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You’ve left out one of the chief characters - Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about Sam. Frodo wouldn't have got far without Sam.
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Imagine that person smiling lovingly at you when you aren’t looking, and their smile just growing when you look at them. You both go back to what you were doing before, but, out the corner of your eye, you notice their little glances your way and the smile that can’t seem to fade from their lips.
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tma is a unus annus episode
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My cat says hi
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hey tumblr!!! I know I’ve been gone again but I came back with a new piece that I worked super hard on!!!
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Should I eat a whole lemon?
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Eated lemon
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it's canon that walt disney said the n-word btw
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Why are you so quiet? Everyone has gone insane and making up new facts every five minutes, you're usually the first one to lose your patience and lay it down. You're obviously on Chris' side yet you're letting people talk shit about him. You need to say something!!
Tumblr media
I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted. You talk as if I'm some matriarch of the fandom when in fact I'm just a mediocre fanfic writer who is exhausted with this whole debacle and it's barely been two weeks. Nobody listens to me!
Today I saw a magnificent example of both Chinese whispers and alternative facts in this fandom. The person who alleged that CE was at her work for medical imaging, who I suspect was also the author of the now-deleted Reddit post, only tweeted that she had found out he was at her work. I appreciate that many people deleted the screenshots of the tweet as it was a gross invasion of his privacy and a HIPAA violation that, if true, would have very serious consequences for both the tweeter and her employer, and that a lot of people didn't see it. But suddenly people were talking about an actual x-ray or MRI image that had been posted and deleted. There was never an image. That didn't stop a few people from saying they knew someone who had seen it, which adds credence to the rumour despite being a lie due to there never being an image.
A lie can run around the world before the truth has got its boots on - The Truth by Terry Pratchett
We are seeing this in action every single day since the People article. I've seen people make the most outlandish claims. Suddenly, everyone has a friend who knows his flight details or what he ate for dinner. It's utterly demented. It's beyond crazy.
Let's go through all of the utter horse shit I can recall from the past fortnight. Shall we have more bullet points?
It's all PR
They have a contract for two years (how could anyone possibly know this?)
Chris obviously cannot stand Alba anywhere near him
The girl in the park who was forced to delete her Twitter was in on it and planted there to record
Chris has been personally seeking out Tumblrinas to block on Twitter
Narrative PR wrote the deranged fan letters to make the fandom "look crazy" (lol) and garner sympathy for Chris
Literally anyone who sticks up for Chris or Alba is, in fact, Chris or Alba or their moms
Alba wore a halter to WDW to show off her tattoo and be recognised (Really? Who on earth is going to recognise her?)
She only flew into FL to record the video and then left immediately (y'all really don't like them spending time together, huh?)
They are reading every single post every single gossip blog writes and using the comments to make their fake PR relationship more convincing
There's more but this is so exhausting. If you take one thing from this post, let it be this. Take EVERYTHING with a pinch of salt, no matter who posts it and how sure they seem. Sometimes people are right and sometimes they are wrong. This fandom has a nasty habit of voicing their opinions as facts, then others take that and run with it, like today with the medical imaging business.
The fact is, nobody cares whether or not you believe it. But you are devoting hours of your life, every single day, dissecting everything and going around and around in circles and it is not healthy. It is not healthy at all. Take some time off or at least talk about something else.
Someone asked what I personally think is happening with Chris and Alba, so I'll leave you with my thoughts. It's serious. They are in love. I think they'll probably get married sooner rather than later. The laser focused comment was an FYI, telling the fandom that he's going to be taking his foot off the gas and concentrating on his private life for the foreseeable future. Take it with a pinch of salt. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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The Chain with a almost god like giant titan like Creature s/o reader.
Sorry that's a mouthful!
Like, they look human but are huge and have different kind of things about them that Hylians don't have. (Also,imagine the heros are so tiny compared to their s/o. Like Sky is like telling the Chain. But their in awe of the enormous creature that sky has been gushing about 10 times a hour.)
Please 🙏
Chain with an eldritch s/o. I dig it. Like that Eldritch Zelda that went around a while back.
It's going to be in headcanon form fyi. I hope that's ok!
Content under the cut!
If you thought that a typical s/o for the smithy would have made him smaller....
He is dwarfed by comparison
Scorpion legs, mandibles, a spiked tail and as big as a house
Four proudly presents them to the group with the biggest flourished gesture he can do
“And I love them very much.” He says proudly.
The group is all silent
They click their mandibles in nervousness. “Um... So how do you do? Link has told me much about you all in his letters.”
Sky breaks out of it first. “We’re all alright. Four speaks about you a lot as well. e just weren’t anticipating you to be so-”
“Freaky?” They say quietly, causing Four to snap his head in their direction- words of rebuttal already on his tongue.
“Big.” Sky amends. “I was going to say big... Especially when he’s so...”
Four turns back to Sky with a glare. “Say it.”
Sky huff. “Look, Wind is taller than you. I thought it would have been someone I would have been able to look in the eye when you said they were bigger than you.”
Four splutters and tries to think of a comeback
It lessens to tension and Wild and Hyrule both step forward to introduce themselves
Time and Warrior give a small bow in respect
Wind run to try and climb on top of them 
Twilight stops him before he can actually get away with it
Legend has been facepalming the entire time
His hand slides down his face slowly and he cuff Four by the side of his head. “When you say they get hungry easy it’s because you have mint on your porch. It keeps the spiders away-”
“Oh!” They perk up. “Is that why they don’t come by any more? I was wondering why it seemed like there were more bugs than usual. They’re not as filling.”
Legend gives Four a ‘I-Told-You-So’ look
Four says nothing 
He had no problem with it!
“Hey guys! We’re about to meet the sweetest person in this entire planet. I can’t wait for you guys to see them.”
“Slow down Traveler.” Legend laughs. “We don’t know this place as well as you do- we might not be able to keep up.”
“Honey?” A voice speaks. It’s quiet and surreal- like multiple voices speaking at once. “Is that you?”
Traveler beams. “It’s me! I’m home! Come meet my friends!”
They step out. Multiple eyes blink slowly and feathered hands come in front of them in a nervous manner. They are giant.
Legend pauses. Where would he have seen this creature before? If he has anyway...
Sky smiles pleasantly and walks up slowly. “Hello there. Link’s told us a lot about you.”
Hyrule coughs. He didn’t. He doesn’t know why Sky is lying.
Time steps forward as well. “Good to meet you. I was wondering who was taking good care of him back home.”
Hyrule flushes. This isn’t what he was expecting.
“You know what...” Wild sighs. “I can’t even say I’m surprised. Call me Wild. We’re all friends of your Link.”
They smile. “Yes... My Link... Has he been behaving himself?”
Four nods. “Yup! He’s been a great help to all of us.”
Wind and Warrior both come up next to the hero in question and clap him on the shoulders. “We adore him.”
His partner smiles gently. “We share the same sentiment then.”
Twilight hasn’t said much but he stares at Hyrule with the stare of a thousand suns.
Hyrule clears his throat and tries to ease his embarrassment. “My home is nearby. We can all go there before the storm hits.”
They nod and reach their hand out.
Hyrule takes it without hesitation.
“Let’s go then.”
Legend was a bit nervous to introduce his s/o
They were huge
With multiple arms and multiple pairs of eyes
But they were so cute
Ignoring they were twice the size of a hinox
His hinox’ anyway
Wild’s are the largest he’s ever seen
Twilight sighs exasperatedly
“Spiders again”
Legend bites his lip
Wild and Four stare, wide eyed, jaw agape and say nothing
Hyrule is instead staring at Legend and Legend doesn’t know what to make of it
Time bites the bullet and holds out his hand
Warrior and Wild follow suit without question
They all shakes hands at the same time
“Hello” They say
Sky waves with a smile
“Thank you for looking after Link.” They say softly
Legend blushes and playfully swipes at them, only annoyed at the surface
“Hey-!... I can take care of myself. ...You know that.”
“Hmm... I feel better... knowing you’re not alone anymore.”
Everyone jumps on to let them know everything is ok
Legend sighs in relief
That... went a bit better than he thought it would
A bit nervous
But mostly because he doesn’t want anyone to say anything mean
If they do, he’s throwing hands
He’s done it before he’ll do it again
“Ok, Beloved... You can come out now.” He says softly.
They step out in all their ethereal glory
There’s the size of the two story house with wings and glowing silver eyes
There’s red and blue markings on their face
Time is getting flashbacks
Warrior is also having flashbacks
Twilight is watching Time and Warrior with interest 
Wild and Legend share and look
Sudden dread and uncertainty over take them
Hyrule marches right up and sticks his hand out. “Hi.”
They smiles and shake it. “How do you do?”
Wind tilts his head. “How do you do what?”
Four shrugs and also goes to introduce himself. “Sky won’t shut up about you. You’re just as impressive as he said.”
They actually flush a little and look away. “He’s always talked a bit more than he knows what to do with. I’m sure he exaggerated a lot of things.”
Legend coughs. “I’d argue he understated a lot of things.”
Sky deadpans. “Gee, I wonder why.”
They laugh like church bells. “I can see why Link likes you all so much. Would you like a tour?”
No longer cares about other people’s opinion
It’s not the boys believed him in other thing that he’s told them
So he’s kept this one close to his chest
He opens the doors to his home where you’re waiting in the living room
Time has also long given up on asking how you fit through the door
Four’s and Wild’s jaws hang wide open
Twilight actually trips over himself and falls backwards
This explains some things...but now he just has more questions
Like.. why the third eye? or the wings? and scales? and clubbed tail?
“Uh... Old Man...?”
“Oh it’s you! My boy!” They cry. “I know my babies where ever they are! I didn’t think you were serious dear!”
Time takes offense
“I told you. Of all things, this is the one you don’t believe?”
Cue Sky and Warrior looking between Twilight and Time, putting the pieces together but only becoming more confused in the process.
Legend sighs and flops in on himself.
“This might as well happen.”
Hyrule slaps him over the head
Sky bite his lip and waves a bit
He chuckles a bit out of nervousness
“We’ve heard... about you..”
“Have you?” They lean in
They laugh
“It’s ok. Link doesn’t want any undue harm to come my way. He’s very protective like that. Come in! Come in! I’ll make some tea.”
Just like how he was nervous to show his form as Wolfie, he’s actively trying to lighten the blow when the group meets his s/o
“Ok, so just so you guys know, they’re... bigger than normal... and may not be what you’re expecting.”
“Should we be scared?” Legend raises an eyebrow.
Twilight winces. “Well I would rather you not be. It would be a bit rude even if you can’t help it.” 
Time puts his hand hand on Twilight’s shoulder. “If they’re important to you, we’ll be on our best behavior. Isn’t that right boys?”
Wild grins and gives a salute.
Warrior smirks and nods.
“Who’s important to Link?” A new voice says.
All heads snap in that direction
Large antlers and fangs, scales and tethers and a few feathers coat their body
Wind and Sky stare wide eyed
Hyrule blinks and punches Legend
“Oh my..” They say
“Pleasure to meet you!” Four gathers his wits first, hand already out to shake. “Your Link has talked a lot about you. All good things.”
They flush in a way that looks abnormal. “Oh... Oh my goodness- Ok. He always does this. I’m sorry if I’m not exactly what you were expecting.”
“Nothing could have prepared us for this.” Legend blurts
Hyrule glares at him
Legend flinches away
Twilight coughs. “Guy this is __”
They wave. “...Nice to meet you.”
Time bites his lip for a moment, letting it process before he gestures to Wild. “We brought lunch if you’re willing to join us.”
“Well that sounds lovely!”
Warrior was practically avoiding it
Like bits and pieces, he would reveal
But never about their physical appearance
So when They finally appear with antlers, wings, and fur
Warrior waits with baited breath
Time sends Warrior a knowing look that he knows he’ll pay for later
Wild is the first to say something as he eagerly introduces himself
Twilight follows suit with Wind right on his metaphorical tail
Hyrule approaches hesitantly but is polite none the less
Sky stays a bit behind as Time goes in to say hello again
Four and Legend feel like they’re seen weirder and Warrior speaks well of them enough
“Hello again Little one.” They say patting Time on the head
“Not so little anymore.”
“Still little to me.”
“So how did you and Warrior meet?” Legend cocks a hip, eyebrow raised and all.
They smile, showing their multiple canines. “He shot me.”
“I told you, I’m sorry!” Warrior groans. “That’s not exactly what happened anyway.”
They giggle. “They call you Warrior now? I wasn’t aware your war merits carried over through time.”
“It’s... not that necessarily.” He blushes.
“He’s also called the Captain.” Wind raises his hand, thinking that it would to catch their attention.
“...Strange... That’s not his position here.”
“HO-KAY! Introductions are over! Who wants lunch?” Warrior yells louder than he needs to.
His S/O is going to embarrass him badly before he leaves
That’s the plan
He sees nothing with it
He doesn’t even think that it would register as strange to the others
“Link?” They call out. “Oh Link you’re back! Thank goodness you’re alright!”
Wild perks up and snaps his head in the direction of the voice.
He runs to them
The others pause and watch
They come out and pick Wild up as if he was only a bag of grapes
“Oh , I was so worried about you! Have you been taking care of yourself like you promise? I thought you would have been away for longer.”
Wild laugh and kisses them on their nose. “I’ve been just fine. I want you to meet my new friends.”
Twilight coughs and catches their attention. He waves.
“Oh!” Their second pair of arms comes up to cover their mouth. “Oh how rude of me. How do you do?”
Legend blinks. “How do you do what?”
They giggle. It sounds like thunder and their tail flickers playfully behind them.
They set Wild down. “How are you?”
“Fantastic, all things considered.” Warrior has to crane his neck up just to look at their face. “How did you and Champion meet?”
“Oh that’s a long story-”
“Let’s go in side first.” Wild interjects, a wide smile on his face. “I can start lunch and we can all get comfortable in the living room, yeah?”
Time seems amused, if a bit perplex. “Of course, Cub. Lead the way.”
“Cub?” They turn to Wild. “That’s precious.”
“Let’s gooo...” Wild coughs. His cheeks are a but pink.
From the looks of Four, Hyrule and Wind.... they’re never going to let him live that down.
(Not really s/o... more like best friend... maybe when they’re older but as it stands-)
Wind was going to blow their mind
His surprise is probably going to get him serious street cred
He was going to introduce them to every one and he was going to get all their reactions saved in his pictobox!
Wind stands in front of everyone, pictobox ready and tells you to come say hi
Longer than normal arms, thirty fingers, sunken eyes and moss for hair- and tall
Wind snaps the picture of his buddies
They’re going to love this later on
They already giggle and wave
Wild, Hyrule and Legend numbly wave back
“Hello!” You grin.
Time sits down
Wind grins as well and jumps onto their arm
He climbs up
“This is my friend! The one I was telling you guys about!” He says proudly. “Aren’t they cool?”
“...Very cool Sailor...” Warrior cranes his head up.
“Um.... So... how have you been?” Four tries for normal conversation. 
He tries the old friend approach.
“Oh you knooww~~ Burrowing in the sand, taking in the sun, dragging sailors underwater, having tea parties with the locals. Same old, same old.”
“What was that one you just said?”
“Taking in the sun?”
“After that.”
“The tea parties? Oh! We should have one! I was about to have lunch anyway. Why don’t you call come over? Since you’re friends with Link, we can be friends too.”
Twilight smiles tensely. “...Sure... We’d love to.”
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EEEE fuyuhiko wit his tattooiesss Also I love your art! its amazing and your amazing!!!!
Tumblr media
revamped his tattoos a lil
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Does :> know that :D is in love with him?
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taechnological · 24 hours
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yes. this.
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octoagentmiles · 2 days
thinking about how this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this perspective shot right here 👆 where Kwazii's explaining how his grandfather "Once set out to find [the hidden city], but was never heard from again..."
is most likely a real memory. the last memory Kwazii had of Calico Jack: watching him leave.
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Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "Un grand merci Tanya , il est superbe comme la photo et bravo encore , je suis émerveillée!!! 10 sur 10 , à bientot ,Cordialement Maryline" maryline c. https://etsy.me/3OMNkdP #etsy #green #yes #handknittedsweater #mohairsweater #fuzzy https://etsy.me/3u9pnnu https://www.instagram.com/p/ClinEmDMZUd/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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Dan and J in that one lumity pose
Tumblr media
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