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fatimajpeg · 21 hours
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never forget kory's a classic 90s supermodel
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cherih3 · 3 days
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probably not finishing this
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thwackk · 10 hours
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a while back i started making my own teen titans reboot after watching the show because i just wanted to for fun. and was planning to redesign them all and made some of their character arcs a little better and made gave them slightly different dynamics with each other n everything but i only got dick and raven done. ive drawn starfire’s but it’s uncolored
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I love the Fab Five.
Richard. Wallace. Leroy. Donatello. Gartholomew.
Just such a great team.
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sophieleeart · 11 hours
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drempen · 2 days
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Khaji-da made the jacket for Jaime
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dudouji · 2 days
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Jinx, throwing her head into Raven's lap: Tell me I'm pretty! Raven, lovingly stroking her hair: You're pretty fucking annoying, that's what you are.
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fantastic-nonsense · 2 days
broke: putting all of DC's ex-child assassins on the Teen Titans with Tim Drake
woke: putting all of DC's ex-child assassins on the Outlaws with Jason Todd
bespoke: putting all of DC's ex-child assassins on a team with Stephanie Brown
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akitami · 2 days
New art!
I love this trio soo much, i miss them♡
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raventhedarkqueen · 2 days
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They totally nailed this 💚💙
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nueve420 · 1 day
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kori wip
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Did a weekly 6 character fanart challenge over on twitter and got some really good request and had some fun doing this. May make it a weekly or bi-weekly thing.
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that’s cool
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dc-and-damirae · 3 days
starfire: raven, can you keep a secret?
raven: do you know anything about my life?
starfire: no I do not. Good point.
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figsaps · 2 days
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mlim8 · 23 hours
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Red Canary AU [PART ONE - Intro][PART TWO - New Robin: Jason Todd]
Soooooo because Tim is so close to Roy (and the rest of the OG Titans, by proxy), Jason feels kind of lonely ;w; He kind of had a moment with Roy during his mission with the Titans and really looked up to them - he wanted Roy to be his friend and his in with the rest of them LMAOOO
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( @nerd-by-definition​ helped me find these panels from New Teen Titans Vol 2 #20, May 1986)
Honestly, it’s all Bruce’s fault - he has a weird rivalry with Green Arrow and so Jason doesn’t realize that Tim isn’t a part of the Arrow Fam lol
... Things will escalate when Jason comes back as Red Hood uwu
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