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catsanddiscoballs · 11 hours
I saw the original video by danielthrasher on TikTok and knew I had to recreate it
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ncalabby · 16 hours
Tumblr media
The doctor is not working on holiday
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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ash2dusty · 2 days
I think they would do this kind of stuff to mess up with spy
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dddeerbo · 13 hours
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goofy reds
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birbwell · 2 days
Yoooo Scout in stop for the colour palette challenge???
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im not particularly susceptible to eyestrain but dear fucking god
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darkshadsfm · 2 days
The Mercenaries
Tumblr media
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niblets-criblet · 1 day
I was thinking about having limited edition TF2 plushies with voice boxes. The thought of asking the cast for custom lines just for them came across my mind as I was looking into it.
I'm still not sure if I should go through with the idea and I'm a bit shy to reach out and ask the VA's. 👉👈
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fresh-sikhye · 3 days
Tumblr media
Hehwidbejanwn another late night post. Did this collage thing of Medic and creeped the teacher out with my description of the piece. (My fav part is prob the “Can you befriend a semi-fascist?” part)
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kingcatnine · 5 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I dont think they could manage a normal father-son relationship but it's fun to imagine them having their moments. in their own special way.
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5eraphim · 2 days
The Yandere Merc’s Love Languages
Fandom: Team Fortress 2
Rating: T
Trigger Warnings: Yandere Behavior, toxic relationship dynamics.
Word Count: 2.5
Listened to this song while writing. It always puts me in a sappy-lovey-squishy mood. 
(I feel this is way less intense than what I usually write, so consider this a little fluffy buffer while I work on some absolute fuckery. Anyhow, enjoy!)
Requests are Open <3
The Scout
Expressing: Physical Touch
Receiving: Words of Affirmation
Scout is close to being an even split between expressing and receiving words of affirmation. (Most people would assume as much, given his reputation as one of the most infamous loudmouths out there). But he finds using actions most effective to show how much he genuinely cares.
He can come off as a bit handsy when the two of you are out in public. He just really likes to show you off around other people. He's always got an arm around your waist or hips and loves the attention and double looks people give seeing him so brazenly intimate.
He's never been one to control himself whenever infatuated, and this is no exception. He has this unknowable subconscious need to keep you close when the two of you are alone and can be a natural cuddle bug when he's feeling extra needy. When he's feeling a bit more low-key, he'll like to spend nights with you, watching movies with your head on his chest. He always wants to try and make you smile and laugh. Nothing feels better to him than to feel the weight of your body against his trembling in laughter.
As much as he likes to talk himself up and brag around other people when it's just the two of you, he's shockingly needy. Scout is desperate for your full attention and compliments and will start to lose his mind if he goes too long without hearing your praise.
He can't help but remain competitive even when he's smitten. Scout always wants to be the most significant person in your life, and when you see how insecure he can come off in private, you can't help but pity him slightly despite yourself.
The Soldier
Expressing: Acts of Service
Receiving: Quality Time
Solly has always poured his total energy and heart into what matters most to him, and this is especially true regarding how he feels about you. Protecting you and acting as your lover grants him a sense of security and validation he's never known before, and he would do anything to hold onto this.
Despite his behavior, yandere Solly is at least somewhat aware of how other people see him as a fool, but he doesn't care about any of that. So long as he can prove to you, his heart's in the right place, that's all that matters to him. And he will do whatever it takes to prove this to you.
He's low-key a mix of acts of service and physical touch, though he isn't nearly as touch-obsessed as Scout. The two are naturally drawn to more concrete displays of affection. Likely on account of the kind of instant gratification, this grants them.
Solly will expect your undivided attention and affection in exchange for his efforts. Any time he is off the battlefield, or away from his duties to his team, he wants you by his side. Nothing is worse to him than being stuck all alone with his own thoughts.
In his mind, it's straightforward the time he spends with you equals rare moments of peace. In a sense, you represent his "end game" or his "idyllic peace." Finally, something to dream about after the war.
The Pyro
Expressing: Gift Giving
Receiving: Quality Time
While some might call them childish, the way Pyro has managed to preserve their inner childlike wonder is enviable. Not concerned with the incongruity between their perceptions and reality, Pyro lives to have fun and enjoy all the wonder and beauty life offers.
Pyro's something of a little magpie. They love to collect and hoard cute little knick-knacks and trinkets which catch their eye when out and about and bring them home to you. Loves the way they get to share this little token of affection with you, their little way to give you back a bit of the joy you bring them.
Even the smallest gifts mean so much to them! There's so much cuteness and joy in the world when you're around; they want to show and share all of it with you. They're also surprisingly perceptive of what you like and will do their best to bring back what they know you'd appreciate. 
Pyro is considerably repulsed by how life feels so gray and un-fun when you aren't around, so they want you close by as often as possible. It doesn't matter if it's just loafing around or cooking and what. They just can't get enough of the giddiness you bring them.
The one conspicuous condition here is they would never want to bring you to the battlefield. They are at least a little aware of how they can lose themself while in combat, and they would never want to risk losing something as important as you so recklessly.
The Demoman
Expressing: Quality Time
Receiving: Acts of Service
No matter how little he may have to spare, Demo finds it vital to set aside time every day to spend with the people he loves. Considering how crazy his life can get, this little space where he can find some control and peace means much to him.
Even though the time spent together matters the most to him, Demo is surprisingly perceptive of your likes and dislikes and will do his best to ensure that as long as the two of you are together, he'll keep you entertained or in some way at peace. Drunken or sober, Demo would prefer to share his time in the company of others rather than all alone.
When he is sober, Demo will try to show you how much you mean to him. He'll want to make memories with you, his gentle way of convincing you how much happier you can be if you stay with him. If he's drunk, he would be more likely to manipulate you and claim he needs you around to keep him safe from his own recklessness.
It means a lot to Demo to have someone look out for him while he's sloshed, though he'd likely not admit this to you, much less to anyone else.
Unfortunately, he's more likely to become more intoxicated when feeling affection-deprived. If Demo's feeling particularly sinister, he might even challenge you to drink with him, knowing how easy it would be to get you in a more suggestive state of mind.
The Heavy
Expressing: Acts of Service
Receiving: Quality Time
He's close to an even split between expressing and receiving acts of service but is slightly keener on sharing quality time with you. Considering how hard it is for him to find time to spend by himself sometimes, he'd want to spend whatever he had to spare with you.
Nothing is a greater sense of pride for him than being able to protect and provide for those he loves. And, in turn, nothing makes him feel more loved than keeping you safe.
He's tormented by feeling as though he's already lost so much time with his loved ones spent away working. So heavy would do whatever he needed to ensure his relationship with you didn't end up like that.
Generally prefers to remain active when spending time with you. As in, Heavy just really appreciated when you keep him company while he's doing chores or cleaning his gun, but if he really did just have some time to kill, he would love to read you some classical literature in his native tongue, if you'd allow him.
The Engineer
Expressing: Acts of Service
Receiving: Physical Touch
Like many of the Mercs, he has the easiest time expressing himself through physical means, partially due to his nature and nurture. Engie was brought up around practical-minded people and learned to show he cares by following their example. He's not exactly touch-starved but does find himself craving your touch specifically.
He might be old-school in some of his views on how relationships "ought to be. , Engie believes it's his job to be the primary provider for his partner. You can bet this man will absolutely work wonders in the kitchen. (To this day, he holds onto some of the recipes for the food his mother cooked when he was a little boy, and Engie's dreamed of the day he found someone special to share these with. The day he met you, he knew it was only a matter of time before he'd have his moment to shine.) Just his little way of letting you know so long as it was just the two of you together, you'd always be comfortable.
Hates the way he can get so lonely tinkering away in his shop for hours on end. If you were to stop by and offer to help, he would be just about over the moon. It wouldn't matter to him if you were exceptionally proficient with machines. It's not the help he's so happy about. It's the consideration and loyalty of choosing to come and visit him and spend some time at his side.
While he may not be the most touchy-feely person, Engie isn't the shy type either! If he were craving more intimacy, he'd let his hands rest against your body, pull you closer to him, and sneak sly kisses along your neck while he gently squeezed and ran his hands along your shoulders.
Loves a good back rub. The perfect mix of affection, physical intimacy, practicality, the whole nine. There's nothing Engie loves more than to come home after a long day and stretch it with you. He's lying on his belly shirtless, you straddling his hips while you work out the knots and tension in his shoulders and back. This is nothing short of his heaven on Earth.
The Medic
Expressing: Quality Time
Receiving: Words of Affirmation
Poor Medic is the least experienced and most awkward in romance out of any of the Mercs (maybe second only to Sniper.) It's not that he's repulsed. He certainly craves affection and companionship, the same as any man. It's the initiation and enigmatic emotions which always trip him up, 
Naturally, he'd feel most at ease within his own element, keeping you for companionship while he can keep busy and avoid getting overly flustered or awkward around you. It doesn't matter to him if it's work or doing chores or what have you. So long as he knows you're around, it's enough to soothe him.
Much like Engie, while he's not necessarily touch starved, he can't help but crave the warmth and comfort your touch never fails to bring him. Medic suffers from mild separation anxiety whenever he's away from you for too long or if he doesn't know exactly where you are.
While his own emotions can be so cumbersome for him to deal with, when you take the time to look him in the eyes, hold his hand, or express that you genuinely care for him, it eases his anxiety. Though there's always the voice in the back of his head telling him the only way to ensure you'll love him forever is if he's your only choice of lovers, he does his best to keep that part of himself under wraps, at least for your sake. (At least for the time being).
The Sniper
Expressing: Quality Time
Receiving: Physical Touch
There's no need to beat around the bush. Sniper is down bad for physical comfort or really contact of any kind. But he knew what he was signing up for when he chose the Sniper profession. Though this does little to alleviate the sting of loneliness, he suffers after long nights spent in isolation.
To some extent, he hates how he's grown so accustomed to living like a recluse. Even if he knows it is rather dangerous, he likes it when you keep him company in his van when he's out on stakeouts. He'd do anything to keep from feeling so utterly alone against the rest of the world.
Despite the dangers, Sniper is aware the closer he keeps you physically during dangerous times, the easier it will be to keep you safe. Additionally, the less likely you are to try and slip away from him, given the severe danger around you.
He's not the handsy type someone like Scout might be, but he is addicted to the warmth of your skin against his body in downtime. Can get a bit fidgety, so he'll usually be drumming his fingers against you or nuzzling into the crook of your neck. Really lies when you sit between his lanky legs so he can just kinda sprawl out around you. 
He's well aware of how people who aren't trained Snipers can become somewhat disturbed during stakeouts. You might find yourself cuddling up to him to keep away from the danger despite yourself. The hours of near-silence and darkness wear down on you, hindering your judgment considerably.
The Spy
Expressing: Gift Giving
Receiving: Physical Touch
Given that Spy is the most experienced in love and romance, he's more likely to try and get a read for you and play to what he'd suspect your love language would be and use this to his advantage as a manipulation tactic to appeal to you.
A lover of all things beautiful and precious, he's the type to try to show you how beloved he finds you by surprising you with little mementos and tokens of affection. Unlike Pyro, though, he's more discernible and only brings you the best of the best rather than Pyro's magpie approach.
He spared no expense, though given how espionage and theft go hand in hand, it'd be in your best interest not to overthink how exactly he managed to afford such foolishness. Despite the possessive behavior, manipulative streak, and possibly considering you in his crimes, even you had to admit, the man has spectacular taste. And to reject something so lovely and leave it to gather dust? Surely that's a greater crime than any theft, right? 🥺
Despite his smooth-talking, magnetic presence and charming allure, you can't help but worry he's just leading you on to get in your pants and likely are blissfully unaware of how deep his possessiveness runs.
The Spy's love of beauty and art is part of the reason he's so drawn to your physical form, and even if you think he harbors ulterior motives, he will do anything to prove his love for you.
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iciclefeather · 1 day
Tumblr media
draws the tf2 mercs together for the first time
personal lil headcanons for all of them aw yeah
Thoughts and more info under the cut for those that are curious!! first time drawing most of them I am happy with myself for trying :D
Scout | He/Him, the straight ally of the gang! He’s always been very supportive, and has experimented with his sexuality, but just calls himself straight for simplicities sake (probably bi-curious if anything)
Soldier | He/Him, Bisexual Polyamorous | He has TWO HANDS and they are for his husband and wife (Demoman and Zhanna). As a person who headcanons Medic to sew and the one behind the little pocket plushies the mercs have, Soldier did request for a Demo and Zhanna set of plushies and Medic delivered
Pyro | They/Any, Genderfluid Nonbinary, Aceflux Panromantic | They have many feelings for many people and they scream constantly. Does have a preference for They/Them, but will occasionally request to be referred to as He or She. Medic does know what they look like, no he will not say out of respect for Pyro and their wishes
Demoman | He/Him, Pansexual | In love with his hubby your honor, gets along well with his husband’s wifey. Zhanna and Demo don’t have feelings for one another, but they are great friends regardless!
Heavy | He/Him, Homosexual | Heavy is one I imagine might have struggled with his sexuality for a long time, and accepting that it is ok to be gay! Has the biggest most noticeable crush on Medic (of course)
Engineer | He/Him, Graysexual Bi-Demiromantic | Being from the south, there are a lot of standards Engie had to hold himself to and him being himself is probably something he won’t truly accept anytime soon. Also has the big crush on many a person, also screams 
Medic | He/Him, Asexual Aromantic | THE MAIN the man the aromantic asexual legend himself my beloved my king<333 Still thinks he is just broken,,,takes a while to be happy with his lack of romantic feelings, big part of my AU! Spoilers he eventually learns to love himself and his aroaceness 
Sniper | He/Him, Ace-spectrum Aro-spectrum  | My guy is just vibing he does not know and that is ok (I have contemplated having him married to the Administrator cuz of the Sandvich quest videos for funsies, this AU is silly af as is)
Spy | He/Him/Any, Demisexual Heteromantic | Spy is an interesting one gender and pronoun wise, mostly since I imagine he always presents and acknowledges himself as a Cis man, and does prefer he/him, but doesn’t care much when disguised specifically. He is happily married to Scout’s ma and loves her many
Extra that I did not draw, but I headcanon Miss Pauling as unlabeled and married to her job
Again, these are my personal headcanons, me myself an I! You may have your own of course, that is a-ok. I respect yours, and I hope you’ll respect mine!
Thank y’all for coming to my TEDtalk I will muster the courage for a proper comic eventually (do not steal my silly doodles or I will come for u)
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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So, I want to create a survey to see, in general, which merc is the most simped for. I mean, I kind of already know that it's probably Medic, but I want to see a ranking of all of them. However, I don't think I have enough influence to get enough participants.
If it's already been done before, though, I'd want to see the results.
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senslayedbutdrunk · 2 days
I just want to draw blood and crying lil' man
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ash2dusty · 3 days
My scout oc/sona ashes :3
Tumblr media
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ghostthecryptid · 2 days
Tumblr media
My fucking coworker is off the rails
Love em to death though
its all jokes
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vykko · 2 days
I’m new to tf2 and while I’m an easy target, I have good aim according to several people I played with and the couple who accused me of being an aim not
but I like playing scout as he fast (as I said earlier I’m an easy target a lot so it’s nice to be able to get back where I was quickly) and I like his secondary weapon
also thanks to the guys that help me out with tips like don’t be an easy target, and also when I had littary had no idea how to play payload as medic with no other teammates
like i wasn’t even at the right spot, confused on why it was not moving when I ran and hit it
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