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catmanbowser · 2 days
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The batfam side profiles i did during lunchbreak i finally get to color it teehee :9
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incorrectbatfam · 3 days
Duke, to Bruce: So what's going on between you and Green Lantern? I'm sensing some tension.
Duke, to Cassandra: I didn't sense any tension, I just wanted to start some drama and I figured Bruce and Hal were a good start.
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oifaaa · 1 day
When Bruce comes back Jason finally tries to enact his plan but his dramatic reveal is ruined by Cass telling Bruce that Jason is Red Hood.
I think this is how Bruce found out
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batfamhyperfixation · 7 hours
Jason: Ew, this tastes gross *turning to Dick next to him and holding it out to him* try it
Dick: What? No way, you just said it tastes gross, why would I try it?
Jason: fine *turns to Tim on the other side of him, holding it out* try this
Tim: *takes a bite* Yeah, disgusting
Damian: Oh please, Drake's a baby, let me try it
Tim: *passes it to Damian*
Damian: *Tries it* Eww, yeah, no, this is gross
Steph: *Takes it from Damian, trying it* makes me want to vomit, try it Cass
Cass: *Takes a bite* yeah no, please never get this again, you want some Duke?
Duke: Why not *takes a bite* Meh, it's not horrible, it's just not good
Dick: Well now I feel left out
Duke: *hands it to Dick*
Dick: *takes a bite*
Tumblr media
Bruce, in the background: *slaps his forehead* why are they like this
Jason: You wanna try Bruce?
Bruce, dad who feels bad when he says no to his kids: *pained smile* *through clenched teeth* Suuuure...
Dick: *hands it to Bruce*
Bruce: *takes a bite, spits it out into his napkin* Awful, truly atrocious, I'm going to sue, that was so awful
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crow-ington · 19 hours
au where everything is the same except Dick never became Nightwing and instead continued as Robin even after he left. And well, Batman needs a partner so there’s another Robin in Gotham now. When Dick finds out about this he’s a bit annoyed (‘It wasn’t your name to give away, Bruce!’) but he insists on whisking his newest brother away for ‘top secret Robin lessons’. (Those lessons may or may not be things that Bruce would absolutely disapprove of but Jason’s not a snitch so it’s fine.)
Every Robin who comes after also ends up taking the mantle too, until there are half a dozen kids running around dressed like traffic lights. The Batgirls also exist too, but they have the same situation. Babs was the first, before becoming Oracle, and Cass and Steph both took up the mantle some time after. Steph also acts as one of the Robins, entirely depending on which costume she prefers that night. (It usually ends up being Batgirl because come on, purple is just her colour.)
This would be hell for the criminals of Gotham though, because they’re all called the same name and have almost identical costumes, so when someone yells ‘it’s Robin!’ you never know if you’re about to get whacked with a pole or shot in the face.
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Various Batfam/Gotham characters by Marcus To.
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jayzelnut · 2 days
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It's the Peanut (bat) Gallery!!
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I didn't do all of these for this 1 (one) meme I stg
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missingalaxies · 2 days
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wanna build a snow-bat ⛄⛄⛄
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strawberrywriter · 3 days
Alfred: Kids, stop arguing or I'll turn the car around!
Batkids: *screaming*
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spider-jaysart · 2 days
Headcanons for my Batkids young age au:
The Batkids ages here:
Damian: 5 years old
Tim: 9 years old
Duke: 7 years old
Cass: 8 years old
Stephanie: 9 years old
Jason: 12 years old
Dick: 15
Superkids ages:
Jon: 5 years old
Kon: 9 years old
Duke and Damian are little besties who get along
Damian may get upset and fight with Tim a lot but when he's bored, he likes to look for him in the Manor so that they can play and spend time together
Tim sometimes let's his hair grow a little so that Stephanie will braid it for him and make it look cool (a little style that's similar to Annie's little braid in the old classic Annie movie)
Damian will always drag little Jon with him to go on wild shenanigans with him
The Batkids always get lost at Target for some reason if they're sent in there without an adult to watch them
When they were more little and tiny and even now at 5 years old still, whenever little Jon and Damian are in the baby seat of a shopping cart at a store and pass by eachother while their parent or siblings are pushing them, they immediately get excited to see eachother and literally hold up their parents or siblings in the middle of the store aisle just to have their happy chats together (just like how parents will do when they see an old friend at a store and have a forever conversation together lol)
Cass and Dick like to play Lego video games together
Cass somehow always gets Jason to play hopscotch with her while he covers his eye's to see if he can win that way
Jason likes to use Damian as his binoculars, cause whenever he's sneaking around he'll use tiny Damian by lifting him up in the air to see things for him while he hides himself behind things
Dick is always getting Damian new toy plushies and Damian is always trying to get rid of them, since they're literally everywhere in his room!
Stephanie loves playing pirates with Damian and Duke
@theredheaded-stuff @paladin-of-nerd-fandom65 @camo-wolf
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ambrosethedarling · 13 hours
Batfam HC
In no particular order
Damian ends up taller than them all but for a period of time he was the same height as Tim and it was the most tense eight months at the manor
The only other physical effect the Pit left on Jason aside from healing his body is that his eyes now shine. Taking a nice picture of him is near impossible. He’ll stand where he knows light will reflect into his face to scare people. It’s Terrifying as Red Hood
Actually both Damian and Jason have the eye shine. Same with Talia and Ra’s.
Stephanie is a bottle blonde, she was blonde as a little kid but her natural color darkened to a medium light brown. Her license and ID and file in the batcave all say Blonde. It makes her laugh.
Every other hero that hasnt already had a Bat claim them will generally avoid the Bats whenever possible except for Duke. Everyone loves Duke.
All of them had to learn how to ballroom dance and can still do it
If it’s not a black or white tie event or meeting at WE offices, Tim has no clue how to dress himself. He lets Bernard dress him but that’s not really any better.
Bruce plays the piano very well. He stopped playing for a while after his parents died but got back into it before taking Dick in. He knows a couple classics like Clair de Lune [Alfred’s favorite] and Fantaisie Impromptu, op. 66 [his favorite] but he likes to improvise a lot. Helps him think.
Dick only knows how to cook three things without burning them; Mămăligă, Ciorba de burta, and what he remembers of his mother’s Cozonac recipe.
Cass picks up instruments very quickly and so far knows the basics of piano, guitar, violin, and erhu.
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bat-kidsarebi-kids · 3 days
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your honor, i would die for them
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elektrae · 3 days
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The batfam + the November 18th, 2022 announced death of twitter
Bonus: one of the kids might have gotten a hold on Bruce's phone or something
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baambastic · 1 day
The only parts of Batman’s history that matter are the parts involving his friends/family. Batman is a mostly static character, but his friends and family aren’t; therefore, their character changes are the only way that Batman’s character can meaningfully change.
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