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Remember the present.
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everything is a state. the physical is all a manifestation of your “I AM”. every state is within you. it’s not anything separate. at the same time you are rich and you are poor. at the same time you are one and the other. every state is yours. what you see on the outside, however, is the state that you choose to identify with.
this is why when imagining, start with focusing on the state you want to be in rather than the scene you want to be in. it can be exhausting to constantly imagine scenarios in order to feel like you’re in the desired state. the scene may lack in something and you can’t quite produce the right level of satisfaction. you can obviously have success with that, but it’s much more convenient to start with state and then naturally produce scenes. do not confine yourself to one particular scenario you’d like to be in but focus on the person you’d love to be instead. when you focus on that then it’s easier to produce a scene which implies that that person is indeed you.
Assume that you are, and see the world as you would see it, were it true. - Neville
don’t make the mistake of confining yourself to a certain scene without focusing on the state first. focus first on who you’d love to be. say you want to get back together with an ex. you imagine the scenario of you being back together but then you find yourself back in the miserable state you were in in the beginning and/or experience the same reoccurring problems you had before with that person. that happens when you don’t focus on the state right at the beginning. you don’t assume to be someone living a blissful and fulfilling life, you’re just returning to the place you were before because you’re focusing so much on the SP and the scenario instead of actually focusing on who you actually want to be. if you’re not willing to be exactly the person you want to be then you’re not ready to live your life consciously through the law of assumption.
No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. - Luke 9:26
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It very much is a problem that the modern witch/Pagan communities want to just label everything as Paganism and shamanism and call it a day.
Look up what these words mean, where they came from, and what they originally applied to. I'm begging you.
Because taking the shortcut of lumping completely different and separate indigenous cultures, religions, traditions, and spiritual practices into one pile is not only disrespectful and colonialist, but also ignorant, and you're not learning about how diverse the world is this way.
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Some warning signs you're dealing with a cult
Conspiracism Now to be fair, it's not always clear what's conspiracy theory and what's fact, and people sometimes end up believing some amount of conspiracy theory because they heard it somewhere and it didn't cross their minds to question it. (This is why historical literacy matters!) The thing to watch out for is when a group's beliefs hinge on a conspiratorial narrative. A common one these days is the New Age narrative that Christianity as we know it was created as part of a conspiracy to conceal the "truth" from people in order to keep them bound in slavery to the "elite." (I highly recommend reading The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings by Bart D. Ehrman.) This can also include things like the belief that anyone who doesn't agree with their teachings is part of a conspiracy to bring them down, or that an underground Satanic cult is out to hurt them.
Belief in a grandiose existence If the group and/or their leaders make themselves out to be really special, watch out. This can be things like claiming they're reincarnations of famous figures, claiming they're on the side of light in a cosmic war against darkness, or claiming they're going to save the whole world with their teachings. A healthy group has quite a bit more humility than this.
Contempt for nonbelievers If they talk as if outsiders are stupid, disgusting, and generally just beneath them - that's a sign you should get away now. Same goes if they're comfortable with the idea of mass death and believe that huge numbers of people will be destroyed in a coming shift/cataclysm/whatever.
Contempt for science and empirical evidence An example of this would be refusing to accept that legitimate archaeologists and historians have found everything but evidence for Atlantis and ancient aliens, and instead insisting that the transmissions they're channeling from alleged alien beings are more reliable, because something something scientists distort the data to fit their preconceptions. It can also include a rejection of modern medicine, and shaming or fearmongering people into relying on faith healing or "natural" remedies. It can also include generally refusing to acknowledge modern scientific advancements, like claiming that science can't explain things that have actually been explained for years. (And this is why scientific literacy matters!)
You have to believe in their UPG - or else! The reality is that everyone is going to have different experiences with spirits, deities, etc. Sometimes these experiences will suggest things that are completely contrary to each other, because that's just what happens. By and large, there's just no real way of knowing whose experience - if anyone's experience - is the most objectively "valid." If they act like their own UPG is the only valid UPG, and belittle everyone else's experiences, that's a sign you should steer clear. Throwing around spiritual diagnoses This can include quickly and confidently asserting that people are possessed by demons, controlled by low-vibrational entities, suffering from past life trauma, living in their ego, and other similar things; especially in response to people expressing doubt, criticism, or just telling them no. (Worth noting, tossing out spiritual diagnoses can be a form of gaslighting.)
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Om is the first mantra. It is the seed syllable of reality Itself.
Om begins and concludes every ritual, meditation, and mantra. Om begins and concludes that Thing we perceive as the Universe.
Om encodes the destination, the map, and the practice of the spiritual path.
The dot embodies the non-dual divine reality inherent in/as all Beings. The loops of the symbol demonstrate the shapes of human consciousness: waking life, dreaming, and dreamless sleep. Dividing the space between Reality and the shapes of human consciousness is a single swoosh, the Illusion.
This symbol is the reason for why some make a distinction between awareness and consciousness. Consciousness can change into many shapes, textures, and flavors. While dreaming, waking, and dreamless sleep are a few, consider also the shapes consciousness takes when exposed to psychedelics.
Yet even while consciousness can shift and change, there is an unknown knower of all these changes that is itself changeless. By unknown, what is meant is that consciousness cannot know this awareness any more than a cartoon character can know its cartoonist. However, that awareness can know itself.
The awareness in all living Beings is that divine reality. Some call it awareness because it is aware of consciousness due to the knowing capacity inherent in awareness but awareness is much more than just that. So why not call it Divine? That is just as good a description for its staggering majesty as any other.
Through an inexplicable and illusory occurrence, this awareness (or Divinity) has mistaken itself to be a single fragment of existence confined within the three shapes of human consciousness. From this arises the experience of separation, individuation, and suffering. All the while, the divine awareness is still the divine awareness. That's why this is called an illusion. It doesn't actually and never actually happened.
And that's also why Enlightenment isn't really a transformation but more like finally remembering or realizing how things actually are, hence realization. A person doesn't become enlightened just as a cartoon character doesn't realize they are the cartoonist. It is the cartoonist who remembers themself.
A non-dual teaching summarizes this succinctly: "There are not two selves, one that realizes the other."
In the end, the only real Self that we have and are is that divine awareness.
All of this and more is encoded in this lucid symbol and simple mantra...
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Rituals to remove spiritual blocks are very important when trying to manifest things in your life. It's very much like defragging your spiritual hard drive. It helps you break down that mental clutter and Organize your thoughts into a singular space so that you can think clearly about the things you want to attract. The more consistent you get with taking a moment to clear your head and visualize what you want to see happening for you, the more efficient you get at manifesting.
Meditation, ritual baths, and candle burning while visualizing things being cleared away from your spirit are good ways to do this. I use peppermint oil and orange, blue, black, or white candles when I do this personally.
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Luke Hillestad - “The Crowning”
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“Hurt people hurt others, but luckily, healed people heal others. Safe people, shelter others. Free spirits, free others. Enlightened people, illuminate others. And love always wins. So shine your light of love on all who may cross your path in life, because what you do matters.” ❤️‍🩹
~The Oracle Reads You
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scorpio placements
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Me doing religion: Hey I'm having chips and salsa you want some?
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The path to enlightenment is getting naked - Buddha XD
Srsly though, meditation and being naked in nature are both great antidotes to the stress of modern life, so why not combine the two?
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lazyyogi · 10 hours
When we do not expect anything we can be ourselves. That is our way, to live fully in each moment of time.
Suzuki Roshi
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