cadaverkeys 2 days ago
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cat chimera who ate their twin in the womb and now they have 18 lives.
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fcb-mv33 a day ago
Man is pure wasted馃槶
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parotcardsroxy 2 days ago
the most unrealistic thing about high school movies is that its normal and fine to have your bag in class
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slug-cube a day ago
bakugou is the malewife and izuku is the boygirlboss. i do not take constructive criticism. I am also not answering questions at this time. thank you.
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twoheadedoddity a day ago
when ur friend makes the most deranged anime edit while caclking on your floor during a tropical storm, you know you're in for a treat.
the treat:
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(posted with permission, she isnt on tumblr)
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larsthefishoil 2 days ago
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I will never shut up about this. If in 12, the writers hadn't restricted April to being Donnie's crush to drool over, she could have had a really cute friendship with Leo.
When she got his number, she tracked down a picture of his dumb, obscure show so she could make it his profile picture. Then she calls him "Ichiban" which I researched and it basically is a comparison word used in the context of the best, the most, the number one. She probably did this cause he's the oldest and the leader, but is adorable as hell.
I don't know exactly why I get this gut feeling that they could have had a really cute friendship. Maybe because she radiates nice sister energy that creates a balance next to the four brothers and their individual relationships that are still loving, but much ruffer. April in 12 has this bland niceness to her that is hilarious to watch. She's the kinda person that, when faced with ramblings and hyper fixations, would look around awkwardly and then give a thumbs up even though she doesn't really understand either way. And Leo would definitely dump all of his Space Heros ramblings on her.
"And then there's my favorite episode where chief engineer Liory gets scratched by this alien bug thing, and he starts to turn all blue and luminescent-"
"Really? That's what was going on?" Raph interrupted.
April snapped out of her haze from listening to a topic that bore her to death. She swatted at Raph's leg and gave him a stink eye. "Go on, it sounds interesting." She said, looking back at Leo. He got stars in his eyes and went back to spouting nonsense about the show. April's mind soon left the conversation to other things, but she caught enough to ask the right questions.
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totallyawr1t3r a day ago
I sorta feel like the Choir are stuck in this time loop
Mainly because of at the beginning and at the end, Jane Doe sings
鈥淚 know this dream of life is never ending
It goes around and round and round again鈥
That鈥檚 all the proof I have for it but yeah
Would make for a cool AU tho
One of them realizing that this had all happened before and later on goes to figure out how to break the time loop and maybe, just maybe, they all get brought back
Who knows
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appleflavoredkitkats 2 days ago
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3. i have many essay since 2020
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* some are self rb鈥檚 but i didn鈥檛 feel like scrolling for too long
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(don鈥檛 take this seriously tho <333 yipblr as a whole deserves the award)
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a-romantic--aromantic 2 days ago
i am NOT allowed to have any urls but im tempted to make 鈥渞omantic tips from an aromantic鈥 because. 1: i need a space to gush and 2: i think as an aromantic with bpd, who is experiencing true romantic attraction/ love as an action and as an experience, more people should hear my perspective on the topic. maybe ill start a mini series on this blog.
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alxina 2 days ago
Today's public service announcement was brought to you by Twin Peaks
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noritaro 2 days ago
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I have to say this is really fucking exciting- we all know there is little to no push towards adult animated films
and seeing the literal poster child of cash grabbing garbage childrens animation being the second ever studio (the other studio being Sony) to start developing more adult orientated animated films is insane
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cadaverkeys 15 hours ago
oh no im starting to think i might be weird in real life too.
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fcb-mv33 2 days ago
Max really said 鈥淚鈥檒l save you bestie鈥濔煡
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sonicexelle-junkary a day ago
Fun fact about HH.EXE silver
He is ALSO autistic, and has a chewlery necklace he fidgets and bites on occasion. He rarely bring it with him on time travel missions though
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glasscannonviktor a day ago
listen the show might have forgotten about the complicated yet profound friendship between five and viktor but i haven鈥檛. i never will. they are twins in my mind
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sunfoxfic a day ago
I'm less active on Tumblr which is partially bc I have less time but also because I've just naturally drifted toward posting more of my thoughts on Discord which means there's a select group of people (you know who you are) who get cursed at all hours of the day both with my most beautiful, rigorous character analysis and then also with stuff like this
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[Image ID: Discord message from "justICE for sunsies" which says: "Snail Miraculous... Sniraculous..." with very extra long ellipses /End ID]
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gaym3bo1 a day ago
the absolutely nervewrecking timid nervousness of kan and thua slowly inching closer and closer actually made me hold my breath as if i was them
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