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Y/N: Natasha’s got the kids?
Wanda: yeah. And I got you. All of you.
Y/N: did Nat give us a pick up time?
Wanda nuzzles Y/N…
Wanda: I told her to keep them as long as she wants. But for now…
Wanda giggles as she begins removing her flannel.
Tumblr media
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Y/N: Cmon I wasn’t that drunk last night!
Wanda: You started coloring my hand with a highlighter because you said I was important!
Y/N: Because you are!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hellos and goodbyes
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Wanda: There's a word to describe our situation you know
Natasha: Starts with an L...
Y/n: Lesbians!
Yelena: *Wheeze*
Natasha: Lost, y/n, we are lost...
Yelena: Technically she wasn't wrong!
Wanda: Amongst other things, we are lost
Tumblr media
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Wanda: Y/n, are you alright?
Y/n: Yeah. Just found out the average dream lasts 2 to 3 seconds.
Wanda: Really?! I be going on whole ass missions!
Y/n: And I have full makeout sessions with you.
Wanda: What?
Tumblr media
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Now she has your heart
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 4,428
Warnings: Mommy Kink, Mommy!Wanda, Bottom!Reader, dark!wanda, possessive Wanda, soft Wanda, Wanda magic g!p, it’s fake though, breeding kink, yandere Wanda?, magic tattoos, slight hurt/comfort, smut, Wanda Maximoff needs a hug, so I gave her one, praise, multiverse of madness spoilers, minors DNI, 18+
Summary: a continuation of She’s in Your Mind I would recommend reading that first, but you don’t have too. It starts after Wanda sacrifices herself. Though we don’t really talk about that. You wake up in an unknown location with Wanda, and she needs you now more than ever.
You slowly woke to soft fingers gently combing through your hair, digits caressing the outline of your face, dragging along your lips. You didn’t open your eyes, still drowsy from sleep, and the soft touches were soothing, you felt safe and warm. You were content to just lay like that, and you did, for a few minutes, until an amused raspy voice spoke to you, snapping you out of your daze and alerting you to the fact that you were not alone.
“Hello Little one, I know you’re awake.”
You slowly opened your eyes to the figure of the Scarlet- no, of Wanda sitting to the side of you, looking down at you and softly smiling. You were in a bed, you noticed, in a room you didn’t recognize, and with a witch who appeared to have changed quite a bit in the last time you saw her. Which you weren’t sure when that was, but the events started to come back to you regardless. The temple- Kamar Taj, Wanda invading the temple, Wanda invading you. Her successfully taking over your mind and making you give in, and letting go of your magic. The people at the temple must be dead now, and you didn’t even try that hard to resist her, to help them. You felt slightly upset at Wanda for choosing you, of all people, she choose your mind to attack, but mostly, you felt upset at yourself. Upset at how weak you were and how easily you let her take control of you, you’d never let anyone come that close, and you let the supposed enemy at that time, be the one to take you. At your thoughts, You noticed Impossibly pink lips pout at you.
“Aww, don’t be upset detka. No one would have been able to resist my magic, and from what I saw in your mind, you certainly wouldn’t have been able to resist me.” You were going to nod your head no and deny what she said, but Wanda was already reading your thoughts and stopped you. “Yes, you know its true, you may want to be in denial, but I know you more than you know about yourself. And that’s ok, that’s why I’m here. You let me in, all the way, and I’m not going to take that for granted. You saw something in me, just as I saw in you. We’re meant for each other.”
Wanda had so much love and resolve in her eyes while she said this, making you want to believe her and not argue. There was so much passion in the way she was looking at you, it was bordering on unhinged and possessive. You also noticed she looked a little sad, her crown and armor was removed, and in its place was a soft blue sweater and grey leggings, along with red curls softly falling down her head. You wondered what had happened to make her look so sad, and why she was here and not with her kids, which you assumed she had found, considering how powerful and determined she was to get them.
“I found them.” She whispered. And you seriously needed to get used to her reading your mind. She continued, “But I became something they were afraid of, I had them, right there in front of me. And instead of getting to hold them and tell them how much I loved them, and them love me back, they screamed in fear and ran away from me. As if I was going to hurt my boys. I would never hurt them, but I hurt others, and I wish I could bring myself to regret the pain that I caused, to feel guilt over the lives I took, but I don’t. I was doing it for a good reason, for my happiness and to love and have my boys back. My boys don’t deserve that though, to have so much pain be the cause of me having them back, to have that suffering behind their names. They deserve happy, simple, and peaceful lives, so I left, even though it kills me, I wont go after them again.”
She had tears quietly running down her cheeks while saying this, immense pain was shown on her face, and the depths that you saw in her eyes had you taking her in your arms without a second thought. You were stunned when you did this, stunned from her confession, shocked that so much had happened and you had just woken up. But mostly you couldn’t deny the strong feelings that overtook you for this women. She was in pain, grieving for the loss of her family, struggling to cope with the never ending events of trauma that has been continuously happening in her life. And like Wanda, you couldn’t find it in yourself to care about the others, about the pain she caused, or feel guilty for letting her attack Kamar Taj and taking you with her. Wanda was the most beautiful person you had ever seen, with all the love in the multiverse to give. And you weren’t going to let that go to waste, or let her suffer alone anymore. The way she was curled into you, seeming so much smaller than you remembered, her face pressed into the crook of your neck, hands holding tightly to your waist, and what felt like shaky breaths coming out of her, only solidified that. Wanda pulled away then, still with her arms around you, she looked at you, her tears had stopped and now she had a surprised expression on her face.
“Do you really feel that way?” She asked cautiously. You nodded yes. At this point, you were fine with her reading your mind now, especially if your thoughts brought about the look of amazement and wonder in her eyes. Her hands were holding your waist now, and she rubbed her thumbs back and forth on your hips without her realizing. “I knew you were perfect for me. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were going to be my sweet girl. And when I read your mind, it only confirmed that I was right. My sweet, pretty, baby girl, I am so glad I found you.” Her hands took a hold of yours, and brought them to her lips, she placed gentle kisses against your knuckles and looked at you with so much joy, you shivered. You were a little surprised with her words, but even more so, happy. You shouldn’t feel so content with how she basically took you, or how in most relationships, this behavior was very concerning, but like your guilt, that concern couldn’t be found, only, reciprocation.
“I’m glad too.” You spoke softly. And that only seemed to heighten her joy. She was practically beaming like the sun at you, and while you had thought she was the most stunning women in the world, when she scrunched her nose a little, letting out a giggle, she was now the most adorable.
“I’ll give you anything your heart desires; all I want is for you to stay with me forever. I’ll do anything for you, anything. Just be mine.” The look in her eyes swiftly changed to unhinged desperation, which was odd, cause you were pretty sure you had just confirmed your feelings to her, and after that little speech, you were in no way going to deny her, you were also pretty sure you couldn’t even if you wanted to. But her eyes said another story, and you guess you couldn’t blame her considering how much she had lost. So you placed your hand on her cheek, and brought your lips together. The sigh she let out when your lips touched, was all worth the bold move, and you knew you had alleviated her doubts.
“You’re all I have.” She said as she gently pushed you down onto the bed. She then mounted your waist and leaned down to kiss you more forcefully, her tongue skillfully slid in and took home in your mouth. Once she was satisfied she had explored every inch of your mouth, she moved her lips down to your throat, hands heavily moving up your body slowly. “And you’re all I need.” She growled, and sank her teeth into your neck. And fuck. If that wasn’t one of hottest things to happen to you. You let out a moan, and moved your head to the side to give her more access. Your hands moved to hold her arms, squeezing them, because damn, she was toned. God you just wanted her to devour you right there, however she wanted. Soft hands took a hold of yours, connecting your hands together and moving them above your head, holding you there.
“Is that what you want babygirl? You want Mommy to take over and devour you? To have you any way I want?” She said with a red tint in her eyes. You nodded your head again, and a hand swiftly grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, scarlet wisps held your hands above you as her other hand closed around your throat. She growled again, “Has my pretty girl already forgotten her manners? What did I tell you to do last time, when I ask you a question?” You whimpered from how tight she was holding you in place, she was looking at you with blown pupils, an expectant look on her face, and you didn’t want to disappoint her, so you tried your best to remember what she told you. A brief recollection of her claiming you and making you speak to her flashed in your mind. Her telling you that good girls get a treat when they answer her.
“Y-yes I want you to take me. Please Mommy you make me feel so good, I just want to be yours.” Wanda groans at your words, head dropping down a little as she moves her hips against you.
“Such a good girl.” You hear her mutter, almost to herself. Her hands move to the hem of your shirt, which you’re now realizing is probably one of her’s that she changed you into, and slowly starts to pull it up. Kisses are placed against your stomach as she goes, her eyes locked on your face as she slides her tongue up your stomach and stops at your chest. She takes the shirt off you, and you realize that you had nothing else on under that. You blush, trying to move your hands to cover yourself, but her magic holds you still.
“Oh? Is my little one shy? You don’t need to be, Mommy loves everything about you. You’re a beautiful work of art, and no one should get to even look at you except for me.” She attaches her lips to one of your breasts after her assurances. All you can do is whimper and delight in how good she makes you feel, her tongue licking a long stripe across your breast before taking your nipple into her mouth. She’s so hot, her mouth, her words, her voice, her body that lays fully on you. You arch your back into her and she hums, the vibrations going into your chest, making you feel oddly safe and content, but it also sends a pulse of heat straight to your core. You’re obviously soaking at this point, and it’s beginning to get uncomfortable with how much your aching.
Wanda, sensing this, starts to move her mouth back down your body, swirling her tongue at every dip and curve, leaving a trail of spit behind. Your chest is moving rapidly the closer she gets to your core, and she watches with greedy eyes how you react to her. She’s finally right above your dripping pussy, and you cant your hips up, needing to feel her on you. But she pulls back, and moves her hands to hold your hips down, smirking knowingly at your desperation.
“There’s my needy girl.” She says proudly. And you groan at her, either at her words, or as a confirmation, that yes, you are indeed needy, and you need her now. She then proceeds to put you into shock, when her mouth suddenly envelopes your entire pussy. White, hot, pleasure bursts through you, her mouth covering your clit and her tongue sticking out to cover your hole. She groans at finally tasting you, eyes snapping open in hunger, almost in shock herself with how much she loves your flavor. You watch as the green in her eyes nearly disappears as her pupils grow into black holes, she’s not even really looking at you, too lost in her hunger to focus on anything else, but lapping up more of your arousal. You almost cum just from the sight alone of how starved she looks, desperate to take in more of you. She has her hands wrapped around your thighs in a vice like grip, afraid you’ll move out of her reach, which will not likely fucking happen.
Wanda starts to then move her head slightly from side to side, hardening her tongue a little to create better friction against you, she does this quickly, damn near making you lose your mind, because what the hell, she’s aggressively and unashamedly slurping your essence up. And you would’ve blushed if you could at the wet sloshing noises she was making, but at the moment, you were uncontrollably moaning- no screaming at how good she was eating you out. You were reaching your release way too soon, but you couldn’t properly get your brain to work to warn her.
You didn’t need to worry though, Wanda watched as you threw your head against the pillows, back coming off the bed as you squeezed your eyes shut, she watched with scarlet eyes, as you grew closer to coming for her. When you were finally at your breaking point, Wanda spoke to you inside your head, too greedy for your taste to take her mouth off you for even a second.
“Cum now my little slut, you’re doing so well, give me more of you. You taste so good, cum right in my mouth, that’s it, give mommy all your cum.” With Wanda giving you permission, and the words she spoke only heightening your pleasure, you finally hit your peak. Your mouth fell open, but no sound came out as all your energy went into bracing yourself against the orgasmic waves of pleasure that hit you. Wanda sucked hard against your clit, and then hummed, low and loud against you, satisfied in your release filling her mouth as she drank all of you. She continued to lap you up, as you came down from literally heaven. You noticed her magic releasing you, and you brought your hands to her head, you lightly pushed her away from your over sensitive core, and she reluctantly pulled away, not without giving your clit a quick kiss goodbye though. You both looked at each other, taking the other in, you- with mussed hair, flushed cheeks, and chest still heaving a little from the air you lost earlier. And Wanda, with her smug grin, with your arousal covering her entire bottom of her face as she wore it proudly. She licked her lips and moved up to your mouth, and kissed you. You moaned at the taste of you both combined, and she smiled against your lips, biting your bottom lip as she pulled away again.
“You were amazing and so delicious to taste my love. I hope your ready for more, because I have plans for my sweet little pussy.” She waved her hand, and you watched her eyes flash red, then she moved her fingers hypnotically, you watched the long digits move, really loving the way they looked. Then she looked down, and held a proud smirk on her face. Curious as to what she was so happy about, you looked down as well, and boy did you see how happy she was, or in this case the new member suddenly appearing at her waist was happy. Oh and she was finally naked. You’re eyes widened, you didn’t know where to start, her body was magnificent, soft and toned and smooth, her breasts rested right in front of your face, begging to be worshipped, and you also wanted to worship her other body part, well, all of her body parts to be honest.
“Do you like it? It’s a spell I learned from reading the Darkhold, its not a real cock, but I can feel it, and more importantly so can you. Mommy is going to fill you up, nice and full, and your going to take all of me. I’ve been wanting to use this on you ever since I read about it, and now you’re finally mine to completely have and use however I want.” You swallowed hard, it was a bright red color, matching her magic almost, which was fitting, and it was bigger than anything you’d ever taken. You looked back up at her, slight panic in your eyes, and she softened the look she was giving you. She moved her hand to your face and lightly caressed your cheek. “Don’t worry my sweet girl, mommy knows what she’s doing, trust me, I’ll make you feel so good, all you need to do is lay there and be my good girl. You want that right? To be my good girl and trust me?” The soft and devoted look in her eyes removed all hesitation from your mind and you nodded. “Such a good girl for me. God I love how desperate you are to please me.”
And with that she moved her hips to rest against yours, she moved her hand down to position the tip of the fake cock against your entrance and you felt her part your folds. She rubbed the tip against your pussy and you both moaned at the feeling, her cock was surprisingly warm, almost vibrating with her magic, and you were once again dripping for her. With one hand still holding her cock against you, she leaned down over you, placing her other hand beside your head to hold herself up.
“Look at me.”She whispered, bringing her face right above yours, striking emerald eyes held all your attention. Her eyes remained focused on your face as she moved her hips into yours slowly. You felt her spread you apart, and she was sinking into you inch by inch, slowly, watching as you winced and gasped from her stretching you so thoroughly. While it was a little painful at first, you kept your eyes locked with hers, she was splitting you apart and yet you felt completely safe and warm in the way she looked at you, taking you in like an addict would a drug. And you weren’t the only one reacting, she bit her lip as she pulled out, groaning when she moved back inside you, you could tell she was holding so much back, but that just made her all the more sexy to you. She was still caring for your needs and how you felt and it made you all the more turned on. Finally, adjusting to her length and wanting to make her feel good, you moved your legs and wrapped them around her waist, pulling her into you all the way and locking your legs. She gasped at this, fully inside you know, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her hand gripped your waist with a bruising force to keep you were you were. You moaned at how full you felt, and how beautiful she looked in a blissful state. Interesting enough, as you both remained unmoving, you felt her pulsing inside you, and you knew it was her magic becoming excited. Your mind completely stopped working after that, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You whined, high pitched and needy, pulling her closer, her eyes snapped open, and she looked down at you.
“Fuck me.” You said while panting. “Fuck me mommy, I want you to destroy me, completely ruin this pussy for no one else. I want you so bad, just fill me up until I can’t take anymore, please mommy.” It was like a switched flipped, soft eyes turned feral and dark, her body tensed and she quickly moved her hands to grip your waist. She pulled her hips back and began to roughly pound into you, your body moved against the sheets with such force that the bed hit the wall. Your legs lost their hold around her waist from her movements and fell to the sides, so she grabbed your legs and pushed them into your chest. You moaned as you felt her go even deeper, and she grunted from how hard she was pounding into you.
“Fuck baby, is this what you want? Mommy pounding this pussy, ruining you for anyone else? You can never be anyone else’s, your mine, you belong to me and me alone. Gonna fill this pretty little pussy until your full of me. Would you like that? Mommy filling you up to the brim with her cum, maybe I’ll do just that, get you pregnant and breed you like the little bitch you are. Then you won’t ever leave me, even if you wanted to. I fill you up over and over again till this house is full of our children, and then some.” Wanda spoke with such a deep voice, nearly growling out her words. You were delirious, you weren’t sure if she was serious about getting you pregnant, but you were so consumed with pleasure, by her words, and possessiveness, that you didn’t really care. She was moving inside you at an alarming speed, and then she grabbed you by the throat, using her hold on you as leverage to move harder into you, cutting off a bit of your breathing, and that felt even better.
Your hands were on her back, pushing her closer to you, scratching red lines down her back that had you proud for finally marking her. She moaned at the pain and thoughts you had of claiming her, and moved her face into the crook of your neck, sucking on it harshly to leave her own mark on you. You both were getting closer, she could feel you squeezing her cock tightly, gripping around her like a wet glove, all you could hear was your slapping bodies, and sloshing noises you both made. She pressed herself fully against you, needing to feel more of you, your breasts connecting to rub against each other, her arms wrapped around you, holding you closer to her. You noticed her hips moving erratically, getting sloppier with her rhythm against you, she was getting close to her release as well.
What you didn’t notice though, was the wisps of scarlet leaving Wanda, coming from her chest and heading towards yours, right to your heart. As you both moved against each other, feeling absolutely euphoric and in love, you both reached your release. Wanda came inside you, hot spurts of cum filling you completely, moaning your name and whispering praises into your ear. You came with her, your pussy clenched hard around her, increasing both your pleasure as she pulsed inside you, she felt even warmer inside you. And as you both held one another, her magic worked its way around your heart, wrapping it in a protective hold, just like how she was holding you now, and solidifying her claim over you, leaving behind a red tattoo in the symbol of her crown over your heart.
You both eventually calmed down, Wanda’s magic disappeared and you whimpered from the sudden emptiness. Wanda shushed you, moving her head back a little to kiss your lips softly. She then waved her hand and used her magic to clean you both up. She moved you both so that she was now under you and you laid your head against her chest, she once again wrapped her arms around you, and pulled you closer, practically purring with you being content and safe within her arms. You noticed something different though, about yourself. You felt a warmth on your chest, and their was a new feeling inside you, in your heart. You looked down and gasped at the red crown over your heart.
“Wanda what is this?” Oddly enough, you weren’t asking out of concern, it was more out of curiosity. Wanda looked down at you and to where you were pointing and hummed, her lips tilted up into an appreciative and proud smile.
“Oh, that? It’s nothing to worry about. Think of it as a sign of my love. And know that because of this, I can always protect you. Now go to sleep my lovely girl, you did a lot today and mommy is so proud for how well you behaved. I love you so much, Mommy will be right here when you wake up.” You listened to her words, knowing she would never hurt you, and would always keep you safe. Wanda felt like home as you pressed further into her chest, and you were perfectly happy with being hers forever.
Wanda watched you fall to sleep, smiling at how adorable and sweet you were. She moved her hand down to the glowing crown over your heart and traced it lightly with her finger, her smile turned unhinged as she watched it pulse along with your heart. What Wanda didn’t tell you, was that you were now connected to her, a spell in the Darkhold allowing her to bind your hearts together, and forever keep you as hers. She would be able to know where you were at all times, sense if you were ever in danger, and most importantly it would keep you immortal, allowing her to love and be with you till the end of time. Of course there were a few other things that the tattoo did; like make your love for her remain permanent, and you would be more susceptible to her commands, and, Wanda’s favorite part, she would always be on your mind, you would never not think about her, even if you tried. Just like how she always thought of you. Besides, what else would you need to think about other than just being her good girl. But you didn’t really need to know any of that. She pressed her nose into your hair, relaxing further into you at your smell, and whispered, “ You’re mine, all mine.”
Part 3
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Becoming a family | Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Prompt: "I have a key, it's not breaking in."
Summary: When your best friend gets pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her for it, you step up and help her take care of the baby. A/n: This might be the longest fic I've ever written, but I love it so much. It has a lot of time jumps because it tells a story over the span of like 3-4 years. I hope you all enjoy the read!
masterlist | requests: closed | words: 2050
Wanda came to you first when she found out that she was pregnant. She was scared to tell her boyfriend Vision because they were both only 22 and they had never really talked about the topic of kids yet. You reassured her that whatever would happen, that you would be there to support her through it all.
About a week later you opened you door to your best friend crying on your doorstep. You let her in and comforted her. “He said he is not ready to have kids and then he just left me. Like he broke up with me right after I told him.” You and Wanda had made a deal years ago that you would support each other no matter what choices the other made. But after just hearing he just left your pregnant best friend like that, you told her how you thought he had never treater her right and that she deserves so much better.
You put on one of Wanda’s comfort movies while you got some blankets and order her favorite food. Without communicating it Wanda knew you were letting her stay at your place tonight. Halfway through the movie Wanda paused it and turned to you with tears in her eyes. “I can’t do this alone. I can’t raise a baby on my own.”
“Like I said last week, I will support you through it all. You are not alone, you’ve got me. And it is fully your decision what you’re going to do, but either way I will be there every step of the way.” You try reassuring her. “Thank you, y/n, that means a lot.” She turned back to the TV and played the rest of the movie.
In the following weeks you and Wanda got a lot of books on pregnancy and parenthood. Reading up on everything, since neither one of you knew much on the topic as the closest thing to it you had experienced was babysitting. You also got rid of all of Visions stuff together since it was a heard process for Wanda to do alone.
On one of your days off you picked up a crib and some stuff that would have to be assembled for the nursery. Wanda had decided on some stuff she wanted or would like to have in the nursery. You wanted to surprise her with a few things off her list and get it all set up to take it off of her plate.
With your key for emergencies, you entered her apartment, carried the boxes inside and went to work. You have the crib and a dresser build when you hear Wanda come home. Since the nursery is a separate room in the home, you went to great her, as to not scare her when she hears a sudden noise coming from the room. “Hey Wands, how was work?” You ask when you join her in the living room. She looks at you confused, “Why did you break into my house?” With a chuckle you say, "I have a key, it's not breaking in." While jingling the key in front of you. “But if you’d like the reason to the why part, you need to close your eyes and follow me.”
Wanda closed her eyes, and you led her to the nursery by her hands. “Open them.” You say. She opens then and tears start filling her eyes immediately. It’s the hormones that are making her so emotional, is what she tells you each time she cries. “I love it. You didn’t have to do that.” You shake your head, “I know, but I wanted too. This kid is going to be very loved and that starts with getting their room ready.”
Eight weeks into her pregnancy Wanda has her first doctors appointment. You were joining her and seeing the tiny little baby for the first time. The doctor was doing the ultrasounds, showing on the screen what everything was when all of a sudden he stopped talking and started moving around the transductor around. Wanda met your eyes worriedly, you squeezed her hand while you both waited for the doctor to speak. “There!” He says, pointing to something on the screen. “Do you see that?” When you both nod, still confused to what’s happening he tells you what’s on the screen. “This here is the baby and then here is baby number two. Wanda you are having twins.”
Wanda’s mouth falls open, ‘twins’ keep echoing in her head. “I’ll give you two a moment.” The doctor says and leaves the room. “I guess I should pick up another crib, huh?” You joke, not realizing Wanda is still in shock. “I’m barely convinced I can take care of one baby, how am I going to be able to take care of two?” Wanda says. “What if I moved in? Ill be there to take care of the babies with you.”
After that appointment you and Wanda sat down to see what would be best for the babies. You decided moving into your apartment would be more practical since yours was bigger and therefor had an extra room. And that way Wanda would also not have to be surrounded by the memories of Vision. The next week you started moving Wanda’s stuff into your apartment, with the help with some of your friends and family.
In the following months the house started to feel more like a shared space. Wanda’s room feeling like her own and a mix of both your decoration around the house. You worked together on making a beautiful nursery of the room that had once been your office space. Setting up two cribs, a closet, and a changing table among other decorative pieces. The room was coming along nicely.
A week before the due date a very pregnant Wanda stood in the kitchen looking for something she wanted to eat, while you were doing the final round of baby clothes washing, which you learned was necessary from one of those practical baby books. You just got the laundry from the machine when you heard Wanda call out for you. “Y/n, come here quick!”
You rushed to the kitchen and found Wanda standing there looking at the floor with wide eyes. “My water just broke.” You excitedly said, “Omg it’s happening!” You rushed to the nursery to grab the baby and hospital bag and then led Wanda to the car.
That day Wanda gave birth to two beautiful boys. Their names were Billy and Tommy Maximoff. You were sitting in Wanda’s room at the hospital, making sure she had everything she needed. But all she needed was to have you around. Then a nurse came in with two little beds, “They’re all checked out for now, miss Maximoff, you have two very healthy baby boys.”
When the nurse walked out of the room, you gently picked up one of the babies holding him shortly before handing him over to Wanda and picking up the other to hold yourself. They were perfect. After holding the boys for a bit, you switch and after some more time holding them, you put them back into their little beds. “Are you ready for some visitors, Wands?” You had texted Pietro right before you got into the car and asked him if he could notify the rest of your and Wanda’s friends.
You walked out of the room and into the waiting room where you were met with your friends eagerly waiting to meet the new additions to their lives. “There are two beautiful, healthy baby boys ready to meet you all. And one very proud but tired mom ready for some company.”
The group followed you to the room where you introduced the boy to their new family, “Billy and Tommy these are your aunts and uncles, we have Uncle Pietro, Auntie Nat, Aunt Yelena, Uncle Clint and Aunt Kate and they all can’t wait to meet you.” They had each decided what they wanted to be named and you thought it was adorable. What you didn’t see was Wanda looking at you with adoration in her eyes. She was so thankful for you being here with her, through everything. Natasha noticed the way Wanda had looked your way and made a mental note to ask Wanda about it later.
Bringing the boys home and starting this life with them had all been incredible. Your friends helped out as much as they could. Meaning the boys had their family over very often, Wanda was so appreciative of everyone showing up for her and her boys like this. Everyone made her feel like she truly wasn’t raising the boys alone.
On a Sunday afternoon when you and Yelena were putting the boys away for a nap, Natasha saw her opportunity to ask Wanda about the look she witnessed at the hospital. “So, Wanda, how has living with y/n been so far?” Natasha saw the woman’s eyes light up at the mention of your name, which was all she needed to know that Wanda had feelings for you. “It’s been amazing. It’s great having around more and she is incredible with the boys.” Natasha chuckles, “And you’re in love with her.” Natasha adds. Wanda’s eyes widen, “Shh, she’s right in the room next door.” Natasha smirks, “Interesting response.” Natasha manages to say before you and Yelena walk back into the living room.
Then months later you and Wanda have fully gotten used to a life with two little ones and were enjoying it to the fullest. Billy and Tommy brought a light to your lives, that no one could have prepared you for, the love you felt for these boys like they were your own felt incredible. Wanda’s feelings for you only increased the more she was around you, but she didn’t want to ruin what you guys had now. So, she hadn’t told you about how she feels towards you.
Billy and Tommy had both started saying their first words. Billy’s first word was mommy, which made Wanda overjoyed. And Tommy’s first word he wanted to share with the world was banana, making you both laugh. He must have a favorite food.
A little after the twins their second birthday Wanda was making dinner in the kitchen while watching you play with the boys in the living room. That’s when she heard Tommy say, “Mama, mama, look!” before he did a silly dance. Tommy wasn’t looking to get her attention though. He had called you mama. When you just smiled at the boy and started dancing with him, Wanda knew she had to tell you how she felt.
So, after she had brought the twins to bed, she sat you down. “Can we talk?” She had asked, “Of course, what’s up Wands?” Wanda seemed nervous, which wasn’t like the Wanda you knew. “So, earlier I overheard Tommy call you mama.” You hadn’t realized hearing that had troubled Wanda, “Oh Wanda, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that would bother you, next time I will correct him.”
Wanda put her hand down on your knee, “No, no, that’s not it. Quite the opposite actually.” Wanda’s hand on your knee gave you butterflies in your stomach. “Y/n, you mean everything, and I wouldn’t want to do anything to ruin our friendship. But hearing Tommy say that made me realize that after all these years I just have to tell you, because I want you to be Tommy’s mama and Billy’s of course. Because y/n I love you, and.” You stopped Wanda’s rambling by kissing her. Your hand moved to the nape of her neck, pulling her in closer. When you felt her smile into the kiss, you did the same. When you pulled away for air you said, “I love you too Wanda, and I have since the first month I have known you. I’d love to be Billy and Tommy’s mama, but there’s one question left to ask first. Wands, do you want to be my girlfriend?” Wanda excitedly said yes.
And that’s how you officially became a family after all these years. Though in your hearts you will always count those first two years just the same. You were a family then and you would be a family for the rest of your lives.
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xxxdreamscapexxx · 2 months ago
Have you been a good girl?
Wanda Maximoff / Reader Word count: 12.7k Summery: Wanda layed out 3 simple rules while she was on a business trip. She made you say them back to her, just to make sure you would remember. But will you follow them? Warning: NSFW, Smut 18+, lesbian relationship, strap-on use, oral, just a tiny bit of anal, phone sex, top!Wanda, Dom!Wanda, Bottom!Reader. Mommy!Kink ________________________________________________________________ You heard the distant sound of an alarm clock going off, your mind still sleepy and unwilling to face the day. You tried to blink and see what time it was, but felt too tired. It was way too early. The bedroom was still dark, no light yet coming in through the big windows. Next to you, Wanda groaned, but retracted the arm she had over you, so she can turn to the nightstand and turn the ungodly sound off. It was a Monday and she had a business trip scheduled and a flight to catch.
Her suitcase was already packed the night before, her clothes laid out neatly for her, a folder was sticking out of her handbag, so she can read on the plane, knowing she’ll have to go straight to the office when she landed, her schedule already packed with meetings. It was her own fault really. She wanted to cut down a 2-week business trip, to just one, not wanting to be away from you and your home for too long and this meant overtime and late nights spent on her desk. But it was worth it. She’ll be home to you on Sunday morning. That’s all that mattered. You could hear her moving around the room, quickly and efficiently dressing herself, pulling her phone charger from its usual place behind the nightstand, picking up her watch and clasping it around her wrist, opening the jewelry box full of rings and picking out the ones she licked best. You could hear all these little movements, your mind distant and half-asleep, but so in tune with her and her habits that the smallest noises could tell you exactly where she was and what she was doing. You felt her get closer to your side of the bed and the mattress dipping slowly, so she can lean in and place a soft kiss on your forehead. At that you stirred. - Go back to sleep, my darling. – She whispered softly, feeling warmth bloom in her heart as she saw you sleeping peacefully. - But I wanted to walk you out. – You whined cutely and she had to fight back the urge to cover your whole face with kisses. - You don’t have to do that, baby. Go back to sleep. I’ll call you tonight from the hotel. – She promised and she placed another kiss, this time on your cheek. Stubborn to a fault and already coherent enough, after your little interaction, you pushed yourself up, hair falling around your face and over your shoulders. Wanda just sighed. - At least let me hug you. – You told her, already opening your arms, so you can cling to her, body feeling heavy and tired. She returns the embrace, snuggling her face against your neck and inhaling your scent, letting herself feel surrounded by everything that was you, her fingers holding on to your naked shoulder blades. When the temptation to just lie back down with you became too much for her to bare, she started to pull away and to push you back down on the bed, arranging you almost like a doll in your half-conscious state and admiring the way your hair fanned across the pillow and the sheets slipped low enough to uncover the tops of your breasts. You were everything she wanted. The most beautiful girl in the world and all hers. - I miss you already. – You manage to mumble, eyes still closed. - I miss you too, my darling. Now get some sleep. She stroked your hair lightly for a moment, before getting off the bed, collecting all her things and leaving. Your ears still followed her. The way the wheels of her suitcase rolled on the hardwood floor, across the hall, to your living room and the smaller hall at the front of the house. Her keys that jingled melodically as she picked them up to unlock the front door, the small pause after the door was open and the finality of it closing behind her, as she walked to her car. You heard it all and sighed, knowing this will be a long week, but let yourself drift off to sleep anyway, knowing you had a few more hours to sleep, before the inevitable shriek of your own alarm going off.                                                  *          *          * Work kept you busy, but your mind always drifted back to Wanda. The house felt empty without her and you buried yourself in meetings and reports, just so you wouldn’t have to think of the absence that hung around the place. It was going to be just a few days. You could do it. It was in the late afternoon that you finally peeled yourself from your laptop, going for a glass of water and feeling your stomach grumble in protest of your lack of self-care. You had skipped breakfast, drinking only a coffee, and then jumped from meeting to meeting right through lunch. It was time to eat something. You reached for the fridge a saw a piece of paper stuck next to the handle. On it, drawn in red marker, you saw a heart and immediately smiled. Words weren’t really needed. She thought of you. Wanted to make you smile. Wanted to do something nice for you. It was just so… Wanda. After fixing yourself a sandwich, you buried yourself in work again, not wanting to think of how much you missed her, or to remember that you’d have to sleep without her next to you. Finishing work and deciding to read proved to be the wrong move. All you could do was look at your phone, waiting for a message or a call from Wanda. Watching TV had the same success. Finally, around 21:00 your phone lit up. It was Wanda, just as you hoped and you grabbed your phone instantly. ‘’Hi, my darling. Thinking of you <3 I’m still at the office. It’ll probably be another hour before I finish. I’ll call you as soon as I get to the hotel.’’ You quickly typed in a message. ‘’ Hi Wands. I’m thinking of you too. I miss you so damn much. I’ll be waiting for you.” ‘’I miss you too, kitten’’- she fires back and goes back offline. For the next two hours you wait. Body tense, mind unable to focus on anything other than the phone next to you. You even turned the sound on, just so you wouldn’t miss her call. God, you hadn’t had your sound on since forever! For years it was always on vibration only and you almost laughed at how desperate you looked. But you missed her. And her call wasn’t coming. Deciding that you wouldn’t just wait around, you thought of taking a bath. You filled the tub, dropped a bath bomb, poured yourself a glass of chilled white wine and slowly undressed, still glancing at your phone every once in a while. The water felt divine on your sore muscles and stiff back and you felt its magic starting to work on you. And just as you closed your eyes and leaned your head back, your phone started to ring. It was Wanda. And it was a video call. You accepted quickly, smiling at your screen and waiting for her camera to turn on, so you can see her gorgeous face. - Hi, baby! – She greats you, radiant as ever, even after the long day she had. - Hi, Wands! – You exclaim happily, angling the phone better, focusing the camera to your face. – God, did you just get back! It’s so late. - Oh, don’t get me started on my day! – She exclaims as you see her phone shake while she lands on the hotel bed with a thud. – But I’m happy to see your pretty face. – She tells you. You blush at the compliment. - I’m happy to see you too. You look beautiful. – You tell her, eyes scanning her face as if you hadn’t seen her for years. You were so in love with this woman. You knew it with every cell in your body and you wish you could say it. You’ve told her many times and she said it back just as honestly, so you didn’t know why you couldn’t get the words out just now, but for some reason your throat just constricted at the thought. You’re pulled out of your thoughts as Wanda squints her eyes for a moment. - Are you in the bathroom? – She asks suddenly, face tilting to the side and her hand bringing her phone just a bit closer to her face so she can see better. - Yeah. - You say shyly, cheeks turning pink. - I waited for your call, but it was getting so late and I just felt so tense… Your words and the realization that you were in the bath tub shot a surge of energy through her body and she smiled. - Oh, I’m not complaining, baby. – She tells you with a sly smile. – Seeing you like this almost makes the wait worth it. You blush at the innuendo, your body starting to feel hotter. Being under her watchful gaze always made you burn with need and excitement. - It would have been even better if you were here with me. - I know, baby, I’m sorry. But I’ll be back home soon. In the meantime, you’re not going to forget Mommy’s rules, are you? – She asks and you blush even more. How could you forget? Last night’s conversation was engraved in your mind forever. Weeks before, Wanda had told you she wanted more control. She wanted to extend her hold on you outside of the bedroom. You discussed it in length. You always did. She wanted to make sure you felt comfortable, you felt safe. She wanted to make sure that you wanted the same things. And truly, you did. You trusted her with everything – your body and your heart. Wanda would never do anything to hurt you. You knew that. Naturally, Wanda thought the business trip would be the best opportunity to try. So, after ravaging you thoroughly, she laid down her rules. Just three. Just enough to get you going, but not enough to scare you away. She had thought about it carefully all day, but she settled on these: You were not allowed to touch yourself without her permission. You were not allowed to wear any clothes to bed, not even panties. And you were not allowed to beg her to let you have an orgasm, no matter how needy you got. Simple, really. And you had nodded right along, promising her you’ll be good for her. At her question, your mind drifted to that moment again. The pure eroticism of her words and the pulse of need that travelled down your body and settled between your legs. - Yes, Mommy, I remember the rules. – You told her as another wave of heat spread across your body. Suddenly the water felt too hot and you fought the urge to turn on the cold water. - Can you say them back to me, baby? – She asks. Knowing how shy it made you feel. She made you say them back to her last night too, to make sure you remembered, and she felt so smug as she watched your face turn bright red by the time you recited all 3. You squirmed a little at her question, feeling shy and blushing furiously, but you nodded, not trusting your voice. - Go on, tell Mommy what the rules are. You swallowed thickly, but spoke none the less, knowing she won’t let you evade her question. - I can’t touch myself. – You recite, looking up, as if you didn’t have her words engraved in your brain. - That’s right. What else? – She encourages you sweetly. - I’m not allowed to wear anything to bed. – You say the next one, as the heat creeps up your neck and cheeks and you see yourself get red in the little square at the bottom of your phone that shows the view from your camera. - No even panties, right baby? – She suggests for you and you nod. - Not even panties. – You say back to her and she smiles warmly. - And what else? – She pushes you, eyes scanning your face and loving every second of making you squirm. - And… - You take a steadying breath. – And I’m not allowed to beg for an orgasm. Wanda is tempted to push you to say more, ask you if feeling needy would give you permission to beg, but she sees you there, beautiful and shy and obviously missing her already and she decides to take pity on you. Even if seeing you in the tub, knowing you’re naked and sleek from the water, and wanting to see you on full display for her is leaving a wet patch on her panties. - That’s right, my darling. Always so good for me. – She muses and the praise has you even more riled up for her. – And you have been good, right kitten? You’ve been keeping your hands away from what’s mine? You nod enthusiastically at her question and she smiles. - Use your words, sweety. – She reminds you, the way she often does, when you start to get lost in a way only Wanda can get you to. - Yes, Mommy, I’ve been good. – You tell her and your legs squeeze together in a way that reminds you just how hard that task is proving to be. God, this was going to be a long week. Watching her stare at her phone hungrily, you think of changing the subject, not wanting to grow desperate for her on her first day away. - So… - You start up slowly, wondering what to say. – Do you want to tell me about your day? – You ask, clearing you throat, obviously flustered. Seeing you so excited has Wanda itching to tease you, the way you had unwittingly teased her when she saw you in the tub, but she decides to play along and let you change the subject, as you settle in a comfortable conversation. After an hour, she yawns, tired and already dreading the next day. She had to get up at 6:00 every day for the rest of the week if she wanted to get everything done. - I have to go to bed, baby. – She tells you sleepily. - Ok, baby. Sleep well. – You tell her, your heart breaking at how tired she looks. - Sweet dreams to you too, kitten. I love you. - I love you too! – You say as your heart swells at the words. At the knowledge that she loves you too. Wanda is tempted to ask you to take her with you to bed, let the camera slide down and prove that you’re being a good girl for her and following her rules, but he���s just so tired. She files away the thought for another night and waves at you, sending you a kiss through the air, waiting for you to do the same, before hanging up. That night she peels away her clothes, throwing them in the direction of the large chair at one corner of the room, stripping her underwear next and briefly inspecting her panties, before putting them on the pile of clothes. They were soaked and so was she. ‘’ You’re going to be the death of me, Y/N.’’ She mutters to herself as she pulls out a t-shirt and a fresh pair of underwear from the suitcase and crashing on the bed. She’ll have to shower in the morning. There was no way she would make it to the bathroom tonight.                                                     *          *          * The next day passed in a similar fashion. You buried yourself in work, in order to forget the way your heart constricted at the thought of her being so far away from you. Wanda worked as hard as she could. Keeping her goal in mind, knowing she’ll have to extend her stay if she got behind on the insane schedule she constructed for this trip. She took her lunch at her desk and noticed she become the office assistant’s least favorite person, since she got them to do everything that meant having to get off her desk for more than 5 minutes, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was staying on track. Missing you more, now that the distance between you really settled, she allowed herself to message you more. Short little messages, just to tell you that she loved you, to ask you to eat, to remind you to take the breaks, she so hypocritically didn’t. But you didn’t need to know that. It was enough for her that you texted back right away, just as caring for her as she was for you. The day passed faster than the first and when you finished work and completed some small chores around the house, you decided to settle in bed, phone securely next to you. Following Wanda’s rules, you stripped bare and settled under the covers with a book in your hand. Every so often you looked away from the book and down to your naked body under the covers. The more time passed, the more tempting it was to just slip your hand under the sheets and let your fingers stroke your needy pussy. Mommy didn’t need to know. But you stayed strong. Wanda had made her rules very clear and you didn’t want to disappoint her. It was just a few days. Before you met her you had gone much longer without sex. This was manageable, you told yourself and averted your eyes back to the book. At 22:33 your phone lit up. ‘’Just leaving the office, baby. I have a cab waiting for me. I’ll call you in a few mins.’’ You smiled at the message and started to type. ‘’ Ok, Wands. I’m just reading a book. Call me when you can.’’ The call came exactly 7 minutes later. It was a video call again and you quickly picked up. - Hi, my love! – You exclaimed first, Wanda’s camera still dark. – Where are you? I can’t see you. Her camera flashed a few seconds later, her connection obviously slow and the quality bad, but you could still make out her beautiful face, as she sat in the back seat of a car. - Hi, baby! – She greeted you with a smile. – My connection is bad, but I just couldn’t wait to see you! – She tells you and suddenly stops, pulling her phone closer to her face. – Wait, are you in bed, Y/N? - Yes. – You tell her shyly, realizing you were naked under the covers and she was obviously still on her way to the hotel and even though you knew the cab driver couldn’t possibly see Wanda’s screen, you felt the urge to cover up more. – Just reading a book. Wanda squints her eyes for a moment, thinking. - You know what, baby, the connection is really bad, I’ll call you from the hotel. Love you! – She tells you and hurriedly concludes the call. - Get me there as quickly as possible. – She tells the driver and hands him a bill, her jaw setting. Another 16 minutes later, Wanda called back. You knew, because you counted, almost holding your breath. - Are you still in bed, Y/N? – She asks bluntly, pleasantries out the door. - Hi, Wands. – You say weakly. – Yes, I’m in bed. - You know, kitten… I’m starting to think you’re trying to tease me. – She says, her eyes stern. – Every time I call, I happen to find you naked. Is there something you want to tell Mommy? You shake your head quickly. You weren’t trying to tease her. If anything, you were trying to be good and do as she had said. - No, Mommy, I was just trying to read in bed and you said that I’m not allowed to wear clothes to bed. – You try to defend yourself. Wanda hums, tilting her head to the side, contemplating for a moment if she should believe your innocent intentions. She wants to. But she’s had such a rough day and the sight of you in that bed, completely naked and ready for the taking is driving her wild. Her dominant nature is making her wish she could somehow teleport right in your bedroom and ravage you, until you’re completely fucked out. With the way she’s wound up, she wouldn’t stop until you’re so ruined you wouldn’t even be able to beg her for mercy. This couldn’t go on, she decided. If she had to wait until Sunday, she’d go mad. She needed a stress relief and she needed it now. Nodding more to herself than you, she settled on a decision, before she spoke. - So, you’re not trying to tease me, are you baby? – She asks, her voice still strained. - No, Mommy. – You shake your head, one arm clutching the phone, the other keeping the sheets draped around your naked body as you sit up against the headboard. - Then you wouldn’t mind helping Mommy unwind a little. Would you, sweetheart? - She knew she had you in her web the second that question left her mouth. She knew exactly how this night was going to go and that every second would be heaven. – You want to help me, don’t you? You nod enthusiastically at the idea. - Good. Then take your phone and put it on the nightstand, turn it to face the bed and get on top of the covers. – She instructs you. She doesn’t wait to check if you’re actually following her instructions. She knows you will. While you fumble with the phone, looking for the right angle and position so, you can do as she asked, Wanda threw her phone on the bed and undressed in what felt like a matter of seconds. Her hotel room didn’t have the comforts of your bedroom, so she quickly realized she wouldn’t be able to get on the bed and put her phone down for you to see, but she found a spot that could work. Facing the window of the room, she had a small couch with a coffee table in front of it and a vase of fresh flowers perched in the middle. It was perfect. She sat on the couch, legs spread and she put her phone upright against the vase, so you could see her. The moment she put it down and focused on her screen she almost gasped. There you were, completely naked on top of the sheets, obediently waiting for her on your knees. - Fuck, Y/N you look gorgeous. – She let her eyes roam your body with appreciation. From your pretty face, staring back at her, to your naked shoulders and exposed breasts, with their pink nipples erect, down to your toned belly and soft thighs. You were a masterpiece. And if you were feeling shy, you weren’t showing it. Your hands stood at your sides, covering up nothing and leaving nothing to the imagination. - Thank you. – You say softly. – You look so hot like that. – You blurt out, before you can stop yourself. You were watching her just as hungrily. Her whole body was pure perfection and the way she sat on the couch, dominance pouring out of her, had your mouth water for her. - Oh, yeah? Tell me what you like. Be specific. – She tells you and sits back, arms stretched against the back of the couch, so you could see her fully. - Where do I start?... Just that pose… - She looked so God damn smug and confident, arms stretched back like she owned the place… Fuck, like she owned the whole town. It was outrageously erotic.  – Just looking at you like that makes me wish I was there, so I can drop to my knees between your legs and feel your hand on the back of my head as I eat you. You didn’t know how you found it in you to tell her that, but you were happy you did, just for the satisfaction of seeing her face. But she was recovering quickly, smirk forming on her kissable lips and her eyes sparkling with desire. You weren’t ready to give up the upper hand just yet, even if everything you wanted was to have her fuck you senseless, so you quickly continued, catching her by surprise. - Better yet… - You continued, fully committing to this fantasy now. – I wish you would have your strap, so you can have your hands in my hair, pushing my face down to swallow your cock to the hilt. Wanda’s heart was about to hammer straight out of her chest at the sight of you on your bed, naked and kneeling and telling her how bad you wanted to suck her. She was getting wet by the second and she fought the urge to simply plunge her fingers in her cunt as your words were painting the most sinful images in her mind. - After you’re done with my mouth, I would love to straddle your hips and ride you. It would feel so good to have your hands on my tits while your cock disappears inside my pussy all the way to the base. – You say with a moan that was pushing it just a bit, but if Wanda noticed she didn’t show it. She was too focused on what you were saying, hanging on to every word, both surprised and delighted that you had such a mouth on you. She seemed to be rubbing off on you in more ways than one and she was loving it. - But I know that wouldn’t last, would it? You’d be dropping me down on my back and fucking into me with your hand around my throat in no time, isn’t that right, Mommy? Isn’t that how you like your little girl? All spread out and helpless underneath you. – Your voice started to shake from excitement. The illusion of control slipping from you as you felt exposed in from of her. God just the look of her was driving you crazy. You needed her so bad, you were dripping. But for a moment longer, you could compose yourself enough to see this to the end. - Or would you rather have me bent over that couch? Cock slamming in and out of me from behind, filling me up deliciously and stretching my little pussy? Would you spank my ass for talking to you in that way? Bury my face in the mattress of that hotel bed and fuck me over and over again? Wanda never needed to fuck someone as hard and as badly as she wanted to fuck you in this moment. She could crawl out of her skin with need and you were so far away from her twitching fingers, it was infuriating. The moment she was home, she would show you the consequences for talking to her in such a way. She won’t pull her cock out of you all Sunday. You paused, catching your breath and studying her face, trying to decipher the expression on it. You could see so many emotions there, so many feelings and thoughts swirling in her head and you felt pride for having caused it all. She affected you. Like no one else. She drove you insane and for that short moment in that hotel room, you could see just how much you affected her too and it was heavenly. - Go to our drawer and take out the purple dildo. – She commands you in a growl and you almost scramble off the bed to grab it and return back to your spot on the bed. You felt so excited. You never thought this business trip was going to include play, but you were 100% on board with it. - Now you’re going to put it on the bed and straddle it. – She tells you, watching as you hurry to follow her instructions. – That’s right, all the way down, baby. I want to see that cock disappear inside your sweet pussy. – She encourages you as one of her hands starts to reach between her legs and strokes her wet folds. You hadn’t noticed until now, too focused on that fantasy and the way she was looking at you, to see the wetness gathering there and coating her pussy. - Spread your legs wider, Y/N, Mommy wants to see. – she says and you do as you’re told. Legs spreading and exposing you to her hungry eyes. – Very good, baby! Such a good girl! – She moans, her fingers already working her clit expertly. With the way she’s been craving this, it won’t take her long either. - Now start riding that cock, sweetheart. Show Mommy how much you want her inside you. – She says in a half-moan. – And don’t you dare keep those pretty sounds to yourself! I want to hear you. You start to ride the dildo as soon as she lets you and your head flies back at the feeling of being stretched and filled up. Your pace is slow and sensual, unlike what she would do to you, had she been underneath you right now. You take your time to build yourself up, moaning and playing with your nipples in front of the camera, watching your girlfriend on the other end. Wanda keeps a watchful eye on you as she plays with her clit. Rubbing it in circles, just the way she needs, finding the best spot that has her getting closer to her orgasm. It’s not as good as your mouth, but it’s still so damn good. If she had you between her legs, she’d be pushing your face in her pussy by now, making you stick your tongue inside her, while you’re at it. Your moans are like music to her ears and she wishes she could steal them from your lips with a bruising kiss. To satisfy her needs, she uses her other hand to push her fingers inside herself. She knows she’s covering your view, but this little show was for her, not for you anyway. Wanda starts to get close, moans and grunts escaping her lips, while both her hands work her up and you start to move more vigorously on the dildo, wanting to work yourself up to an orgasm, but still needing more. - Mommy, may I play with my clit, please? – You manage to say, voice sweet and pleading. - You may, baby. Since you asked so nicely. But you need to ask for permission if you want to cum, do you understand? You nod your head in agreement, hand already finding your clit and starting to rub. - Use your words, Y/N. What do you need to do? Say it back to me. – Her voice is a warning and you scramble to answer. - I need to ask for permission to cum. – You say breathily. Body straining from the effort of riding the dildo. - That’s right, Y/N. Good girl. You watch as Wanda’s relentless hands work her pussy up and you know she’s getting close. Her eyes are drifting closed every once in a while, squeezing shut for a few seconds, before flying back open and focusing on the screen again. She moans freely, enjoying the show in front of her. - God, I’m close. – She tells you. – You make Mommy feel so good when you put on such a pretty show for her. You’re gonna make me cum so hard. And you want to make Mommy feel good, don’t you, princess? - Yes, Mommy. Want to make you feel so good. - Then ride that cock the way Mommy would make you. – Her voice is steady and firm, despite how close she is. – Go on, I want to see you do it, baby. You moan, your brain divided. You want her. God, you need her. You want to make her proud. But your body is getting tired and the stimulation on your clit is pushing you closer to the edge, making you lose your rhythm. - Do as Mommy says, Y/N. – Her voice brings you back to reality and you start to move faster, ignoring the burning in your thighs. – That’s right, my darling. Just like that! Surprisingly, as exhausting as it is, it’s what your body needs. You’re starting to get so close. Just so close it’s almost inevitable. You can barely stop yourself from cumming, long enough to ask, but Wanda seems to be faster. - Mommy, may I cum, please. – She hears you over the phone and she watches your body bouncing enthusiastically on that cock and she loses it. She cums with a groan, her fingers pushing as deep inside her as they could go, while rubbing her clit with the other hand and she rides it out to the sound of your pleads. When she comes down from her orgasm, body still twitching with pleasure, you’re still on her screen, riding the purple cock she told you to stuff in your pussy and keeping your hand away from your clit in an attempt to keep the orgasm you were just on the edge of at bay. - Mommy, please let me cum. – You plead with her again. You were being such a good girl. Doing everything she asked, and keeping yourself from orgasming without permission. You thought for sure she would allow you. – Please! - Slow down, Y/N. – She tells you in a calm, but firm voice. – Now, I want you to listen very closely to me, ok? You nod at her and this once she takes the non-verbal response, watching you closely as you whine, but slow down your movements. - Now you’re going to listen to Mommy and do exactly as she says, ok? You’re going to stop what you’re doing and you’re not going to cum. Do you understand me, baby? - No, no, no, no! – You shoot back at her. – Please, Mommy! - Y/N, baby, I know it’s hard, but you’re going to do as you’re told. You’re not going to cum. - But, Mommy, please! - What did I say, Y/N? – She snaps back at you this time, her voice a growl. – Do you remember the rules I gave you? Say them back to me. - But… - I said, say them back to me. – her voice is clipped and stern and you know you won’t change her mind. - I’m not allowed to touch myself. – You say as you take a deep breath. – I’m supposed to sleep naked. – You say the words shakily, the dildo still inside you, even if your movements have stopped and the orgasm you were so close to, had already faded to a dull ache for release. – And I’m not allowed to beg for an orgasm. - That’s right. Such a good girl for me. I’m so proud of you for stopping yourself, baby. Mommy knows how hard that was for you and you’ve made me the proudest Mommy in the whole world for being so good. – She says the words sweetly. Calming you. - Now, take that dildo out of your sweet pussy and we’re going to go to bed. – she tells you gently, watching you lift yourself up and honest to God whining at the feeling the dildo slipping out of you and leaving you empty and so unsatisfied you were almost going to cry. You put it away and return back to the bed, shoulders slumped and head hanging down defeatedly as you take your phone from the nightstand and lie down. - Thank you for being so good, my love. – She tells you again and you look up to see her snuggled in her bed. – I know this was hard. But Mommy has a nice idea to make you feel better. – You perk up at that. – What would you say if we sleep together tonight? – She suggests with a soft smile. – We’ll stay on the call and that way I’ll feel so much better, knowing you’re right beside me. How does that sound? I would love to wake up to your beautiful sleepy face. - Ok. – You say quietly, slipping under the covers and nestling comfortably, making sure your phone faces you. - I love you very much my darling, don’t forget that. - I love you too, Wanda. – You say it gently, but you mean it. You love her. And despite what happened earlier, you know she loves you too.                                                    *          *          * On Wednesday and Thursday, when she calls, you do your best to be dressed. Secretly Wanda had hoped she’d find you in bed again, but decided not to comment on it, not wanting to tease you. She truly didn’t want to be cruel. She hated seeing you in that state. In fact, she was seconds away from caving that night and letting you have an orgasm after all. The only reason she didn’t was because she was selfish. She wanted to be the only reason you fall apart, the only reason you moan in pleasure. Not even your hands were allowed to take that privilege from her. You were her girl and she was going to be the only one to make you cum. It was just that simple. So, when you closed your eyes, trying to fall asleep, she decided that when she got back, she would make it up to you. It would be just a few more days. So, on Wednesday and Thursday, the conversation stayed light. You each spoke of your day and the little exasperating moments you had with colleagues, which you both knew were inevitable, you spoke of your upcoming vacation to France and the little places you saw on travelling blogs that you told her you wanted to visit and the foods you wanted to try. She told you about the little project she was considering, making some changes to your house, like adding a fire-place at the office and turning it into more of a library. It felt great to just talk. To feel close to each other, even if you were so far away from each-other’s embrace. After that Tuesday you both slept with your phones. Staying on the call and falling asleep in the pleasant light of the screen, showing the face of your favorite person in the world.   On Friday, you were already buzzing with anticipation for her return, even though you knew, she would work on Saturday as well. You spent the night talking again. You saw that one of her favorite TV shows was launching another season in a few days and she delightedly asked and probed for any spoilers, but you knew better than to give her any. She said she didn’t mind spoilers at all and part of you believed her, but the other part of you just loved to see her face when something unexpected and shocking happened. On Saturday, you woke up with a mission. After you moved in together, you hadn’t spent a single weekend apart and as much as you hated that this will be the first, you also wanted to take the opportunity to prepare the house for when she comes back. You wanted to make Wanda’s favorite meal, to buy fresh flowers for her and clean up the place. To make sure that the sheets were fresh and the house inviting. You spent the whole day grocery shopping and cleaning, giving yourself a thousand little task, to keep your mind from going completely wild with the ideas of her return. To say you were needy was the understatement of the century and you were getting wet just at the thought of her touching you. You had no idea how you managed to keep your hands away from your pussy, especially after what happened on Tuesday. You figured that work and having her on the phone the entire night, watching you even as you slept was distracting enough to keep you to your word. It was Saturday and you were still Wanda’s good girl. You had one night left to go. Wanda returned to the hotel earlier than the previous days. A record breaking 21:27 and she had officially completed everything. It was a miracle. It must have been. But she relished the thought of going to bed at a more decent hour and catching up with her sleep. By 21:43 she had managed to take a shower and was calling you. She said she missed you and that she was looking forward to coming home to you. She told you about the spectacularly smooth day she had and how she managed to get everything done earlier than expected. She gave you her flight schedule, telling you she should arrive home for lunch. You talked for a while, faces bright and smiling at the knowledge you’d be together soon. Unfortunately, you weren’t going to be able to sleep together this night, she told you, a little before going to bed. Her charger apparently got snagged on her office chair wheels today and broke and if she stayed on the phone all night, it would die. She was disappointed. Honestly, so were you, but you understood.                                                   *         *          * On Sunday, you woke up bright and early. You took a nice long shower and put on a new pair of underwear you had yet to show Wanda. You also picked out an outfit that you knew would get under her skin. It wasn’t outrageously provocative. You knew she would see right through that. No, it was subtle, but in a way you knew she wouldn’t be able to resist. The shirt covered you well enough, the neckline stopped just at the tops of your breasts, but the lace was hugging you so tightly, you could see the outline of your bra, which hugged your breasts tightly enough to lift them as an offering. The jeans were the same. Nice and long, but tight. And push-up. You had every inch covered and yet, you knew she would be able to see every curve. It was the type of mind-fuck you knew Wanda would appreciate. You were just starting to get the meal ready, when your phone buzzed and you lifted it to see it was a text from Wanda. A picture and a message below it. The picture was of her. She was wearing a suit. Black slacks and a white shirt, with your favorite blazer of hers. She was seated at the airport, legs in a men-spread and her arms draped around the backs of the metal chairs, smug expression on her face, as she looked slightly away from the camera, as if she was an unwitting model. The message consisted of a single question: “Have you been a good girl?” Your jaw dropped! The woman was going to kill you and she wasn’t even in the same city as you! God, she was so smug! You knew she was looking at her phone with that cocky expression and you wanted to wipe it off her face. Denying you was bad enough, but teasing you was the last straw. Feeling bold, you typed a quick text. ‘’Come find out.’’ You closed your phone, deciding to ignore it until you knew she would have taken off and wouldn’t be able to check her texts until she lands. If she was going to play this game, so could you. And her rules said nothing about teasing her back. At about 11:00, knowing she would be in that plane for at least another 45 minutes, you opened the secret folder on your phone. It was filled with all kinds of compromising pictures of you and you started to look through them, carefully appraising which ones to send Wanda. Your best friend studied photography in college and during those years she made so many photoshoots with you, some of which in various states of undress. Never fully naked or vulgar, more tasteful and artsy, but you knew it would be enough to get your message across. What made it better was that you had never told Wanda or shown these to her. You had about 15 photoshoots, each with a different set and idea, containing at least 100 pictures in different poses, but you knew that you always picked just a handful in the end. Smirking, you only regretted not being able to see her face when she opens them. The ride from the airport back to your house would be the longest of her life. You would make sure of it. You settled on 3 in the end. One, in a red bra and matching panties and a pair of black stilettos. You were on your knees on a bed, covered in red silk sheets. You were facing the wall, hands above your head and braced on it, chest almost pushed against the wall, while your butt was sticking out. One in a black lingerie set, laying on a different bed, this one with fresh white sheets. You were on your knees again, (apparently a recurring theme) your head down, buried in the mattress, hands seemingly squeezing tightly the sheets for support, while your back was arched to accentuate your butt. If you weren’t wearing the bra and panties, one could almost imagine the picture was taken right as you were getting fucked. The third was your favorite. You wore a different black lingerie set, this one complimented by a leather collar around your neck with a metal heart in the middle, black leather Velcro cuffs adorned your wrists and a pair of black leather knee-high boots that you still had, but hardly wore, because the heels were so high completed your outfit perfectly. You were seated on a desk, looking directly at the camera, legs slightly parted, as were your lips. Your hands were cuffed to each side of the desk, leaving your chest exposed and straining in your bra. You remembered that shoot very well. It was your most daring one. You looked like the perfect submissive little slut, perched on a desk, ready to be fucked. You smiled as you sent them all, one by one, musing at the last one. Wanda was about to land to quite the surprise. You, unlike her, had no text to add. You’d let the pictures speak for you. Once you completed your mission, you went back to cooking, setting the table and arranging it prettily. After her initial teasing photo, that you went back to look at, at least 15 times and your retaliation later, you somehow doubted that you’d get to actually eat lunch, but at least it gave you something to do, that wasn’t staring at Wanda, in that picture at the airport. At 12:02 you phone lit up. You knew it would be Wanda. The message did not disappoint. ‘’ I hope you remember your safe word baby girl, because I won’t stop until you beg me to.’’ You were getting wet just from reading that and giddy from how much you wanted it. You sat on the couch, scrolling through your phone to distract yourself, lunch ready and table all set, when the front door to the house slammed open. You fought the urge to stand up. You weren’t going to look desperate. And you were. You heard Wanda practically throw her suitcase to one side and slam the door shut, taking her shoes off as she went, scattering them across the floor of the hallway, before entering the room, eyes scanning it for you. - Y/N. You turned your head just as her eyes landed on you and you couldn’t hide the grin that immediately spread across your face. She looked starved! And you were pretty sure your cooking had nothing to do with it. - Hi, baby! – You spoke first, voice so cheerful, you were unable to hide how self-satisfied you were. The woman looked like she would tear you apart in the best way possible and you couldn’t hide just how much you loved it. – I missed you! – You add, getting up slowly, to walk around the couch and meet her. Wanda started towards you, meeting you half way and pulling you in for a deep, bruising kiss. Her hands grabbed you possessively, one on your shoulder blade, while the other settled on your waist, pulling you flush against her. She kissed you with the hunger of a woman starved and you kissed back with everything you had. Letting her explore your mouth with her tongue, while her hands roamed your body, squeezing at your butt and scratching at your thighs through the material of your jeans. When the lack of air started to get to you both, she pulled away just slightly, hands still firmly on your body. - Oh, I saw just how much you missed me. – She tells you with a look of disapproval that you know is fake. – I didn’t know my baby girl was such a slut. - But, Mommy, you said that’s just how you like me. – You play right along, innocently smiling up at her and pushing your body against her. - I do. – She confirms in a low growl. – I should punish you for slutting yourself out to whoever took those pictures. But right now, all I wanna do is rip the clothes off of you and fuck you senseless. She doesn’t give you time to respond. She just crashes her lips back to yours, stealing your breath away and turning you to putty. - Look at you! – She says after breaking for air. Her eyes roam over you appreciatively, hands coming to rest under your breasts, as she stares from above. – That’s a gorgeous outfit, baby. Did you put it on just for me? - Yes. - You confirm with a smile that she matches. She doesn’t say anything to that, she just slides her hands from under your breasts to the hem of the shirt and she pulls it off you smoothly. She looks at your bra, noticing it’s new and she smirks. She unbuttons your jeans and pulls down the zipper swiftly. - That’s a very nice bra, kitten. – She whispers, millimeters away from your lips. - It better be off by the time I slip you out of your jeans, or I’m ripping it off you. – She adds more firmly. You don’t hesitate, reaching behind you and unclasping it with one hand, so you can let the straps slide down your shoulders and you toss the garment to the couch behind you. In the meantime, Wanda pulls down your jeans with force, noticing how tightly they were hugging you and almost growling. - Step out of them. – She orders. Watching you tangle in them for a moment and almost losing your balance, before she catches you. The jeans get forgotten on the floor as Wanda captures your chin in her hand and lifts it up, so you can meet her eyes. - Were you a good girl, while I was away? – She asks, eyes searching yours. Her voice is low and it vibrates deeply in a way that makes arousal shoot through you. - Yes, Mommy. – You confirm, cheeks starting to blush. - And you followed all of Mommy’s rules? – She demands. - Yes, Mommy. – You nod gently in her hold. - And you wouldn’t happen to lie to me, huh baby? – Her eyes pierce right through you and you shake your head. - No, Mommy. I was good, I promise. She captures your hand with her free one, guiding it to her crotch and letting you feel the massive strap she had tucked away in her slacks. - So, you deserve this then? Since you’ve been such a good girl… - You swallow thickly at the feel of it in your hand. You didn’t know she took a strap with her. You certainly never saw her pack one before she left. But there it was, large and think and so enticing, you almost fall to your knees right then and there. - Do you want it, Y/N? Do you want Mommy to give you her cock? - Yes, please. – You manage to get the words out. - Say you want my cock. – She teases you further, grabbing your hand by the wrist and making you stroke the strap through her pants. - I want your cock, Mommy. – You say without a moment of hesitation, stroking the strap firmly. You don’t know how she’s holding herself back. You want her inside you already. - Tell me, baby… Which picture is your favorite? – She asks, still holding onto your wrist and making you stroke her through her pants. - The one you sent me. – You tell her without a second thought. - What about from the ones you sent me? - The third one. – You admit and you blush even more. - Then go to the office and sit on the desk. – She commands and lets go of your chin, the hand on your wrist pulling your hand away from her cock and almost pushing you in the direction of the office. You don’t protest. You do as you’re told, hearing Wanda follow you, just a few steps behind, her eyes never leaving your body and the way your hips swayed a little too much, just because you knew she was watching. You sit on the desk and she enters the room, taking the blazer off of her and tossing it to the side, while she walks towards you. She spreads your legs open and settles between them, one hand reaching out to wrap around your throat. - Do you have any idea what you do to me? – She whispers against your lips, almost kissing you. – Any idea how much I’ve been craving you? – She asks again, unbuttoning the slacks and reaching inside. – How badly I’ve been needing to taste this pussy? – She asks and pecks your lips, before sinking to her knees, releasing your throat in the process. – How badly I need to be inside it? – She mutters against the inside of your thigh, her free hand pulling your panties to the side as she does. – I could come just from the taste of you, Y/N. – She mutters against you, tongue swiping gently at your clit. – Do you, baby, do you know? – She asks as she looks at you. – Let me show you. These are the last words she speaks before she dives in. Her tongue goes to explore your pussy in a way that has you moaning and throwing your head back. She swipes her tongue over your clit again, before dragging it down, never detaching it from you as she swipes down to your opening, so she can push inside you. She moans with you. Moans at the way you taste, moans at how wet you are, moans at the feel of her hand stroking the strap in her pants. You guess it’s double-ended and that every stroke of her hand is pleasuring her just as much as you’re enjoying her tongue, but you don’t have time to linger on such thoughts, as she wraps her lips around your pussy and starts to make circles against your clit. - Fuck, Mommy, that feels amazing! – You moan and your hips buck against her mouth. She moves lower, against your entrance, feeling your pussy twitch for her and she pushes her tongue inside, as deep as it could go, making you hold on to the edge of the desk for support. You open your legs wider for her, looking down at her as she switches between your entrance and your clit. Her eyes screw shut every once in a while, the pleasure growing inside her as she strokes the dildo. You reach down to help her, desperate for her touch, so needy for her it feels unreal. You take a hold of your panties that she is still keeping to the side and you move them even further away to give her access, your other hand reaching for the back of her head and pulling her closer. God, you need her. And her tongue feels so good. You let yourself feel every last bit of pleasure she denied you while she was away and you know you won’t last long. Your moans grow louder; she’s got you so close! She wraps her lips around your pussy again, moving her tongue in circles around your clit, the way she knows you love. She moans against you too. The hand in her pants moving faster. She’s working you both to an orgasm. - Mommy, I’m close! – You tell her with a note of urgency. – Are you going to cum with me? Wanda only moans louder against you, putting more effort into the way she’s stroking your clit with her tongue and after a few more laps you start to shake. - Mommy, I’m gonna… - You try to get the words out, but they get cut off by the orgasm crashing over you. You throw your head back, holding onto Wanda and pulling her impossibly close as a loud moan escapes from your throat. She moans too, cumming with you. The orgasm is so delicious. Your pussy is so God damned delicious and your moans are so pretty when you fall apart for her, she never wants to detach herself from you. She would do this all day if you let her. Soon enough you let go of her, starting to feel sensitive and trying to escape from her tongue that still worked against your folds. She lifts herself off the floor and kisses you, tongue sliding in your mouth so you can taste yourself on her. - You see, baby? You taste so damn good. Mommy can’t get enough of you. – Wanda says with a smirk and starts to pull down your panties. – Mommy just can’t get enough of you. – She repeats, pulling the strap from her pants for the first time and lets it rub against your entrance. You look at it and gasp. It’s new, it’s crimson red and it’s so big. Wanda lets the strap rub against you for a bit longer, getting it wet with your juices, so she could slide more easily inside you. - Mommy ordered it just for you, princess. – She tells you as she wraps her hand around your waist and aligns it with your entrance. - Mommy, it’s so big. – You say weakly, but your words die down, when she starts to push against you, letting herself slip past your entrance and to stretch your walls. - You’re going to take it, baby. – She’s not asking. She’s telling you. She had worshipped your body, made you cum in her mouth, now she was going to claim you too. You nod as you feel her trying to get it to slide all the way inside you. Your tight pussy is resisting her and she uses all her self-control not to impale you on it in one sharp thrust. - Let me in, baby. – She whispers and pulls you in for a kiss. Her hand wrapped around your waist holds on to you tightly, as she lets her hips thrust against you. The other reaches for one of your breasts, so she can fondle it and play with the hardened nipple. She’s sensitive from her orgasm, but she fights her body’s reactions and pushes against you more, wanting to fill you up completely. Her mouth moves to your neck next, kissing and nipping at your skin as she feels herself getting deeper inside you with every gentle thrust. - This pussy is mine, Y/N. – She growls against your neck. – I’m going to take it. – It’s a statement, not a request and you try to accommodate her as much as you can. – It’s what you wanted, isn’t it? For me to fuck you? – With this she bites your neck, making you moan against her. - Yes, Mommy, I want you to fuck me. – You tell her through labored breath. – Please, I need you to fuck me. She loses her patience at that, snapping her hips forward and driving her cock all the way inside. You scramble to hold on to her shoulders, moaning at the feeling of her finally being fully inside you, the way you had craved her to be. She groans in time with your little moans, feeling her end of the strap pressing deliciously inside her sensitive cunt. - There we go. Nice and full. – She comments, licking at the spot she bit, before sucking on it to leave a mark there. – Do you think you can let Mommy move now? - Yes, please.  – Is all that comes out of your mouth, before she leaves you speechless with the way it feels when she starts to pull out. God, she’s big, but it feels good. You’re adjusting to her and she’s patient enough to let you do it. Wanda wants this to feel good. Wants to make you forget she was ever away. Wants to feed you all the pleasure you were missing in those days without her. She just wants you. She wants you in every way she could. So, when she thrusts back in, she’s slow. Movements gentle and steady against you, hands holding you and caressing you sweetly as she looks down at you. - Such a beautiful girl. – She muses as your eyes meet. – So fucking sexy. Her movements pick up in pace and you arch into her more. Your legs are wrapped around her snugly, arms draped around her shoulders, breasts bouncing slightly while she fucks you. It’s everything you wanted and now that you were getting it, you never wanted her to stop. - Does it feel good, sweetheart? Does it feel good to have Mommy stuffing your tight little pussy with her cock? - God, yes! – You choke out as her pace increases yet again. It’s magnificent and you want so much more. With a smile, she leans down to kiss you, fucking into you and pushing you down against the surface of the desk, until your back hits the wood and she’s right on top of you. - You just lie back, Y/N. Mommy’s going to take care of you. – She tells you, standing upright and adjusting you, so she can push her cock even deeper inside you. You try to hold on to something and your hands find the edge of the desk again. - That’s right. – She says as she holds on to your hips for leverage, making full, deep thrusts inside you. – Just like that. Look at how well you take me, honey. She starts to work you up again. Using steady thrusts inside you, setting a rhythm that has you rolling your eyes at the back of your head. You let yourself get lost in that feeling of being filled and stretched and fucked. It’s intoxicating. Wanda is intoxicating. Before you met her you didn’t even know that you could feel so much pleasure or that any human being would be able to coax so many orgasms out of you.  Now here you were, legs spread, body rocking on top of the desk, with a huge strap buried inside you, on your way to a second orgasm, and the woman was still fully dressed! - I missed your cock inside me so much! – You exclaim after a particularly hard thrust and Wanda smiles down at you, grabbing your throat and fucking you harder, making the desk creak and rattle from the way she slams into you. - You missed me, huh? Missed being manhandled? Missed being my little toy? Missed having me fill up your slutty holes? Is that what you missed? - Yes, Mommy! – You moan and you reach for her hand, holding on to her wrist as she increases the pressure on your throat just a little. No enough to choke you, just enough to add heft to her touch. - And what about that bitch that took those pictures, huh? You slut yourself out to her like this? You let her fuck you after chaining you to that desk? You smile a little at that statement, knowing how bothered she must have been with the thought of someone else having you the way she had. - You find that funny, huh? Did she ever feel as good as I do? Did she ever make you cum the way I do? Do you think anyone ever will? - Nobody feels the way you do! – You tell her honestly and you moan as she hits a particularly good spot. – And you know the person who took those pictures, but I never fucked her. – You add, trying to calm the jealous monster that was rearing its head from within her.   - Tell me who it is. – She demands, but angles her thrusts to hit that spot again, seeing you starting to get close. - Who do I know, who happens to be a famous photographer? – You ask her with a smirk. - Natasha? She took these? – She asks and pounds into you harder, seeing you starting to lose it. – And you never shared? - I was saving them for a special occasion. – You manage to smirk, but she wipes it off your face the second she lifts up your legs from around her waist and lands a sharp slap on your ass. - My little model! – She exclaims. – I’ll make you picture worthy in a second. – She adds and she pushes her cock as deep as it could go, just to see you moan. – Too bad you won’t be undressing for anyone else ever again. – She warns with a growl. - No, Mommy, just for you. I only want you. – You say as she pounds into you more, nearing that edge. God, she feels so good. And oh, that angle has you seeing stars! - Then show Mommy how good she’s making you feel and cum for me. – She encourages, but never slows her movements. – Go on, baby, cum all over Mommy’s cock. You slam your eyes shut at that. You were so close and she let go of your neck, so she can grab hold of both your thighs and slam inside you and that was exactly what you needed. You shook, grateful she was holding you so tightly, knowing you’ll have bruises in the shapes of her fingers imprinted on your thighs for days. Your back arching, wood meeting your shoulder blades sharply, you moan, your own fingers squeezing the edge of the desk so hard your knuckles turn white. You squeeze around her cock so hard, making it difficult to move, she had to slow down, but she refused to stop, fucking you right through it and into a blissful state of exhausted satisfaction. Wanda stopped for a moment, catching her breath, wiping her forehead in her shirt sleeve, before pulling it out of her pants and over her head, to throw it in the general direction of her blazer. Her bra followed. Pulling out, she took her slacks off too, before pausing to admire her work. You truly were picture worthy and she made a mental note to take up photographing you more, considering how sexy you were in every way. She wanted to memorize you like this. Body splayed out on the big desk, chest rising and falling in deep breaths, hair messily splayed around you as you tried to recover from your orgasm. You were a work of art and something inside her stirred again, her pussy needy, since she didn’t cum with you, your body right there for the taking and so inviting. If that strap on was her real cock and she could feel every inch of you as she fucked you, she’d never pull out of you again. Wanda settled between your legs again and glided her hand over your breasts, getting your attention. You looked at her, now naked and beautiful and you lifted yourself up to kiss her. She kissed back, hand in your hair and pulling you closer, strap poking your inner thighs. - Get up, baby. – She tells you, when she breaks the kiss, so you can both take a breath. You stand on shaky legs, holding on to her for support, but she only spins you around and bends you over the desk. - You didn’t think I’m done with you, did you? – She asks and rubs the tip of her strap against your pussy. You only manage to whine. – Mommy told you that she’ll fuck you senseless, sweetheart. And Mommy always keeps her word. I’m only getting started. With that she pushes into you again. You’re prepped this time, so your pussy allows her to slide all the way inside you and you feel her hips press against your ass. You’re so sensitive. And she’s so big. And you want her, but you need a break. - Mommy, I can’t take it. – You try to say, but she makes you brace your hands on top of the desk and grabs your waist for better control. - Yes, you can, Y/N. Mommy didn’t get to cum yet. And you want me to feel good, don’t you, baby? – She speaks so softly as she starts to pull out of you, inch by inch, leaving you empty, only to fill you up again. – And I know you have another orgasm in you. You moan, bracing yourself as she starts to pick up her pace. Somehow, she feels even bigger the second time around and you love it. You love it even more, when she starts to spread your ass cheeks, so she can see her cock disappearing inside you. - You look so sexy with my cock inside you. – She mutters, watching mesmerized as you take her in greedily. – So beautiful when you’re fucked out beneath me, kitten. All sweet and shaking while Mommy ravages your pretty body. You’re so sexy I can’t help myself. You let her work your body the way she wants to, submitting completely and letting her do whatever she wants to you. Wanda loves it when you get like that. When you let go and let her take over. When you let her claim you the way she needs and accept the pleasure she wants to give you. From above, she watches your ass bounce with her thrusts and she reaches between your cheeks to stroke your asshole with her thumb. She doesn’t push, doesn’t put any pressure on you, just strokes you and watches in awe as goosebumps cover your skin. It’s just so filthy, the way she would use every part of you if you let her. And God, does she want to! With the way you’re arching into her touch, she can tell you want it too, but she waits. Patiently teasing you and watching you moan and whimper as her cock moves in and out of you. After a few minutes you break. - Mommy! – You whine against the desk and arch against her finger. – Don’t tease! - Do you want something, baby? – She asks triumphantly. – Mommy would give you anything you want, if you just tell me what it is, sweety. You groan with frustration. She knew what you wanted damn well. - Mommy, please! – You beg, not yet willing to ask out right, feeling heat spread across your cheeks at the thought of pleading to feel her in your ass. - Do you want me in your tight little hole, kitten? – She doesn’t have a problem to ask for you and you moan, arching into her again. – Tell Mommy you want it and I’ll give it to you. – She promises seductively and you break. - I want it, Mommy! Please! The next thing you feel is a pool of saliva hitting your asshole and her thumb spreading it around and gently pressing in, only to pull out again. Wanda works you up like that. Putting slight pressure on your hole, only to retract and start rubbing. She relaxes your tight muscle with her ministrations, wanting this to feel good. When you arch up into her touch again, she gives in and lets her thumb slide in all the way. - There you go, baby. That’s what you wanted isn’t it? To have Mommy in both your little holes? Your body accepts her greedily and you moan and shake at the sensation of feeling so full. She’d fill you up more if she could. She’d put her fingers in your mouth for you to suck on, so you’d have her in all your holes, but she’s getting close to cumming. The eroticism of seeing you so submissive, of letting her have you this way and of claiming your holes is making her pussy twitch and she knows she doesn’t have long. Wanda reaches around with one hand and starts to rub your clit instead. She has a head-start and she wants to work you up quickly, so you can cum together. She feels your legs shake as she does it. - You’re close, aren’t you, baby? Is having Mommy in both your holes going to make you cum? – She asks and you nod frantically, moaning out - the best response you could muster. – Yeah? Let’s cum together, sweetheart. You nod and she nods right along, even though you can’t see her. She puts more pressure on your clit, feeling her orgasm approaching quickly. - Come on, sweety, you have to cum for me now. – Wanda tells you as her thrusts start to get slower, but deeper, hitting your sensitive spot and pushing you right over the edge. That moan that rips out of your throat is ungodly. The feeling of being so full and so intensely stimulated makes the orgasm crash over you with full force and you’re on the verge of blacking out from so much pleasure, but Wanda keeps you grounded, keeps thrusting her hips against you, makes the fingers against your clit rub steady circles, so she can coax ever last drop of pleasure you have to give. She cums too. Both your moans filling the room as the dildo inside her makes her walls spasm in an earth-shattering orgasm. She doesn’t know how she even managed to stay upright for it, her body on auto-pilot as she lets herself feel the pleasure of claiming you, like she’s done so many times before. When it all becomes too much and your moans turn to little whines, she stops, pulling out and unclasping the strap from around her waist, feeling overly sensitive. Wanda lets it drop to the floor as she pulls your body up and flush against her, so she can kiss you again, slow and passionate and full of love. You still shake in her arms, allowing yourself to brace yourself on her and kissing back. Her arms around you feel warm and protective and you let yourself fully melt. When the kiss breaks, she swoops you off your feet and starts to walk towards the door. - God, I love you! – She tells you as she carries you into the bedroom and then the bathroom. - I love you too, Wanda. – You say as you nuzzle against her neck. - Let’s take a nice shower, darling. – She tells you as she sets you down on your feet gently. - After the shower, we can do a re-watch of your favorite show, before the new season starts. – You suggest, while she turns on the water and gets it just right. - As tempting as that is, my love, I remember someone saying she wanted me in her mouth. – She says as she pulls you under the stream of hot water. – And you’re not half as fucked out as I promised you, you will be. – She glides her hands over you possessively, looking down at you with hungry eyes, as if she didn’t just fuck the life out of you. – I’m only getting started. – She half-growled against your lips, before taking you in for a kiss and pushing your body against the cold tiles, trapping you against the wall. As her hands travelled to your breasts, cupping and massaging them, and her lips travelled down to your neck, quickly working on another hickey, your moans bouncing off the tiles, you knew she had ruined you completely. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. ________________________________________________________________ Obviously, this is long, but i believe every fandom deserves a 10+k smut fic. This indulged in a lot of my fantasies and I hope you like it. <3 
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theblackdalialived · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also her interview is up on YouTube for anybody who wants to watch it!
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little dove
kinktober 2022 masterlist | monstober 2022 masterlist
stepmom!wanda maximoff x virgin!reader
18+ : corruption, pervy!wanda, slight dubcon, forced kissing, loss of innocence, stepcest, implied age gap, fingering (r!receiving), possessiveness, mommy kink
Tumblr media
You were no stranger to the beauty that your stepmother displays, long hair always perfect, button nose and glinting emerald eyes. And you were used to the way she sits so close to you, lingering touches even when you’re not alone, a darkened look in her eye that you couldn’t figure out.
She was affectionate, you’ve known that for a while. Like that time she accidentally walked in on you changing when you were 17 - she was only bringing you the clothes she’d so kindly laundered for you. Or when she shut the door to the bathroom whilst you were showering, saying you must’ve accidentally left it ajar. She was only ever looking out for you.
Long hugs were her way of showing you she cared for you, firm eye contact when she pulls away and a caring stroke of her thumb over your cheek. And that time she bought you lingerie, saying a 19 year old girl should have some, it was a gift she was kind enough to spend money on. She’d nodded in reassurance when you stripped in front of her and her hands musingly stroked over your skin.
You looked to her nervously but she only nodded. “Carry on, baby. You’re my stepdaughter, it’s fine - this is how I show how I care for you okay?”
“Okay. Thank you, Wanda.” You’d smiled and she’d complimented your lace underwear covered body, barely taking her eyes off you.
She sat beside you on the sofa after fetching you both a glass of wine, her knee nudged against yours and you could smell her perfume from her closeness, you both sipped on the earthy liquid in comfortable company.
“So, do you have any plans this weekend?” She asked you with a smile.
“Yes actually. I, um, I have a date.” You missed the tight clenching of her jaw at your answer and the angered heating of her cheeks.
“Oh, you do?”
“Yeah, y’know Carol? She asked me out last week.” She loved the sight of your grin but the contrasting anger waged a war in her stomach, tightening, forcing herself to not let the acid drip from her tongue.
“Where’re you going?”
“Just to see a movie - I’m really nervous. I’ve never been on a date before. I’ve not even had my first kiss yet.”
“Oh I know, honey.” She cooed with a rub of your arm and a gentle smile.
“I just don’t wanna be bad at it. I don’t even know the first thing about sleeping with another person.” You added shyly. “I just-“
You were cut off by hands holding either side of your face and Wanda’s lips crashing into yours. You yelped at the sudden action, lips unmoving against her harsh ones until you pushed her away.
“Wanda. What’re you doing? We can't do this - it's not right.” You rushed out, unable to move yourself free of her tight grasp on your waist.
“C’mon, honey. I can teach you.” She breathed and you felt her lips ghost over yours with her words before you closed the space. Your lips melded with hers tentatively, curiously with slow movements you’d only seen in movies.
Your hands awkwardly rested on her hips whilst hers cupped your face, holding the back of your head to keep you close. You sighed into her mouth when she pulled away with a bite to your bottom lip, a sound that surprised you both.
“Don’t be shy, sweet girl.” Wanda reassured you when you ducked your head to hide your face, a finger beneath your chin brought you back. “You're doing so good.”
This time when she kissed you it was harsher, you kept up with the pace she set, passionate movements of soft lips against one another. Her tongue pushed into your mouth, nudging against yours deliciously and you instinctively pulled her ever closer, feeling her mouth curve into a smile at the action.
Everything was growing more hungry and Wanda pulled you onto her lap, your knees planted into the sofa cushions either side of her thighs and your arms draped over her shoulders. You’d never felt this hot feeling before, where your skin is warm and flushed and your belly swarmed with a twinge you’ve not yet known.
She pulled you against her by your hips so your chest pressed against hers, you felt yourself grow even warmer at the feeling of her hardened nipples poking through her t-shirt and the tiniest moan at the back of her throat when you instinctively clutched at her hair in your fist.
You only parted to catch your breath with Wanda looking up at you with a darkened gaze you’d never noticed before, hooded eyelids and parted swollen lips. Heat was growing between your legs and you subconsciously bucked your hips into hers when she planted a kiss to your neck, her teeth sank into the flesh with a suck, soothing the bite with a lick of her tongue.
Whilst she kissed across your throat your head leaned back in pleasure and your hands wandered over her waist, she revelled in the feeling - Wanda had wanted to get her hands on you for years.
She’d wanted to ruin you, dirty you to anyone else before they could get to you. She wanted to be the one to fuck you first, to show you how good you can feel and anybody after her could never compare. She saw how pure you were, she knew you’d never been kissed, never been fucked - never even fucked yourself on your fingers. You were a clean slate, pure and untouched and Wanda was desperate to turn you into the slut she wants you to be. To have you whining underneath her, begging her to fuck you.
She nudged your hand upwards and when you nervously stilled your touch she placed it onto her breast herself.
“Go on, honey. Touch them.” She whispered, sighing against your skin at the feeling of your hands around them, fingertips pinching her nipples through her shirt. She was quick to pull her shirt from her body, smirking at the awe in your eyes when you looked at her, experimentally flicking your thumb over a pert nipple before risking a kiss to her neck.
You kissed beneath her ear just as she had done to you, letting your teeth graze the flesh in a way that made her sigh, tilting her head for you to carry on. The smell of her skin, the warmth of her pulse point under your lips, the soft touch of her hands on your back made you hungry for something you’d never craved before. The ache between your thighs was unbearable and the way her thigh nudged against you didn’t help matters.
Wanda could tell you were getting needy, she dragged her hand up the back of your thigh whilst you kissed across her collarbone, making you yelp slightly when she roughly cupped your clothed cunt in her palm.
“W-wanda. I’ve never-“
“That’s okay, sweetheart. Let mommy take care of it, hm?” Before you could finish nodding, her hand had pushed into your shorts and a finger slid through your folds. “Oh baby, you’re so wet for me.” She breathed, watching your teeth bite into your bottom lip when she rubbed a fingertip over your swollen clit, your pussy was dripping around her fingers as they easily pushed into your hole, warm around her fingers when she started a steady pace.
“Feels so good.” You muttered against her, sloppy kisses to her neck while you mindlessly toyed with her nipple as she arched into your touch, your hips grinding yourself onto her hand desperately.
“You’re doing so well for your mommy, honey. Just a little more.” She could feel you beginning to clench around her digits, so worked up and desperate, body starting to twitch with choked moans at the thumb over your clit and the fingers curling perfectly inside your pussy.
Wanda had been waiting for this moment and she basked in it, the sound of your moan right next to her ear, your nails digging into the flesh of her waist, the wetness of your slick dripping down her knuckles as you came. She’d been wanting to make you unravel like this for so long and she wasn’t about to let it escape her grasp, this wouldn’t be the last time she sees it tonight, let alone any days to come. You’re hers now, you’d be begging for this any day soon, she’s sure of it.
You were still catching your breath when she spoke again.
“Come with me upstairs, sweetheart - I can make you feel so good again.” She helped you up from the sofa, pulling you to her to hover her lips over yours. “Don’t even think about going out with Carol - you’re not going.”
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wndalovebot · 3 months ago
touches under the surface | w. maximoff
Tumblr media
pairings: milf!professor!wanda x babysitter!reader
warnings: smut! 18+ minors do not interact! sensual touching, fingering ( reader! ) in a bath tub, braiding wanda’s hair, slight choking, praises, soft soft soft mommy wanda <3
word count: 1.6k+
author's note: second part to ‘red stained lips’ !
It had been about two weeks since Wanda had eaten you out in her kitchen on the barstool. Ever since then, you thought about it every single day. You couldn’t get it off your mind and it didn’t help that when she came home, she made it very hard for you to push it in the back of your mind.
You couldn’t stop thinking about the way her tongue ran through your folds skillfully, slowly, tasting every inch of your pussy. Her soft moans against you because you were absolutely drenched and it turned her on knowing she was the reason you were dripping all over her chin.
“Hey sweetheart,” Wanda’s voice rang through the living room as she entered, your feet tucked underneath your legs with a book in your lap and a blanket covering you. You had been waiting for her to come home since you already put the boys down for bed. You turned, shutting the book and saving the spot with one of your bookmarks and smiling up at her. 
“Hi, Wan.” She walked over to you quietly, slipping her flats off at the door and stood behind the back of the couch, lifting your chin up in her hand gently and placing a soft and gentle kiss upon your lips. She tasted like vanilla and cinnamon, something that you picked up was her signature scent around the house. The same scent you went home with on your clothes and on your skin and in your hair. A scent that you couldn’t forget.
“Come take a bath with me, please?” She smiled against your lips as you nodded after she finished her question. You couldn’t say no to her; you had been craving her touch since two weeks ago, and she had been so busy she wasn’t able to provide anything else except a quick kiss on the lips each night. 
She took your hands in hers, helping you around and off the couch and wrapping her arms around your waist, pulling you flush against her. Her soft cashmere sweater tickled your exposed skin from your short sleeved t-shirt. She placed a single kiss on top of your head before pulling away and taking you by the hand down to her bedroom.
As she pushed open the bathroom door, you stood in the threshold of the door, your face suddenly heating up at the thought of getting in the tub with Wanda, completely nude. You couldn’t help but squeeze your thighs together just a bit, knowing she was going to do more than just wash you up.
She turned the water on, putting it to the right temperature before turning to you and seeing your face absolutely heated up. Smiling, she made her way towards you and grabbed your hands, kissing your knuckles gently and rubbing them against her cheeks.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, little lamb.” You smiled at how considerate she was of you. How she only wanted to do things on your terms, but pushed you just enough because she could see the want and need in your eyes. You weren’t the best at vocalizing what you wanted; but that's okay because Wanda could read you like an open book. 
You shook your head, looking up at her with doe eyes that practically made her melt on the spot. If she could, she would eat you up right now. Pulling her grip away from your hands, she pulled you by the waist and snuck her hands under your shirt, feeling your soft skin under her fingers and leaving a trail of goosebumps with each stroke. Her touches were like electricity dancing on a line; never knowing with how it was going, but something you desperately needed.
Her gaze was soft upon yours as she pulled your shirt over your head and tossed it to the side into a laundry pile. You sucked in a breath as her eyes traveled to your chest, rising and falling in anticipation as she licked her lips gently. You were wearing something so simple - a black lace bra - but it made Wanda need you even more.
She traced her pointer finger down your neck slowly, making you cock your head to the side as you sucked in a soft moan, trying not to let your knees buckle. You weren’t even half way undressed and you felt a small damp spot in your panties already.
“So beautiful..” Her murmur was soft, laced with truth as she pushed the bra strap off your shoulder, then the other, and unclasped the bra letting it fall to the floor and your breasts push out. Your nipples hardened at the cool air brushing past them, and under her gaze. She kneeled down and pushed your jeans down, scratching your skin gently as she pulled them off of you, kissing your belly button as she tossed your jeans and panties to the side.
As she stood up and tossed her shirt and bra off with yours, you couldn’t help but watch as she undressed. Her long orange hair falling to her mid-back, straight as a needle but moved like a waterfall cascading over a tall cliff. Her fair skin held so many freckles that you wished you could trace over and over, make as many constellations as you could.
She came to you as you realized she was fully nude and took your hand, helping you into the bath and sinking below the warm bubbly bath water. Your knees knocked against each other as you faced her, her skin becoming dewy from the heat of the warm water.
“Can you braid my hair, baby?” You smiled as you nodded, reaching over for her brush she kept next to the tub and a black scrunchie. She moved so her back was facing you, and you wrapped your legs around hers, her hands going to grip your thighs.
You brushed your hand through her soft hair, wishing you could do this for her in the morning, or right before bed so she could wake up with wavy hair from the overnight braid. You wished you could do this every night for her.
She grabbed three big strands of hair, and started to braid them nice and tight. You brushed some more hair for more of the briad, working your way down before tying it off. She pulled a couple strands to frame her face as she turned back around and gripped your cheeks, kissing you gently.
“Thank you, baby. Feels better already,” She smiled as you turned around, pressing your back against her chest and her arms going right around your waist. You had never been this close to her, but it felt like a familiar place. She brushed some hair from your neck, leaning down and kissing the skin gently. You lulled your head to the side, giving her more space to work. She nipped and sucked the skin, creating small bruises across your neck. 
As she marked your neck, her left hand pushed further down towards your pussy, two fingers sliding through your folds. You let out a soft moan, wanting to buck your hips closer towards her hand because you hadn’t been able to get off since she made you squirt.
“Wanda..” She smiled against your neck, her right hand coming up past your breasts and brushing against your left nipple before wrapping her hand around your neck and squeezing tightly.
“Little lamb, you know that’s not my name.” You whimpered softly, nodding as you let out a soft choked moan.
“S-sorry, mommy..” You looked up at her, hoping she could see how sorry you were in your eyes, and how needy you were for her. She could tell, because she slipped two fingers into your cunt, letting go of your neck and going to play with your nipple.
“Take mommy’s fingers so well, hm? Pussy responds so well to me..” She pumped two fingers in and out of your cunt, thumb rubbing your clit as your hips jolted towards her hand. You started to shamelessly hump against her hand, moaning softly as how good it felt, and a string of ‘yes, mommy, please’. It was music to Wanda’s ears. She could fuck you with her fingers all day if it meant you got to make these sweet and pretty noises all for her.
“That’s it, little lamb. Hump mommy’s hand like a good little girl and cum for  me. Can you do that for mommy?” She cooed softly into your ear as you nodded, whining a soft, ‘yes, mommy..’ and clenched around her fingers. It didn’t take long for you to cum around her fingers quickly, with the soft praises and the quick circles on your clit, Wanda had you a mess in her hands.
“Good girl,” Wanda praised you gently into your ear, pulling her fingers from your cunt and pushing them on your bottom lip. You obeyed instantly, hearing a soft moan come from Wanda as you sucked her fingers clean of your cum. Wanda watched with parted lips as your eyes never left hers, grabbing her wrist and shoving her fingers deeper into your mouth, swirling your tongue around the digits.
She took her fingers from your mouth, gripping your chin and pressing her lips hungrily against yours, and she could taste you from your tongue. Groaning against your mouth, your lip got caught between her teeth as she sucked and pulled on it, before looking down at you with lust-blown pupils.
“My good little lamb.” In the moment, you knew Wanda had ruined everyone for you.
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kram6496 · 11 hours ago
Wanda: everything is perfectly fine
Y/N: Wanda where do I put the wreath?
Wanda: on the front door. See this Christmas party will be fine.
Natasha: are you sure?
Y/N: Wanda where do I hang the mistletoe?
Wanda: our room over the pillow
Y/N: yeah baby!
Wanda: nothing will go wrong
Natasha: really? Where’s the gifts?
Tumblr media
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xseethelightx · 3 months ago
Stress Relief II - W. Maximoff
Summary: Wanda promised you a next time. (Pure smut without any plot, revolving around a special new toy for y/n.)
Pairing: WandaMaximoffxreader
Word count: 3k
Tags: This is a 18+ story, minors DNI / smut, fingering (r receiving), praise, top!Wanda, mommy!kink, cum strap (r receiving)
Tumblr media
"Open your mouth, baby." She nudges the strap against your lower lip, holding your chin tight between her two fingers.
You lick over your dry lips, trying to control yourself at the sight of her towering above you, her skin glowing in the candlelight.
Following her words, you open your mouth, feeling the strap touch your tongue. Trembling hands settle around the back of her thighs, holding her close and steadying you at the same time.
"Open up a bit wider, sweet girl. Let mommy fuck you, yeah?" Her voice is gentle, a reassuring smile plastered on her face.
You hum, doing as she wishes, and part your lips wider. Looking up at her, seeing her face contorted in pleasure, sent a sharp sensation of butterflies right to your pussy.
"So pretty on your knees."
Her thrusts are slow at first, gently running her fingers through your hair and letting you decide the pace of your movements. With wide eyes you stare up at her, asking yourself if you do it right as you never did something like this before. Judging by her uneven breathing, her brows slightly furrowed, Wanda does indeed enjoy herself.
As the minutes pass by, she slowly but surely grows more impatient as her fingernails dig into your scalp. You quietly wince, the strap moving deeper inside your mouth as she begins to press harder against you.
Wanda slows down her movements for a second, watching you with attentive eyes as her hand angles your chin a bit upwards. "Can mommy continue, baby? You'll tell me when I should stop, okay? I won't be mad at you."
You know that she means it. She would never do something to hurt you, always having a watchful eye on your reactions as she introduces new things to you.
As you don't object, Wanda moans, continuing to fuck your throat with forceful thrusts. You slowly breathe through your nose, her grunts of pleasure reaching your ears. Hitting the back of your throat with each movement, you silently gag around the thick strap as your eyes burn with the lack of oxygen.
She throws her head back, your gagging sounds filling the silence around the room as she tries to control herself. Your noises are like music to her ears, fueling the pleasure inside her. Even though she doesn't have the pleasure to feel your heavenly mouth on her, the thought about what she is doing to you makes her knees buckle. A quiet whimper catches her attention, looking down at your kneeling form as her hand subconsciously runs over your hair.
Your head is red from all the lack of breathing, glimmering eyes entirely focused on her as you let her use you for her pleasure. There is a glaze over your eyes, underlining her assumption that you are far too gone to comprehend any clear sentences. Wanda is sure that she never saw a more beautiful sight, the corners of her lips tucking in a grin while you moan around the toy. Desperate to please her, you widen your mouth more, her strap slipping further inside your throat.
Her fingers hold on to your strands, pulling on your hair to push your head back and forth. Tears spring out of your eyes, eyes wide and pleading as you stare up at her body. You don't know what you wish for, mind going fuzzy as she stares at you with full adoration.
"You look so pretty with your tears running down your face, baby. Makes mommy all the more happy seeing you look so beautifully fucked, gagging around my cock."
The sight above you electrifies a desperate sound out of your throat, her lazy smirk and turned on expression too much for you to witness. An uncomfortable feeling settles between your legs, turned on by only sucking on her strap without any stimulation against your clit. Instead of having mercy on you, she whispers sweet encouragement into the air and continues her movements.
"It's a really special toy, you know. Something I only brought for you, my darling." Wanda says, slowing down her pace but putting only more depth into her thrust.
The thought about her cum painting your throat sends another gush of wetness downwards, subconsciously rubbing your thighs together to ease the burning sensation. You want all of her, everything she is willing to give you, and this only added a whole lot to your fulfilled wishes.
"Slow down." Her fingers run over your forehead, her thrusts stopping all together as she catches your attention. "Yeah?"
The moment she moves away, you can finally take in a deep breath, filling your empty lungs with much-needed oxygen. Your throat is a bit sore, the burning of the strap hitting your soft skin over and over again leaving its marks on it.
She helps you up on your legs, moving you towards the bed. There's an excited look to her face, her eyes eagerly looking at your swollen lips. Your heart pounds faster, nearly springing out of your chest as the back of your thighs hit the bed.
Staring at her with questioning eyes, you nervously touch her slim waist, requiring the contact of her skin to calm your rising nerves as she remains painfully quiet. Were you not good enough, not pleasing her enough, even though you tried your best?
As if reading your mind, she presses a soft kiss against your lips. "Shh, you did great, my darling. That's not why I stopped you, there's something else on my mind."
"You want to hear it?" Wanda licks over her lips, leaning towards your ear as if whispering a secret to you, only for your ears to hear. "I want to fuck my cum inside you."
Her words shut off your brain, mind going blank at the possible outcome. "Oh."
"Yes, oh." She chuckles, her thumb running over your jaw. Her eyes are dilated in a shadow of darkness, turning you around without a word and pressing a kiss against your shoulder. "You like that idea?"
Swallowing hard, you nod slightly. "Yeah."
You like it very, very much, to be honest. The fact that her words send another gush of wetness downwards proves that.
Her hands run over your lower stomach, gently pressing down on the skin there. Wanda bites down on her lip, noticing the slight shift in your behavior as you not so subtly rub your thighs together. She finds your reaction adorable, guessing that you would like the idea, but nothing could prepare for the eagerness in your eyes.
Pushing you down on the bed, not wanting to waste another precious minute where she isn't inside of you, keeping up to her promise, Wanda presses small kisses all over your back. You feel hot all over again, smelling her addictive scent on the cover as your nose inhales the delicious perfume.
Your front presses against the bed, head turned to the side with your legs dangling over the edge. A soothing hand runs over your ass, fingernails digging into the flesh as she rubs the strap up and down your slit.
"Such a needy girl." Her fingers run down your slit, collecting the wetness and lubricating the toy. Your legs twitch, hips rising to meet her touch. But a sharp and unexpected slap against your ass makes you yelp, her actions quite the opposite of her previous caring nature.
As an answer, you only receive another dry laugh, the stinging pain quickly transforming into lust. You love it when she acts out like this, handling you just how she wanted to. All of a sudden, she bottoms out inside you, your breath catching in your throat as she pushes the whole length inside.
"Oh, fuck." You hiss through gritted teeth, the strap feeling somehow longer due to the different position.
Her cold hands settle on your hips, pushing in and out of you with an animalistic force. Your fingers hold on to the white cover, gripping the fabric and turning your head to muffle your moans. Even though there's nothing you can hide from Wanda, you don't want to give her the satisfaction you experience so easily.
Wanda grunts, her body growing even hotter at the sight of your lips trembling. Sneaking a hand under your body, she rubs circles over your clit, coaxing out the loud moan that she knows you held back. Subconsciously, your hips just forward, pressing against her fingers as the pressure builds up.
"You want me to fill you up with my come, mark that slutty pussy of yours as mine?" Wanda rasps inside your ear, the grip on your hip tightening. "Do you think your slutty pussy deserves it?"
"Mommy." You whimper, your voice coming out muffled as she presses your head down on the mattress.
Her grip around the back of your neck is strong, enough to leave bruises on your skin as she jackhammers into you. Hitting your g-spot with each thrust, you don't hold back your moans any longer, whimpers and groans slipping freely past your open mouth.
The sound of skin slapping mixed together with your moans fills the bedroom, the shadows of your bodies dancing on the wall.
"Such a desperate little girl, all needy for mommy's attention."
Pleasure and desire courses through your blood, the pressure building inside your stomach. You can feel the tingles of your approaching orgasm becoming more intense.
With a sudden change of movement, she slips out of you and flips you on your back, a surprised gasp filling the air. You whine, the build up in your stomach retreating at the loss of stimulation.
Wanda groans, pushing back inside and continuing her fast pace. She is panting too, her puffs of exhales fanning over your heated face as she admires your lustful face, mouth hanging open with the inability to close it.
"I want to look into your pretty eyes when I fill you up, baby. I don't want to miss the moment when that happens."
Her fingers close around your throat, cutting off your airway once again as she towers above you with a wide grin spreading over her pink lips. Instinctively, your hand loosely encircles her wrist, neither pulling her hand away nor pressing her fingers tighter around your neck. You simply want to touch her, show her how much you love her, without uttering it out loud.
You can't tell her yet, not knowing how she would react to it. Not wanting to ruin the moment, you concentrate on her face again, feeling the licks of fire graze over your skin.
Her red hair falls like a curtain over your face, tickling your skin as her thrusts push you up and down the mattress. Wanda watches your breast move with her thrusts, mouth watering as she leans forward and closes her lips around one erect nipple.
"Oh, fuck."
The stimulation inside you, on your breast and the tight grip around your neck fuel the coil in your belly, eyes crossing as she flicks her tongue over the nipple. Moving her attention to the other breast, giving it the same treatment as before, Wanda grazes her teeth over the sensitive skin, your hips jerking at the stinging contact.
Tears run freely down your cheeks, the pleasure overwhelming you as she sucks against your neck, licking over the stinging bruises soothingly. As she presses down on your lower stomach, feeling her cock move inside your guts, she lets out a low groan, her rhythm becoming sloppy.
"Shh, that's it, baby. Just like that, you're doing so good for me. You'll get mommy's cum soon enough, filling that tight pussy just like you deserve."
You can feel yourself coming close, having trouble maintaining eye contact as her gaze burns through you.
"Such a good little slut, letting me use you like that." Her voice turns to that deep rasp, her low moans becoming louder. "My own little toy to play around with."
"M-mommy, please." You stumble over your words, threatening to lose your words fully as the strap brushes over your g-spot with each thrust. "Come inside me."
Wanda leans forward, your whiny please heightening the lust coursing through her veins, teeth sinking into the soft skin between your neck and shoulder.
"Fuck, you sound so pretty. You want it that badly, don't you? You have been such a good girl, y/n."
Out of the corner of your eyes, you see her reach for something laying on the bedside table, a sort of remote that is so small that you didn't see it before. The thought of her filling you soon, mixed with her occasionally rough grunts, nearly blinded you, unable to hold your moans at bay anymore.
"I'm so close." Your voice comes out high-pitched, eyes rolling into the back of your head. "Can I come, mommy?"
"Come for me, baby." She thrust as deeply into you as possible, coming inside you with a strangled groan. "Let's come together, yeah?"
Feeling the rushing cum fill your pussy, painting your inner walls with it, your walls clench hard around her strap. This is all it takes to send you flying into darkness, the string in your stomach snapping.
The sensation is strange at first, the warm cum oozing inside your cervix. You gasp for air, mumbles of her name falling past your mouth as she drags every last wave of pleasure out of your body.
The sight of Wanda squeezing her eyes shut, lips parted in a silent moan, alighted a small flame again. A light sheen of sweat shines on her temple, her eyebrows furrowing. She reaches her own high, the end of the strap bumping just right against her clit.
You hold her close, fingers grabbing at her shoulders as your legs tremble with the release of the build up tension. Pressing her forehead against yours, taking in a deep breath, she grins and takes her weight off your body.
Wanda slowly pulls out of you, staring down between your thighs in amazement as a string of your mixed arousal connects your pussy with the strap. You stay still, chest heaving with uneven pants as she pushes a sweaty strand of hair out of your face.
"My pretty girl." Wanda mumbles against your ear, her thumbs gently rubbing over the inside of your thighs.
Just feeling her fingertips tracing circles over your skin makes you feel all safe and warm. You close your eyes, exhaling happily at her words that wrap over you like a warm blanket.
"All yours."
Suddenly, she pushes her fingers back inside, a small whine bubbling up at the over stimulation. Wanda shushes you, fucking the white drops back into you, not letting even one drop go to waste. You are at her mercy - her darling little girl who does everything to make her smile this proudly down at you.
"Come on, don't be shy. I know that you can give me more than that, baby." Wanda swipes her tongue over your bottom lip, teasingly sucking at the corner of your mouth. "Mommy wants to play with you some more."
You bite down on your tongue, holding yourself back from screaming, feeling too much and too little at the same time. Wanda feels your wall clench around her fingers, leaning down to seal your parted lips in a bruising kiss.
All too quickly, you feel another orgasm approaching, the urge to press your thighs together overcoming you. Wanda feels the twitch under her fingers, clicking her tongue and pressing your legs wider apart.
"It's too much." You gasp, her hand pinning your waist hard against the mattress and pushing her long digits in and out. "Please."
"You take it, I know you can. Your mommy's good girl, aren't you?" She whispers; sweet words wrapping itself around your mind as she flicks her thumb over your clit. "You love it when I fuck you like this."
Underlining her words, she pushes a third finger inside. As sore as you are, you still part your legs wider, too weak to deny anything she wants. The tension becomes nearly unbearable, her glimmering eyes the only thing visible with your blurry vision. Wanda moans, feeling your arousal drip down her hand, staining the bedsheets under you.
"So fucking wet, y/n. All filled up with mommy's cum, so beautiful like this." She bites down on her lip, mustering your dazed eyes with eagerness.
Raising your hips to meet her thrusts, she doesn't stop you, knowing how close you are. You can't breathe properly anymore, even the simplest of things leaving your mind as she curls her fingertips just right over the deep spot.
Your mouth falls open, trying to fill your lungs with air as your orgasm rushes through you like a hurricane. Blinding lights dance in front of your eyes, a wail of whimpers escaping your lips. Wanda slows down her movements, smiling down at you as you turn your head to the side, fingers barely grazing her wrist to push her fingers away.
Your pussy burns, the roughness of her fingers leaving a stinging sensation behind. Wanda presses a soft kiss against your forehead, carefully easing out her fingers and sucking them clean. Through barely open eyes, you see her smile at the taste of your arousal painting her skin.
"I can't feel my legs anymore." You sigh, a thousand tingles following down your legs. "I won't be able to walk anymore."
The redhead chuckles, rolling onto her back beside you. "That's the whole point, darling. You'll stay in bed with me until you'll feel better, and that will hopefully be a long time, letting me take care of you."
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wandas6-gf · 3 months ago
Tony: Do you want to explain to me how you crashed my car?
Y/N: Well we were driving and there was a deer in the middle of the road that Wanda didn’t see so I shouted, “Wanda deer!”
Y/N: Do you want to tell him what your response was?
Wanda: …
Wanda: “Yes, honey?”
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auroraromaximoff · a month ago
Y/n: My girlfriends don't love me anymore...
Natasha: That's not what we said!
Y/n: Then what did you say?!
Natasha: We said you can't always be in the middle! It's been 5 nights now!
Wanda: I want my turn! You keep skipping me ! 🥺
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its-really-dry · 4 months ago
y/n: WANDS! TASHA! *runs into the common room*
nat: y/n/n?
wanda: what is it detka? is everything alright?
y/n: yes, well, i took a "how gay are you?" test and i gOT 100%?????
nat: *sighs* baby..........
wanda: detka, you do realise that you are dating both me AND natasha, who are both WOMEN?
y/n: well dUh. i just never thought i'd get that answer y'know? ANYWAYS-
y/n: YEAH
kate: oMg I ONLY GOT 96.4% WTH?
y/n: ur still on level 13 gworl. gay, but not gay enough
wanda: *giggles* yeah, y/n is level 14 cuz she has 2 girlfriends katie *winks and kisses y/n*
y/n: bishop has zero bi**hes
nat: im just gonna carry on reading
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