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LOKI 1x04 “The Nexus Event”
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Sylvie: It's not very snuggly.
Also Sylvie: *looking very snug while sharing a blanket with Loki*
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Sylvie, Goddess of Denial
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Is this love? -Chapter 1
Type: Series
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Summary: A series based on how Loki and Y/N met and, how they confessed. But will fate keep it as simple as it sounds? Because love isn't always a straight line.
(Sorry for any typos!)
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Y/N's POV-
The wind was blowing softly. I was walking back to the compound after a little walk with myself. I was greeted by Tony and Morgan when I walked into the compound's living room. "Hi there Y/N," He says.
"Hello, Tony and Morgan" As soon as I greet them, Morgan runs towards me and hugs me as tightly she can with her tiny arms.
"Hi, auntie Y/N" She pulls away. I kiss her on the forehead and start heading toward the kitchen when Tony questions me.
"How was your walk?"
I reply with a smile "Pleasant."
I see Morgan taking Tony away with her to their room. I start making a cup of tea when I feel someone behind me. I swiftly turn around to meet the sight of none other than the handsome, the God of mischief himself. It looked as if he had just woken up, in grey sweatpants and a loose, quite see-through black shirt.
I greet him "Mornin' mischief"
"How many times have I told you not to call me that..... and good morning" I chuckle at his reply. Rubbing his eyes He walks towards me taking out the pack of tea of his choice and setting it beside my hand.
"Make some for me too. Thanks"
I stand there confused. He ordered me?
"I'm busy I can't not for today at least. Sorry" I reply
He speaks in an irritated tone "Come on Y/N. You can't be so selfish, can you?"
Okay Y/N he called you selfish. One part of me says I should make tea for him but the other side of me says not to and have some fun. I smirk.
"Oh, look who's talking"
He lets out an annoyed huff. Okay, maybe I should stop. He walks towards me and starts pouring some water into another kettle. I switch the stove off and say
"Go get freshened up I'll make your tea." I take the kettle from him and pour that water into the kettle that's on the stove.
"What games are you playing with me... munchkin." I look at him and he smirks.
"C'mon mischief is a good nickname what is this munchkin?"
"It fits you well." He replies
I roll my eyes and start the stove again. He starts walking away back to his room. I see he suddenly stops in his tracks and turns towards me.
"Kindly return to my room with the tea. Thank you" He shouts.
I run towards him but till then he had teleported.
The tea is ready and I am walking toward Loki's room. I knock a few times but there is no reply. I try opening the door but it's locked. I wonder what he is doing. Nat walks past me and asks me
"Looking for Loki?"
I reply back "He asked me to get his tea to his room."
"But he is in the training room with Steve and Thor."
Ah, that trickster he really is playing with me.
"Thank you for informing me." I start walking toward the training room and see Steve and Thor... and Loki.
"Oh, lady Y/N!!" I was met with Thor's booming voice.
"Hello, Thor" I reply back with a smile. I pace across the room for Loki and hand him his cup of tea.
"Thank you so much Y/N but it's cold."
"Well yeah because I was standing outside your room, pacing around almost half the compound looking for you for more than 15 minutes!" I replied eventually pinning him to the wall with a death look. I take the cold cup of tea and pour it over his head
"Enjoy your tea God of Mischief" I whisper
He is so surprised that his mouth is agape.
"Oh, you will pay for this you scum"
"Oh, let me see it soon" I smirk and walk away.
I wonder where this will lead us to.
A/n: This is my first time writing!! I hope you like it. I will post chapter 2 as soon as I can!!
Thank you sooo much :)) <3
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Sylki Advent Calendar day 5 🍩 ++ https://archiveofourown.org/works/43352275/chapters/109154517
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the only thing I'm going to keep in loki season 2 leak is: "Loki and Sylvie's romance continues and plays a central role in the story."
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It’s The Avengers (04x03)
Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)
Season 4 Episode 03: It's Always Sunny with You
Series Summary: Living in the Avengers facility post-apocalypse in a better timeline   Tony Stark has decided to capture every moment by pulling The Office on the Avengers. All of the housemates are pretty used to the idea except for you, who had just come here to finish her degree, and the newest member- Loki.
Warnings: just a bunch of thots
Word Count: this one is short because work is not letting me leave in time to get home, prep dinner and write a chapter.
MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)
The sound of seagulls out and about was one welcoming greeting while the beach graced the cameras with the best hues of blue and sandy beige. The closest palm tree was one beautiful lazy addition to this breathtaking view. That, unfortunately, could not be said for the gradually increasing screams that entered the scene- with the burning face of one Peter Parker running haphazardly in his swimming trunks while Ned ran behind him with a crab in his hand. The camera swerved to the left to watch Bucky and Sam resting on the beach chairs under that lone palm tree and watching the scene unfold in front of them with a beer in their hand. Bucky chuckled at the Spiderman still running around the beach throwing sand at the little creature while Ned enjoyed the after-effects of his efforts.  "Peter is such a-" Sam was already opening the cooler sitting next to him to take out one huge undone cold cut of a slick fish to throw it with a schlorp on Bucky's stomach, "wuss-OOOOOHH MY GAAAAHHHDDD!!!" The winter soldier frantically got up to slap the thing away from his body. And when that didn't work, he spilt beer over his torso. "AAAH SOMETHING YUCKY TOUCHED ME!!"
Sam: *Still laying on the beach chair* *smirks* ah, heaven.
Along the same beach, a private area of lounge chairs was taken up by Wanda Vision, cuddled up on one corner but exuding their mush vibes all over to the other end of the beach where Pietro pretended to gag while playing volleyball with Steve, Natasha and Scott. Everyone was enjoying the sun and sand in their beach clothes. Everyone else was enjoying the exposed muscles, the abs and those legs for days on display by our very own 'everyone'.  Well, everyone except you. Javier's camera focused on you sitting in one of the lounge chairs, hunched over your laptop, your bed hair still smacked at one side and the bun barely hanging on to the hairband. Your face had the frown of someone having been confused to the point that your nervous system ached and wanted to plot revenge. "Y/N, honey!" Pepper and her huge beach hat came into the frame, sitting in the shade while relaxing her belly, "go join the others. Have some fun!" The camera went back to you just as you looked up from the screen. "I can't right now, Pepper. I'm plotting a murder," you stated monotonously. "Okay," Pepper chimed in, "Well, then go enjoy some beach bods and volleyball after you're done with the plotting." The camera panned in to see a figure shift from the lounge chair right next to Pepper, and a very worried Tony Stark's face came into view to look at his wife and then at the camera.
You: *stand in the sand while out of focus are the others playing beach volleyball behind you* It's vacation time in college and just when I thought I was getting some time to breathe and get just a little bit of my mind back on track after all the *gesture with your hands at space and all that happened last season* this one freaking sonofabeach makes it his life's goal to make me as miserable as he can!  *on the edge of fuming* Sam's voice: Don't tell me it's Da- You: *snap* David! Yes, of course, it's David! The camera zooms out to show Sam pausing next to you with a fresh slimy octopus in his, shaking his head and cursing David.  Sam: want me to break his legs? You: *close your eyes* *breathe in* *open your eyes* *stare directly into the camera's soul* I want to break into his house, move all his furniture by a centimetre, replace his shower gel with tide pod juice, his sugar with baking soda, leave one scratch on his optical reader in his PlayStation, corrupt his headphones, connect his computer audio to the college speakers and leave one visible scratch on the good side of his Benz. *still stares into the camera* Sam: *blinks* *looks at the camera* *slowly slides out of the frame* You: That manipulative bastard convinced the professor to take online assignments throughout the vacation from me to make up for the semester I missed. *grits teeth* *crinkles nose with the red of rage* Nothing good seems to be happening in my life because of mother- Scott: *still unfocused* *shouts* Is that Loki? *get hits by the ball*
Your head whipped one-eighty to find out where Scott was looking. Both you and the camera turned to the sea to find a face appearing out of the water from the ocean, gradually ascending and blessing the viewers with a pair of arms rising up, flexing just as pale fingers ran through those long locks of black hair.  "Oh f***!" A stranger's voice came from the left and the camera turned to record a crowd of ladies and a few men staring at the breathtaking ocean view. "Oh Poseidon, rip that tank top apart so I can see the bulging muscles underneath," one woman commented, making others giggle and snicker. The camera next to the volleyball court was already panning in on your face. The rage, hatred, and misery that was sitting on your nose were melting away to give way to a cocktail of wonder in your raised brow, serenity in your eyes and just a tint of that slow train of thoughts which was bringing up a smirk on your lips. "I bet you fifty dollars I'll make him come to me," one of the ladies- a white woman tanned to a fault- in a stunning piece of duo-chrome bikini announced to her group of hyenas. The camera caught the sudden dilution of that smirk on your face before catching the look of unsurity in your eyes. The God was putting models to shame as he walked out of the water in his black tank top and shaped swimming trunks. The worked-up crowd watched as the confident white woman sauntered towards the God with a tall glass of Sex on the Beach. The camera shifted to perfectly catch the muted gasp of the entire line of humans trying to veil the second-hand embarrassment being felt by the woman when Loki instinctively turned to walk towards you. Loki casually flicked remnants of the ocean water from his fingers onto your face, making you flinch a little. "Oi!" you nearly shouted. "Why do you look so dead?" You snorted. "Don't remind me." The camera could hear the crack of your neck at this distance.  Javier's camera watched the people in the crowd look at you with daggers, or move away disappointed. "Who is that girl anyway?" the woman cursed in your direction before walking away with her girl squad. One of the women tried recording Loki and you but dropped her phone when a 'bee' appeared out of somewhere and scared her.  Javier automatically turned to Scott, finding him tucking away something in his pocket before signalling the camera to shush, only to be hit by a ball again.  "Come take a swim in the ocean," the God advised, taking the towel from an attendant that appeared out of nowhere. Before you could add something, Loki continued. "With me." You paused. A little too long. If it weren't for the extraordinary quality of the device, one would have missed that little millimetre of the moment when your pupils dilated at some unknown thought brewing in your mind. "She can't swim." Clint's voice broke you out of that short trance of that simple request. The archer walked by with a pair of goggles and diving equipment.  "You don't have to go look for the f***s I give in the ocean, Barton. I'll save you some time," Loki quipped, earning a muted mock of his words from the archer.  You chuckled first, then broke out into a wide smile and giggled till there were tears in your eyes. "See? Even Y/N agrees with me." You smacked him on his abs and then gave your hand a little shake while still giggling.
You: *sunglasses on* *sipping on an elderflower cocktail* *smile* *shrug* David can chew on his shoelaces.  The camera zooms out to show Scott enjoying the view of the ocean alongside you while giving one mock of a laugh in the direction of the hyenas as he sipped on his pina colada. Behind you, Tony and Pepper are asleep in their chairs while Zuko rests his head on Pepper's belly. Scott: But you still have your assignment to submit, right? Loki passes from behind you with the volleyball in his hand.  Loki: I'll help you with that tonight. Come on, let's play. You: *share a look with Scott through your glasses* *casually shift your weight one leg and put your free hand in your shorts pocket.* Cool. Cool. *nod*  Scott mirrors you.  Both of you turn back to look at the ocean. A repressed scream seems to come out of Scott's throat, followed by one coming out of you. Slowly your legs start to dance and both of you start slapping each other. Natasha shouts for you two to join them, stopping the happy dance all at once. You: *clear your throat* Scott: *clears throat* Let's go, bro You: Not you. You've been hit enough today.
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Marvel and their secrecy are scary
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Sleepy babies! (Croki gets a drinking straw too)
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i’m sure Thor will give him a ride home
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Incorrect Loki Quotes [107/?]
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That cliffhanger.
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Lokigator ate all the crayons
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LOKI 01x05 - Journey Into Mystery
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has this been done yet?
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“Hang on... you’re telling me that things a Loki too??”
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