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marvel-lous-leo · 2 days ago
Peter: Hey MJ! I wrote you a song!
MJ: Oh, that's sweet
Peter: It's named after a girl...
MJ: So... MJ?
Peter: no... that would have been a lot better
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angelofthenight · 4 months ago
You: *on the phone* Wong? I need your help! I-
Wong: is the Sanctum on fire?
You: …no?
Wong: then it’s not an emergency *hangs up*
Wanda: well? what did he say? what do we do about the portal to hell in the living room?
You: apparently it’s not an emergency
Stephen: *being strangled by a demon* HOW THE FUCK IS THIS NOT AN EMERGENCY??
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trikruismybitch · 17 days ago
*During Avengers*
Natasha *sees Y/n surrounded by aliens*: You sure you're good?
Y/n *being badass* : Hey where i grew up everything wanted to kill me.
Y/n kills an alien: *winks at nat* i think ill be fine
*Nat lowkey swoons*
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rubychocolatechips · 28 days ago
Tony: We call that a traumatic experience.
Tony, turning to Peter: Not a "bruh moment".
Tony, turning to Kate: Not "sadge".
Tony, turning to Y/n: And DEFINITELY not an "oof LMAO".
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hazeinthehorizon · a month ago
Natasha: Treat spiders the way you want to be treated.
Y/N: Killed without hesitation.
Natasha: No.
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m1tskil0verr · a month ago
Y/N: Why are we laying in the parking lot?
Natasha: You got your ass kicked unconscious
Natasha: So I laid next to you so that everyone would think we were just chilling
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funnyincorrectmcu · a month ago
Peter: Call me biodegradable because I break down really easily. Tony: … Tony: Same, kid.
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ilovemurdockandbarnes · 2 months ago
MJ: Fuzzy duck
Y/N: Ducky fuzz
MJ: Does he fuck?
*Bucky enters the room*
Y/N, visibly embarrassed, not singing anymore and biting their lip: Fuck...
*he smirks at you*
Y/N, locking eyes with him: he surely does...
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jobethdalloway · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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icaruii · 4 months ago
MK Incorrect Quote #44
Y/n: And remember kids, they can't steal your identity if you have no identity at all!
Marc: Are you-
Y/n: Implying that i steal all my personality traits from the people i'm surrounded by and constantly make them my own so it looks like i'm my own person but i'm really just a shallow copy of those who i've been friends with? Yeah, pretty much.
Marc: I was gonna ask if you were okay, but it appears you clearly aren't.
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super-marvel-dc · 4 months ago
*Avengers Walk into the living room*
Loki: Welcome, fellow idiots.
Y/N: Hello, Loki!
Loki, with heart eyes: No, no, not you, you're not an idiot.
Y/N: You underestimate me.
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just-ames · 4 months ago
Y/N: Okay, maybe playing ‘whose family is the most dysfunctional’ wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had...
Maria: Everyone’s been crying in their bathrooms for at least an hour and we can’t get them out.
Fury: leaves the compound
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · 5 months ago
Marc Spector: Stop kissing my wife!
Steven Grant: Don’t you mean “our wife”?
Jake Lockley: …wait, we’re married? How long has it been since I asked the tour guide out?
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paranormal-pajama-phantom · 25 days ago
Y/N: I’ve been dropping them the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. No response. Peter : Wow. They sound stupid. Y/N: But they’re not. They’re really smart actually. Just dense. Peter : Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I don’t know… “Hey! I love you!” Y/N: I guess you’re right. Hey Peter , I love you. Peter : See! Just say that! Y/N: Holy fucking shit. Peter : If that flies over their head then, sorry Y/N, but they're too dumb for you. Y/N: Peter .
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rubychocolatechips · 4 months ago
Stephen: Where are you going?
Y/n: To get MYSELF a gift cause somebody didn't get me one!
Stephen: I told you I did! It's coming here on Friday!
Wong, knowing full well that Stephen got Y/n an engagement ring: *eating popcorn*
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hazeinthehorizon · 3 months ago
Y/N: If I accidentally sat on a voodoo doll of myself, would I be trapped forever in that position, doomed to starve to death?
Wanda: How am I supposed to know?
Natasha: You say that as if we don’t use you as a source of knowledge of the occult.
Wanda: sighs
Wanda: You wouldn't be trapped.
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m1tskil0verr · 4 months ago
Natasha: You can't make everyone like you, you're not Y/N.
Clint: what? Not everyone likes Y/N
Natasha: who doesn't
Clint: Well-
Natasha: Names now. Give me their names
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