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hello! can u do mrs jeong is pregnant with their 2nd child and jaehyun has a pregnancy kink.. so he is kind of obsessed on having pregnant sex and curious of what breast milk taste like.. THANK U !!!! 😙
Special Kind Of Milk jeong.j
Tumblr media
GENRE: fluff and suggestive
WARNINGS: mentions of drinking breast milk (the whole topic of this one-shot), breeding kink, pregnancy kink, reader is honestly a moody bitch, and kissing.
Tumblr media
“shit.” jaehyun says as soon as he walks into the bedroom with a brown paper bag in his hand. “you didn’t want the chopped beef— you wanted bacon.” you sigh at jaehyuns obvious confession.
you reach your hand out for the bag but jaehyun hesitates. “babe, it’s fine. you forgot that baby changed my cravings. it’s okay, i’ll still eat it— gimmie.” your fingers turn into grabby fingers but jaehyun still refuses.
“i don’t want you to get mad because i messed up your order.” he hugs the bag to his chest. “well, i’m gonna get mad if you don’t just give me the damn bag, jaehyun.” jaehyun quickly hands you the bag and steps back when feeling your glare sharpen.
“thank you for canceling a meeting to get me this burrito.” jaehyun tenses up, again. “right,” he gulps and you look up from the bag. “a burrito.” he slowly nods and you frown, pulling out the short cylinder shaped item wrapped in foil.
your pregnancy hormones hit and then you’re tearing up. “a burger? babe, i asked for a burrito.” jaehyun quickly sits by your legs and cups your face. “i’m sorry, i forgot. i—i can go run and exchange it—?” you shake your head, unwrapping the burger that smelled delicious.
“it’s fine. it’s all good and i’m.. hungry, so i’ll eat it.” you shake your head side to side before taking a bite. “baby,” jaehyun softly laughs and wipes your cheeks. “don’t cry, im sorry.” you shake your head and chew.
“it’s fine— god, why am i like this?” you talk with your mouth full as you well up. “don’t say that, baby—?” you cut jaehyun off. “no, jaehyun! i’m so tired of being moody and bitchy all day. it’s exhausting. just carrying around this negativity is so tiring.”
“baby—?” you wail making him flinch back. “ask me, jaehyun. ask me why i’m so moody.” he hesitates but asks anyways. “why.. are you so moody, baby?”
you look up with a heavy glare. “because of you.” hes taken aback by your answer. “what?” jaehyun questions. “you got me knocked up and now i can’t stop bitching and crying like a fucking baby. do you know how tiring it is to carry around this negativity? right, you don’t because you aren’t pregnant!”
you lean against jaehyuns palms as he brings them up to your cheeks and wipes your tears away. “mrs jeong, are you—?” jen walks in with hannie on her hips. “nows not a good time, jen.” jaehyun says without turning his head. “yes, i’m sorry.” she closes the door and leaves without another word.
“don’t cry, okay? i’ll order it this time, yeah? here,” he takes the burger and wraps it back up. “let’s put this one away and then we can get you your bacon burrito, yeah?” you nod, sitting back with soft hiccups.
that mental breakdown was several months ago. yes, it was super stupid to cry over. yes, jaehyun got you your burrito. and lastly, yes, you had the baby.
“hun,” it was currently two in the morning and the baby had woken you and jaehyun up. baby was hungry and cranky but, your nipples ached like a bitch.
jaehyun lifts his head off the pillow. “yeah, love?” he answers in a tired tone. “can you make him a bottle downstairs? there should be some frozen packs of breast milk in the freezer— heat it up in boiling water and before you pour it into his bottle— test it to make sure it isn’t too cold or too hot. please and thank you.”
jaehyun gets up without protesting or any complaints and walks down to the kitchen.
he opens the freezer and pulls out a container that held frozen packs of breast milk. each of them labeled with dates. jaehyun closes the fridge and grabs a pot from the pots and pans drawer. he fills it up with water before boiling it.
jaehyun slightly falls asleep while waiting for the packet to boil. the machine that jaehyun wanted to melt the breast milk would’ve worked well, too but, you insisted on just using boil water to save money.
jaehyun opens the packet and pours a small bit into a cup. he dumps the breast milk down his throat and releases a hiss. he smacks his lips together and moves his mouth and tongue in weird ways.
“hm.” he holds up the packet and looks behind him before pouring some into his mouth. jaehyun smacks the tongue against the roof of his mouth and hums, again.
jaehyun shakes his head and grabs a fresh clean bottle from the bottle rack and pours the rest into the bottle. his eyebrows raise when seeing where it filled. it was near the number three.
before jaehyun brings the bottle up to you, he opens the freezer and grabs another pack, dunking it in the boiling water and waiting for it to unfreeze.
after a few minutes, jaehyun pours the milk into a cup and goes upstairs with his hands both occupied. one with the bottle for the boy and a cup filled with milk for jaehyun.
“uch, finally.” you sigh grabbing the bottle from jaehyun. “milk? since when do we have milk?” jaehyun softly smiles while holding the glass to his bottom lip. “it’s a special kind of milk.”
finally, it hits you.
“jaehyun, no. you did not?!” you shriek and jaehyun laughs. “i did and i’m not sorry. it tastes so good. here, try it—?” you shove the glass away as he attempts to share some with you. “what— jaehyun, no. you’re practically stealing his food.” you scolded and jaehyun frowns.
“and he stole you from me.” you scoff. “how? he’s just a baby— don’t accuse him of such thing!” you watch as the boy sucks the nipple of the bottle like crazy. “all your attention was on him from the start of the pregnancy.”
you roll your eyes, this man was going on about nothing! “dude, you act like we literally couldn’t go a week without having sex.” jaehyuns ears turn into a shade of pink as he continues to drink the milk.
“exactly— now, stop accusing my baby for nothing.” the boy fusses and spits out his bottle. “cmon, baby— he finished it.” you hold up the empty bottle. “jae, pour your milk into his bott—?” jaehyun hugs the cup to his chest with a gasp. “i will do no such thing.” you glare at the man. “don’t be ridiculous right now, jaehyun. i pumped that out for him so pour it—?”
“feed him your titties.” you roll your eyes with a sigh. “are you serious right now?” jaehyun gives the same look and nods. “dead serious.”
your tongue pokes your cheek as you lift your shirt, freeing your overly large breasts and letting the little man below you wrap his tiny lips around your nipple that ached in pain.
you wince and slump over, trying your best to ignore the swelling pain.
jaehyun feels jealousy slightly rage in his chest as he sets his cup down and removes the boy from your hold. “jaehyun, what are you—?” he lays in your lap and holds the boy against his chest before bringing his lips around your nipple.
this wasn’t like jaehyun. so, what was his deal?
“oh, my god. you’re so un-fucking-believable!” the boy in his arms starts to fuss. “you have your glass of milk— stop being so greedy!” you try to pry the man away from you as the boy in his arms starts to whine and cry.
oh, you were gonna kick his ass.
Tumblr media
A/N: i know this isn’t like jaehyun but i was just writing what the anon wanted, so enjoy! i genuinely cringed while writing this HAHAH. but, overall happy readings, babies! love you guys, lots!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
authors note 💬 : this will be nct with their kids , not proofread and is written in lowercase. i'm finally back after a while hello everyone ! 𔓕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
NA JAEMIN : love and luck !
the three of you are eating your fruits in the table peacefully since your daughter requested it, you're cutting the apples in a bunny design while your husband is eating mango.
"daddy, i think i'm in lovee" your four year old daughter casually said while eating her chopped apples, jaemin dropped the spoon he was holding and looked at his daughter stunned.
you nudge your husbands shoulder, wanting him to go back to his sense which he did. the white haired male fixed his posture before clearing his throat.
"oh, who's this lucky guy?" jaemin smiled at daughter. the four year old was thrilled that her parents are willing to listen about her soulmate.
"his name is, channie! he's from my class" you spaced out for a second, figuring out who's the parent of this kid. you know the answer from the back of your mind but you can't seem to remember, until you recalled the smile that kid has.
"oh, it's haechan's kid'' you patted his shoulder excitedly after finally getting the right answer. your daughter was amazed how you guessed her crushes parents, without knowing that chan's father is actually friends with her dad.
"dear god" jaemin sighed in defeat, because the male knows once his bestfriend get this information he's going to tease the living hell out of him, just like the first time jaemin layed his eyes on you.
Tumblr media
LEE JENO : home sleep home
"goodbye dad ! i'm running away" your son shouted before closing the door planning on running away, jeno rushed to go outside and stop his five year old son.
"son, where are you going?!" your husband asked, trailing behind his your son who didn't answer and just kept on walking. jeno sighed knowing well why his son isn't talking to him.
"i'm running away cause you don't love me anymore" the kid finally looked behind him with a pout on his face and both arms folded to each other.
"s/n, all i told you is that it's nap time" jeno kneeled in front of his grumpy son, at first the kid protested that he doesn't need nap time anymore since he's already big boy but jeno know his son all too well.
he watched his son rubbed his eyes for a few seconds almost cooing at the site of his cute kid, jeno is sure going to miss this moment when he grows up.
"are you sure? you're rubbing your eyes" jeno said in a teasing way, your son didn't say anything he just straight up went to jeno's arms wanting his dad to carry him.
the male was about to ask his kid which children's story is his going to read but was stopped when he heared small snores near his ear, jeno softly smiled before going back inside their home.
Tumblr media
MARK LEE : ride to life
"daddy, i don't think i can do this. i'm scared" your seven year old daughter whined, as she hold the pink bike grips tightly scared that she might fall but of course mark wouldn't let that happen.
"it's alright princess, i got you. i'm not letting go" mark assured his daughter not wanting to make her more panic. once the seven year old is back to her calm self, she carefully pedalled the two tire bike.
it started of mark guiding his daughter from behind when the kid starts getting comfortable to the feeling, the male slowly let go without his daughter noticing.
"i'm doing it, mom! dad you can let go now" your daughter cheered as she goes around the yard as you watch her from the porch.
"great job, i knew you could do it!" mark coo'd while recording his seven year old from his phone, he believes that this is one step forward to growing up.
Tumblr media
HAECHAN LEE : bubble bath!
making your five year old to take a bath has been a challenge since he was born, the kid would cry and splash the water everywhere making everything in the bathroom wet, and you've finally decided to take a break from it.
"chan, can you bath our son today?" you asked haechan, while making the bed together. your husband happily agreed not knowing the hell he'll go through later.
"s/n, stop splashing water everywhere!! daddy's all wet now" haechan scolded his son but being a mini him the five year old didn't stop, instead he splashed more water towards his father.
the tan male is soaked with soap and water, not to mention the bathroom floor is slippery due to the soap so he can't call you to help him, scared that you might fall.
"stop doing that ─ y/n please help!" your husband loudly said, as soon as you heard haechan's pleaded you instatly knew he has enough of his son's stubbornness, so you immediately ran towards the bathroom to help him.
"gosh, chan you're all soaked" you exclaimed, haechan only nodded at you trying to dry his face with his palm while your son was sitting in the bathtub looking at the both of you with a smile in his face, planning something.
"mom, dad look!" the five year old cheered, making the married couple look at their son's direction but the moment they landed their eyes on him a big splash of water greeted their faces.
"great...." the couple said in unison with both their eyes closed.
end ─
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Tumblr media
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Mario Kart 10137.5
Warnings : MARIO KART (this story heavily describes a game they play of mario kart, howerver it's all in relation to HC and well, you :) alternating from game description to your reactions), slight swearing (like 2 words), hitting (with pillows😭), FLUFFFF, reader and Haechan bicker and joke a lot
Genre : Boyfriend!Haechan x semign!reader, Fluff (again), crack fic?
Word count: 1.32k
Get it! 10137.5! 101 cuz thats like the teaching number or something then its haechans viewer rating I'm so smart
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend Haechan got nintendo switches together and he's recently been obessed with Mario kart and you ,being his s/o , ooobviously have to play it with him.
The only problem is, you're absolutely terrible at it so he has to teach you how to play before he can even allow you to play with him and his friends (Johnny, Jisung and Jeno). You have no interest in playing with his gaming squad who's names all suspiciously begin with the letter J. But the main driving force which got you sitting on his bed with the controler( that he  bought for you for his house) in hand was the determination to beat him after you came 12th (last place) out of him and all the cpus (basically computer players, you play against but theyre not actual people).
Instead of him explaining to you all the controls and the game, he decided that the best way for you to learn was to throw you into the deepend on the fastest race mode with cpus. You two were going to play 12 matches, with the last one predetermined by Hyuck as 'rainbow road' (every mario kart players worst nightmare). You begin to choose your characters and haechan chooses Bowser because you said he looks ugly and scary. You choose Rosalina (because you have taste of course) and she was one of the only human characters available 😭😭
Hyuck starts the tournament and you two with all of the other cpus are all lined up in a straight line.
2! Haechan starts holing down one of the buttons on his controller
Everyone speeds off ahead of you leaving you in last place, in the first 5 seconds
'THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENCE WHAT' You exclaim already ready to quit the game, he leans over you to move your thumb over the A button on the right side of the controller and explains that you have to hold down A when it says 2! to in order to accelerate.
Out of rage you restart the game and you're back to the begining, but now you have that trick up your sleeve, nothing can stop you! 3, 2, you audibly press A, 1, GO! Now you're zooming off with everyone else and a victorious grin displays itself on your pretty face knocking Haechan from 1st to third cuz he's lowkey whipped for you as you chaotically purposefully bash into other cpus, you were 8th place making your way to the top ' I'm coming for you' you annouce which he just scoffs in reply.
A few miles ahead, there are these floating boxes which you avoid and run over the speed up as you think that they were something bad, only to see Haechan shoot right through it. Regardless, you were ahead of him. 'What's that' you ask as you see the wheel of different powerups spin at the top of his screen, it lands on a red shell 'wanna find out?' 'Go on then' you reply unimpressed. He makes his way over to you and throws the red shell which follows your kart until it hits your character and stops you in your tracks, taking you down four ranks in the leaderboard as the other players unnessicarily throttle themselves into your helpless character. 'WHAT WAS THAT FOR!' 'DID YOU NOT WANT TO SEE WHAT IT WAS' you roll your eyes but start grinning cheekily as you just recieved your powerup which was a green shell, you somehow caught up to him and threw it at his character only for it to bounce right off of a random object that was apart of the map and hit a player behind you. Your face filled with horror and dissapointment 'What the fuck was that' 'green shells go anywhere, only red shells target the person directly infront of you. ' 'all of these rules are pissing me off, what is this game' you say rolling your eyes in frustration while leaning your whole body into the screen to focus.
Haechan is back at first place and you hear an almost whistle noise as his character finishes the 3rd, final lap of that course, leaving you dumbfounded as bowser does a disgusting celebration animation around the track that Haechan replicates to get a reaction out of you. Which you retort by pushing his face away from you and starting the next match.
9 lost matches later, you've given up on winning through skill, you're willing to anything, absolutely anything to beat this jerk. You have to play dirty, super dirty. So, when the game starts, you ready one of Haechans pillows in your hand. 3! You smack him across the face with the fluffy pillow and almost like a movie feathers come out You quickly grab your controller and hold the A button to accelerate at 2!, 1! Haechan presses accelerate too late at GO! He's left in your dust, smoke coming out of his engine as he's stationary for 2 seconds for accelerating to late meanwhile, you're in steady 3th place. 'WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM' you stick your tongue out as you tokyo drift around the corner and secure 2rd place.
Climbing the ranks, you throw a red shell atthe cpu who was in 1st place making you! FIRST PLACE! With only a few seconds before your beautiful victory which was only 10 races late, this being your 11th. As the finish line is in sight, you're thinking about the funny annoying victory line you're going to scream in his face; 'maybe you could be better than me one day' no 'I was only warming up' no 'you're lucky I let you win, the first 10 matches'; when he lets out a small, evil chuckle. That wasn't a good sign, not from Hyuck.
He was in 2nd place right behind you and hadn't used his powerup from his mystery box yet, you just assumed it was something useless like a banana peel or something until, just as you're about to cross the finish line, you're character has this flying blue thing over her head and a loud warning siren is ringing through the speakers until a large blue cloud of an explosion engulfs your screen and the wicked laugh haechan had been hiding comes out in full fury. 'LEE HAECHAN' He's wiping a tear away from his eye as Bowser crosses the finish line doing that annoying animation which he soon copies in your face, pissing you off even further. 'Blue shells fly straight to the 1st person in the race regardless of what rank you are in! Har har har' he says in a mocking tone.
Consumed with genuine anger, you take it out on him by repeatedly hitting him with the pillow that was previously fired at his face, standing on your knees as he's curled up in a ball before finding his feet and grabbing another pillow, which basically turns into a pillow fight between the two of you. You grab two pillows and tightly shut your eyes as you windmill hit Haechan picturing bowser as you do so only until you notice you're not landing any hits. You squint your eye to see only a glimpse of him leaping at you with his arms reaching your middle until your head hits his bed. You're laying on your back with haechan ontop of you 'I didn't realise you'd actually get mad.' He says as he attempts to place wet kisses on your cheeks while you try to push him away 'GROSS HAECHAN' was all you could make out between your giggles, you couldn't be mad at him. "I'm sorrrrrrry" he coos "sorry for what" "sorry for being better at you in mario kart!" He beams as he starts doing bowsers dance again, recieving another pillow to the face.
--- 👾
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fyi this is bowser lol
Incase you want to know what Bowser winning animation I'm referring to, skip to
Thank you so much for reading ily!!!
I'm starting an @ mention list so lmk if you want to be included! 💕💕
Requests are open literally spam me!!
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texts from boyfriend!haechan while on tour
note. i saw haechan’s bubble update of his spotify wrapped and then i thought of this :D so enjoy!!!
*insert image*
out eating w mark and jungwoo and i asked for no carrots but they gave it to me anyways :(
if u were here i would’ve fed them to you but they’re sitting lonely on my plate and getting cold 💔
it’s cold here here in bangkok ><
and ik it’s cold at home so dress warm bubs
and don’t stay up too late studying and don’t forget to eat and drink water
imy and ily <3
*insert images*
look at the view from my hotel room balcony
imagine the balcony sex we coulda had if u were here😔
i love u goodnight bubs
*insert image*
yuta didn’t wanna come out w me so i’m in the streets of tokyo alone TT
*insert image*
isn’t this the guy from that anime u like?? something stray dogs??
*insert image*
i should bring u here one day w me,,, for ljke our 1000 day anniversary…is that a thing?
would u wanna go?
baby u would flip shit in this store, my cart bouta be full 😭
i messed up on stage today:(
but it’s ok cus im bout to devour this room service food 😫
let’s ft baby 🫶🏼
*insert image*
selfie of me to help u sleep😎 ure welcome 😘
i rly miss u, especially right now
i’ve been having trouble sleeping lately
i hope ure sleeping well bubs, ily goodnight ❤️
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning. vanilla sex, dirty talk, pet name, big dick, short e song fic, cockwarming, fem reader, creampie, uso de ‘jae’ ‘linda’ e mais. . .
word count. 1.308K
• • •
Acordar depois de uma noite intensa repleta de carinho e de prazer te faz querer voltar à noite anterior para reviver a cada momento como se fosse o único novamente, seu homem é tudo, isso mesmo seu homem porque ele é apenas seu e ele é seu.
ele é seu canto de conforto, sua felicidade, sua paixão, a razão da sua existência, quando está entre seus braços e se sentir amada, cuidada e muitas outras coisas, ele te passa conforto, confiança e amor, se sentir feliz com coisas mínimas que nem um outro homem passará a você, porque você é exclusivamente dele, e isso é deixado claro nos toques, é isso que o Jung Yoon-oh passava pra você.
de frente para o homem agora de sente sortuda por tê-lo, ter um homem desses ao seu lado significa sorte, mesmo quando sua vida está indo por água abaixo Yoon-oh vai lá e levanta você, quando está com raiva e quer acabar com tudo, ele é quem te tira esses pensamentos da sua cabeça e fala que a única coisa que tem que passar por ele, é ele, apenas ele, amar Yoon-oh é a mais pura e doce melodia que existe.
sorri para o homem que estava em sua frente, fazia um carinho em seus cabelos enquanto via cada parte do corpo, era um corpo musculoso e delicado ao mesmo tempo, Yoon-oh é tão lindo quanto belo, deixou um beijo em seus lábios, continuava acariciando o rosto do homem. — “você é tão lindo, sabia?” falou pra si mesma, porém não esperou que o homem abrisse os olhos e mostrasse um sorriso lindo, o que resultou as suas covinhas aparecer. — “sabia sim…” falou. — “Yoon-oh… você quase me mata de susto!” o homem apenas continuou com o sorriso nos lábios. — “amo você também amor” o homem puxou você devagar até que você ficasse embaixo dele.
Yoon-oh segurou o seu rosto pra que você desse um beijo nele. — “você fica tão linda assim, as vezes prefiro quando está desse jeitinho, pelada” falou descendo o beijo pelo seu corpo. — “jae…” o homem olhou pra você com uma cara questionável. — “amor, não geme desse jeito pra mim… eu vou acabar deixando você de pernas bambas, hum?” abriu suas pernas, esse apelido que é o segundo nome do homem é proibido quando ele está sendo fofo com você, ao apenas da um beijinho na parte interna da sua coxa foi o suficiente pra ouvir um gemido manhoso sair de seus lábios, sorriu pra você antes de enfiar de vez a língua na sua boceta.
Jung Yoon-oh mordia, chupava e mordiscava seu clítoris, os movimentos giratórios focando sempre no seu ponto estava te levando à loucura e pra tudo melhorar o homem enfiava os dedos na sua boceta, os gemidos estavam cada vez mais altos. — “Yoon…oh” segurava a cabeça dele pra que fizesse do jeito que você queria, o homem que tinha as mãos em suas pernas segurando foi direto aos seus peitos apertando e beliscando o bico. — “amor” puxou os cabelos dele pra que ele fosse mais fundo, estava perto demais do seu próprio prazer, porém o homem saiu fazendo com que o seu olhar se apertasse.
— “não fique assim linda, só não quero que você goze na minha boca, quero que goze no meu pau… depois de chupar ele” ficou ao lado de seu rosto e você pôs a mão em cima do pau teso, passando a língua na ponta da glande avermelhada, descendo até o final do pau do homem molhando todo o pau. — “não brinca assim comigo linda, quero que enfie logo!” falou e o mesmo fez isso por você te fazendo engasgar. — “assim. gosto de ouvir os seus engasgo no meu pau” você desceu novamente arrancando gemidos do seu marido, descia e subia numa velocidade média, a ponta do nariz batia na virilha depilada do homem, passava a língua e voltava a chupalo como antes. — “isso amor, você é tão boa pra mim” gemia nas palavras, você olhava para ele com os olhos brilhantes, ele apenas limpava o seu rosto que molhava cada vez mais por causa das suas lágrimas, o que motivava ele é você conseguir ir até o fundo da sua garganta e voltar, o pau dele é grande, no começo você tinha dificuldades por estar nervosa e nunca ter feito isso com ninguém, Jung Yoon-oh ao ouvir isso saindo da sua boca te achou ainda mais interessante, gostava de ensinar e ficou feliz por você nunca ter feito. — “minha…” sorria para você.
começou a cavalgar no pau dele agora, Jung Yoon-oh segurava sua bunda e sua cintura pra te ajudar a se mexer, parecia que quem tava desesperada era você e não ele, o homem mordia os lábios quando você começou a ir mais rápido, fazendo a pele de vocês chocarem, a luz que entrava através da janela enorme de vidro iluminava o seu corpo, que se remexia desesperadamente. — “porra… garota você é muito gostosa” sorria gemendo cada vez mais, com a sua visão dele que não estava muito longe da sua, a luz da janela que refletia no rosto do homem mostrava a pupila dilatada e os olhos castanhos. — “… te amo” se inclinou e beijou os lábios rosados e cheios, Yoon-oh sorria e gemia quando você falava os ‘te amo’, era bonito quando saía de sua boca, todas as vezes, principalmente quando estavam fazendo algo sujo, você parou de cavalgar no pau do homem fazendo ele ficar irritado. — “mete você agora amor, estou cansada” falou manhosa saindo dele deitando de lado. — “como você quer?” perguntou. — “de ladinho amor!”
o homem se posicionou novamente na sua entrada, um outro gemido saiu de sua boca. — “shh… quero que fique quietinha” você mordeu os lábios. — “imagina se alguém visse que aquela mulher com pose de durona fica toda manhosinha quando leva pau?” o homem enfiava devagar, queria provocá-la. — “eu deveria tirar uma foto ou gravar como te deixo?” falou beijando seu pescoço. — “Yoon-oh, porra…” tentou não gemer. — “o que foi? eu acabo com você não é? tão linda.” segurou em seus os puxando para trás para que visse seu rosto, deixou um beijo no canto dos lábios. — “você é linda amor… tão linda, duvido existir alguém tão bonita, gostosa…” passou a língua e depois mordiscou seus lábios. — “e o principal… consegue aguentar o meu pau” limpava sua testa e pescoço que tinham resquício de suor. — “… tanto na boceta quanto nessa boquinha gostosa” suas bochechas começaram a ficar mais avermelhada. — “você fica linda, assim, tanto a luz da lua, como a luz do sol, cada toque me faz querer te dar o meu coração…” você sorriu para ele. — “eu nunca soube que o sol poderia segurar a lua com as mãos.” aquilo foi o suficiente para que ambos gozassem. — “eu te amo”.
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notas. gente, eu amo escrever com o Jaehyun assim, principalmente quando eu escrevo fluffy sex (nem sei se existe isso) ariana grande invadindo meus imagines dnv.
a minha cabeça criou que o Jaehyun é estilo bad boy e bravinho, o Yoon-oh (amo falar o nome dele, encher minha boca com esse nome lindo 😻) sério eu aaaaaah, pra mim ele é fofo, eu amo um homem assim, o bad boy é bom, mais o fofo ganha o meu coração inteiro(volta vida.
olha, espero que vocês tenham gostado do imagine, é um dos meus favs até agora, mas é isso, um beijo da maior reveluv do site :)
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sugarbearhyuck · 3 days
The Colors of Huang Renjun
Renjun x GN Reader | College AU | Fluff ; Pining | 2.5K
A/N: I've been working on this since the beginning of the year, re-writing and getting nowhere. I really wanted this fic to "mean something" but I've just decided to post what I've got and move on for now. Maybe one day I'll be able to write it how I want.
Tumblr media
Green ☼ Growth
It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Unlike most days, this one is slow, and you appreciate the emptiness the weather brings. Holding a wrapped muffin in one hand and book in the other, you inhale the crisp air and head toward the library. Your hair is damp from the short walk and little droplets of water cling to your neck. 
You take a seat near the back upon entering--a cushioned chair and small table tucked away in the corner of the first floor. Laying out your things, you take a bite of your snack and flip open your book, eyes vaguely scanning the freshly-written notes. You have a few spare hours until your next class, and while you would normally head back to your dorm, you can’t help but feel inspired by the way the world seems to turn a little greener underneath the cloudy sky. 
Today is the first you see him—the boy hunched over a sketchpad. His hair is cropped and lays flat against his forehead. He wears a pair of clear-colored glasses and his tongue pokes through the corner of his mouth in concentration. In his hand he holds a charcoal pencil, filling the page with dark, drastic strokes.
What catches your attention isn’t necessarily this, but the sunflower he’s drawing. 
Licking the leftover bits of food off your fingers, you find yourself wandering over to his table. The flower, as you suspected, is even more impressive up close--though as you stand there, silently watching the way he adds depth to the leaves, you can’t help but wonder what it would look like with color. 
It's at the sound of your sniffling that the boy looks up from his drawing pad. His eyes fill with surprise when they land on you, back stiffening and fingers playing with the edge of the paper nervously. He clears his throat, clearly taken aback by your sudden presence. “Um, hello?”
You’re flooded with embarrassment. “Hi.” You try to smile, lips nearly shaking in horror. “I’m sorry. I was sitting over there and noticed your drawing.” You point vaguely to your abandoned seat. 
“My drawing?” The boy questions before looking down. “Oh. This—This is nothing.” He flushes, poorly attempting to cover the work.
You wave your hand. “No, it’s really good. Beautiful, I mean.”
“Ah.” He bites his lip. You think there’s more. “Thank you.”
“I don’t normally do this.” You don’t know why you tell him that. “Anyways, I’ll let you get back to work.” You apologize once more, ready to turn back and retreat to your muffin. 
When you find his gaze once more, having already taken several large strides, you realize it’s softened significantly. He holds out the drawing, gripping the neatly-torn page between stained fingers. Somehow the way he looks at you--the way he offers the flower--feels vulnerable, and all you can do is stare.
“You—You’re giving this to me?” There’s no one else around, though your voice has lowered to a hushed whisper. 
He matches it. “If you want.”
Your fingers brush when you take it from him. At the bottom of the page now reads a signature. The letters draw your attention. 
“Renjun? Is that your name?”
“Yeah.” He breathes out. “That’s me.”
He doesn’t expect to like the way you say his name. But he does.
Renjun collects his things, shoving them hastily into his bag. The rain continues, a light shower soon turning into a steady downpour. He doesn’t mind how it slides off his arms once he steps outside, nor it clinging to his clothes. He only pushes his glasses farther up his nose and heads in the direction of home.
“Can you boil some water?” 
Donghyuck looks at Renjun with quirked brows, not missing the way his roommate tosses his bag to the ground--a mere few feet from its designated hook.
“Please?” Renjun tries again. 
He doesn’t wait for a reply, instead heading straight for the bathroom, toes numb and shirt soaked. When he returns a few minutes later, now wearing dry clothes, he’s pleased to find a tea bag already steeping. Taking a seat on the couch, he falls back against the cushions with a sigh.
“Something wrong?” Hyuck asks. He lounges on the other end with a pillow resting comfortably in his arms.
“No.” Renjun answers mindlessly. “Why?” He adds after a moment.
Hyuck shrugs. “You just seem off.”
Truthfully, Renjun’s been unable to think of anything other than the encounter at the library. How long has it been? An hour? Two?
“There was someone at the library.” He huffs, not missing the smirk his roommate’s failing to hold back. “They complimented my art.”
“Kind of a given when you’re an art major, isn’t it?”
“But people don’t—they don’t talk to me. Except for you.”
Donghyuck’s smile falters, though he’s quick to cover it up. “You’re overthinking it, buddy.”
Maybe he is. Maybe you’ve forgotten all about him by now. Anyone else would. It was just a drawing, he tells himself. So why does it feel like he’s given away something more than that?
Brown ☼ Warmth
You’d like to see Renjun again, you decide. Rain continues through the week, and it’s Friday that you return to the library, entering the building with a cold-tipped nose that you begin to rub at. You should have dressed warmer. More often than not you’d find yourself leaving for class only to forget a coat or an umbrella. Though you’ve been lucky so far, you suspect it’s only a matter of time until you catch a cold.
You find him at the same table. Today he wears a pale yellow hoodie with the hood pulled up. The large window behind him is fogged with condensation and raindrops, allowing you to see a distorted view of campus. Like Tuesday, he’s hunched over his sketchbook, pencil twisting mindlessly between his fingers.
Sniffling quietly, you return to the corner chair and retrieve your phone from the pocket of your jeans. With the way Renjun works, your presence goes unnoticed, and save for where his pencil meets paper, he appears almost statuesque, lips pursed and dark eyelashes brushing against the tops of his cheeks.
At least that’s what you think.
Truthfully, Renjun saw you the moment you passed by his table. Every so often he would steal glances while carelessly sketching, moreso pretending to be busy than actually working. He can’t help but wonder if you had since thought about him or even recognized him.
No, he thinks. Probably not.
The sound of you sneezing travels over to where he sits. He eyes you, noticing how you then muffle several more in the sleeve of your shirt. Renjun watches you for several long moments before standing up and gathering his things without a second thought.
When he leaves the room, you contemplate the situation, wiping at your running nose. Did he see you? Is that why he left so abruptly? You shift further into your seat, holding your phone to your chest. It was, wasn’t it?  You let out a defeated sigh, planning to leave right away and seek out the safety of your covers. He must think you’re--
Renjun sets down two coffee cups, sliding one in front of you. “I, uh,” he scratches the back of his neck, “it seemed like you needed something warm.” With a small smile, he adds, “it’s tea.”
Your mouth gapes, eyes zeroing-in on the unexpected drink. “This is for me?” 
He hums in confirmation before sitting in the chair opposite you. 
“I didn’t realize you had noticed me.” You accept the drink without hesitation. The taste of vanilla coats your tongue with the first sip, liquid bringing a warmth to your chest.
“I tend to notice everything.”
He hides shyly behind the lid of his cup when you thank him once more, lips tightening to prevent a threatening smile. Your heart swells at the sight. 
“I thought--well, I thought maybe you were weirded out or something.”
“What do you mean?”
You refer back to his departure.
He lowers the cup slightly. “You thought I was upset.”
You nod.
Renjun laughs. It doesn’t sound like you’d expected; it’s much louder, filling up the space in a way that catches you off guard.
“I wasn’t.” He clarifies. You realize his hood is off, revealing messy hair. He must have lowered it when he left. “I guess I’m just…not that good with expressing myself.” 
It comes out more like a question. You’re not sure you believe him.
“Aren’t you an artist?” You ask pointedly before taking another large sip. 
His eyebrows scrunch, fingers making delicate strokes against the side of his cup as he ponders what you’ve said. You notice a small discoloration on his skin.
Renjun notices your lingering gaze. “It’s a birthmark.”
You can’t help but smile. “Kind of suits you.”
Confusion fills his features. You watch him subtly examine the mark. “It does?” His words are laced with hesitance.
You nod. Even the back of his hand, you think, is like a work of art. 
Purple ☼ Mystery
You learn more about Renjun in the next two weeks. He has a roommate named Donghyuck, scares easily, and always drinks a warm cup of tea before going to bed. He’s also majoring in art, though you could have figured this out on your own, and shares a class with you, astrology. That’s where you find him one morning--in the back of the lecture hall, ducked down and scrolling through his phone. His hair sticks out in tufts, the strings of his black hoodie pulled tightly and appearance more disheveled than you’ve previously seen. 
Granted, it’s nine am. 
You greet him, setting your things down in the empty chair to your left. 
He smiles tiredly, eyes puffy. “Morning.”
You think back to your previous conversation over the phone. “Any progress on your assignment?” 
He shakes his head. “Not really. I’m kind of lost.”
“It looks like it’s going to be nice out,” you tell him. The gentle breeze and clear skies on your walk to class had all pointed toward temperate weather. “Maybe if you sat outside, you’d find some inspiration.” 
The lights of the room dim, projector thrumming to life and signaling the start of the lecture. You shift in your seat, turning your attention to the front, and Renjun does the same. The next hour is spent in silence. Shades of purple, blue, and even red fill the screen along with hundreds of microscopic stars. Sometimes when your eyes wander to the boy beside you, you see them reflected in his eyes. 
When Renjun unexpectedly glances your way--before you’re able to avert your gaze--he raises his eyebrows in question. “What?” he mouths, lips stretching into a faint smirk. 
You’re unable to do anything besides hold back the giggle threatening to escape. 
He leans forward and your breath hitches. Despite the close proximity, he blinks at you innocently, seemingly unaffected when his nose brushes the space below your ear. “Want to hang out after class?” He whispers. “We could sit outside like you said.”   
You wordlessly agree.
The air smells fresh. Renjun sits beside you, grass beneath him a vibrant green. The sun is bright and iridescent, its rays comforting against his bare arms. An open textbook sits in your lap and his own, the sketchbook he always seems to carry around. The sky is a soft shade of blue and clouds resembling cotton-balls roll by in slow motion. 
“Something that represents you.” You confirm.
“Right.” He brings a hand to his face, eyes squinting against the brightness of the afternoon. “I was thinking of doing something with yellow. Cause, you know, my last name.”
You hum in acknowledgement. “That makes sense.” 
Only he’s not so sure. Despite the obvious connection, Renjun isn’t confident that it can accurately describe him. He isn’t bright or cheerful; he’s barely approachable on a good day. 
“Is that how you see yourself?”
He’s fallen silent, frowning down at the blank page staring back at him. He runs a hand through his hair, strands warm beneath his fingertips. “I don’t know,” he says honestly. “Do you--” he shifts around out of nervousness, “I mean, is there a color you see me as?”
Renjun’s heart falls. He tries to hide his disappointment, fiddling with the fabric of his jeans. He doesn’t know what he expected. You had only known each other for a few weeks. It wasn’t surprising that you were unable to answer his question. 
“You’re kind of like a rainbow.” You finish, nodding in affirmation. “I mean, is anyone just one color?” 
Now he’s a full-on mess.
“That’s what you think of me?”
You smile. “I mean, yeah.” You look away, cheeks heating. “You remind me of a lot of things.”
Red ☼ Desire
Together you sit on his bed, laptop placed between your bodies. He’s wearing a white t-shirt with wool socks covering his feet. His hair has grown a little, though his bangs are still choppy and sit just above his eyes. A blanket is thrown over your legs.
“What about this?” He asks, mouse hovering over the selected movie.
Honestly, you had barely even glanced at the title. From the moment you had stepped into his dorm, your heart had been pounding. And now laying here, you were even more nervous. His hand rests beside your leg. You look at his slim fingers and dainty palm, wondering foolishly what would happen if you reached out and touched him.
“Jun?” You turn slightly, arm unintentionally brushing against his side. Renjun inhales sharply, lips set in a firm line. He doesn’t respond right away, finger hovering over the mouse. “Would it be alright if I rest my head here?” You gesture to his shoulder with the nod of your chin.
He swallows, adam’s apple prominent in his throat. “Yeah.”
With each breath you take, you inhale the scent of his shampoo. Your head rests comfortably against him, his body heat drawing you in closer. With a shaky hand he presses play, opening soundtrack pouring out of the laptop’s speaker. 
Drowsiness swims through your veins as time passes. Renjun makes comments every so often, though stays quiet for most of the movie. His hand never moves from the space between his leg and yours. At one point, nearly drifting off and filled with haze, your body rolls toward him; his fingers brush the top of your thigh. 
He stiffens immediately, eyes widening when he realizes just how close you’ve become. He glances to the side, unconsciously holding his breath. You’ve closed your eyes though he doesn’t know whether or not you’ve fallen asleep. His hand feels heavy, as though his fingertips could sear their prints into your skin, and he quickly contemplates whether or not to remove them.
He does, instead placing his hand on top yours. The credits play, eventually fading to black, and even when the movie ends he makes no move to turn it off. Together you lay in his bed on a random Thursday. There’s a faint smile on your face along with a stillness he’s never seen before. He’d like to see more of it, he thinks. 
So he lets you sleep. Even when he’s buzzing with ideas for his project, itching to get out his sketchpad, Renjun allows himself to sink further into the mattress, eyes fluttering shut. Vivid colors fill his mind. He takes note of them, knowing just what he’ll paint when morning comes.
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neos-gone-wild · 3 days
can I request a text reaction to telling 127 that you hate them? love your fics 💕
a/n: of course! I was actually thinking about doing this :)
Text Reaction: texting 127 I hate you
pairing: idol!127 member × reader
genre: fluff
synopsis: texting 127 you hate them to see their reaction
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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2jaeh · 2 days
i'll be home for christmas | jisung
Tumblr media
your boyfriend jisung made a promise to spend the holidays with you, but his idol duties came in the way.
genre: fluff
content: gender neutral!reader, idol!jisung, boyfriend!jisung, established relationship
word count: 537
- lin
christmas fic masterlist (2022)
You hummed along to the music playing softly from your television, calmly pouring yourself some tea while the popcorn popped loudly in the microwave. It was a relaxing evening, just 2 days until Christmas eve. You'd done all your Christmas shopping and finished decorating your apartment, all for yourself of course. You had relocated from your hometown a few years ago and, usually, you'd take a trip home for the holidays. But that wasn't the case this year. You were supposed to be spending it with your boyfriend, but things changed.
His company had organised an overseas schedule at the last minute and it was too late for you to book a flight home. It was lonely, yes, and you were disappointed, but you convinced yourself to get over it. He was an idol after all and you knew that this was exactly what you were getting yourself into when you agreed to date him. You would just have to enjoy your Christmas alone.
Your phone chimed as you pulled the packet of popcorn out of the microwave, quickly dropping it on the counter to cool down. You grabbed your phone and a smile immediately appeared on your face when you saw it was a message from your boyfriend. He hadn't gone a day without talking to you, no matter how busy his life was.
Jisung: hello my best friend 🤠
You: how did I get demoted to best friend? 🤨
Jisung: jaemin bought me a milkshake so..
You: fair enough. I always liked renjun more anyways 🤭
Jisung: okay take that back or I'll start crying 🧍🏻
You: you know I'm just playing 😭😭 how was your day?
Jisung: it was okay... very busy. and I missed you :(
You: I missed you too ☹️ Just one more week!
Jisung: A week is too long. I need to be in your house right now or I'm gonna lose it 🥲
You: boy get a grip, I'm not gonna vanish in a week 💀
Jisung: I still feel bad because I promised I'd be home for Christmas
You: It's okay love, don't stress 🥰❤️
Jisung: Okay, but I got you an early Christmas present 🙏🏻
You: Oh really? Where is it?
Jisung: It's out for delivery 👁
On cue, your doorbell buzzed to life, making you flinch in surprise. You left your phone on the counter and walked towards your front door. You looked towards the security camera and all you could see was a gigantic brown bear plushie. You grinned in amusement, your heart already warming at the sight of Jisung's adorable gift. Even though you felt apologetic to the delivery person that had to carter that huge bear all the way to your apartment.
You unlocked your door and stood face to face with the cute bear that was almost half your size.
"Delivery for Y/n." The delivery person announced and your stomach did a back-lit when you instantly recognised that voice.
"Jisung!?" You gasped, excitedly pulling the plushie out of the man's hands.
When you saw your boyfriend's lanky figure, his distinct smile unmissable under his hoodie, you immediately ran into his arms, the vibrations of his laughter giving you so much comfort as you embraced him lovingly.
"Turns out I always keep my promises."
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jaemsljn · 19 hours
Snow on Concrete | LHC
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You and Donghyuck had been on bad terms for many years now, even though you share a friend group. Your opinion of him is thrown of its axis, however, when you pull his name for Secret Santa. It seems your friend group had finally gotten sick of the tension between the two of you. Can you both get over your pride for the sake of Christmas? Or does it run too deep?
A/N: this is part of a series of fics I'm going to release leading up to Christmas!! I'm very excited its gonna be each nct dream member in a different christmas/winter scenario.. and I'm going to post a prompt list so you can request for other non dream members as well!! I hope you guys enjoy!!
PAIRING: haechan x gn!reader
GENRE: kinda angsty? enemies to lovers vibes, fluff at the end
WARNINGS: cursing, mark refers to reader as man and dude but that's just bc it’s mark reader isn’t actually gendered, mentions your grandma passing in childhood, I think that’s it let me know if I missed anything!
Tumblr media
You weren’t quite sure the exact moment your years of not quite silent dislike for Donghyuck began, all you know is that it’s been lingering in the air for what seems like forever now. It didn’t help that you shared a friend group, meaning you had little to no chance of avoiding him.
You tried to like the boy, you really did. There was just something about how cocky he was, that stupid smirk he was always wearing, the color of his dumb eyes, and the way his voice sounded like a melody everytime he spoke that made you annoyed by his presence.
That’s why when Renjun informs you that Donghyuck’s going to be present when you guys hang out tonight you’re half tempted to say no.
“You’re being dramatic. It’s not gonna be that bad.” Renjun scolds as he practically drags you out the door to his car.
“Jun, I know you think it’s not that bad but the whole time we’re in a room together I can feel him quietly simmering at my very existence.”
Renjun chuckles at your dramatics, well used to this weird rivalry between you two.
“It’s not like he’s the only one! You give him nothing to work with, y/n. Do you expect him to be nothing but kind and friendly to you when you clearly don’t like him? Besides, he’s really not as bad as you think he is. You just have to give him a chance.”
You fight the urge to roll your eyes at your far too optimistic friend and instead elect to just take pause as you hop into his passenger seat, closing the door behind you. When Renjun is in the car and beginning to start the ignition you continue the conversation.
“I’ve tried to like him I really have! There’s just something about him that irks me. And it’s not as one sided as you guys make it seem he’s said shitty stuff to me too. Even when he doesn’t say anything to me he’s always glaring at me like I just took out his entire family and burnt down his house.”
“I think you just take everything he does too personally if i’m honest with you, y/n. He doesn’t have this vendetta against you that you seem to think he does. Seriously. He’s never once said anything bad about you when you’re not around.”
You laugh sarcastically at his words, “I find that very hard to believe.”
Renjun sighs at your stubbornness and seems to give up on the conversation. He turns the radio up and you silently look out the window, feeling a little guilty.
The drive passes by somewhat quickly, not another word being exchanged between you and your friend.
When Renjun has finished parking you take a deep calming breath and get out of the car. You begin slowly walking towards Mark’s apartment, leaving enough time for Renjun to catch up to you before you make it to the door.
He rings the buzzer for Mark to let you in and sighs, yet again, before turning to speak to you.
“Will you please just try to get along with him? It’s almost christmas.”
You consider for a moment before relenting.
“Fine. But if he says something rude to me I’m not gonna just take it.”
“That’s fine. I’m not asking you to let him walk all over you. I’m just asking you to attempt civility for the sake of the holiday.”
As Renjun finishes his sentence the door buzzes open and you both begin your ascent up the stairs to Mark’s apartment.
The moment you knock at Mark’s door it swings open to reveal Donghyuck. Speak of the devil and he shall appear.
“Hey Hyuck.”
Donghyuck and Renjun pull eachother into some sort of bro hug and exchange greetings. You stand there, admittedly slightly uncomfortable, as you wait for the two boys to finish their moment. 
When Donghyuck and Renjun turn to you you have to physically suppress the urge to frown at the aforementioned boy. Instead, you give him what hopefully looks like a polite smile. 
He, in return, maintains a completely stoic expression and turns to walk into the apartment. So much for civility.
You look to Renjun with an eyebrow raised as to say Do you see what i’m fucking talking about? 
But he just shakes his head and turns on his heels to enter the apartment. You let out one more self pitying sigh before quietly closing the door and walking into Mark’s apartment.
Mark’s place isn’t the biggest but it’s quite cozy. It’s in the middle of all of your guys’ places so you always end up hanging out here. 
You walk further in and are met by the man in question standing in the kitchen grabbing a large amount of cups to assumingely get drinks for everybody.
“Oh shit! Hey dude! I’m glad you could make it. You mind helping me with all this?” 
“Of course. I’m glad I could make it too I haven’t seen you in weeks.”
Mark smiles at your response, nodding sympathetically.
“Exams have been rough, man. We all missed you though! Why didn’t you come hang with us last weekend?” You silently begin helping mark pull down cups for the drinks as you continue your conversation.
“I was finishing up an essay for my english class. I missed you guys too though.”
Mark makes a face of realization where he stands at the fridge grabbing a diet coke for Donghyuck.
“Oh shit, yeah I think Hyuck mentioned that. Aren’t you guys in the same english class?”
You nod awkwardly. You did have the same english class, but, you’d never actually spoken to him in it.
“Well that sucks, man. I don’t know why she gave you guys an assignment so close to break. Uh, can you just grab those few drinks and i’ll carry these ones?”
You respond affirmatively and grab the few drinks Mark couldn’t carry and follow him towards the living room. As you walk in you overhear the end of a conversation. 
Jeno is saying something about how who you assume is Donghyuck is “completely hopeless” based off the fact Donghyuck mutters a quick “fuck off” before they hear you and Mark enter and they suddenly get quiet.
“Hey! Look who the cat dragged in.” Jaemin is the first to speak. Jumping up to help you with the drinks before pulling you into a hug. 
When you pull away Jeno is right behind him pulling you into another hug, greeting you as he does.
Then comes Chenle and Jisung doing so as well. When you’ve finally been passed around the room to all the boys that hadn’t greeted you yet you grab the free seat in between Chenle and Jisung on Mark’s tiny loveseat. Jaemin and Jeno are squeezed together on an arm chair that’s definitely made for one person. Jaemin is sitting more so on Jeno than the chair in a very typical Jaemin fashion.
Renjun and Donghyuck are on the couch, Mark coming to sit next to Donghyuck, handing him his coke as he does.
Chatter immediately fills the space, everybody lamenting about the exams they had just finished.
You get sidetracked in a conversation with Jisung about the newest Marvel movie that’s just been released when suddenly Mark is standing up and clapping his hands to gather everybody’s attention.
Donghyuck scoffs, “What is this a middle school assembly?”
The fact you have to hold back a laugh makes you somehow hate his presence even more. It seems the boy notices the fact you found him amusing because when you look up at him, barely contained giggle still present on your lips he simply smirks and looks back at Mark.
“Shut the fuck up, Hyuck. Anyways, i’ve made the executive decision that we’re gonna do secret santa. Nobody has the money to buy everybody gifts so this’ll be way easier on our wallets. I already have all the names ready so everybody come up one at a time and i’ll give you a random name.”
Jaemin is the first to stand, making grabby hands at Mark, who had at some point gotten out a bunch of folded pieces of paper from god knows where. 
Mark gives Jaemin a slip of paper and announces that everybody should wait until we all have a name to look at them.
One by one everybody receives a name. You’re the last to go. You get your paper and sit back down at your spot on the loveseat. 
Mark takes his spot back next to Donghyuck and tells everybody to look at their paper.
You slowly unfold the slip.
Written in black inc on the paper is the name you had wanted to avoid the most.
Donghyuck <3
And to add insult to injury Mark had put a little heart next to his name, almost as if he knew you’d be the one receiving it. That asshole.
You look up at the owner of the name on your paper and are shocked to find him already looking at you, an unreadable expression on his face. You avert your gaze embarrassed that you were caught looking at him and instead choose to pester Jisung to tell you who he got, trying to ignore that the entire time you can feel  Donghyuck’s gaze burning into the side of your head.
Tumblr media
“Jeno seriously! Just trade me! Just this once! I’ll do whatever you want!” You whine at Jeno from the passenger seat of his car. Renjun was staying late at Mark’s so Jeno offered to give you a ride home.
Jaemin laughs from the backseat clearly amused at your suffering.
“Jaemin… please… remember when I wrote your english essay for you? Remember that? Remember how kind and generous I was for doing that for you? Hm?”
Jaemin laughs even harder when you turn your begging to him.
“Neither of us are gonna trade you, y/n. This is kinda hilarious.” You almost hit Jeno for his love of your misery but decide not to just incase it made him accidentally crash the car you were all in. Well. On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.
“Why did I have to pick his name? The universe hates me. What am I even gonna get him?”
Jaemin cannot seem to stop laughing at your misery. You throw a sharp glare at him which only doubles his clear glee.
“We’re not even supposed to know who you picked, yet you want us to also help you find a gift? Seems a little fucked up don’t you think, babe?”
“First of all, don’t call me babe when you’re laughing at my agony, Na Jaemin. Second of all, I know nothing about Donghyuck’s interests I seriously need help guys.”
The last time you’d heard Donghyuck talk about any of the things he likes it had been years ago and he wasn’t event talking to you. You’d just happened to hear him mention to Mark that he wanted this new playstation game that was coming out. There was no way he still wanted it or didn’t already have it.
“Um, I think he’s into music right now? He’s been mentioning this one band a lot but I don’t remember what they’re called.”
God bless Jeno for giving you something to work with.
“Okay, I can do something with that. Lemme check his social media.”
You pull out your phone and open twitter. You quickly locate his account in your recently searched.
You begin scrolling through his tweets desperately looking for anything mentioning a band or singer.
“Got it!” you pause, sending Jeno a wry glance, “Michael Jackson? Seriously, Jeno? You couldn’t remember Michael Jackson? And you thought he was a band?”
Jeno just shrugs at you and looks back to the road.
“Wasn’t he into collecting vinyls for awhile? Does he have Michael Jackson ones? That would be a good gift, right?”
“Oh yeah and you know nothing about his interests, right?” Jaemin responds with a teasing lilt to his voice.
“Ignoring Jaemin, yes he is still into collecting vinyls and no I don’t think he has any Michael Jackson ones.” Thank the lord.
“He doesn’t. He gave me a quote unquote vinyl haul at the apartment the other day and he didn’t have any Michael Jackson ones.” Jaemin answers, finally deciding to be helpful.
“Alright. I can work with that. This will be fine.” You say more to yourself than to the boys.
“Yeah you definitely don’t care what he thinks of you.” Never mind. Jaemin is never helpful.
“I don’t care what he thinks of me. I just don’t wanna be the grinch of the friend group.” Nobody in the car seems super convinced.
As you end your sentence Jeno pulls up to your apartment. You say goodbye to the boys, giving Jaemin a quick hug when he gets out to take your spot up front before waving them off and walking up to your place.
Alright. Michael Jackson vinyl. You got this.
Tumblr media
You stop by a record shop the next day and pick out a few vinyls for Donghyuck. You get a couple really early ones, a few of his later works, and one that has his greatest hits on it for good measure.
On your walk back to your apartment you stop by the store to get some wrapping paper and tape and head back home.
Maybe this wouldn’t be as much of a shit show as you thought it would be.
Tumblr media
The date you’d set to exchange your gifts approaches quickly. Chenle had told you he’d had to scramble to get his secret santa gift the day before and you’d laughed at him telling him you’d gotten yours the day after you’d hung out. You felt bad for whoever was receiving the gift Chenle had bought.
You’d gone a bit over the spending limit you’d all set, not even really knowing why. Maybe it was the christmas spirit.
Jeno and Jaemin pull up to pick you up, blasting obnoxious christmas music that you could hear from the stoop of your apartment. 
You pull your coat tighter around you to combat the biting winter air and walk to his car as fast as you can.
The minute you’re settled in the back of the car Jaemin is turning to you and speaking with a teasing grin.
“So, did you get his gift?”
You roll your eyes at him before responding.
“Obviously I got him a gift, Jaemin. I wouldn’t just not get him anything i’m not that much of a dick.
Jeno mutters something under his breath along the lines of only to Donghyuck but you choose to ignore it for the sake of Christmas.
The car ride is spent with all of you loudly singing along to Jaemin’s holiday playlist.
When Jeno pulls up to your destination you begin to feel almost nervous. What if Donghyuck absolutely hated the gift? What if he already had all of these vinyls? 
You pause for a moment.
Why do you care what Donghyuck would think about the gift? It’s not like you like him all that much anyways. You shrug it off as the holiday spirit getting to you once again. 
Your thoughts are interrupted by Jeno opening your car door, clearly exasperated that you were taking so long judging off the sudden burst of chivalry.
The three of you make your way up to Mark’s apartment and the nerves begin to build again. 
Why were you so anxious?
Jaemin knocks on the door, cutting the silence. This time Mark is the one to usher you all into the house. 
He’d given all of you the same cheesy Christmas bag to put your respective gifts in so people couldn’t figure out who their giver was based off the wrappings. Pretty smart on his part in all honesty.
You three take off your winter gear and make your way into the living room. You find that all of your friends had beaten you there.
In the week you hadn’t been to his apartment Mark had decked it out in a shit ton of christmas decorations. He even had a small tree decorated in the corner of the room.
The room was dim and lit by christmas lights lining the corners of the walls and adorning the tree. He had his TV quietly playing christmas music, it was amazingly cozy and cute.
Everybody stands up to greet the three of you, Mark taking your gifts to set them with the rest of the ones sitting under the tree. You hug all the boys until you’re left staring at Donghyuck. You’re taken aback by how… well… adorable he looks. 
He had a red sweater on that has “Merry Christmas” written in loopy letters on the front. The sweater is tucked into a pair of black skinny jeans that look absolutely amazing on him. His dark brown, almost black hair is parted in the middle, a few strands falling onto his forehead. 
The boy just smiles awkwardly at your staring and you swear you can feel yourself begin to blush at the fact you’d been caught ogling the guy you supposedly dislike. You give him a strained smile back and move to sit next to Renjun and Jeno on the loveseat.
When you sit Renjun gives you a look. You don’t have the energy to decode what it means so you simply ignore it. 
“Can we get on with the gift giving? I wanna see what my secret santa got me. As a fair warning though, if it’s another korean textbook i’m seriously hurting everybody in this room.” Chenle says, giving everybody a pointed glance.
He’s obviously still upset over last year’s gift exchange. You weren’t sure who got it for him because they’d never owned up to it. You have a suspicion that’s it was Jaemin because of the note that read “Our baby Chenle needs to study a little more. help jisungie too while you’re at it <3” that was included with it.
Mark agrees and makes quick work of beginning to pass out the gifts.
Your interest in your own gift is outweighed by your nervousness for Donghyuck to open his. You try to ignore the feeling but it gets the best of you and you glance over at the boy perched on the arm chair only to find that, once again, he’s already looking at you.
You notice the way he’s picking at the skin around his fingernails but quickly look back to your gift, not wanting him to notice you staring.
Mark finishes passing the presents out, not without a few comments from your friends, before he’s taking a seat next to Jisung and Jaemin on the couch. Chenle, who had been standing by the arm of the couch takes a seat on the floor in front of Mark.
Mark gives everybody the go ahead to open their gifts and your nerves double. You look over at Donghyuck for a moment before realizing you need to actually open your own present.
You reach into the bag and pull out a small box neatly wrapped in wrapping paper. The paper is covered in cartoon cats wearing santa hats and you almost coo at the sight. Jeno notices as well and comments on how cute it is. You begin to open the gift deliberately, careful not to rip the poor kittens to shreds. 
You swear you hear Donghyuck let out a huff of amusement but don’t pay it much mind.
You finally get the wrapping paper undone and open the box housing your gift.
You gasp at the sight in front of you.
It was an exact replica of a pair of gloves your grandmother had made you when you were little. You absolutely loved them and had been heartbroken when you outgrew them. Your grandmother had passed when you were young so you couldn’t ask her to make you another pair so you simply kept the gloves in a drawer next to your bed, sad that you could no longer use them.
You’re in complete shock. You slip one of the gloves on to find they fit perfectly and your amazement doubles. The gloves were a shade of a darkish sky blue with a white heart on the wrist, accompanied with your name sewed into the right glove next to the little heart. 
They were exactly the same as your last pair. You then belatedly notice a note in the bottom of the box.
“The only picture I had of them was the one you posted on instagram so i’m sorry if they’re not exactly the same. I really tried to match the colors as best as I could and told the lady to make them as close to the original as she was able to. Even if they’re not perfect I hope you like them. I know the last pair meant a lot to you. and i hope you don’t think it’s weird or anything for me to have these made…”
You don’t notice the tears leaking out of your eyes until Renjun is bumping his shoulder with yours and whispering to you. 
“Are you crying?”
You nod shakily and turn to fully show him the gloves. Renjun having known you when you received the original pair, knew how truly adoring you were of those little things.
His eyes widen almost comically at the sight.
“Woah! Those are almost exactly the same! That’s insane!”
You sniffle a little and whisper back to your friend, “I honestly never thought of having somebody make me new ones. I cant believe somebody thought to do this… It really wasn’t you?”
Renjun shakes his head.
“I honestly wouldn’t have thought of that either. That’s amazing though. Makes me feel like my gift giving sucked.”
You let out a soft laugh and go back to admiring the glove on your hand. You stroke a soft finger over the embroidery of your name. It looks exactly the same.
Renjun nudges you once again and points to your bag, there was another box inside.
You smile gratefully and glance up at the others in the room, hoping they weren’t paying particular attention to your emotional outburst. You wanna immediately ask who got these for you so you can tell them how truly touched you are but you decide to wait until everybody’s done.
You look to Mark and find him holding a cheetah stuffie wearing a little snapback, clearly meant to look like him. Jisung next to him has a game for some sort of console, and Chenle below him is holding what looks to be a stuffed animal of a dog.
You then look over at Donghyuck. In what seems to be a new habit for him he’s already looking back at you. But, what shocks you is the soft, almost adoring smile on his face and the fact that his gift sits untouched in his lap. You widen your eyes at him in surprise and he immediately seems to snap out of his stupor and looks down at his gift, awkwardly scratching at the back of his neck, before beginning to unwrap the square shaped present in his lap.
You ignore the way your chest lights up at the smile directed at you and move your attention back to your own gifts.
You carefully remove the glove from your hand and set the pair back snugly into the box, along with the hand written note. You place the lid on top and gently set it back in the bag, scared to somehow damage them. 
You pick up the next box and unwrap it with just as much care as before. You almost laugh when you open it and find a pack of pens and pencils sitting inside. It’s accompanied with a sticky note that says, “Since you always lose yours ;)”
The complete shift in mood from your two presents almost gives you whiplash. You did have a habit of constantly misplacing your pens and pencils. But, it confuses you even more about who your gift giver could be. You didn’t necessarily announce your constant missing writing utensils so it had to be somebody you share a class with.
That means it had to be Donghyuck who you share an english class with, or Jisung and Chenle who you share a history class with.
Before you can give it much real thought you remember that Hyuck is opening the gift you got him and look over to see his reaction.
The boy is excitedly flipping the assorted vinyls over in his hands one by one. A barely concealed eager smile adorning his face.
You feel a weight being lifted of your shoulders.
“Should we show off what we got and guess who got us what?” Jaemin asks the group.
Everybody gives various murmurs of agreement and Jaemin takes this as a cue to show off his gift.
“Okay I got this $50 starbucks gift card. Which is literally the price limit. So whoever got this for me I love and adore you. I also got this film for my camera. My guess is… My little Chenle baby?”
“How did you know?” Chenle’s response is almost immediate and very loud, earning a laugh from you and your friends.
Jaemin walks over to the seated boy and grabs at his cheeks, Chenle swatting his hands away.
“Because it was just thoughtful yet distant enough for it to be you.” Jaemin drags his words out and uses that cute voice he does in a typical Jaemin way that has everybody laughing yet again.
Chenle simply scoffs but can’t hide the smile on his lips.
“Alright, since Jaemin guessed you right you go now Chenle.” Mark announces.
Chenle stands from his spot on the floor and looks around at all of you almost… suspiciously?
“I got this plushie that looks like Daegal. My baby. Mark’s sister. The light of my life.”
“Okay Chenle we get it you really love Daegal.” Jeno cuts the boys praise off with a chuckle lining his words.
“It’s important for me to remind you all, Jeno. They also put this collar on it that has her name which is cute. My guess is…”
Chenle looks around yet again narrowing his eyes warily at everybody.
“My guess is Mark.”
Mark smiles at the boy and shakes his head lightly. Jisung then speaks up.
“It was me. I thought you could take it with you when you have to be away from her. So you don’t miss her and stuff.”
Chenle smiles and pulls Jisung into a bro hug, albeit a bit awkwardly because Jisung is still seated on the couch.
Having had his gift revealed Jisung is the next to stand, Chenle taking his seat, cradling the Daegal stuffed animal in his arms.
Jisung holds up the game he’d received.
“I got this game I’ve wanted for weeks now but didn’t wanna spend my money on because christmas was coming up. Renjun’s the only one i’ve really told about it so I’m guessing it was him.”
Renjun gives an affirmative nod and Jisung lights up with a smile.
“Thanks. I’m really happy I got this. You’re the best, my universemate for a reason.” 
Renjun stands and gives Jisung a side hug, laughing as he speaks.
“Yeah, now I just have to listen to you play it all night.”
Jisung laughs a little bashfully and comes to sit next to you on the couch. 
He leans over to show you the game he’s gotten, clearly ecstatic about it. You smile and tell him how cool it looks, not actually having any interest in the game but you know he’s excited.
“Okay, I got these really nice paints. I’ve mentioned them a few times but honestly they’re so expensive I thought i’d have to save up for them for awhile. I’m not really sure who got them but i’m just gonna guess… Jeno?”
Jeno lights up in that eye smile of his and stands up, telling Renjun it was in fact him.
Renjun, in a rare show of true unadulterated affection, pulls Jeno in for a tight hug and thanks him, which Jeno just laughs and brushes off.
Renjun once again sits next to you on the loveseat, this time in Jeno’s spot.
“I got biking gloves. Also, a new strap for my guitar which says my name. So fucking cool. My guess is Jaemin? No wait Mark. My guess is Mark. Final answer.”
Mark laughs and nods pulling Jeno in for another infamous bro hug. 
“I’m glad you like them, man. I was so scared you were gonna think it was lazy or something.”
“What? No, these are so cool. Seriously, dude, thank you.”
Jaemin yells something about how cute the two boys are and with that Mark grabs his little cheetah and begins his presentation.
“It’s a cheetah stuffed animal with a snapback. I’m assuming it’s supposed to look like me? Super awesome. He’s like my son. I’m gonna guess Jaemin?”
“His name is Cheetah Lee. He is your son.” Jaemin says with a smile.
“Bro, how did you get this tiny little hat for him? It’s so tiny! I didnt know they made little hats!”
Marks amazement at that fact a tiny hat for stuffed animals exists is truly adorable and you know your friends agree with the fond smiles filling the room.
“I ordered it online. It wouldn’t be your son without a little snapback.”
Jaemin’s already found his gift giver so he gestures for you to stand up and show yours.
As you grab the little boxes you come to the realization that there’s only one possibility left for who gave these to you. 
You stand there, eyes wide, staring at the boy in question trying to make sense of it all in your head. Donghyuck seems to be avoiding your gaze, keeping his eyes locked on his fingers that he continues to pick at.
You suddenly feel a little ill.
“Uh, y/n? You gonna go?” Jeno asks.
“Um, yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I got- I got distracted. Yeah, I’ll go.” Your friends seem a little confused at your sudden change in emotion but you try to ignore their questioning stares and attempt to swallow the emotion rising in your throat.
“Um, Okay so I got- Well when I was little I had these gloves my grandma made me. They were my favorite things in the whole world especially after she passed. At some point I outgrew them. And she was- Well y’know she passed so she couldn’t make me new ones. So i’ve just kept them in my bed side drawer all these years. I guess I posted them on instagram? And somebody had new ones made.” 
You pause and try to blink away the tears filling your eyes, opening the box to show the the gloves.
“It seems dumb but i don’t know… those gloves meant so much to me and for some reason I just never thought of getting new ones made. And it’s crazy because these look exactly the same even down to the color of the thread that says my name.” A small hiccup leaves your mouth as tears begin to steadily flow from your eyes. This is… humiliating.
“I think I need a second… Just… give me a second.”
You’re immediately booking it to Mark’s front door, slipping your shoes on, and walking as fast as you can down the stairs to get outside.
It’s not until you’re outside that you realize it’s the middle of winter and your forgot your coat.
More tears leave your eyes as you look down at the gloves clasped in your shaky palms.
You distantly hear the apartment building door open and shut rather harshly. You turn and expect to see Renjun or even Mark but instead you’re met with Donghyuck standing in front of you.
His shoes are obviously hastily thrown on, he hadn’t even bothered to tie the laces and his heel was sticking out of one of them.
His coat was crooked on his body and his chest is rising and falling in rapid breaths.
You have no idea how to start. Before you can decide he’s sticking his arm out towards you. You’re confused for a moment before you realize he’s clutching your coat in his hand.
“You didn’t- Sorry I really took those stairs too fast.” He pauses to take a breath and you would’ve laughed if you weren’t fighting the urge to cry and maybe throw up.
“Okay, I think i’m good now. You left your coat. And your scarf. And I grabbed this hat but now that i’m actually looking at it I don’t even think this is yours.” 
That manages to pull a teary laugh out of you. 
“That’s Jisung’s hat.” You tell him through a few weak giggles. Of course Donghyuck would find a way to make you laugh through all of this. You wish it didn’t make you feel worse.
The sound of your laugh makes his face light up in a grin. He suddenly looks almost proud of grabbing the wrong hat. 
“Well, wear it anyways. It’s cold.”
He hands you your coat first and you slip it on, followed by the scarf, and Jisung’s hat that is way too big for your head.
You look at the ground. Still not entirely sure how to say everything you’re thinking without it coming out as some sort of incomprehensible word vomit.
“Did you… Did you not like them? Because I’m sorry if i crossed a line I just thought-“
You cut him off before he can finish his sentence. 
“Are you serious, Hyuck? I fucking loved them. It was so insanely thoughtful. These are probably the most meaningful gifts i’ve ever gotten and I just-“
The tears are back.
“I was such a dick to you. I was so mean to you for no real reason. And I told myself it wasn’t one sided but then you get these gloves made and how did you even know? That these gloves meant so much to me? I didn’t say it in the post.”
Donghyuck looks nervous to tell you but speaks nonetheless.
“I uh overhead you and Renjun talking a couple years ago. It was winter and you said something about the gloves and how every winter you think about them and your grandma… then you posted that picture recently and I kinda put it together. I guess i didn’t really know how meaningful they were but I assumed? You sounded so sad when you talked about it so I just… I don’t know I thought it would be a nice gift.” He’s scratching the back of his neck and shifting on his feet uncomfortably and you seriously think you’re gonna be sick now.
“I thought you hated me…”
Donghyuck’s eyes are wide when he looks up at you. 
“No I never hated you. You just- well I knew you didn’t like me. And it’s embarrassing but I would get so nervous around you. i’m not usually like that. I just didn’t know how to deal with it… so i just avoided talking to you. And then at a certain point I guess you decided you really didn’t like me and honestly… it kinda hurt my pride,” He chuckles dryly before continuing, “It sounds so egotistical but it’s true. I didn’t think i did anything to make you hate me so much and it kinda pissed me off so I started being a little short when we did talk. But, seriously I never hated you. Never.”
You don’t even know what to say at this point. 
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry i was so mean to you when you didn’t do anything to deserve it. It was just- I don’t even know honestly. You would get so quiet around me that I just assumed you didn’t like me or something. God, Renjun was right I took everything you did so personally. Like whenever I caught you looking at me I assumed you were judging me and it hurt my pride so I just decided I didn’t like you. Once I decided that I was just unwilling to let go of it. God, I am such a fucking jerk Donghyuck. I’m so sorry. For all of it.”
Donghyuck is taking slow steps towards you now. You can’t stand to look at him so you keep your gaze locked on your shoes. But, you can hear the way the snow crunches under his (still untied) shoes as he takes steady steps to you.
Donghyuck softly pulls the gloves from your hands, you’d forgotten you’d still been holding them this entire time.
You’re a little confused at the action. Maybe he’s really just done with you at this point. He’s gonna take the gloves back and he’ll really hate you now.
You’re even more confused when he pulls you hand up and mutters a soft “hold it there” before he’s slipping the glove on your hand with gentle fingers.
He successfully secured the first glove and puts your hand back down at your side, pulling the other hand up to do the same.
This time when he’s done putting the glove on he keeps his grip on your hand, rubbing a little circle on it with his thumb.
“I’m not mad. I mean we both kinda did the same thing right? Just assumed that we hated each other and ran with it. I really like you. I have all this time and I still do. I get if you need time to get used to the fact I’m not praying on your downfall every second of the day like previously thought.” Again, Donghyuck manages to bring humor into any situation.
“But, I guess i’m asking you to go on a date with me. It doesn’t have to be tomorrow or next week or even this month but-“
You cut Donghyuck off by bringing your now gloved hands up to the sides of his face. You look into those big dumb brown eyes of his and cement yourself on what you’re about to do.
You lean in slowly. Giving him time to pull away if it’s not what he wants.
His eyes flutter closed as you get closer and you take it as permission, pressing your lips against his.
The, embarrassingly, many times you’d imagined kissing Donghyuck could never amount to what you were currently experiencing.
The moment your lips touch his he bring his ice cold fingers up to the sides of your neck, holding you into place.
You both ignore the small yelp you let out at the temperature of his hands.
His hold isn’t imposing or forceful but it’s firm, as if to say i’m here. I have you. Finally, finally, I have you. 
You both pull away after a moment and you can’t help the adoring grin that spreads across your face, and grows even wider when you see Hyuck has one to match.
“Fuck yeah. Jeno said I was hopeless i’m gonna rub this in that fuckers face for years.” You can’t help but laugh at the fact that that’s his first thought after kissing you.
“Hold on. How did we end up getting paired up for Secret Santa?”
Donghyuck pulls his hands off your neck, thinking, and places them on your hips instead. You pull your hands off the sides of his face and settle them on his shoulders.
“Mark.” You both speak at the same time.
“I can’t even be mad. He really helped me out there.” Donghyuck says, wearing a shit eating grin.
“Honestly, yeah. I’ll forgive him since it worked out.”
Donghyuck is pulled you in by the belt loops of your pants as he speaks, smirk ever present, “Oh baby it more than worked out.”
Donghyuck captures your lips in his once again, and while you do thoroughly enjoy the feeling you’re beginning to realize how freezing it is.
Hyuck whines as you pull away again, chasing your lips. You give him a small peck to satiate him enough to let you speak.
“While I would love to stand here kissing you all day i’m freezing my ass off. Also, you literally don’t even have your shoes fully on your feet.”
Donghyuck seems like he just realizes this fact as he snaps his eyes down to his shoes that are, in fact, not even fully put on.
Donghyuck agrees to go inside with one more kiss. He’s then linking your hands together and taking slow steps towards the door. A little wobbly due to the state of his Converse.
“Can you not tell the guys I remembered the glove thing for years? They would never let me live it down.”
You walk back into the apartment building, laughter spilling from your mouth.
Maybe it wasn’t such a shit show after all.
Tumblr media
little bonus scene!
“Oh shit.” Mark mutters. Maybe this wasn’t his best plan after all.
The minute the door shuts Donghyuck is on his feet rushing after you. He grabs your coat and other winter gear off the hook and goes to run after you.
“Hyuck, you don’t have a coat on. or shoes.” Chenle yells after him, far too amused when their friend has just run away crying. 
Donghyuck turns on his heels and rushes back to the shoe rack but in his haste his socked feet slip out from under him and he hits the floor with a loud thump.
Silence engulfs the room as Donghyuck sits there on his ass for a moment. Clearly embarrassed.
Jeno is the first to break out into a hysterical laugh and the rest follow quickly. 
“If any of you mention this to y/n ever I will lose my fucking mind.”
The boys just nod at him, still doubled over laughing. 
Donghyuck, with as much dignity as he can in his current situation, stands up and shoves his feet in his shoes. He then yanks his coat off the hook and forcefully slips his arms into it.
He got the wind knocked out of him when he fell but immediately runs to the door and just hopes you don’t notice how out of breath he is when he gets down there. 
Mark yells something along the lines of “go get ‘em tiger” but it’s barely understandable through the laughter shaking his body still.
The only response they get from Donghyuck is a middle finger before the door is slamming and the apartment is left only with the sounds of laughter.
Tumblr media
A/N: I hope you all enjoyed!! ill be releasing the other members over the course of December. ill post the master list for that in a moment. ill also post a prompt list so you can send requests for skz members or non dream members!! happy holidays!! (send an ask if you want to be in the tag list for this series.)
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Winwin - nct
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ 🎧💭 ] : . ♥︎ moodboard winwin 🕷🕸
Tumblr media
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NCT as autocorrect fails (127)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Don't Get Hurt
cw: alcohol consumption || era: December 2022
❀ When Taeil and JiHo get together for a few drinks (of which all her drinks seemed to go to him as well) a very drunk Taeil has something unexpected to tell her
Tumblr media
With a loud thud the beer glass in Taeil’s hand made contact with the table. JiHo, who had been resting her head on her hand on the table, flinched at the sound. With how loud it rang through the still busy pub, she was surprised that the glass didn’t break. “Lim JiHo!” he slurred and leaned a bit more over the table trying to make eye contact with the younger girl. “I’m going to protect you.”
JiHo chuckled in amusement and immediately grabbed her phone to film the stupidly drunk man. “Oppa, I’m not kidding. You are pretty cute when you’re this drunk,” she told him through a suppressed giggle. Looking from her phone screen back to Taeil, she noticed him swaying a bit more than felt normal. “But… I think you might’ve drank too much.”
Taeil reached out and grabbed one of her wrists—with much struggle. “JiHo… I need to tell you something.”
“You’re not going to tell me a dark secret you’ll regret telling me once you’re sober again, are you?”
Although she was still giggling, she could feel the seriousness emanating from Taeil. Her smile slowly started to fade as she took notice of Taeil’s almost blank stare at the table between them.
“I’m so scared you’ll get hurt.”
JiHo wasn’t sure if minutes passed or only a few seconds before she responded, but it had felt as if the time in the room had stood still for a while. She leaned over the table and rested her head on her free arm, now in a lower position to be able to look into Taeil’s eyes. “Why would you feel that? I’m right here am I not? I’m okay.”
Taeil nodded and took a second before he explained himself. “I know you don’t like it when we are worried about you. I know you feel like a burden when we do. It’s just that I see how much the boys are affected by everything that has happened and I know you’ll hate me for saying this, but…” Another few moments passed before Taeil choked out a quiet sob, “I’m scared you’ll get hurt and we won’t be there to help you.”
Only a soft sigh came from JiHo as she watched Taeil—who was still clearly drunk—fight with his own emotions. She sat back up and pulled Taeil’s hand off her wrist. She pressed her lips into a tight smile and tried to reassure him, “it’s okay… I know I get a bit too defensive at times. I know you’re just worried.”
The noise from the other patrons of the bar that had earlier felt like ambient background noise started to drown out. All JiHo could focus on was the man in front of her. She reached out and placed her hand in Taeil’s grasp, placing her other on top of his hand that was now grasping hers tightly. “Oppa,” she called out for him and Taeil looked at her. “I’ll be okay, right?”
Taeil nodded, “I’ll make sure you will.”
With a soft snicker, JiHo placed her head down on top of their intertwined hands and closed her eyes. Taeil reached out with his other hand to caress her hair out of her face and tuck it behind her ear.
“I know you will.”
S/N: this one was very short and not as good as it could be. I'm sorry 😅 I really didn't know what to write for today. I know some of my content feels very repetitive sometimes but I'm in a bit of an inspiration block lately (also kinda feel like I've written pretty much everything before).
I also want to give a little heads up that there might not be a post next Wednesday but next Sunday instead. BUT we'll see next week! I just want to leave a little thanks to everyone who's been super supportive of this blog. idk I just felt like saying that 💚
masterlists: main masterlist || jiho.writings masterlist
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Tumblr media
warning(s): mentions of speeding(please don’t ever speed and drive carefully!)
there was something about the night time that you loved. the way that it could be so quiet yet so lively was something that you fascinated you. it was the way you could feel comforted by the night time when you’re by yourself, but there was something special about the nights you have.
you never shared the night alone. you always had one person and it was that one special person. no matter the day you both had, you had found time for each other during the late hours of the day before you both could call it to an end. your schedules have the tendency to become hectic mostly with not knowing what he could be pulled away for. 
at first, you were reluctant to have him drive over. it was night and he would be tired  so naturally you would tell him to stay home and rest. he came anyway. he mentions that he would always have enough energy to see you. he also notices the way your eyes light up when you get to answer the door and he’s there at your place within minutes. you would let out a soft giggle every time he greeted you with a kiss. you would never say it to him, but you are happy that he makes the drive over. 
it was the same on his end too. he worried about your safety, leaving your job late at night and deciding to drive over to his place. he would be the only one awake in his dorm room to make sure that you got home safely. he was okay with coming to you, but you always insisted that you make the effort too. just like the same emotion he notices within you, you notice with him too. the way his dimples show when he opens the door quietly to see your face before he engulfs you in his arms.
this then started to become a normal thing between you two, taking turns to drive to each other’s places. soon, it became a habit of just spending the nights with each other right after schedules, arriving just at the end so both aren’t waiting for too long. the car rides would be filled with soft laughter, singing to whatever song that was playing, and the occasional hand squeezes or kisses as you try to decide what to do together. 
it comforted you both. any day that could’ve been bad, you were there for each other to make the bad go away. you shared your worries, concerns, love with each other in the car, at each other’s places, or even the convenience store that you both always go to if it got too long for actual food. you celebrated your highs with each other and battled all your lows together. 
tonight was like no other night. you were working while he was finishing up the last of his filming schedules. he insisted that he picked you up for the night in which you retaliated that you would be finished first, but there was no use trying to persuade him. the day was a long and boring, but you didn’t care mostly when you were off in less than five minutes which means that you were gonna see him once you locked up. 
turning the key into the lock, your phone started to buzz in your hand. you picked up the phone right away seeing the caller id while tugging on the doors to make sure they were locked properly. you can hear the sound of cars driving by and the faint sound of the turn signal going on and off again.
“hey jae, are you still on your way?” you questioned while leaning back against the front doors of your shop, staying under the light. 
“yeah, i am so sorry baby. i thought we were gonna finish early but that didn’t happen so i rushed out as soon as i could,” his voice was soft yet anxious which caused you to laugh a little.
“it’s okay. i just closed up so i don’t mind waiting. drive safe and i’ll see you soon, okay?”
“actually, i’m pulling up just now.”
you made a noise out of sudden confusion. your work places weren’t that close to each other and by the sounds of his explanation, he finished his schedules not too long ago, probably around the time you closed up, so how was he here already? you saw the car pull up right away and you ended the call, walking up to the vehicle and hearing the locks switch.
you make your way into the passenger seat being met with that dimply smile that you loved so much. it almost distracts you from the concern you had of him making it here in a short amount of time. jaehyun leans over and gives you his normal greeting kiss. when he pulls away, he studies your features and lets out a soft chuckle.
“how did you get here so fast?” as if you were reading his mind because he was gonna ask you about what you were thinking.
“what do you mean?” he was trying to play dumb, knowing that he did drive in a way that he wasn’t supposed to after you promised to be safe. you crossed your arms and gave him a look that instantly made him give in. “okay, okay– i may have or may not have driven a little faster than i usually would.”
“jae, i thought i told you to drive safely.”
“i was!” he smiles at you while taking your hand in comfort. “i promise.”
you slightly jutted out your bottom lip into a pout, knowing that this was one thing you both agreed on mostly since you both worked and lived opposite from each other. all you hear was his soft laugh that filled the car as he leaned in to give you another kiss. how were you able to resist that?
“i could drive for a while, for as long as it takes to get to you. i would drive over 85 because i wanna be by your side, my love.” in which he did, but he never would admit that to you.  
you had a feeling for the reason that you were the same type of driver as well, speeding over the limit. knowing this, it made the nights even more special. you couldn’t hide your smile anymore as you reach to buckle your seatbelt, ready for the adventure you were about to create with him. the night life lulling you both into the comfort you shared. 
you, too, would drive over 85 just to be by his side, where you felt like you belong. 
☾ ── © jungyxxnxh 2022
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nanaloco · 1 day
Being best friends with jisung
Part 5 to the 'its complicated' series, full series paged linked at bottom!
Warnings : Lots of fluff towards the end, Bold jisung
Genre : Bestfriend!Jisung x gn!reader
Barely proofread btw lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
• Unlike the other stories in this series, you and jisungs relationship is a bit different.
• You're not really friends, but you're not really lovers either, it's just... complicated
• You two often share earphones on the way to school until one day one of the ears stop working so sound only comes out of one ear so he tells you to bring your earphones with you next time, which you do
• 'so uh I bought one of these because one of the ears broke so..'
• He bought one of those heartshaped earphone adapters that turn it into 2 headphone jacks -instead of just buying a new pair of earphones-
• You suggest that you could just use your ones but he already bought it, and 'it would be a waste not to use it'
• So now you're here sitting at the back of the bus on your 3 hour bus ride home listing to your spotify blend through jisungs phone
• Spotify says you and him are an 83% match, so maybe they do know what they're talking about despite your daily mixes past #2 being anything but accurate of what you listen to
• Regardless you wanted to belive that it could mean more than just your music compatibility
• You two actually are very alike
• Both were very quiet,
• until you were sat next to eachother in class, where you first met
• He's not one to strike conversation, but he feels more at ease to talk to quieter people
• Which is why you two clicked
• You felt like you wouldn't judge eachother and you understood eachother
• You ended up preferring him over your current friend group, wishing that you two could grow closer to the point where you could have an excuse to hang out with him besides homework help
• That was until you were assigned a group research project with your deskmate
• This was your perfect opportunity
• It was worth 40% of your grade so of course, you'd have to take this seriously
• But that won't stop you from stealing sly glances at his puckered lips while hes concentrating
• Or stop you from wanting to ruffle his hair
• Or poke and pinch his cheeks everytime he laughs or puffs them
• Or kiss his plush lips
• What? No..
• It's just your intrusive thoughts, you guys are good friends thats all
• You're almost too concerntrated on focusing on your work and not making it obvious that you'd been staring at his lips for an obscene amount of time to realise
• How everytime you look up at him, he was already staring at you
• Or how rosy his cheeks were everytime you looked at him
• Or how fast his heart was beating, being next to you
• You never noticed
• So now you're at his place, sitting next to him on his dining table, just completing your discussion on the topics you want to focus on, ready to start the first part of your assignment: research
• He reaches across you to grab his textbook
• And he was suuuuuuper close and you could smell the shampoo you two bonded over
• He could've just asked you to pass it to him =~=
• Now you're stuttering your words everytime your eyes lock
• "Um, I'll give you space! to spread out your materials aaand sit opposite" you say rising from your seat
• He was wayyy too close for your poor heart and you couldn't concentrate
• He swiftly slides his hand into yours, holding it tightly
• His hands were really warm, typical of him, he's practically a human furnace
• You look him with a confused facial expression only for him to exchange the same look thats printed on your face
• 'Oh I didn't want to invade your personal space, so I was gonna move'
• He didn't even hear what you said earlier because he thought it was funny how jumpy you were all of a sudden in oppose to how confindent you were in delivering your thoughts on the topic of your discussion
• 'What if I want you to invade my personal space'
• 'Huh?'
• He tugs your arm slightly, notioning you to sit back down
• Your faces inches appart
• 'What if I wanted you to invade my personal space?'
• Uhhhh this wasn't appart of your agenda today
• You both kinda just stare at eachother, not making any movements, but not drawing away either
• Shyness creeping up on both of you
• 'Umm, anyways about the work' you stammer turning the pages in your book, only to look back at him being ten times closer
• 'Can I kiss you?' His voice was low and soft
• Where did all of this confidence come from 💀💀
• A slow nod was all you could give him before he slowly placed a soft peck on your lips
• Before looking back up at you with those eyes that make you just want to melt
• And another
• And another
• And you had to go, grabbing your phone and running out of his house with no hesitstion
• Whatever has gotten into him had your stomach turning in your bed as you debated how on earth you were going to tackle this the next day
• Jisung on the other hand, acted completely on impulse, he did things he didn't think he could ever possibly do, and he has no regret either
• Theres nothing wrong with liking someone, he did nothing but be sincere
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading 💕
I thought it would be interesting to have Jisung be more bold in this one Because I normally see him being written as very shy, but I'm sure he has his moments
Requests are open, literally spam me!!!
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Snowed In With You: Prologue
Tumblr media
Mark Lee x Fem!Reader
Synopsis: Not wanting you to spend the holidays alone, your friend, Chenle, convinces you to go on a ski trip with him and his bestfriends.
Word Count: 336
"How would you feel," Chenle starts as soon as he opens the door, wrapping his arms around my shoulder as he walks me into his house, "about going on a ski trip?" He smiles big at me as he leads me to sit on the couch. As I look around I notice Haechan, Renjun, Mark, and Jeno sitting opposite to us, the four of them look at me and smile.
"I don't ski, Chenle."
"You don't have to. I just think it'd be fun to get away, you can sit in the cabin and read a book or whatever. I don't want you to be alone for Christmas."
"Who said I was gonna be alone?" I say slightly offended.
"I know you will. All of us will. None of us can go see our families, so why don't we all just spend the holidays together?"
"Come on, Y/N, it's Christmas!" Says a voice coming from down the hall. I turn around and am met with the sight of Jaemin, dragging Jisung in the living room with him.
"Yeah, it's Christmas," Haechan adds in, getting up from his spot on the couch and dramatically dropping to his knees in front of me, grabbing my hands and bringing them up to his forehead. He fake sobs as he begs for my presence on the trip.
"Get up, you're embarrassing yourself," Renjun says, barley looking up from his phone.
"Please, Y/N!" Jaemin chimes in, coming and sitting next to me, laying his head on my shoulder.
"Just say yes so they can shut up." Jisung says as he plops down on the couch.
"It's the only way," Chenle adds as if he wasn't the one that had opened Pandora's box.
"Fine. I'll go," I say with a roll of my eyes, "Now get off of me!" I push Haechan off my lap and scoot away from Jaemin, "I hate you guys."
"Love you too!" Jeno speaks for the first time since I've been here. Mark just listens and laughs.
➠ Chapter 1
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Taglist: @brownsugarbaybee @chardonnayyyy @spaghetti-oh-nos @postapocalypsebabe @sfsrm-blog
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ncityprincess · 15 hours
Okay this might be fucked up but imagine Johnny giving you the best fuck of your life. But as he's doing that your thinking about some random thought with Yuta and you accidentally say Yuta's name instead of Johnny. I would say more but we know where things are gonna go right?
YAWP!!! then he grabs your face and asks you “what the fuck did you just say? no say it again, say his name again” and then you get fucked forward backwards and sideways 😁😁
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