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thethirtyproject444 · 7 hours ago
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dress for the [life] you want
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pinktulipgirly · 2 days ago
join me in an sunday reset! let’s get our lives back on track! 🌷
space 🕯
put on a playlist that motivates you!
clear your floor of all clutter and mess
clear off all the surfaces of things that don’t belong there (desk, dresser, nightstand countertops, etc) and give them a good dusting and wipe down
catch up on laundry and fold it all immediately!
change your sheets and make your bed
vacuum and sweep
clean your bathroom really well! don’t forget to mop
remove all the out of date food from your fridge and pantry
do your dishes and clean your sink
reorganize things that tend to get messy during the week - make your space work for you! 💕
body 🌱
put on a cute set and do some movement! a whole work out, a hot girl walk, a dance party, some light yoga from bed - whatever works best for you and your body <3
drink a ton of water! hydrated girlies are happy girlies
have a nourishing meal with loads of fruits, veggies, and protein
get some sunlight
take an everything shower - shave and exfoliate, and don’t forget to moisturize!
do a hair mask
do your full skincare routine and a gentle face mask
do your nails or go get them done
mind ☁️
put your phone away and have some quiet time - maybe read a book, doodle, or meditate! just give your brain a rest from the noisy workweek
set some goals for the upcoming week and think about how you can actually achieve them
organize all your assignments / tasks for the week in a planner - everything will seem less overwhelming when you write it all down!
spend some time with friends or family
do something you love to do!
and finally, go to bed early tonight! you got this, angel! ✨🌸
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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malusokay · 2 months ago
30 Things To Do Alone
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Go for a walk. I've been trying to reach 10k steps daily.
Read a book, article, or blog... just like you're doing right now. ;)
Watch a tv show. I'm currently watching Gilmore girls.
Watch the sunset/sunrise. I prefer sunsets.
Try a youtube workout. Daisy Keech is my favorite!
Do your nails. Nice nails make a vast difference in my opinion.
Go to the grocery store and buy some snacks that you've never tried before.
Try a new recipe. I'm trying carrot cake oatmeal later!
Write a letter to your future self. <3
Test old pens and throw away the dry ones.
Make a birthday wishlist. one of my favorite things to do when I'm bored and have nothing to do.
Take the 16 Personalities test. I'm an ENFP :)
Make a bucket list. I just started writing my autumn bucket list!
Research something or watch a video essay on youtube. One of my favorite channels at the moment is Mina Le.
Make a mood/vision board. You can check out my Twitter or Tumblr for some inspiration.
Scroll Pinterest for the next 6+ hours; we've all been there.
Take a long bath. Do a full skin/hair care routine.
Cut/dye your hair. I just cut curtain bangs, and I'm loving it!!
Bake something for a loved one; I made lemon-poppy seed cookies for my Dad.
Create a new playlist. I've started making an autumn playlist, lol.
Make a photo wall. I made one last year and still love it!
Accomplished your to-do list, and you'll feel great once you're done.
Get rid of old clothes, make room for new stuff.
Go to a new coffee shop and get something to try.
Learn how to crochet. I made a sweater for my dog, lmao.
Make yourself a drink, like a tea, coffee, or smoothie!
Declutter your digital space. (emails, photos, apps, etc...)
Make your room cozy and take a nap, or just relax for a bit.
Plan some outfits and look for things to buy online.
Apply a facemask and watch a coming-of-age movie. (my guilty pleasure, lol..)
Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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blushydior · a month ago
         morning routine ideas 🥞🫖
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how you spend your morning dictates your whole day. create a relaxing structure to truly get yourself ready before heading out into the world ♡
wake up early; before 8am.
don’t go on your phone. right when you wake, bask in the silence and background noise.
meditate by focusing on your breathing.
say affirmations to yourself: “i have woken up in my desired reality. today will be a good day. i am okay. i’m healthy, beautiful, and inspiring. something amazing will happen to me today. i am kind and gentle towards myself.”
open up any blinds to let the light in
make your bed. tidy up your space.
say hello and cuddle with your pet(s)
wash your face & brush your teeth
walk your pet(s)
make a simple breakfast and drink water and/or tea and eat it outside or looking out the window.
journal. self reflect, how you feel, what you’d like to accomplish, etc. make it a goal to be more kind to yourself and keep your thoughts in check.
read a few chapters of your current read. 
what are some things you need to get done today? make a plan and set out to get it checked off.
exercise, try a new routine.
choose an outfit, do your hair, try some new looks for the season. have fun. try new things, who knows? maybe you’ll end up loving it.
go on a walk in your neighborhood. 
get in 10,000 steps
buy yourself flowers.
light a candle
put on your favorite feel good songs. let yourself go and freely sing and dance to it.
begin your studies.
rest if needed!
try a new recipe
spend time in nature
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sonasi · 2 months ago
sunday reset routine <3
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first things first…
clean out any trash in your room. throw it all away, and take any dirty dishes out of your room as well
return things to where they belong. Move your computer from your bed to your desk, move your bags back to their hanger, you get the idea
reorganize messy areas. Drawers, shelves, or cabinets whatever has become disorganzied or messy over the week
do your laundry. It’s okay, we all get that big mess of dirty clothes that just piles up throughout the week.
Now time to deep clean!
take time to wipe down all surfaces. Use disinfecting and cleaning wipes to remove collected dust and dirt. This includes desks, tables, counters, etc. 
strip your bed. Wash the sheets, comforter, blankets, and pillow cases
vacuum the floor. Pick up any small pieces of trash you might’ve missed 
put away all your clothes. Once they’re done washing, don’t just leave them in the hamper. Fold them up and put them away where they belong
Focus on yourself
shower & skincare! On my Sunday resets, I like to take longer showers and use all my body scrubs and body butters and shower gels. wash your face with cleanser, scrubs, exfoliant, etc. moisturize and use a face roller for a few minutes. Id also recommend doing a face or hair mask
light some candles and meditate. Doing a longer meditation will make your headspace feel less cluttered and more put together. it’s like organizing in your head! This would be a good time to cleanse your crystals as well
journal. Take out your journal and write down your goals and plans for the week. you can also take this time to write manifestations, affirmations, or do a few journal prompts.
finally, do whatever you want. At the end of the day, when everything has been cleaned and organized, you can take time to yourself and do whatever you feel like doing. Not all of us have the time during the week to just relax and do what we want in that moment, so take this time to do that! you can watch youtube, draw a picture, play a game, whatever you want.
stay safe lovelies <3 :3
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fruitsinthesky · 3 months ago
Shifting your story exercise
Your story is what you believe to be true about yourself and life. It's what you tell yourself over and over again. The story you believe creates your reality. Therefore, shifting your story also shifts your reality. This is an exercise to become aware of your current story and any limiting beliefs in order to shift them into one that aligns with your desired reality.
Take out a notebook and write all areas of your life
what are your beliefs about relationships, love, your body, money, success?
What do you believe your body should look like?
What do you believe is stopping you from getting that desired body?
What do you think is healthy and not healthy for your body?
what are your beliefs about money?
Do you believe it is fair and just for you to have more of an income?
Do you believe you deserve abundance and success?
what does a normal/healthy relationship look like to you?
what do believe a home environment to be like
what do you want your future home environment to look like
Emotional state
what is my natural emotional state?
Why is my emotional state like this?
Now, rewire any limiting beliefs with these five steps.
Notice the limiting belief: Spot limiting beliefs with self-awareness. If you have that annoying little voice inside your head telling you that you’re unworthy or unable to do something your rational brain knows you’re capable of, this is probably a limiting belief. (Meditation is great for getting in tune with your thoughts, self-awareness, and spotting limiting beliefs.)
Acknowledge: Acknowledge the limiting belief for what it is.
Question your limiting belief: Once you’ve spotted a limiting belief, isolate it. Write it down. Now we can question it.
Let go of the limiting belief: Forgive yourself for holding this belief, take a deep breath, and let it go. You simply don’t need it anymore.
Replace the self-doubt:  Replace this old belief with a new one. Using positive affirmations can be really good for this exercise. It doesn’t have to be outlandish or unrealistic – accept yourself for who you really are. Realize that you’re okay with your abilities and that nothing can hold you back.
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motivvation · 2 months ago
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that girl lifestyle
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leobabyxoxo · 2 months ago
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Health is my priority.
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girlygirlwebdiary · 4 months ago
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Pink lulu girl 💖👙🧘‍♀️
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redlipsfordior · 8 months ago
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health, fitness, selfcare 🌱🫀
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thethirtyproject444 · 3 months ago
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meal planning and grocery shopping
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malibubaby222 · 3 months ago
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malusokay · 2 months ago
Morning routine ideas
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Creating a proper morning routine can be so much fun, especially now that so many people are starting summer break; it's the perfect time to get used to a new routine! <3
Open your curtains + Window. Fresh air and sunshine are always good for you.
Read something, waking up the brain, haha.
Say good morning to your pets and/or plants. It's something cute.
Wash your face and brush your teeth. Best feeling in the morning.
Drink a glass of water and take your vitamins. I like taking my vitamins on an empty stomach, so a bit before breakfast.
Make yourself breakfast; I never understood how people can go without breakfast. I would be dead by noon, lol.
Try eating breakfast outside; literally so relaxing.
Exercise, go for a walk, try some yoga or pilates.
Journal, Paint, blog. Do something creative that makes you feel good and inspired; I obviously write blog posts, hahah.
Brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Slay.
Connect with your friends or family. A simple good morning text is enough and might make their day a bit better :)
Choose an outfit. Whatever you feel comfortable with, your clothes should always empower you!
Put on your favorite perfume; I like 'Thank U Next' by Ariana grande, 'Black Opium' by YSL, or Victoria's Secret body spray.
Make your bed and maybe tidy up your room a bit.
List three things you want to do today. You can also write down more but don't push yourself too much.
Do your makeup and/or hair, I'm currently trying more simple makeup for summer, and I'm loving it!!
Listen to your favorite song, my fav atm is Cry Baby by The Neighbourhood, lol.
Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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blushydior · 17 days ago
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♡ morning:
clean piercing
♡ night:
first: remove any makeup with micellar water and cotton pads
second: foam cleanse
clean piercings
face masks (sheet or clay)
essence + moisturizer
face mist
i usually wear makeup consecutively for shoots + films so that's when i use clay masks. for sheet masks, it’s mainly for relaxation
♡ my shower routine
shampoo, rinse
condition my hair & clip it up
wash my body with body scrub + body wash (with beads) & exfoliating gloves
clean every part of my body. (neck, ears, back, underarms, feet, back of your knees...)
rinse off the body wash and conditioner!
♡ after shower care
cocoa butter lotion and almond oil
perfume to uphold my signature scent
♡ skin & hair care:
it removes impurities & build up, and dandruff. with my naturally sensitive scalp and wavy/curly hair, i am constantly bleaching my roots and changing the color of my hair so this is a must.
♡ my skin care rules:
always, alwayssssss always sunscreen on my face, neck, and hands no matter the season and weather! so many forget the neck and hands too.
always enjoy this moment of pampering. say affirmations, play calming music, wear my silk robe bc i’m literally filming for vogue beauty secrets, complement myself in the mirror on how i’m the most beautiful person ever, i’m smart, kind, gentle, and resilient. i’m proud of myself and i will keep making history.
don’t rub your face roughly (or at all)
never touch your face. only after you’ve washed your hands! after i wash my face i refuse to touch anything besides my face towel (that’s kept out of the bathroom) don’t touch your phone, doorknobs, drawers… nothing. 
if you’re applying moisturizer, massaging your face, or wiping off makeup with a cotton pad, always move upwards, never downwards.
be gentle with your face pls
always apply skincare on my neck and chest 
♡ bi-weekly + monthly
root touch ups + color change
mani + pedi
shape eyebrows
scalp treatment
spa getaways 
♡ list of products i use:
cleansers: nature republic - jeju mud sparkling cleanser, garnier - skinactive micellar water
toner + essence: son & park - beauty water, rovectin activating treatment lotion 
serum + moisturizers: tatcha - the dewy & the water cream, peach & lily - glass skin refining serum, sk-II - serum facial treatment, fresh - rose deep hydration skin cream, oat so simple - water cream
sunscreen: abib - quick sunscreen bar, la roche posay - anthelios mineral tinted sunscreen, tatcha - the silk sunscreen, beauty of joseon - relief sun spf 50
sheet masks: innisfree, dassai
here is a post with my skin care recommendations. note that i obvi don’t use all of these products at once. i usually rotate or use specific products depending on the season & weathers, and how i’m feeling.
this all isn’t really necessary for me because of my beauty manifestations but pampering is always a lovely routine i enjoy ♡ and i figured why not make a routine for those who want to know!
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sonasi · 3 months ago
self care that will change your life
~ journaling:
prompts about how you’re feeling
journaling about your favorite days
~ meditating:
two minutes every day or every other day
clearing your mind and taking a few minutes to be alone with yourself
~ night routines:
nightly skincare
cleaning up before bed
~ cold skincare:
using cold face masks & eye patches
keeping your face rollers in the fridge
sleeping w/ a gel bead eye mask
~ complimenting:
compliment others; spreading kindness will bring you good fortune 🦋
compliment yourself; showing kindness to yourself will bring you true confidence 💕
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xostrarberry · a month ago
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can’t wait for autumn 🎞🍁🐿🥮
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motivvation · a month ago
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that girl lifestyle
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