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hello tis i again. i once came in to ask for grmalkn pics/updates due to midterms, and i return again since it is finals ^-^'''' how is mr beholder? is his ringworm gone? is he still a menace? may i see his squishy little face again pls 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹
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My new kitten looks like Jerma985.
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What the hell is this, I want a refund.
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My beautiful boy. His name is Ziro and he has no thoughts just fluff
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Bridget looks deep into your soul and sends you some Caturday love.
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Stop normalizing the grind and start normalizing whatever this is
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bubbl 馃
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talesfromtreatment 1 day
I have a new medical foster kitten for a few days who is trying to scar over where her anus should be so my job is to make sure she continues to have a butthole.
My job is very glamorous.
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ID: a sketchy two page comic of my tortoiseshell kittens, Maggie and Bunny.
From off panel, I hold my hands out to Maggie, who leans away
Me: Aw, Maggie doesn't wanna come up?
Maggie: Mother I am not a child.
Me: You're ten months old.
Maggie: I am a warrior.
Bunny pops up from behind her sister.
Bunny: I'm not! I'm baby <3
I scoop Bunny up while Maggie watches in shock and confusion.
Me: Aw, yes you are, Bunny. Who's my sweet baby?
Maggie flops on her back and shows her tummy. She has big blobby tears in her eyes.
Maggie: Mommy??? Betrayal?? You abandon your baby?? Your Darling Girl?? Your little Maggie-Pie?!?
End ID.
Maggie is a strong, independant kitten, so long as you never pay attention to anyone else, ever.
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my cat is a Good Boy
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