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batposts · a day ago
I need more reluctant stepmom Talia. Not the coward "she loves all the Batkids as her own" route either. I need ACTUAL Talia trying to connect with her ex's adopted kids, half of which don't trust her, because her son apparently considers them siblings.
And she doesn't tell anyone that she decided to get along with them, because, well. They didn't ask.
Dick hating Talia from the Brief period he was a kid and she was dating Bruce (his DAD) and just having it amplified over the years.
Then suddenly she gets him a new set of electrified escrimas, new and high-end, a mechanism that only answers to Dick's fingerprints to decide the voltage disguised in the Nightwing symbols on the sides.
Dick asks her why, suspicious.
Talia shrugs in that irritatingly elegant way of hers. "You were in need of an upgrade, and I had the resources to do so."
"Are they booby-trapped?"
"Why would I booby-trap a weapon? How would I booby-trap escrima sticks?"
Dick eyes her suspiciously, but accepts the box. "...thank you." The words are gritted through his teeth.
Talia considers it a success.
Talia’s bonding with Jason is the easiest, and she appreciates it. She invites him—not invites, because it's not like Jason can just not show up—for a poison course with her. Jason doesn't question it; assumes she wants something from him, and is surprised when she doesn't ask for anything.
"What, so you did this out of the kindness of your heart?" Jason says sarcastically.
"Something like that," Talia agrees.
Jason comes home with knowledge on how to make antidotes for several new poisons, and to a new set of League knives in his apartment and briefly wonders if she's dying and refuses to use a Pit.
"Are you dying?" Jason demands of her over the phone.
"Why would you assume such a thing?" Talia asks, bewildered. She will never understand the hoops his mind leaps through.
"That's not a no, Talia."
"I'm not dying, Jason."
"Good." Jason sounds satisfied, and the call ends with a click.
Cass seeks her out. "Knives."
Talia nods. "Knives. Throwing knives?"
A nod. "History. Make it a weekend."
It's as serene as weekend of the history of knives and knife-throwing can get. Talia sees why Bruce chose this one as his daughter. She's quiet, observant, and sharp. Sweet. Kind.
Cass sees good intentions, and has no personal problems with Talia, so they get along fine. Well, mostly fine.
Talia doesn't know what to do with Steph. Steph equally doesn't know what to do with her. They stare at each other in slightly awkward silence.
Steph breaks it. "You know, if you look underneath the assassin, you really are quite pretty." A pause. "Actually, the assassin definitely adds to it. Where do you shop?"
Talia can do shopping. Damian—and Jason in the short time she had him—had never been interested much in fashion except making sure they dressed themselves well, but had tolerated her taking them shopping as long as she was quick and efficient.
Shopping with Steph is decidedly not quick and efficient. It involves jetting around the world for the better part of a month and more enjoyment than Talia thought she'd get from this.
It's...nice. Having someone to talk with about more stereotypically "girl" things like fashion and makeup—even relationships, because Steph prods her on her past relationship with Bruce and offers information on her own romantic experiences—that actually listens and values her input.
In the end, Talia doesn't buy plenty, but Steph gets a whole new closet; clothes, shoes, accessories, hats, the whole array. Steph spends a lot of money, and most of it is Bruce's, which Talia won't complain about.
Steph beams at her once they touch down in Gotham. "Thanks, Talia, this was nice. You're pretty cool."
Tim just. Keeps his distance. Completely. He asks her for a favor when he hears she's been playing nice with his siblings, already gearing up fifteen things to trade in response—one may or may not be his servitude—for her just to be like, "okay. I'll do it for nothing."
Tim's stunned. Floored. The Drake in him won't let him take a favor for nothing, though, so—"I can try set up a custody schedule for you and Bruce concerning Damian."
Talia Did Not expect any of them to give her anything in return, but is pleased. "Truly?"
Tim nods, satisfied that he's paying his debt. "As long as you don't let him around Ra's, and—actually, all of that would be detailed in the papers. I'll get Bruce to sign them and get them delivered to you by next week. I know a good lawyer."
Talia attempts to gift him a new computer. Tim gets her a massage with the most sought-after masseuse in the world.
Tim shoots up greatly in her list of favorites.
Duke is...complicated. He avoids her like the plague, and there are very few opportunities for her to find him.
Duke ends up coming to her.
"Please don't hurt me, Miss Talia Al Ghul ma'am," Duke says nervously, shuffling his feet. It's appropriate for him to be nervous—he's in a resort in Kazakhstan, continents away from where he's supposed to be. "Er. It's Damian’s birthday in two days, and I already picked him out a gift, but I think he'd appreciate being with you more."
Talia waits. There's no way any of Bruce’s children would come to a different continent unprepared, after all.
"I don't really have anything to trade?"—oh God, he did come to a different continent unprepared—"I just sort of thought you like, loved Damian enough to come?"
Talia stares at him.
"Dick would be the one doing this, but, you know. He doesn't really...enjoy your company."
"We shall make the trip together," Talia says. She could knock out two birds with one stone with this—spend time with the Thomas boy, and see Damian on his birthday—which surely would be more important than what she had planned to do.
"Um, sure." Duke presses an earpiece. "That was a yes, guys."
Batman and Robin meet her on a rooftop while she's contemplating how to go about communicating with Harper. "Talia."
"You've been spending a lot of time around the family, Mother," Robin says shrewdly.
"They're important to you."
Robin nods. "Do you enjoy their company?"
Talia thinks about it. "I suppose I do," she admits grudgingly.
Batman regards her for a moment. He grunts and makes to leave. Robin jabs him in the stomach before he can.
Batman—no, it's Bruce now—winces. "I suppose...you're welcome in the Manor. If you wish."
Talia hadn't planned to become involved with her son's family, but she is now. Invested. Attached. All the things she had never wanted to be.
"Okay," She says. Maybe that isn't the worst thing in the world.
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discowingsbian · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
brother-sister duo of the century 🖤💛
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a-sour-nectarine · 17 hours ago
The batkids and their fatal flaws:
Barbara: still thinks she is the sanest of the bunch
Dick: doesn't know how to say "no" without resorting to physical violence
Cass: hypocrite. Will tease you but then get super offended when you tease her.
Jason: zombie. Daddy issues like you've never seen. Nerd.
Steph: blonde but otherwise fine
Tim: skater boy
Duke: really good puppy dog eyes and really destructive intentions.
Damian: does not understand memes but is friends with people for whom memes are a primary language
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amaraudermind · 21 hours ago
Anyway I see a lot of times people deciding to have the Robins(primarily Tim) looking up to Batman like he's the greatest to ever exist but in reality one of the prerequisites to operating in Gotham is not being fazed by Batman in the slightest.
Nine year old Dick wouldn't let Batman stand in the way of him committing murder until Batman made him his partner and redirected his energy.
Twelve year old Jason was unfazed enough to steal his tires and hit him with a tire iron.
Tim became Robin because Batman was in a self-destructive spiral.
Steph met Batman and immediately disregarded everything he said in order to try to commit murder.
Babs routinely tells Bruce to fuck off when he tries to tell her what to do.
Damian told Batman to his face that they were better off without him.
Cass is an outlier who sees the Bat as the ultimate goal, but even she grew to respect the symbol over all else, and stand up to Bruce when he doesn't live up to that symbol.
Duke disrespected a different Batman(Jim "Batmech" Gordon) but was unfazed nonetheless as proven by his efforts with the We Are Robin movement (but also: look at any interaction of him with Batman. He speaks and does not consider his audience ever)
In short, they all know how pathetic Batman is and will make fun of him at every opportunity
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adhdslugcrimes · a day ago
At Bruce's 46th funeral because man doesn't understand a vacation day doesn't mean fake your death, but bats are gay and extra so.
Dick: it's giving cunt.
Jason: he ate.
Tim: slay and slaughtered.
Stephanie: he worked it up till death.
Cass: it's giving he's in the Bahamas finally getting the rest he needs.
Duke: it gave.
Damian: he severed it up.
Jarro: *starfish alien speech for he's going to eat his chair.*
Barbara: so checking off jumping off his own building off the list, this would be alarming if it wasn't Bruce.
Jim: I hope he's having a nice vacation, but maybe we should tell him to not do this though... I don't know how much more my heart can take anymore.
Dick: welp funeral is done, Jay and Cass share the Batman mantle I'm going back to work see you guys later. *Claps hands and Wally came and got him.*
Jay and Cass: *high-five each other*
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jasonsthunderthighs · 22 hours ago
Batfam: “What's in your pants?”
“Doom”: Cassandra
“Ask your mum”: Harper, Stephanie, Kate, Barbara and Dick.
“A gun”: Jason and Alfred
*Actually gets offended*: Bruce
*Answers honestly, a little taken aback*: Duke, Terry and Luke
“Pocket Sand! Sha-sha-shaaa!” *Throws actual sand from their pockets*: Tim and Cullen
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emma-d-klutz · 2 days ago
I’ve seen a post or two suggesting Jason edits Duke’s poetry as a kind, mentorly, older brother thing to do, but gosh if all I can picture it as a cruel sibling betrayal and invasion of privacy. 
Like Jason running through the halls reading aloud from a composition notebook and Duke chasing him from behind SCREAMING. 
Like Duke slamming open the door to Jason’s safe house like, “YOU RUINED MY JOURNAL!” and Jason’s like, “I did naught! Your word choice was weak.”  “Your “corrections” are stupid and don’t fit the rhyme scheme.” “Oh you are soooo much better than just going ABAB all the time. How about you stretch yourself?” “This wasn’t for you it wasn’t meant to be read at all”
Like Jason stealing Duke’s most personal, most private, most heart wrenching entry and submitting it to every lit mag’s amateur contest in the city because he’s so proud of how good it is. The worst part for Duke? He won some of them. 
Jason’s support would be mean. You don’t want it. 
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belovedrobins · 9 hours ago
everyone in the wayne family has dimples. but they only ever show up when they genuinely smile.
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but-a-humble-goon · 2 days ago
Me: "Why's everyone complaining about all the Danny Phantom crap invading the Batfam tags? I don't see it anywhere." Me: (goes outside the girls' tags) Me: "Ahhhh."
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jessie-chan16 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bats and birds in a box
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cosmicfanon89 · 2 days ago
WFA is back and I couldn't be happier!!!!!! It is a beacon of light in the dark times I am facing lol. So glad to see Harper be properly introduced instead of a vague guest at Thanksgiving, I'm loving her look. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
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disco-troy · a day ago
Today we’re thinking about how Duke’s first mission with the We Are Robin team ended with one of the team members wanting to diffuse a bomb and dying in the process
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and in Gates of Gotham, Damian was so eager to prove himself to Cass, that he stayed back to defuse a bomb until it was unsafe to do so.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Duke has always historically been the one to never treat Damian like a child, to always have full respect for his skills, and it means a lot to Damian to be treated like that. But its hard to have full faith in someone when you are reliving the time your team mate died in front of you the first time you were out with a team? So.... what if Duke and Damian have to defuse a bomb together...
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maribatshipper · a day ago
It's back!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am so excited! Are you?!
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problem-bat · a day ago
Who is more excited about the new Paramore song in the Wayne Family?
It is Dick, Steph and controversially Bruce imo
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maddie-w-draws · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sibling grocery shopping adventure
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broosepayne · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ave-el · 16 days ago
i like to think that even if the batkids aren't blood related, they still have mannerisms they picked up from each other and bruce that makes people go "u guys are definitely related"
they all have dick's shit eating grin. they all do bruce's "hn" when tired or annoyed. they all have a flair for the dramatic. they all get super animated when talking about something that interests them. jason's glare? the other kids have an unsettling similar glare to it.
it's easy for some people to forget they aren't blood related because they're all just so clearly family.
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