nighhtwing · 2 days ago
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NIGHTWING (2016) #89
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p2is · 2 days ago
Bruce Wayne really would fall for a man who says things like "oh my goodness!", "gosh darn it", and "be there in a jiffy!" wouldn't he
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animations-daily · 2 days ago
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DC League of Super-Pets (2022) dir. Jared Stern
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catmanbowser · 2 days ago
Is batman just a big fat lumpy cat with soulless eyes and really thin ears?
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To me? Yeah
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floatinghanmi · 15 hours ago
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batmen 🦇
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sarahreadstoomanycomics · 10 hours ago
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Always love when Duke is actually included.
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batcavescolony · a day ago
*before Robin is introduced to the JLA*
Batman: *does some complex gymnastics move*
Superman: oh that was amazing move who taught you that? A master from the mountains? A ancient teacher? Someone that trained for hundreds of years?
Batman: *knowing damn well he got yelled at by an 9year old for 6hs to perfect that move* yeah...something like that
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dracaelus · 2 days ago
Bruce's papers before he dropped out of med school:
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thesuperheroesnetwork · 2 days ago
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Texts From Superheroes
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 days ago
I was at a thrift store and saw a framed painting of Waluigi and Batman sharing an intimate moment staring into each other's eyes. it was titled "Batman and Joker" but it was so obviously Waluigi.
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greenapplebling · 2 days ago
Goon, is hidden:
(Damian) Robin: Please, come out. I promise I won't hurt you
Robin: Please, I'll love you, you'll be my best friend!
Goon, so shocked they come out: ??
Robin: *immediately knocks them out*
Batman: What- what kind of tactic is that?
Robin, looking him dead in the eye: Love is the cruelest weapon, father
Dick, on the phone: What do you mean Damian isn't allowed to watch Amphibia anymore?
Bruce: Just listen
Damian on the background: *muffled* Eat the rich!!
Dick: Ok, I see your point but-
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a-sour-nectarine · a day ago
The batkids and their fatal flaws:
Barbara: still thinks she is the sanest of the bunch
Dick: doesn't know how to say "no" without resorting to physical violence
Cass: hypocrite. Will tease you but then get super offended when you tease her.
Jason: zombie. Daddy issues like you've never seen. Nerd.
Steph: blonde but otherwise fine
Tim: skater boy
Duke: really good puppy dog eyes and really destructive intentions.
Damian: does not understand memes but is friends with people for whom memes are a primary language
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januariat · a day ago
Tumblr media
he learned about what happens to him in flashpoint :[
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batfamfucker · 2 days ago
In the canon in my mind I ignore all the deaths and revivals and retcons and pretend that Jason was the only one to die because every time they kill another batfam member off only to revive them later, it loses its meaning in general, but especially because it's kinda like a slap in the face for Jason's arc every time it happens, as well as for why his relationship with Bruce became so strained. Bruce's grief from losing Jason is one of the most defining arcs of his character. Going from Professional but Warm to Cold and Distant and almost Brutal, being closer to the 'No killing' line than ever, only to be pulled back into the light and forced to open up again when Tim came around.
It goes unsaid that it's defining for Jason, Red Hood, ect. How his views on the afterlife would've changed, how his value of self was affected and relationships strained, how there's likely gaps in his memory.
I hate that every time they do a cheap kill for shock value it completely overshadows the trauma and affect on these characters that was caused by Jason's murder, that deserves to be explored, and that I personally want to see them actually, properly reconcile and heal from.
I would say Damian is the only other member to actually die but it was during his childhood with the League, and I doubt it happened only once. There was a headcanon somewhere about how he had brown eyes but they turned green because of the Pit and the family didn't realise Damian had ever died until they found old baby pictures of him and saw the colour change. I personally really like that idea too. So essentially they didn't know until much later.
Anyway, that's the Batfam storyline headcanon in my mind.
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lemeduartes · 2 days ago
That's my baby girl your honor
Tumblr media
"isn't that the guy with a bag of heads?"
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creamkorat · 3 days ago
ed nygma if he came back with the wine
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frownyalfred · 2 days ago
What if the only things Bruce can cook is "ethnic food" because the only time he's ever cooked for himself is when he was training abroad
The man can’t make himself a peanut butter sandwich but can whip up the most obscure, tasty curry ever and it drives Alfred insane
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