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abisalli · 3 days
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surely, this is a good idea social media AU part 2 starring: the Core Four!
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incorrectbatfam · 3 days
Tim: Don’t underestimate the Young Justice. Our friendship motto is, "Maybe we’ll get lucky this time!"
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youseeingthis · 18 hours
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rockcandiezz · 3 days
Tumblr media
i noticed that there was a severe lack of superboy in DC’s recent 90’s throwback covers so i’m here to fix that
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amaramizuki666 · 1 day
Dp x dc crossover
So I like to think that the citizens of amity park especially the teens how the "meh I've seen weirder stuff" or "not impressed I've seen a ghost dragon this is lame in comparison" mentality.
And I'd like to think that persay Casper high goes on a school trip too say Gotham and see a bat vrs clown fight. Like everyone is screaming, fear gas is in the air, harleys hyenas are running wild, while the bat fam is having it out with the joker and his minions. And like one of the batfam or a random civilian says "you have to run this is extremely dangerous" to a completely unfazed Casper high student or teacher and all they have to say is "nah I'm good" and the batfam member or civilian just continues to go back and forth with them about getting to safety
Bonus if its danny, sam, tucker, or jazz
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batposts · 2 days
Hey Brother!Au Batfam had to give up on visiting Tim by surprise because they would just turn up on Titans Tower looking for him and the Titans would be like "but we tought he would be in Gotham this week????" Cue emergency trips back to Gotham, and then to Smallville to check with the Kents, and basically every other superhero cities in a panic. Ma Kent eventually convinces Kon to let them know it's that time of the year again (Tim is off at Europe for his scheduled humbling of Ra's). YJ has a Where In The World is Timothy Drake shared callendar but they don't tell anyone because it would be soooo invasive for people to know his whereabouts 24/7 when Tim clearly doesn't want to be bothered. They can do it tho
Scheduled humbling of Ra's 😭 this Tim has enough hubris to actually do this. He just disappears sometimes and tells basically nobody because it's none of their business.
YJ is simply the exception because they have this primal need to know where each other are at any given time because they're "worryingly codependent" and "would be less close if they shared the same set of lungs" or whatever the Titans say. They can keep a secret as well as they hold a grudge so God knows they're not telling anyone Tim's business unless he wants them to.
The batfam now know to call ahead because there's always a 50/50 change he just Won't Be There and they can't do anything about it until he inevitably resurfaces.
"We were so worried, Tim!"
Tim gives them a blank look, "and? If you called ahead, I would've told you I wasn't around. This is your fault."
"But nothing. Geez, guys, stay out of my business. I don't remember any of you smothering Jason this much."
"Jason would've put a bullet in us," Dick points out.
"Maybe I need to start doing that too," Tim mutters. "Now shoo. I promised Cassie I'd help her with some quest from the gods, then I'm helping Bart fix some multiversal instability or whatever."
"You'll miss Christmas," Damian says flatly.
Tim frowns, internally doing the math, "no, I'll be home for Christmas day. Just not anything leading up to that. I'll like, leave you guys' presents under the tree or something if I can't make it."
Tim simply doesn't get why they're making Christmas a big deal. He'll come home eventually, and even on time this year! He doesn't appreciate being micromanaged.
His family is just worried. Tim ignores them thoroughly. Their friends find it very funny
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aliteralchicken · 21 hours
Kon: so I heard through the grapevine that you had a crush on someone from our young justice days and never mentioned it
Tim: so?
Kon: well me and Bart have a bet and I’d quite like to win
Tim: how do you know it’s one of you two? could’ve been slo-Bo or lagoon boy
Bart:…was it?
Kon: Tim-
Tim: that’s all I’m saying
Kon: Tim???
Bart: I take it back this is funnier
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ddejay18 · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mother and son<3
I´ve seen alot of people on here doing panel redraws recently and when i saw this one, i just had to try :)
The hand is a little fucked but im still proud of this.
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tofuingho · 2 days
Goth gfs Raven and Sam.
Both are goths. Both are vegetarian. Both are into the occult. One's a demon, the other potentially liminal.
Sam and Damian are friends because they're both rich and go to as many animal rights and vegetarian rallies as they can. They initially met at a party while complaining about all the meat that was being served.
As a family bonding thing, Damian dragged all the Wayne's to protest/animal rights rally and out of solidarity, YJ comes too.
Cute goth girl sees cute goth girl. Sam compliments part of Raven's outfit with the accurate occult name. The spend the event together and share contact info.
(Side idea: they forget to share contact info which leads to: Tucker hacking YJ; Cyborg trying, but failing, to hack Sam's phone; YJ begging Damian to give Raven Sam's number, while Raven is pretend she doesn't care/is making plans to go to the next rally to see Sam again.)
The hangout a bit and end up dating. They're very happy together, but Sam doesn't know that Raven's a demon.
Trigon is very unhappy about his daughter dating a "human" and intends to put a stop to it by killing Sam. Enter Danny, who bitch slaps Trigon so hard he pushes him back to Hell and warns him not to mess with his friends again.
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I need Tim exasperated as all hell from Kon and Bart insistently doing bro puns back and forth
Kon: Hey bro?
Bart: Yeah bro?
Tim: *eye twitch*
Kon: Can you pass me that pamphlet?
Bart: Brochure!
Tim: I hate you both so much
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jaytriesstuff · 2 days
Thinking about Dick Grayson going by Dan Danger in Haly’s Circus but through the lens’s of someone drowning in the Danny Phantom and DCU crossover fandom.
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dc-yaz-works · 15 hours
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on Twitter
Happy Birthday YJ!Dick✨
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honoure-1 · 17 hours
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redraw of that one panel from teen titans 2003 #6
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thoughtsaboutbats · 2 days
Young Justice, beaking into the batcave: Gun Batman is back!
Tim: fuck! Who’s he after this time?
Jason (who is totally just there to use the bat computer. Totally not to hang out with family. Yup.): who the fuck is Gun Batman?
Kon: future Batman that kills people, we’ve dealt with him before. You want to help?
Jason: fuck yes! An excuse to beat up B? I’m always down!
Tim: oh, no. Gun Batman is me not Bruce.
Jason, looking at Tim in disbelief: WHAT?!
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rockcandiezz · 21 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
costume swap!
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amaramizuki666 · 2 days
Dp x DC crossover
So you know how Constantine sells his soul to diffrent entities and stuff well what if he sold his soul to pariah dark but couldnt get out of it and when danny became king, constantines soul became Danny's.
And let's say danny dosnt know about John till the JL deside to summon the ghost king for something despite Constantine telling them not to, because he is kinda hiding from pariah.
But they summon the ghost king anyway and instead of pariah appearing it's a young looking ghost who has no idea what's going on.
Danny's eyes immediately go to john because (my hc) ghosts can seince what belongs to them. And danny not really knowing a lot about soul contracts is like "oh I own your soul? Nah not my thing. Your my responsibility now" and now john has been unofficially adopted by the kid ghost king.
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batposts · 2 days
Bart: Hey Tim let's take a selfie
Tim: Bart could you not
Bart: C’mon it's just a picture it'll only take a millisecond
Tim: Bart I'm literally cleaning up the body that YOU killed
Bart: Yeah you're doing that because you're like in love with me or whatever. C'mon Kon would take a selfie with me
Tim: Well Kon's not the one you called is he?
Bart: Yes and I'm very thankful. You know what would make me appreciate you more?
Tim: If I took a selfie with you?
Bart: If you took a selfie with me
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