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spookberry 2 days ago
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one pun name is a coincidence, seven though....
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king-there0f a day ago
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He鈥檚 a phantom
A lil gift for my partner who is in the midst of their spooky season Danny Phantom rewatch. 馃挌 I didn鈥檛 really watch this show as a kid but I definitely understand what everyone likes about it!
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p0ssym1lker a day ago
Jason has Danny on speed dial. Usually it's for random bullshit but sometimes it's life or death.
The most recent call was about "cereal bars or cereal?" and the one before that was because he's getting kidnapped by cultists.
Surprisingly the batfam doesn't know about him until one day they are stuck in a room with no way out. Red hood pulls out a phone and everyone tells him you can't make calls from here. For some reason the call gets through? And a few seconds later a green portal opens? A kid with white hair just stares at them.
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justwannabecat a day ago
Danny is known in Gotham for being the one thing that scares the Joker.
Not as Phantom or anything.
Instead, as a random kid who will rush him on sight, yet never dies no matter what happens to him.
Meanwhile, nobody actually seems to notice him when he鈥檚 not attacking Joker simply because the percentage of black haired, blue eyed males in Gotham is extremely high.
(Bruce is going crazy looking for this child. They鈥檙e obviously a meta, but one with zero regard for their own well-being, and he needs to stop them before they really do die.
The rest of the family prepares a room.)
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pricklenettle 2 days ago
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I鈥檓 sorry about all the pencil lines I forgot to erase
i couldn鈥檛 stand to look at this thing for a moment longer
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mortiferumsomnum 2 days ago
Soup Kitchens and Runaway Ghosts
Dani let out a breath of relief. Danny鈥檚 injuries were all accounted for, and now he鈥檚 fast asleep on the makeshift bed that she made out of cardboard and scratchy cloth that is... semi-clean. There were still bandages that Jazz threw in a backpack that she packed for Danny before Dani flew as fast as she could out of their house, clutching onto Danny as hard as she could until she knew that they were safe and away from his parents and the GIW.
An old, abandoned apartment that seemed haunted (but not really) was the best place she could take them.
But with only clothes and bandages for Danny in the backpack, there wasn鈥檛 any food. She took a look outside, and deemed it still early for a few soup kitchens to still be open, especially for dinner.
So, she leaned down, patting Danny鈥檚 head, whispering how she鈥檒l be back as soon as she could. She鈥檒l just get some food for Danny and her to eat. She took her own pack, filled with ice-cream containers and plastic spoons that she鈥檚 collected over the months she went travelling.
Then, turning invisible, she flew out of the abandoned apartment building.
- Okay, so, what happens is that Jason runs a soup kitchen. He鈥檚 still Red Hood, and the people helping him run the kitchen are his Goons. But his Goons have no idea that Jason is Red Hood. They just think that Jason is someone Red Hood wants to help, and the Goons love helping the dude. Not just because he鈥檚 good at cooking, but because they actually feel like they鈥檙e doing something good when they help.
- There鈥檚 always a new face coming into the soup kitchen, new kids that ran away from toxic home environments, people who lost their jobs and became desperate, families who are trying to get by...聽
- Then, Jason felt a chill run down his back and the Lazarus Madness in his mind hiding away where Jason couldn鈥檛 feel it. He looked around to what could have caused that reaction, and locks his eyes on his black-haired, blue-eyed child carrying ice-cream containers asking one of his Goons, Bill, if he could fill it up.
- Bill doesn鈥檛 ask questions. He told all of his Goons that are working in this kitchen to never ask questions when someone asks for more, or to bring some home. Just do it.
- She doesn鈥檛 eat in the dining area that Jason set up, instead tucks away the sealed soup and bread, and some eggrolls Jason taught his goons to make, and walked out of the place.
- The Lazarus Madness then returned, though still dulled and almost whining in annoyance in his mind.
- Shaking his head, Jason walked in to replace the empty pot of soup for a new one. Then, he turned to Bill to take care of the place, saying he needed to report to Red Hood something.
- 鈥淚s it the kid with the containers earlier?鈥 he asked.
- 鈥淵eah,鈥 Jason just decided to reply.聽鈥淚 just have a... feeling.鈥
- Bill frowned and told Jason that he got it from here.
- Jason went out back, opened his security cameras to locate where the kid went. But, when he went to the time the kid walked out of the door, it was like she just disappeared into thin air! Jason wondered what was with the girl that caused the Lazarus Madness to crawl into near inexistence to the back of his mind.
- But Jason decided that he鈥檒l look more into it later.
- The young girl shows up a the next day. This time, not only does she ask for the containers to be filled, she even asks for her water bottles to be filled with drinking water because the water jugs that were brought out were empty.
- Interestingly, the girl seemed more tense in front of Jason, squirming where she was standing and trying hard not to stare at Jason, looking away when Jason directs his gaze to her.
- Does she also feel how she鈥檚 pushing away the Lazarus?
- A question for another time. He had food to give out.
- This time, Jason and Bill were switched. Bill, his faithful student in the art of cooking, is in the kitchen cooking up more soup while all the other Goons were putting together some ham and cheese sandwiches. And Jason with some of the other goons were giving out the food.
- Jason calls for one of the other goons to change the empty water jugs with new ones while he fills her containers with soup, one container with some rice porridge, and another one with the sandwiches his goons put together. He gave enough that could be eaten for two people.聽
- When Jason sees the state of the little girl鈥檚 water bottles (it鈥檚 the plastic water bottles, and it鈥檚 all crinkled up like paper), Jason tells the little girl to wait and goes to the back kitchen (noticing when he looks back how the girl relaxes as he leaves) to get one of his water bottles that he stole from Bruce that he wasn鈥檛 using. It was big, enough to be filled with four glasses of water.
- Jason could always steal another one. Not like Bruce was using them anyways.
- So, after washing the bottle, he steps back out, refills the bottle, and gives it to the little girl. Her eyes widen, letting out an excited gasp, seeming to forget how tense she was in his presence.
-聽鈥淚 can have this?!鈥 her eyes were sparkling towards him, and Jason couldn鈥檛 help but let out a little laugh.
-聽鈥淵eah! I have plenty more where that came from.鈥
- The little girl stuffed the containers in her bags, and the water bottle last. Then, she gently brought her pack over her shoulder.
- With a grin towards Jason, she said,聽鈥淭hanks Mister!鈥
- With a huff, Jason says,聽鈥淛ust call me Jason.鈥
- Repeating his name and thanking him again, the little girl was out of the soup kitchen.
- Checking the security feeds again, she disappeared into thin air just like last time. There is seriously no trace of her walking out the moment she exited at the same time as other kids. Either she鈥檚 really good at stealth and misdirection, or she鈥檚 a meta.
- Jason wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if she were one.
- For the next 3 days, the little girl keeps coming back with newly washed containers, and even comes over during brunch times.聽
- But Jason notices how she鈥檚 getting more anxious as the days went by. So, on the 6th day she came over, Jason pulls her aside and asks her if there was something wrong.
- The little girl starts crying then and there. She has a kinda-brother, kinda-cousin who鈥檚 hurt from his parents hurting him, and he鈥檚 had a fever that won鈥檛 go down. She doesn鈥檛 know what to do, and none of the fever medicine she stole from the drug stores were working, and she tried getting the antibiotic ointment but Danny, her brother-cousin鈥檚 name, wasn鈥檛 getting better at all.
- Jason calmed the girl down. Bill, his most trusted Goon, said that he鈥檒l man the kitchen. Jason should go help the girl.
- And Jason gathers some things that would most definitely be useful for some emergency first aid. Judging by what the little girl told him, this Danny would need to be brought to Leslie.
- Before they leave, Jason asks the little girl her name.
-聽鈥淒anielle, but everyone calls me Dani, with an聽鈥業鈥.鈥
-聽鈥淒oes Danny call you that, too?鈥
-聽鈥淲e think it鈥檚 funny.鈥
- Jason is brought to a nearby abandoned apartment. On some ratty bed and covered by some blanket that was definitely stolen, lays a teenage boy whose breath was stuttering as he breathes. There was a cooling pad over the kid鈥檚 head.
- He ran up to the kid, and gasps when he feels the Lazarus Madness completely vanish from his mind.
- He ignores that for now, peeling off the blanket to take a look over Danny, who was sweating through his clothes.
-聽鈥淲here is he hurt?鈥 Jason asks.
- Dani tells him he鈥檚 hurt badly on his back and chest. He removes the shirt. The bandages were wrapped clumsily, but covered all the important parts.
- The important parts being wounds as if he was blasted by a ray gun, and cuts on his torso as if he was being dissected. A vivisection.
-聽鈥淗is parents were scientists,鈥 Dani said from behind him. Jason turned towards her, and this time her eyes were glowing a familiar shade of green. He鈥檚 seen it many times in his reflection, but seeing it on another person made goosebumps rise on his arms. 鈥淚... I could explain what鈥檚 going on, but Danny can鈥檛 go back to his parents... Because his parents aren鈥檛 the only people who are after him... They鈥檙e probably after me, too.鈥
-聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 need you to explain to me,鈥 he said, bringing out his things to perform emergency first aid.聽鈥淏ut we need to bring Danny to someone who could heal him better, alright?鈥
-聽鈥淣o hospitals... he... his blood isn鈥檛... normal...鈥 she said, wringing her wrist with her hand, face scrunched up as if she doesn鈥檛 know what鈥檚 okay to tell him.
- Jason pursed his lips. He could... call in for one of his favors with someone the Red Hood knows. They鈥檇 ask for nothing except to repay him.
- So, Jason tells Dani to wait for him here. Don鈥檛 answer the door for anyone, because Jason will be coming in through the window to pick them up. He tells Dani to fix up their things, and to prepare because they were taking Danny to a friend of his who wouldn鈥檛 ask any questions no matter what he saw.
- Once he was out, and after feeling the Lazarus filling his mind up again with a vengeance, he calls Bill, telling him that he鈥檚 leaving the cleanup of the kitchen to him and the others. And that he鈥檚 also going to Red Hood for some help. Bill, who had also grown fond of the little girl who he shared his Stolen Femurs story with, was worried but told him to stay safe, and to keep the kid safe.
- After hanging up, he changes into his Red Hood gear, calls his illegal doctor, and drives his Hoodmobile (lovingly named by Dick - 9 years old at heart - Grayson) to the apartment where Dani and Danny were staying. But he also found some suspicious White Van, and some people in white suits holding... blaster guns? Those are definitely blaster guns. They were probably the ones who hurt Danny, then.
- Red Hood parked his car in a location he would easily be able to get into, and scaled the apartment to the floor Dani hid her and Danny in. He knocked on the window, lifting his helmet up a little to show his domino-mask-less face. He put it back on as he went inside. Just like he told Dani to do, all of their things were fixed. By the panic on Dani鈥檚 face, she knows about the suspicious people.聽
-聽鈥淚 can carry Danny out of here without being seen,鈥 she said.聽鈥淏ut me and Danny could easily be tracked by them because of what we are... But I can be quick. I promise!鈥
- Dani didn鈥檛 even wait for his reply, something green shined in her hands, and she easily picked up the kid, easily floated into the air, and easily turned invisible.
-聽鈥淪o that鈥檚 how you managed to disappear from my cams,鈥 he said.
- He couldn鈥檛 see her, but he could tell that she was grinning. He took their packs and scaled down the walls.
- But just as he landed, a blaster gun was pointed at his face.
-聽鈥淐an I help you gentlemen?鈥 he asked the men in white.聽
- One of them was holding some kind of gadget that was rapidly beeping when pointed at Jason鈥檚 direction.
-聽鈥淭here are three ghosts in our current location,鈥 the one holding the gadget said, staring pointedly towards Jason.
-聽鈥淲ell, that鈥檚 just rude,鈥 he said, because he鈥檚 more of a zombie than a ghost, and immediately punched the one pointing the blaster in his face. He disarmed him, grabbed the blaster for himself, and disarmed the other men in white whipping out their own blaster guns. With every shot, a blaster was destroyed. And when Jason accidentally hit a pole, that pole had a melted hole, creaked, and fell to the ground.
- The blasters were stronger than Jason thought, and he was wondering how Danny survived such a thing. He took out a smoke bomb and through it to the ground, using the smoke to get to his Hoodmobile. (God, he hates that name.)
- Once he was in the driver鈥檚 seat, he dropped the packs beside him and called for Dani.聽鈥淵ou guys in here?鈥
-聽鈥測-yeah! We鈥檙e in the back!鈥 she said, letting go of the invisibility. Danny鈥檚 head laid on her lap, but his breathing seemed to be getting worse.
-聽鈥淭hey鈥檙e this way!鈥
- Jason starts the car and starts driving.聽
- The Hoodmobile is breaking every traffic law known to man, but so were the men in white鈥檚 van, which also had some built in blasters Jason knew Tim and Batman would secretly drool over. The vans seemed to multiply the more corners he turned.
- These men in white don鈥檛 seem to care about property damage, either. Or about civilians being affected or injured by the consequences of their blasts.
- Thankfully it was night, and Jason was calling for Oracle to respond.
-聽鈥淗ood, who are the people chasing you?鈥
聽-聽鈥淣o idea, but they pointed some blaster to my face. Called me a ghost with some gadget they use to track for some,鈥 he said.聽鈥淣o matter where I go, they seem to be able to track me because of what I am.鈥 He was using Dani鈥檚 explanation for this. He cursed and turned a hard left to avoid hitting a civilian. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what the range for the gadget is, but I need you to disable it so I could get somewhere safe.鈥
-聽鈥淥n it,鈥 Oracle said. But a few seconds of swerving around the road later, he heard Oracle curse.
-聽鈥淲hat is it?鈥
-聽鈥淭heir tech is all protected by something. No matter how much I hack into them, a newer code just keeps coming in to stop me.鈥
-聽鈥淐an you fry their systems?鈥 Jason asked.
-聽鈥...I could,鈥 said Oracle.聽鈥淏ut we鈥檇 never get the information we need form them. Are you okay with that?鈥
- Jason snorted.聽鈥淵ou know how I get my information,鈥 he said, jokingly.聽鈥淵ou Bats and your fancy technology got nothing on threatening people with guns.鈥
- With a huff, Oracle began typing rapidly on her computer. And, in 5 beautiful seconds, the Vans all screeched to a stop as the technology in their vehicle fizzles and pops in tiny explosions.
- Jason threw some smoke bombs outside his window, and broke even more traffic laws driving to the outskirts of Gotham.
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starpixiie 13 hours ago
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Yeah I like the ghost boy show too
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tsubaki94 2 days ago
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doodlesforfics 10 hours ago
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Who鈥檚 Old Now? by @lirabuswavi鈥 (um i hope i tagged the right person, cause like im 80% sure you are same ao3 lirabuswavi, if not im sorry <;D)
ok this one-shot literally opened my eyes to sheer chaos possibility of Adult!Fenton adopting kid Billy B. while Teenager!Phantom being mistaken as Shazam鈥檚 ward and just ladskjsdk??? superhero/magic/ghost community would not be prepared. amazing fic. such fun.
and some doodles inspired by the fic
Tumblr media
let lil Billy have retired ghost superhero possibly eldritch overpowered being Phantom as protective Dad.
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rainybyday 2 days ago
Graves aren鈥檛 the only place people die and rest
People don鈥檛 die at their graves, nor do they all die from accidents. Logically Danny knew this, he knows this.聽
Maybe it鈥檚 because of Amity Park. Amity is just a small town, a place out of the way from the rest. It鈥檚 not completely isolated but it鈥檚 not really close to any other town or city as well.聽
Then again, his ancestors did burn witches so it might have added more into his surprise in later years once he realizes what聽鈥榙ead鈥 is.聽
It started off as one of mom and dad鈥檚 normal ghost hunting trips. It was a new location and this time both he and Jazz were being brought with them since it was the spring break. The location was an empty cabin, it was old but well cared for and clean. The couple that owns the cabins said that some unusual actives were happening which caught the interest of his parents. And as usual, they had to get rid of the聽鈥榮pook鈥.聽
Danny didn鈥檛 care as much as he should have, having grown up with his parents' wild urges to find anything remotely close to their research of ghost and getting rid of them. Ever since he became Phantom, he started to care a whole lot more since, after learning and understanding the spirits of the dead, were just people who can鈥檛 officially cross.聽
But that wasn鈥檛 the story. It was when night fell, did he realize an important fact about ghost.聽
It was a night flying, just a bit of air and quiet time after dealing with his parents rambling all day and avoiding their weapons. He needed a breather, and nothing brought he more peace than a nightly timed stroll.聽
Then that's when he felt it.聽
A ghost was nearby.
Huffing that his parents were right, he flew towards the direction of the ghost he detected.
Now Danny isn鈥檛 a stranger to childlike children ghost. Sidney and Youngblood were one of the few child-like ghost he met. Cujo was a dog and others like Ember and Kitty were practically teenagers when passed on.聽
(And he himself knew that his death should not have happen, should never happen. He was a child when he lived, and he was a child as he died. But he likes to think the moment he became Phantom was the moment he had to grow up.)
In other words, he wasn鈥檛 a stranger to young looking ghost.
He was a stranger, however, to the tense aura of fear-help-sorry-fear-fear-hurt-pain-scared-scared-mom-help washing over him as he looked upon a girl was no older than he was, crying over a crack in the ground.聽
It was the first time he saw the effects of a newly killed ghost.聽
Things became a blur after that, but the moment Danny woke up with white eyes watching him in curiosity did he remembered what happened.聽
Her name was Anna, she loves to do photography. She wanted to take pictures in the woods. She saw a man in the woods. She turned around. She made a mistake. She died with a stab wound and her body was left to rot in that crack in the ground. She wasn鈥檛 buried. She was killed and left behind.聽
She died two months ago.聽
That was when Danny remembered that not everyone can die a quiet death.聽
(He helped her cross over and brought her to a city in the zone. He didn鈥檛 want to leave, not yet, but he knew he had a duty and promised to visit.聽
It took a couple of weeks until he saw her smile through her endless tears.)
Then months passed and more trips became a common thing during the summer break. Since it was the summer, their聽鈥榞host hunting鈥 trips would take them further away from Amity and all over the state.聽
In that one summer season he found other ghosts that were just like Anna. Some in alleyways, others on the road, some at gas stations, a few in front of their homes and the scary sad few that were found in the middle of nowhere.聽
Murdered, killed, car accident, strokes, hunger and more.
Death is not something Danny thought of as scary. He thought that those that had died already, those that where ghost, the scary ones. He forgot that death was not something everyone wanted.
(He repressed the memory of how painful his death was.)
But he learned, he remembered, and he helped.聽
He wanted to help, to help those that died to soon or to sudden, He wanted to help the ghost that seem so angry, so sad, and the few that looked so empty and helpless that they look worse the living.聽
Those looked like they never lived at all.
So, he helped, he helped because this was all he can do. If he can give at least one ghost a peaceful passing, then he can trade those few hours of sleepless nights happily.聽
half a year later his parents chose to make an extended trip during the winter break (which he didn鈥檛 mind since they would miss chrismas in Amity Park, a miracle all on its own.)
The problem is that the place they wanted to take a trip was in Gotham.聽
A city where crime and death rates are at their highest.
He wasn鈥檛 surprised when he saw a ghost in Gotham, however, he was surprised when most of the ghosts seemed to be far more calming then all the rest.聽
They did not wail in sadness nor did the scream to the high heavens of the unfairness of it all. No, they simply watched over the people that lived there for years and lifetimes more than them.
He thought that it might be easy to take them across the zone and back to their home because of how calm they were, how reasonable, however, that was not the case.聽
Instead, they wanted him to help Gotham and the people that lived in those very streets.聽
He should have said no, he should have turned away, heck, he should have dragged them back to the zone and be done with it all.聽
But he looked deep into the eyes of the dead citizens of this crime filled city and saw sadness. Sadness for the living that had to walk a life of danger, a never-ending release.聽
They cared not of their own undead lives but the ones that have yet to die.聽
And the undead teenage can only sigh before reaching out his hand as a sign of peace.聽
鈥淲ho would you like me to save?鈥
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fakakta-art a day ago
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Officially obsessed with every DP x DC AU (pspsps i love fic recs!)
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stealingyourbones a day ago
Everyone expected Batman to pull out the adoption papers when they saw the Fenton children profile. Black hair, blue eyed boy? Check. Red-hair girl? Check. Less than ideal home life? Check. The betting pools gave it two weeks at most.
Then the magic users swept in.
Turns out, trying to get custody of the Ghost King and his liminal sister is considered a major power play (and a possible claim to the throne) in the magic/supernatural community. And Batman may have just instigated a magical court custody war.
Oh my god. You鈥檙e totally right, being the parent or guardian of the Ruler of the Infinite Realms would 1000% be viewed as a power play.
All Bruce wants is to help this kid and give him a home. Danny has had to fight a rapidly increasing amount of demons, ghosts, werewolfs, vampires, mothmen, every supernatural being or cryptid you could imagine, to stop them from trying to sabotage Bruce鈥檚 adoption attempts.
The magic users of the League warned Bruce but he鈥檚 not backing down. He will fight to protect his kids tooth and nail and extra dimensional entities hasn鈥檛 stopped him before from getting back to his family so why should they now?
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possibly-not-a-ghost a day ago
I've been thinking about your fake cryptids real ghosts thing nonstop, rent free in my head. That's all
All according to plan! Here's another blurb because everyone in this fandom is a gift.
So, I for one can totally see the Batfamily trying to find out where Danny set up is Haunt in Gotham because Dead Ghost Child and the implications of their first meeting. Actually, let's talk about their first meeting because it's related.
Danny bringing gifts to the biggest shrine to declare his arrival. He brings Robin a cool knife he found in the GZ (Or maybe it was a gift who knows.) Point is, it's a spooky knife, and like...nice postcard of sunrises, blue skies and other Pretty places because man, the Bats don't ever leave Gotham and aren't seen in daylight hours what if they miss it or haven't seen it and some homemade (slightly ectro-contaminated cause it was made in the GZ) Bat-themed cookies. No one Knows they're bat-themed until Danny explains. (They look like those sad misshapen spider-man ice cream cones but god did Danny and Jazz Try and intentions are what matter here.)
They meet, Danny throws them into existential crisis' because Ghosts and of course they're trying to find him so they can (adopt him, make sure he's okay, ask what who's hunting him cause WHAT) And instead of the usual shenanigans of them meeting Danny as human or Phantom, the only one to ever meet Danny is Alfred.
Danny who got help from a really nice British guy when he was trying to figure out what to give as offerings to the Bats and might've been having a small crisis because 'what if they don't let us stay and we have to go to somewhere like eugh Metropolis.' and ends up latching onto the first Nice Adult he meets during said crisis.
Danny & Jazz who just so happen to bump into the the Nice Adult while grocery shopping (Alfred who has a schedule for the family shopping and Jazz who always says having a set routine is Healthy.) and the two keep trying to politely ask how to adult and do cooking because let's be real. While Jazz has done her best to feed herself and Danny a better diet the Fenton kitchen was a disaster zone and there's only so much you can do when you're food keeps trying to attack you. There's much more to your food than striking it back down after all.
Also here's another meme.
Tumblr media
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p0ssym1lker a day ago
Danny mistaking damian for Dani and picking him up by the scruff.
Dick thinks he's about to witness a murder but damians ectoplasm is giving him the best vibes so he's just hanging there, relaxed.
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sykloni2 a day ago
You know how Danny will accidentally call (or almost call) Maddie and Jack "Mom" and "Dad" as Phantom because ultimately that's how he thinks of them. They are his parents.
But how about the opposite? Danny accidentally calling his Mom "Dr Fenton" and possibly not even realizing what he just said. Maybe something happened as Phantom to make him more wary of them and without even realizing he starts to see them more as danger less as his parents. Maybe Maddie and Jack realize it's happening and become worried because obviously something is wrong...
I just think that would give a lot of possibilities for angst.
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ahyesfish 2 days ago
ok but imagine a story where the JL visit amity and eventually Danny has to tell them to leave bc some ghosts started talking about how people in spandex tried to fight them before phantom got there and now all these dead villains want to go through the portal to get the revenge on the JL
like the JL going to amity bc there are a bunch of unknown energy level spikes or something, but online it just seems like a typical tourist trap, and asking Constantine about it produces no results because he just laughs at them and leaves bc he knows that's the haunt of the soon to be the ruler of the infinite realms and there's no shot he's getting involved with that shit
I just love the idea of Danny still looking way too young to be fighting against world-ending beings having to go tell the justice league to stop hiding out in a nearby hotel bc he's tired, still has to study for exams, and just can't deal with the extra ghosts right now
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sporesgalaxy 2 days ago
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Ghost King had a Knight why the FUCK not a court jester.
edit: adding that other post for more context and putting this in the main tag for once. lol
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