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Everyone about Chris Pratt right now
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i cannot.
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"here is my answer.”
- requested by @sas399-blog ♡
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elhuei · a day ago
scuttling out of my cave to say one of the reason why a lot of feminist retellings or feminist media sucks is because a lot of supposedly feminist creators do not have any interest in feminism as a political viewpoint. corporate-sponsored Empowerment ™ feminism has done a phenomenal job of defanging the idea feminism within the greater public eye and has turned it into the vague and therefore worthless concept of making women ~Feel Good~ rather than an explicit fight for human rights. now we are getting people raised on this watered down concept producing art that is hmm, bad!
it's people trying to commentate on the patriarchy when their understanding of it is wildly incomplete or it's people trying to commentate on the patriarchy when they have very little issue with it to begin with
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epiclamer · 2 days ago
I think I've already sent an ask today but oh well, apologies. a n y w a y. may I please ask for some touch starved villain and a hero who very freely gives out hugs?
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Warm Hug
Hero ducked as Villain threw another punch, barely dodging before they lunged at the criminal, missing them by a hair as they were sent tumbling down an alleyway. The villain didn’t waste any time in going after Hero, before the crime-stopper could even think Villain pounced and had them pinned under their hips in a second.
It took a minute for Hero’s energy to die out, they fought the urge to just submit completely and let Villain take them to god knows where. They were incredibly exhausted and instead figured they could catch their breath before they kicked back up the fight.
“Hah! I-I win…” Villain wheezed, unable to catch their breath as they forced all their weight against their nemesis.
Hero couldn’t find the air to respond, their lungs felt like they were going to explode. Instead, they simply closed their eyes and let themselves go limp, mindlessly wrapping their arms around the one hunkered over top of them.
Suddenly, Villain stilled, completely unmoving. Their once rapid breathing had stopped entirely as if they had been rendered a statue.
“You alright?” Hero questioned from their position on the ground, opening one eye to peer at their enemy who seemed to have been frozen in time.
The villain however only blinked and tripped over their tongue, a hundred words coming out of their mouth in a second as a light blush coated their cheeks and their gaze averted Hero’s at all costs.
Hero, left confused at the sight of their now flustered nemesis, wondered if they had done something. Were they doing something inappropriate? Were any of their limbs in a compromising position for Villain? Had they said something subconsciously?
Villain took in a deep shaky breath, waking Hero out of their thoughts as they watched their cold-hearted nemesis try to speak once again.
“Why are you hugging me.”
It was whispered so faintly Hero thought they had imagined it. Not to mention the fact that a hug would be the last thing on their list of ‘potential weaknesses for Villain’. It was ridiculous after all.
The greatest villain in the whole city ruined by something as simple as a hug?
Hero would’ve laughed if they had heard it any sooner. But now? Watching their nemesis turn beet red and lose the ability to meet their eyes?
Now, Hero wasn’t quite so sure.
“Because you won and I’m exhausted.” The hero stated, tempting the villain to come up with an answer of their own, but Hero only drew silence. They slowly began to remove their arms, feeling somewhat ashamed in case they had hurt the villain somehow. “I mean if it bothers you I can stop, I just-”
Hero blinked, Villain still wouldn’t look them in the eye, their arms shaking slightly from where they pinned Hero’s shoulders against the pavement.
“D-Don’t stop…” The criminal let themselves collapse against their nemesis, allowing the warmth from Hero’s suit to infiltrate their body. Pressing their face into the crook of the others neck in shame, they didn’t want Hero to see them like this.
“Villain is there something-” This time, Hero cut themselves off at the sound of light sniffling and something like a droplet of water running down their neck.
Villain was crying.
Hero couldn’t take another second of it, sitting up and squeezing the villain even closer which caused them to yelp. The crime-stopper simply clutched the other even tighter against their body before lifting them up off the ground, forcing Villain to wrap their legs around Hero’s hips.
It was obvious that Villain didn’t seem to mind the sudden movement, not putting up a fight or resisting to their enemy in away. Which was very unlike the villain, maybe the criminal did mind, but just didn’t have the energy to care.
Hero accepted that as the most believable option and set foot back to their apartment. Villain cried softly in their arms until they made it to Hero’s street, then the criminal promptly drifted off to sleep and fell limp against their nemesis.
When they made it inside Hero was careful in setting down the villain on the couch, but the other didn’t even stir. Completely melting to the hero’s touch and subconsciously searching and pleading for more.
“God, Villain… When was the last time someone took care of you?” Hero didn’t expect a response, mainly because they already knew the answer. But now that they knew, they couldn’t help the urge to help the villain.
Hero silently hoped Villain would let themselves be cared for as they sat gently beside them and began carding a hand through their knotted hair.
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Harry is on a mission to piss off conservatives and right wing America and I am living for it
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~~ IrReLeVaNt PoP sInGeR ~~
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LMAO this series is a comedy
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I will never understand billy stans
Being unloved never made me cruel. My mother told me she hated me. My dad threw a trash can at me (lmao). My life only made me full of even more love (I'm a Will Byers kinnie to the core).
Billy was racist and abusive because he was a dick
Stop making excuses.
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Wow can’t believe that no one else has thought of that one yet
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I just wanna tell you that it doesn’t hurt when you call me an asshole.
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oh so we’re giving billy religious trauma now too
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rue and hob are the very definition of lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship
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I am not immune to propaganda. Taking a propa-ganda at them tiddies that is!
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me taking a proper gander at some proper titties!!!
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