques no corpo e os chamados. Não condiziam com o sonho. Abriu os olhos incomodada. Quem, em sã consciência, teria coragem de interromper seu sono?
— O que foi, Chenle? — perguntou assim que distinguiu quem era.
— Eu que te pergunto o que foi. — ele levou sua mão até o volume na bermuda. — Você tava aí, gemendo o meu nome toda manhosa. Não quer que eu acorde? Agora vai ter que me ajudar.
— Nem venha. Resolve sozinho. Eu tô com sono. — virou as costas para ele e passou as mãos no corpo. Estava quente pra cacete.
— Ótimo. Me acorda, deixa duro e não vai me dar nem uma mamadinha. Que delícia. — podia ouvir ele praguejando baixo enquanto se levantava.
Ele andou até o banheiro da suíte e se trancou por lá. Você até gostaria de ajudar, só estava envergonhada. Esperou um pouco e chegou perto da porta, porém, não conseguindo ouvir nada.
O que te impedia de bater à porta e ajudar seu namorado? Nada.
Levantando a mão para tocar, ouviu murmuros. Chenle parecia se divertir lá. Sentado na tampa da privada com a bermuda e a cueca abaixadas até caírem aos pés, subindo e descendo a mão esquerda pelo pau enquanto imaginava a namoradinha sonsa fazendo aquilo. Ele chamava seu nome suavemente enquanto apertava os olhos em deleite.
Ouviu toques na porta e um sorrisinho surgiu no rosto dele.
— Eu tô meio ocupado agora, gracinha. — continuou movimentando a mão, parando nas bolas e apertando.
— E vai continuar por muito mais tempo se não abrir essa porta e me deixar te ajudar.
— Agora 'cê quer ajudar, é?
— Chenle, abre essa merda.
Ele se levantou, jogando a bermuda pra escanteio e andou vagarosamente até a porta. Girou a chave e abriu, te vendo encostada na parede. Assim que os olhos bateram nele, desceram até o pau levantado. Inconscientemente, você mordeu os lábios, engolindo seco.
— Vai ficar aí me regulando mesmo?
— Senta ali e cala essa boca.
Você apontou pra cama e ele te obedeceu. Se sentou na ponta e esperou que fosse até ele. Te viu ajoelhar e abriu um pouco as pernas pra você se encaixar ali.
Levou a mão até o pau dele e começou os movimentos. Chenle apoiou os braços na cama, jogando o peso do tronco neles. Te observou minuciosamente. Cada detalhe, cada movimento. Trancou o maxilar quando você colocou a boca, colocando cada centímetro dele pra dentro até tocar sua garganta. Continuou naquilo, beijou, lambeu, chupou e sabia que ele não duraria tanto. Sugou a ponta mais uma vez e viu ele pender a cabeça para trás quando passou a língua na fenda.
Se levantou e tirou a calcinha, já molhada, e tratou de encaixar ele direitinho em ti. Chenle continuou na mesma posição, apenas apoiado e observando você. Esboçou alguma reação quando ergueu o corpo lentamente e desceu com força. Ele segurou sua cintura, apertando firme, até descer na bunda, aplicando mais força. Certamente ganharia uma decoração nova.
Você segurou o pescoço dele, afundando o rosto ali enquanto subia e descia em ritmo médio. Chenle começava a ficar impaciente. Porra, ele precisava tanto gozar logo.
— Amorzinho, segura firme, tá?
Você fez o que foi pedido e sentiu ser levantada com ele. Chenle te apoiou na parede, ao lado da porta do banheiro e te beijou, começando a se movimentar.
Ele ia forte, te fazer apertar os ombros dele, que também ficariam marcados. Ele escondeu o rosto no seu pescoço, mas, diferente de você, era pra marcar. Chupou, mordeu, lambeu. Era um ponto sensível, não tinha como negar. Seus gemidos aumentaram, ficaram mais finos e ele te sentiu apertando o pau dentro de ti. Não demorariam pra gozar, então ele aumentou a velocidade. Foi mais rápido, te fazendo gemer um pouco mais alto e morder o ombro dele para inibir os sons.
Um chorinho manhoso foi ouvido por ele quando você gozou. Chenle sorriu e estocou mais algumas vezes. Lento. Até ele também gozar.
— Se eu disser que quero mais, você aceita?
Você riu. Ele te deitou na cama e beijou seus lábios, prendendo suas mãos acima da cabeça e soltando um "hm? aceita vai". Fez charminho, beijou suas bochechas, até que você cedeu. Concordou e levantou a cabeça, mordendo o lábio dele.
curtinho e bem paia, mas é o que temos pra hoje :)
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ch3rryc4ndy · 3 days
Playing Dangerous
Relationship - Haechan & Sungchan X Fem Reader Bestfriends
Genre - smut
Summary - A movie night with your best friends turns into something you never exptected
Warnings - threesome, choking, spitting, smacking, unprotected sex, cussing, degrading, praising and semi jealousy?
Tumblr media
“Come and get the popcorn” I hear hyuck yell from the kitchen semi annoyed we were making him do the work “no you wanted to apologize for making me mad so you’ll do the work, me and sungchan will stay here” I coo as sungchan flips through the movie options.
“Rude” hyuck scoffs as he walks over to us arms full of snacks and drinks “thank you” I coo as a blow a kiss towards hyuck who’s now sitting on my left with sungchan on my right.
“So what are we watching tonight” sungchan hums as he reaches for some candy “I don’t mind, whatever you want” I shrug “fifty shades of grey?” Hyuck purrs from besides me “I want something interesting not boring” I sigh as I lean back onto the couch with an eye roll.
“Hey, it’s pretty good” sungchan replies as he lays back “I mean yeah it is but everyone is always hyping it up for the sex when it’s actually boring. There are only a few parts I genuinely like” I reply.
“After like how many years of us being friend’s you’ve never talked about what you like in bed” hyuck coos as he leans onto my shoulder “well why would I tell any of you what I like I already know you guys suck in bed” I chuckle “HEYY!” Both the boys yell with a semi angry look.
“And how would you know, remember the last time I slept with your friend she wouldn’t leave me alone,” sungchan says with his chest puffed out in confidence “yeah but that has nothing to do with you being good” I scoff “well she would beg to differ” he purrs.
“Remember that time when I came over to surprise you and you were using that toy of yours?” Hyuck cockily laughs “HYUCK I told you never to mention that EVER again” I smack him on the shoulder “WAIT WHAT?! How come you never told me” sungchans pouts.
“It’s none of your business” I roll my eyes “haechan shut it” I add pointing my finger at him as a threat as he stares back with a cocky grin “don’t be embarrassed y/n you sounded good when I heard you” he winks “oh fuck off” I whine as I bury myself in my hands.
“Ooo fuck” hyuck whines out mocking my moans and sungchan following behind him “you guys sound good too” I chuckle as I see them both moaning jokingly “you could actually hear me moan if you wanted you to know” haechan purrs as he drops his head onto my shoulder, followed by sungchan falling onto mine as well.
“Mine too” sungchan whines as he breathes onto my neck. I try and compose myself as I look to both my sides and see two of my best friends I would never admit I found attractive practically whining besides me. Fuck it, what’s the worst that can happen “And how could I do that” I purr as I rub my hands onto their thighs.
Both of them let out muffled moans as they both look at each other and nod “listen to us okay?” Hyuck purrs as he kisses my neck sloppily “this isn’t how I expected this to go” I chuckle as sungchan leans onto the armrest and pulls me in between his legs “do you want this?” He purrs into my ear making me shiver “yes” I whine as I feel hyucks fingers trailing up my thighs.
“Do you want me and hyuck to show you how wrong you are? Do you want us to prove you wrong?” Sungchan purrs as his hands grip my neck lightly “yes” I moan out as he pulls my head up to look at me “now look at hyuck and tell him what you want him to do” he hums as he pushes my head down to look at hyuck who had a smile plastered on his face.
“Gosh, you look so pretty all flustered” hyuck chuckles as he wraps my legs around his thighs “go on tell him” sungchan purrs as he pushes my face “anything you want” I smile coyly “you wanted this to happen, didn’t you? You want both of your best friends to fuck you don’t you?” He purrs as he raises an eyebrow.
I nod eagerly as I feel sungchans hands snake down my chest and pull my shirt off slowly as he nuzzles his face into my neck, sloppily kissing and sucking on my skin “I need words y/n” hyuck purrs as he smacks my inner thigh “yes I want it yes” I whine as the neediness takes over.
“Look at her sungchan, eyes closed shut and nails digging into your arms, she needs us doesn’t she?” Hyuck chuckles as he pulls my shorts down my legs “she does need us, don’t you sweetheart?” Sungchan coos as he rubs his hand onto my cheek, thumb rubbing onto my lips softly.
“Yea- yes I need both of you please” I whimper out onto sungchans arm as I squirm from hyucks kisses in between my thighs “stay still for him darling” sungchan coos onto my cheek as his legs trap mine under his. Hyuck pulls my panties down to my ankles, tucking them into his jacket “are you going to let me eat this pretty cunt of yours?” Hyuck purrs as he runs one finger down my slit.
“Yes” I moan out with a shiver as sungchan unwraps his legs from mine, hyuck wrapping my legs around his shoulders as his hands rest on my thighs “be as loud as you want” sungchan smiles as he unclips my bra and massages with my boobs.
“Fuckkk” I moan out as hyucks tongue runs up my slit and onto my clit, his puffy lips rubbing all over my cunt, sucking and slurping as if his life depended on it. “Hyuck was right you do sound pretty when you moan” sungchan chuckles as he lifts my head and kisses me sloppily.
My moans spilled into his mouth as I grip onto his arms “mmmh” hyuck hums as he loses himself in my cunt. My cries spill into sungchans mouth as I feel hyuck push two fingers inside me, pumping them in and out quickly “let it out baby, we got you” sungchan purrs as he pushes two fingers into my mouth.
I suck onto his fingers, biting them lightly as he pushes them deeper into my mouth, choking on them as he smiles at the sight of me choking on him “I- I’m go- cum” I whimper out, clenching around hyucks fingers as I shake uncontrollably “god you taste so sweet” he mumbles onto my cunt as he pulls back slowly, strings of my juices dripping down his chin as he licks his puffy lips clean of my cum.
“Gosh just imagine how good you’ll feel when we’re inside you if my fingers could barely fit” hyuck chuckles as he licks up my stomach and plants a hungry kiss onto my lips “now sungchans going to fuck this pretty cunt of yours while I fuck this pretty mouth ok?” He purrs as he kisses my cheek and gets off me.
Hyuck picks me up and takes me into my room with sungchan following close behind “lay down with your head off the bed sweetheart” hyuck coos as sungchan pulls his shirt over his head and drops his sweats onto the ground exposing his painfully hard cock. My legs rubbed together at the sight of sungchan hovering over me as he wrapped my legs around his waist.
“Glad hyuck warmed you up a bit” he purrs as he rubs his cock in between my folds, my head falling back to be faced with a naked hyuck who had that familiar smirk plastered on his face, agitating yet sexy.
“Open up for me” he purrs as he rubs his thumb onto my lips and spitting into my mouth “good girl” he smiles as he pulls my head back lightly and taps his tip onto my upper lip. Sungchans grip on my hips tightens as he slams into me roughly, a loud hiss from above me and the feeling of his cock filling me up making me moan.
My moan gets cut off by hyuck shoving his cock into my mouth, a loud moan escaping hyucks lips as my warm mouth takes him in fully. My eyes roll back as the feeling of both my best friends filling me up takes me into a different state of pleasure. “That’s it pretty girl” hyuck reassures me as he sees me struggling to take him as he hits the back of my throat “taking us so well” sungchan purrs as his hands run up and down my hips.
“Fuck just like that y/n” hyuck hisses as I twirl my tongue around his cock, my eyes watering and spit dripping down my chin as his eyes stay locked onto mine, a satisfied smile forming on his lips as he takes in the sight of his best friend choking on his cock.
Sungchans thrust get rougher as he pounds into me, filling the room with loud clapping, moaning, and gagging. My nails scratch down sungchans arms as the feeling of him slipping in and out of me starts to make a familiar knot form in my stomach.
I whine onto hyucks cock as I feel my orgasm about it hit “take it like a good girl” hyuck pants as I see his eyebrows start to furrow and his mouth form an O. I grip sungchans arms as I shake under him, riding out my orgasm as hyuck makes sure I continue to gag on him through my orgasm. Seconds later my name spills out of hyucks mouth as I feel him burst inside my mouth, his warm seed hitting the back of my throat as he fucked my mouth “shit y/n” he pants as he pulls out, my eyes still rolled back from sungchans constant pounding.
“Now swallow for me” he cooed as he leans down and kisses my cheek. I nod weakly as I swallow and smile slightly as he looks at me in awe. “Now you're going to let sungchan fill that pretty pussy with his cum okay? You're doing such a good job for us” he purrs as he kneels and holds me in place as the overstimulation is making me squirm.
“You can do it” hyuck coos as I look at sungchan, my brain fuzzy and unable to form a word “shittt” sungchan whimpers as he fills me up, his thrust not slowing as I hear my wetness grow louder from the constant fucking. A squeal escaped my mouth as I clench around him yet again, low chuckles can be heard from both of the men as they watch me in my fucked out state.
Sungchans pulls out slowly as he watching the strings of our cum spill out of me as they coat his cock “I haven’t gotten a chance to fill that pretty pussy of yours with my cum, are you going to let me fill you up after he just finished?” Hyuck smiles as he climbs on top of me “yes” I reply groggily as sungchan now stands where hyuck was standing “didn’t you say we’d suck in bed?” Sungchan scoffs as he runs his hands through my hair.
I shake my head weakly as I look up at sungchan who has an accomplished smile on his face “maybe I shouldn’t fuck you, you did say we’d both suck” hyuck adds as he sits back making me whine. “Please” I beg as I squirm under him and spread my legs wider “god your such a whore, you really want both your best friends to cum in you? Imagine what everyone would say if they knew” hyuck chuckles.
“What do you think people would say sungchan?” He smiles as he snakes his fingers onto my cunt, slowly rubbing through my puffy wet folds “they’d all hope to get a chance to be in our position wouldn’t they? Their pretty best friend letting them use her like a toy” he purrs into my ear.
“Do you want hyuck to fuck you?” Sungchan hums as he pushes my head up to look at hyuck. I nod weakly as I look into his eyes “tell him that for me darling, I know he’s been dying to hear it for a while” sungchan whispers into my ear making me squirm “fuck me hyuck, I need to feel you” I whine.
“You can do better than that” sungchan adds as I stare into hyucks lust filled eyes “fill me up hyuck please I need it please” I hiss out as sungchan runs his fingers down my cheek “you're almost there, almost got him” sungchan hums “hyuck please I need to feel you cum in me just for you to fuck it out of me and make me yours” I whine “and you’ve got him” sungchan chuckles as he kisses my cheek.
Hyucks eyes grow dark as he pulls my legs around his waist and thrusts into me roughly “shi-“ hyuck hisses as he takes in the warmth and wetness of my cunt, his pace quickens as the sounds of my wetness makes him needier. My eyes rolling back as I feel him stretch me out wider than I’ve ever been “you love this don’t you, feeling me fuck you like this. I’ve been thinking of this for so l- long” hyuck moans as he lifts my leg onto his chest, angling me wider for his use.
“I told you” sungchan smiles onto my cheek as he whispers praises into my ear. My hands try and cling onto anything they could whether that be sungchans arms or haechans hands, my mind in complete bliss as I feel my wetness cover hyucks thighs with each hard thrust. I feel my high reaching yet again as hyucks hand snakes down to my clit, rubbing large circles onto my soaked cunt as he took in the sight in front of him.
He completely forgot sungchan was there, the overwhelming sensation of my cunt squeezing around him making him forget about anything other than me and him. Mascara ran down my cheeks and legs covered in all 3 of our juices making him smile. My walls squeeze his cock, my orgasm hitting harder than the last as I hear hyucks low whimpers from above getting to me.
“Hyuckkkk” I cry out in ecstasy as he continues to fuck me through my orgasm and his pace on my clit not stopping. I shake under him, my legs closing slightly as sungchan smacks my “legs open” he demands watching my face contort from pain to pleasure as the smack takes me by surprise.
“Again” I whimper out as the tingling on my face makes me want more “more what sweetheart?” He smiles “hit me” I whine out causing both the men to chuckle yet again “gosh you are a whore” hyuck moans as sungchan runs his fingers through my hair “I don’t hit unless you deserve darling” he coos as he grips my face to his “but he does” he whispers “make him mad” sungchan adds with a smile.
Confusion fills me as I try and process what he just said to make sense from the dizziness of the overstimulation “moan my name out instead of his” sungchan smiles as he whispers quietly. “Sungchann” I whine out as I hear sungchan chuckle from behind “I’m the one fucking you” hyuck scoffs as he smacks me across the face making me whimper from his cold rings hitting my skin.
“Fuckkk” I whine out as his hand snakes onto my neck, gripping tightly as he drops my leg to his waist and grips my neck with both his hands, pounding into me harder than before “when I’m fucking you only my name can leave that pretty mouth” he scoffs as no thoughts can form inside my head. His thrusts get sloppier as my nails dig into his arms, piercing his skin and causing him to moan from the sensation.
“Hyuck i- c-“I whine out as I shake yet again, exhausted from the constant orgasms. “That’s it” he smiles as he thrusts once more, filling me up with his seed as he covers my mouth to silence my loud cries “take it like a good girl, just for me” he purrs as he continues his thrusts. My legs soaked in our juices as he whimpers and moans with each thrust “so fucken pretty for me” he cooed as his pace slows.
Hyuck pulls out slowly as he drops to my chest. My hands automatically tangle into his hair as we both catch our breaths. “Well that was something to watch” sungchan chuckles as he lays back on my chair “I can tell you needed it more than me” he adds. “Shut up” hyuck scoffs as he gets off me and sungchan stands up from the chair “you okay?” They both ask as they sit next to me.
I lay on the bed with my mouth slightly open and my legs spread as I feel hyucks cum dripping out of me “yeah” I nod weakly as I blink slowly, my brain still fuzzy from the overstimulation and back-to-back orgasms. “We broke her didn’t we” sungchan laughs “we did” hyuck chuckles as he rubs my thigh “let’s get you cleaned up” he smiles as sungchan pulls me to the edge of the bed.
“Ok so who fucked you the best?” Both of them ask in unison.
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thetypingpup · 7 hours
Let's talk about the certified munches: chan and haechan taking turns sucking on your p*ssy! ugh, their dynamic is so identical yet distinct but the way their tounges swirl and meet in the middle to eat you up lets you know that all they care about is making you cum over and over and over again. haechan is of course in the back, he loves gripping your ass, teasing that tight little hole, and chan adores your tits, tugging on your nipples and sucking hard on your clit. when they're done making you sweat they just have to share a few kisses, sucking on each other's tongues then letting you have a taste of course cause you all love the taste of your sweet, tangy cunt 🥹
The way I would've never thought to put these two together, but this combo sounds perfect. Both of them would just be brimming with energy, even as everything is glazed over with a lethargic haze. Imagine being between them, feeling the heat rise as their hot mouths lave all over your pussy. Greedy laps of tongues and presses of lips stimulate you, making you grab onto the cushion of the couch for purchase. Pleasure thrums through you as their tongues sweep over your clit, keeping you fully immersed in bliss. Their hands only add to the experience. The way Chan fondles your breasts, the way Haechan gropes your ass, only accentuates the pleasure you feel.
"Fuck, she tastes so good." Haechan groans, eyes rolling back as the sweet tang of your essence settles on his tongue.
"So fucking good." Chan concurs, tongue instantly circling your clit once more.
Ecstasy crests in waves the longer you’re submerged in sensations. Your moans are easily louder than the soft music playing in the background, and they follow the tune of your sounds of pleasure instead of whatever’s playing from the bluetooth speaker. Every time Haechan grabs you to pull you closer, Chan makes it a point to press his face in deeper, and suck on your clit with enough intensity to make you squeal. It’s easy to bring you to the edge like this, when your body is already alight with ecstasy and sensitive to their every touch. You cum, right against their mouths, your entrance quivering as they both lap up the release that spills from your centre. 
The kisses they share are little more than lewd presses of lips between broad sweeps of tongue. Moans emit from the two of them, low and resonate, as they exchange the flavor of your release between them. Just as quickly as their mouths meet, their mouths part, and they dive back in to get more to taste. You lie in bliss as they make you cum over and over, all the while they keep sharing you between them.
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onyourhyuck · 3 days
Oops! I Did It Again. | Huang Renjun. (M)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prologue- “I’m sorry but you’re a player. I’m not falling for it again.” + “Come on baby. You can do it again. Three times a charm.”
summary: you’re a popular player at your university. You catch people like they are pokemons. Huang Renjun fell at your demise twice but he is telling himself he won’t go back to you for a third time. That’s what they all say however…
the warnings: player!fem reader x Huang Renjun. smut and suggestive. this relationship is typical friends with benefits that’s on and off. reader and renjun have a sorta toxic dynamic (fr red flags together). grinding. sex on top of their car(?) in an empty parking lot.
the notes- inspired by Britney Spears Oops I did it again.
renjun was done with your excessive player tactics that leave him high and then you leave him low to dry. one day you’re so in love with him and the next day you are back to your usual routine. pulling people around place to place by strings as if they were your own little brand puppets. well renjun is most definitely not going to let you use him like this. no way in hell. you can continue dreaming about it but it will never happen. that’s what he told himself. But his best friend, Chenle, thinks otherwise.
He grits his teeth as he squeezes the pen in between the two fingers watching you come forward slowly with a wide smirk and a lollipop stuck on your cherry red lips. those same devilish lips were round his cock two days ago, they should’ve stayed on there considering he’s about to be your victim now. Chenle bellows. “That is my cue to leave man. Good luck. You’re probably going to end up hooking up with her again.” The blonde heavily emphasis on it.
Renjun turns around side-glaring his beautiful doe-Iris at the boy. “I won’t hook up with her again.” he hiss.
“that’s what you said the second time.” chenle sang walking away from the dark and empty parking lot with no car but renjun’s red mercedes. the car is the old version from the 90s; vintage and aesthetically pleasing in the 21st century. now that you two were alone you lean on the car pushing one hand around renjun who was leaning on the door. your face barely giving him space and the sweet favourable raspberry lollipop makes a satisfying small but clear ‘pop’ in between your lips. With a deep sigh you tilt your head cutely.
he hates how attractive you are. Your magnetic field has no reason to be this radiant where he can only see and think of you wherever he goes. The way those denim blow shorts rest upon your figure so nicely, fitting your round ass and the curve thin waist with your little heart shape belly piercing out; the open white shirt sleeves rolling up on the forearms and the white tank top revealing the cleavage blocking renjun’s sight makes it awfully hard to parry out of sight. the way your arms block him from exiting the small space your arms gave him where so you can lean with your intimidating flirtatious man-eater eyes laying upon him as if he were your one and only prey. in all honesty, he were your favourite. You love the power he gives over your when you darn well about the way you make him head over heels. The charge he gives you so submissively but at the same time he was hard to tame down too. there is no doubt you were hard to obtain and get because of how much your dating lifestyle differs from setting down but renjun wasn’t clinging on you. he wasn’t expecting anything less than one night stand. even though he’s practically in love with you, you’re using him till he can’t give out more— . This makes renjun different from the other people you slept with.
he isn’t easy. You love challenges. You’re back for more until he breaks down and Renjun knows. He rolls his eyes to the side at the momentarily silence. “What do you want y/n?” You only smirk at him. “I want you babe.”
“Very funny.” Renjun pushes your two arms back to you and off the car. You lick the lollipop as you trail softly, watching the car.
“Go to your other hoes. You seem to never run out of them.” He said shading past you as you smile only at those pathetically pity words ; oh how cute renjun is when he sulks and pretends he isn’t hurt by your lifestyle. you can only lean on the front of the car where you follow him.
You sneakily add with a wink hitting him. “You are my favourite hoe, injun.” renjun couldn’t lie when his nickname rolls out your lips like a melodic song— changing the subject he murmurs lowly. “don’t call me that.” he throws.
You turn around looking at him with blank eyes, questioning what he had said. renjun looks back at you with careful eyes watching yours, trying the best to not sail and get lost in those ocean eyes. “You can’t call me injun. Only friends call me that.”
“ouch so cold hearted baby. two days ago i was allowed to scream your name so loud my neighbours know you. they haven’t even met you.” you point out bringing the both of you to reminisce the lovely night you spend with him for the second time, the night he cannot forget no matter how much he tried to. a reddish colour tints his cheeks and you grin ear to ear as those round brown eyes staring into yours widen in shock. “Remember now? our beautiful night we spent together. God i can’t forget that. the way you were moaning my name all night long, kissing each other.” you trail listing all sorts of dirty things you’ve done together that might. The way you tied him up and edged him for hours. his body shivers when you lean closer bringing your lips close to his but renjun was quick to snap out of it.
he moves away as he lets out a big deeply sigh. he looks back at you with hateful eyes but something on them were still love. “I’m sorry but you’re a player. I’m not falling for it again.” He strictly bellows at you with a belittle tone enough to make you feel more adrenaline and rush to prove him wrong . He thinks he can restrain himself? He could barely do it two days ago and four days ago where your first time together happened. What’s he so sure about the third? you can’t wait to break down his spirit. Your hands reach over cupping his face so lovingly, the way your touch melts him like he were an ice cream on a hot summer day was inane.
Your voice seductively touches the tip of his trembling heart at your service. You just have to play your strings there and there and he will be running to you. Chasing you. “Come on baby. You can do it again. Three times a charm.” You were so quickly witty. Renjun felt himself move forward as you pulled away suddenly.
He can’t stay away from you. He can’t forget you. He cannot get enough of you; at this point is he even human? Or is he only your favourite boy toy? As much as that sounds like heaven to renjun, he knows how his feelings play a big role on your advantage. But he can’t help but fall in a little deeper and wanting to indulge. He’s wishing to go back. His mind , heart, body , spirit all of them want to crawl back right at you.
Renjun saw your back turn to him when you start to walk away from the car entirely. In your head there was a five second count down; 1. 2. 3. 4… and 5. On the final number a hand reaches to grab on your wrist pulling your body down on the car bonnet, lifting your perky ass on top of the vehicle he has your legs straddling his waist as he practically moans when reaching to roughly kiss you. You were so right, in less than five seconds he was dragging you back. Back to him. He crawled to you again. For the third time. In the never endless cycle of toxicity between you two it made yourself and him indulge proudly. Your skin on skin contact casts shivers and the rough wind brushing behind yours back only enhance the pleasure and adrenaline quickly.
Grinding on your core. Renjun was desperately finding a way to create fiction. You let out a sultry chuckle watching the boy whine a grunt.
“You’re so pathetic. Rejecting me and then running right back up.” You whisper to him and he looks at you with an embarrassed expression. “You’re one to talk y/n. You don’t fuck with the same people more than once. So why me?”
Silence engulfs your two before your scrunch and furrow your eyebrows together. Grabbing his shirt roughly pulling him forward where you kiss those lips so deep it makes them swollen and red. You couldn’t help but feel angry for being called out, because it is true. You just hoped he didn’t notice. You don’t know why you’re always coming back for more but nevertheless, he was your favourite so perhaps that’s why. You pull away. String saliva connecting you and Renjun who were lost and drunk on your sex completely, you push him on top where you are on his lap straddling it with a direct grind between your entrance and his harden crotch. Soft moans linger into the air. He can’t believe he is going to fuck you out into the open on top of his car— and where any car can come in this parking lot.
“Just shut up and let me fuck you while you sit still and look pretty hm?”
It’s risky. But so are you. Renjun is aware what he brought upon himself and now the consequences to this will hit him in the morning.
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ncteez · 3 months
Pretty Boy. (m.l)
Tumblr media
Mark’s favorite thing to do is sit alone at the library and enjoy the knowledge that his university offers. In contrast, your favorite thing to do is go to parties and enjoy as much chaos as possible. However, upon realizing your grades have dropped drastically due to this lifestyle, you have no choice but to approach Mark for help. 
or the one where your new favorite thing to do is seduce the most inexperienced man you’ve ever met and watch how desperate he gets for you. 
ao3 | m.list | minors dni! | if you read it, reblog it. 
wordcount― 9.3k
pairing― mark lee x fem reader
content― shy and needy mark, openminded and playful reader, college au, the majority of this is smut, mark has a thing for girls who look exhausted from studying
note― just wanted…no, needed, to write mark being totally hypnotized by someone wanting him between their legs for once.This is not proofread as i’ve given up on using a beta. 
smut tags under cut:
smut tags― mark is...big. he is also a pervert and smells ur towel lmao, mentions of food and detailed popsicle eating,  reader is very vocal and talkative, slight  use of the pet name “baby” and “pretty”, a lot of cum, cream pie, unprotected sex, mention of bc pills, mark has a huge cock and he didn’t even know it, inexperienced mark, experienced reader, finger sucking, nipple sucking, grinding, oral (f receiving) , mark gets on his knees, making out, sex on a table
             It wasn’t shocking that you were failing but it was shocking that not a single one of your friends was failing with you. They somehow managed to keep their grades up while partying as often as possible. You don’t know how the hell they did it and you also don’t know why the hell they refuse to help you study now that they’ve seen your failure.
            Not the greatest friends, you think. They won’t help you study because they only have time to study their own classes and to continue partying without you. You knew you had to come to terms eventually that these people aren’t your friends. They’re just people to party with, people to have fun with, and apparently, people that will watch you struggle.
            It’s frustrating to walk home from classes by the run-down houses with booming music already playing. Without fail, every time, you wish you could be attending instead of studying. It’s even more annoying when you give up on your studies because you’re just not fucking getting it, and you probably would be fucking getting it if you were at a party talking to potential boyfriends or fuckbuddies. 
             Fairness in the world is so hard to grasp. Someone else always has it, but never you. The worst part about all of this is that you’re very aware of how lucky you actually are, you wasted away in college and allowed yourself to get this low simply because you were lucky enough to be well-liked. You prioritized the pointless things over the important things, and now you’re suffering for it. Complaining that you can’t attend parties, looking like a bore to your friends who pity you and are embarrassed by you for not being able to multi-task like everyone else.
            That’s right. You can’t party and study like everyone else, so maybe now it’s time to focus on the task you’d pushed aside for so long.
             You don’t know Mark past the fact that he is in at least three of your classes, extremely quiet, and constantly in the library when you pass by to leave the campus. You’re a little bit ashamed to admit that the majority of people you are well-liked by are the people who are ignoring you right now. The only choice you have is to find someone that can help you catch up on all of the studies you’d blatantly abandoned. You could go through the student center and “officially” attend tutoring sessions with someone who would likely scoff at you for not getting it, or you could find someone of your own choice to help you. 
            That’s the only reason Mark comes to mind. Again, he is in three of the four of your classes. Every semester, without fail, you’ll look for your name on the dean’s list knowing that it’ll never show up, but you have seen Mark’s name on that list more times than you care to remember. 
            Mark knows of you as well. The girl who cut in front of him in the cafeteria to grab coffee with her large group of friends, making him ten minutes late to being early for his class. The girl who loudly slammed a book down in the library, the girl who came into class stumbling and giggling with one of the guys, clearly still tipsy from the night before. 
            You were everything that Mark isn’t. You were everything he avoids when accepting friends into his life, and his interest in you didn’t really go past the point of having a stubborn, pretty girl, to look at. He is a man after all. A man who is finally away from home, surrounded by hormonal women and men who can’t see past their brain fog of sexual fantasies in class. 
            Mark has those fantasies too, but it isn’t his focus. He is dead set on being a top student, one that people recognize on the academic end rather than the partying end of it all. So, here he is, sitting with his nose in a book, glasses sliding down every few minutes as he munches on a pack of crackers. He’s been here for three hours already and finds comfort in the silence of the library. It’s such a vast place with so many corners to hide in if someone were to come and disturb his peace. Today was like any other Friday, where few students choose to study and instead opt for one of the various frat parties or bar hops. 
            You wish you could be one of those people, truly, but instead, you’re making your way to the Library in search of Mark. The one student who you assume may actually take you up on the offer of study sessions. You imagine his shocked face when you sit in front of him, and you try your best not to imagine a look of disgust rather than approval. Needing Mark now, for the first time in your life, more than ever. His knowledge of the three out of four classes you have will surely work wonders on your GPA, you will probably have to admit how much you’d be relying on him to accept your offer.
      The library is so deafeningly silent when you walk in. You can’t hear even the slightest of a whisper as you walk around and peek into the many empty study rooms and cubicles. After several minutes of searching, the anxiety bubbles up inside of you. What if he decided to do something else? Of all days? The one day where he is needed to be studying? 
     Just as you turn to leave, ignoring the entire second floor of the library, you nearly walk straight into him. And by ‘nearly’ you actually walk directly into him. 
     Books clattering to the floor, Mark sighs as he looks down without making eye contact with you. It’s not the first time he’s been walked into and it probably won’t be the last. He is forever wishing that people could just watch where the fuck they’re going. 
“Hey, I’m sorry–” You go to say as you lean down to help him pick up his books, he still doesn’t look at you and you note the AirPods in his ears. 
            When he does take note of another person helping him retrieve his things, he looks up. You’re not shocked that all he does is nod at you when he takes the book from your hands and makes his way back towards his study space. 
            In an awkward way, you follow him. You feel dumb and kind of lost in this world of books and good student(s). Up the stairs, towards the floor you’d not even bothered to check, Mark unintentionally leads you to his little corner that already has papers and books laid out. 
            You swallow hard when he takes his seat and looks up to see that you had followed him. Mark is quick to swipe one of his AirPods from his ears and you can kind of tell that he instantly went from relaxed to nervous.
“Uh–” You look around, feeling awkward standing there. “I was looking for you.” 
“Me?” Mark questions with a soured look on his face. He doesn’t really do it intentionally, it’s just, like, why are you looking for him? “Why?”
“Okay, just hear me out.” You start, taking a few steps forward and inviting yourself to sit at his table. There is absolutely no arm space on this side, but that doesn’t entirely matter. You begin your pitch.
“I know it’s kind of weird, but, I’m failing.”
“That’s not weird.” Mark mocks, shaking his head and moving to put his airpod back in his ear.
“Wait! Just, please hear me out.” You ask, a little frustrated that he’s already refusing to help you.
            He looks around and then lets out a deep sigh. Rubbing his temples, he nods.
“I know we aren’t the type to like, help each other or whatever– but I’ve asked all of my friends, and they kind of blacklisted me…you were my last resort, I swear.” You say, pleading with your eyes. “Can you please just help me study for like, a day a week?”
            His body is stiff and his face is unimpressed by your pitch. 
“An hour a week?” You adjust, clapping your hands together to plead even harder. You very nearly start to grovel on the ground before him. “Mark, please. I need to get my grades up.” 
“If you had just given yourself a day a week, you wouldn’t have to be asking someone you’ve never even spoken with to help you study.” Mark comments, still mocking and appearing a bit cocky at the sudden power he’s been given. “How many classes are you failing?”
“I’m failing three classes and have a C in another…” You shamefully admit. “Just an hour a day, please.”
            Mark eyes you over, shifting a bit in his seat before letting out another sigh. 
“Finals are barely a month away.”
“I know! I’ve already got extra credit lined up so I can at least get my grades up a letter but– I,” You look down, more shamed than before.
“You don’t know how to do the extra credit.” Mark finishes for you and is, for some reason, shocked when you nod. 
            He can see the panic in your eyes, and he noticed for the past week that you’d been looking incredibly tired around campus. Not the hung-over type of tired either. He noticed you move your seat closer to the front in one of the classes and even noted that you’re actually taking notes during your time spent there. Maybe he should help you out. If not for the fact that you genuinely seem to need it, but also maybe because he’s like, incredibly aware that he is attracted to you. He always has been.
“Okay, you can come study with me whenever you want then. I usually study here because I have a roommate who isn’t the quietest person in the world–” He goes to explain. 
“I have an entire apartment to myself, you can come study at my place. Really, I’ll make food and everything.” You panic, still trying to sell the idea despite him already accepting your offer. 
            Mark is a little shocked and offended that you have your own apartment, and yet you’re failing your classes. No way in hell are you paying for that yourself. This only prompts him to want to help more. Because? An entire apartment to study in? Where a pretty girl makes his food? 
“Okay, that can work. What days and times can I be over?” Mark questions, noting the three shared classes and the one other you’ll probably need help with. He hopes he’s already taken the outlier class, otherwise he won’t be much help in that regard. 
“You can walk home with me after those classes if you want, and we can study until you’re ready to leave?” You offer. “I mean, it doesn’t have to be every day, but–”
“We can meet up after every class and decide if you want to study or not.” Mark finishes for you yet again, and you nod with a smile. 
“What’s your favorite food?” You ask, wanting to make a mental note of keeping your end of the bargain. 
            Mark thinks hard at that because being put on the spot like this makes answering any question a bit difficult. 
“Here,” You hold out your phone. “Put your number in and you can think about it. I’ll text you so you have mine.” You can’t wipe the smile off of your face, the anxiety is practically dissolving from your body at the very idea of someone being willing to help you in the comfort of your own apartment.
            He, on the other hand, is a bit more anxious now. He realizes that now, he’s going to be studying with you. A girl who had never even looked at him twice during the semesters you’ve shared classes. He’s putting his number into your phone, and you’re going to be texting him, and spending time with him instead of going to the parties that he’s never invited to. 
“I’ll see you on Monday?” You ask, sending a quick text to him so that he can save your number. He nods and looks down at his books. “Don’t forget to text me what you want to eat, okay?”
            He nods again as you stand to walk away. He watches you and notes the little bounce in your step when you round the corner. 
            Slamming his head on the desk, he, much like you, cannot stop smiling. All thoughts of studying for the remainder of the night left his head and were replaced with his new study schedule. He thinks he will try and take it easy this weekend, specifically so he is mentally prepared. He’s only talked to you for a total of fourteen minutes and he’s already lost his ability to study and think clearly. 
If he’s lucky, the two of you will pass this semester with flying colors. There’s still that tiny part of him though, that wonders if maybe you’d find interest in him, and maybe he will fail the semester with you because, honestly, you are so distracting.
             On Monday, you sat up straight in class while eyeing the back of Mark’s head most of the time, out of preparing yourself for when he makes a break for it. He hasn’t even texted you what he wanted to eat today, and part of you wonders if he went back on his promise to you. Not that it was much of a promise in the first place.
            He was a little shocked that you weren’t the first out of the room once everyone wrapped up. It was common for you to leave mid-way through class or be the first one out the door. Instead, today, you stood there awkwardly looking at him as the room continued to empty. 
            Mark nods your way as if to beckon you towards him. 
“You’re still wanting to study today?” He asks with a brow raised in surprise. All weekend he had thought about it. Thought about the possibility of it just being a joke to you, or maybe that you’d change your mind and allow yourself to flunk out like you already had been doing. His heart kind of jumped a bit noticing you looking at him. 
“Yeah? Wasn’t that the plan?” You ask, nudging him a bit once you get up beside him. “You didn’t text me what you wanted to eat so you’re just gonna have to eat whatever I have in the fridge.”
            Mark nods, opting to stay silent at this moment. He’s going home with you. He’s going to be seen on campus walking home with you. He’s not the sort to want attention, but this situation feels dangerously attractive to him. Especially when he takes note of how you’re probably going to look all. . . at home in your apartment. Like he gets to be in your space teaching you things that you should have already known. 
            It all shouldn’t be so exciting. After all, his days are filled with the typical boring sessions of reading, writing, noting, and memorizing. It is exciting for him though. Never has he studied with someone like you, or really even gotten to talk to someone that most of the men speak to, the unreachable men. You’re one of the unreachable women on campus, he thinks. The ones with standards based on fun, attractiveness, and chaos rather than charisma, personality, and knowledge. It’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing for Mark, he thinks. 
“Okay, so...” Mark drones out, avoiding eye contact with you as he packs things into his ratty backpack. “I’m not super hungry right now but–  we are going to your place right?”
            You nod with a smile, grabbing his hand as soon as he throws his backpack on. It isn’t intimate to you, but for him, it’s…something. Holding his hand is reserved for intimate relationships with family or girlfriends. He doesn’t hold hands. He’s never really gotten the chance to hold someone’s hand past his little cousin when they were crossing the street last summer. Not since high school anyway. He can’t help but buckle in on himself in a shy sort of way as you lead him from the room and out of the building. 
            You’re rambling about all of the things you need to study. All of the snacks you could offer to him. All of the hours you wish you hadn’t wasted partying, yet, all he’s thinking about is how warm your hand feels in his. You seem to be a natural at talking to people. Touching them without a single worry in the world, it’s kind of nice, he thinks. The fact that you aren’t ashamed to be seen together with him, heading towards the place you sleep. Sometimes Mark forgets that this is college. No one actually cares who is hanging out with who unless they are in the middle of a raunchy frat party, seeing their love interest getting fucked against a dirty bathroom counter. 
            He smiles to himself as he finally catches up to you and allows you to stop dragging him around. He keeps pace with you now, resting his hand as if to allow you to let go, but you don't. 
“Just around that corner-” You said glancing over at him and noting the shade of color his face has become. “You okay?” 
            Mark nods, staying quiet and trying to force himself out of his thoughts. He glances down at your hand holding his and then back up at you on instinct. 
“Oh, sorry.” You say, releasing his hand and trying hard to understand that maybe you truly are too clingy with most people in your life. You think his reaction was kind of cute though, and now you’re a little determined to help him relax those stiffened shoulders. Mark can’t be as boring as he seems, right?
 “I have peanut butter and jelly, eggs, noodles, some leftover pizza and–”
“I’m not super hungry, but I could use some water?” Mark cuts you off, slipping off his shoes in an immaculate show of how clumsy he is. You can hear the clatter of your entire coat rack falling to the floor due to his weight leaning on it through that single task. 
“I’ll get you some water…” You trail off, noting how nervous he seems. He’s panicked, frantically trying to balance your coat rack back in place as if you hadn’t walked directly into him just the Friday before. 
“Calm down, it’s just a coat rack.” You laugh, hearing him mutter a sorry as he hangs one of your empty purses back onto it. 
“Thanks.” He says, reaching out for the class of water you began to extend out to him.
            Watching his eyes go from the glass of water to your apartment, you smile at the look on his face. Such a smart boy acting so incredibly stupid the moment he’s alone in an apartment with a girl. Cute.
“We can set up here?” You ask as if you’re offering a change of subject so that he doesn’t have to think about the coat rack he had just knocked over. You point over to your dining table that’s placed perfectly in a little nook against a window and look at him as he stands in place. “We can start whenever you’re ready?”
“Can you show me to the bathroom first?” Mark blurts, hyper-aware of his awkward demeanor. He needs to calm himself down. 
            Without issue, you point to the bathroom and Mark makes his way over to it in a show of not-so-confident body language. He seemed kind of cocky on Friday, but today he seems to be like jelly. 
            You sit at the dining table without thinking much more of the man in your bathroom, instead, you pull out some textbooks and lay them out on the table. 
             Mark stares at himself in the mirror, he can practically see the blood rushing to his cheeks and ears as he comes to terms with the fact that he probably shouldn’t have agreed to come to your apartment to study. You’re attractive. That alone was a reason in his head to avoid it, but he’s here and he’s already made a fool of himself. 
            He slaps his face a bit with some cold water and tries to will himself to stop acting like such an awkward idiot. Surely you’ll pick up on his inability to talk to women if he doesn’t get it together, right? You’re going to think he’s some weirdo, a pervert maybe, before throwing him out and avoiding him forever.
            Staring harder at himself, he waits for the color to run from his face so that way he can get out there and start the study session, but then his eyes start to wander. 
           Your bathroom is immaculately clean save for some makeup stains on the counter and a few stray hairs that must have been yanked out of your head while you attempted to brush out a night of drinking. It smells fresh and your perfectly hung towels look plush. Without a thought in his head, he leans towards the towel so that he can dry his face and hands, and that’s just what he does. Except, maybe he buries his face into the towel a bit longer than he needed to, and maybe the smell of it was so astronomically sweet that he nuzzled against it even more.
            He could tell the towel had been used at least once though, solely because he could smell a scent that wasn’t the soap on the counter. Then his eyes trail over to the actual hand towel, and then they trail a bit more to see a bra hanging on a hook.
            It dawns on him again. He’s in your apartment, smelling your towels, and staring at your bra. Coming to the bathroom in an attempt to calm down has done nothing more than make things worse, and the only option he has is to stumble out of the bathroom hoping you assume he was in there doing number two rather than planting his face into a towel where you dry off your naked body. 
            Praying to himself, Mark prepares to face you. Sure, you probably see nothing out of the norm if he does well and hides the fact that he’s hyper-sensitive just for being in your space, then again, Mark has never been the best at playing pretend.
             You offer him a bright smile once he finally makes his way back into your living space and seats himself at the table. He seems to be avoiding eye contact with you, bashfully pulling his own books out of his bag with shaking fingers. 
“Are you okay? Are you sure you’re not hungry?” You look at him, head tilting down in concern. 
            Mark finally looks at you and notes how comfortable you seem while he feels like he’s internally falling apart. There shouldn’t be any fucking issue in his head when it comes to this situation, but here he is, panicking because a pretty girl is in front of him. He feels so dumb, so obvious, so embarrassed… Maybe he should eat something, at least so he can buy some time to focus on something else before he starts stuttering through your studies. At this rate, all you’re going to learn about today is how awful Mark is around women. 
“Maybe I should eat, yeah–” He says in a small voice, still staring at the books as he places them on the table.
“Come look in my kitchen, we can eat something together?” You ask, reaching toward his hand. 
            He pulls back from your touch and tries to play it off casually like he was just reaching for a pen, but you didn’t miss the fact that his hands were cold.
            Taking note, it starts to dawn on you. You’ve dealt with men like him before, and it was always an interesting situation. To check your theory, you rise from the chair and lean over the table, being sure to squish whatever cleavage you have visible to make it more visible to him. 
“Salty or sweet?” You ask, watching his eyes intently and the way they struggle to leave your breasts. Score one for you, Mark is definitely a man above all. Luckily for him, you have lots of experience in that field, while he appears to have very little in the field of women. 
“Sweet…” He drones out, pulling his eyes away from you in an attempt to hide the way his cheeks immediately flushed. 
“Great, Let’s see what I’ve got!” You laugh, propping yourself back from the table and hopping into the kitchen, checking behind you to see if he follows.
            By the time you round the corner, he isn’t short to follow you. Peeping your head around the corner, you watch as he holds his hands in front of his groin, looks down at himself, and then lets out a deep sigh. You then watch as he adjusts himself in his pants, uncomfortably hiding a semi-hard on so that he could come into the kitchen without suspicion. 
            By this point, you’ve already decided that studying will very likely not be part of today’s schedule. He wouldn’t be able to focus on a damn thing like this, right? You should help him, right?
“Took you long enough.” You joke, turning to look at Mark and intentionally trailing your eyes down his body just to see if you can see any sort of bulge. He’s safe though because he apparently must have skills in hiding his arousal during the worst times. 
            Mark, on the other hand, can already tell that your shift in mood is intensely different compared to before he went to the bathroom. Twice now you’ve been blatant towards him and it is not helping him at all right now. Is he reading it wrong because he’s very obviously horny right now? Were you really trying to dangle your breasts in front of him like that? Are you really checking him out right now? 
“Sorry, I dropped something.” He offers as an excuse as to why it took him so long to follow you, uncomfortably trying to shift from your view and avoid eye contact. 
“Sure.” You say with a roll of your eyes, knowing full well that he was hiding his cock. “ You said you wanted something sweet, right?” You change the subject, reaching out and running your fingers down his arm. 
            He swallows hard, stiffening his shoulders and nodding to you. Without hesitation, you let your fingers stay against him for a few seconds longer, keeping eye contact with him before turning and opening a cupboard. 
“Peanut butter crackers, cereal, and oatmeal.” You deadpan, slamming the cupboard and stepping to the fridge. “Pudding.” Then you open the freezer. “Popsicles, and ice cream.”
            Mark just stands there when you close the doors to the fridge and look at him in question. He could opt for the crackers but his throat is already dry. Cereal could work but that would be embarrassing, for some reason. Oatmeal is an option, solely for how disgusting it looks, surely it would tame his boner. But, popsicles. No.
“Grab whatever you want, I'm eating a popsicle.” You say, raising a brow and throwing open the freezer door again to take your pick.
            Of course, it was intentional. It’s fun to see his eyes light up at the very idea of seeing you eat a popsicle, and even more fun to imagine how flustered he’s going to be in mere minutes.
            Mark looks to the floor and heads towards your fridge, also opting for a popsicle, probably so you didn’t think he was such a pervert, but more so because if you truly are trying to come onto him right now, at least his lips will taste sweet.
             You had expected Mark to get flustered, and boy did he. What you didn’t expect though, was to become flustered yourself by the image of Mark’s tongue darting over sweet ice, and then over his own lips to suck up the melted and sticky juice. The only image in your head right now is the idea of if he would lick his lips like that if you were to spread your legs for him. Would he lick up your mess on his face, chasing the flavor the same way he’s doing right now?
            A dull ache begins to spread throughout your body as you watch him. His eyes still avoid you but you still manage to catch him a few times. Each time he makes eye contact with you, your gaze shoots to his lap just to see if he’s gotten hard enough for his cock to leave its tucked position into his waistband. 
            Mark is hyper-aware now, with the way you’re staring and almost leaving your popsicle unattended as he eats his own. He feels confused, but over the moon nonetheless. 
            By the time the popsicles are finished, your fingers are sticky from allowing it to drip down the stick. You make a point to suck each of your fingers innocently, looking under your lashes at him for split seconds as you begin to shuffle through the papers on the table. 
“So,” You say, popping one finger out of your mouth and inserting another. “Can we start here? I need to have a paper written on at least one topic on this list and have no idea how to find a good source to read from.”
            Mark hears and sees you in tunnel vision right now, but he manages to catch the ass end of your sentence and begins to try and focus on the studies at hand. Still watching you suck your fingers into your mouth, he clears his throat and places his own popsicle stick onto the table. “I wrote mine based on this topic, and I found a lot of good sources for it. I don’t think our professor would think too hard about us choosing the same subject–” 
“Yeah, especially because it’s me. They’d never guess you’re in my apartment right now.” You laugh, smirking over at him. 
“I would’ve never guessed either–” Mark says without thinking, barely processing how embarrassing he is before you squint at him with a wider smile. 
“Oh yeah?” You ask, raising a brow and leaning forward. “Why’s that?” 
            Mark tries to look around but now can’t seem to force his eyes away from you. A much different circumstance compared to before when he couldn’t bring himself to look at you. There’s a connection here, he can feel it. You’re definitely coming onto him and you have been for the past however long he’s been here.
“You’re kind of out of my league, y’know?” He laughs more at himself than he does the situation, and to you, he honestly looks pitiful after saying that. It’s incredibly attractive to you in the way he seems to praise you for being a failure simply because he’s attracted to you. At least, that’s the case if you’re reading him right.
“Who said someone like you couldn’t teach me a thing or two?” You have a smile in your voice, and it comforts him, but that comfort is shot down when you stand to your feet and walk over to him. “Who says I’m out of your league?” You ask again, watching him scoot back with his chair as you come closer.
            You prop yourself against the table, essentially blocking him from his books and papers. You look down at him now, dipping your head in a playful way. “I don’t think I’m out of your league.” 
            Mark notes how you’re between him and the table now. You look comfortable leaning in front of him like this, and when his eyes trail up to your face all his body can do is give in. He looks at you through large eyes, the overhead light is sparkling through them at you. 
            In that instant, you can see his embarrassment fill his body because he’s no longer resisting the urge to be himself. He’s staring at you as if you could be a god and saying nothing in response to your words. 
“If anything, Mark–” You soothe him, grabbing one of his hands and smiling at the way his pen immediately falls out of his grip. “You’re out of my league.” 
            He blinks up at you, soaking in the words and not yet understanding in full what you’re doing until he feels warmth envelope the entirety of his hand and wrist. 
“Do you know how lucky I am that you’re here right now?” You ask him, basking in the way you can see his breath get caught in his throat. “How lucky I am that you’re not only smart but, hot too?”
            He dips his head at this, a bashful show of your words having an impact on him. He hides his face briefly against his arm and then he realizes–
“Is this okay?” You ask, holding his hand in place as you begin to move your hips against his palm.
            Mark watches the way you’ve managed to pull his hand out and plant it between your legs, all so you could grind against it without so much as a warning. He’s not against it though, if anything, his head is shot back to reality and he’s immediately back to glancing around the room and avoiding the scene in front of him.
            His palm is against your dampening panties and all he can think to say right now is, “You could write your thesis on human connection and its effects on the brain.” 
            You smile at his attempt of continuing to study through this moment.
“I could,” You say with a hoarser voice than before, feeling the way his hand stays relaxed in your grasp as you grind against it. “Or we could think about how your brain is being affected right now?”
            Mark groans, feeling the warmth of your wet beginning to seep through the fabric, and honestly, it is happening so fast that he’s sure it would be more embarrassing if he walked out now. 
“How are you feeling?” You reword your question towards him, intentionally swiveling your hips so that you can position his fingers into your underwear. 
“You’re warm.” Mark chokes out, eyes now zoning in on your core in front of him as he sits. 
            You let out a small laugh at this, pulling a bit on his arm to pull him closer, but he doesn’t compute it at all. 
“Do you like it?” You ask again, this time slipping his fingers into you. You let out a deep sigh and let your eyes roll back, fucking yourself gently against his fingers before you open your eyes again to look at him. 
            He’s nodding, probably more thankful now that you’d worn a skirt today rather than pants. He didn’t allow himself to take note of your attire, because if he did, he would have made even more of a fool of himself. But he’s nodding now, watching the way you hold his arm in place and slide his fingers in and out of you. 
            His silence is louder than his words could be right now, you think. You can feel him straighten his fingers inside of you, you can practically see him salivate at the very idea of how you’re using him right now. You’re not done though, no no. He’s far too cute like this, but you want to hear words.
            Gently, you pull your hips back effectively slipping his fingers out of you. There, you lift his arm and examine your wetness against his fingers. You smile again, eyes now adjusting to his face rather than his wet fingers in front of him. 
            Mark watches as you guide his fingers to his lip, and without a second thought, he opens his mouth to taste you against them. He licks circles around each of the two fingers, closing his eyes almost instantly so that he could relish the experience.
“Do you like the taste too?” You ask, releasing his hand and watching how he continues to suck his fingers. 
“Yeah–” Mark groans with his closed mouth around the digits, making damn sure to suck every bit off of him. 
“You’re pretty, you know that?” You compliment him this time, tearing your eyes from him and slipping your panties down your legs. You turn yourself over so that you’re now bent over the table and you ignore the corner of one of the textbooks poking against your ribs, all in favor of what sound Mark will make when he opens his eyes. 
“You can lick it for real then.” You comment, lifting to look behind you at the way his fingers drop from his mouth and his eyes immediately zone in on your bare pussy displayed for him under your hiked-up skirt. 
            He does let out a whimper, one that seemed entirely desperate to do just that for you but he doesn’t move. He just stares, soaking in the words you’re saying, memorizing each fold and dip in your pussy–
            You don’t intend to wait though. Reaching behind you, you grab the back of his head by his hair and guide his face to you. The way you can hear his chair tip over as he falls to his knees makes you quiver a bit before him, and you’re almost surprised to not just feel a face against you. It appears that Mark instantly jumped into action when your fingers laced into his locks. 
           You can feel his tongue exploring and his other hand reaching to lift your skirt entirely over your ass. His tongue is soft, warm, wet, and so entirely eager to lick and suck every inch of your core. It’s not until he starts allowing his moans to vibrate into your flesh that you hike one of your legs up and open your pussy against his working tongue for easy access.
            Guiding him by his hair, you press his face harshly into your pussy with little to no fight for air from him, and you’re loving it. Loving the way he whines for more when his tongue reaches the furthest limit of your folds, loving even more when he finally reaches his hands up to your pussy and spreads it out more for himself. 
            He isn’t even thinking at this moment, just tasting and feeling you guide his tongue as if this is what you wanted all along. The thought alone of someone like you wanting to fuck his tongue like this sets his cock on fire in so many ways. He’s so hard right now that it hurts to think about it at all. Mark doesn’t give a single fuck about how pathetic he must sound to you right now, whimpering and panting against you as if this was the only sweet thing in your apartment he wanted to eat anyway. 
            You hear a clatter to the floor, knowing for a fact that he’s knocked his glasses off of his face from the angle in which he skewed his neck in order to fuck his tongue into you now. You wonder what’s going through his mind, because god damn he’s eating you out like it’s the only thing he’s ever wanted. He’s impressively messy and loud with it too, making you feel as if you must taste like the sweetest thing on earth to him. 
            For some reason, thinking back to all of the non-sexual situations you’d passively seen Mark in turns you on even more. The big-brained student who is constantly making straight As and never going out to parties eats pussy like this? Eats your pussy like this? Better than half of the men you’d already been with? Mark doesn’t miss a single centimeter of it, and you can tell he’s focusing on you more than he has ever focused on his homework or studies before. 
            You feel so incredibly wanted in this moment by Mark that all you can do is let out a desperate moan for him. One so that he knows he’s not the only one utterly stunned by the turn of events, but also because you’re fucking loving what he’s doing to you.
            With each moan, Mark picks up his pace, gripping your folds and spreading them out impossibly wide just so he can bury himself in the slippery wet heat. He’s spreading you apart so well that it almost pains you to move without the fear of being torn open by his tongue alone. Your clit has barely even been reached but he still managed to make you feel sensitive to the point of wanting to beat your fists on the table out of sheer frustration for not approaching him sooner. 
            Not only can he help you pass your classes, but he surely could make you feel like a fucking queen on top of it all, licking you up and down as if he were born and trained for you and you alone.
“You’re so–” You groan out, releasing his hair from your grip but pressing your ass out more so that you can feel him slip his tongue back to your clit with impossible reach. He continues that, sliding his tongue from your clit to your entrance, dipping in and swirling the muscle before going back to your clit. All while he’s moaning, groaning, and panting against you. 
            It’s too much, he’s so incredibly eager that you’re honestly too sensitive to let him keep going, so you pull your hips forward and lift from the table. Your legs are shaking when you do this, and shaking even more when you turn to face him and lean against the table again. 
“How–” You look down at him in surprise, watching him lick his lips much like you hoped he would. “How are you so good at this?” 
            Mark is stunned by your question because in all fairness, he’s never gotten to eat a girl out before. He wasn’t really thinking about what to do, or how to do it, he was just obsessed with the taste and smell of you to the point of going absolutely fucking feral at the mere chance. 
“I’ve–never done it before.” He shamefully admits, nonchalantly moving his hands to his pants and unbuttoning them. Not to fuck you or anything, mostly just to release his cock from the chokehold of the denim rubbing against him. 
“You’re lying.” You deadpan, running your hand between your legs and quivering the moment your fingers run over your swollen clit. “There’s no way you haven’t done that before.” You gasp, looking at him as if no other man existed. 
            He shakes his head, looking up at you from the floor with innocent eyes. His lips are wet, his eyes are hooded, his hair sticking up from your fingers guiding him– it’s a lot to see him like this when you’ve only ever seen him as that goody-two-shoes student who doesn’t know how to have fun. Clearly, Mark knows how to have fun.
            Your gaze on him makes him bashful as he looks down to the floor, feeling embarrassed that you’re praising a complete amateur at this. 
            Using your leg, you nudge him, and you spread your legs. “You did all of that and didn’t even touch yourself?” You ask in curiosity, noting how he had only just now undone his pants to relieve pressure. “Let me see it.” You say again, almost demanding as you hop up on the table and spread your legs even more.
            Frantic at your tone of voice, Mark stumbles to his feet and pushes his pants down to his thighs. His cock springs out and stands erect in front of you. You could stare all day, honestly. Mark, of all people? He’s the one with a cock this big? He’s the one with a cock that could make you feel as if you’re being split in half. Fuck.
“God.” You comment, mouth falling open at the way it twitches in mid-air. “All of the girls would be fucking swooning, Mark.” You get a bit flustered yourself now because only now do you understand who you just seduced and what he’s got to offer outside of brains. 
            In all of his shyness, Mark hides his face from you again despite his cock out in all of its glory. Your mouth could honestly start watering if he hadn’t just eaten you out to the point of needing him to stop. 
            Without another thought, you pull your shirt and bra off all in one go. No way in hell is he leaving without fucking you stupid with a cock like that. Absolutely no fucking way would you let this go to waste.
“When’s the last time you’ve done anything with a girl?” You ask, reaching for his arm and pulling his gaze back towards you, now almost completely naked save for your skirt hiked up to your waist. 
            Mark stares at you again, much like he did when you spread your legs in front of him for the first time, this time zoning in on the way your nipples are erect and begging for his mouth to be put to use again. He nearly forgets that you’re talking to him because of the way you’ve presented yourself. The reality is right in front of his face, but he still wonders if this must be a dream.
“I– right out of high school before she broke up with me,” He says in a lazy voice, slightly raspy. It sounds as if it doesn’t even matter to him because he is so focused on you in front of him. “I’ve only had sex one time.”
“Aw,” You pitifully look at him. “What a waste, you’re such a pretty boy.” You coo, wiggling your hips as if to entice his cock to make its way towards you. “You’ve got the brains and the cock for it. You must feel so neglected.”
            All he does is nod, because yes. He does feel fucking neglected, partly because he let it happen and mostly because he knows he doesn’t know how to talk to girls. Right now, Mark could genuinely start crying if you keep talking to him like this. He can’t tell if you’re mocking him or being genuine, but the only thing he wants to do right now is bury his cock so deeply inside of you that all you can do is moan out mantras of how pretty he is, how much time has been wasted without his cock inside of you, how badly you’d want him again and again after this. 
            You can see his facial expressions change every few seconds and your body is yearning to be filled. With the way he is looking at you, there’s no way he doesn’t want to.
“Do you want to fuck me, Baby?” You ask, realizing that you much prefer calling him intimate names rather than his own because he seems to lean directly into it. 
“Yeah,” He sighs out, hanging his head to look at the way his cock still stands painfully erect throughout the conversation. “Can I?” He asks now, making pleading eye contact with you.
            You reach out for him, grabbing his waist and pressing his cock directly against your core. You lean your head back a bit to look at him and the way his eyes sear straight through your own. His pupils are darkened, his cheeks are red, and his lips are glistening– You lick against his lips, and the way he immediately starts to kiss you makes you think he’s a liar. He knows exactly what he’s doing with his mouth regardless of where it is. His tongue presses into your mouth so beautifully that you genuinely could argue that this man has only ever had sex one time. Maybe he’s a natural? 
            Mark knows exactly when to grind his cock between your folds, knows exactly when to pull back to kiss your neck, and knows exactly how to lean you back with his hand protecting the back of your head so that it doesn’t slam against the table. 
            He slips his cock between your folds so beautifully as he trails his kisses to your breasts, suckling gently against one of your nipples before he nearly can’t stand it anymore. 
           With ease, Mark grabs his cock and presses it directly into you. He isn’t slow or gentle with it. You can feel how eager he is when the moment the head of his cock enters you, he’s slamming in just to feel the way your pussy grips around him to adjust.
            He’s lost himself in the moment, and you’re loving it. Loving the way his tongue picks up against your nipples, and the way there is no rhythm or rhyme to his thrusts. His size alone is enough for you, and you can admit to loving every single push and pull his body is offering.
            The room is silent save for his whimpers, your gasps, and the wet sound of skin slapping against skin. You’re quick to wrap a leg around his waist so that when he presses in again, you can force him to stay in place so that he can genuinely feel what it’s like to have a pussy clenching around a cock so big.
“Can you feel it?” You groan out, feeling his teeth pinch against your nipple and sending a sharp pain down your body. 
            He nods frantically, pulling your nipple with his lips as he does it. You can tell he’s drooling, wetting your chest in such an embarrassing way, but he’s so–Mark. He’s Mark. This is Mark.
            You watch his face and the way he winces with each pulse of your pussy quivering around the sheer size of him, and you coo out at him when his cock twitches in response. 
“I can’t believe this is only your second time, Pretty Boy.” You sing out. “You’re so good, so-”
“I can’t–” Mark whimpers out, beginning to move his hips again, this time at a quicker pace. His mouth falls open against your breast and his hands shoot to your waist as he pulls himself up and opens his eyes. He watches the way your wet coats his cock as he slides in and out of you, fingers pressing so hard into your hips that you feel he could be bruising you. 
            You’re so in awe of him losing complete control that you want nothing more than to cum with him inside of you. You quickly reach your hand down to your clit, rubbing harsh circles against the sensitive spot almost to the point that you could start crying out at how painful it truly is at this moment. You’ve never been this sensitive for a man, and yet, you’re coming undone beneath him and nearly losing as much control as he has. 
           A mess of moans and groans are filling the room as Mark chases his high, and you are at the point that you want to say the nicest and dirtiest things to him out of sheer arousal. So you do, you talk, and you talk. Whispers of “Can’t believe you fuck this good”, turn to screams of, “Baby, right there, just like that.”    
         It wasn’t until you moaned out, “Make a mess for me, cum with me.” 
Mark’s hips stuttered and his eyes closed tightly in a frustrated groan. “Stop–” He grunts, hips pressing into you impossibly hard. To the point that you scooted up on the table. “Stop, I’m-” He groans again, attempting to pull out so that he could release against your pulsing and empty pussy, but you don’t let him.
            Your legs hold him in place as you release your clit and pull yourself up on your arms just to grab against his neck and pull him down with you against the table. 
“Make a mess of me.” You say in a half moan, holding his face so that he can’t look away from you.
            You watch the way his pupils dilate, you feel the way his cock twitches inside of you, and then his eyes roll back. 
            Mark’s eyebrows fall much like his mouth does when he comes inside of you. His hips are frantic but his face looks calm, and not a single sound releases from his lips. You’re very quick to begin rubbing your clit again, and the pressure of his abdomen pressing against your hand as you do it sends you over the edge, effectively allowing your orgasm to hit you harder than a fucking freight train. 
            You grab onto him harshly, without a thought in your head besides kissing him. He kisses you back, realizing that despite having sex before, this may be the first time he’s ever made a girl cum. It’s certainly the first time he’s ever felt his cock being tugged by the walls of a pussy as it works itself through an orgasm.
            He can’t stop coming, lasting entirely far too long and far past sensitivity. Mark opens his eyes to look at you when you’re coming around him, all while he’s coming inside of you. Your voice is beautifully raspy, and the way you hold onto him makes him feel like you should never let go. 
            Upon his ears popping and feeling the mess between the two of you, Mark pulls back and notes that the hem of his shirt is absolutely fucking soaked. In an attempt to take a small step back in order to remove himself from you, he nearly trips over his pants that had fallen to his ankles.
“Oh.” You laugh, wincing as you feel his cock leave you empty. “Probably should have undressed you.”
            Mark steps out of his pants and just kind of stands there awkwardly, watching the cum spill from you. Then panic spreads across his face. 
“Um,” He croaks out, voice cracking almost immediately. “I- I didn’t pull out…”
“I didn’t want you to.” You soothe him, noting how he’s right back to his awkward and shy persona the moment he’s finished fucking you. “I’m on birth control.” You confirm for him, just to see the relief replace that panic.
 “So…” You comment, looking down at the wrinkled papers in front of you. “You really expect me to try and write at least 1200 words tonight?” 
            Mark tilts his head at you, sitting with a blanket covering his entire body as his clothes go through the cycles of a wash. “If we hadn’t gotten off track, you could already be almost done with it.” 
“God, you are such a fucking bore.” You laugh, shivering at the cold air hitting your bare skin. “I’m literally naked and you’re not even making a move.” 
“Finish your paper and we can talk about that.” He shoots back, not afraid to sound the slightest bit cocky at this moment. 
            In his defense, it does work. Promising you any amount of him after what happened was enough to force your focus on your school work. Just because he did it once doesn’t mean he will always want to fuck stupid girls. If anything, Mark deserves someone who respects his work ethic and need to help others right? The huge cock is just a bonus when you think about it.
            You know it’s going to be a hell of a month after tonight, but for the most part, you think that studying with Mark may have been your best college decision to date. You can learn a lot from him, and apparently... he can learn from you too. You just hope he doesn’t run off and use that knowledge on other girls once he realizes he’s definitely got the ability to break hearts. 
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