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dick-the3rd · a day ago
Thinking about the time the entire batfamily accidentally came across the same body
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Just them sharing one brain cell <3
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Always love when Duke is actually included.
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a-sour-nectarine · 2 days ago
The batkids and their fatal flaws:
Barbara: still thinks she is the sanest of the bunch
Dick: doesn't know how to say "no" without resorting to physical violence
Cass: hypocrite. Will tease you but then get super offended when you tease her.
Jason: zombie. Daddy issues like you've never seen. Nerd.
Steph: blonde but otherwise fine
Tim: skater boy
Duke: really good puppy dog eyes and really destructive intentions.
Damian: does not understand memes but is friends with people for whom memes are a primary language
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amaraudermind · 2 days ago
Anyway I see a lot of times people deciding to have the Robins(primarily Tim) looking up to Batman like he's the greatest to ever exist but in reality one of the prerequisites to operating in Gotham is not being fazed by Batman in the slightest.
Nine year old Dick wouldn't let Batman stand in the way of him committing murder until Batman made him his partner and redirected his energy.
Twelve year old Jason was unfazed enough to steal his tires and hit him with a tire iron.
Tim became Robin because Batman was in a self-destructive spiral.
Steph met Batman and immediately disregarded everything he said in order to try to commit murder.
Babs routinely tells Bruce to fuck off when he tries to tell her what to do.
Damian told Batman to his face that they were better off without him.
Cass is an outlier who sees the Bat as the ultimate goal, but even she grew to respect the symbol over all else, and stand up to Bruce when he doesn't live up to that symbol.
Duke disrespected a different Batman(Jim "Batmech" Gordon) but was unfazed nonetheless as proven by his efforts with the We Are Robin movement (but also: look at any interaction of him with Batman. He speaks and does not consider his audience ever)
In short, they all know how pathetic Batman is and will make fun of him at every opportunity
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bitimdrake · a day ago
the thing about the retcon that made Steph secretly alive the whole time is that it’s awful in pretty much every single way, but it still somehow manages to be better than the version of events where there’s no retcon and she just remained dead, so. I guess it stays.
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wednesday-if-it-was-tuesday · 20 hours ago
Fun little headcanons:
Damian looks through people and not at them and it scares a lot of people.
Tim is really bad at keeping time in his head.
Babs used to be ambulatory, but over time the nerves degenerated more. It did decrease her pain though.
Jason's joints crack really loudly.
Cass has a speech impediment and a bit of Alfred's accent.
Jason is the only one in the Batfam who owns a crowbar.
Dick makes the worse puns.
Bruce has sleep wake circadian rhythm disorder and just assumed being nocturnal was normal.
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marisolez · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Artista: @shaokaotanzhu
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helios-arts · 2 days ago
Batober Day 3: Downpour
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coloredsnowo · 20 hours ago
I love tumblr bc I will post something like “batman’s gay son” and each person has a different answer in the tags. some of you will break out 500 word essays abt ur favs. here for it btw
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trafficlightchild · 2 days ago
You can’t talk about the history, the writing and the interpretations of Jason, Stephanie and Damian as Robins or as characters without talking about classism, racism and misogyny
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batfr1es · a day ago
Tumblr media
i am a normal amount of excited to finish this comic
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xpeterstarkx · 20 hours ago
jason: who the fuck added me to a fucking group chat?
steph: >:O language
damian: yeah, watch your fucking language
dick: okay, who taught damian the fuck word?
cass: 'the fuck word'.
tim: are you foolish? you guys use the f word all the time
damian: oh my god, timothy censored it
cass: say fuck, tim.
damian: do it, timothy. say fuck.
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bid-art · 22 hours ago
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Batfam Godtiers!
Bruce Wayne - Knight of Blood (Guardian of Obligation)
Dick Grayson - Heir of Heart (Avatar of Identity)
Jason Todd - Rogue of Rage (Distributing Impuslsivity to others)
Tim Drake - Prince of Time (In service of Opportunity)
Damian Wayne - Mage of Space (Knowledge of the Concrete to serve himself)
Duke Thomas - Seer of Hope (Knowledge of Imagination to serve others)
Cassandra Cain - Page of Breath (Served by Freedom)
Stephanie Brown - Sylph of Void (Heals/Helps Obsession in others)
(Not pictured cause I honestly forgot: Barbara Gordon - Witch of Doom (Sponsored by Inevitability)
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reineydraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
yeah so im already behind on inktober lmao. just gonna pick and choose them 😂 we'll see if i do more, but here's steph in an alley!
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emilyarmadillo · a day ago
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Bam pow
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secretsandwriting · a day ago
In The Shadows
Part Four: Orphans
When Damian's left alone to take care of Gotham for 2 weeks, he receives help from a few vigilantes in the next town. Turns out they go to school together and make a great team.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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begaycommittreason · 12 hours ago
all the batkids get secretly pleased when ppl automatically assume they’re bruce’s kids. yes even jason, though he’d rather die again than admit it
the only exception to this is steph, who is disgusted and frankly flat out offended when someone insinuates she’s related to him
(bruce has the same reaction)
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