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Sero for a friend
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Kinktober Day 4- Size Difference
Pairing: Javier Peña x F! Reader (reader is described with glasses/small) 
Warnings: 18 + ONLY this is kinktober if you’re under 18 get the fuck out of here. Language, making out, reader is described as petite. Heavily influenced by the Pedro Hands Post (if you know you know). 
Word Count: 576
Kinktober Masterlist
Tumblr media
The first thing you noticed about him was his hands. The way he spread his fingers wide over the top of your desk, your nose buried in the book you’d been reading, slowly taking bites of your sandwich as the clock ticks closer to five. 
“Hi there,” he smiles down at you, your glasses sliding down the bridge of your nose. He lifts one hand off the desk, using one long index finger to push the lens back up your nose. “Are you new around here?” he chuckles, watching your head just nod, words evaporating from the heat wafting off him. “I thought so, I’m Javi, my partner, and I work over in the DEA.” 
“Hi,” you whisper, stumbling and almost falling over your chair as you stand, holding out one shaky hand with your name. He holds your hand in his own, and he’s so big his entire palm covers your hand, lifting it up to kiss it, the scruff of his mustache brushing your skin. For a moment, you wonder what that mustache would feel like running over other areas of your body, and when he smiles, you know he can read your mind. 
Javi appears everywhere, always towering over you. It all comes to a head when he sneaks up behind you in the file room, his body swarming your own as he reaches above the shelf and grabs the box for you. 
You turn, your nose brushing against his own, the air so thick you struggle to take a deep breath, “Agent Peña, we shouldn’t….” 
“What shouldn’t we do, baby girl?” his arms wrap around your waist, his forehead pressed to your own. “Tell me you don’t want this, and I’ll walk away.” With a deep breath, your surge forward, pressing your lips to his own with a whimper, his tongue flicking out to lick into your mouth on the next moan, both of you intoxicated with one another. 
Javi lifts you onto the counter, his body slipping between your spread thighs, getting as close as he can as his massive hands cup your neck, keeping your lips connected. “Fuck, so pretty,” he moans, pressing his lips on your neck with gentle nips that will surely leave a mark. But fuck, you want it, all of it, you want to wear his mark like a badge of honor.
“Javi?” the door slams open, and you jump apart, looking anywhere but Steve Murphy smirking in the doorway, “seems I interrupted something.” 
“You think?” Javi barks, and you can’t help the giggle that slips out; Javi turns back to you and meets your eyes with a soft smile. 
“We got a hit on Escobar,” Steve interrupts again, “we need to get moving.” 
“I’m coming,” Javi keeps his eyes on you, both of you listening to the door close before you push off the counter, wrapping your arms around him as he lifts you to press into the door. His body completely covers your own, his mouth moving in perfect harmony with your own. “I need to go,” he groans, pulling back, his cock hard against your waist, “but when I come back, we are going to dinner, and I am fucking finishing this.” 
“You don’t want to see me again? Is this a one-and-done deal Agent Peña?” you tease, watching his eyes harden. 
“Oh baby girl, I got a taste, and trust me, I’m not sure I will ever get my fill of you.” 
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People on Twitter saying they’ve never seen anyone more born to play a role than Rhys Darby as Stede Bonnet when Michael Sheen is out here going method and played Aziraphale so hard he fell in love with David Tennant, like...
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Headcanon that Blake and Yang were absolutely insufferable at Beacon once they started flirting with each other. They’ll never admit it’s flirting, of course, but everyone knows what it is.
Blake says it’s just harmless back and forth between teammates, inside jokes and references that no-one else gets. Yang says she loves seeing the way her partner’s mind works whenever she says something that would turn anybody else bright red. Weiss says it’s getting in the way of study time and makes them both leave the library.
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Can we talk about Daemon intercepting crispy Cole when Alicent goes at Rheanyra with a knife?
Cause that was fucking hot
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Some T4T Steddie headcanons because apparently that is all I write now. 😂
Steve is an absolute slut for Eddie’s tdick. Testosterone has been very kind to Eddie, Steve was honestly dumbfounded the first time they got into his pants.
Eddie is big enough where he is able to penetrate Steve. Steve loves Thats he is able to get him off that way, he also loves that he can actually feel his Daddy inside of him.
Eddie loves to point out the size difference of their cocks, Steve isn’t small but he is nowhere near the same size as Eddie. Eddie will grind their cocks together and tease Steve about how their tiny cock makes his look even bigger.
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And they were enemies
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i ain’t forget when kanye humiliated that black college girl in 2020. he deadass has a pattern of disrespecting women, but black women especially. 
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ellickalways · 2 days ago
idk but i feel good about the fact that the writers didn’t kill off chris because i think they knew that that would have been something that lucy and time could not get over. him being alive makes it a lot easier for chenford in the long run even though chris is a poopyhead 🙌
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to-be-spared · 2 days ago
Aye clumsily trying every single approach to get to Akk because he's terrified of losing him and making himself so utterly vulnerable in the process asking for almost nothing in return while he himself is in so much pain (just at a different stage of it)
Anyway it fucked me up have a good day
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*distressed microwave noises*
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Oh... 10 years ago... I'm so... Old.. Huh
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