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HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MY DREAM ♡ | @runningwithtbone on Instagram
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Ok but like Vance with a sunshine reader who’s always really happy and kinda stupid!!!
(Aged up Vance and You to 16!!)
Tumblr media
“(NAME)!” Vance yelled. You started running down the stairs and almost tripped, but Vance caught you.
“Damnit shit head, watch when you run. I can’t be seen lookin out with a bruised idiot.” Vance said while putting you dont softly to the ground.
“Haha, I’m sorry darling. I’m just so excited for our date today.” You said smiling
“Sorry…” you said holding your head down. Thinking that Vance was getting annoyed by you.
“What? No im not mad at you. I’m mad that I forgot what restaurant you wanted to go to.” Vance said with his eyebrows furrowed.
“My favorite restaurant is chili’s!!” You said excitedly jumping up and down.
“Alright alright, calm your tits/butt down and let’s go.” Vance said while grabbing the house keys.
“YAY!” You were skipping out of the door smiling as if nothing bad was happening to the world. Vance opened the door to his blue truck. His blue truck was kinda rusty, but it still looked good at least.
“Baby I love you but can you please stop bouncing..”
“Sorry! I’m too happy about how you want to do my makeup/hair.”
“I’m glad you’re happy bae, and I like it when you’re happy but…please stop bouncing.”
“What’s diabetes?”
“Who told you about that?” Vance said with one cocked eyebrow
“Some kid our age at the gas station called me that. All I did was get my favorite slushy and a paid for some candies for you and me to enjoy while watching horror movies.”
“…..oh really….”
“I’ll be back baby….”
“Listen dick wad if you fuck with my partner again, I will make sure you can’t be able to say another goddamn thing..Ya hear?”
*you slurping your slushy while watching*
‘Huh I wonder why Vance’s friend is crying?’
(ps you think that dude is a friend of Vance but really he’s just some random jerk)
“Cmon baby, let’s got watch those horror movies you have ready for us.” *he puts his arm around your shoulder protectively*
Tumblr media
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Hi, I love your stories, If you are taking requests I would love Lizzie x Reader with "” Bless you… Bless you! Are you okay- bless you again!” “Bless you! Are you sure you are ok? You never sneeze this much.” Driving home after a long day at set. !
Driving Her Home
Hey! I absolutely loved writing this, it was honestly so cute. I’d had this rec along with soo many others for so long so hopefully everyone enjoys :)
Summary: You’ve both had an incredibly long day at set, you’re both tired but when driving home it becomes obvious that one of you is feeling a little more worst then the other
Wordcount: 1305
You tapped rhythmically on the steering-wheel of your car as you continued the journey back to your house. The roads were particularly quiet at this hour, the window of your car was down slightly, letting a refreshing evening breeze flow through the car, however all you could hear was the humming of the engine and accompanied by the small snores of the woman sleeping in the passenger seat beside you.
You’d both had an incredibly long day filming at set. The scenes had taken so long to perfect, combined with that, there were numerous stunts which had to be filmed as well. It was safe to say you were both beyond tired, Lizzie especially.
It had taken her less then 5 minutes to fall asleep after climbing into your car. It didn’t come as a surprise though. Lizzie had seemed tired even before the filming had begun that morning.
You were still about around 40 minutes away from your house when you heard Lizzie begin to stir next to you. She gave a sleepy-sounding moan as she slowly woke up.
“Hey there sleepyhead.” You cooed, flashing her a quick smile before turning back the road.
“H-hih’tshhoo!” Lizzie’s suddenly pitched forward as she gave a highpitched sneeze, her body barely had time to fully wake before she was hit with another two, “Hh’iishiew! Hi’hhtshhiew!”
“Goodness sweetie. Is that your new way of saying hello?” You chuckled before blessing her, you waited a moment for her to finish yawning before asking, “You alright?”
“Sorry about that, my nose is being temperamental, Im fine.” She replied, but something didn’t seem right, her voice almost sounded small. Was that even possible?
You knew something wasn’t quite right. There was definitely something up with her voice, but you just couldn’t quite pinpoint it. You and Lizzie talked as you continued driving, roughly 20 minutes had passed without anything really happened. That was until Lizzie spoke up, her breath hitching the whole time.
“Hh- Do we have -Hih- any tissu- hiH- Hii’tshiiew! Hhep’tshhhh! HehH-HIT’SHIEW!” Her body lurched forward as each sneezed wracked through her body, each one seeming to drain her energy significantly.
“Bless you!” You exclaimed with a worried tone entwined within your voice, “Are you sure you’re okay? You never sneeze this much. Theres some tissues in the glove compartment too if you need them.”
Lizzie gave a thick sniffle and reached for the tissues, she took one and blew her nose, giving a small whine afterwards, “Im alright, just sniffly.”
Congestion seeped into her words, it slowly began to blur her consonants as she spoke. It was then that you were finally about to pinpoint the small tweak in her voice. It was hoarse. It sounded as if she’d spent the whole day shouting which surprisingly she hadn’t. She’d talked a lot yes, however she hadn’t exactly been shouting. You tried to find a logical reason for her to sound that way but even after talking all day it never usually resulted in her voice becoming this noticeably hoarse.
You gave a gentle hum, a sign you didn’t quite believe her earlier claim. The car rolled to a stop as you pulled up to a set of traffic lights, it gave you a chance to take a proper look at her. And well, she looked worst then you had expected. Despite her earlier nap, there were now slight bags beneath her eyes. Plus there was a tinge of red forming around the rims of her nose, something which definitely hadn’t been there earlier and you we’re almost certain you could almost make out a pink flush forming on her cheeks.
She definitely didn’t look ‘fine’. You were about to question her on it but her body seemed to react first. She had started to quickly fan her hand infront of her face, as a scrunched up pre-sneeze expression took hold.
Seconds later she suddenly ducked her head into her elbow, launching into a fit of sickly-wet sneezes, each other sounding more exhausting than the last.
“Goodness Elizabeth! Bless you, bless you!” You exclaimed, repeating your blessing as her fit continued, “Oh my, bless you! Wow, bless you again.”
Lizzie finally finished, slowly bringing her head out of her elbow to reveal a set of watery eyes and a now obviously-red nose.
“Ib really sorry-“ She paused to give a slight cough, her face growing red with embarrassment, “That was so gross, I dodt dow whats wrogg with be.” Thick congestion was no longer blurring her words, it was drowning them, making it hard for you to understand what she had been saying.
“Oh sweetie, you really don’t sound well, do you?” You reached over to move numerous strands of hair which had fallen loosely beside her face.” I think maybe you’re starting to come down with something baby.” You gave a sympathetic sigh as she slumped down further into the seat while reaching for another handful of tissues.
“Hu’htshoo!” She groaned from beneath her tissues before becoming quite for a moment, she sighed and quietly admitted, “I think maybe Im getting a cold.”
You nodded, it seemed obvious now that she said it aloud, “I think so too sweetie.”
A pang of sympathy raced through your heart. It was obvious that she wasn’t feeling good and judging from how she sounded, she probably hadn’t feel too good all day. What was worse was the fact that the pair of you had an incredibly packed schedule for the rest of the week and it was unlikely she’d be able to take a day off.
You made a mental note to wake up early and pick up some supplies in the morning since all the nearby shops would’ve been closed by now.
“Baby?” A small sniffle came from Lizzie, “Are we nearly home?
It was almost too dark to see the surroundings as you drove by. The road was only illuminated by dim overhead lampposts and the headlights both of your own car and any other occasional ones that happened to zoom past.
“We shouldn’t be long now sweetie, about 15 minutes or so.” You said assuringly. You heard another yawn from your wife beside you, “Then we can go and climb into bed and you can get some sleep, does that sound good?”
“Mhm” She agreed with a sniffle.
You smiled at her. You clicked the button on your steeling wheel to turn on the radio, making sure to keep the volume low. A small stream of music flowed out and you once again began to tap rhythmically on your steering wheel.
The rest of the journey had grown quite aside from the radio. You only had 10 minutes before you would be home when you heard that familiar sound. The sound of Lizzie’s gentle snores. You glanced over to see her asleep, leaning against the window. Even with her mouth slightly open, she looked adorable. Yes, she looked completely exhausted and sick but adorable nonetheless.
It wasn’t long before you were pulling into the driveway of your house. You switched off the engine and waited. Lizzie had remained asleep for the rest of the journey, not even moving positions and so you hated the thought of having to disrupt her further. You were about to give her a gentle shake when you paused, carefully retracting your hand from her shoulder. You gently climbed out of the car and carefully closed the door before making your way to the frontdoor of your house to unlock it.
You kept the frontdoor open as you made your way back to the car, carefully opening the passenger side door. You took your time and gently slid your hands beneath the form of your sleeping wife, letting her head fall against your shoulders.
Nobody ever said carrying your wife to bed was a crime, right?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mom, it’s super sunny!  I want to STOMP outside!
What do you mean, I’m still grounded?!
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Sleepy Sunday
Tumblr media
Shhh - please DND
Sleeping Sullivan
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hi!!! i love winning the witches! it's so good! would you ever consider doing a part 2? like where they all sit and talk and agatha and wanda are super protective, fluffy and caring? don't worry if not, i just wanted to ask :)))
oh. em. gee. I LITERALLY GOT YOU🤭
Winning the Witches (pt. 2)
pairings- wanda x reader x agatha
warnings- mentions of past trauma, fluff, fluff, and did i say fluff? oh and like one single bad word. but i think i forgot to mention fluff
summary- when after y/n comes back, she has a lot to learn and a lot to tell. but there's always an interruption
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When Y/N woke up, everything felt fuzzy. Her head, her vision, and mostly her memory. She didn’t dare try to move. The most she could do was let out a deep noise.
Watching from a distance of two figures. They were slowly coming together to be Wanda and Agnes. The two completely missing the noise.
Y/N knew she wasn't going to get anywhere with making noises. So she pushed threw the pain and walked to the bathroom. Moving quietly as to not disturb the two. But when the door closed, she winced.
Her hands grabbing the sink as she leaned against it. Staring into her own eyes through the mirror. Her head was throbbing all over again. Almost like her magic was about to shock the world again.
Faintly through the door, there was soft chatter.
"Y/N? Love, are you ok?" Wanda's delicate voice came through. The sound of her soothed the throbbing just a bit.
Without looking away from the mirror, green wisp unlocked the door. Letting the two witches in.
"Bunny, why don't you come sit down?" Agnes tilted her head.
The two traced every detail. Focusing on how Y/N gripped the sink almost to a breaking point. How the veins in her hand were taking away from her innocent look. The hair falling out of the messy bun. The flushed Y/N looked.
"I just," Y/n whispered. "I didn't mean to cause any harm." Her voice was shaky. Almost on it's breaking point. "I'm sorry...I'm only bad luck. Just a science project gone wrong." Tears began to roll down her face.
Agnes and Wanda both came to hug her. Letting her cry quietly in their arms.
Wanda had backed up so Agnes could carry her to the couch. Setting the frail girl in between them. Both frowning at how she tried to curl up and hide.
"Y/N look at me." Agnes's voice was stern yet soft. Once she had Y/N's eyes, she smiled. "You are so much more than what you say you are. You're possibly the most powerful human being. You are greatness and what many would kill to be."
"You are the mot amazing human being. You're brave, kind, smart, amazing, beautiful, and you don't give yourself credit for any of it." Wand cut in. Her hand resting on Y/N's knee.
"You have to tell us though. What happened out there?" Agnes brushed strands of hair back. Only to receive a head shake in return. "Bunny, you were out for three days. What happened to make you use that much energy?"
Y/N wanted to run. She wanted to scream. She wanted to escape. Her eyes fell to the table in front of her. "It's a survival thing. One they forced me to use. It was stone after stone..." she trailed off.
The memories playing in her head. And while she was so distracted, she missed how her body started to let magic off.
The other two stared in shock at each other. How was it possible for her to just hold so much power?
"Who's they?" Wanda broke the growing silence. Her question was silly, especially when she knew who they were.
Y/N coward away. Her figure disappearing on accident. She now sat on the floor across from them. Tears filling her eyes.
There wasn't much room for an answer when there was a pounding on the door. "Y/N! Come out and surrender!" A heavy accented voice came.
Fear and terror flashed across Y/N's face. "Fuck," she whispered. "I can't....I can't go back. They'll only do more." She began to scramble to her feet. Getting ready to bolt out the backdoor. But the glass door breaking made her freeze.
Her breathing began to pick up a she started to black out. "Baby! Hey! Hey! You're ok! We won't let them hurt you! Agatha, you take care of the front, I got the back." Wanda planned.
"Who's gonna stay with Y/N?" Agnes quickly shot out. The two looked at the panicking witch. "There's no time, we'll both manage to check on her."
Agnes poofed away, leaving purple smoke in her place. She was outside taking care of the entire team. Wanda on the other hand had only a few to take care of.
And soon enough the two came back. Staring intently at Y/N. Care and love filling both their eyes. Each put a hand to her cheek. Feeling how warm her body was.
"Y/N, my love. Who was that?" Wanda delicately asked.
A dry chuckle left Y/N's mouth. "That was what was left of the HYDRA team that was assigned to me. I don't know how they did it, but they always knew when I used magic."
"Well then it's a good thing they're all dead." Agnes joked.
Y/N softly smiled, then became confused. "When Wands called you Agatha?"
"Bunny there is a lot you missed while asleep. The short story is, I'm a very old witch from Salem named Agatha Harkness." The brunette hummed.
"So...does that mean...your nickname...was Aggie?" Y/N found light in the whole thing. Gaining a giggle from Wanda and a chuckle from Agatha.
"Why don't we all go upstairs and sleep? We can talk about this all a bit more tomorrow morning. How does that sound?" Wanda suggested. Knowing the idea would make Y/N light up, and it did.
"Double cuddles?!" Y/N questioned with a growing excitement.
Both witches nodded, leading her upstairs. Where the three would fall asleep wrapped up in the blankets.
The morning would only lead to Y/N finding out so much more about the two and what she missed.
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Tumblr media
I love cuddles, sometimes!
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Tumblr media
Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini - Jason Baker 2015
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Bigger They Are Harder They Fall
Warning: ehhhh, not many warnings, standard pokemon battles and flirting.
POV: Second (You/Your)
Notes: *Gasp* I can write fluff! This is news to me /j. Based upon a post by @bitebitesnap but this is more wholesome and less mean. (It’s an actual Joltik and not a marshmellow lol)
Tagged: @peachsodama
Summary: “He’s just super shy of people, I’m hoping to have him get used to people. He can battle just fine, but refuses to let anyone near but me.” You own a very human scared Joltik, and it’s just adorable.
The train roared by loudly as you played on your switched, Monster Tracker Higher was an awesome game. Easily getting under the beasts feet and attacking away with your character. And your partner enjoyed the colorful lights on the screen, defatting the monster and completing another mission. Another step to getting the quest for the ultimate armor in game.  You looked down and pulled out a small piece of poke food, and held up up to where your breast pocket was. Something tiny and yellow sniffed it’s way out, and took the food to nibble on it. Looking up to see your train would be here in the next 30 minuets. 
“We’ll be home by nightfall.” You promised to your little friend. you got a click back in response, no doubt he’d be happy to be home. Social anxiety was common for your buddy here, and the limits were pushed by some unexpected problems when you got caught up in a mess in the city.  A small smile, holding out your hand, “Wanna come out?” you asked, “I promise you can hide the moment you don’t feel safe.” you promised, there was some movement in the pocket, as slowly your partner crawled out. Hopping onto your hand, but staying near the jacket’s sleeve to hide if need be. 
You smiled at the tiny Joltik, proud he was getting better, used to be afraid to even peak his head out. Now he was comfortable to let you pet down his body, and bury himself into the warmth of your palm. Tiny chitter and squeaks of happiness as your petted his back. 
Though the bubble of calmness was popped when loud yelling was heard. Which was enough to make your Joltik rush back up your sleeve and to his pocket to hide. You scowled a bit to the source of the sound, some jerk boosting for all to hear how strong his pokemon was. A Salamence by the look of it, and a very mean looking one. 
People really loved to make a spectacle of themselves huh? Your teacher taught you that much about people around here, she swore the fumes of the city’s grates just messed some people’s minds. 
“Small dick energy.” you sighed shaking your head, going to head back to your game and ignore the man.
Though it seems he heard you as angry eyes turned to you, “What did you say skank?” he asked getting in front of your face, ug, his breath was horrid.  You made a face, “You heard me, now kindly get out of my personal space.” you leaned back from his face and met the unkind blue eyes. 
Leaning up he wrinkled his nose at you, “Little bitches like you should learn to close your mouth of things you don’t get a say in.” he told you. You gave an unimpressed look, “And you really think anyone would fall for you.” you commented back, which only served to piss him off more. 
His face was red and angry, fury on his face was kind of amusing from your angle as veins throbbed on his neck and forehead. “You want to fight then? Mine would crush yours!” he near roared, people were now watching. Some were backing up to form a circle now to get out of any blast zones.
“I hardly think in a place like this is appropriate.” You said, as you did notice one of the Depot Agents rushing off, then looked back at the guy. “But suppose we’ll both get in trouble either way.” you said standing up with your bag on your shoulder. 
He smirked at that as his Salamence roared at that, thrashing it’s tail. Looking so sure and confident in himself, you wanted this fight to be quick without causing any damages. “What say you little buddy? Want to teach a jerk some lessons?” you asked to your pocket.  There was rustling as Joltik popped out and hopped up to your arm and down onto the ground. His fur was raised on end  as he glared at the Salamence. The man laughed at that, “That puny pokemon!?” he asked with a amused look on his face, “That’s really your choice?” 
You just shrugged at that, people were watching now as you knew your pokemon was much much faster than his. So why not make the large thing wear itself out? “Ti, agility!” you said as Joltik moved swiftly under the large thing. 
“Stomp that bug!” he growled, as the Salamence tried to move, the larger was much slower than your Ti. He moved too fast to keep up, easily now crawling up the other’s leg. 
“Bug bite!’ you said, as Ti obeyed and bit down onto the skin. Which really pissed off the pokemon as it was trying to shake off the tik, but couldn’t reach back to grab as Joltik moved too fast. Bitting all over the exposed skin and leaving welts as it went. 
The guy seemed to be in shock as he growled, “Burn it! Flamethrower!” he said, well that was just a bad idea. The Salamence was now tossing flames around to get Ti off it’s back. Which scared many to try and hunker down as flames sailed over head. You gritted your teeth dodging out of the way of some flames, “Ti! Discharge!” you called out loudly over the screaming.
Ti bit down hard on the neck of the thrashing pokemon, and suddenly a light show of electricity was seen. Covering the dragon pokemon and causing lights to flicker and some bulbs to shatter in them. 
Some covered their eyes at the show, as the fire died out. And slowly, the yellow light faded, and on the ground was the Salamence completely KOed. Ti jumped off it’s back and hopped it’s merry way over to you. You caught him with your hand as he laid down a little tired. Well he did just release all the stored up electricity from the past month in him. Ti really liked to feed on the volts of your other pokemon when they were sick. Jolteon being his favorite.
The guy looked completely horrified by his ‘strong’ pokemon laying out cold on the ground. By a little tik no less! Then the rage was back, “That’s impossible!” he roared at you, “That bug is barely bigger than my hand!” 
You shrugged at that as Ti crawled into your pocket again, “Guess bigger they are the harder they fall.” you deadpanned, the guy growled pulling out another pokemon ball. You narrowed your eyes, this was bad.
“THAT’S ENOUGH!” a loud voice yelled out as people turned and quickly parted out of the way of the two coming their way over. An officer with them, they both didn’t look happy as they glared at the guy.  You knew them, Ingo and Emmet, owners of the place, you head your head down at that. “Pokemon battles are to be on the carts.” Ingo said firmly to the both of you, “And causing destruction of property isn’t look good.” he didn’t look at you but rather the one who caused the problem. 
This was how you ended up outside with some other, some people had gotten burns from the guys dragon, you were alright though. Sitting with a Blissy as your burns were treated on your arm, apparently your jacket stopped most of it, but some blistering was seen.  Officer Jenny was taking statements, and your had saw the guy you fought being taken in a police car. Ti was currently petting you pet him as you sat waiting to give yours. 
“I can’t even leave you for a second on your own, can I?” an amused and slightly annoyed voice said as you looked up to your teacher coming over. Elesa. You worked for the gym, and she was training you in Electric type pokemon. Job mostly entails battling trainers who game in to face her.  You looked sheepish at that as she looked at your arms and shook her head, “Uncoth man that was, Ingo told me everything.” she told you, “How’s Ti doing?”
Ti chittered at that nibbling on your finger playfully, though he had yet to let Elesa hold him, he didn’t hide from her. “Alright.” You said then looked a little embarrassed as the two Subway bosses came over. You had noted Emmet watching you the entire time, trying to focus on Ti to keep your attention off him.
You had your head down glumly at that and sighed, “I’m sorry for causing damage sirs.” You muttered to them, feeling really bad. You could have walked away or something. A hand ruffled your hair though at that. “Don’t worry about it, some broken bulbs are easy to replace, compared to the other, the damage you done was near nothing.” Ingo told you with a smile on his face to match his brothers. “We have been watching on the cameras and come quickly when the fighting started, you handled yourself well... but Elesa here tells us you have always been her top worker.”
You flushed at that, you only recently got a job at the gym, but rose through the ranks quickly. Stationed now in the final part before they reached Elesa. Ti chittered at that as you smiled at him and petted him again carefully, getting a purr at that.  “Awe! He’s so cute!” Emmet said as Ti looked to the guy and shrank back into your jacket again. Emmet looked confused at this his smile falling a bit.
You shook your head, “Don’t take it personally, Ti has Social Anxiety, he’s a great partner, but doesn’t like people.” you told him as Ti climbed onto your hand and into your jacket pocket. 
The smile then returned at that, “I am Emmet! Don’t see many trainers battle with Joltiks” He commented, which was true, most chose larger pokemon. You shrugged, but you did so who cared why? “You’re verrrry gentle to him!” he said with a smile that was soft and sweet.  Elesa nudged Ingo with a giggle as he shook his head fondly too. you looked confused for a moment then looked back at Emmet, “Yeah, he’s my partner and my friend since I was 10.” You told him. 
This made Emmet launch into how he watched you fight using how tiny Ti was to your advantage and his speed. You smiled as he happily told you facts he knew about Joltiks, and how he raises them also. And telling him the story of how you met Ti and he became your partner pokemon.
Before long his brother had left to go check on other people, and things seemed to be calming down. Emmet chattering away now about any pokemon fact he could, and even about his own team. And in return you told him about your Jolteon at home and Dedenne you had. “They are rascals, liking to chew on Jolt’s pins, much to her dismay.” you told Emmet with a laugh.
“They can’t produce it on their own, and have to find it, but you seem to be doing verrrry well though.” Emmet commented. You nodded, you loved your pokemon dearly, but suddenly your watch went off and you blinked. “Oh... crap, I have to get home, Jolt will be upset I missed feeding time.” You told him standing up, flustered, luckily Ingo promised you a way home as the train would make a stop for everyone who missed. So you didn’t have to pay for another ticket.
Emmet looked at that and took your hand, “Can I have your number?” he asked very forward as you stared at him. “So we can talk again later? Maybe even meet up?” he looked flustered now, his cheeks a soft pink.  You smiled at that and took your your phone, “Smile.” you said as you took his picture, finding the cute pink on his face was funny handing him your phone for his number.
Quickly he did the same for you, catching you looking at him when Ti poked out his head as you put in your number. Getting back your phone you smiled brighter, “I’ll text you this weekend, when I’m off.” you promised to him.
“I am Emmet, and I look forward to that.’ Emmet said in an excited tone too near bouncing on his feet. As you waved to him and ran off to get home in time before Jolt decided to make it your problem.
Emmet looked at your picture and felt giddy inside, he couldn’t wait to send you pictures of all his Joltiks! Maybe he could even invite you over! . . . Ingo was going to tease him to no end about this.
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happifying-things · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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daily-cats · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
omg so cute!!! aaah!
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goldenempyrean · 22 hours ago
Sick reader that also has bad allergies (high pollen count that day) with Nat? :o Thank you for writing these great fics!
A Bad Combination
Thankyou!! Im sorry this isn’t longer, its just a drabble but hopefully you still enjoy :)
“Oh darling, you need to stop rubbing at your eyes, I know they itch.” Natasha sighed as she laid a damp cloth over your fevered forehead.
You really did have some rotten luck, you’d managed to come down with a cold just as all the spring flowers had begun to bloom. This had resulted in you being confined to bed by your overly-protective girlfriend who was insisting on staying by your side.
Your chest gave a crackly sound as you breathed, causing Natasha brows to furrow with worry.
“You’re due for another dose of meds.” Her phone buzzed with the reminder she’d set, “You gonna be a good girl and take them properly this time?” She asked, giving you a stern look, despite her soft tone it still didn’t mask her annoyance from earlier.
That morning Natasha had tried to get you to take your medicine, and well, you didn’t exactly take this well. You’d pushed her away, burying yourself below your duvet. It had taken her awhole 10 minutes of bribing before you poked your head back above the blanket.
You hadn’t noticed it but Natasha had poured out small cup of DayQuil for you to take, along with 2 pills.
“Here.” Natasha grabbed your attention and held out your medicine, “Please take them for me baby.”
You gave sniffle but did as you were told, making a face of disgust as you swallowed the pills along with the the orange liquid.
“Thank you.” Nat leaned over to press a kiss to your lips, they were slightly sticky from the medicine but she didn’t care. She didn’t really care about getting sick either.
You smiled, enjoying the affection. However your enjoyment only seemed to last a second before your nose twitched tellingly.
“Hhuh’tshiew! Hep’tshhhiew! HhH- HHiii’tshiew!” You sniffled before going to rub your eyes again.
Nat’s hand gently slapped yours, reminding you of her earlier statement. “Don’t rub them, those meds will kick-in soon I promise.”
“Hh’tshhoo!” Your body seemed to have other ideas as your eyes began to grow watery again.
“You should try and get some more sleep darling.” Nat cooed, readjusting the cloth on your forehead, “You’ll feel better, cmon.” She moved your pillow and helped you slide down into the duvet.
You let yourself get comfy and looked up at her shiny green eyes, “You’ll be here when I wake up?”
“Of course, where else would I be?”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sunset cats ♡
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you-worth-it · 2 months ago
I wuv u hooman ♡
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sleepy-bebby · 4 months ago
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Manul / Pallas's cat
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enjoy-your-existence · 5 months ago
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Stunning Classic Timber Houses in Japan! By @ag.lr.88
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fluffygif · 5 months ago
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Fluffy sheep
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