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theprettiest-7 · 1 day
Omg. Do you know how fucking powerful you are? We can get whatever the fuck we want. Why? Because it's our reality!
So, listen up. You prolly know enough about the law. Stop overconsuming bullshit. Apply the law! Don't go around waiting for anything.
You manifest 24/7 whether you like it or not. You can never 'not' manifest. We're wired that way. Use that to your advantage. Don't give up. You're God. You control your life. You control your reality. Think of it as a game. You can customize yourself as in look like the way you want to. You control EVERYTHING.
It's your life after all. Live life to your fullest or don't. No one's gonna spoon feed you stuff. You do that shit yourself. All you gotta do is affirm, repeat and fucking persist. Get up and create the life that you desire and deserve.
Love y'all <3
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lucidgirlsmind · 3 days
you may as well just believe manifestation is real. i mean what do you really have to lose? i can't see a good enough reason to doubt it. manifestation can literally be proven true so stop getting in your own way.
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loveyourlovelysoul · 2 months
Accept that you still feel upset about how you were treated, and allow that feeling to pass through you. You don't have to pretend it's not there. You don't have to pretend to forgive the other person if you don't feel so. You can still feel hurt even if years have passed. It's valid, especially if you swept your feelings under the rug back in the days. Find your way to accept the pain, grieve, and let it be in the past where it belongs. Free yourself from these chains. From your fears. From what has been. Life changes. It brings you lessons, but also rewards (and often both are in the form of very different people). Be open to the latter now.
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hey. it’s ok to miss them. they were a big part of your life, and you had some good times. times when you were happy. it’s ok to miss that, to miss the good things, the fun things. knowing you deserve better doesn’t mean you’re not going to miss them. It’s ok. what’s not ok is how they treated you. remember that.
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puer-luna · 2 months
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slfcare · 3 months
Beauty exists because life exists. Vibrant plants look best when they’re well taken care of. Fields of green and patches of grass look best when they’re watered regularly. You can tell when a pet is doing well, fed well, brushed and washed and loved. In people, someone’s kindness makes them more beautiful. Someone’s sense of humor. The snort when they laugh. The way they mispronounce certain words, their habits, their individuality. The color in their cheeks, the little scars and the stories behind them (fell off of a trampoline, thought I could swing without holding onto anything, my sister hit me with the remote because we were fighting over the remote—and the way they laugh or shake their head telling the story). Expressing their emotions. Being fragile and soft. Being loud and talkative. Beauty is so interesting because it goes farther than outward appearances, and sometimes even seems to affect it. I think, the more unapologetically alive you are, the more beautiful you are. The more you find beauty in other people, in the depths of them and not just the way they look, the more you’ll find it in yourself.
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lawoflove · 3 months
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angelaeleni · 11 months
It is okay to completely change your beliefs, ideas, intentions, boundaries, expectations and desires. You are a dynamic being. You are “supposed” to explore more and change. Change is a core part of your expansion.
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aquariusripples · 3 months
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harusclass · 5 months
I'm going to make it. No one and nothing is going to stop me.
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cooki3face · 2 months
Self love & self worth affirmations:
I know statements:
“I know I want to be cared for.”
“I know I want to be cherished and prioritized.”
“I know what I am here to do.”
“ I know that I deserve people around me who have true intentions.”
“I know that I am capable of many good and great things.”
“I know that there is a plan for me.”
“I know that there is power in my mind, my heart, and my words.”
“I deserve true love, I deserve to be loved, to be cared for, and to be supported.”
“I’m being called back home to myself.”
“Every aspect of my being serves a divine purpose.”
“I am important, I am kind, and I am genuine.”
“Where I go, good things follow.”
“My heart and my mind determine the nature of all gifts I shall receive.”
“I am supported and divinely protected.”
“All my power comes from within.”
“I am always prepared for the arrival of good things.”
“The universe shows others good things through me.”
“I am a beacon of hope and I will show others the way.”
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lucidgirlsmind · 2 days
your desires aren't only possible, they are inevitable.
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positiveseed · 1 year
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fantasticnerdluminary · 3 months
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Why are you so HOT to others?
𝓕𝓪𝓬𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓼𝓾𝓷, 𝓼𝓮𝓽 𝓲𝓽 𝓸𝓷 𝓯𝓲𝓻𝓮
Hey! I hope you all are doing great. I am sending so many hugs, kisses and love, to you my dear. So, let's go and see what's there.
✓ The pictures used in the reading belongs to their respectful owner and are taken from web.
✓ Don't forget to leave a feedback and let me know which pile did you choose. Your likes, reblogs, replies will be appreciated <3
¶How to pick a pile : If you have difficulty choosing a pile. Then take a breath and close your eyes. After opening your eyes, the picture you see first is your pile. Don't doubt your gut/intuition. Trust your intuition.
¶Disclaimer ⚠️ : This is a general reading. So, take what resonates and leave behind the rest. Some messages may not resonate with you. This reading is for entertainment purposes. Don't make decisions depending on this reading. You are the only one who creates your own reality.
ᴘɪʟᴇs -> 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐋𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
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Group 1
You are admired by many people because no matter how much you are falling, how deep you hit the rock bottom you come back with so much power. You glow like burning sun. You may not open up easily to others. You look so mysterious to others. Everybody want to know about you and everything about you but you intimidate others. Your cold resting bitch face looks so sexy on you. It's like you would just attack anyone who would do wrong to you but the truth is you don't want to hurt others. You are so soft and people that are closer to you know this.
They sometimes think how can someone be so tough on outside but so soft and caring on outside. You are so attractive and likable to others. You are like the airport crush, whoever sees you instantly fall in love with you. You are so strong enough though if anyone walks all over you (you don't allow it I know) you would be ready to grow up much more. You are like "You did this to me, Ok, now just wait and watch what I'll do to you." You are so cool damn, Can I get your number?!?! Please 🥺
You maybe young but you are much mature than other person of your age. You may like to dress up like an emo girl/boy or tomboy/tomgirl maybe. It looks so good on you. Your fashion sense is on other level. You can't tolerate injustice. You are the friend who would stand up for them no matter them. You take care of your body and health. You are like home to others. They feel safe around you. You may be falling deeper and deeper but you still seem confident and sexy as f*ck ever. You inspire so many people. You may have big brown eyes. Your hair is so nice maybe they are thick and brown in colour. You should know your existence what they envy :")
Tumblr media
Group 11
You may attract many people around you whether it maybe of same gender or opposite gender and you don't realise this. You may have some body positivity issue, you may have a little bit hard time accepting your body as it is but let me tell you something what you are afraid of is the most lovely thing you'll ever have. People love your appearance (your big heart too) because it makes you, you. You may love kids and animals. You somehow look innocent and cute. You may dress sexy but still you end up looking cute, don't be mad at me I can't help it but you are really really cute.
Your smile is something is to die for. You may be a bit shy in front of others and camera too but you are photogenic. You are reserved (that's why I am having a hard time channeling your energy) You want to be loved but you don't know how much love you hold for yourself. You should dive deep into yourself. A whole new world is waiting for you inside you and outside too. Be ready for it. I feel many people are going to choose this group.
You may have evolve very much mentally and physically and your transformation is amazing. Everyone is amazed that this side of you existed within you. You may have become a bit more outgoing and people approach you because you are easygoing and easy to talk to. You hate small talks. Your hair is part of admiration too, you may like to take care of apperance very much. You love your people and that's what makes you special. You are protective of your loved ones. You are like the feeling of butterflies in stomach because you are special to all of them.
Tumblr media
Group 111
This group is insane, you are full of talents and intelligence. You may have bullied for this though. I am so sorry if you have to go through something like this. But your energy is like anyone can fall for it. Your manifestation power is on its peak. You think about something and the next moment it's in front of your eyes. You are the mom of your group and everybody loves to listen to you. Your voice is a bit raspy and soothing at the same time, like the ones you listen in asmr.
Not even an insect wants to hurt you. You are really like a glass and no one wants to shatter into pieces but this also attracts some envious people who wants to dim your dazzling light. Dazzling......dazzling is what you are. You are the brightest light who can blind others. You should love yourself more, okay. The best love is self-love and you need to do more of it. You should protect your energy more.
You are really an amazing person, your soul is so pure and innocent. You are a kind person who loves to help other person, the sunshine type of a person. You make other's gloomy day bright. People are lucky to meet you. You may have been judged a lot based on your appearance but it's not true. You know yourself better, the best. You are doing great by just being you, shining your light on others too
Tumblr media
❥ Thank you for reading this. That's all I have for you today. If you want to check my other pacs, then click here. Hope you have a great day ahead :)
© fantasticnerdluminary ™ all rights reserved 2022.
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healingcaffee · 1 year
Things that did wonders for my mental health:
having enough sleep and a fixed sleeping and waking time ( at least on the weekdays)
starting my day with gratitude (things to be grateful for: being alive, having a body, a mind, a soul, health, family, friends, food and water, safety, a roof over your head, your education, your job, your free time... seriously there is so much to be grateful for) and praying for my family’s wellbeing
any type of movement - it can be as light or as intense as you’d like it to be: stretch in bed, hop on your yoga mat, go for a walk, go to the gym...
showering = instant rebirth
diligently doing your skincare routine
nourishing your body. no counting calories/ no restricting. feeding your body all the nutrients it needs to function
making a to-do list in the morning
journaling at night
reading before bed
doing a monthly habit tracker
having enough time to get ready in the morning and not rushing
checking in with your loved ones weekly
listening to podcasts - especially motivational and uplifting ones
learning something new everyday - never underestimate the power of those 4- 8 minutes educational videos on youtube
doing yoga
allowing myself to make mistakes
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waterlikequotes · 5 months
Tumblr media
source: @/JunoCounseling
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