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pricklenettle · 17 hours ago
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I’m sorry about all the pencil lines I forgot to erase
i couldn’t stand to look at this thing for a moment longer
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lexosaurus · 22 hours ago
someones having a Tumblr trans swag contest and Danny is a contestant. WE NEED TO GO SUPPORT OUR BOY.
Crying at their category name
Tumblr media
Everyone go support our trans phandom people and go vote!
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tsubaki94 · 21 hours ago
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sporesgalaxy · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ghost King had a Knight why the FUCK not a court jester.
edit: adding that other post for more context and putting this in the main tag for once. lol
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stealingyourbones · 8 hours ago
Everyone expected Batman to pull out the adoption papers when they saw the Fenton children profile. Black hair, blue eyed boy? Check. Red-hair girl? Check. Less than ideal home life? Check. The betting pools gave it two weeks at most.
Then the magic users swept in.
Turns out, trying to get custody of the Ghost King and his liminal sister is considered a major power play (and a possible claim to the throne) in the magic/supernatural community. And Batman may have just instigated a magical court custody war.
Oh my god. You’re totally right, being the parent or guardian of the Ruler of the Infinite Realms would 1000% be viewed as a power play.
All Bruce wants is to help this kid and give him a home. Danny has had to fight a rapidly increasing amount of demons, ghosts, werewolfs, vampires, mothmen, every supernatural being or cryptid you could imagine, to stop them from trying to sabotage Bruce’s adoption attempts.
The magic users of the League warned Bruce but he’s not backing down. He will fight to protect his kids tooth and nail and extra dimensional entities hasn’t stopped him before from getting back to his family so why should they now?
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sykloni2 · 5 hours ago
You know how Danny will accidentally call (or almost call) Maddie and Jack "Mom" and "Dad" as Phantom because ultimately that's how he thinks of them. They are his parents.
But how about the opposite? Danny accidentally calling his Mom "Dr Fenton" and possibly not even realizing what he just said. Maybe something happened as Phantom to make him more wary of them and without even realizing he starts to see them more as danger less as his parents. Maybe Maddie and Jack realize it's happening and become worried because obviously something is wrong...
I just think that would give a lot of possibilities for angst.
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justwannabecat · 10 hours ago
Danny is known in Gotham for being the one thing that scares the Joker.
Not as Phantom or anything.
Instead, as a random kid who will rush him on sight, yet never dies no matter what happens to him.
Meanwhile, nobody actually seems to notice him when he’s not attacking Joker simply because the percentage of black haired, blue eyed males in Gotham is extremely high.
(Bruce is going crazy looking for this child. They’re obviously a meta, but one with zero regard for their own well-being, and he needs to stop them before they really do die.
The rest of the family prepares a room.)
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p0ssym1lker · 4 hours ago
Jason has Danny on speed dial. Usually it's for random bullshit but sometimes it's life or death.
The most recent call was about "cereal bars or cereal?" and the one before that was because he's getting kidnapped by cultists.
Surprisingly the batfam doesn't know about him until one day they are stuck in a room with no way out. Red hood pulls out a phone and everyone tells him you can't make calls from here. For some reason the call gets through? And a few seconds later a green portal opens? A kid with white hair just stares at them.
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rainybyday · 15 hours ago
Graves aren’t the only place people die and rest
People don’t die at their graves, nor do they all die from accidents. Logically Danny knew this, he knows this. 
Maybe it’s because of Amity Park. Amity is just a small town, a place out of the way from the rest. It’s not completely isolated but its not really close to other towns or cities as well. 
Then again, his ancestors did burn witches so it might have added more into his surprise in later years. 
It started off as one of mom and dad’s normal ghost hunting trips. It was a new location and this time both he and Jazz were being brought with them since it was the spring break. The location was a empty cabin, it was old but well cared for and clean. The couple that lives there said that some unusual actives were happening which caught the interest of his parents. And as usual, they had to get rid of the ‘spook’. 
Danny didn’t care as much as he should have, having grown up with his parents' wild urges to find anything remotely close to their research of ghost and getting rid of them. Ever since he became Phantom, he started to care a whole lot more since, after learning and understanding the spirits of the dead, were just people who can’t officially cross. 
But that wasn’t the story. It was when night fell, did he realize an important fact about ghost. 
It was a night flying, just a bit of air and quiet time after dealing with his parents rambling all day and avoiding their weapons. He needed a breather, and nothing brought he more peace than a nightly timed stroll. 
Then that's when he felt it. 
A ghost was nearby.
Huffing that his parents were right, he flew towards the direction of the ghost he detected.
Now Danny isn’t a stranger to childlike ghost. Sidney and Youngblood were one of the few child-like ghost he met. Cujo was a dog and others like Ember and Kitty were practically teenagers when passed on. 
(And he himself knew that his death should not have happen, should never happen. He was a child when he lived, and he was a child as he died. But he likes to think the moment he became Phantom was the moment he had to grow up.)
In other words, he wasn’t a stranger to young ghost.
He was a stranger, however, to the tense aura of fear-help-sorry-fear-fear-hurt-pain-scared-scared-mom-help washing over him as he looked upon a girl was no older than he was crying over a crack in the ground. 
It was the first time he saw the effects of a newly killed ghost. 
Things became a blur after that, but the moment Danny woke up with white eyes watching him in curiosity did he remembered what happened. 
Her name was Anna, she loves to do photography. She wanted to take pictures in the woods. She saw a man in the woods. She turned around. She made a mistake. She died with a stab wound and her body was left to rot in that crack in the ground. She wasn’t buried. She was killed and left behind. 
She died two months ago. 
That was when Danny remembers that not everyone can die a quiet death. 
(He helped her cross and brought her to a city in the zone. He didn’t want to leave, not yet, but he knew he had a duty and promised to visit. 
It took a couple of weeks until he saw her smile through her endless tears.)
Then months passed and more trips became a common thing during the summer. And since it was the summer, their ‘ghost hunting’ trips would take them further away from Amity and all over the state. 
In that one season he found another ghost that were just like Anna. Some in alleyways, other one the road, some at gas stations, a few in front of a home and the scary sad few that were found in the middle of nowhere. 
Murdered, killed, car accident, strokes, hunger and more.
Death is not something Danny thought of as scary. He thought that those that had died already, those that where ghost, the scary ones. He forgot that death was not something everyone wanted.
(He repressed the memory of how painful his death was.)
But he learned, he remembered, and he helped. 
He wanted to help, to help those that died to soon or to sudden, He wanted to help the ghost that seem so angry, so sad, and the few that looked so empty and helpless that they look worse the living. 
Those looked like they never lived at all.
So, he helped, he helped because this was all he can do. If he can give at least one ghost a peaceful passing, then he can trade those few hours of sleepless nights happily. 
half a year later he parents chose to make an extended trip during the winter break (which he didn’t mind since they would miss chrismas in Amity Park, a miracle all on its own.)
The problem is that the place they wanted to take a trip was in Gotham. 
A city where crime and death rates are at their highest.
He was surprised when he saw a ghost in Gotham, however, he was more surprised when most of the ghost seemed to be far more calming then all the rest. 
They did not wail in sadness nor did the scream to the high heavens of the unfairness of it all. No, they simply watched over the people that lived there for years and live times more then them.
He thought that it might be easy to take them across the zone and back to their home because of how calm they were, however, that was not the case. 
Instead, they wanted him to help Gotham and the people that lived in those very streets. 
He should have said no, he should have turned away, heck, he should have dragged them back to the zone and be done with it all. 
But he looked deep into the eyes of the dead citizens of this crime filled city and saw sadness. Sadness for the living that had to walk a life of danger, a never-ending release. 
They cared not their own undead lives but the ones that have yet to die. 
And the undead teenage can only sigh before reaching out his hand as a sign of peace. 
“Who would you like me to save?”
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ahyesfish · 19 hours ago
ok but imagine a story where the JL visit amity and eventually Danny has to tell them to leave bc some ghosts started talking about how people in spandex tried to fight them before phantom got there and now all these dead villains want to go through the portal to get the revenge on the JL
like the JL going to amity bc there are a bunch of unknown energy level spikes or something, but online it just seems like a typical tourist trap, and asking Constantine about it produces no results because he just laughs at them and leaves bc he knows that's the haunt of the soon to be the ruler of the infinite realms and there's no shot he's getting involved with that shit
I just love the idea of Danny still looking way too young to be fighting against world-ending beings having to go tell the justice league to stop hiding out in a nearby hotel bc he's tired, still has to study for exams, and just can't deal with the extra ghosts right now
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stealingyourbones · 13 hours ago
To add onto the idea that Danny sheds his human body and becomes some kind of eldritch shadow monster with which MM has to play Pictionary with, I also feel like it would be really funny if at some point Danny has this lighting bulb moment (which he describes to MM as several electric lightbulbs and exclamation points) and just...fucking overshadows some super that's there. Dealers choice who, could be superman (thinking of some of your kryptonite/ectoplasm prompts), could be some member of the bat family (since there's a Lazarus pit under Gotham right? lots of exposure makes them compatible), one of the flashes ig if you do something with the speed force.
Either way, Danny's eldritch shadow form suddenly disappears, causing the JL to erupt into panic and interrogating MM like where did he go what happened he disappeared did he say something is he pissed is he going to attack earth what level of world ending threat should we be prepping for, none of which Martian Manhunter can answer since he's just as confused.
Only for someone to straighten up and give the rest of the JL the biggest sheepish smile ever and go "Whew! Sorry about that, don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. I guess I never wondered if it was a possibility but this body seems sturdier than most. Anyway--this is so much easier now--hi! My name is Danny, I'm fourteen years old from Illinois and it's so cool to meet you!" punctuated with an awkward wave that looks so out of place on the hero they all know.
There's just so much potential for chaos if the only way Danny can actually communicate with words is to overshadow someone. Especially if they're just...the complete opposite of him. Like Batman or something.
Prompt anon is referencing.
Oh maN this is beautiful. The Justice league realizing “holy shit. This is just a kid. What happened to a kid that made them look like that.”
Ok Batman getting overshadowed is funny but I also give you:
- Plastic Man. Danny still shifting and twisting in very unnatural ways as he’s possessing Plastic Man because this body is far too bendy and he’s forgotten the range and motions of how normal human bodies move.
- Dr Fate. Mostly for the fear of “oh fuck this kid possessed dr fate, a host who’s technically sort of possessed by another guy already.”
- Wonder Woman. Danny Lasso of Truth’s himself to prove that he’s not a threat and it shocks everyone.
- Martian Manhunter. When he possesses the Martian, his form shifts to look like Danny just before he shed his human form.
- Robin. Oh god you can see even clearer that this is a child since he’s already in a younger persons body.
There’s so much to work with here. This is truly a beautiful idea dude thanks for sending this in.
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hailkingphantom · 19 hours ago
dp x dc
Danny is the son of the BatCat, after an unexpected meet an all the stuff 'my son is alive/dead and I didn't know' the batfam plus Selina get used to Danny, but Damian is jealous.
His father never gives him that soft look, Richard never spends much time in the manor for him, Todd and Drake never look that relax around him. (His mother never puts him first as Danny's mother)
Danny noticed it. He knows that his new little brother have a complicate past and have problems communicating his feelings. So he decides to take Damian.
He just picks Damian up, give him a flying board as Valerie's, and take Dani's advice.
"Just travel!"
Damian doesn't know what think about being kidnapped by his new older brother, but fly is nice.
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artistfingers · 19 hours ago
I've been getting back into Danny Phantom and my 2am insomnia butt needs some good fanfiction recommendations. Do you have any? I just finished Something's Wrong With Danny Fenton 👀
ooo boy!! well, if you liked SWWDF... there's a few sure-fire fics you'll like too... 👁
Proximal [Ao3] by Perfectly_Inconspicuous & artistfingers
There's an old superstition that bad things come in threes.
Finding a gravely injured Phantom in her lab, then the realization that no one has seen her son for nearly twenty-four hours...
Maddie doesn't want to know what the final nail will be.
Things That Bleed [Ao3] by Perfectly_Inconspicuous, kkachis & artistfingers
The portal took more than Danny had to give, and he’s been on his own ever since.
What happened in Cairo sent Alex on a downward spiral, and MI6 should have known it would.
Yassen shouldn’t protect them, but he will.
alright, shameless self promotion out of the way hsjdgfjhds here's a few more things from my bookmarks that i highly recommend, that explore some of the same vibes as SWWDF!
plus, a few more things from my bookmarks that i def recommend:
Shadow of a Doubt [FFN] by HaiJu
The truth was supposed to save Danny. Fix things. The lab, the experiments, the lies, those were all in the past. Weren't they?
Tucker Foley and the Long Arc of the Paranormal Universe [Ao3] by helpivefallenandicantgetup
Tucker is psychic and doesn't want to be, Sam is an occultist who doesn't believe in the occult, and the new kid is maybe-possibly-probably dead. And as if that weren't enough, there's a serial killer stalking Amity Park. Hold onto your berets, readers: this is going to be a weird one.
Beyond Beasts [Ao3] by CatalystOfTheSoul
Danny's abilities are getting less reliable by the minute, Tucker can barely keep up with damage control, and it doesn't help that Dash decided to tag along. There's something fishy about this vacation, and it's not the lake. The forest is playing tricks, water is appearing in places it shouldn't, and there's a vacancy expected at Algernon's Summer Camp for Boys.
(Dear reader, this is by-all-means intended as a ghost story for ghosts. Proceed with caution.)
Shift [Ao3] by CaptainOzone
In which Danny's secret is revealed to the world before he ever steps foot in Amity Park…and before he ever meets Sam or Tucker.
I have a few older fic rec posts too (extremely non-comprehensive, but at least a start) that you might like to check out as well!
Reread Worthy | On the topic of Freakshow | No One Knows AUs part 1 & part 2
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jedflah · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Well I am a person of my word. Here it is: Vlad wearing the Koss Cheese Headphones. Both in the show style and in my style. I will admit I am a bit rusty at emulating the show's style, but I think that just adds to how cursed Vlad looks in those cheesephones.
idk anything about football or if 12 is a good packers number please don't bully me
Tools Used: my hubris
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strollinginameteorshower · 18 hours ago
Freshly 24 Danny finally getting a break from being Ghost King decides to go to Gotham to sight see and check on the Ghosts there. He meets a feral 14 year old Damian struggling with being Robin and having his family still think of him as the murderous and bratty 10 year old he use to be.
Danny: I'm now your father figure "I'm proud of you son"
Damian in tears: "someone's proud of me"
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stealingyourbones · 8 hours ago
One of the comments on that headcanon about ghosts telepathically sending their feelings to other ghosts got me thinking.
What if Vlad doesn't actually know that much about being a ghost. Like he only learns what is useful to him, and makes assumptions based on whatever fits his warped mindset.
The other ghosts just assume he already knows this stuff because Vlad sure likes to act like he knows everything. He's doesn't actively engage with ghost society and he's burnt a lot of bridges with a lot of ghosts.
For whatever reason, Vlad and Danny have some sort truce or agreement and Vlad attempt to impart his 'knowledge' onto Danny.
At this point though, Danny has been learning a lot from other ghosts and knows hell of a lot more than Vlad, something which becomes more and more obvious as the days go on.
Like, maybe Danny does ghost speak or trills to another ghost and Vlad is like wtf.
Danny starts explaining some biological fact about ghosts and Vlad is like ??? Danny has to bring in another ghost to prove his point.
Vlad: *says something wrong about ghost biology*
Danny: I think you need to go to the doctor, that's not how that works.
Vlad does retain some of the Fenton's backwards views on ghosts and often assumes them to be primitive or says and does something offensive without thinking it would matter.
Kind of like:
Vlad: They are ghosts Danny, they don't have *insert thing here*
Danny: Don't ever say that in public
I imagine Vlad takes a lot of pride in that he is the older more experienced halfa, so he get increasingly more annoyed and insufferable when he keeps getting proved wrong.
Post that I made that inspired ghost telepathy discussion in the first place
Ask about the lack of ghost speak depriving ghosts of sharing emotions properly
Homie I love this so so so much. Vlad not knowing anything because he isolated himself and didn’t have access to the Ghost Zone to meet or talk to other ghosts. I don’t wanna add too much to this to avoid influencing possible drabbles/fics about this. Vlad my stay his vengeful and bitter self or he may soften from accepting his ghost traits. Very excited to see what people will do with this :)
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fairyarmour · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
The launch of the next WFA season spurred me into action again, as did shenanigans with @gilbirda in the server, so have this Tucker
Btw I have a phandom sideblog now at @ghostadjacentfae for posting silly doodles to and interacting deeper with it than I do on main, if that sounds interesting to ya.
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