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Cat slide
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Happiness is getting a gift from the squirrel you feed. :)
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"...I am the night."
Tumblr media
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Moon lover
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Cute little visitor  ❤️
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I saw this reel on insta and a haikyuu scenario with the post that said: 'im in the library and here's a bf helping his gg study and I've been overhearing part of their conversation for the last hour and said "babe, I'm gonna be honest with you. You're going to fail this test, I love you, but there's nothing we can do about it now"
can you do a imagine based on this with Jay and or any other member if you wanna add
(I have my finals coming up plus another exam in a few day. SEND HELP)
a/n: HELP??? WHY DO I ACTUALLY SEE JAY SAYING THIS?? jay giving you that reality check🤙🏻 also good luck!! I currently have projects due soon hence I’m rushing my work🤧
WORD COUNT: 1K words
WARNING: there is no real huge warning but there is tons of jay pecking/kissing you. that's a warning itself bc i'd die to kiss jay
there is no hope
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everyone hated them. it was the constant studying and staying up that made everyone hate it. nobody likes staying up to work on some stupid mathematic exam. cramming formulas till 4am in the morning was a nightmare.
your phone pings when a notification pops up. it startled you a little since you were heavily concentrated on your studies.
*1 message from jongseong🧸*
*1 message from jongseong🧸*
jongseong🧸: babe, are you still in the library? bc it’s dark in there.
you: why tf are you outside? didn’t you want to catch up on some sleep bc rugby was kicking your ass?
jongseong🧸: bc i’m a great boyfriend and I care about my girlfriend that I can forget about my shit sleep schedule
you: aww jongseong :((
you: i’m at the McDonald’s nearby
jongseong🧸: oh cool. i was kinda craving for some chicken nuggets! i’m bringing my books to help you too.
you: really? thank you, babe🫶🏻
jongseong🧸: anytime love❤️
it was about 15 minutes later when you heard someone sitting in front of you. you knew that familiar scent, it was your boyfriend. you looked up and gave him a warm smile before looking back down at your notes.
he lifts your chin up and leans to peck your lips.
“can’t even get a kiss from my girl without her looking away from her notes.”
“it’s 1am. the workers are staring, babe.” you whisper. jay rolls his eyes.
“well they won’t be staring if i’m here as a valued customer.” jay winks. you sighed.
“could you get me coffee?”
“at 1am? babe, you’re insane.”
“i’m going to need coffee to survive studying till 3am at least.”
jay shakes his head, “fine. i’ll get you some latte or something. nothing too strong because you won’t be able to sleep.”
“aww such a caring and sweet boyfriend I have.” you say. jay smirks.
“you do have a great boyfriend.” he steals kiss from you before going over to order something.
you remained glued to your work. however, nothing was really going in your brain. by now, jay had brought your coffee over and it still couldn’t help you.
“jayyyy, I can’t do this anymore.”
he scans through your notes. nothing made sense to him. he sighs.
“i’m gonna be honest, babe. you definitely failing this test. a 100%. your notes make zero sense to me.”
“you mean to tell me I’ve been studying shitty notes that I thought would help me??” you groaned and banged your head on the table. it catches a few of the workers attention but they quickly dismiss it.
“look, baby. if you wanna pass this test. I can always help you.” jay says.
“of course but first, let’s get out of here and hop in my car.”
“why do I feel like this isn’t going to help me at all.” you glared at the boy. he chuckles.
“trust me, love. it’s definitely going to help.” he smirks. you rolled your eyes.
the both of you left the McDonald’s with your things to get into jay’s car. he places both of yours and his things down. once you settled in, you turned to jay.
“so what’s this genius plan of yours?”
“are you serious, jongseong.”
“i’ll test you and every right answer you get equals to a kiss from yours truly.”
“you are so needy, babe.” you huffed.
“this is beneficial for the both of us. come on.” jay pouts.
you tried to weigh the pros and cons. honestly, there were definitely more pros than cons. you got to kiss jay, he would help you with passing the test and you got to spend time with him. what more could you ask?
"fine." jay smiles at your words.
after letting you read his notes for the topic, he would test you.
"you got 5 answers right. which means, i get to kiss you 5 times." jay says.
"yeah but you tested me 10 questions. i got half of them correct."
"which means you will pass. see i did something good. now, pucker up." jay says.
he leans in and pecks your lips once.
"jongseong-" he pecks it once again.
"this method didn't help." *peck*
"park jongseong." *peck*
"ooo one more." he leans in once again but this time, the kiss goes on far more than a peck. jay's hands rest on your waist. you completely forgot you were even upset in the first place. well that is until you actually remembered you were upset with him. you pushed him away.
"jay, i'm serious. i don't think i'll pass the test." you huffed.
"i'm sorry, i just i miss you. you've been pretty busy lately with studying. how about i help for real this time, hmm?"
"you're making me feel bad now. i'm sorry i don't spend time as much with you." you pout.
"it's alright, you're busy with school work."
"i feel like everyone is advancing faster than me so i take my free time to catch up with everyone. i don't even catch the topic sometimes and i just feel frustrated." you voiced out. jay squeezes your hand.
"well, i'm here. i can help you, babe. you don't have to hesitate to call me or text me when you need help."
"i know. i just feel bad."
jay shakes his head, "you don't have to feel bad. that's my duty as your boyfriend to help you and stay by your side."
"isn't that a job for a husband?" you deadpan.
"we're going to get married eventually, what's the difference." jay nudges your shoulder. you blushed.
"yeah, i guess we are."
"mrs.park, would you like me to help you really study now?"
"yes, mr.park." jay snorts. he leans in to peck your lips.
"okay, where did we stop at?" he says as he scans the notes.
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First time golden retriever/dog owner, any tips?
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My new kitten, Salem! via https://ift.tt/0j9WMJY putyouinabettermood.com
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Just brought her home today! Say hi to Kiwi💚🥝
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What a cutie, I love ginger cats! ♡
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Cat recharging on the roof
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Annie are you ok
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Makin Biscuits
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Your daily dose of cat memes
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