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Natasha: I want to wrestle you
Y/N: okay let’s go to the mat and-
Natasha: in our room
Y/N: baby if you want me that’s all you have to say
Natasha: I. Want. You
Y/N picks up Natasha and carries her to their room…
Tumblr media
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Imagine Shuri finding out you sleep with a Black Panther plushie
Tumblr media
Shuri didn't realize that becoming the Black Panther would pull her away from the lab so much. Until it did the second she returned from Haiti the council started calling meeting after meeting. Which meant she had no time to oversee projects or regulate the scientists. So finally she appointed a new scientist the head of the lab for when she was away, and of course she had to pick you.
It made sense even though you were younger than some of the others. You had a brilliant mind and worked closely with her on multiple projects. Not to mention you were the one who stepped forward in her absence, and kept things running smoothly. You were grateful for the promotion, but there was one huge problem came with it.
You weren't a morning person at all.
Shuri knew you were the one to step up to the challenge while she was gone, but what she didn't know was that you were late to the lab every single morning. Which for the first few hours the workplace was kind of in a disarray. Most workers just kept themselves busy with personal projects with no one there to direct them. While others would goof around and waste time. So when you arrived it took sometime to get everyone back on track, and on the same page for what was on the agenda. Did it make things a bit harder on you?
Did you care?
The only thing you cared about was being able to sleep in as much as you wanted in the early morning. But you knew with Princess Shuri back in Wakanda and paying close attention to. How you handled your new position you would now have to be on time to the lab. But you know what they say old habits die.
After her meeting with the Council was over Shuri figured it would be nice to spend sometime in lab. While she wasn't sure of what she would be walking into with you in charge. She surely wasn't expecting pure chaos, but that's what she got. When she exited the elevator and managed to catch an object flying through the air. A bunch of scientists gathered around a technological catapult silenced their laughter, and hoots of excitement. When her eyes landed on them and she raised a judgmental eyebrow at them.
"You lot have some of the most dangerous and advanced technology at your disposal, and you use it for such childish games." She chided them setting the ball of vibranium down on a table. "Where is y/n?"
For five long seconds no one answered her as all of them just looked at the floor feeling ashamed.
"I asked you all a question I won't repeat myself" Shuri said raising her voice a bit louder this time.
All of them flinched and finally one of them pushed their way to the front of the group. He gulped nervously and slightly in fear then answered. "Princess she's not here yet if anything she's probably still in bed."
Shuri frowned at him scoffing in disbelief. "Is she always this late?"
All of them nodded not wanting to sell you out, but knowing that trying to cover for you would only get them in more trouble.
"All of you get to work on your assigned projects now." She ordered before turning back around to enter the elevator. She didn't need to stick around to see if her orders would be followed.
"Griot what is y/n's current location?" she asked.
"Y/N is currently located in her personal chambers you provided for her in the palace Princess" The A.I. answered immediately.
Well at least she didn't have too travel far too find you, and right now that was the only thing working in your favor. The elevator took her to the floor where your room was located, and she knocked on your door once. There was no sound of any movement and when she listened more closely with her super hearing. She picked up on your light snoring, and the ruffling sound of you turning around in bed. "Griot grant me access to y/n's room" she said knowing that if she tried to pry your door open herself. Then she would probably break the doorknob, or just knock it off its hinges altogether with her super strength.
Your door opened with a soft clicking noise. Shuri slipped inside and closed it behind her ready to wake you up in the loudest way possible. But the sight before her made her pause covering her mouth as she let out gasp.
You were sprawled out on the bed laying on your back. One of your arms were stretched out to the side, while the other was constricted around an object resting on your chest. That object was none other than a Black Panther plushie.
All of her anger and frustrations faded away at the adorable sight. Shuri held up her wrist and took numerous pictures of you with her kimoyo beads. Finally she decided it was time to wake you up, and crawled into the bed. On the other side with her back up against the headboard Shuri leaned over so the top half of her body was right behind your head, and snapped one more picture. She leaned down putting her mouth to your ear. "Y/N it's wakey wakey time" she whispered.
You grumbled something in your sleep and twisted your head to the side, but your eyes did start to open at the sound of her voice. Not sure if the voice you heard was a dream or real you laid there for a few more seconds letting your eyes adjust. It was when you gaze drifted up, and landed on the Princess resting on your pillow. You let out a little scream and shot up dropping the plushie into your lap. "Princess how did you-?" You started to ask looking over your shoulder at her. But then she raised a single eyebrow at you with a teasing smirk on her face.
Your head whipped back around to the alarm clock on your nightstand, and it read eleven-forty-two. You fell back with a groan realizing now why she was in your room. You weren't a little late too work you were almost four hours over your call time. "How much trouble am I in?" You asked.
Shuri shifted her body so she was now laying right beside you on her side with her head propped up by her elbow. "At first I was super furious and was going to let you have it, but I don't know your sleeping buddy kind of won me over."
You were thrown off by not only how laid back she was, but also the playful tone in her voice. The mention of a sleeping buddy confused you even more until it hit you. Your eyes widened in fear as your hands scrambled for the Black Panther plushie. But it was gone and you sat up frantically looking for it.
"Calm down its right here" Shuri said holding it up in her free hand for you to see. You attempted to take it but she rolled over onto her back, and held it over her head making you miss.
"Shuri I can explain" You told her not realizing you forgot her title.
Shuri grinned "oh please do I can't wait to hear this."
"Um the Black Panther is our protector you know so sleeping with it makes me feel a bit safer." You lied with a nervous chuckle.
"You know I would actually believe that if I knew for a fact that you didn't have one of these. When my brother was the Black Panther so want to try again?"
You let out a groan realizing that she had been in this room many times considering. How often the two of you would pretend to retire to for the night whenever T'Challa or Queen Ramonda would come to the lab, and demand that both of you get some sleep. Once it got too late, and you and her would sneak off to each other's room to continue working.
The Black Panther plushie was actually an early Christmas gift from your co-workers. They gave it to you while Shuri was away in Haiti as everyone in the lab knew about the crush you were harboring for the Princess. You flicked all them off as they teased you, but nevertheless started sleeping with the plushie as. It did bring you some comfort in the absence of your favorite person, but you intended on hiding it from her once she returned.
"It was a gift from the other scientists, and I just started sleeping with it you know. I'm not a creep or something I just missed you okay." You whispered rolling over so your back was too her now hiding the embarrassment evident on your face.
Shuri let out a few giggles scooting closer to you and resting her chin on your shoulder. "I don't think you're a creep at all, and I missed you too alright. I actually think this whole thing is pretty adorable." She pushed the plushie into your free hand, and planted a kiss on your cheek. "But you're not completely off the hook y/n if you keep being late to work. I'm going to have to demote you."
You were too shock by the brief feeling of her lips on your skin to answer right away. Your body had gone rigid, and your brain was trying to process what she meant.
"I feel like you might need a bit more motivation to get up on time, so. you have two options." Shuri went on knowing what she was about to say would snap you out of it. "One is I can threaten to send these pictures of you snuggled up to that plushie to everyone in the palace."
Indeed her first ultimatum made you perk up immediately and roll back over to see her going through. The holographic pictures pulled up from her kimoyo beads. "Princess" You whined.
"Option number two is from here on out for every morning you're on time that earns you a date with me."
Your eyes widened a bit as you processed the second option. Had you heard her right? "Like a real date?" You asked her softly.
"Of course you're the only one I want" she replied with a light shrug. Your heartbeat was beating ten times faster, and you knew she could hear it. You wondered if she was freaking out on the inside, and this laid-back attitude was just a front.
"This deal doesn't start until tomorrow morning right" You said.
Shuri nodded.
"Good because I don't think I'm going to make it to the lab anytime soon today." She tilted her head in confusion at your words until you pushed her onto her back, and your lips found hers. At first she just laid there surprised by your actions, but when you started to pull away. Shuri's hand came up to caress your cheek, and guide your lips back to hers. This time she melted into the soft and passionate kiss not caring about anything else. When her kimoyo beads started to vibrate indicating someone was calling her. Without opening your eyes or breaking the kiss. You found her other arm and removed the bracelet from her wrist to toss it to the bottom of the bed.
The two of you didn't leave your room until much later in the day.
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she is midnight rain | n. romanoff
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pairing: professor!natasha romanoff x collegestudent!reader
Tumblr media
chapter one | chapter two: midnights like this
chapter summary: you just learned that your soon-to-be professor is straight up terrible. and in an attempt to drop out of her class, you instead became the target of her humiliation. you just knew you will hate her as she will you.
warnings: evident mommy issues (not really into depth)
a/n: im very excited to write this series (that's a lie, i'm only excited about the smutty parts, the beginning, not so much). will be trying to post an update every other day ꒰ ⸝⸝ɞ̴̶̷ ·̮ ɞ̴̶̷⸝⸝꒱
Tumblr media
for all your years in high school, and the very few months you had before college, you didn't have a plan. you didn't know where you wanted to go. you didn't know what you wanted to take. there were too many choices. or maybe there's barely any. you just couldn't choose for yourself, you couldn't decide.
when you don't have a mother or in your case, when you have a mother who chose her boyfriend over you, you don't really have anyone telling you what to do, where to go. and maybe some people would love the same freedom that you had, but with that freedom was misguidance. you had nobody to help you choose, nobody to guide you, to teach you, to tell you what's best for you. you have to decide all that.
but when nobody told you what was best, what was the standard for best, how could you possibly have known. how could a child understand what was best for her when she was taught nothing about the sort.
you didn't know what you wanted, and your best judgement told you to trust in your friend and follow billy maximoff. he was your bestfriend. your other half. the only person you can confide in. you knew that you had to study where he would. you couldn't possibly survive on your own. you needed him to guide you. to tell you what to do. to protect you.
"you're in mrs. romanoff's class."
you were snapped out of your thoughts. you've been staring at the field the entire time. at the massive open field between the campus and the gate. you didn't know how long you've been here, for a moment, you didn't even remember billy being in front of you holding your class schedule.
"y/n, yoo-hoo. are you okay?" billy waved a hand in front of you. "what are you thinking?"
you sighed, "i can't believe i'm in college now and i still don't know what to do." you said, looking over billy's shoulder and getting once again lost in your own head. "how am i going to survive..."
"well, i'll survive." he said proudly, earning back your attention. you almost scowled at him for being a show-off. but he smiled at you. a soft reassuring smile. "i'll survive for the both of us." he said.
your heart fluttered a little. you didn't have a mom. or a dad. or siblings. but you had a family. you had billy.
"i know what i'm going to be. i have a plan. and while you don't have any for yourself, i'll carry you." he says.
you looked at your watch. freshman orientation is in a few, and seeing your attention on the clock sent billy the hint that you both should get going. nevertheless, your conversation didn't end as you both walked into the campus.
"how will you carry me?" you mused, not returning the same sentiment he sent you as you simply humored his words.
he held the straps of his bagpack. "mmmm..." he started thinking, "i'll get a job as soon as we graduate. you can stay with me and my parents until i get my own place which i'd be glad to share with you." he says. "that way, you can finally move out from your mum's house."
"that's... very free-loader of me." you chuckled, visualizing the life you'd share with your friend.
"well, you're my free-loader." he looks at you all giddy. "that's what friends do, right?"
you sighed, "yeah."
billy never had a good relationship with his twin brother, tommy. tommy decided to stay with his father after their parents got a divorce. billy on the other hand, stayed with his mother as she remarried.
you've never met mrs. maximoff's new husband. in fact, it's been a really long time since you'd seen billy's mom. the last time you saw her, she had some sort of a 50s haircut. from what your bestfriend tells you, she went through quite a few hair phases from a shoulder length side part to a long-haired rebonded look. at some point, you know she went crazy and got a full head of tight blonde curls. that was her, "going through a hard time with my husband so i must do something so incredibly different with my hair" hair. she went back to the normal big curls, fluffy airburn hair after she remarried though.
that's how close you were with billy. you were his sister, almost. you knew everything about him. even about his mother's haircuts half of which you're sad you weren't around to see.
"mr. stark's coming by for the orientation, did you know that?"
you looked at billy. "the rich guy who owns stark industries?"
"yeah. he's a friend of my moms and dad's."
"no way?!" you all but gasped. you did coo in shock a bit, looking at him with widened eyes. "damn, it must be nice to be connected to him." you say, your mind going on to imagine what your life would be if you were as rich as him. or even connected to him. then you wouldn't have to think about all the important decisions you need to make.
"he's connected to a lot of the professors here." billy mentions. "mr. rogers, mr. banner, mr. barton. but he's closest to mrs. romanoff. they're best friends." he looks at his watch. "i think he's here for the engineering department though. he's funding them lots."
"mrs. romanoff?" you ask, complete disregarding his following statement.
"he's the reason why mrs. romanoff met my parents." he says.
"i'm in her class right?"
you haven't taken a look at your timetable yet because billy has held onto it since it was given to you. eyeing all the names of your professors and giving you some kind of commentary about them. he knows a lot about them. mrs. maximoff used to be a professor here, and for the entirety of high school, billy frequented this very campus.
"yeah." he scoffed. "good luck."
"why? is she mean?"
"terribly." he says. "she's nice, but as your professor? she'll eat you alive."
you were in two of mrs. romanoff's classes, unfortunately for you. you had her in english literature, and business economics. and until classes had officially begun two days after your orientation, stories of how horrible she is; from how she failed more than half of the total students she's had in her lifetime, to how much she enjoys either suspending, or expelling her students over the littlest inconveniences became the center of all your conversations with billy. for someone who knows a lot about her, you wish he had gotten her instead of you. now the dreading fear of seeing her live up to your horrible expectations of her with you is just crippling.
"i'm dropping out of mrs. romanoff's classes." you blurt out during billy's long monologue of the stories he's heard about the professor.
he looked at you, "no! i didn't mean to scare you." he almost laughs. "she's actually really nice!"
you shot him a sharp glare. if he dares to defend mrs. romanoff after all the stories he's told, then he's better off shutting his mouth.
"yeah, no. too late."
there was a part of you that tugged at the idea of actually doing it. if there were something that stopped you, you would so give into it and drop it. you simply needed to know that you wanted to do—that you can do something about it so you can lie yourself into thinking that you have, this new life of yours, under control. and you were lucky enough to just serve into that purpose as you were unlucky enough to have stumbled upon a wooden door that had mrs. romanoff's name spelled out in gold letters.
natasha romanoff.
billy has been talking this entire time, explaining to you how mrs. romanoff could've been better than what he initially led you to believe. you've been taking mental notes but you haven't really been paying attention, so you only got, "she's the best professor here. constantly commended by the dean himself" and "her class is the hardest to get into. only the best of the best can get into it—"
you heard nothing further as you started fixating on how there was absolutely no way of telling if she was in as the massive window deemed useless with the blinds covering it. despite your efforts in trying to take even the smallest peak inside, no luck.
you can turn away. but you're here now. besides, not knowing whether or not she's in isn't really an inconvenience worth turning away from.
perseverance glinted your eyes. you weren't giving up. you put a hand on the handle, "y/n, no, she—", and you went in without hearing out billy, or even giving the chance for anyone to let you in.
you have to transfer out of her class before you have to go in it. as uncomfortable as this might be, it's this, or a whole year or more worth of wishing you got out when you could.
inside was a woman sitting at the desk just a few steps away from you. it was a relatively average sized room. it wasn't too small. not too cramped. but it wasn't too big either. not too empty. the walls of either sides were bookshelves. the back wall, a massive window overlooking the entire front of the school.
the woman lifted her head to see you, and immediately, you were taken aback by her... beauty. the features that are of the ordinary, but on its entirety, with all of it combined, created this image of the goddess sitting in front of you.
you melted. you pictured her to be an old woman, but now you see why everyone was so intimated by her. her simple gaze, and unmoving disinterest of your presence made you feel so small. to have such a gorgeous woman look at you like you didn't matter, exactly the way that she did you, is so intimidating. so belittling. yet, you were enamored. you were captured by her. she was just simply mesmerizing. satisfying.
she had red hair. massive curls that cascaded down her shoulders as if so intricately placed to look so neat and clean. she had a side part, though, it was barely noticeable as the part was a lot closer to the center than it should be for a side part. her eyes were so brightly... emerald. despite of the shadows created by the light behind her, it stayed so vibrant. like a gem. she had such a beautifully molded nose. and red lips. you wanted nothing else but to stare at her forever.
"i suggest you start saying something now, before this intrusion of yours becomes the reason why your time here ends."
her voice sent chills down your spine. you felt goosebumps. all the hair in your body rose. her voice was so terribly cold. she was composed, and calm. and had not a care in the world, especially you. the way she delivered it with such disinterest, almost in a condescending way made you feel so small. it gave you all the more reason to drop out.
she was looking up at you. her chin was resting at the back of her hand where she had a pen between her fingers.
she made your heart race in fear.
"i'm in your class." you take a deep breath. "i'd like to drop out."
you see the end of her lip twitch almost in amusement when her eyes dropped to the papers on her desk. she fixed her posture and started fixing the mess she had laid out. she did it so painfully slow as if you weren't there. but when she stood up, placing both of her hands on her desk, you knew she wasn't trying to torture you. the way the end of her lip raised into the slightest grin made you realize she was having her fun with you. like one of the students she'd amuse herself with first, embarrass, torture, belittle, before kicking out. almost like you were a toy. one of the many for her.
you gulped.
"tell me, miss y/f/n y/l/n. why do you want to drop out?" she asks, slowly going around her desk before she gestured to a chair in front of it—not to offer you a seat, but to require you to do as she wants, and sit down. "you haven't even seen me in class yet. i doubt you even had the chance to attend your very first class which you will soon miss if you continue to—waste, my, time."
you gulped again. something about the way she stares at you while she walks to the small table by the bookshelf where she had a few glasses and whiskey made your throat dry.
"i heard stories."
"i assure you, miss y/l/n," you flinched a bit when her glass hits the surface of her desk, later followed by her body dropping to her seat in the most elegant way. "whatever you heard is true."
goosebumps again. not good goosebumps. "please let me leave because i want to cry" goosebumps. her eyes were piercing through you, you can't imagine moving. to even relax your shoulder and somehow offending her with the slight movement is such horror for you.
she took a sip from her drink. before letting the glass hang barely by her fingertips as she leans closer to you, her chin resting once again on the back of her hand.
"how old are you?" she asks.
"i just turned 18." you answer quickly as if it would disappoint her if you waited a beat.
"what is something worth knowing about a y/f/n y/l/n?" you didn't notice the way your name rolled off her tongue. you didn't notice she knew your name this entire time. she said it with such grace. never had your name sounded so foreign. so new. so beautiful.
something about her was pulling you in. sucking you into her. and you weren't sure if it was the fear of getting kicked out, or just because of her sheer charms that made you blurt out every thinkable thing about you.
"i'm 18. i just turned 18." you started, taking a deep breath in and calming yourself down when you realized how quick you were talking. "i can't drive for the life of me. i hate milk. i'm plainly unhealthy. i don't drink vitamins. or eat an average amount of nutrients and meals in general. i'm nocturnal, i can't fall asleep at night. i love juice, soda, everything but water. i have a complicated relationship with my hair. i..." the realization stunned you. the realization that you were sitting in the office of who you heard was the strictest professor in this very university, telling her about the most absurd, uninteresting things about you, when you might just be on the very verge of getting kicked out of your bestfriend's dream university.
you calmed yourself down. you tried to rid yourself of the panic you resorted to burying deep deep down, you fixed your posture, cleared your throat, and in the most modulated voice that you can harness within yourself, you said, "i am ambitious, strong, independent—" that's a lie. "bright, optimistic, and persistent. and i really want to have the opportunity to begin my year in this university—" hopefully not in your class. "because i know that i have the exact amount of wit, and dedication this school is looking for in a student." i don't want to be in your class. "if given the opportunity to... in a different class wherein i can flourish."
"well," she says as if impressed. you stood up when she did, giving her a hopeful expression like that's going to boost your chances of getting out of her class without suffering the grave consequences she's known to give.
she moved around the table again, this time, moving slowly towards you. step by step. closer each passing second. and when the two of you were finally faced to face with each other without the desk between you, her small smirk dropped. "no." she says in a way that showed you how amused she was of putting your efforts of coming in here to waste without sounding anywhere besides stern.
"i said no."
"no, what?" at this point, you were in distress. but you tried your best to hide it. you weren't very successful though. your voice raised, though you all but shouted.
her left hand rested on the surface of her desk when she leaned her hip against it, tipping her head slightly to the side, "look, miss y/l/n, i did not just waste all this time getting to know you and your... habits, just for you to drop out of my class."
her tone was unkind. she was cold, and stern. and she wanted nothing but to get her way. your attempts gave her mere amusement. she didn't acknowledge you, or your request, she just wanted to see the way your face would contort in shock when she declines you after letting you think your efforts would get you anywhere.
"but, mrs. romanoff—"
"BUT...! miss y/l/n—" she didn't shout, but the way she said it, the way her voice raised. you wanted to crawl into a cave and cry. especially with the way her eyes lingered on a little too long on yours before she looked away and returned to her seat. "i could so easily penalize you for entering my office with no permission." her tone was mad. graceful, elegant. calm and collected. but mad. "i would have you suspended if i didn't appreciate your... attempt, to even come inside my office, to speak to me and look me straight in the eye requesting me for something... you're gutsy. you could've used that in my class instead."
you weren't going to win.
today, you realized, that mrs. romanoff will always have the power. and if you can't handle that, then you're better of leaving the school.
she's dreadful. she's dark. she's the storm that angers the seas. and the rain at midnight. she is going to potentially ruin your chances of succeeding in this university—in life, and you will... hate her as you are now definitely sure she will you.
"i'll see you later."
you did see her later. a blissful 2 hours without her was replaced by dread when the moment you sat on the very back of the lecture hall, she came in. everyone stood before her, as if it were highschool, and you just went with it. just a mere clack of her high heeled shoes had everyone on their feet, their hands on their chest as if she was a goddess to be worshiped.
"good morning, everyone."
nobody spoke, it was mere silence after a beat of her greeting in which she gestured everyone to sit. you hid behind a tall man. the lecture hall was packed. although, there were a few empty seats up front.
"i'd like to begin today with..." she didn't have much with her. she only had a clipboard which she places on her desk. she took quite a while adjusting. but when she did; when she was leaning back on her seat, her legs elegantly crossed, where her hands rested on her knee, she looked straight ahead. and for a moment, you thought you can feel her eyes boring through the people you're hiding behind of and staring at you. "i have absolutely zero tolerance for any of your bullshit." all the calmness of her tone before was replaced by a sheer sharpness. "you either do as i say, exactly as i say it, or you leave this classroom. better yet, this school. are we clear?" she was stern. and you were scared. "now," she says with an exhale. "you at the back," you froze. "are we clear with that?"
Tumblr media
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le toloa → black panther 2 [namor]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Namor x Eternal!Reader, Polynesian!Reader 
Summary: If you were only ever created to serve Arishem, it did not feel like it. Not when you’d grown to cherish your people in the South Pacific and the entirety of Earth as reverently as you did and not when your heart, artificial or not, belonged to a man from beneath the sea.
This idea has been at the forefront of my mind for awhile now so I had to write it down. I hope you enjoy! 
le toloa → black panther 2 [namor]
If you were only ever created to serve Arishem, it did not feel like it.
Not when you’d grown to cherish your people in the South Pacific and the entirety of Earth as reverently as you did and not when your heart, artificial or not, belonged to a man from beneath the sea.
In the aftermath of Ajak’s death, of Sersei’s frantic call that detailed what was happening–it didn’t take you too long to gather your belongings, to retrieve all the documents you needed just in case before you rushed behind your house, down the pathway and towards the secluded formation that was hidden deep behind your home.
In the cove you’d created decades ago, he waits for you as he always does. Somehow always finding his way back to your little hideout, again and again, as devoted as the waves that lapped at your shore.
Skin beaded with water, dark eyes pinned on you, always on you–the man you find does not match the names he’d been given over the past five hundred years, a fraction to your own existence. 
K'uk'ulkan. Niño sin amor. Namor. 
Legends only ever depicted him as one of two things: The merciless feathered serpent god worshipped by a long existing culture or the child without love, he who would light the world aflame if only he was not shackled to the ocean. 
Here in this refuge you’d created, however, you’d learned that he was more than just that. Had spent nearly four hundred years unearthing every cavern of his mind, body and soul.
Without saying it, you know his worry has guided him through the currents today. 
“I came to make sure you were unhurt after the Earthquake,” he says lowly, lacking the teasing lilt he often greeted you with. “But it seems you might know more than me already...”.
The armour you wear is dappered in metallic [favourite colour] with [complimentary colour] accents, something he has not seen before in all of your years together.
Wearing it not even a week after the world felt Tiamut’s movement is all the evidence he needs, a damning fact that the tremors felt all over the world are more than what they are. 
Slowly, Namor rises from the water and as he does, sea-foam bubbles around him, the worry you weren’t even aware had begun to fester dispersing just the same. 
“I take it this is not for pleasure?” he continues, his nonchalance contradicted by the twitch of winged ankles. 
“I’m afraid not,” you reply in lieu of your normal greeting.
His eyes linger on the glow of your hands, of the way your shoulders and arms are taught in a way he is unfamiliar with and you’re warmly reminded that he is not the only one who has been made bare before in this cove. 
As detailed as you can, you explain to him what you had learned in the past few hours: Arishem had created your family to evolve the human species, not for their own betterment; but so their progression could provide enough energy for a Celestial to emerge from the Earth’s core once the Deviants were eliminated.
The world is ending, you reveal, almost choking on the cold, ugly truth. 
When Sersei had explained it the first time, between rasped breaths and soft cries, you didn’t allow yourself time to lament what it all meant.
But now, seeing what you’ve come to consider the architect of your very being in front you, the truth unravels in a way that you cannot deny what it is.
An anchor that will drown you, or has drowned you already, considering all you’ve lost before. The people, memories, the love. 
"We’ve never fought a Celestial before,” you admit, thinking of Thena, anguished and desperate, the echo of infinity seared into her gaze, before you think of your people and of him. “But we want this planet to be our last. I want it to be my last.” 
It is not the words, but they might as well be.  
In an instant, Namor grips your wrist, pulling you back into him as you huff with surprise. 
His arms band around your waist, keeping you caged where he can nose along the column of your neck, hear the hitch in your breath at his closeness.
“If this is then true, tell me why I shouldn’t persuade you to stay with me?” he growls lowly at the base of your throat, easily shifting between calm and not, as fluid as the sea. “I could compel you to stay here where it’s safe, where you can stay here with me,”.
You can’t help but groan under the ministrations of his teeth on your skin when he begins to nibble, hands moving towards his face as you summon every ounce of sensibility in you to turn his head away. A hard feat, given the way your blood sings as slivers of his siren melody bleed into his words. 
“Because though you would rather see the world burn, you would protect your people by any means necessary,” you gasp, feeling your fondness for him swell when he stills, caught.
For Talocan, Namor would protect his Kingdom by any means and at any cost. Even if he despised the rest of the world and would gladly burn the surface asunder, he would not condemn his people to burn, too. 
You and your family, as splintered as they’ve come to be, are the greatest gamble he can take to save them and everyone else. Even if it means he can’t join you.
Silent in his defeat, Namor–sweet, enchanting Namor– tilts your head to his languidly, leaning forward and bringing you in a kiss that makes you both want to leave and surrender yourself to him all at once.
Humming, he slots your mouths together even more as he shifts you in his arms, and you have to swallow the moan the bubbles in your throat once he pulls away, fingers digging into the flesh of your hips. 
“The ocean has given me many miracles, mi puksik’al. But it has also given me many tragedies...” he says hoarsely, after a moment.
Leaning his forehead against your own to stare you deep in the eyes, it’s a wonder he’s only ever been called cruel and monstrous things when he all he is is bewitching. Wondrous even as he pleads: “I cannot afford one more, [Your Name].” 
As he breathes, you press your nose against his and do the same. Feeling your heart break and mend all at once as you take life from his breath. 
When you first landed on Earth, you found that there was no greater resource on the planet than its ocean. Deep, vast and endless. A force that could give as easily as it took away. 
You’d revered it and its various forms the same way you did the man before you. Perhaps less than him now, you admit in this moment, when he leans back and brushes his lips against the crown of your head. 
“Come back to me,” comes the murmur. “Meent’ uts”.
Closing your eyes, all you can do is nod as you take in the scent of salt and tears, rasping, “E lele le toloa ae ma’au i le auvai” as you surge upward to breathe him in once more. 
Since all the Eternals all belong to different ethnic groups, Reader is Polynesian. I imagine her living somewhere on the island of Niue, as it is a coral atoll and has natural coves and chasms already though you can imagine otherwise.  
The way Reader “takes life from his breath” when pressing their forehead against Namor’s references the Maori people and the action of the hongi, which recalls the Māori legend of the creation of the first earthly woman, Hineahuone. She was formed from clay by the creator god Tāne, who then breathed life into her nostrils.
“E lele le toloa ae ma’au i le auvai” is a Samoan proverb meaning that life may take someone far from home but they will always return. Case and point: Reader and Namor. 
E lele le toloa ae ma’au i le auvai = The toloa bird flies far, but will always return to the water.
I am not an expert in the Mayan/Yucate language, which I believe is the main language Namor speaks, but I’ve taken the following translations from various online sources and apologise sincerely if its not quite right. Please correct me where I’m wrong and I’ll note it down for future reference. I’d also appreciate any reputable linguistic sources for all my fanfics moving forward, but anyway:
mi puksik’al = my heart
Meent’ uts = please
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shurisgf · 3 days
★ Anniversary // Shuri 18+ ★
Pairing: Shuri x F!Reader
Warning: Fluff & Smut
A/N: enjoy your read! i love this one so much 🤫❤️
Word Count: 1.9k+
Recommended Song: 2 On, Tinashe 🫣
You and Shuri had reached your 1 year anniversary. You found it hard to believe. For a full year, you had been dating Shuri, your girlfriend. Just the thought of it was insane. You adore her deeply, and occasionally you question what life would be like without her. You prefer not to think about it a lot, yet sometimes you can't stop your mind from overthinking it. As you stood in front of the mirror getting ready for your date, you couldn't recognize yourself. You were wearing a beautiful, black dress made of silk that nicely complemented your curves. It had a deep v neckline that exposed a bit of cleavage. Underneath, you wore a black lace matching bra and panty set that exposed just enough, but no too much, of your body to drive Shuri crazy. Your hair was styled in jet black box braids, and it was pulled up into a bun on top of your head. You wore a diamond jewelry set that Shuri gifted you a month ago. You are continually getting presents from her. You tell her repeatedly not to spend all of her money on you, but she just ignores you and continues to buy you things. She uses gifts to show her love. But you always make sure to repay your Princess's kindness by any means possible. You made the decision to head downstairs, where Shuri was waiting for you, after giving yourself one final smile in the mirror.
The nervousness was getting to you. You began to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, that you should go back upstairs and change. But it was too late, Shuri had already seen you walking downstairs, leaned against her car. Her eyes were wide open, jaw dropped completely to the floor. She looked so baffled that you couldn’t help but grin at her cuteness. Finally reaching the floor, you walked shyly toward her. She wasted no time in touching you. One thing about Shuri, is that she loves to touch you. It was one of her favorite feelings in the world. Especially after a long day of work in the lab, she couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of your hazel, smooth skin underneath her fingertips. It was euphoric to her. She pulled you in gently by your waist and looked down at you, astounded, by how appealing you look in that gorgeous, thin black dress. “You look beautiful, sthandwa.” She spoke while running her hands up and down the sides of your torso. Her small gestures were enough to make you want to jump on her and kiss her on the spot, and make out like nobody was watching. But, you had to control yourself from taking her on, especially in front of the Dora.
“Thank you my love. Not to shabby yourself.” You add, and Shuri giggles a bit, laughing at your response. She was wearing a suit that she had gotten tailored to fit her body shape. It hugged her waist perfectly. The way that suit showed every curve of her body perfectly was doing things to you, and you couldn’t wait for what she had in store for tonight. “Shall we leave?” Shuri asks, to which you smile in response. “Of course my love.” You respond, as Shuri leads you to the other side of the car, opening the door for you as you slip inside the gorgeous purple Corvette that Shuri owned. The inside was black leather, with purple detailing in the thread of the seats. It had beautiful led lights on the underside of the vehicle that Shuri made herself a couple months ago in the lab. Shuri walked to the driver side, opened the door and sat gracefully in her seat. Getting into her usual position, gripping your thigh as always. She was so possessive over you and you loved it. She switched the car into drive and began driving, listening to Koffee, her favorite artist, on the radio. Koffee’s warm melodic voice caused you to start thinking. You began to get lost in your own thoughts. You’d never felt so in love before. Nobody has ever touched you the way Shuri has. Nobody has ever listened to you the way Shuri does. She makes you feel so special. Her love for you is so apparent and it makes you smile.
It didn’t take you much time to arrive. Especially with this fast car, everywhere you went with Shuri was at sonic speed. Gazing at the outside of the restaurant building, you were in awe. It was the same place that Shuri had taken you both on your first date. It almost brought you to tears. She’s so thoughtful with everything she does. She’s truly the best thing that ever happened to you. Looking at your reaction can’t help but make Shuri smile. This is exactly the reaction she wanted from you. She wanted to make you feel special. And she was on the right track, that’s for sure. “Aww my love, don’t cry baby.” She said in her honey voice, rushing over to comfort you. “You’re going to make me ruin my makeup.” You replied with a slight chuckle, your voice breaking, trying not to cry. Shuri held the frame of your face gently in her hands. Like you were a fragile diamond she didn’t wish to break. The two of you stood in silence staring in to each other’s eyes. You were about to speak, before Shuri leaned down and kissed you. Gently guiding your lips along with hers. Startled, you returned the kiss, and the two of you were kissing passionately, both of you not wanting to let go.
When the two of you finally stopped, Shuri pulled away and wiped a tear off of your cheek, still staring deeply into your eyes. Shuri knew the effect her eyes had on you. They made you nervous. And so you looked away, embarrassed, which earned a laugh from Shuri. “C’mere, let’s go inside.” Shuri spoke, taking your hand in hers as she guided you inside of the restaurant, making sure to open the doors for you along the way. “Hello, Good Afternoon ladies! Do you have a reservation?” The waitress spoke to both of you upon entering the building. You looked over at Shuri waiting for her response. “Yes. It’s under the name Shuri Udaku.” She replied in that same honey tone you loved, and the waitress grinned. “Gotcha! You two can follow me.” The waitress led you and Shuri to a beautiful private room that Shuri had rented out for the both of you. The walls had beautifully decorated gold accents, and windows that had a gorgeous view of the beach on the other side. There was a beautiful light fixture dangling down from the ceiling. The light fixture was also gold and had beautifully strung crystals hanging from it. The table was elegantly set. Gold silverware decorating the black embroidered tablecloth that sat on the table. The table only had two seats. Directly in front of each other. It was an intimate scene. You face looked like a kid in a candy shop. Wow. She went all out. Shuri never failed to astonish you. This night was already incredible and it had barely begun yet.
The waitress left you two alone after leading you two to your private room. Shuri grabbed your hand and lead you to your chair. Pulling the chair from underneath the table for you, Shuri spoke, “Here you are sthandwa.” She looked at you, love was evident in her expression. Taking your seat, Shuri made her way to the other side of the table and sat. “This is amazing, baby.” You spoke while still looking around at the gorgeous room surrounding you. “I’m glad you love it beautiful. This is all for you my love.” She spoke, grinning at you. But it wasn’t an innocent grin. It was as if she was hiding something behind that smile, and you want to know what it is. Before you could speak, a waitress came in, interrupting the intimate scene the both of you were sharing. “Hello ladies. What can I get you started with tonight?” The waitress spoke. “Well, for starters we’ll have a bottle of your finest wine.” Shuri replied. “Alright then, I will be right back.” The waitress spoke to us, disappearing to the back of the restaurant. The room was silent. But it wasn’t an awkward silence, it was a comfortable one. Shuri was staring at you, eyeing your body from top to bottom, not missing a single spot while biting her lips. As if she was hungry for you. The way she made you feel was insane. Nobody has ever had this effect on you. Every part of your body wanted to jump across the table and fuck her right there. But, you kept your composure. And the waitress returned shortly after, no doubt, holding the bottle of wine. Pouring you both a glass, she spoke up. “Are we ready to order?” She spoke out loud, her voice echoing in the expensive looking room. “Ladies first.” Shuri replied, looking at you, curious at what you would order. Chuckling softly, you spoke up in that sweet voice Shuri loved. “I’ll have the jerk pasta, please.” You said. “Okay.” She said, pausing for a minute, writing your order in her notepad. “And would you like that with chicken or beef?” She asked. “Chicken.” You replied, earning a laugh from shuri. Staring back at her, you were confused at what she was laughing about. “What’s so funny?” You questioned her. “Nothing.” She spoke in between laughs. “You just always order chicken.” She spoke, laughing once more. Rolling your eyes at your lover, the waitress then asked Shuri what she’d like to eat. To which she responded with her typical steak. She always orders steak, yet she’s laughing at you for ordering chicken. You scoff mentally. This woman is unbelievable.
The sexual tension in the air grew thicker as the both of you knew that your magical date was drawing closer to an end. The both of you shared a chocolate cake for dessert and Shuri paid for the bill. She was now leading you out of the restaurant, holding your hands and not letting go. Outside of the restaurant, your girlfriend pulled you in by your waist, roaming every part of your body, as she spoke up, “You look so damn sexy in that dress. What should stop me from taking you in that car and fucking you, hm?” She said. God, the way she talked to you in that tone drove you crazy, and you knew you would love whatever’s coming next. “Nothing.” You replied in a seductive tone, that drove Shuri over the edge. Before you knew it, both of you were in the back seat of her Corvette, making a mess. Shuri was two fingers deep inside of your wet pussy. Finger fucking you relentlessly. You were a moaning mess, you loved it when Shuri fucked you. It felt like you were in heaven. “You like that my love?” She spoke in a deep seductive tone, to which you couldn’t respond because she had fastened the pace of her fingers inside of you. You can’t help but throw your head back in pleasure, knots beginning to form in your stomach. Your walls clenched around Shuri’s fingers, and she knew you were close, increasing her speed once more. This time repeatedly hitting your G-Spot, until you saw stars, and your back arched against her. You released your juices all over her fingers, and let yourself fall onto her body. Shuri chuckled. She loved when she pleasured her princess. “Look at you, making this big of a mess.” She teased you. “It’s all over my hand, love.” She spoke, and began placing kisses all over your neck, every part of your neck receiving attention from her lips. You could only respond in whimpers, still sensitive from the rapid finger fucking she just gave you.
“I love you so much, happy anniversary love.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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shurislvrgirl · 2 days
riri williams x reader
"How can you not love your best friend when they make you love yourself the most?"
this is my first time writing in a WHILEEE so let me know if i should keep doing this
You and Riri had been best friends for a while now and there wasn’t anything that the two of you didn’t know about each other, well not everything.
Tumblr media
You had just gotten out of your studio art class and was about to grab something to eat with a couple of friends when Someone grabs your hand.  You tensed up before turning to see your best friend Riri. “Girl don’t do that I could’ve punched you.” You said sucking your teeth making her hum a laugh.”Oh no I’m terrified” She says making you roll your eyes Your frown quickly turned into a smile as you brought your best friend into a hug. “Where you headed ma?” She asked walking along side you.  “That cafe down the street, I got some friends I’m meeting up with.” Riri’s heart then sank, her facial expressions didn’t match though. She somehow managed to keep the same warm hearted smile on her face. “Cool, can I tag along? I’m starving.” She asked you and immediately you agreed. In all honesty the ‘friends’ you were hanging out with were assholes. And It’s not like it bothered you but… It bothered you. You just didn’t have the voice to say so.
The walk to the cafe was entertaining as Riri was telling you about how she out smarted her professor earlier today. “Swear Y/N you should’ve seen her she was all choked up.” You began to laugh.
that damn laugh, This girl is perfect Riri thought to herself as she looks over to you.
Y/Ns pov
“Okay this is it.”  I say pausing before opening the door. “Look Ri these people are mm weird. just take everything as a joke that’s what I do.” I told her. We walk in and I see my friends sitting at a booth close to the back. I walk over to them with Riri following behind me. “Ahh my girl what’s up.” Daija, from one of my morning classes stood up to hug me. I return the hug fast but pulled away quicker. “Who’s that?” my other friend, Nate said pointing towards Riri who was standing there awkwardly. I smiled and put an arm around her. “THIS, is Riri.” you emphasized the word this. “Aka the smartest person I know” I say making eye contact with Riri with a smile on my face. As you were in your own world your friends were all waiting for you to introduce them to Riri. When your gaze returned to them you spoke up. “Oh yeah uh Ri this is Olivia Daija Nathan D’Andre and Aries”  Riri made a face at the last one. “Aries?” She questioned him. “Ask my parents” He said shaking his head looking down. “Alright well Ima go order, You want anything?” She asked pulling out a 20 dollar bill. “Mm just get me whatever you’re getting.” I tell her realizing my arm from around her shoulder. She nodded and walked away leaving me with my curious, no. NOSY ass friends
“So thats yo lil sugar momma?” Daija asked watching you sit down and you rolled your eyes. “Hop out my business Daija. And anyway we’re just friends” And although you might’ve said it out loud, it didn’t feel right calling her just your friend. “Good that means I have a chance” D’Andre jokes from across the table. You scoffed and pulled out your phone. “Yeah right” You say out of spite. “She’s too good for you”. At this point you could feel all eyes on you. The feeling of it made you look up fr a brief moment to see them all looking at me and then back at each other. “Issue?” Was all you said before Olivia spoke up. “Yeah and I bet you think you’re better?” She says. Classic fucking Olivia always trying to start something. 
Riris POV
“Yeah that’s it.” I told the girl at the register. As I was paying for the food I could hear Olivia getting loud with Y/n. I quickly turn my head and all i could see was my annoyed best friend rolling her eyes while her friend was trying to start problems. I quickly grabbed my change from the girl and walked over to the booth. I pulled up a chair at sat it right next to Y/N and when I say we were close I means our legs were practically touching. 
“You’re always tryna act better than everyone” Olivia continued. That’s when Y/N had went silent. I look over worryingly at Y/N before glaring at her friend. “Yo chill out Liv” D’Andre says  sitting up before looking over to me.
“You know what now that I think of it I have seen you around” He says smiling. I was confused because ONE I had no idea who this boy was and two I’ve definitely never seen him before. “Well it must’ve been from afar cause I didn’t even know you existed til a minute ago.” I told him making the rest of his friends laugh. Even Y/N cracked a smile. Fuck bro, has she always been this pretty? “Damn bro I guess Y/N was right. You might as well give up right now” Aries says playfully hitting the boy next to him. Oh I get it. As they continued to talk Y/ns leg had started bouncing against mine. The sudden feeling of her on me made my heart race. I knew she did this out of discomfort so as I sat my hand on her thigh, reassuring her that everything was gonna be alright. She looked at me then back at my hand and gave it a small smile which made me return the expression. 
After you and Riri’s order was finally ready and the two of you ate while talking to your friends. After a while you all decided that you’ve seen enough of each other and left the cafe. The walk back was quiet between you and Riri but she still had your hand in hers, clasped together. You look down at the sighting and finally decided to say something.
Riri’s POV
I heard Y/N giggle before she said anything. “You know my they thought you were my girlfriend.” She says looking away from our hands and back up at me.  And I swear that for a second my heart was beating out of my chest. “Oh yeah and what did you say, Sweetheart” I said obviously teasing her as a joke but then she held a smile upon her face. “How many time’s I gotta tell you not to call me that Riri” She says letting out a small laugh making me laugh as well. “Well If I didn’t know any better I’d say your stubborn ass likes it when I call you that” This time I had stopped us both from walking placing my hands on her waist. This is it, I was finally about to confess. I could tell that she was flustered and it caught me off guard. is it a chance that she could like me back? I guess it’s now or never. I slowly leaned in closer and so did she, thats all I needed to know. Without any hesitation our lips had finally touched and in that very moment I could feel my soul leaving my body. The kiss was so passionate.She then let her arms rest on my shoulder. After a few seconds I pulled away and somehow maintained eye contact with her. 
“See? I knew you liked it” I teased before laughing for a bit. “Haha very funny.” She said sarcastically. I calmed down giving her a small smile before she gave me a small peck on the lips. After that she smiled and looked down at my arms being wrapped around her waist. “How ‘bout 
we go back to my place and talk? You know before we make it official.” She nodded in agreement and continued to walk to dorms…
hand. in. hand.  
back at her dorm
The two of you laid peacefully in each others arms on Riri’s bed, music playing in the background(2AM by sza😮‍💨). “So how long have you had feelings for me?” Y/N asked. “A month after we met” You sat up making Riri copy your action. “Ri That was so long ago! Don’t tell me you were sending signs too” She said disappointingly. She just smiled at you as she moved you to sit on her lap sitting her hands on your thighs. “You’re so oblivious Y/N you know that?.” Was all she said before she kissed you again. This time it lasted longer. When you pulled away from each other you placed your forehead on hers. 
“I love you, Riri.”
“I love you even more sweetheart
ALR IM DONE FOR THE NIGHT😭 truly put my heart into this so i hoped y'all enjoyed let me know if i should do another one of these
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takenbypeter · 3 days
Accidental kiss and trying to impress them I kinda confused between this two.....you choose one
For Him
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x reader
Words: 359
Authors note: thank you for requesting!!! I ended up choosing impress them I hope you like it
Tumblr media
“Popcorn check. Comfy blanket check. Lights off check.” After going through your checklist you hit the play button and sat down, wrapping yourself in your huge quilt. Practically twenty minutes in, you hear a knock at your window.
Immediately you start frantically searching for the remote that has so inconveniently gone missing. Barely another second later Pete slides the window open. With a “hey,” he climbs inside and all you can do is toss your blanket over the screen.
“Hey! Hey Pete! What are…what are you doing here?”
Given your odd reaction his expression shifts into slight confusion, “just thought I’d stop by,” he looks passed you while you try to stand in front of his view, clearly you’re not doing a well enough job because his eyes widen and a huge grin spreads across his face while he moves around you to pull the blanket off.
“Are you watching Star Wars? Without me?” He asks, voice hurt by the lack of invitation.
“Only the first one! You know it so well and I just wanted to watch some so I have a little understanding of what’s going on before I asked you to watch the rest with me.”
Lips widening into a grin he points a hand towards himself, “you were watching…for me?”
“Well yeah. I know you love it and you talk about it all the time, I just figured you’d like it if I…we’ll you know shared it with you. I don’t know if that makes sense but I just figured you’d like it if I actually had an opinion on some of the stuff you’ve told me.”
“Are you kidding me?” He takes a seat on your floor where you were seated before he entered. In one move he shoots a web at your hand pulling it and essentially pulling you down into his lap, “that’s like the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
You can’t help but let out a little scoff, “I doubt that.”
“It is!” He states, grabbing the bowl of popcorn and holding it in front of you, all while reaching for the remote that oh so suddenly appeared.
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savash4 · 2 days
Natasha:*hands fury papers*this is y/n's interrogation results on loki
Fury:where is y/n himself?
Natasha:he scratched loki's name and wrote pathetic baby girl instead and for the cause of attack he just says [cause he was bored ya basic bitches]
Natasha:and there is also the fact that loki told thor he has found a little meow meow he is in love with
Natasha:so...we sould be a little worried that they both can't be found right now and there has been several explosions all over the city
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axailslink · 2 days
Who do I write for? Shuri Udaku, Riri Williams, and Eddie Munson
Shuri Udaku
What type of kisser is Shuri? *
summary: This is just a little something from my mind based on what I think Shuri would be like when it comes to kissing.
You look good in black *
Summary: Shuri has just finished forming her alliance with Namor and recovering from the fight and you can't seem to tear your eyes away from how good she looks in her black panther suit.
Dates with Shuri *
Summary: Hc's
you look so much better without it *
summary: You become overcome with a vengeance after Shuri makes an alliance with Namor
How jealous can Shuri be? *
summary: Hc's
The scientist
summary: Wakanda has finally opened its doors to a few select young intelligent students from colleges all across the world and you're one of the few selected. While this is such an amazing opportunity to see some new land and be invited to a new and amazing place you can't help but shoot your shot at the princess.
Shuri is overprotective *
summary: Hc's
Are you ready? *
summary: you find yourself falling in love with the princess I mean how could you not? She's gorgeous and smart. The princess thinks you're bullshitting and has been pushing away her feelings in avoidance of getting hurt. She's afraid you'll run in fear of commitment.
Doing Shuri's hair *
summary: Hc's
you're Angry
summary: The reader is putting Shuri's head on the right because she's letting anger fuel her choices.
summary: Sharing gifts on your anniversary leads to a welcoming surprise from Shuri.
Would you like me to be gentle?
summary: you are invited to Wakanda they were trying to open their doors more even though there are people who want and will steal from them. Princess Shuri assumes the type of person you are only to be proved wrong.
You broke up with me *
Summary: you and Shuri had broken up when she was in the worse state she couldn't deal with a girlfriend and grief so you left but now that you've come back all emotions come back full speed.
Riri Williams
We both sick
Summary: You found out Riri has a cold and you're fifty minutes away.
Baby take a break
Summary: You've been studying for the most complex test of the term and Riri just gives you a little distraction based on seeing how stressed you are.
Dating Riri
Summary: hc's
(^ Working on more for her don't worry about the lack of fics.^)
Honestly, I ain't putting Eddie on this list I'm just too lazy right now
most popular: *
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risentohell · 2 days
Once an Avenger now a dead HYDRA Agent
Tony’s shoulders hung as well did Steve’s “we did this didn't we Steve, you and me were the reason that bright and young, wonderful human is no longer with us.” the billionaire asked before sinking into a chair that sat in the corner of the room. Steve stood there for a good minute before answering “no Stark we didn't, those bastards at HYDRA did this not us.” he placed a hand on your covered arm. “I'll kill them all for this I promise you Y/N” he whispered as he squeezed your arm then left your cold dead body and Tony alone in the room.
Three and a half months prier-
“Yes I get it, I messed up the mission, now can your three stop harassing me about it we got the info and the building was destroyed so what does it matter now.” you screamed at the people in front of you. Steve slammed his hands on the table between you “no you don't Y/N your mess up caused Clint and Wanda to get injured.” he bellowed back at you, shrinking in the chair you were sitting in and you frowned, not even trying to defend yourself. “this was your last strike Y/N you're off the team, pack your things and leave the compound.” Natasha said coldly as she uncrossed her arms.
You sat there for a moment trying to understand what she just said. Sitting up straight, cleared your throat trying to hold the tears that were filling up your eye’s at bay, you smiled at them “alright then if that's the decision.” you said raising from the seat and leaving the room with no goodbye or fight in your voice, besides you knew they never even wanted you there to begin with so if they were going to use this as an excuse to throw you away so easily than you were going to let it happen with a smile.
You didn't even pack away your stuff you had gathered in your bedroom over the past year just simply strolled out of the building leaving behind the last seven years of SHIELD work and the last year of being on the Avengers. Gone washed away as you walked to your bike and drove off as the tears finally left your eyes. They broke you that day and as the tears rolled down your cheeks you let the devil inside of you out fully for the first time in ten years knowing that you wouldn't be able to stop it this time even if you wanted to.
Clint woke with a cough, his lungs burning from the pain of one of his three broken ribs having stabbed them. Natasha bolted up right from the chair she was sleeping in “god Clint we thought you would never wake up. Hopefully since you're awake Wanda will wake up soon.” she said as she grabbed a glass of water and offered the straw to the man, he refused and cleared his throat “is Y/N okay if it wasn't for them Wanda and I would be dead.” he coughed out before finally accepting the drink. Natasha froze as she squeezed the paper cup tighter “there okay right Nat?” Clint asked with a frown, his heart monitor rising as he pushed her hands away and tried to sit up.
She couldn't answer ‘what did he mean Y/N saved them?” she thought, her heart pounding. “NATASHA ANSWER ME IS Y/N OKAY” Clint screamed, his heart monitor a constant scream now. She stepped back from the bed “I…uhh…we….they di….they didn't do….this?” she muttered out to the man who began yanking the tubes from his arms.
Clint and Wanda stood there shocked as twenty armed guards pointed their guns at them, when suddenly you burst through the doors too there left all the guns that were on them pointed to you. You froze for a second “sorry guys but those dont really work on me.” you told them casually as you slowly closed the door behind yourself “Wanda, Clint are you okay?” you called out and they both sent you a nod of yes. You smiled at them, fangs appearing in your mouth “good then run I can take them.” you flashed before them and shoved them out the room before slamming the door shut as the building began to fall apart as you took down soldier after soldier.
“So they used more force than normal but they got Wanda and I out of that room and blew up the building like you told them to.” Clint seethed as he paced the meeting room after telling Steve, Natasha and Tony why Wanda and himself were in a medical room. All three stood there shocked, not knowing of your abilities; no one on the team knew of them, but to be able to move as fast as Pietro and be as strong as Steve was something you never showed in training or in any other mission before. Now they had just kicked you out with no real reason to do so other than they thought you had hurt two of your teammates because you couldn't handle missions with other people.
One month and a half after The Avengers kicked you out-
Finding yourself standing in front of a HYDRA compound was not where you thought you would ever be without a team surrounding you for backup, yet here you were. Raising a fist you knocked on the big metal door in front of you. A devilish smile graced your lips as it opened “good evening I have some information that I think you all would like.” you told the man standing before you.
The man in front of you smirked, “your willing to give all of us the information you know on the Avengers in exchange we let you kill Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers?” he asked. You sat across from him with a matching smirk “I am I'm done pushing away the devil that lives inside of me for the accommodations of The Avengers and SHIELD.” he smiled “excellent.”, he said, laying his palm out for you to shake. That was the day you signed the deal with HYDRA to ruin the team you thought was once your family even if deep down you knew they never wanted you.
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kram6496 · 3 days
Y/N: Natasha’s got the kids?
Wanda: yeah. And I got you. All of you.
Y/N: did Nat give us a pick up time?
Wanda nuzzles Y/N…
Wanda: I told her to keep them as long as she wants. But for now…
Wanda giggles as she begins removing her flannel.
Tumblr media
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⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚。˚ ⋆ -- 𝖭𝗈𝗏𝗂𝖾𝗆𝖻𝗋𝖾 -- ⋆ ˚。⋆˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Hey maggots (?) it’s almost December unfortunately so this will be one of my last fic recs of the year. I’ve really enjoyed sharing a range of fics from some of my favourite creators as well as exploring a bunch of ‘newer’ creators on this platform. I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone, I know fanfiction is not necessarily life changing but for me personally it makes me feel a hell of a lot less lonely.
Anyone who writes I hope you realise how much your work means to people like me, who use it as an escape as well as inspiration. I highly recommended checking out my other fic rec lists which you can find here, they all include a range of writers who are amazing and deserve all the love and attention. Fic recs can also be found under #pbsbookshelf
I’m hoping to release a December list however, this is a tough time for me so I can’t promise anything. I’m planning on returning though so please don’t give up on me yet. I wish everyone an amazing holiday season wether you celebrate Christmas or not, rest well and relax :))
Ps. I know this list is significantly shorter than my past ones but as I mentioned this time of year is difficult for me so I haven’t been able to read as much as I usually do, sorry.
[Please respect writers terms, I am not responsible for what kind of content you consume but please be aware that minors will be blocked if they chose to interact with 18+ content.]
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚。˚ ⋆ -- 𝖦𝖾𝗋𝖺𝗅𝗍 𝗈𝖿 𝖱𝗂𝗏𝗂𝖺 -- ⋆ ˚。⋆˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Still here by @mandos-things
Atonement by @daydreaming-in-letters
Feel your touch by @sunflowersteves
Illicit affairs by @ladyclwriter
I never realised how much I needed you by @seidenbros
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚。˚ ⋆ -- 𝖤𝖽𝖽𝗂𝖾 𝖬𝗎𝗇𝗌𝗈𝗇 -- ⋆ ˚。⋆˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Secret admirer by @jadeylovesmarvelxo
Affection by @ashwhowrites
Now or never by @subparwritersuperbreblogger
All that love ever taught me by @robiin-buckley
She’s so pretty that you’re lost in the stars by @inkheartedwanderer
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend by @heartthrobinsficrecs
Gentle persuasion (series!) by @copycatkillerfics
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚。˚ ⋆ -- 𝖲𝗍𝖾𝗏𝖾 𝖧𝖺𝗋𝗋𝗂𝗇𝗀𝗍𝗈𝗇 -- ⋆ ˚。⋆˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Help me understand by @frostandflamesfanfic
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚。˚ ⋆ -- 𝖡𝗎𝖼𝗄𝗒 𝖡𝖺𝗋𝗇𝖾𝗌 -- ⋆ ˚。⋆˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
You bring me home by @real-jane
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚。˚ ⋆ -- 𝖫𝗈𝗄𝗂 𝖫𝖺𝗎𝖿𝖾𝗒𝗌𝗈𝗇 -- ⋆ ˚。⋆˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Take all of me by @five-miles-over
Mirrorball by @writtenfangirl
The river runs deep (series!) by @myoxisbroken
Winter warmers collection by @lokisgoodgirl and a bunch of other amazing creators!
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jazziejax · 12 hours
Y’all don’t like seeing Black Women being love interests and it’s weird. Like, I don’t necessarily ship Shuri and Namor for the simple fact that he KILLED HER MOTHER! But trust me, I’ve seen worst, WAY, worst! And I’m cool with it cause it’s kinda cute. But some of y’all excuses aren’t even adding up. Just say you don’t like seeing Black Women be appreciated. “They just don’t click.” “They would be bros, not dating.” “He’s hundreds of years older than her.” Like y’all ain’t obsessed with the characters that are literally centuries older than Jesus himself. Why uses that excuse now? One of your excuses could at least have been that y’all thought Shuri was gay or something. He painted her on his wall! Permanently!!!!! Gave her his mother’s bracelet, who he loved deeply! I’m pretty sure this movie has a way deeper meaning, you could even say “there’s no telling how many bracelets this man has given out.” Or “he did all this for an alliance and the protection of his people.” And yeah, I would agree, but some of you guys are showing your race.
Don’t even get me started on people making him speak Spanish. In what world would that make sense?….ok.
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jin0 · 10 months
Your Friendly Neighborhood Sensitive Spider [TASM!Peter Parker]
Tumblr media
Summary : Peter's senses are really easily overwhelmed. He always finds comfort in you. This time you're the reason of his sensitivity.
Pairing : TASM!Peter Parker x Reader
Warning : 18+ ONLY, Minors DNI, smut, pure smut really, i can barely remember the plot, it's just filth, creampie, heats basically ??, primal kink, dark undertones, dub-con kinda, pet names (bunny), handjob, pussyjob, face sitting, cumplay, masturbation kinda, unprotected sex, rough sex, overstimulation of both peter and reader, manhandling of reader (peter basically doesn't stop fucking her), overwhelmed/oversensitive peter, titty worshipping (a teenie tiny bit), a lot of cum omg ?? genuinely, this is pure fucking smut, only that, kinda very precise description of physical features and sexual events ?? idk, please avoid at all costs if you think you might be triggered by any of these topics or the fic
A/N : did i write 10k plus words of smut ?? maybe... enjoy this because school is starting again and i bitch decided to pursue an education instead of running away in the wild
Peter had always been very awkward with people and human interactions in general. It all came from his very good capacity to figure people out by simply looking at them. He was an incredible judge of character even before the spider bite and after that, it all turned into something else. That awkwardness of his had been turned into sensitivity, or even oversensitivity. He was easily stimulated by sounds, movements or smells and he had to learn how to live all over again.
Adaptation had been difficult at first but quickly he found tricks to work around life as discreetly as he could. One of these was you. You were the most efficient thing he ever came across when it came to calming his sensitive senses.
When he met you he’d could vividly remember having a terrible migraine because of the violence of all the noises around him. He had retreated to a secluded room, in an abandoned building on campus. He used it regularly to hide and was surprised to see someone in the room, you. You were sleeping on your bag and he wanted to leave but when he focused a little more, he was surprised to not hear a thing. He couldn’t hear the noises around except the sound of your soft breathing sounds.
He was absolutely flabbergasted, so much so that he rushed to you and kneeled in front of you to make sure he wasn’t going crazy. He even checked your pulse for you, completely ignoring your boundaries or personal space in the process, but making sure you were alive at least or not doing something to his brain. Weirdly enough, you had woken up a little surprised but not worried by the tall man looking frantically over you.
When you asked if he was okay, he leaped backwards. The whole move was very strange and when he thought about it, it was no wonder you’d guessed he was Spiderman. You had this effect on him, this hold on his senses and his mind, you just made it all so calm and effortless. He felt like he was seating on a cloud with soft satin pillows, heavy comforters and your soft legs wrapped around his waist. This was his happy place and every time he thought about it, he thanked his heightened senses for granting him the ability to feel it as if it was currently happening. He could feel the heat of your thighs on his palms, the scent of your collarbones and your soft and supple breasts serving as pillows for his face. You were his peace.
You made him feel so good, his entire body went numb to a point of losing the ability to think rationally. He remembered the things he would do when you two had become friends. Some random guy would scream and he’d start playing with your fingers. He’d be walking with you and a gust if wind would blow, his first instinct was to pull you towards him to have a little bit of your body heat. The sunlight would be too bright sometimes, he’d hide his face in the crook of your neck.
You’d grown use to it overtime, welcoming him with open arms. You had been able to understand the things that triggered him and would sooth his at the best of your capacities. Your favorite thing to do was bring his head to your shoulder and caress his hair softly while shushing him in a low voice. The low sounds brought him comfort and managed to drown everything around. You didn’t understand how but science wasn’t your things so you didn’t try to figure it out.
Peter’s need to physically feel you to be generally okay and able to go through his day without being the absolute worst often expressed in surprising ways. These ways you discovered them slowly, each and everyone of them slowly revealing themselves at the most random moments possible.
Again, you’d guessed he was Spiderman because this need to feel you prevailed over common sense. It happened on a Thursday night, you’d been writing an essay for one of your classes when you noticed the shadow of a figure in the distance. When you turned around, it quickly hid behind a wall. Now, the red fingertips and the fact that you lived on the fourteenth floor told you who it was very easily. You were no stranger to Spiderman and his weird way of appearing everywhere you were, but having him in front of your window was very new. Paying more attention to his physical shape, it was very familiar to you. Too familiar. You didn’t even think before pulling on his hand and bringing him towards you with a surprised expression mixed with a smile.
The moment you uttered his name, he wrapped you in his arms, falling on your floor and rolling around. He ripped his mask off and rubbed his nose on the crown of your head, inhaling your scent. He refused to lie to you, probably because he was incapable of doing so, and honestly, you already knew so he saw no point in fighting the truth. That night you stayed on the floor for a few hours before snuggling under your covers, still tangled in each other.
Now, to go back on topic, Peter Parker was one sensitive man just like he could find relief in you, you could also make it ten times worse for him at times. In these situations, you were the main trigger to his sensitivity and that he figured it out on one of the most random days of his life. On that fateful day he felt like he would die if he didn’t fuck you raw.
This had to be the worst fucking day possible to have superpowers. Genuinely, he was ready to trade body with whoever would be up for it. From the moment he woke up, he felt like his skin was burning all over. Covered in sweat and twisting uselessly, in hope of finding a little bit of peace and cold, he moaned out your name, begging for you to suddenly appear and save him.
"I... Fuck... I need my bunny... Where is she...?" He groaned, rolling around and searching you.
He’d managed to pull himself together just enough to get up and get ready but getting ready had been exhausting, his entire body feeling heavy and still burning as if he hadn’t spent twenty minutes under the most freezing shower ever. While on his way to the train station, he noticed that his senses seemed to be dulled, the sewer stench common to the streets of New York weirdly absent. His vision was blurry enough for him to need his glasses, he was hearing everything but it sounded like he was wearing earplugs and everything he touched felt sticky but distance. He was practically certain to be hallucinating half the things he thought he had touched.
Looking up from the floor, his head to heavy to be raised, he was attacked by something so familiar and good. The comfort he craved on a regular and specifically today. There you were, as beautiful as ever, your headphones wrapped around your head and your eyes looking off to the distance.
"Bunny..." He said softly, immediately feeling better.
He was pretty far from you, far enough to not usually be able to smell you but today he could. So distinctly, he felt dizzy the moment he took a big gulp of air. He could distinguish it all, separating each of the different things resulting in the most addictive smell he’s ever smelled in his life. The citrus from your body soap, the tropical fruits from your hair creams, the vanilla from your perfume, all of it was so vivid, attacking his nostrils and pulling him with force towards you.
He was like a lifeless being, incapable of thinking or seeing anything around him. He was surprised he didn’t fall or push anyone, skillfully dodging everyone around. He looked weird but clearly right now, it didn’t fucking matter, he needed to get to you. When he did, he couldn’t even speak, he simply grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him. He cradled your soft cheek, the warmth of your skin spreading against his palm.
His vision wasn’t blurry anymore, he could see very well, better than ever actually. He could also hear everything perfectly fine, most of everything being you and the sound of your heart beating, your breath speeding up or your blood rushing around your body. He could hear all of this vividly, all of you, alive and looking at him with that deadly smile of yours. He was crumbling, slowly sinking inside himself because of you. You were killing him, with your entire being and that he loved it. He’d never get enough if it.
"Fuck... Bunny, my bunny..."
He seemed to not give a flying fuck about the fact that they were outside, in public, in broad daylight and pulled you in for a desperate kiss. His lips covered yours in a matter of second, folding and molding around the shape of your mouth and sucking in the sweet taste of you. Shoving his tongue in your mouth, he held onto your jaw tight, forcing it open wide for him to invade you further.
You small hands were gripping on his shirt, trying to push him away slightly but failing miserably because you wanted him too. You always did anyways but you knew when was the time. The Peter kissing you right now, was scouring through your mouth, looking for you to fill his ears with those delicious sounds that only you could make. You knew what he wanted, he was moaning and groaning in your mouth and you could feel disapproving looks on your. You did what was best for you and your dignity, biting his tongue enough to hurt but not too much.
"F-Fuck ! Why ?! Need you bunny..." He whined, reaching towards your lips again but being stopped in his track.
"I know baby, but you can't just swallow my face in public... I promise I'll take care of you later."
When he groaned in displeasure, whining lowly before diving towards your lips again, you had to stop him dead in his track, laying a hand flat on his chest in a commending motion. He looked at you straight in the eyes and you noticed how far gone he was. It’s like he wasn’t there all together. He often got like that after sex but you a simple (not so simply, really) had him desperately needing you in the middle of the street. Something was clearly off but you would wait it out, maybe he would be back to normal in a few.
He was, in fact, not back to normal in a few. It actually got worst, way worse. By the end of the day, he felt like he was ready to pass out. His entire body was on fire, burning as if drenched in lava and he could barely move. He swung home because it would be faster but practically died hitting a few too many windows on the way. The moment he saw his apartment, he thanked his past self for keeping the window open and threw himself on his floor.
It felt cold and so comforting, he rolled himself around for as long as he could. Quickly, his long body covered his floor in heat and it became unbearable to deal with too. He threw his bag on his bed, completely ignoring the possible state of his laptop and other things. He let his cheek rest on the surface and let his body relax, feeling completely numb but a little better. The reoccurring memories of the day and the state he was in were playing in his mind. For the first time, you weren’t relief, you were the problem.
He had thought that his minor episode this morning, would be temporary and quickly dealt with. It was not. It increasingly got worst, his senses focusing entirely on you. He suffered through long hours of lectures, your scent sticking to his clothes and drowning him in need. He felt like you were everywhere on his, multiple versions of you clinging to his skin and whispering sweet and sultry words into his ear. He couldn’t feel you, skin hot and covered in this warm glow that broke him apart. He could barely see anything, the image of your sunkissed skin shining so bright he felt like he was floating around the sun. You were the sun to him anyways so it wasn’t too far from the truth.
It was like you were a siren, singing your best song to him, bringing him to his knees, ready to run away to the farthest corner of a forest and worship you for as long as you’d allow him near you. You were like an oasis in the hottest dessert there was, draining his life force. God, he was so fucking far gone, he could barely remember his name before yours.
“Pete ? You okay baby ?”
Jolting awake, he frantically looked around when your voice resonated in his head. He let out the neediest whine of pleasure mixed with happiness when he saw your gorgeous face come in view. There you were, looking down on him with worried eyes. He reached up, grazing his fingers on your cheek, nose and then lips softly. Parting them with his thumb, he shuddered when your breath hit his skin. You looked at him with sweet innocent eyes and he thought that would kill him but when you moaned through a whisper, practically inaudible to the average ear but not his, he jumped back, away from you.
He covered his face with his hands, muffling a scream that hid a desperate moan. What the actual fuck was going on with him ?! What was his fucking problem that he had to run away from you because touching your lips drove him crazy ?! He had to be mentally broken or something cause he felt his cock harden and violently twitch in his pants. Starting to breath heavily, he looked around his room for clothes to wear, he needed to change. Anything but fucking jeans honestly.
Reaching for them, he rips them away from his laundry basket with a hoodie to go with it before running to his bathroom and locking himself in. He let out a heavy breath, shivering in comfort at the feeling of the cold tiles under him. He delicately started to peel off his clothes, quickly coming to the realization that each time he brushed against his skin, he’d moan like a fucking idiot. He could feel your fucking scent on them and it’s like his clothes were begging to stick to his skin. He was going absolutely fucking crazy, last time this kind of shit happened, he’d been bitten by a radioactive spider specifically designed to give him superpowers. Maybe he had been bitten by another spider without noticing, that would be pretty logical considering the fact that the only thing he truly fully focused on here was you. Maybe the spider liked you as much as he did.
Once he’d finally managed to get rid of his clothes without moaning too loud, preventing you from hearing him, he sat on his floor, panting loudly, cheeks red and hips moving on their own. He could see the stain of his sensitive cock, dripping cum on the fabric of his boxers. Looking down towards the pulsating bulge, he could practically see your fingers wrapping around him and he instantly winced in both pain and pleasure at the thought. He cupped his thick girth and rubbed it against his warm palm, begging for it to go back down. He was moaning at each of the heavy rubs he’d leave on himself, your name sounding more and more like a plea than anything else. He was begging for you, cursing himself for not feeling so conflicted. He was ashamed of himself, red in embarrassment at his own actions but also feeling deprived and needy for more.
When he felt his hot cum spill out of his cock and cover his boxers, he let out a sigh of relief, eyes crossing at the wave of pleasure spreading through him. He let it all sink in, taking time to relax a little bit before going back out there.
“Peter ? You okay in there ? Do you need my help ?”
He snapped his head towards the door, his relaxation dissipating quickly and being replaced by his previous mood. He was back to square one, needy and pulsating in his pants like a fucking teenager, at the simple sound of your sweet, sweet, sweet angel like voice. You wanted to help, because you were that good, perfect even. A perfect, perfect girl for an imperfect boy who was being crushed under the weight of his heightened senses and the rough consequences they had on his sex drive.
You could help. You could save him even, oh that you could. You and those sweet lips of yours, you could help him greatly. You just needed to get on your knees and let him fuck your throat so hard, you’d feel your own vocal cords move against the tip of his cock. Or did he want to fuck that sweet velvety pussy of yours with his tongue ? Yes he did. He wanted to taste your insides, attach his tongue to your walls and engrave that honey taste in his head. He wanted to bury himself in you too, oh god he wanted that. He wanted to burn your feel on him, god he was ready to carve your name in his skin. It would heal but he wanted you wrapped around him, he wanted to be absorbed by you, completely nestled in your body, in your DNA.
He was fucking insane, completely off his rockers. He needed therapy and a shit load of medication clearly. Maybe a mental institution too, maybe that would fix him, if he could be fixed. If he wanted to be fixed. He was obsessed with you, his body craving your entire existence like an asthmatic would crave air. He was absolutely gone, lost in the ocean that you were, so wide and big and tempting. As anyone ever wanted to drown ? Because he did, he wanted to drown in you.
Quickly shuffling around to get rid of his boxers and slipping in the sweatpants, he opened the door to be faced by your worried face. He gave you his best smile (he looked absolutely fucking crazy) before swerving around you, trying to avoid touching you or breathing in your scent. He’d need to take extra precautions to not let you see through his desperation to fuck you.
As soon as he started his little scheme to appear normal in front of you, he was attacked by a new wave of arousal, heat burning him from the inside and jumping out of his body like a violent beast. Looking at you, smelling you, hearing you, all of this was tickling the salacious thoughts in his mind. They were bringing those images lf your naked body rubbing against his to life.
Come on Peter…
Don’t you want to play with me ? My pussy missed you so much.
Felt so empty without you and your cum Pete…
Please baby… Please, suffocate me… I want your cock in my throat…
Peter… Please love, look at my tits… All pretty and lonely, they need you…
I need you… Don’t you need me Peter ?
God, fuck… Yes he did ! Yes he needed you ! More than anything ! He couldn’t express the visceral need he had to scream than he needed you at the top of his lungs. He was ready to lose his voice and vocal cords to say that he needed you wrapped around him. He wanted to feel you all over, be in you skin, invade your every cell.
Thinking like a beast in heat, he couldn’t handle the additional feelings invading him when he noticed that he could feel your arousal. He didn’t know where it came from and honestly, he couldn’t care less. All he knew was that he was smelling the sweet scent of your leaking pussy and he was very close to jumping on you and feasting on your wet folds until he quenched his thirst. He was desperate, for release, he needed you to heal him, save him from his misery.
Rubbing his long body on the mattress, praying for a little friction to free him from his torture, he whined when his skin brushed against yours. Your exposed thighs, soft against the back of his hand, he could feel the heat of your body on his. That heat, he could recognize it anywhere, it was even frightening how he found himself seeking it. Burning hot like lava and turning his entire being into a pile of ash, you were like a volcano. That heat, he couldn’t get used to it, he was responsible for it, that lust pumping through his veins every time you touched you. You were needy for him but you could contain yourself. Now he couldn’t.
Laying his heavy head on your exposed thighs, he rubbed his nose on your flesh, inhaling the scent of your core and drinking it the aroma he could taste on his tongue. His mouth was watering at the thought of your drenched folds coating his lips and entire face. He wanted you to sit on his face, right now.
He distanced himself, practically falling off the bed and ripping his sweatshirt off before throwing it in a corner if the room. That was probably a stupid move on his part because he was now shirtless, erection in full view for you to see and fawn over. You always enjoyed the whole gray sweatpants thingy but never that much until Peter. With him it was a whole different story, no amount of boxers would be able to hide what he had to offer and clearly he opted for the no boxers alternative.
Biting your lip, you hoped he couldn’t see how drenched your panties were already. You were a terrible person maybe. Your boyfriend was in pain, suffering from an unknown illness and needed as much comfort as he could get but you still found time to drool over his barely covered body. You were, indeed, a terrible person.
Looking at him with an amused smile, you slid your hand in his hair, scratching his scalp and soothing his inner turmoil a little. He couldn’t understand what was going on and he didn’t feel like it right now, you could feel that. You knew he needed you but you didn’t want to press him, you wanted him to come to you. And seeing how touchy he was being, you knew you wouldn’t wait long. You jumped slightly when he violently ripped himself away from you to crawl to a corner in the room.
“Oh my fucking God ! Peter are you okay ?! Do you need me to call somebody ?! Maybe Gwen, she has medical or scientific expertise !” You blabbered, panicking at his sudden actions
“No ! Please no ! Do not call… Call anyone… I’m g-good…” He begged, eyes screwed shut and trying to peal his clothes off as if the were his skin.
He threw his head back, resting it against the wall and spreading his legs wide. He couldn’t move anymore, he was breathless, horny and exhausted. If he moved, he felt like he was in a burning shower the water sucking out every drop of water in his body. He was desperate now, or at least more than he was before. He couldn’t handle this sudden new development in his body. He didn’t care if it meant he was dying or something, he just wanted help.
You got closer to him, placing yourself between his legs and laying a hand on his thighs while the other cupped his cheek tenderly. You were worried, hell probably more than simply worried. He could feel it, and he could feel your throbbing cunt from where he was. It was as if your body was vibrating at a frequency that only him could feel and it was torturing him. You were like a siren screaming in his ears to tell him that you needed him to fuck you badly. He who found comfort in you most of the time was being tortured by you too at the moment. The irony of the situation was very unpleasant.
“Baby, please… Tell me what you need... I can’t stand watching you get all weird and sickly without being able to help… I’m not the best scientist but I got Google for that… Please let me help.” You pleaded with that deadly sweet voice. He was being physically suffocated by the honey that your voice was, drowned like a bee that got too close to Paradise.
Looking at you, his brain suddenly shut off completely, the fight against insanity lost miserably. He fought long and hard but clearly, this enemy was too strong, the enemy was you after all. He looked down at the prominent bulge showing through his sweats, if we could call this a bulge. He couldn’t distinctly see the shape of his girth through the fabric, practically begging to come out. He hissed, almost painfully, at the vibrations of his member, looking up to your sweet face in awe.
He was practically crying for help, anything to calm him down. He was conflicted, wanting you close but knowing that it would only make him feel worse. He retreated further in the corner, wrapping his body in his arms and blinking back the weird haze he was in. His breath was loud and short. It sounded strained and come out with difficulty, as if breathing made him suffer. And it did, every breath he took, carrying with it the memory of what you tasted like. He could feel your taste in his mouth when he breathed and it would rush down straight to his cock every time.
“P-Please… Please I can’t… I can’t do this a-anymore… I can’t stand it…” He cried softly. Your worry skyrocketed and you tried to get closer to hug him tight but he jerked, rejecting your hands on him. “I… I need… I need you to leave… Or to just… J-Just let me fuck you… I promise I’ll be good, and I’ll clean you up after but please… Choose for me…”
You looked at him with loving eyes, the worry dissipating and allowing you to nod slowly towards the option he was silently begging for you to pick. Letting his body move on its own, his large hands slid under the hem of your skirt, taking two handfuls of your ass and hoisting you up effortlessly. You yelped, your hands shooting up to his shoulders as he sat you on his lap, carefully positioning your core over the wet patch formed by the tip of his cock. He bit the inside of his mouth, keeping his own needy moans to himself as his started grinding against you.
“P-Pet-“ He was quick to shut you up, two of his fingers finding refuge in your hot mouth, pressing down on your tongue.
“Don’t… Don’t fucking say a word…” He groaned, looking attentively at your bodies moving in sync. “Fuck… Do… Do you have any idea of how much I wanted my cock stuffed in that pretty pussy of yours today…? I barely got though the fucking day, thinking I was going fucking crazy… Never been so fucking sensitive before, fuck…”
His free hand grabbed your waist, holding it tightly and pushing you down harder. He couldn’t feel the pulsating of your folds on his bulbous tip, body your centers, leaking and wiping over the other. He should’ve been ashamed by the wet patch on his joggers but he was too busy focusing on the thought of you riding him while he kept his mouth stuffed with your panties.
He groaned in pleasure, a little louder than he was already doing, when he felt your soft fingertips on his wrists, wrapping tight around it to pull your fingers out of your mouth. He looked up at your face and felt his body melt under your gaze, eyes soft and loving but also sharing pure lust and pleasure. He couldn’t see them try there hardest to not cross in pleasure, something you did that absolutely drive him crazy.
Whining into the palm of his hand, you licked the tip of his digits sensually before diving them low against your body. You ‘et go of his wrist to let him do what he wanted, simply lifting your skirt to show what he’d been truly looking for.
“Oh fuck…” He exhaled, looking down at you as if you’d shown him the Holy Grail. His fingers slid under the elastic of your panties slowly before ripping them off of your body in one singular motion. Caressing your exposed hips and your uncovered ass, his fingers dove down on your folds, sliding in between the flesh and stroking his fingers back and forth. You threw your head back in pleasure, his thumb rolling around your pulsating clit.
He was absolutely mesmerized, practically forgetting everything around him. His fingers were drinking in the sensation of your juices coating his fingers. His senses were on alert but not for danger, for more of you. The needed to feel you all over, to have you wrapped nicely around him, sucking out every drop of energy and possibly life even. He was ready to give his life force to you at this exact moment. Was he okay ? Probably not. Did he really care ? Absolutely not.
Raising you up once again, he threw you over his shoulder, inhaling the scent of your wetness coating your inner thighs. His fingers were quick to come play with your exposed mound, gathering your slick and licking it off of his fingers. He walked, painfully hard erection visible through his sweatpants still and ready to be tended to. That would need to wait, for now, Peter needed to do something first, he’d been thinking about it for too long to simply ignore it.
Laying you on the mattress, on your back, you watched attentively, finally able to fully see his face. He looked absolutely magnificent even when the exhaustion was clear on his features. His lips, red and plump, were parted, air coming out in heavy breaths while he tried to focus. His face was flushed, red and sweaty, he tried to calm himself down, you could feel it. He was battling with his needs.
When you reached up to him, he pulled you forward by the wrist, forcing your chest against his as he hungrily kissed you. Your lips tasting like sweet, fresh berries, he bit on your flesh and swallowed the surprised moans coming out of you. How could you not be surprised when the man you loved was practically swallowing your face, ripping the literal oxygen out of your lungs ? You couldn’t, not when he was acting as if the universe had deprived him of you.
His hand slid down your back, pushing you against his chest and pressing his lips further against yours. His tongue, warm and wet, was diving deep in your mouth, licking as far as he could reach and sucking in your delicious taste.
He was overwhelmed by the sensations he was feeling and the ones you were feeling. He could feel it all, everything was ten times worst than usual, everything was enhanced. His senses were being drowned by your intoxicating scent, your sweet taste, the soft feeling of your skin and the siren like sound of your voice. All of you was pushing him down a cliff, hell, he was jumping down himself, willingly and expecting the result eagerly.
“P-Peter… Peter wait… C-Can’t…” You moaned in his mouth, trying to pry him away from you, loosing air fast. He didn’t let up, taking your jaw in hand and keeping you close to him until he felt you truly loose air.
“Sorry…” He apologized without really meaning it. He was staring at your lips and probably wanted more of them but you were panting hard, trying to catch your breath in his arms.
Ignoring you, his kept himself busy by rubbing his nose against the veins of your neck. His nose, inhaled that specific smell that only you had, trying to engrave it into his senses.
Suddenly straightening himself, he swallowed hard, as if he was on the verge of tears. You observed his movements, your eyes doubling in size, when he ripped his sweatpants off of his own body and tossed the shredded fabric on the floor. You were so surprised, you couldn’t even pay attention to his throbbing cock, pulsating against his stomach. You didn’t know if you should’ve focused on that or the fact that the act in itself had you clenching your thighs desperately. You sometimes forgot how strong Peter was and all the things he could do to you if he wanted.
Feeling how aroused you just got at the display of physical strength, he gave you one of those dopey smile he gave when either tired or extremely horny. You loved it so much, you wanted to coo at him but he was quick to remind you of his true intentions. Grabbing your wrist, he brought your hand close to his girth and exhaled in pleasure, eyes rolling to the back of head when your fingers wrapped around him.
“Ugh… Fucking hell bunny… You’re killing me…” He whispered, voice breathless before you’d fully done anything.
You instantly knew what you had to do, his heavy shaft pulsating in your closed fist. You admired the shape of his cock, red and covered in past strings of cum, still leaking out of his tip. You could feel the blood rushing through it, the veins bulging out and vibrating on your skin. You looked up, meeting his dark eyes, telling you (more like begging or ordering you) to do something, anything. He would take anything from you.
You started stroking his cock, smiling with pride when he moaned your name loudly. It was strained, almost stuck in his throat, but he pushed it out at the feeling you’re your skin on his warm cock. He was finally reaching peace, getting closer to salvation at each of your moves. You got closer to him, still moving but changing pace to go faster, and laid your free hand flat again his chest. You felt his abs flex understand your fingers. He looked down on you, ignoring his hips as the started to fuck your fist nice and slow.
When you started pecking his exposed chest, he knew he would spend the rest of the night doing the countless obscene things he had in mind. He bit his lips, keeping in tears of pleasure that were threatening to spill out of his gorgeous brown eyes but letting the desperate moans come out without a care in the world.
He felt dizzy, from both pleasure and his eyes jumping between your hand on his dick and your lips on his chest. You were pecking high, living butterfly kisses on his collarbones before sliding lower on his torso. You were still looking up at him and he was slowly dying inside, feeling big load of cum about to burst out of his oversensitive cock.
“You okay baby… It’s okay… I’m here love, do what you want…” You muttered, your voice hitting his skin and traveling through his body at the speed light.
“Ah… Aahhh fuck… Please… Please I’m begging you… Please…” He didn’t know what he was begging for honestly but he just needed you to do something, anything. He was begging for anything from you, anything you could give he would take how of love and pure lust.
Holding the back of your nape, he caressed your nape tenderly, his hips still moving and fucking himself inside your closed fist. His moans echoed louder around the room, perfectly in sync with the movement of your wrist and the soft kisses you left on his skin.
Seeing his cum shoot out to cover parts of your face and your covered breast drove him even deeper down the hole of insanity he was sinking in. Vision so blurry he was certain that he would faint soon, he let loose, loud and lustful moan escaping his swollen lips. Both red like cherry, you looked up at him as he unconsciously kept moving his hips against your palm.
You felt it, he needed more and he wouldn’t need to tell you, his stiff and throbbing cock would do the job. But you were prevented from really doing anything or even thinking clearly about what you wanted to do to him. He took control fast by lifting you off the mattress and carrying you against his chest again. He took you place, sitting down on the bed and putting you on his lap.
He was moving with both control and pure instinct, looking like an animatronic, wired and programmed to work a certain way. He was indeed, working fast and eagerly, searching for the next target of his assault to your body. He was served with everything he craved the whole day and could barely think about where he wanted to start.
His dilemma was quickly resolved by the subtle moan that escaped your beautiful lips when your when your leaking cunt rubber against his veiny girth. Feeling the wetness coat him all over, he couldn’t help but drool shamelessly at the thought of having it in his mouth. Yeah, he wanted you to sit on his face still. So he laid on the covers and at your confused glare, he simply pulled you by the waist all the way to his face.
“Oh my fucking God ! Peter what the fuck are you doing ?” You exclaimed, worried that you’d suffocate him to death. He had super strength but still very much needed to breath.
You seemed reticent but did not move, keeping yourself above his face rather than sitting on it like he desired. When he tried to pull you all the way down, you glared at him, pushing his hands away from your body. Deciding against the rational part of him that refused to manhandle you, he let the primal need in him to have your sweet juices pooling all over his lips take over.
Grabbing your wrists forcefully in one hand, he wrapped his arm tight around your waist, forcing you to move at his will.
“Listen to me and listen to me well bunny.” He ordered, looking both controlled and wrecked. “I’ve spent the entire fucking day feeling everything you felt times fucking ten and not even you could calm me down. The only fucking thing I want right now is that sweet pussy of yours all over my mouth so either you sit on my fucking face or you run away as fast and far as you can before I actually start considering doing all the most disgusting and unsanitary things I have in mind.” He threatened, eyes big and dark, showing the absolute lack of restraint behind them.
You stared at him, completely in awe at the bluntness of his words. Peter gad always been pretty honest about the things he wanted to do to you, never ashamed to tell you how hard you made him on a regular. But here, he looked too fucking tired to even speak it, wanting to act rather than explain himself. This Peter would clearly do all the dirty things you wanted him to do more, the things he’d rarely try, too scared of hurting you.
He looked at you, unmoving but still holding you with a firm grip. He wasn’t going to move until you gave him an answer, or at least he thought he wouldn’t until you arched your back and tried to bite back a moan. Oh yeah, he was way past thinking clearly or asking for permission now. Now when your pussy was calling out for him.
In a few swift movements, you ended up fully sat on his handsome face, quickly losing the fear of crushing him when his wet tongue slithered between your folds. You threw your head back and arched your back once more, this time fully screaming your pleasure in the comfort of his room. Your hand grabbed pieces of his hand, pulling on it at each flick of his tongue. You could only shake over him, feeling jolts of electricity run through you when his breath hit your clit.
“Oooh ! P-Peter, fuck ! A-Aaahh… F-Fuck me !” You wailed, wiggling on him and quickly regretting it when it only made his tongue move deeper inside you.
You’d never expect for his breathing to do this kinds of things to you but here you were, moaning his name louder and louder, chanting it like a prayer even. His firm grip on your thighs made it all too much for you feeling the pad of his fingers burn through your skin. You would feel his hands for days, that was for sure. Even more when you knew he wasn’t anywhere near ready to let you go.
As the minutes passed, they quickly turned into hours. Hours sitting on your boyfriends face, fucking yourself on his tongue.
He’d kept his abuse constant, needing a little more each time you came. He was hungry for more, turning into a very distant version of himself, one that couldn’t control himself and his urges. His five senses were all pointing towards you, focused entirely on you and the pleasure he was giving and receiving from you. Feeling your full thighs around his face, tightening a little more each time he let his tongue wander towards your clit, he couldn’t keep himself from getting greedy. He tried to think but his mind was blank, only knowing your name and the different ways he could use to please you.
“F-Fuck ! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ! Oh, fucking God, Peter !” You moaned, biting your lip hard enough to draw blood.
His face was red and had been red for a while now but it was also glistening under the lights of the room. He was messy and needy, letting your juices coat as much space as possible on his face. You scent was overwhelming, burying all there was around under you and your aroma. He was going to remember how you smelled for days, maybe weeks and if he was lucky, it would last for even a few months. He’d have in engraved in his brain if he could, he was already contemplating not showering to keep your sweet scent on him for as long as possible.
You were now completely bare, your naked body rubbing riding his mouth at the best of the capacities you had left. You were exhausted and your thighs had given up on supporting you a while ago. Trembling and tender, each time you tried to pull away to let him breath a little at least, he’d responded with a deep grunt and bit your inner thighs as a warning that you listen to diligently. You weren’t going to risk cumming from it once more, the first time violent enough for your clit to throb at the memories only.
One if your thighs had been free from his iron grip on it but your skin was left shaped like his hand for a few seconds before returning back to it’s normal state. When he looked up at you and saw your swaying breasts, he needed to see more. He ripped your blouse open and took it off your body before tossing it somewhere. He was about to do the same to your bra but you stopped him to take it off yourself, remembering how he’d ripped your panties and skirt off of you. Poor clothes, you liked them. They would be missed.
When your exposed tits came in view, he freed one of your legs to wrap his slander fingers around your soft and warm flesh. He palmed it vigorously, eyes still trained on you and watching each of your reactions attentively. You were crying his name in pleasure, grabbing his wrist when his thumb started twirling around the pointing bud. He couldn’t help but need more. He’d never been this greedy before and each record he would hit would be topped a few minutes later.
He sucked and swallowed your slick, feeling it run down his throat and allowing him to fill his stomach with you and you only. You were the only meal he needed, the only one he wanted. He was reminded of that fact a little more each time you came hard on his face, the beautiful memory of you squirting just as destructive for him.
“P-Pete ! Baby, p-please… Please just… J-Just aaah ! Ah, fuck, oh fuck ! Oh, God, please ! Please ! P-Peter, peter ! Oh fuck, Peter !”
He smiled under you, his name never sounded better, never sounded sweeter. He was groaning and grunting into your wet mound, letting your folds quiver on his mouth, his tongue still gathering your juices with enthusiasm. He was only made to pleasure you at the moment, completely disregarding his aching cock. He couldn’t even feel it at this point. He was still throbbing violently and he was redder than before. The veins around him were pulsating more than even, strings of cum leaking out if his tip.
He wasn’t touching himself and you couldn’t touch him either but he was still cumming as much as his body could, white creamy ropes coating his chest and your lower back to drip over your ass. He could see it in the mirror in front of the bed. He had stopped counting the amount of times you came or the amount of time he did. He simply let it happen, moaning desperately in your cunt each time. His body had started to act on its own, sensitive and searching for more raw pleasure to feast on.
Tears of overstimulation were pooling out of your eyes, silently crying as he moved your hips on his own to ride his face, your eyes crossed and rolled to the back of your head. You were being tortured, his soft lips, wrapping around your clit and sucking onto it again as he felt you violently shake, sign of another orgasm coming fast.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god, o-oh fuck ! Oh, no, please, please, please, please ! P-Please I can’t take it !” You begged loudly, you wouldn’t be able to take another orgasm. You knew you wouldn’t, your poor body wouldn’t be able to take it.
You were crying out for it to not happen but your body was moving in the other direction, hips jerking and thrusting yourself on his tongue. You couldn’t take more but he wasn’t asking for permission anymore, he needed it, craved it desperately. Your cum all over his face, he would get it. And he did. You bounced on his tongue, letting it twirl inside your walls and suddenly be covered by a waterfall of your wetness.
“A-Ah ! Fu- Oh god, fuck ! A-Ahn Peter ! Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter !” You sung, loud enough for anyone who paid attention to hear.
He did, he paid attention and his cock couldn’t take more of this, you broken voice crying out his name in both pleasure and sensual agony. You came hard and fast, and so did he, hot cum shooting out oh his sensitive head and falling on your back. The vision of your back covered in him did something to his brain, he had a new interest, finally.
Your body fell limp in his arms, head bobbing around as if you were unconscious and you couldn’t support yourself anymore, you were fully broken now. Poor bunny, he wasn’t done with you. He needed more, but the little voice in him that could still think things through promised to take good care of you for the next days. That was if he was finally calmed down and if you allowed him to touch you.
You leaned back, supporting yourself on his chest and slowly cried at how wrecked you were. You’d made fun of him internally earlier and now you were probably worse than him. You whimpered softly when his groans his your sensitive center. When his hands grabbed your waist, you were scared that he wasn’t done eating you out, you couldn’t take more honestly. You weren’t even sure that you wanted him to fuck you now. Maybe, you didn’t know. Your brain was too scrambled to think about it.
Suddenly laid on your back, your boyfriend wrapped your arms around his neck as he kissed your forehead, cheeks and nose. His lips lingered on you and brought a wave of warmth all through your body. You felt comfort again, peace and quiet.
Kissing the side of your face, his current mission was simply to call you down a little before stuffing himself deep inside you. He was still too out of it to function properly, his body still running purely on instinct. He simply did what his oversensitive senses told him. They told him you needed to be calmed a little, and that’s exactly what he would do.
He was fast to feel a wave of need take over in his mind. Brought at a crossroads, he had the choice between ruining your sweet cunt again and probably be banned from touching you in the future, or lock himself in the bathroom and try and call his aching member while you slept. Rational Peter would’ve chosen A while also considering B, because he was a considerate boyfriend. Now, Irrational Peter was an animal clearly, incapable of pushing his urges away and thinking things through. He was choosing A without a second thought. He’d make it up to you however you desired.
His lips wandered lower, finding your breasts and taking one of your nipples between his teeth while your other breast was vigorously squeezed by his other hand. Drunk on the feeling of your warm flesh in his mouth, he sucked long and hard, his tongue rolling around the sensitive bud before letting go in a wet sound and turning towards the other. This time, he only used his mouth, ha ds wandering lower to palm the flesh of your ass and thighs. He was close to cumming again, just from the things he was doing to you and he wanted to make sure that make you cum with him.
Standing straight, he grabbed the back of your thighs and rubbed his erected girth on your swollen clit. Your cries of pleasure erupted again, only fulling his thirst for whatever you had to give. Yeah, we already established that he was greedy.
“P-Peter please… N-No… No more edging… Please baby, I-I… I promise I’ll be good... Please... No more ! Please, d-don’t tease me no more !” You sobbed softly, clawing at his lower stomach, to pull him forward but also push him backwards.
Looking down at his own cock, he watched it drip droplets of cum on your folds, he was hypnotized by the vision. He backed up slowly, still holding your thighs apart and positioned himself at your entrance. You whined and squirmed beneath him, trying to get him inside as soon as possible. He chuckled lightly at your eagerness before thrusting deep inside you in one rough move.
He let out a groan, mouth falling open and eyes crossing as they rolled to the back of his head. He was feeling everything all at once, close to cumming only from this. He tried to get his thoughts together but he couldn’t, it was so hard, you felt so good. So, so, so good. He was keeping tears of pleasure to himself, cock so sensitive, he felt like it would explode. He lowered his face and his eyes juggled between your face and your pussy, swallowing him whole and ripping away all he had. Yeah, take it all, take everything from him.
Backing up, he repeated the motion, stretching your insides and engraving the feeling of his pulsating veins on your warm velvety walls. His pace only got quicker from there, the sounds of your cries of pleasure only matched by the sound of his skin slapping against the back of your thighs. The sensation was burning your sensitive body, still tender from the grip he’d kept on your flesh only minutes ago.
Your vision was unfocused, eyes going everywhere frantically, searching for something to focus on, to keep you steady. You couldn’t look at him, not now, not when you were so weak to his every move. Everything he did to you was piling up, all the emotions and sensations crumbling on you all at once. You could barely process one that the next was erupting inside you. You knew that if you looked at him, his expression would only make it worst.
You always loved how he looked when he was fucking you but it was ten times more arousing for you when he was overwhelmed, which was practically all the time. He’d always groan your name louder and louder, big brown eyes drowning you both in a pool of lust. You couldn’t even deal with the memory of his face.
“F-Fuck… You feel this bunny ? My fat cock… It’s spreading you so wide… Bet you can feel it all the way in your tummy…” He groaned, leaning forward and pecking your puckered lips.
You were always needy for his kisses and he was always glad to give you as many as you wanted. He was yours to play with, and you always did so much for him, he would never refuse you anything, out of gratitude, boundless loyalty and love. He chuckled at the thoughts he was having. He could still find it in him to be a sap, even when his brain could barely process daily words or actions at the moment. Love would do that to you.
His body got closer to you, lowering himself on you and plowing deeper and harder in your tight heat, living for the various ways you’d scream his name.
“P-Peter ! Oh, oh my… Oh fuck, more ! Peter, more please more baby ! More ! Peter please !” You sobbed into his ear when he nestled his head in the crook of your neck to bite your collarbones hard enough to leave a mark.
He was close, dangerously close. He was actually surprised he managed to hold out for that long, and just as surprised that you did the same. Working himself inside you, he started sucking on your skin and biting it all over, one of his hands letting go of your thigh and placing itself on your stomach to press your belly. He could feel the tip lf his cock violently poking through.
Pushing your legs on your chest, the change of angle gave him access to the perfect spot inside you, the one that would have the neighbors complaining despite the diy soundproof padding of his apartment. He would probably need to invest on a new bedframe too, the one he owned currently, threatening to split in too as his rough hip thrust made the bed shake and slam on the wall. Lucky him, he was holding you, if he’d been holding the head if the bed, he would’ve ripped it apart himself.
“Oh god, oh, god, oh Peter, God ! Please, I’m s-so, so fucking close oh please !” You begged, tears spilling all over your flushed cheeks.
“F-Fuck… Bunny, please, give it to me… Come on bunny, one more… Just one more…”
Your high came surprisingly fast, surprising the both of you and raining over you in a sweet shower of pleasure. You arched your back, biting one of the most obscene noises you’ve ever made. You gripped on the bedsheets, ripping them apart too in the process. You’d barely processed your own orgasm that the man above you followed quickly after, filling you up with him cum, warm and thick, coating your walls and invading your entire being.
You whimpered, breathing with difficulty and trying to gather yourself. You couldn’t, not when he was still holding you and still going. You looked at him as if he’d grown a new set of arms and three heads. He attempted leaned down, kissing the side lf your jaw and chuckling in your ear when you whined in displeasure.
“Sorry baby… I’ll take good care of you, I promise…”
“I… I hate you…” You sobbed silently. Yeah, you should probably cancel your plans for the rest of the weekend.
Many hours later, you didn’t understand how you were still standing, or in this case, kneeling. Holding yourself on all fours, your body was rocking back and forth, at the rhythm of his thrust inside you. You could do it anymore, you couldn’t take more, nothing in this world could take this much, human or not. This man was insane, this was evident now.
You would need to make a run to the pharmacy for the morning after pill. Your birth control could definitely not take the amount of cum he’d fucked in you, and you loved him but neither of you were ready for a baby, even if you enjoyed the thought of having one and the process too.
The sheets were ruined, cum and drool all over them, adding to the many holes you both tore in the fabric. No washing could save them either, he’d get new ones and hopefully they would get treated better.
Peter was probably just as wrecked as you but clearly not exhausted in the slightest and definitely not bothered by the state if his body. His skin was covered in various marks that could’ve been given by some kind of enemy he fought in his red and blue costume. You’d given him these marks, biting on the skin of his collarbones, his jaw, his ear, his shoulders and honestly anywhere you could reach. He’d let you mark him however you pleased, a small price to pay for what he did to you. Even the bloody lacerations on his back were definitely worth it to him.
He felt a little guilty but never enough to stop, not when you sounded so good moaning his name. Nothing could get him down that high he’d been stuck in the entire day. He tried to calm himself down at times but nothing would be enough, nothing would quench his thirst for you and your body.
Gripping on your hip and slamming his cock deep in you, your ass bouncing on his lower stomach, he could feel himself cumming once more. He watched you reach forward, as if trying to run away, you’d done it a few times already and he pulled you back by the ankles each time. Your face fell, burying itself in what was left of the sheets and bite into them hard, saliva soaking them a little more when your mouth fell open and a scream hit the mattress.
“Good… Good girl, just one left… Only one left and I'm letting you rest baby…” He groaned, leaning over your back and kissing your nape tenderly.
“Aaaahhh… N-No… C-Can’t… N-Not anymore…” You muttered, voice broken and incapable of thinking about coherent words to moan.
His balls slapped against your folds, the sound of your wetness and his cum vibrating in his sensitive eardrums. He could still hear and feel it all, his senses pushed to the maximum of their capacities and suddenly going completely silent. He reached forward too, fingers grazing the soft skin of your arm to intertwine with yours and hold your hand tightly. His free hand wrapped around your middle, pulling you towards him. You soon both came, just as hard as you’d previously did, both your juices spilling out of your sensitive hole.
Your moans and his grunts quickly turned into loud sounds of breathing, your heavy breathing resonating in the room. He leaned his head on the back of yours, feeling a sense of calm and peace he’d craved for a long while. He was finally feeling better, all calm and not as overwhelmed as he had been previously.
A suddenly ray of light caught both your attention, your heads snapping towards the window. Your eyes widened as you saw the sun rise and peak through the window. You had fucked the whole night. The entire night, you had been turned over and over, your body stripped bare and abused non stop. The whole night. You sobbed in desperation and disappointment too. You didn’t really know why you were disappointed but you were, probably at the lack of self control. You boyfriend, on the other hand, was keeping in a laugh he knew would get him in trouble.
“I’m sorry… So sorry bunny… I’m so, so, so sorry… I promise, I’m sorry…” He muttered, kissing your neck tenderly.
You knew he only meant it partially, never truly sorry for the things he did to you. He loved how wrecked he made you and loved how dumb you got for him, he would get just as stupid for you. In thus situation, he’d been stupid horny from the beginning.
You both fell to the side, facing the window and the rising new day. You were starting to feel the exhaustion fall over you all at once and so was he. He yawned and you did the same, nuzzling your face in the pillows. His hand rested on your stomach, caressing it slowly and trying to massage your aching parts. He pecked your cheek tenderly, smiling to himself at how great of a girlfriend you were. Finally, he was calm again, after practically breaking your body, he was okay.
You would probably put him on a sex ban for the foreseeable future and it would be deserved. Now he understood why you were the one calming him down when overwhelmed by the world : you were the one with the common sense. When the spider parts became too much to handle, you’d handle it for him.
“Pete ?” You called out after a few minutes of silence.
“Hum ?”
“You feelin’ better ?” You asked softly, still looking out for him by being as quiet as possible.
He exhaled in your neck, feeling his heart thump in his chest. He was so in love for you, he could barely think. You were genuinely the best, still carrying about his wellbeing when you were hanging on the last ropes on consciousness. He raised himself slightly to bed himself forward and kiss your lips.
“I’m fine bunny… I might just need to do a few researches in my dad’s stuff, we wouldn’t want this whole thing to happen again, would we ?” He chuckled lightly, voice deep and resonating.
“No thank you. I’ll take the running away option next time.” You responded, side eyeing him. You loved him but absolutely not, never again (or probably at least once, it wasn’t that bad).
For the rest of the day, you caught up on sleep, still attached together and when he woke up, he found his father’s researches, discovering the cases of heats that spiders would go through, specifically the kind that bit him. Turns out, when location a pray to mate with, they get overwhelmed by a the sensations felt by the other, feeding of this connection to know exactly what to do. His already sensitive senses turned towards you only and seeking to please you.
Good to know, at least he knew that next time, he should read the entirety of his father’s researches instead lf skimming through them. Luckily, Peter was a fast learner. And he had the heightened senses to help.
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★ Remember That Night? // Shuri ★
Pairing: Shuri x F!Reader
Warning: Fluff & Sad (Somewhat)
A/N: Thank you all for the continued support on my stories! I thought of this randomly while listening to a song, and wanted to write it, so here we are 😭. Enjoy!
Inspired By The Song: Remember That Night? Written & Sung By - Sara Kays (Definitely take a listen so you understand the tone of the story. 🫶🏾)
Word Count: 1.1k+
It’s been 3 months since you and Shuri last spoke. Your relationship took an unfortunate turn of events, ending in a bad argument, and the two of you deciding to separate. Even though it was a mutual decision you were still hurt, crying multiple days on end, and you were convinced that Shuri was too. You’ve spoke to Okoye a couple of times since your departure from Wakanda. Yes, you decided to leave wakanda, you couldn’t stand being in the same proximity as Shuri for days on end. It made her impossible to forget. Apparently Shuri hasn’t been in the lab for months now, which was unlike her, but you paid it no mind. Sitting on your bed, in your parents house located in Georgia, you were laying on your side scrolling on instagram. Until a familiar caller ID popped up on the top of your screen. Wait a second. You know this number. It’s Shuri. You were starting to freak out. You sat up in your bed deciding wether you wanted to answer the phone or not. The two of you could still be friends since you broke up right? No. She broke your heart. Buuuuuuut, you miss her. You took too long to answer the phone the first time, in the middle of your crisis, but Shuri wasted no time in calling again. Oh my god. You thought. This woman is repeatedly calling me? Lord, have mercy. Those were your last thoughts before clicking on that big green button at the top of your screen.
“Hello?” Shuri’s calm, honey voice spoke through the phone’s speakers. God, you missed hearing her voice. You could never get sick of hearing her speak. “Hi.” You responded quickly. “I miss you baby-“ You interrupted her before she could finish. “Shuri, don’t do this, I’m just barely getting over you. Getting over this. Please.” You spoke, tears threatening to fall and stain your cheeks. You sniffled a bit before Shuri spoke up. “Remember that night?” She said. Memories were flooding your mind, flashing in your head. All the memories of her, and who you used to be. You were your happiest self when you were with her. This was all too much for you. Tears fell down your face. Your eyes were a faint red, you knew exactly what she was talking about. “Yeah.” You respond, your voice breaking in between syllables. You sniffle a bit. “It was 2:30 AM,” Shuri started. “We went for a drive.” She chucked a bit, missing these fond memories of you two. “It was was pouring outside. You decided you wanted to go outside and dance in the rain.” She spoke. You didn’t interrupt her. “And I decided to dance with you.” Her laugh more apparent. God, you can’t believe you tried to erase these moments. Those gorgeous memories between the two of you. Shuri made you a better version of yourself. And you’re forever grateful to have had her in your life for the time being. “Shuri-“ You tried to speak but she interrupted you once again. “You kissed me. In the rain.” Her voice starting to have a depressing tone. That kiss. That magical kiss. You remember every detail. The moonlight covered the street you two were dancing in. Perfectly bouncing off of the raindrops falling from the sky. You pulled her in by her jacket and kissed her right there. It was like a scene out of a movie. In that moment it felt like it was only the two of you. It felt like the rest of the world didn’t exist. You loved her so much. And you’re scared that a part of you still does.
The reason you two broke up was because Shuri wasn’t letting you know her whereabouts. She was constantly in the lab, working her life away, completely forgetting about you. She never came to bed, and barely even kissed you anymore. You dealt with it for a couple weeks, until you couldn’t take it anymore. She was spending more time in the lab that she was with you. And if you hadn’t let her know your whereabouts she’d probably send the entirety of Wakanda out looking for you. You didn’t feel like she was your girlfriend anymore, if anything you felt more like a side chick than a girlfriend. So that night you decided to do something about it, and it ended in a mutual decision that the two of you should take a break.
“Shuri. We’re broken up.” Your breath shaking while you speak. “None of that even matters anymore. Why are you calling me with this bullshit?” You spoke. “Y/N,” She spoke, in that convincing honey voice of hers. She knew she could get anything from you when she spoke in that tone. She knew it drove you crazy. “Don’t Y/N me! Shuri, we’re done-“ You spoke, her cutting you off, once again. “Can we just talk about this? Y/N please.” Her voice pleaded. She sounded desperate for you. Desperately trying to get you back into her grasp. “Shuri. Please just delete my number and find someone new, okay? If you loved me you’d respect my wishes.” And with that last sentence, you hung up the call, your phone opening back to instagram. Back on your side, laying in your bed, you laid there. Sobbing. You felt so loved. So appreciated. But now that part of you was missing. It felt like a chunk of your heart was ripped out. You missed her so much. Tears stained your pillow, your eyes beginning to turn a faint red. Mascara was all over your face. Your phone buzzed in your hand. A text from a familiar number appeared on your screen. Oh my god, does she ever just give up? You checked the message, it read:
Ex Girlfriend: “Look outside your window.”
There was no way. No fucking way she was outside you house. How did she even find your location? You live in Georgia for fucks sake. How did she- Fuck. You thought. The kimoyo beads. You forgot to give Shuri the kimoyo bead earrings she made for you a while back, but you were already in a plane, thousands of miles away, so you couldn’t return them to her. Walking over to your window, you open your curtains and gaze out of the window. Low and behold, shuri was there. Leaning against that same purple corvette she’s owned for the last 3 years. Looking up in your direction, she couldn’t help but smile. This was the first time she’s seen that gorgeous face, and that breathtaking body she’s missed for the last 3 months. Tears were puddled in her eyes. The sight made her emotional. You stared back into her eyes, letting out a small sob combined with a chuckle. Wiping your eyes, and opening the window to speak to her, Shuri spoke first.
“I missed you gorgeous.”
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