Just had the mental image of Bruce sending his kids into a crime scene to take out criminals in the same way a tired mom sends her kids in to get the groceries so she can have a ten minute break in her car in the parking lot
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p0ssym1lker · 2 days
Bruce: Please don't continue your vigilance ways
Danny: oh yeah sure
Bruce: is there a way for me to stop- wait what
Danny: yeah, I mean, you guys got it handled, I only did it because no one else did
Danny: Time to focus on school and stuff
Bruce: oh my god this is the first time it worked
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dailydccomics · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
dads back at it again ♡ Superman: Kal-El Returns Special (2022)
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bad-comic-art · 4 hours
Tumblr media
One of the single worst wheelchairs I've ever seen in a comic 
Batgirls Annual #1 (2022)
submitted anonymously
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catmanbowser · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Buncha random batfam doodles i did during morning class :]
Some are ooc bcs i just wanna be silly :p
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au where the batkids just sort of,,,,,,invent a new batkid
it starts fairly innocuously, a cowl for someone’s costume ends up the wrong shape or the wrong colour. dick, having dropped by the cave to hand off some evidence or beg alfred for his new potato recipe (most likely both), sees it and his instant reaction is oh my god did bruce adopt another child vigilante? he’s colour-coding us now? fucking splendid
the confusion is cleared up quickly, but everyone got such a good laugh out of it that they keep the new helmet, insisting it belongs to bruce’s new kid ecurb. their vigilante name is Shadow The Dark Lad Blackwing Moron-With-An-Orange-Helmet Batbird. ever so creative.
(bruce doesn’t want to know.)
they collectively design a new costume for him. they convince oracle to help them get ecurb into the system, though it really doesn’t take much convincing, just a bit of dick’s puppy eyes and the utter ridiculousness of the situation that has her cackling. ecurb’s backstory is that he was part of travelling circus in america when he was kidnapped, held as a hostage, and tortured by the joker, during which he learned of batman’s true identity and also How To Fight Good, then was sent to kill bruce but was adopted by him instead. he’s a little older than damian but a little younger than duke, fights exclusively with brass knuckles, and his costume is black with orange polka dots.
(bruce really doesn’t want to know)
they talk about good old ecurb, or batbird depending on the company, amongst themselves all the time. good old ecurb, the only bat fast enough to get cass in rooftop tag. i heard ecurb took on bane with nothing but a water balloon and an empty laptop case and won. well i heard ecurb can get the gotham’s corrupt politicians to apologize to him. yeah, well i heard ecurb’s secretly a meta whose power is to neutralize other metahumans, and bruce keeps him as the ultimate contingency plan.
they talk about ecurb so much that the justice league believes bruce really did acquire a new child. other superhero teams are a little more skeptical, but after several select appearances in which different batkids donned batbird’s armour and were conveniently caught on camera, even they start to believe it. the titans really want to meet this new vigilante who can actually, consistently get dick to sleep. young justice want to fight him. but ecrub’s always undercover, or on a mission, or recovering because bruce trusts him so much, he’s already putting him in charge of the big stuff.
(bruce really really doesn’t want to know)
there are legends about ecurb. photos of him looking powerful yet mysterious, a carbon copy of batman but with orange polka dots. there are stories of the villains ecurb took on singlehandedly and won. apparently the green lantern corps contacted him and he turned them down. apparently he infiltrated the fortress of solitude and now is the leading expert on kryptonian tech. ecurb doesn’t fall off a cliff, he just changes the altitude of his fight. ecurb crashed a plane into a mountain and the mountain apologized to him.
they fake ecurb’s death as part of a plan to save the world. over a hundred heroes show up at the funeral. clark’s heart aches at bruce’s red-rimmed, watery eyes. bruce is two seconds away from collapsing on the floor in disbelieving laughter. ecurb rises from the dead a couple weeks later, no worse for the wear. his new costume now includes orange and pink polka dots.
the bats swear to take the secret to the grave.
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mayamarvil · 2 days
Tumblr media
You get handcuffs, and you get handcuffs, everyone gets handcuffs!!
Catwoman: Lonely City #3
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aloofwindbag · 2 days
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Behind in school? No problem, just ask your genius younger bro for help (he will require a ride to hot topic as payment)
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babypears · 11 hours
Tumblr media
the girls
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chamiryokuroi · 24 hours
Tumblr media
Decisions made at 3am during finals week should not be followed through.
The only explanation I will accept for Bernard’s white hair on TD:R #3
Tim likes it, he was just a little surprised.
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gilbirda · 1 day
BrainDead fic rec list!
Is time for some DannyxTim content.
Ghosts Don't go to High School by Evandarya (Danny and Tim have to do a school project together) - some art by goingtoast!
Pearls and Pomegranates by Evandarya (Hades and Persephone inspired. Good stuff)
Tim Drake's I.E.F (Invisible Eldritch Friend) by Half-dead Ham (Grima101) (I haven't read it personally, but I've heard good things)
family friction by halfagone (milkywxy) (with a side of Anger Management (Jazz/Jason))
Inflatable Unicorn Suprise by Evandarya (first part of Evandarya's Summer fics, with a side of Anger Management and Double Trouble (DamianxDani)) - some Art by goingtoast!
BONUS: Some popular posts & art for them!
Project GH05T - Art by Hleb: This piece and this one
Danny and Tim are online friends since before Danny's accident and Tim becoming Robin
Tim becomes Danny's sugar daddy by accident - Art by Hleb
Danny has a popular coffee shop that Tim frequents
Tim summons the Ghost King with his blood, revealing they are dating to the Justice League - check the reblogs!!! lots of amazing art like this one and this one
This blog (totally not an alien 2) has a lot of DannyxTim posts and prompts.
This blog (stealing your bones) has some DannyxTim prompts (a lot to navigate through), as well as SuperBrainDead (dannyxtimxkon) if that is something you like. Everything is tagged if you don't.
BONUS: Everlasting Insomniacs (aka Everlasting Trio x Tim, DannyxSamxTuckerxTim poly ship)
A Halloween in Amity by petitechatonne (Hallmark movie style plotline where Halloween is at risk)
Third Law of Motion by Elizabehta_Beilschmidt (First part of my Summer fics, with a side of Anger Management)
Short fluffy ficlet by me
There will be more to come! (Suggestions are welcomed)
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p0ssym1lker · 2 days
Tim and Dannys DNA gets mixed to make a clone and Danny basically goes oh? A child? I raise this.
And tims like hold up, my DNA is in there to
So of course the logical conclusion is for Danny to take BOTH of them with him. Tim was against it at the start, but living in a castle made out of so much stuff he can explore? He's allowed to invite friends as long as they don't cause too much chaos? The protection? And Danny is doing his best at being a good co-parent and Tim is wooed sue him.
Yeah, he's not leaving
The bats are trying to "save" him. But in reality they are just offended (and slightly hurt) that Tim doesn't invite them to meet the baby.
Bruce is dealing with being a grandfather terribly. He held the child ONCE and cried. Dick is trying his darnest to be a godfather citing his experience as reasons.
Jason gets to be the godfather, cause cass declined the position.
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frownyalfred · 2 days
I desperately need a crack treated seriously fic of Batman pulling out more and more specific and random items from his belt. It starts off innocuous with, like, a snack for Flash and just goes from there. Next thing you know he's pulling out a geode with some ancient water trapped within and everyone is like why and where and how. And Batman is just this one time in Gotham-
I had a fic idea a while back anon where Jason and Bruce both have to unload their pockets/belts and it's just piles and piles of knives, wrapped candies, half a human finger (Jason), a suspicious amount of reinforced zip ties (Bruce), weapons that don't look like weapons (both), a full day's worth of MREs, and like 60 million random little screws or bullets from the bottom of both of their utility belts.
Neither of them, as you mentioned, see any problem with what they're carrying.
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clambuoyance · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thwackk · 3 days
Tumblr media
my brother asked me to create my own interpretation of catwoman because i seem to have “so many issues with so many of her designs” his words, not mine
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