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Texts From Superheroes
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Had to make this after seeing @codenamed-queenie s post, hope y’all like it!!!
The post :
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
Duke, to Bruce: So what's going on between you and Green Lantern? I'm sensing some tension.
Duke, to Cassandra: I didn't sense any tension, I just wanted to start some drama and I figured Bruce and Hal were a good start.
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superklutzkent · 2 days
hey guys guess what? more.
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bonus. kon.
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Danny: you just activated my fight and flight response..
Some dumbass: don’t you mean or?
Danny, lifting off the ground: No, I did not.
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tofuingho · 2 days
I don't know where exactly this idea came from, but Social Media of the Dead.
Upon returning from the dead, Jason starts to notice a lot of weird profiles and content creators. He thinks they're just weird gimmicks, until he tries to share one in a group chat. The link is garbled and moves and changes. When the others click on it, the video that comes up is pitch black, yet somehow they can see movement. They can hear static, breathing, and the sound of 100 voices chanting in the distance.
To Jason, it's a dumb video of a kid that looks like one of his brothers telling his friends stupid puns and then wheeze laughing.
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oifaaa · 1 day
When Bruce comes back Jason finally tries to enact his plan but his dramatic reveal is ruined by Cass telling Bruce that Jason is Red Hood.
I think this is how Bruce found out
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*Batfam and Phantom meeting during a fight with a ghostly big bad*
Phantom: Okay, who has the most control over thier anger?
*Everyone argues*
Phantom: okay, you. *points at RR* whats you're favorite food in the whole world?
Red Robin: Its not really a food but I love coffee
Phantom: Cool, that works. *slaps amulet of Aragon onto him*
Red Robin:
Phantom: Now, think of something that makes you angry
Phantom: So I kinda turned one of your children into a rage filled dragon
Batman: You did what?
Phantom: Its okay, we got him to turn back by getting him to drink a giant cup of coffee
Phantom: but we screwed up and needed more so now your son is swimming in a pool full of coffee
Phantom: Please come get him he refuses to get out
Red Robin: *living out his coffee based fantasies*
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pinkypastal · 1 day
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Why does baby Jay look exactly like Danny phantom to me here??
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😘 🥰
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Parachute emoji
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Danny and baby ghost jason
So dannys wondering the infinite realms and stubbles (falls) into gothem.
He wonders around for a few days before meeting redhood and because dannys a halfa he can only see redhood as a baby ghost.
A sick, hangry baby ghost
Danny dosent even ask,( if he had a parent who let him get THIS bad they dont deserve children) and picks him up and rushes him to the frostbite
Jasons too confused that this random teenager just picked him up the flew, FLEW, him off to the interdimentinal tundra to see an ice yettie.
After jason sees frostbite danny gets alerted that his new baby ghosts previous parent wants a word with him
Danny ready to fist fight batman
Batman is 0.2 seconds away from a stroke
And jasons chilling with his new dad?caregiver?friend? Who knowes, but this is the best he's felt in years and if staying with this protective teenager makes him feel this good he's sure as hell staying.
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What if I just got into superbat all of the sudden
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“You shake a pretty mean cape, Batman.”
BATMAN - Season 1, Episode 1 (1966) Hi-Diddle Riddle
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