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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 days
Yelena: Dogs deserve to live forever.
Kate: And people don’t?
Yelena: No.
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firegal19 · 2 days
Bucky: *smiling*
Steve: What’s up with Bucky?
Sam: He took a “Which Avenger is your soulmate” quiz
Steve: And?
Sam: He got Y/n
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Steve: Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving
Y/n: Shhhh
Steve confused: Um, are we keeping Thanksgiving a secret this year?
Y/n: No dad, we’re playing this new game I learned at school. Basically you have to name all of the states in 6 minutes
Steve: What, that’s insanely easy
Y/n: Yeah, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. You always forget at least one or in some cases *looks at Pietro* 14
Pietro: It’s a stupid game and I wasn’t playing against anyone so technically I didn’t lose
Steve: Pietro, you forgot 14 states?
Pietro: Nobody cares about the Dakotas!
Steve: I just taught you the states yesterday
*The timer rings*
Y/n: Okay time’s up
Tony: I got 48
Y/n: Oh that’s not bad. Peter?
Peter: Yeah, I got tired of naming states so I decided to name the types of celery. And I have 1 type of celery
Tony: *confused and worried dad*
Y/n: Ok, Uncle Tony has 48 and Peter has the lead...in veggies. Wanda?
Wanda slams her notepad on the table: Say hello to the new champ of Y/n’s dumb states game.
Steve: Wow, how many you got?
Wanda smiling: 56
Steve: *fed up that now he has to teach Wanda and Pietro the states AGAIN*
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louwaffles · 7 hours
Y/N: *sees someone cute across the street*
Y/N, in Russian: I could pipe him down right now, this damn second. 
Natasha: *chokes*
Bucky: *wide-eyed confusion*
Wanda: Okay, I think I understood half of that.
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wandas6-gf · 3 months
Y/N: *is carrying in all the groceries*
Wanda: *holds out hand to help*
Y/N: *aggressively moves all the groceries to one hand to hold Wanda’s hand*
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greatapebroly · 2 months
Nat: Go to sleep Y/N. You too Tony
*Y/N and Tony in the lab clearly in dire need of sleep*
Y/N: what? I just woke up. Tony just woke up too, right, Tony?
*Tony in and out of sleep pouring whiskey in a glass*
Tony: Yup I just- *falls*
Nat: You we’re saying ?
Y/N: that’s just him though. I’m perfectly fine. I took a power nap 5 minutes ago.
Nat: Really ?
*Tony getting up from his power nap on the floor*
Tony: Yes really, and if you count the power naps we’ve take this month you would know that I’ve gotten 15 minutes of sleep and Y/N has gotten… Y/N?
Y/N *smirking triumphantly*: 10 full minutes of sleet
Nat: Sleep.
Y/N: Right.
*Y/N passes out*
Tony: If you can’t hang with the big dogs stay on the porch Y/N.
*Tony passes out as well*
Nat: I have to take care of everyone, don’t I?
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ilovemurdockandbarnes · 2 months
Y/n singing: I am not my body, not my mind or my brain! Not my thoughts or feelings, I am not my DNA! I am the observer, I’m a witness of life! i live in the space between the stars and the sky!
Stephen, who knows damn-well you shifted in that universe: Oh come on...really? Nobody can see it??
*Steve and Tony looking at each other in utter confusion*
Stephen: Barton? 
Clint: I don’t understand man
Stephen: Yeah, of course you don’t understand...Wanda??? Come on, I’m- *chuckles* I’m sure you know it. Between you and me. You have to know.
*Wanda shrugs*
Natasha: Doc what are you talking about?
Y/n, who scripted that nobody knows what shifting is, except for Stephen: *Smirks* Yeah, what are you talking about? 
Stephen, whispering at you: Listen here you little shit, I’ll find out where you come from, and when I’ll do that, you’ll be in trouble. *Leaves the room*
Thor: Jeez, is he okay?
Y/n: I have no idea man *grabs a pen and a notebook* I have no idea...
Wanda: Hey cute notebook! What’s that little symbol?
Y/n: Oh this? *clicks the pen* Nothing you have to worry about honey *opens the notebook smiling* nothing you have to worry about...
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welovelouisandbucky · 3 months
Avengers Incorrect Quotes #9
Y/n: hey Sammy, watcha doin?
Sam: *smirks* your Mom
Y/n: ...
Y/n: ha! Jokes on you I don't have one!
Sam: ....
Y/n: ...
Peter: do you want a hug?...
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incorrectmarvels · 5 months
Thor: Did you have to stab him?
Loki: You weren’t there. You didn’t hear what he said to me.
Thor: What did he say?
Loki: “What are you going to do, stab me?”
Valkyrie, nodding: That’s fair.
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marvelflame2010 · 1 month
Bucky: *runs to Y/n with open arms*
Teen reader: *moves out of the way*
Bucky: Hey, what was that for?
Teen reader: I thought you were going to hit me, what were you doing?
Bucky: I was going to hug you
Teen reader now confused: Why would you hug me?
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thatonebrazilian · 10 months
Y/N: *looking at Wanda, Natasha, Bucky, Steve, Tony, Peter, Yelena and Kate*
Y/N: Everybody's tragic backstory gave them mad skills and all I got were trust issues and anxiety…
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Yelena: Hey, I’m sorry for what I did earlier.
Kate: How did you get in my room??
Yelena: I’m not here to discuss your lack of home security. I’m here to apologize.
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y/n: i just want to be held sometimes
team tries to hug them*
y/n: dont fucking touch me
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marvel-lous-guy · 5 months
Harley: Hey, Tony, there's a small get together after school this Friday
Tony: Oh yeah, how small?
Peter: Just you, us and the principle
Tony: ...
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louwaffles · 1 month
Y/N: So, I have this really cool idea--
Bucky: No.
Y/N: You haven’t even heard the first part.
Bucky: For the love of--
Sam: It’s a really cool idea, James--
Bucky: I swear to the god of Thunder--
Thor: Yes?
Y/N, Sam, Bucky:
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wandas6-gf · 4 months
Y/N, under their breath: Future girlfriend say what.
Wanda and Natasha: What.
Y/N: *chokes*
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