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abisalli · 16 hours ago
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Cassandra Cain (drinking a milkshake)
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tesalicious2 · 12 hours ago
Gothamites are just a different breed of people. They literally could not give a single f*ck about anything. There attitude is ‘eh, not impressed’ mixed with ‘been there don that’ and ‘try harder’.
It’s bad but no one knows how bad until they move there. I’m convinced everyone who lives in Crime Alley has had there parents/grandparents live there, while the less dangerous parts of Gotham see more new faces. They don’t stay long but they pop up.
Batman doesn’t let the Justice League to Gotham and I think that’s fair. They are all to bright and happy. Everyone is so angsty it’s amazing. He doesnt let them in for their own protection. Mostly since they all thinks he’s dramatic. But he knows that that relaxed manner is going to get them hurt.
The only vigilante that has zero haters (besides criminals) is Red Hood. Like, he control the most dangerous part of Gotham every night, walks kids/girls/teens/anyone-who-asks home, regularly buys food for the homeless, reads to kids at the library at night/near closing, stops robberies, sometimes teaches people self defense, and tries to be really quiet bc the walls are thin.
Either him or Signal bc he’s a daytime hero and everyone loves him. Nice, new, and will help out work the mundane stuff.
That being said, the rest are liked too but so have their haters. Despite this, there are websites and videos of them all doing cute and funny stuff or the gothamites doing nice stuff for them.
There is a video of someone giving Spoiler an umbrella, she returned it the next day. Someone managed to find everyone and give them their own hand sewn plushies, and their reaction.
Mostly starting with them on a rooftop of a building, a person calls out. “Yo! (Insert name)! Come here real quick!”
They go over and the person pulls out the plushie.
Batman: *stares for a moment* thank you. Did you make this? The workman ship is amazing.
Nightwing: awwwww! This is so nice, thank you!
Red hood: imma admit it, this is the greatest moment of my entire life. Now, you are in a very bad part of Gotham and need to get to bed. I’ll walk you.
Red Robin: i adore this. I will keep it with me till I die.
Robin: *brain cannot compute* Umm…Thank you very much. Honestly, no idea what to say right now
Spoiler: AWWWW, my first fan anything! I love this! Do you have an Instagram or something? I have to follow you! Let me buy you food!
Black Bat: *squished it once, looks up, Higgs it to her, then motions to hug the creator, they hug*
Signal: ummm, thank you? ive never had to deal with this before. I love it so much! Thank you!
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yeyq · 2 days ago
Spoilers NO CONTEXT for
Batman Wayne Family Adventures Episode 68-Thankful
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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blackbwt · 2 days ago
cassandra cain and duke thomas deserve more recognation and i'll die in this hill
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whalehouse1 · 3 months ago
Bruce: If I had Damian first, I would never have had more kids.
Diana: But Dick was your first one…
Bruce: And?
Diana: He is forbidden by the Geneva Convention from talking to perps as it would violate their human rights.
Bruce: And?
Barry: And Jason, he does have a good heart, but he has an angry streak.
Bruce: Name one example.
Barry: When Hal took the last chocolate chip cookie, he threw his cup and hit him in the back of the head and took the cookie.
Bruce: Are you trying to make me love my kids more?
Clark: Tim’s a stalker.
Bruce: Coming from Mr. I’ll catch Lois Lane so much she’ll jump from cliffs instead of calling AAA?
J’onn: Then th-
Bruce: I dare you to say one bad thing about Duke or Cass.
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queerenteen · 4 months ago
Does anyone else think that the rest of the batfam flip out whenever Jason uses a duffle bag anymore given what happened the last time he had used one?
Jason: *duffle bag slung over his shoulder when he comes to raid the Manor kitchen and have his weekly tea with Alfred* Sup
Dick: *voice two octaves higher* Hey Little Wing, watcha got there?
Jason: *rummaging through the fridge* A duffle bag?
Dick: And what would be--
Tim: *has not slept in three days and is on his 11th cup of coffee-red bull disaster concoction in the last 12 hours and sees the bag* Oh my god Jason did you chop off people's heads again? Why would you bring it to the Manor? Quick, if you get out of here before B comes back you can--
Dick: *voice even higher* Are you trying to help him with this??
Damian: Todd, the canvas is a terrible idea for dismembered body parts--it stains and is easily incriminating.
Dick: *voice only audible to Titus at this point* That's your problem with it???
Damian: Did you say something?
Tim: *adding a shot of espresso directly into the Redbull can* He said: 'That's your problem with it???'
Jason: *eating lasagna leftovers* How did you even hear that?
Steph: *leaning in through the kitchen window* Boy Wonder over here has ultrasonic hearing aids cause he likes to be prepared for anything
Cass: *materialising from the doorway and grabs the duffle from the counter before disappearing back into the Manor*
Dick: *gasping* Et tu, Cassandra? Also Steph how are you even here right now?
Steph: *shrugging* Wanted to raid your kitchen for a bit
Alfred: Ah Master Jason I see you got Miss Cassandra those books you mentioned
Dick: *strangled* Books?
Jason: *flatly* No it's eight decapitated heads remember
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anime-writing-everything · 6 months ago
Bruce: *messing around at a gala as a child, pushes into an old scary lady*
Lady: *scowling* I hope you get a child exactly like you.
*years later*
Dick: *stubborn with anger issues*
Bruce: oh no
Jason: I hate you! You’re not my dad
Bruce: *remembering all the times he yelled that at alfred* oh nooo
Tim: *stays up for days obsessing over cases, drinks coffee like it’s disappearing tomorrow*
Bruce: *quietly moved away his files and mugs* oh nooooo
Cass: *charges into a death match to become the best fighter she can*
Bruce: *remembering every training he did before Batman* ....pleaseeee
Damian: I hate school! I don’t need it *gets expelled from every school he goes to*
Bruce: *remembers EXACTLY how many times he got expelled and for why* ....fuck
Bruce: *stared at Duke and Steph*
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butwhyduh · 6 months ago
Things that the batboys have googled on the bat computer that put Bruce in therapy
Dick (age 16): do pregnancy tests work on aliens?
Jason (age 19): is Frankenstein a true story? Can you bring a dead person back to life?
Tim (age 15): how much jail time if you accidentally kill someone?
Damian (age 13): bitches in my area? [titus needed a girlfriend]
Duke (age 17): how to know if I’m immortal?
Cassandra (age 20): fire
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preyed-llama · a month ago
Honestly we were robbed by Jason not being the son of Lady Shiva. Consider Bruce’s kids if it were true.
Dick Grayson - descendant of Court of Owls leader
Cass Cain - daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva
Jason Todd- son of Lady Shiva
Stephanie Brown- daughter of Villain ClueMaster
Tim Drake -
Damian Wayne - Son of Talia and grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul
Duke - son of Evil god of Light and Dark Gnomon
Literally can you imagine Bruce accidentally adopting a boatload of children all descendants of villains.
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petermaxximof · 6 months ago
bruce at the dining room table drinking coffee out of his “world’s okayest father” mug sitting next to dick drinking coffee out of his “world’s best big brother” mug. both were purchased by the rest of the bat siblings as christmas presents that year. dick is not smug. not at all.
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cupcakeslushie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been reading nothing but Nightwing angst the past week. Those fics that have Dick crumbling under the weight of his eldest daughter syndrome and then the rest of the family has to take care of him *chefs kiss*
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kartsie · 2 months ago
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Just another night of saving your little brother’s hide
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oifaaa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's Jason's birthday or tims least favourite day of the year crypt day
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batcavescolony · a month ago
"why didn't Bruce just tell his kids to stay home? They shouldn't be out being vigilantes."
*every five minutes in comics*
Bruce: stay home ok?
Literally any of his kids: ok 👍
Bruce: just to make sure we're on the same page, what are you gonna do?
Kid: stay home!
Bruce: good. I'm leaving now, have fun.
Kid: BYE
Kid: ...I'm gonna go out! It'll be fine
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broosepayne · 9 months ago
The Batfamily does a big grocery order once a week. It always contains staples like meat, beans, veggies, etc., but if someone wants something specific they must add it to the note on the fridge by noon on Sunday.
Bruce regularly stops by and crosses out foods that don’t meet his approval.
lucky charms :) -Dick
pizza rolls -Duke
Fuck you old man I’m already dead why do you care about my cholesterol I hope you eat a Slim Jim and fucking choke on it
Beef Jerky- Cass
Pork rinds plz!!!!—Steph (NOTE: DENIED. UNHEALTHY -Bruce)
I hate it here. -Steph
Vegan cheese- Damian
C H E E S E -Tim
Snickers for when Bruce is grumpy—Dick
Three dozen shrimp (NOTE: DENIED. WHO KEEPS DOING THIS? STOP. -Bruce)
Gummy worms- Cass
Three (3) live lobsters from the seafood section -Damian (NOTE: YOU ARE NOT KEEPING LOBSTERS AS PETS. -Bruce)
Garlic herb rotisserie chicken that will be mine and no one else can have any -Duke
Diapers because I’m a big baby and I suck all the fun out of life -Bruce (NOTE: STOP.)
:( -Dick
Sunny D- Bruce
:) -Dick
Jolly Ranchers- Steph
Almonds- Damian (NOTE: STOP. -Bruce)
Walnuts- Jason
Dinosaur nuggets
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fact-dogsarehappiness · 10 months ago
Due to a popular request, the Wayne kids decide to shoot a ghost hunting video in the manor and Jason stands in the corner of the frame while the others ignore him just to fuck with the audience
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