Every time an attractive black or poc character gets introduced into Marvel, fans who are of the same race and/or culture as them has to deal with ignorant white authors taking that character and writing the most blatantly offensive and whitewashed fanfics.
There’s no reason why Namor is speaking Spanish instead of his own native language. It’s not that difficult to do your research and it’s clear y’all have no problem doing it when it came to Thor or Loki. Y’all don’t even bother hiding it yet get defensive when someone points it out. Since we’re on this topic, lets not act dumb about his dislike for white people and the LOW chance of him having a white partner like bffr…
Lastly, we need to be VERY careful on how Namor is written and not play into stereotypes that’ll harm his character (and also Tenoch himself) in the long run. Y’all don’t seem to know (nor care) how dangerous it is to have him being written as the “aggressor” pursuing the “naive and innocent” white girl.
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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022) dir. James Gunn
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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 (2023) dir. James Gunn
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tenoch at it again “I hope we will continue working all our lives together because it’s very joyful when you find colleagues like her.” 😹 I thought he had said it all but it just keep coming. I am in love with the way he adores her.
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Tumblr media
Prompt || Bucky is about to leave for a mission. Reader asks him if he’s forgotten anything, and Bucky gives her a kiss. Reader becomes slightly shy and opens her hand to reveal Bucky’s wallet, saying “I meant this, but thank you.” — Requested by anon <3
Pairing || TFATWS!Bucky x Female!Reader
Word Count || Around 400
Contents & Warnings || Fluff — no warnings.
Random prompt event || Masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky was doing a final check of his bag and pockets to ensure he had everything he needed for his week overseas on yet another mission.
“Ok, clothes, knives, guns, keys, can't forget about those again… and…,” he did a double take of everything once more, making sure it was all there, “I think that's it. Everything's ready.”
“Aren't you forgetting something, babe?” You tilted your head while lifting your eyebrows, knowing he had forgotten something.
He furrowed his brows and looked deep in thought for a second before realizing that he had indeed forgotten something.
“Of course! How could I ever forget something so important,” he smirked as he stepped towards you.
With an adoring smile on his face, he cupped your cheeks and caressed your skin with the pad of his thumbs, gazing so lovingly into your eyes.
“I can never forget such an important thing as a goodbye kiss from my girl,” he mumbled against your lips before closing the gap and kissing you so passionately, which you melted so deep into, holding his waist for stability as he poured his love and need for you into it. It was a kiss that he would go without for a whole week, so he took advantage of his soft lips on yours to make the most out of it before he was gone—kissing you till you were breathless and clinging desperately to him, not wanting the moment to end.
Once he pulled away, he rubbed his nose with yours while you let out a shaky breath of contentment. It took you a moment or two, still dazed and warm from his kiss, to give him the thing he forgot.
Shyly, you brought your hand out from your back and presented his black leather wallet that he so would have forgotten hadn't you reminded him.
“I-I meant this, but thank you for that wonderful kiss, Bucky.”
“Ah… yes…” Bucky became so shy and flustered when he realized you had meant his wallet. He blushed a bright pink as he took it from you and put it in his pocket before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him again.
“But a kiss is just as important as my wallet, don't you think, doll?”
You nodded as you circled your arms around his neck and stood on your toes so that your lips brushed once more.
“Definitely as important,” you smirked, “can I have another one before you leave?”
“Always,” he chuckled before kissing you just as passionately as the first time…
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading 🖤 Feedback through a comment is highly appreciated! Or let me know through an anonymous ask if that feels more comfortable. As well as a reblog to share my work with other people!
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Sebastian Stan - Interview at EuropaFM
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like...WTF SEND HELP!?!? How can he say something like that like it's nothing!?
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Hey you. Yeah you. Fanfic author over there thinking their work isn't good enough to be published. Your work is amazing, it's so creative, whether it has 100 words, 10k words or 100k words, your work is amazing.
Your creativity knows no limit, your creativity is so appriciated, it's so very much loved, you're going to do great things with your writing abilities, it's unique, it's uniquely you, it's a little piece of your soul being put on display and your readers ADORE you for it.
You are adored by your readers, you are loved by your readers you are worth the whole world, we love you, we love you like the stars shine on a clear night's sky.
Cut yourself some slack, don't burn yourself out, and remind yourself that you are worth every bit of what joy you give others.
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To Be Loved (Namor x f!Reader)
A/N: I read a Druig fic with this concept like a year ago and it’s stuck with me since then. However, I’ve searched through an entire year’s worth of tumblr fics & ao3 bookmarks, and I still can’t find it. If you know who came up with this concept, PLEASE tag them or let me know! I would like to credit them for the idea! Also, I can’t stop writing Namor (and I won’t, I love that man so much).
Update: A very kind soul found the fic that inspired this one and sent me their @! It was @itsapeterthing who originally wrote this concept and you should definitely check the Druig fic out!
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader is an Eternal (you don’t have to know the movie to understand the fic) who can time travel. We follow her as she visits her lover, Namor, in different stages of his life over a 500-year time period.��
(Warnings: no big ones, some descriptions of war I guess?, soft!Namor, this is pure fluff like I somehow made myself fall more in love with him writing this??) 
in yakunaj – my love 
pixan – my soul 
ki'ichpanech – pretty girl 
Namor was being watched, though he didn’t know it yet. As he stood on the outskirts of his mother’s homeland, holding his mother’s body in his arms, the beauty of her memories was tarnished, ripped to shreds by slavers with whips and hatred in their hearts. Namor was a boy of ten and two, barely old enough to grasp the responsibilities he’d inherited in his birth, but strong enough already to understand the gravity of the situation in front of him.  
The hatred that burned in his heart mirrored the flames he’d set to his mother’s homelands, his homeland, which had become a falsity so grand that he could no longer contain the rage within him. It was a wound that wouldn’t heal, a festering cesspool of a memory that would play in his mind for years afterwards. This day would go down in his people’s history as the day the boy-king became a man. 
From a young age, laying his mother to rest was something Namor knew he was going to have to do, but no amount of time could have prepared him for the overwhelming heartbreak he felt as he laid her down in her final resting place. He remained by her side, content to sit with her body for as long as he pleased, but he knew he would eventually have to return to Talokan.  
All the while, an unfamiliar set of eyes peeked at him through the brush. You would not reveal yourself to him, not quite yet. This moment, as important as it was to Namor’s moral compass and the man he would grow to be, was not a moment you felt the need to share with him. You had travelled through time and space to be here, at present-day Namor’s request, and you would not interfere with this moment.  
The young Namor, the one that was blissfully unaware of your presence, knelt down and whispered his last goodbyes to the woman who raised him. You remained in your kneeling position amongst the greenery, unwilling to move until you were sure Namor had gone. When the last of his people returned to the sea, you stood, shaking the ache from your knees.  
You tapped into your power, the warm hum traveling through your body as you focused on returning to the present, to your home where Namor was likely waiting for you. It was only a snap of your fingers, a quick blink of your eyes, and suddenly you were in familiar territory again.  
The walls around you were filled to the brim with Namor’s art, painted over the centuries. They told the story of him, showcasing different memories that he deemed important. The first one, the one you’d just returned from visiting, was a small painting of his mother, lying in her shallow grave.  
“How was it, my love?” Namor’s voice carried from the above water chambers you shared, his voice so warm and deep that he might as well have been standing right next to you.  
You peeked your head around the corner, spying his relaxed form in his favorite armchair. You had spent hours there, wrapped in his warm embrace. It was your favorite place to be, too.  
You scurried forward, eager to take your designated spot in his lap. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his protective hold. You looked down at him, placing a soft kiss on his brow before cupping his cheeks.  
“It was informative, my King. I can see why you were so angry when we met.” You stroked his cheeks with your thumbs in an attempt to soothe the ache.  
“I spent many years after that day consumed with vengeance. It was only when I met you that I learned I still had the capacity to love.”  
“I’m sorry, my love, for the hurt humans have caused your people throughout the years.” You winced at the thought of Namor consumed by anything but love. 
“Don’t apologize, in yakunaj. You will see the man I became to protect my people, and you will see me as my enemies saw me. I did not know mercy for a very long time, and I fear you will not like the man I thought I had to be.” 
“I will always love you, K’uk’ulkan. Nothing,” you gripped his jaw for emphasis, “will ever change that.”  
Namor gripped your hand, pressing his lips into your knuckles. “I am undeserving of it, but I will accept it anyways, pixan. I am greedy like that.”  
He smiled, and your heart warmed at the sight. At one point, it had been decades since a smile had graced his beautiful face, so you always cherished the smiles he sent you, even if you got to see it all the time now. 
“Where am I going next?” You asked, glancing at the wall of art.  
“To our favorite place to hide away, before it was ours.” He nodded to a small, somewhat hidden section of the wall that had always been one of your favorites. You grinned in response. 
Namor looked over the landscape in front of him, a little envious of the humans that got to see it every day. The view his hiding spot offered was a spectacular array of gold and red, surrounded by lakes and rivers, and if he didn’t have a million things waiting for him back at home, he might want to appreciate it more. The sea was his home, but he couldn’t help the desire to explore the surface every once in a while.  
Home. The empire he had built with his bare hands. Hidden from the world, protected from human interference. Namor was proud of his people and what they had achieved, but he had spent so many years fueled by anger that he feared he may have forgotten the beauty of living along the way. He was lonely, and he could not let this weakness lead his people into their graves. This hiding place was a respite from all of that, but the loneliness tended to follow him here.  
A sharp buzzing interrupted his thoughts, and he swung around, ready to defend himself. A being, no – a woman, stepped into the clearing. Namor studied her. A human? No. He could feel the power drumming in her veins, and he tried to make sense of her human-looking face. A threat? Maybe.  
You raised your hands in an innocent gesture. “I’m not here to hurt you.” 
Namor couldn’t stop the chuckle from leaving his throat. No one, no one, could hurt him.  
“Who are you?” He pointed his spear at your heart, ready to drive it deep in your chest at the slightest movement.  
You murmured your name. “We’ve met before.” 
“I think I would remember meeting you.” His brow furrowed. 
“Not yet, I mean. It won’t happen for another few centuries.” 
Namor’s confusion grew, and you reached towards your sleeve, rolling it up a few inches. The bracelet Namor had given you was tied around your wrist, and you held it up for his inspection. He balked. That was his mother’s bracelet, and he knew for a fact that it was tucked away in a safe space, miles under the sea.  
“You gave it to me a few years ago. You sent me here, K’uk’ulkan, many years in the future. It’s hard to explain.” You scratched the back of your neck. “The paintings on your cavern walls tell a story, and he, you, wanted me to experience them with him, er, you. Is this making any sense?”  
Namor eyed you carefully but lowered his spear.  
“I feel your power, deep in here,” he gestured to his chest, “but I do not understand it. It’s different from mine.”  
You smiled and lifted your hand, allowing a tiny sliver of your power to form into a ball in your palm. A stark yellow lit the clearing. The orb pulsed with power, and Namor took a step forward. Present-day Namor was also enamored with the way your power manifested and loved watching you create different shapes with it in your palm.  
Namor stepped closer, watching the orb float in the space above your hand.  
“How?” He asked, flicking his gaze up at you.  
“You will understand it, one day, in yakunaj.” You fell into your natural pattern with him, even though the man standing in front of you was centuries away from the man you knew and loved.  
Namor startled at your ability to speak his language so easily, and then inhaled sharply when he realized what you had just called him. He knew he should’ve been hightailing it home by now. This display of power could mean trouble for his people, and it was his duty to protect them, but the gentle caress of your power in his chest rooted him to the spot. His curiosity always did get the best of him.  
“You speak my language?” He asked in his mother tongue, too enthralled with you to worry about the rules he was breaking by doing so.  
You nodded, watching as the power faded back into your hand. “I know many languages.” 
“We are...together in your time?” He asked, looking over you again.  
“Yes. We are bonded, though that probably doesn’t mean anything to you right now. It will, one day.” You paused. “I must return to my time.” You gestured towards the forest, even though you didn’t technically have to move your body anywhere to jump forward in time.  
“Will I see you again? Before we officially meet?” He asked, taking a step closer to you.  
“Would you like to see me again?” You returned, tilting your head curiously.  
“Yes.” Namor said bluntly.  
“Then you will see me again, in yakunaj.” 
In a flash, you were gone, and Namor spent a long moment staring at the spot you had been standing in moments before. He wondered how long he would have to wait to see you again and hoped it wouldn’t be too long of a wait. 
Namor waited decades for you, searching for you in every face he came across. His cousin and closest confidante, Namora, didn’t miss the excitement buzzing under his skin every time he had to leave for the surface. He finally told her of your existence after years of holding the secret close to his heart. She was cautious, warning him of the surface dweller’s wrongdoings, but he couldn’t think of you in the same way that he thought of them. You were different, gentler, and he spent the vast majority of his free time thinking about you.  
The night that you finally reappeared was a night of celebration for his people. It was Winter Solstice – the one night of the year that his people freely travelled between the sea and the sand. It was always a huge party, but he had spent the majority of it stewing in his longing for you. He had almost convinced himself you were a dream of his when you appeared. 
You stood towards the back of the crowd, looking up at the stars. Namor’s heart thundered in his chest as he approached you, unsure of what to say to the person he had spent the last 80 years of his life longing to see. Fortunately, you spoke first, and he wondered if it was possible to fall in love with someone after only meeting them once.  
“There are so many stars here. The doesn't look like this anymore, where I’m from. The surface dwellers have many flaws, and I think that is probably their worst transgression.” 
Namor said the only thing that he could think of in response.  
“I missed you.”  
You smiled bashfully, turning to look at him for the first time in 80 years.  
“I know. Thank you for being patient, in yakunaj. I go where he sends me, and there is always a good reason for it.” 
“Is he...like me? I mean, are we the same, or do you see us as different people?”  
“That is a hard question. You are the same Namor I know, but you are also different. At your core, though, you are the same man that I love in my time.” 
You looked back at the sky, shifting your body to stand next to his. A somber expression formed on your face, and he couldn’t help but brush the back of his hand against yours.  
“What is it, ki'ichpanech?”  
“I want you to enjoy this night, in yakunaj, because you will not have another one this easy for a very long time.” 
A cold chill ran down Namor’s spine. The conviction in which you spoke left little room for denial, and he could not ignore the uneasy feeling building in his stomach.  
“What do you mean?” He finally asked, breathing deeply. 
“I mean,” you paused, linking your pinky in his, “he chose this moment for me to visit for a reason. I cannot tell you details, because even I do not know them, but you will have to face an unimaginable threat, and it will be very hard for you. I will not return until after the carnage, and I want you to enjoy tonight, because you will have a hard time enjoying anything for many years afterwards.” 
He looked out into the sea, processing your warning. He wasn’t aware of any threats to his people, but the pleading look in your eyes told him he would soon face horrors, maybe outright war.  
“How long will it be before I see you again?” He asked, taking your hand in his and lightly squeezing it.  
“Do not worry about such trivial things, in yakunaj. Everything will right itself in time.” 
Your tone left no room for argument, not that Namor would want to argue with you anyways. You tugged him further away from the crowd, turning to face him after the darkness had blanketed you from the light of the party. You rested your palms on his cheeks, pulling his forehead down and pressing it against yours.  
“Be strong, my King. You will be pushed beyond what you believe your strength to be, but do not let that break you. You are a force to be reckoned with, and you will do anything to protect your people. Remember your strength, and above all, remember that there is love in your heart, even if you cannot feel it yet.”  
You pushed your lips against his in a chaste motion. It was over before it had even begun, and when Namor opened his eyes, you were gone. Namor clutched his chest, attempting to remember the feeling of your body against his.  
Your warning rang true a few days later, when the borders of Talokan were breached for the first time in its history. The water surrounding the city remained a misty red for months afterward.  
Namor pushed his spear deeper into the chest of the enemy King, finally ending the slaughter that had plagued him and his people for many years. The jungle around him rang with a silence so sickening that he fell to his knees. He hung his head low, exhausted from the fight. You had been right about everything, and the only thing that had kept him fighting for this moment of triumph was the speech you’d given him all those years ago.  
The guilt of his warrior’s deaths weighed heavily on his shoulders. It didn’t seem fair, that he would continue living after so many of his people had to mourn the loss of their family members. Their family members, who had died fighting his fight. The weight was almost too much to bear, and he was suddenly glad that he was alone.  
His people did not deserve to see his pity-party. He slammed his fists into the ground, letting out a brutish grunt. It was over, but his mind was still reeling. The sound of your soft footsteps brought him out of his rage. 
“You shouldn’t be here.” His voice was hoarse as he pleaded with you not to see him like this.  
“I am here, all the same.” You waved your hand in a nonchalant motion, lowering your body into a kneeling position in front of him.  
He couldn’t look at you. The awfulness of what he had done, of the person he had to become to defeat this threat was so far beneath you, and he couldn’t imagine anyone loving the broken man he had become. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes, and he squeezed them shut to stop them from falling.  
“You should go.” He pleaded with you, shaking his head at the thought of you being so close to the gory battlefield he had just fought on.  
“I will not leave you, in yakunaj, just as you would not leave me if our positions were switched.”  
You reached forward, gently wrapping your hands around his wrists. The steady drum of your power grounded his thoughts for a moment, and he prayed to the universe that your touch wouldn’t leave him. He didn’t move for what felt like hours, cherishing the warmth in his chest at having you so close to him after so long.  
“I cannot stand being apart from you like this.” He mumbled, head still hung low.  
“It is not for much longer, my King. One day, not so far in the future, we will be together.” 
“How much longer must I live with this torment of longing I feel when you’re gone?” 
You cupped his cheeks, swiping at the dirt and grime that coated his face with your thumbs.  
“Soon, my love. I promise.”  
You walked with him as he made his way back to the sea, the urge within him to return home too strong to deny any longer. There weren’t many words spoken between the two of you, but words didn’t seem necessary. You were here, and you were a gentle reminder that his future was bright, and that’s all that mattered to him at the moment.  
When Namor stepped onto the beach, the bobbing heads of Namora and Attuma a few hundred yards out at sea caught his eye. They would return to Talokan with the news that their King had come out triumphant, and that the war was officially over.  
You watched as their heads dipped below the surface before facing him.  
“I have been gone for too long. I must go.” Namor’s grip on your hands tightened, unwilling to let you go so soon.  
“Stay. Please stay.”  
You smiled warmly, bringing his knuckles to your lips. “I cannot, in yakunaj. I must return to the present. But I will leave you with a gift, so that you don’t forget me while I’m gone.”  
“I could never forget you, ki'ichpanech. Even if you don’t return for 1,000 years, I will still remember you.”  
You smiled, pulling your hands out of his. You cupped your palms together, tapping into your power until the yellow orb appeared, floating between the two of you.  
“Take this with you. It will shine brightly in Talokan. Bring your people the sun, K’uk’ulkan, after the dark times this war has brought with it.” You pushed the orb into his hands, releasing the speck of power from your being.  
Namor gasped, shaking his head. “I cannot do that. This is yours.” He tried to push it back into your chest, but you wouldn’t accept it.  
“It will be mine again, one day, in yakunaj. Until then, let it guide your people. Let it guide your heart.”  
Namor looked at you, wide eyed. The orb floated around his body, refusing to move further than a few inches from his skin.  
“I do not know what to say, ki'ichpanech, other than that I am undeserving of this gift.”  
“You will take it anyway,” you say, patting the area of his chest near his heart. Your hand lingered on his skin, and he could not stop himself from crashing his lips into yours. You smiled into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. He held you tightly against his body, arms wrapped fully around your waist in a tight embrace.  
You pulled away, gently cradling his face. “Stay safe, my King. I will see you soon.”  
Namor stumbled forward in your sudden absence, and he couldn’t help the frustrated grunt he let out. Soon had better be soon, or he’d start scouring the Earth for signs of you.  
Namor had not expected to see you so soon. It had only been a few years since your last encounter, and after the enormous stints of time between your previous meetings, he had not expected you for another few decades. An enormous eruption from the sea had beckoned him far from Talokan, the furthest he’d been from his home in years. 
Something was different this time. Unlike your previous appearances, where you’d appeared seemingly out of thin air, this time you were accompanied by a small group of people. Your hair was disheveled, and it looked like you and the people around you had been fighting something, something huge.  
He rushed onto the beach towards you. If there was a threat to you, he’d eliminate it faster than you could blink. It wasn’t so much a choice, but more of an instinct. He stumbled forward when he felt the full brunt of power between you and your friends.  
Oh. They were like you.  
Your friends stiffened when they noticed him, but your smile was the only thing he could focus on as he made his way towards you. This felt different because it was different. You weren’t here from your present. This was the present, and he was about to officially meet you. He was suddenly glad you hadn’t told him the details of your first meeting because he hadn’t had time to grow anxious about it.  
You met him halfway across the beach, jumping into his arms when you got close enough to reach him. He pulled you into a hug, wondering if he could get away with never letting go of you again. 
“I would say it’s nice to meet you, but we’ve met before, ki'ichpanech.” He mumbled into your ear. 
“Yes, we have.” You let out a light laugh, planting a kiss on his cheek.  
Namor’s brow furrowed as he tried to figure out how this version of you could know who he was, or how you would know about your previous meetings since they technically hadn’t happened yet. He shook his head. The thought of it gave him a headache, and he wasn’t going to try and figure that one out on his own.  
“You are here to stay, right?” He asked, hopeful.  
“Yes, in yakunaj, I’m here to stay.”  
Namor kissed you sweetly, arms still wrapped around you. He wouldn’t be letting go of you for a while, and you seemed perfectly okay with that.  
When you stumbled back into the present for the final time, Namor was stretched out in the bed you shared with him. It was late, much later than you had intended on being, and you opened your mouth to explain your absence before realizing that Namor would remember the encounter with you, and likely already understood why you had been gone for so long. You crawled into the bed next to him, pressing a kiss into his bare shoulder before cuddling into his side. 
“Now you have seen me at my worst.” Namor’s voice was a hushed whisper against the late hour.  
“I love you, even at your worst, in yakunaj.” You responded in an equally hushed tone.  
He pulled you closer, angling his body so that he could wrap you into a hug, and you shuttered against him. He was always so warm, and never once complained about how cold your skin was.  
“You are my greatest inspiration, ki'ichpanech. You are my strength and my love. My people are very lucky to have you as their queen. I cannot express the love I have for you in here.” He tapped his chest, resting his head on the top of yours.  
“You are an unbelievable sap, Namor.” You chuckled, nuzzling your face into his chest. “I love you even more for it, though.”
End Note: I really really love how this came out. I hope you enjoyed it! Either way, thank you for reading!
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Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 | Official Trailer
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Texts From Superheroes
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For November prompt CONTROL in @mcuchallenge
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lupita knows about agua papi 💀
but also
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not y’all wildin’ saying he need his NAMUSSY ATE LMAOOOOOO 😭💀
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*after daredevil gets injured in a fight*
Y/N: *holding up three fingers* how many fingers am I holding up?
Spiderman: He’s blind, Y/n
Daredevil: Three
Y/N: *gasps* a witch
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↳ Thor (2011)
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each one of these blurbs will come out every day starting december first (1st) and ending december twenty-fifth (25th)
DAY ONE ;; peter parker + voyerisum
DAY TWO ;; steve rogers + blowjob
DAY THREE ;; bucky barnes + spitting
DAY FOUR ;; scott lang + praise
DAY FIVE ;; tony stark + thigh riding
DAY SIX ;; bucky barnes + marking
DAY SEVEN ;; sam wilson + groping
DAY EIGHT ;; scott lang + squirting
DAY NINE ;; peter parker + blindfolds
DAY TEN ;; tony stark + degrading
DAY ELEVEN ;; steve rogers + size difference
DAY TWELVE ;; sam wilson + facials
DAY THIRTEEN ;; bucky barnes + hand kink
DAY FOURTEEN ;; tony stark + overstimulation
DAY FIFTEEN ;; sam wilson + spanking
DAY SIXTEEN ;; peter parker + dacryphilia
DAY SEVENTEEN ;; steve rogers + wet dream
DAY EIGHTEEN ;; scott lang + body worship
DAY NINETEEN ;; tony stark + dirty talk
DAY TWENTY ;; sam wilson - breathplay
DAY TWENTY-ONE ;; bucky barnes + tummy bulge
DAY TWENTY-TWO ;; steve rogers + hair pulling
DAY TWENTY-THREE ;; peter parker + mutual masturbation
DAY TWENTY-FOUR ;; scott lang + begging
DAY TWENTY-FIVE ;; bucky barnes + dry humping
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caseywcoller · 2 days
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Deal with this
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