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sohotthateveryonedied · 2 days ago
why are we as a fandom ignoring the fact that damian’s mom is canonically out there having orgies
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whispic · a day ago
ok but what if the entire batfam made duolingo accounts to learn a bit of Arabic for damian but like since it is duolingo, the only thing they can say is random shit like "that is her apple" and he is like "right......?"
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gooseyalghul-gumdrops · 2 days ago
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@ Tim and his shitty solo run stay the fuck away from me and my step son Damian, thx. Also he’s so ugly HEPP? I hate him but he don’t deserve to look that disgusting
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But here’s a preview of Damian and Talia (Detective Comics #1064) for the soul.
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She’s teaching him feminism. Good for them. I love their matching outfits.
Still pissed that Damian’s solo was cancelled for shitty writing ong.
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gothamundernightlight · a day ago
Incorrect Batfam Quotes
*Damian on the phone to Jon
Damian: While you studied maudlin concepts like your ABCs and shapes, I studied the blade!
Damian: What do you mean I need better coping mechanisms?
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batfam-horror-au · 14 hours ago
Tim never got to be a kid. Think about it, his entire life he has had to be an adult for himself. He had to make his own food, do his own laundry, etc. And this was as young as six or eight. And then he witnessed the worst of Gotham at nine years old as he swept across rooftops to capture pictures Batman and Robin. He became Robin at twelve I think, and CEO of Wayne Enterprise when he was either 16 or 19.
So what does that mean for adult Tim? I think he might be mature, sure, but he would do things like ride a skate board to work or doodle pictures in the margines of the papers he needs to sign. He’d chug coffee like it was water with no problem at all, even when it made multiple adults around him wince at his coffee intake.
Maybe he would do rebellious things, like pull a prank on the board members or cause a big scandal. Or perhaps he would eat straight sugar and call it lunch. He might dress in clothes that are no where near sensible, with different colored socks and everything. People will see him and not really see an adult, but someone who never really got to grow up.
But he did grow up and not by choice. And now he has a choice, and he chooses to let the kid in him out.
Tim deserves it, because the adults in his life never let him be a kid. So why shouldn’t he, an adult himself, give the child in his heart the chance to feel true peace?
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demonqueenbeee · a day ago
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theredheaded-stuff · a day ago
A Misty memory
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smallbirdy · 2 days ago
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more for my little collection of talia telling damian stories <3
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beecossi · 2 days ago
The whole "Damian is a little murder gremlin who only shows his emotions via anger and insults" take is... interesting, if used correctly (and there are ways that it can be used correctly), however I feel like so many people look at it from the basis of "Damian is mean" and that's just not true.
Damian, like every other member of the Batfamily, is a very complex character that I personally feel has been dumbed down, or rather simplified into being very one-dimensional in fanon representations of him.
He isn't just a "murder gremlin". He's a very intelligent character, and in the comics he's gone through a lot of growth and experienced a lot of maturing to get him to a point where he isn't just a shallow cold-hearted boy trained to be an assassin.
When people simplify him down to pettiness and barbed insults, or imply that the only way he's capable of showing he cares is through backhanded compliments, I feel like they're doing a disservice to Damian and all of the development he's had as a character.
He's not just a spoiled brat— just like how Tim isn't just "the smart one", and Jason isn't just "the angry one", and Dick isn't just "the friendly one", and Bruce isn't just "the emotionally constipated one". Yes, these are aspects of these characters, but that isn't the sole makeup of their personalities. Jason is just as emotionally constipated as Bruce, and likewise Dick is just as intelligent as Tim.
I'm focusing primarily on the main boys of the Batfam because this is where I see it the most, but the same goes for Steph, and Babs, and Cass, and Duke. They all have specific characteristics that are more prominent than others, but that doesn't mean they aren't capable of other things.
So back to the topic at hand, Damian is not just some rude, petty brat. Sure, he can be a bit blunt with how he goes about things and there is a legitimate reason in his upbringing for why he's like this, but to simplify his entire character down to just that aspect of him and disregard the actual emotional depth he has is so incredibly frustrating.
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kimjun · 6 hours ago
A beautiful walk in hell | Damian W.
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— What's wrong with you? — you scream to turn around to see Jason and Dick behind you. — I was helping you, he let go of my hand ... so he died.
— We don't kill yn. — Jason says, you let out a forced laugh, the red hood saying that.
— I didn't kill him, I couldn't hold him ... I had Damian one hand and Scarecrow the other ... the three of us were going to fall.
— Your job is to save! — Dick screams by pulling his arm when you walk away. — You are doing everything wrong.
You were in that family, they were nothing of yours, you just worked with them to protect Gotham and wherever you were sent. Any mission that goes wrong is always your fault. And this time the Scarecrow's death was their fault, they said. But you had no choice, you were holding Damian unconscious in one hand and in the other Scarecrow, the three were going to fall. It was then that Scarecrow let go of his hand and fell. But nobody believes that he let go of his hand.
— I swear —
— Stop making excuses. — Bruce Wayne comes after you. — You are in chaos, always bringing problems, you cannot continue to do so, it just makes you look like your dad. - Bruce screams.
— Leave her alone! - Damian pushes Bruce and comes to you as a shield. — She saved me, and is always saving you, it's always her fault because you're afraid to take responsibility ... you always want to throw in her face that she's the daughter of the Joker, you seem to want that.
Damian holds his hand.
— You are complete chaos, idiots who have already killed and pretend not to.
— She only brought products. — Bruce screams. — Are you choosing her?
— She was always my only choice. — Damian roars.
You stand next to Damian.
— Do you want to make me a villain? So be it. — You smile. — I'm going to be the fucking villain ... I'm going to turn your life into a beautiful ride in hell.
— Damian — Bruce calls.
— I will be beside her to make sure it is a beautiful ride in hell. — Damian takes his hand, you smile at him and pull him out of the room.
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jennguyen-draws · 2 days ago
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Robins 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0 (sorry Steph)
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zee-whore · a day ago
This mornings DC art dump !
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Here are the drawing individually
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I dont like Damian (at all mostly) but I saw this adorable panel of his so I had to draw
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Next is tiny titans Cass Cain. I think she's pretty cool, a solid character
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Tumblr media
Baby Wally finding out his uncle Barry is the flash
Tumblr media
Bruce, Dick, Jay and Tim as the Prof and girls from PPG
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whispic · a day ago
Jon: you're so hot when you're mad at me.
Damian: But I am always mad at you.
Damian: oh
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freshwaterraven · a day ago
I’m a firm believer that Damian’s colorful Robin costume works much the same as a bell on a cat’s collar. He learns to be just as stealthy with the bright colors as without, and once they’re gone, he’s nigh impossible to find.
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daminette-56 · a day ago
Ok I have a thing where I think Talia is really tall . Taller than Bruce. So what if when Damian was a little toddler he kept on walking into her legs. And everytime it happened he would grumble asking why is she so tall. Talia finds it funny and cute.
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buttterknifeee · a day ago
Damian Wayne would read blue period
He would I just feel it in my soul
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eddymimi · 13 hours ago
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"Fuck the pain away, my bed is in ruins, need you in my veins, don't know how you do it.
Come and leave your mark, Vandalize my heart"
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