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kram6496 · 3 days
Y/N: Natasha’s got the kids?
Wanda: yeah. And I got you. All of you.
Y/N: did Nat give us a pick up time?
Wanda nuzzles Y/N…
Wanda: I told her to keep them as long as she wants. But for now…
Wanda giggles as she begins removing her flannel.
Tumblr media
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Alpha!Wanda in her rut wanting to breed omega!reader who is in her heat, Wanda who glances possessively at reader who is among other alphas so she embraces reader and bites gently at their mating mark deciding that she's gonna mark her property for good
warnings: smut, omegaverse, breeding, marking, jealousy
Wanda liked to pretend she didn't care about you. If anyone asked, you were just her teammate and maybe a close friend. She liked to think that she didn't care about all the other alphas that followed you around like a lost puppy and attempted to court you on a near weekly basis. She wanted to, but she just couldn't. Truth was, Wanda was fiercely protective because you were all she had left. Wanda was dangerously possessive at times. The claim that forever scarred your neck was proof of that. It only got worse once your cycles had begun to sync up.
You had always been stubborn about your heat. Before Wanda, you'd work yourself until the alphas around you couldn't focus or collapsed from heat exhaustion. It made Wanda's job a lot harder. The mere smell of your slick drove her wild. Unfortunately, Wanda wasn't the only alpha that could smell it.
It seemed like every alpha at Tony's stupid party had approached you in the spand of fifteen minutes and you were far too kind to second guess their intentions. Though she was just as stubborn herself, she hated yours. You could barely get a word out when you woke up this morning but somehow got well enough to attend the event. It didn't matter how many pills you took, nothing could hide the smell of an omega waiting to be bred. Every word you said seemed to bring them closer to you and she couldn't stand it. Your scent was practically flooding the room and Wanda had reached the end of her patience.
"Ah, it's a lot harder to get accommodations, but being part of this team is important to me. Nothing is worth more than saving the world," You answered charismatically. Never had so many alphas been concerned with your treatment as an Avenger, but you were happy to talk about it. If talking about your issues meant other omegas got the help they needed, you'd talk all night. Your ramblings were cut short by a familiar pair of arms wrapping around your waist. "Oh, Wanda! I'm almost done, I promise I'll be over in a minute."
"You said that ten minutes ago," Wanda whispered as she buried her nose against the nape of your neck. It was an inefficient means of scenting herself, but it got the point across. She couldn't hold back her smirk. "Come on, you need to rest up and I'm getting bored. Let's just go up stairs." Her sweet words didn't magically manifest any more patience and she dragged you away.
You gasped at Wanda's sudden roughness, but let her drag you along regardless. It wasn't a long ride to the elevator, but it was long enough for Wanda to start undressing you. "Wanda, I understand you need help, but I already took pills today. Nothing is going to work until tomorrow." Despite your warning, Wanda continued to grind against your backside. The friction alone made your cunt throb. "I'm sorry, but you'll just have to wait."
Wanda chuckled at your stupidity. "Oh, does my little omega really believe that?" She moved your underwear to the side just enough for her fingers to collect the slick that was practically leaking from your core. "It's a shame you can't smell how good you are, but there's no way you don't feel this." She spread her fingers apart slowly and your slick formed a thick line between them. "You see that? That hole is just begging to be filled with my pups."
You were much too weak to fight back and part you didn't even want to. The instincts deep within begged you to just let go. Being Wanda's cum dump was more enjoyable than swallowing pills and pushing yourself to the limit. "Fuck, you're not being fair." Wanda used all her strength to guide to her bed and lay you over it. You wiggled away in an attempt to put space between you and your lover. "It's not going to work, it's just a waste of time right now."
Wanda shook her head, but smiled. "Oh, you can't just get worked up and just run off. Your alpha needs help too," She said as she groped the bulge in her pants. "I need a hole, baby." Her strong hands pulled you back towards her. She made sure to rub her crotch against the heat radiating between your legs. "Even if it doesn't work, I can just keep breeding you until it does." All the usual care she would've had was long. The nice outfit you had on was ripped to shreds in seconds.
The more Wanda touched you, the harder it was to ignore the need that grew deep within you. More! Breed me! Take me! The words filled your head as Wanda began groping you. Even at the peak of your neediness, Wanda just had to tease. "Alpha, please. I need you so bad." It was impossible to move your hips with the bruising strength Wanda had over you. "It hurts a lot, I can't help it."
Wanda hummed as she casually flipped you over. Her right hand forced your face against the mattress. You'd never properly presented yourself to her before, but she couldn't help herself. "I'm gonna turn you into a stay at home omega." Her voice had gotten so dark, it almost felt like a threat. Wanda pushed her cock inside of your hole slowly, reveling in your warmth. "Ah fuck, you can kiss this avenging job goodbye after this."
"Mhm, only wanna have your pups!" The pace Wanda had set for you was near impossible to keep up with you. Your slick had stained your lover's sheets, but none of that mattered. All you could think about was the absolutely disgusting way she was talking to you. She was always sweet and careful to work you up before toppling you over. Now, she was just using you.
Wanda growled in your ear. "You're mine, you got that?" All her energy was put into fucking you. "That's it, cum in your alpha's dick. None of those other ones could make you feel as good as I do." Wanda pulled your head to the side and firmly clamped down on your neck.
The sensation was more than enough to send you flying over the edge into an orgasm. Your walls clenched and spasmed over Wanda's dick. Her orgasm followed soon after yours. "Fuck, Wanda, please." You had no idea what you were begging for, but you wanted it more than anything.
A shiver ran up Wanda's spine as her knot began to form. "Fuck, I don't care if this one fits, I'm fucking you until I can't cum anymore!"
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please write something with milf!wanda with next door neighbor reader im a whore for it !
Tumblr media
wanda maximoff & gn!reader
tags: smut, semi-public sex, fingering, sub!wanda maximoff, dom!reader. MINORS DNI.
word count: 749
“Hi, it's Y/N, right?” a chirpy voice asks you while you’re scooping a spoon of fried rice onto your plate.
To raise money for Westview’s local grade school to have enough funds to participate in a regional soccer tournament, the town has been hosting a week-long fair featuring games, food, and you decided to attend to integrate yourself in the small but lively town you had just moved into.
You turn your head to see a familiar redhead beaming at you. “Yes,” you reply with a polite smile. “Sorry, and you’re���?”
The woman sticks her hand out to you. “Wanda Maximoff. I got your name from a friend at the community association. You moved into the house next door to me. I’m your neighbour to your left,” she introduces herself officially. You take her hand and she shakes it. Her hand is warm and her fingers soft.
Her features form together in your mind and you recall seeing Wanda gardening in her front lawn and coming in and out of her car in her driveway. You finally reply with an eager nod, “Ah, yes! I do remember seeing you a few times in the neighbourhood. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”
“Likewise,” Wanda says, her head dipping forward in a small nod as her smile widens.
“Momma!” a young boy calls before he and another boy his age runs towards her. You recognise the children too. They come crashing into her legs and wrap their little arms around her thighs.
Wanda lets go of your hand and places both of them atop their freshly combed heads. She looks down at them to give them a smile before looking back up to you. “These are my boys- Tommy and Billy,” she tells you with a proud smile.
You lean down to them with a friendly smile. “Tommy. Billy. Nice to meet the both of you,” you greet them, your voice low and gentle as to not intimidate them.
“Nice to meet you too,” they both respond simultaneously, their words muffled as they hide their faces behind their mother’s legs.
“I apologise, they’re usually not so timid. They’re quite wild at home,” your neighbour says with a chuckle, fingers running through their hair.
Straightening, you smile at her. “I understand. Westview has a tight-knit community from what I’ve gathered, so it must not be often that strangers move in,” you note and pick a set of utensils up from a passing fair worker who offers them to you then thank her.
Wanda seems impressed by your observation and stares at you, green eyes swimming in mirth, before Billy tugs at her shirt and tells her that he and his brother are going to head back to their table. “Oh, alright,” she says and they run back to where a man sits with food and bags on what you presume to be their table.
“You must come and meet my ex-husband, Vision. Have lunch with us,” she offers, beaming at you with a hopeful glint that you’re beginning to find indisputable.
It doesn't take long after meeting Wanda’s ex and taking a few bites of your lunch before you find yourself behind a ring toss fair booth with the redhead. Her slacks are pulled down to her thighs, exposing perfect ivory swells of Wanda’s ass turned red after nearly twenty spanks.
She’s bent over, her cheek pressed up against the back of the booth as your fingers pump in and out of her pussy. The two of you silently pray for no one to round the booth for you’re in a carefully-selected area between the skirts of the fair and a small outer forest.
Still, Wanda muffles her moans as you part your fingers in her hole while your thumb draws lazy circles against her clit until she reaches her hilt. Your arm wraps around her hips to hold her up as her legs tremble under the waves of her orgasm. Your face buries itself in her neck, red hair smelling of jasmine and sweet figs spilled across your head.
“Come over after dinner. Vis has the twins,” Wanda tells you breathlessly. Her voice is so much raspier than the light sweet voice she used with you earlier. She feels you nod in agreement against the crook of her neck and she reaches up to play with your hair. Her fingers run down the back of your neck as you pull her slacks to her hips and button her back up.
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mrscromanoff · 2 days
Faulty Technology.
*Wanda n Y/n making out in the common room.*
Vision- “It is not natural for girls to do… that…” *Gestures to Wanda n Y/n.* “…with each other. Girls are meant to like boys.”
Y/n- “Vision, you are a synthezoid, your body was originally intended to house a homicidal tin can who wanted to commit world wide genocide. Your consciousness comes from an AI, made from a brilliant but narcissistic genius. I see only one of those traits in you and it is not the good one.”
Vision- *Looking several unimpressed.*
Wanda- “You have an infinity stone imbedded into you head. That alone should give you immense intelligence, plus you do have all of J.A.R.V.I.S’s memories and therefore his knowledge. However, keeping all this in mind, your all but a glorified hybrid toaster-Alexa. Nothing about you is natural.”
Y/n- “Do you really want to play this game with us?”
Wanda- *Smirking.* “We can keep going if you like.”
Vision- *Getting up to leave.* “I wish to leave now and forget this interaction.”
Wanda n Y/n- *Already leaning in to finish their making out session.* “Fine by us.”
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Yellow Curtains - Chapter Seven - Wanda Maximoff Series
Tumblr media
Summary: Wanda Maximoff's senior year at Novi Grad School is duly planned for her. She has good friends, good grades, and a good system to hide who she really is. Or, the one based on Evak from the Norway Skam series, where Wanda is queer and tries to survive the last year without anyone knowing about it.
Warnings: (+18), general warnings about language and violence, legal drug use, mentions of underage drinking, high school, internalized homophobia and discovery of sexuality, explicit mentions of mental disorders (bipolarity and depression), dysfunctional family, making out, and eventual smut.
Skamverse | Series | General Masterlist | AO3 | Wattpad
Chapter Seven - The Truth
Četrtek 14:11 (Thursday 2:11 pm)
A beautiful landscape extended in front of Wanda. She adjusted the blanket around her shoulders and blew the tea inside the cup she held, staring at the view while she could hear the sounds of her family playing in the house behind her.
She had been miserable for days after the fight, and Natalya had come up with the suggestion that they all go south of Novi Grad, to the part of the country where Django and Marya, Wanda's aunt and uncle, lived. They had two children, Ana and Mateo, who were very naughty children and whom Wanda liked very much.
It was already the last day of Hanukkah, and since the Maximoffs were not Jewish, Wanda left the table and went to a high spot on the hill in the backyard, and took advantage of the privacy to pray in silence.
She was admiring the landscape now; it would be a lie to say she wasn't thinking of you. She has, without exception, been remembering you every day. But Carol's call the day after yours, made her stop phoning.
"She's not feeling very well right now, Wanda. We're still in the hospital. With the holidays, her psychiatrist is on vacation. And she can't use a cell phone here so don't expect her to call. Just, hold tight okay? Know that she is safe. And surrounded by people who love her. She'll talk to you when she can."
Carol didn't answer any of her questions, and in a way, only made new ones come up. But Wanda was trying not to despair over the whole thing, and being around her family again made her breathe easy.
Pietro was still acting strange, but to her surprise, he was the one who took the first act toward reconciliation.
"I wouldn't want to start the year at war with you." He said - The peace offering being fruit he picked from the Maximoff garden in a decorated pot that Mateo probably helped him build. Wanda offered him a small smile, leaving the tea on a makeshift log as a table, and accepted the fruits. Pietro understood that he could approach. "Did I interrupt your prayer?"
"No, I was done." She murmurs, tasting one of the strawberries. "Did you complete yours?"
He nods, looking at the landscape before turning his gaze back to her. "How are you?"
Wanda chuckles weakly, placing the pot of strawberries next to the tea to hug her own body under the blanket. 
"I keep wondering if I'm the problem." She confesses sincerely, and he stares at her the same minute, frowning. Wanda swallows dryly. "Maybe Y/N is right, and I am just too much."
"Wanda, you're not too much." He assures. "I'm sure she'll explain this story straight out, you can't jump to conclusions."
Her eyes filled with tears. "But it's like you said isn't it Pietro? What if I'm just playing the innocent, and not seeing what I'm doing? I called her a lot and lied and hurt her and now she hates me-"
"Hey, forget I said that I didn't mean it." He interrupts guiltily, pulling her by the shoulders. "You're amazing. You're my favorite person in the whole world. I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry, okay?"
She sniffles slightly, running a hand over her face to wipe her tears. "You're nothing like Dad, either. I shouldn't-"
He denies it with his head. "Yes, I am." He interrupts with a sad smile, "And it's okay. I'm more like him, and you're more like Mom. It's just the way things are. The difference is that he hurts us on purpose, and I never intended to do that to you." Pietro says. "Can you forgive me, Wanda?"
She nods, hugging him. Her twin responds at the same time, caressing her back over the blanket. 
Pietro sighs a moment later. "I don't know what will happen between you and Y/N, but know that you won't be dealing with this alone. I'm here for whatever you need, sestra."
Wanda sniffles against his chest.
The family on Wanda's mother's side had Romani origins and were at their most devoted to the pagan faith. When Natalya married a Jewish man, it was a shock to both sides. The marriage also ended in scandal - Erik turned up with a mistress and a daughter. The divorce was peaceful after all, but it was safe to say that nobody liked Erik very much at that lunch table.
When Django asked if the twins would like to join them in traditional Wiccan celebrations, Pietro immediately refused. He had always been more connected to his father's Jewish faith than Wanda ever had been, and the girl, although she said she didn't know the customs very well, was more curious and open than her twin.
Yulefest had already started, but it went on until the first day of the new year. There was a big celebration in the nearby village, and Wanda had a good enough time to keep her thoughts away from you for the next few days.
Pietro did not participate in the celebrations but was respectful about everything. When they finally left the house of the days in January, he even surprised Wanda with some items he had asked his aunt and uncle to take home as a present to Wanda - She kept them near her bed.
Sobota 08:50 (Saturday 08:50 am)
Wanda was checking the New Year's Instagram stories of all her friends when you texted her for the first time in weeks.
"Can we meet? I want to explain everything."
Her heart leaped, and it didn't stop beating hurriedly for many minutes. Her immediate reaction was to type yes, but she hit the brakes before hitting enter.
How dare you disappear and then demand a conversation? She can't remember the last time she slept properly, not since that conversation.
She threw the cell phone on the bed, leaving you with no answer, and went into her brother's room.
Pietro was playing video games in the bedroom, and Wanda had to nudge him to get him to take off his headphones.
"I've already had coffee-"
"Not that." She interrupts gesturing briefly. "Y/N texted me."
He pauses the game on the spot, looking at her in anticipation. "So?"
Wanda crosses her arms. "She wants to meet me."
"Oh, do you need a ride or something?"
"No, I don't know if I want to go."
Pietro makes a confused face. "What, but you've only been talking about her all holiday..."
She grunts impatiently. "Yeah, that's the point!" She retorts. "She's been driving me crazy. And now she can't just text me and expect me to come crawling back. It hardly  fair."
Pietro sighs. "I think you're overthinking it." He retorts, turning his attention back to the TV. "You'll keep suffering if you stay here, and you'll never find out what really happened if you don't go to her. Besides this, it's a chance to be honest, no? You can tell her you don't want the relationship to be like this or whatever."
Wanda sighs in defeat, knowing that Pietro is right.
"I'll take the car." She declares, receiving an indignant exclamation in protest.
"No, it was my Christmas present, not yours!" He yelled in protest, but Wanda had already grabbed the keys to the refurbished car gifted by Uncle Django from the door and fled from the twin through the house.
Sobota 9:15 (Saturday 9:15 am)
She was surprised that you got there first, and thought that maybe you were waiting for her and working up the courage to send her a message.
The place where you asked to meet her was the municipal park, less than a hundred meters from the Novi Grad Cathedral, where all the commotion started. It didn't make Wanda feel easy.
She parked the car and approached unhurriedly, watching from a distance your restless posture as you checked your cell phone for new messages and looked around for her.
When she was close enough, you spotted her. Your face immediately lit up, and Wanda decided to ignore the way her stomach jumped.
"Hi, Wands."
She kept her hands in her pockets. "Hi? Is that all you have to say to me?"
You grimace softly. "Well, that's how you start a conversation."
Wanda tilts her head to the side, a dry laugh escaping her lips. "Do you really want to make jokes now? After the way you treated me?"
You swallow dryly, denying with your head and taking a step forward. "No, I want to apologize." 
"Yeah, can you clarify for what? For the way, you spoke to me, or for not returning my calls? Or maybe for sending your sister to be your errand girl or instead of having the balls yourself!" Wanda accused angrily, but you only looked guilty yourself.
"Yeah, all of it." You retorted with a sigh. "I wanted to explain everything, but I just didn't have my cell phone and-"
"What the fuck are you talking about? You called me to say you wanted to take some time away from me! I almost died of worry over the damn church video, and instead of telling me what happened, you told me to mind my own business!" She feels like she is on the verge of tears, but you take another step forward.
"Wanda, I'm sorry!" You suddenly firmly. "I wanted to call you again, and take it all back the moment I turned off my cell phone, but the nurse came into my room and took it away and I there's nothing I could do about it."
Wanda shakes her head in confusion, pushing the emotion away. "What happened to you? Why are you in the hospital?"
You look away from hers, swallowing dryly. "It was a misunderstanding. They thought I was going to jump off the church."
Wanda frowned. "Weren't you?"
You laughed dryly. "I may do some acting but if I was going to kill myself it wouldn't be so dramatic."  
Wanda stares at you. "Don't joke about those things." She tells you seriously, and you swallow dryly.
"What were you doing on top of the church anyway?" She questions, and you sigh in return before pulling your cell phone out of your pocket.
"I wanted to take a picture." You say typing on the device. "I was thinking about our conversation, about faith and all that. I found out that the Cathedral in Novi Grad was built exactly in the center of the city so that everyone would be the same distance from God. And I wanted to take a picture for you from the top. I just thought, even when we are apart, or if we have disagreements, I would always be close to your God, and in this way, to you."
The photo was beautiful, she could see all the architecture of the Cathedral, but Wanda looked at you with concern. "That's almost a hundred meters off the ground. You could have fallen."
You put your cell phone away, shrugging. "I've practice Parkour since I was a kid, it was no big deal."
"No, Y/N, that was very dangerous." Wanda insisted. "It was insanity to take that risk for a photo."
You cleared your throat, taking a step back. "Okay, I understand it wasn't safe, okay, I've already heard that from the police, and the doctors, I don't need to hear it from you." You retort uneasily. "I didn't come here to talk about the church, I need to tell you something."
Wanda sighs faintly, watching you intently. You are acting so strange, and she can't define it.
"What is it?"
You take a deep breath, and then let out a nervous laugh. "Damn, I... I had this whole speech prepared, but this is so hard." You mutter, more to yourself than to her. You clear your throat and take heart. "Well, all this time I've been trying to find the right way to tell you, but I didn't know how, and I never seemed to find the right moment. You know when... I get intense, too impatient, or impulsive?"
Wanda frowns slightly. "Like the church? Or now?"
You chuckle weakly, nodding. "Yeah. Or how suddenly I get kind of gloomy... sad?" You ask, and she confirms with her head. You swallow dryly. "Well, it took a while to get the official diagnosis in my teens, but this doctor in California came to a final opinion. I have an illness. Mental one. It's called BD, which stands for Bipolar Disorder. " You count staring at your feet. "And I don't know, I didn't want to tell you because when I'm feeling good, I believe that there is nothing wrong with my brain. I talk, laugh, and really enjoy the people around me and I can forget that it's temporary while it's happening." You continue with a sad laugh, "I do everything as I should. Exercise, and socialize, and I don't drink or smoke, and I take my meds, but... well, it will never go away. There is no cure, and it's genetic, so I'll have to deal with it for life. Which doesn't mean that people have to, so I didn't want to tell you. I kept imagining your reaction, the face you would make which is very similar to the one you are doing now..."
Wanda looks away, completely in shock. You sigh and wait. She swallows dryly. "I-I don't... I don't know what to say..."
You force a small smile, shaking your head. "You don't have to say anything." You assure her sadly. "I just wanted you to know that it wasn't about you, that you never did anything wrong. I have to go back. I ran away from the hospital to talk to you. See you at school, Wands."
She was too overwhelmed with the revelations to ask you to stay.
Sobota 15:07 (Saturday 3:07 pm)
Natasha was not surprised, because Carol told her about you as soon as she returned from vacation. Apparently, the Maximoffs were the last to know.
Wanda would have been angry, but she was busy researching what bipolar disorder was with her best friend.
A dozen or so sites opened with descriptions, explanatory videos, and infographics on the computer Natasha held in her hands, and Wanda was upside down, lying on the bed next to her friend.
“Some people with bipolar disorder will have episodes of mania or hypomania many times throughout their life; others may experience them only rarely. Signs and symptoms of a manic episode include excessive happiness, hopefulness, and excitement. Sudden and severe changes in mood, such as going from being joyful to being angry and hostile. Restlessness. Rapid speech and racing thoughts. Increased energy and less need for sleep. Increased impulsivity and poor judgment, such as suddenly quitting your job, ending a relationship…”
“Turn it off.” Wanda asks and Nat pauses the video immediately, watching her friend adjust herself on the bed correctly to bury her face in the pillows.
"Hey, don't be like that. It may look bad now but maybe you just need to look at it another way..."
Wanda chuckles humorlessly, pulling the pillow off her head to look at Nat. "How else would you have done it, Nat? Haven't you heard anything? Impulsiveness, poorly thought out decisions. Like leaving her boyfriend."
The brunette sits up. "No, I'm serious!" She insists on the verge of tears. "What if... what if she doesn't even like me? If it all just happened because of one manic episode? I'll end up alone, that's what will happen."
Nat shakes her head. "Wanda, what are you talking about? How would that determine her feelings?"
Wanda sniffles softly. "I don't know, Nat. But just think about it. You've seen the videos. What if she only believes she likes me, but I'm just a fantasy? She may have grown bored of Peter and put it into her head that she could have fun with a girl now. And then she'll get tired of me just like she did of him. And who knows how many people have gone through that."
Nat sighs. "But that's falling in love, isn't it?" She reasons. "You fall in love, and you don't know how long it will last. With or without bipolarity. The insecurity you have now is the same insecurity I have about Carol. We're together today, but I don't know what will happen when we go to college for example." Natasha says, and Wanda falls silent. Her friend smiles, leaving her notebook on the bed. "Think about this, sweetheart. I'll get us something to eat."
Ponedeljek, 10:20 (Monday, 10:20 am)
"Have you talked to her yet?"
Wanda looked away from the group of people surrounding you, probably peppering you with questions about the church video, to Clint, standing beside her with a soda she asked him to pick up on his way to the cafeteria. The boy had a snack in hand, which Wanda refused a piece.
"What would I say?" She retorts half upset, making room for Clint to sit next to her on the bench in the courtyard. Pietro was a bit back in the surroundings, playing soccer with other classmates, and Natasha was with Carol making out in some bathroom.
"You can start with hello." Clint jokes, but Wanda only returns him a small smile, playing with her straw. She's not very hungry all morning. He clears his throat lightly. "Hey, what's the matter? Is this about her condition?"
Wanda sighs, shrugging. "I've been researching about it, and I think I get more scared every second." She comments sincerely. "Maybe I'm not the best person to deal with it. I don't know if I could."
It's Clint's turn to sigh. "Hey, but it's always like that when you google something, isn't it? Put in a headache and it'll make it sound like you're with terminal cancer."
Wanda gives a weak laugh, muttering a low 'I guess'. She steals glances at you from across the yard again, laughing at something they say to you. You look fine. Normal and healthy. 
"I think you could manage, Wanda." Clint says. "In the end, it's just about liking someone, and you wouldn't have any fears if Y/N said they had diabetes or something."
Wanda twitches her nose. "That's hardly the same thing-"
"Isn't it?" Clint interrupts with an arched eyebrow. "If she had a cardiac problem, you'd have to be careful about physical stimulation next to her. No effort. You could say goodbye to outdoor walks with everyone. Any blood disease, and she wouldn't be able to go to some restaurants you like. She is bipolar, which means that sometimes she will be more intense, and sometimes she will need to be alone, or you to keep her company more than you usually do. It is no big deal. Sick people just want to be well, and there are medicines for that. Carol said she's been on treatment since she was fourteen, so I imagine she can help you deal with that too."
Wanda absorbs her friend's words for a long moment, and Clint offers her a small smile before returning to eating. A moment later, Wanda moves closer to rest her head on his shoulder, and hug him from the side, she keeps her gaze on you from across the room.
"When did you get so wise, Barton?" she jokes, making you laugh.
"I'm a smart boy." He retorts, and a moment later, lets out a soft exclamation, causing Wanda to turn away to look at him curiously. The boy pulls his cell phone out of his pocket. "I almost forgot I found something for you. My stepfather needs an office apprentice at the construction company. It's boring but money is money. Would you be interested?"
Wanda's eyes widen. "What, of course, Clint! Thank you!" She hugs him tightly, both of them laughing. He mutters that she would still have to do the interview and that it was nothing guaranteed, but Wanda is too happy to call.
Ponedeljek, 11:00 (Monday, 11:00 am)
"Let's sit in the back." Natasha whispered to her as soon as they entered the history class, and Wanda laughed because she knew her friend was only asking to keep texting with her girlfriend.
Nat took the window seat, and Wanda was taking off her coat to sit beside her when you entered the room. Your gazes met from the doorway, but before she could smile at you, someone was whistling loudly and attracting your attention.
"Romeo's back from the dead everyone." Mocked Ikaris, one of your colleagues. A good portion of the room laughed, and you lowered your face, holding your backpack tighter. 
But the boy's teasing didn't go unpunished - The guidance counselor Mrs. Harkness was standing behind you at the door, precisely escorting you into the room, and the boy turned pale when she pointed her finger at him. 
"Come into my office, now." She ordered, and he came out clutching his backpack, bumping his shoulders into yours. The room filled with burbling, but Agatha called for silence. "We do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind at this institute, am I clear? Any mention of incent before Christmas will be punishable. Good day."
But Agatha's request may have made things worse, because those who were not aware of the video, spent the class searching for the matter and sharing it with their classmates. Wanda noticed how you seemed to cringe with each nasty whisper that circulated.
As soon as the bell rang, you practically jumped out of your seat and some people chuckled from the escape.
"You should talk to her." Natasha told Wanda, but it wasn't even necessary, because the girl was already grabbing the materials and going after you.
As the period ended, the halls filled up quickly, and Wanda had a little trouble getting through the crowd of students and catching up with you in the outer courtyard.
"Y/N, wait." She urged and had to tap your wrist to get you to stop.
You turned to her in irritation. "What do you want?"
Wanda was taken aback by the aggressiveness, but she couldn't blame you. Not after the taunts. "Hey, don't listen to those assholes, okay? They don't know shit."
You laugh dryly, looking away. "Right, because it wasn't the least bit freaky what I did. You said it yourself, it was dangerous and stupid."
Wanda frowns. "Yeah, but I didn't know..."
"That I was crazy? Well, you know now. And it clearly bothers you, because you've been ignoring me all morning!"
"N-no, I just-"
"Look, Wanda, I don't need your coup de grace." You interrupt her. "If you don't want anything to do with me, just say so, stop being a fucking pussy."
Wanda opens her mouth in shock, and you roll your eyes. She grimaces. This attitude makes her blood boil. "Be reasonable, you told me something meaningful, but I still don't know how to give you an answer. I'm still trying to understand what it all means."
You snort angrily. "I told you the truth because I'm in love with you, that's what it means!" You suddenly confess, and Wanda feels her heart stop. "And you're clearly just a fucking coward who can't handle it and doesn't feel the same way. Stop wasting my time."
"I-I didn't... I never said-."
"That's pretty simple, though, Wanda." You cut her off again, adjusting the backpack on your shoulder. "If you felt the same way, my bipolarity wouldn't matter. But you don't. Fuck this, I don't need you. Or anyone."
But you practically ran out, and Wanda had no way to call you back.
Ponedeljek, 14:05 (Monday, 02:05 pm)
With no sign that you were back at school, Wanda was leaving the courtyard alone.
Pietro was going to Clint's house to play video games, and although Nat and Carol had invited her to their apartment, Wanda hardly wanted to see her friends making out.
She was finishing putting away her belongings in the locker when Steve Rogers approached her.
"Wanda, glad I caught up with you." He said half uneasily, looking around. "Has your brother gone home already?"
"Yeah, he and Clint went to Barton's together." She replied. Steve sighed.
"Well, I guess by now you must have heard about but Tony managed to get the recording of the market."
Wanda frowned immediately. "What are you talking about?"
Steve makes a confused expression. "The fight, at Nat's birthday?"
Wanda's eyes widen in amazement. "Wait, is it serious? I thought the recording was just a rumor! How did Tony get it, and more importantly, who hit my brother?"
Steve hesitates. "Look, if Pietro didn't tell you, maybe I shouldn't..."
"Spit it out, Rogers." She demands seriously, and Steve swallows dryly before pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. He searches for a moment for the video in the chat room with Tony Stark and then holds out the device for Wanda to see.
It's a security video from a market parking lot. Wanda recognizes Pietro laughing and talking with Barry Allen outside, imagining that Clint and Bucky were inside buying the beers.
And then Barry is grabbing Pietro by the collar of his shirt and kisses him on the mouth. Pietro is clearly surprised but corresponds before pushing him away with a giggle. It all lasts less than five seconds. There is a car stopped a few feet away from them, and from it, three identical boys that Wanda recognizes from the Synagogue get off. 
"Hey, fags!" The audio is precarious but still audible, and it is the tallest boy who steps forward. Wanda thinks his name is Jake, but she's not sure. Of the triplets, Wanda only liked the shy Steven. Jake laughs when the two boys turn around. "Oh my god, is that you Maximoff? Does your daddy know what you're up to?"
Pietro freezes, completely terrified. Jake advances against him, so Barry pushes him away. And at that, the fight escalates.
It's left to Steven to pull the brothers away when Bucky and Clint leave the market and interfere in the fight, the market owner armed with a bat. The action doesn't even last 3 minutes, but Pietro is the one who ends up the most injured.
Steve puts his cell phone away. "Pietro didn't want to press charges, he didn't even want to tell us who the boys were." 
"It's because of our father." Wanda explains, pressing her hands to her face for a moment. "Fuck, fuck, fuck."
"Hey, Tony said he's not going to do anything he doesn't want to." Steve says placing a hand on her shoulder. "But these things shouldn't go unpunished. We have the video, but the complaint has to come from the victim."
"I'll talk to him." Wanda assures. "Thanks, Steve."
Ponedeljek, 20:31 (Monday, 08:31 pm)
"You took your time."
"Jesus, Wanda!" Pietro gasped in fright, having opened the bedroom door to his sister waiting for him inside.
Wanda rolled her eyes, and got up from the bed, dropping her cell phone and crossing her arms.
"Close the door."
He raised an eyebrow. "What's that, are you going to kill me or something?"
She rolls her eyes, and uncrosses her arms, moving him out of the way to close the door herself. Pietro looks at her with confusion.
"You're going to press charges against Jake Lockley." 
Pietro turns pale before his face flushes with irritation. "How did you... No, you know what, it doesn't matter. You're a damn meddler, aren't you?"
"I'm serious! I told you to forget that story, why do you care anyway?" He retorted angrily, stepping aside to take off his sweater and shoes. Wanda crossed her arms.
"You are my brother! I care about you, and whether you are safe outside our house!"
He rolled his eyes stubbornly, but Wanda stepped forward. "I'm serious. This isn't right, Pietro. He can't get away with it!"
"Daddy would kill me!" Pietro squirms with tears in his eyes. Wanda's eyes widen. "You don't... It's different for you, okay? He may say those horrible things, but you're still his little girl. He wouldn't hurt you. But me-"
"Except it's not like that." Wanda insists seriously. "That's the fear talking. Daddy has already hurt me, you know that. And he would have hit me again in that restaurant if you hadn't said anything." She recalls, and the boy looks away. Wanda sighs, moving closer. "Pietro, is that why you told him I liked girls? To find out how he would react when you told him about yourself?"
He nodded sheepishly. "I like girls too, Wanda. I just...I thought I could pretend I didn't care about boys because I'm into Crystal. But that's not how it works. No matter what I do, this part just won't go away."
"Oh, Pietro, there's nothing wrong with liking both. Come here." She sits down next to him, hugging him. He sniffles, seeming to finally relax after many days. "We'll deal with this together, okay, and with Mom, too."
Pietro sobs softly, but nods in acceptance. Wanda holds him until he stops crying.
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cthulhus-curse · 2 hours
Hey, Remi! I was wondering if you could write Wanda x R for the christmas special? Since Wanda's home was destroyed when she was little and she went through a lot before joining the Avengers, R wants to give her a nice and warm christmas where they take her ice skating, to see a big christmas tree and give her a special present and stuff like that. Maybe R could pull out a mistletoe out their pocket, put it over their heads and kiss Wanda just something really fluffy🥺
Holiday Delights | Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Gif not mine, credit to creator
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Gender Neutral Reader
Word Count: 10,074
Warnings: Kryptonian!Reader, Post-Age of Ultron, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Non-Established Relationship, Friends To Lovers, Semi-Canon Compliant
Summary: During Wanda’s first winter with the Avengers, you go above and beyond to show her the delights of the holiday season.
Cthulhus’ Holiday Bash
The mess the team had left in Sokovia was not something you could easily live down, especially not as the news only repeated the same story for the months that passed by. Heroes are what they claimed you were, but that was the last thing you considered yourself. Especially once Stark bid the team adieu, Banner lost in the atmosphere as Natasha was left behind to pick up the pieces. 
With the holiday season nearing you already knew for it to be a difficult affair. There was no drive to keep going, your thoughts and dreams forever plagued by the horrors you witness in a country you destroyed. Tony had said you were a vital asset, a flying menace with more strength than the god from space, lasers shooting from your eyes, your skin impenetrable, and your breath of ice. Nothing could stop you, and yet your mind was the one true weakness you carried. 
Nothing good came from Sokovia, from Tony’s mess up. Well, at least that’s what you thought until you began to know one of the new members of the team. 
“When is Christmas?”
The question made you frown as you deeply focused on the papers before you. The end of another mission meant more paperwork to be filled out for the sake of pleasantries and keeping the government off your back. Even if a short encounter you faced yourself with, there came a mountain of reports to fill out. 
One Wanda Maximoff had yet to get used to her life as a hero. Although her powers were more in control than before, she had yet to fully adjust. Joining a gang of superpowered latex-wearing self-proclaimed heroes was already difficult enough, but it was nothing compared to the sudden loss of her brother followed by the destruction of her home and sudden relocation across the world. You felt sympathy for her, and even a smidge of guilt. Each night you went to sleep torturing yourself over not having saved Pietro, hearing Wanda’s cries across the hall from your room. 
“It’s on December 25, so we have less than a month until it’s here,” you replied. “How come?”
Sitting in the empty briefing room, Wanda shrugged. She reached out for the bag of chips previously labeled with your name. It was necessary to mark all your food as your own knowing either Natasha or Sam would be prone to steal it – both doing it for the sole sake of getting under your impenetrable skin. Still, you didn’t mind if the slightly younger woman took some of it. For her, you found yourself being rather lax. 
“I actually don’t celebrate Christmas, at least I never have,” Wanda admitted after downing half the bag. She didn’t turn to you, instead writing out the rest of her reports as you gave her your full attention. “My family and I have solely stuck to Chanukah so it’s never interested me up until now. All the bright colors and the weird pointy trees are…cute. I thought that since I am in your home, I should participate in the customs.”
“Well, we can do both. I mean, all I really do is light up a tree and call it a day after forcing Clint to wrap the gifts I bought, so I’m not really an expert but I’d like to give you the best Christmas I can.” You chuckled at that, proud at the garnering of a giggle from Wanda that you could forever listen to. “And you don’t have to celebrate Christmas just because you’re here. We’re all more than happy to celebrate Chanukah with you. It’s a lovely holiday.”
The way Wanda’s heart swelled alongside her glowing fingertips with excitement made your cheeks turn warm. You shouldn’t use your x-ray vision, but it was difficult to do so as you could tell whenever her heart skipped a beat or raced. “That’s very thoughtful of you, but why are you doing the gift buying? I thought that was Santa Claus?”
“Well he’s not real,” you laughed, but the silence that came from the woman beside you was deafening. “You knew that, right?”
Stammering, cheeks flushing underneath the frozen atmosphere with embarrassment, Wanda shrugged. “Overpowered beings exist and weird flying robots that want to commit mass genocide. I didn’t think it was strange for a man to give presents to the whole world in one night,” her Sokovian accent was thick as she gulped down a knot of shame. “Sorry, I’ve just-”
“No, no, it’s okay! I get it. Now that you mention it, it’s surprising he actually doesn’t exist. Huh, you really gave me something to think about. Maybe Tony will make another robot to pretend to be the big guy,” you joked, but it turned sour as it reached a silent Wanda. “Sorry, too soon?”
The two of you went in your separate ways, Wanda deeply focused on the papers she filled you while you mirrored her movements. With your incredible speed you could get them done instantly, but you’d rather stick by her side. It was the light of your days, truly. 
She had lost everything like you had once upon a time. Your planet was destroyed, the Kryptonian people disappearing in an instant as you were sent off to the safety of Earth as a child. It’s not like you ever got to know your parents and family the way Wanda had, but it was a feeling you could sympathize with. You’d take it upon yourself to give her the best holiday season you could muster. 
“Hey, Wanda?” The brunette turned to you, her eyebrows furrowed. “Do you want to help me set up the tree? Usually I do it with Thor, but he’s obviously not around at the moment. I think it would be fun if you’d like. I’d have to go dig out the ornaments and maybe go to the store tomorrow to get some new lights, but you can come with me for that too.”
There was clear hesitation. Wanda didn’t want to overstep nor did she aim to get close to the people at fault for both saving and destroying her home. Still, it was impossible to deny you as your eyes shone, accented by the faux light in the room. 
“Sure,” she settled. “I have to get a chanukiah and some candles anyway.”
“Sounds good. It’s a date then,” you teased, ignoring the way Wanda’s cheeks turned red as a tomato while you turned back to your reports. “Last one to finish the reports has to train with Natasha tomorrow morning.”
Although training with the Black Widow was dreadful, her punches never being held back as they were fueled with the anger of a friend leaving, blaming herself at that, you didn’t mind as you purposely lost. Wanda scribbled over the pages, deeply entranced by her writing before she eventually found herself handing them in before you. She teased you for being too slow, tongue sticking out alongside the sweet sound of laughter. It was rare to see her smile since she arrived. 
After Wanda left dropping a goodbye, an idiotic smile remained plastered over your features. It took you exactly 0.23 seconds to finish the remainder of your reports, but you didn’t care. Growing closer to your new teammate was all that mattered. 
That night you went to sleep after hours were spent wide-eyed with excitement. You couldn’t wait until you were beside Wanda once again. The promise of giving her a perfect Christmas was already made – Kryptonians were always known for forever following through. 
“So tell me again why I can’t go Christmas shopping with you.”
Another kick was swung over your midsection making you huff. Lying wasn’t your forte, especially as you had yet to grow used to the enigma that were humans. You tried to dissuade Natasha, but her no-nonsense attitude after Bruce’s departure made it impossible to so much as throw her a white life. 
“I have to get a lot of stuff and the car is going to be packed,” you said, a frail attempt to push her away from the ever-growing feelings you held for a certain brunette. 
“Since when do you drive? Every single time we go together we just fly there,” Natasha frowned, her movements ceasing as she stared right into your soul.
The two of you had known one another since her days under Fury’s watchful eye. You were still new to the customs of humans that didn’t include those of the farm you grew up in, while Natasha had to rebuild the life she never had from scratch. You bonded over your lost sanity that was taken from you, your new friend warmly opening up to only you and Clint. Back then, the three of you were inseparable. Even if he strayed and went off to live a life of normalcy, the two of you remained close as ever. 
“Well, I’m making changes. I thought it would help me blend in better with the citizens of this lovely town. Upstate is way different than the city. No one here is used to seeing some random person flying through the sky.”
“Oh you’re so full of shit,” she hit you again, this time slapping you across the face without affecting you. 
Ignoring her sudden movement, you huffed with indignation even if your tinted cheeks gave you away. “I am not!”
“I bet it has something to do with that Maximoff girl, huh?” Natasha teased. “Our little Kryptonian has a crush?”
“I do not! I just thought it would be good to properly introduce her to Christmas with us,” it was partly the truth. Contrary to popular belief, Wanda actually wished to get closer to her new team. “I’m not gonna fly her to the store, Nat. She’ll freak out and think I’ll drop her. Same thing you did when I first did it with you!”
“I knew it!” When Natasha giggling went to smack your shoulder, you caught her hand. The unamazed look on your face made her laugh, and even if you attempted to keep a stoic expression, it didn’t work as the edges of your mouth rose. “So you’re replacing me with her then?”
“What? No! You’re my best friend and she’s…” it took some time to find the right words, so instead you turned it on her. “Why do you care? I thought you were drooling over Banner anyway.”
“Him? Are you crazy? We were friends, that’s all,” Natasha almost sounded disgusted at the allusion. “I’d be more likely to date you than him.”
It made you wonder, head tilted with a pensiveness to your features. The two of you kept sparring, but the question didn’t seem to stop bugging you. “Then why are you so pissed over him leaving?”
“Oh honey,” she sighed. There were few times Natasha had expressed defeat — during the New York incident, in the jungle that Budapest had been, when confiding in you about leaving her sister behind, and most recently in Sokovia. A lack of hope wasn’t a good look on her. “If I left right after you told me it was time to come home, and I didn’t say shit, how would you feel?”
“Guilty,” you stared at the mat beneath your feet, mouth turned to a line as you came to understand. 
Natasha being the glue of the team was an unspoken fact. Everyone knew that her true superpower lay in her ability to connect everyone, her words lessening harsh blows as Steve’s guilt over Bucky’s status or Bruce’s sadness when he went berserk as the big green beast. It was impossible to get her to see that sometimes her own advice had to be followed. She held everyone up but refused for the same to be done to her. Blaming herself over Banner’s disappearance wasn’t far off upon a second thought. 
“Exactly.” Natasha punched you in the gut, howling at you and pretended for it to hurt. “Besides, Maria and I have had something for a few years now.”
“Maria? Maria Hill? Fury’s guard dog?” The information was new, and although you adored the brunette, you couldn’t help but feel a sort of friendly protectiveness over Natasha. 
“How many Maria’s do we know, sweetheart?” Natasha chuckled. Underneath the sunlight that beamed through the windows, her muscles glistened with sweat and amusement much like your own that instead carried confusion. “We’re dating.”
“Since when?”
“Are you serious?” She almost seemed flabbergasted. “Last week I asked what you’d think about me and her moving in together, whether it was here or somewhere else.”
“I thought you'd be rooming or something!” You exasperated. Perhaps it had been your sole focus on swooning over Wanda, but you had yet to figure out a smidge of the things she told you. All your brain carried were images of the brunette. “You’re, like, Fury’s only friends. It didn’t seem weird.”
“You’re such an idiot,” she laughed. “Oh I love you, honey. My stupid little Kryptonian.”
“You know I could melt off your skin with my laser vision, right?”
Wanda had been passing through the training room at the last second, her ears only capturing the last few words. You didn’t hear it that time, but her heart sunk at the love confession. She knew you and Natasha were close but never like that, and although she wasn’t aware of the truth, her mind forced her to believe you were off the market. The crush that had developed since her arrival at the compound was tarnished. 
Crumbling up the Poinsettias she had made out of papier-mâché, Wanda held back her tears until she was in the safety of her room. That night you, once again, heard her cry herself to sleep – only the tears weren’t shed for her family, but for her love. 
Car rides were annoying to say the least. Actually, any form of transportation made you shudder with utter boredom if you partook in it. Most of the time you flew yourself from place to place, your powers allowing you to reach maximum speeds and reach any desired destination in seconds or minutes. It was practical and easy, unlike a small metal vehicle that made you feel claustrophobic.
But alas, the experience was nothing but lovely with Wanda by your side.
The first few minutes were quiet, some noise filling the car as you questioned how Wanda had been since you last saw her. You ignored her surprise when you asked whether she ate or not, voice stammering as she ended admitting she never got time to do so. Stopping at a nearby fast food restaurant, you were mesmerized by the way she ate her greasy fries with a milkshake. 
Her taste in music mirrored your own. The blissful melody in its own made you smile as you hummed to it, but once Wanda began singing along you swore your heart skipped a beat. While the sound was faint, you basked in every second of it. Your motivation would solely be fueled by Wanda's sweet melodic voice. 
“I hear congratulations are in order.”
Silence had overtaken the two of you when you waltzed through the store that was your one true destination. Through the speakers you could hear Christmas Carols, but your focus was entirely on your teammate. All eyes were on her — dark brown hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, her arms and legs covered by a grunge black fabric with fashionably small tears all over, a coat being carried around as her feet were adorned with spiked platform boots that made you question reality on its own. You were sure that if you wore them, you’d fall within seconds. 
Dropping two boxes of colorful lights, you frowned. “Uhh is someone pregnant? Am I supposed to be getting a baby shower gift today as well?”
“Not unless Natasha is pregnant,” Wanda shrugged. Part of you felt bad for chuckling at the absurdity of the statement, while the other lay in a somber frozen state at the chilling words she didn’t understand. It was you who held Natasha as she cried herself to sleep longing for the gift if childbearing. You had always repeated she would make a great mother, even more so with Maria by her side. “I mean congratulations to the two of you. I assume the rest of the team doesn’t know?”
“Did we win the compound’s bet on when Thor will cut his hair or something? I don’t think I’m following what you’re saying.”
“I mean the two of you are a thing.” Wanda’s tone was hostile, but you didn’t pick up on it. Playfully slapping your arm, she giggled before stammering her words through forcefully gritted teeth. “She’s cute, you both are. Together, I mean.”
She thinks I’m cute? Is all you could register for moments before realization hit. “Wait, me and Nat? Dating?” When Wanda shyly nodded, you nearly smashed the shopping cart against the nearby shelf. “Oh we’re not together like that. She’s dating Maria.”
“But I heard you say you love her.”
“Well, yeah, she’s my best friend,” you stated as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. Surely there was something between you and Natasha when you first met, but it was short-lived. You were better off as chaos twins who ran across the world in the hopes of finding another adventure. “Of course I love Nat, but I’m not in love with her.”
“Oh, my apologies,” she mumbled. Life was once again plastered over her features that were tainted with dark, messy makeup. “I just assumed, sorry.”
Shrugging off her words, you carried on shopping. Regardless of how many stares you received, you were able to swiftly pick up a tree with a single hand, Wanda helping you guide the box of the faux plant into the cart as you crossed it off your list. Natasha always picked out decorations which dripped with boredom, her desire for a perfectly serene Christmas being something she held onto since childhood. While the compound or tower always ended beautifully decorated, you had an idea to make it pop out even more. All for the sake of watching Wanda stare at your creation in awe. 
Wanda’s eyes twinkled as they came in contact with an object. When you turned to catch a glimpse, you couldn’t help the way your breath hitched at the beauty before you. The chanukiah on display was a translucent glass that mirrored the beauty of diamonds. It had a rigid shape that drew you in, its perfection mesmerizing both you and Wanda.
“Well, are you in love with anyone?” She asked before reaching out to the object, bringing up your previous conversation that you already threw out. “If you want to talk about it, I mean.”
She didn’t need to tell you she wanted it for you to buy it for the woman. No words were needed for you to understand the importance of her culture. It was her life, the manner in which she was nurtured. Clinging to her neck there was a golden Star of David you’d forever stare at with amazement. While Wanda longed to celebrate Christmas for once, you’d make sure to keep her customs intact even if she was no longer home. 
Looking at her always forced you to smirk. “Yeah. I think I am.” 
“You do realize that kidnapping is a crime, right?”
At that you huffed, rolling your eyes at Natasha as she watched you put up the Christmas tree with Wanda not far away untangling the lights. “Well is it really kidnapping if she maybe ends up liking it?”
The conversation had been short lived. Once you made up your mind, there was no going back. Perhaps you’d blame Natasha for not trying nearly hard enough to stop you, but once you carefully eased the woman’s body out of bed, you were sure of your deeply idiotic plan’s success. 
Halfway through the trip she had awoken. In the sky. With a freezing cold wrapped in a heavy coat. Going at the speed of light. Your smile flashed at her, but it did nothing to dissuade the screams that only the clouds could hear. 
To say the least Wanda didn’t share the contentment you carried as you dropped her in an abandoned corner of Central Park. her eyes nearly bulged out of her head, the green turned red as she smacked your chest only to hiss at the pain on her hand. Much like Natasha, they never remembered how your skin was synonymous with steel. 
“Are you crazy?! I could’ve died!” Wanda exasperated, the exhaustion for having just awoken thrown out the window as she adorably, and very angrily, huffed. “Did you just- take me out of my fucking bed and fly me here?”
Seeing her so cranky made you gulp down a knot of amusement. In seconds you ran to the nearest flower shop, getting back to the younger woman before she could dare blink once. A hand reached out, the bouquet of poinsettias being handed to Wanda, forcing her next cusses to die at her lips. 
“I got you flowers,” you said with a smile clear in your words. “You’ve never been ice skating, right?”
Her acceptance over the sudden position she was put in was quick. Wanda realized there was no other choice but to roll her eyes, pull the zipper up her coat, and waddle around with the flowers in her hands. Even the hood was up, leaving the woman completely camouflaged let alone for her hard eyes and rosy nose. 
A compromise was struck as you promised a warm breakfast and an equally lovely day. Although the city was frozen, you kept Wanda close. Neither could tell if her cheeks were red due to the weather or the strong arm wrapped around her bundled body. Either way, it felt like home. 
“I can’t believe you kidnapped me for this,” Wanda grumbled through the mouthful of pancakes and syrup in her mouth. “They’re really good though. I cannot complain, can I?”
“Hmm not really. I guess we’re even now,” you chuckled. While she had a plate with a small stack of pancakes, across the table there lay copious amounts of used plates. Being a Kryptonian made it difficult to properly keep yourself fed unless you ate an entire meal for a small army in one sitting. “It’s funny actually. This is the same diner Nat, Clint, and I went to after the whole Shutari attack. We got shawarma with Tony, but I was still hungry after that. I’m pretty sure I traumatized Clint and Nat with how much I ate that day, but it’s a Kryptonian thing.”
“It’s something else to watch,” Wanda laughed, and for a moment all your worries went away at the slight sound of such a joyous noise. “I cannot imagine Stark is too happy paying for so much food.”
“I’m the one that does most of the world-saving, so he kind of has to.”
There came peace in the twinkling of fluffy snow from the sky. The sky mirrored the city in its white hue, piles of fluffy frozen water adorning the sidewalks that you guided Wanda through. She kept warm by your side, her eyes flickered over the redness of the flowers that carried similarities to her own magic. 
The rink was nearly empty when you reached it. Most people cowered from the cold and hid in their homes, but not the two of you. Instead you were the one that helped Wanda put her skates on, tying her laces as she stared down in awe. She didn’t allow many to get close, but you were the chosen one granted such love. 
“What if I fall?” was the first thing she asked as you reached out a hand to help her into the icy floor. “I don’t want anyone to see.”
Looking around the rink, the first thing you saw was a couple falling to the ground. They laughed it off, standing right back up with one another’s help. Humans, much like Kryptonians, were prone to mistakes – it’s what accented the differing species. 
“Then I’ll fall with you,” you sincerely told her. Holding her hand tight, you slowly lead Wanda forward. “That’s the whole point of learning, you know? You’ll fall, but it’s all about whether you get up or not. I didn’t know how to do it until Thor taught me, actually. Apparently he’s a skating legend back in Asgard. For someone who was previously a popsicle, Steve wasn’t great at it either. We just kept trying until we got better at it. There’s no shame in making mistakes, Wanda. You’re only human.”
Wanda didn’t think she could fall harder for you, and yet there she was with feelings synonymous with that of the snowfall. 
She was rigid at first, nearly falling backwards the first time her skates touched the ice. Her hands shook with both fear and cold as they clung to you for dear life. Shuddering, she whimpered, but never did you break your promise and let go. You’d forever have Wanda’s back even if she refused the support. 
“Relax, Wanda. I got you, ‘kay?”
Slowly, even if still leaning against you, you got her to shuffle her feet. She attempted to run over the rink, but almost fell once again if it wasn’t for you holding on to her. “Couldn’t you choose something else for us to do? This is a death trap.”
“Oh hush, you’re going great,” you praised her efforts at the least. “Let me show you how it’s done.”
The two of you skated until the sky turned black, numerous stars decorating its emptiness alongside the lights of the lengthy skyscrapers. Holding Wanda’s waist, you led her around the rink time and time again, each lap your hands pulling back slightly until she did it by herself. Even if she fell to the ice, there was a giggle and a smile before she promptly picked herself up. The woman feared failure – that accented by the likes of the loss of her parents, her sanity, her country, and Pietro. But alas, by your side she could forget all of that. With you, she was nothing but another star in the sky.
“I wish Rao’s light could keep us warm,” you husked out. The snow was still falling down at a tender pace, but you could feel its effect even if slightly while Wanda shivered by your side. Turning to her, the lights of a towering tree flickering over her features, you hummed. “I have to say, you did a really good job today, Maximoff. I’m sure you got a few bruises to proudly wear, but you succeeded. Now I’m sure you’re freezing, huh? Time to go back home.”
Clutching the cup of scalding hot chocolate you had gotten her, Wanda shook her head. She was mesmerized by the tall tree, never having seen such a specimen of beauty in her life. It amazed her to see the excitement surrounding a holiday she never was exposed to. While preferring her own Chanukah celebrations, she found a similar happiness in those related to Christmas.
“Can we stay here for a bit longer? I like it,” she pleaded with wide eyes. 
Hugging her close, you nodded. “Sure. Whatever the pretty girl wants, she gets.”
Hands glowed red underneath the hold of the cup, fingernails holding a chipped black nail polish. Different emotions elicited differing effects on her magic. A being capable of immense destruction, Wanda found it tiring to continuously control her every feeling. Even if a beam covered her freezing face, loving gaze shifting towards you, she clutched fear close to her chest. 
Wanda knew that everything she touched turned to dust. She refused to get close to anyone, not wishing for you to be left dealing with the pain she continuously caused, the chaos she was prone to. And yet she found it impossible to resist your charm.
Sitting by your side, she allowed her head to rest against your shoulder. She saw her own breath as she sighed, eyes closing while she nuzzled upon you. Although she had lost her home, she could rebuild one with you. 
Each day without a fault since the beginning of Chanukah you found yourself standing by the candelabrum, taking a step back to admire Wanda as she lit up the candles carefully. You could offer to do them yourself with your own burning vision, but the softness of it all merited her own hands lightly light the shamash on the first night before consequently using it for the other candles each night. 
“It’s beautiful,” you couldn’t help yourself to comment only days before the end of Chanukah and the beginning of Christmas. Your eyes were glued to the burning candles, a tender smile being shown as you took in the serenity of Wanda’s culture. “We didn’t have any of this back home. Rao’s light warmed us, Yuda’s moons protected us, Telle’s wisdom guided us, and Lorra’s beauty inspired us all around. We constantly worshiped them. There never was a day that we celebrated them like this. It’s heartwarming to see this, really.” Turning to Wanda, you took in her beauty. “You would’ve loved Krypton.”
“And you would’ve loved Sokovia,” Wanda replied, her eyes focused entirely on guiding the shamesh. “It was always Pietro’s job to do this. He messed it up a few times, but I was too scared to burn the place down and he just…he was so full of life and confident. Mama and papa helped him more often than not.”
The mention of her family always brought tears to Wanda’s eyes. She missed them dearly, her heart longing to have more time with them, even if for mere seconds. The death of her brother was still fresh and although she constantly begged for it to have been her instead of him, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of warmth at her presence. Clint let her meet Nathaniel, the small child who proudly wore her brother’s name as his own given one in the middle. You could forever stare at her swaying the little boy back and forth, tears falling onto his bundled blanket as she sang him Sokovian lullabies she remembered from her mother. 
“He would’ve loved Christmas,” Wanda stated, fondly remembering her brother’s excitement whenever they played episodes of her sitcoms that revolved around the holiday. “I miss him a lot.”
“I know you do, honey. I get it,” you sympathized with her. “I’ll take care of you, okay? I know you lost Pietro and your parents, your home at that, but I’m here. It’s not the same, I get it. I’d still like to at least try and make it more comfortable for you. Just…whatever you need, I’m here, alright?”
When leaving the lit candles in their rightful places, Wanda let her tears fall. Hands gripped the table, nails digging into the hardwood as she sniffled back her sadness. She wasn’t used to such affection. Her love died with her family, heart tainted with fury, sorrow, and guilt. The last thing she saw herself worthy of was love. 
Knees turned shaky as she allowed herself to ease down on the floor. The compound was dead, Tony away in the city while only Natasha, Steve, Sam, and Vision hid out in their respective rooms. You didn’t hesitate to kneel before her, watching as Wanda’s fears got the best of her. 
“Everything I touch, I destroy. It’s a waste of time,” she cried. No matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to not give into the hollowness in her heart. “I’m a waste.”
“Not to me you’re not.” leaning against Wanda’s shivering legs, you reached out for her hands. They were cold, a hint of purple and blue overtaking them as the freezing winter did nothing but put her down. Rubbing your fingers over them, you hummed. “You are not a monster.” Squeezing her hands with your warm ones, you stared right into her soul. “These are healing hands. They’re meant to save the world, to protect those who have nothing. After everything you’ve been through I understand seeing them as a curse, but Wanda you have a gift right here. You are not a monster,” you repeated. “You’re Wanda Maximoff.”
Her head was stuck against your chest for the night as you hugged her tight. She kept crying, ridding herself of all the animosity deep in her soul. It was the season of giving, and all she received was painful reminders of a life she once felt happy with. 
“You’re safe,” you whispered, face nuzzled against the top of her head as you breathed in the scent of pain. “I got you, Wanda. I always do. I can’t tell you it’s easy, but everything will be okay. You have so many people that care about you here. I care about you. I won’t ever let anything else happen to you.”
She didn’t challenge you as you picked her up from the floor, cradling the younger woman while she sobbed with your chest as a shield. Her body shook, sadness radiating across the dimly-lit halls you carried her through. You felt for her, you really did. Once upon a time the House of El was a beacon of light among the planet of Krypton, but upon the loss of your people at the hands of Zod, the planet eventually incinerated when its star went supernova, forever tarnished the family crest that you carried with you at all times. 
Dropping her on the neatly-made bed in her room, you brushed strands out of her hair. Her walls were painted black much like the agony in her heart, her chipped nails almost ridding themselves of it. Even as she was sprawled on the mattress Wanda still tugged at your pajamas, looking up with wide teary red eyes. 
Sniffling, Wanda’s bottom lip quivered. “Stay?”
And you did. 
During Christmas Eve you spent the better part of your day planning for the evening. With Vision by your side you could easily get through most of the baking, throwing treats in the oven while deeply focused on the stovetop, the personification of an infinity stone slapping frosting over cookies you had previously made. 
For Wanda’s sake you strayed far from the usual sweets. You didn’t have much experience with bread, especially not a perfectly crafted challah that made you drool as you found its recipe online. The brunette had previously raved of its taste, and although you surely wouldn’t do the treat justice, you’d try your best for her sake. 
It was meant to be yet another normal day for Wanda who solely focused on her activities when it came to Chanukah, but instead she found herself curiously waltzing across the messy kitchen. Between the cooking of paprikash for her special surprise lunch and eyeing the bread in one of the overs – after having begged Tony to get a second one – you were far too busy to pay her any mind. 
“What are you up to?” She asked, eyebrows raised as she landed by your side. Natasha had given her a set of pajamas to wear during Christmas Eve, and for the past few days Wanda had been alternating from outfit to outfit, eventually opting to wear a pair of red pants and loose long-sleeved shirt covered with reindeers that wore Santa hats. “Is that paprikash?”
You practically heard the frown in her words. “Maybe. It smells good, doesn’t it? I made sure it was actually slaughtered by a shochet and apparently properly salted as well. I had to make a lot of calls, but it turns out it’s very easy to get this on such short notice if you’re a superhero.”
“Thank you, really,” she was fond of the great lengths you went through to ensure her comfort was intact. Sniffing, she raised her eyebrows. “Challah?”
“I made two. I just…I know I’m going to want to eat one all by myself,” you shyly replied, cheeks turning red at your admitted gluttony – not that you could help it with all the energy you spent on the daily, recharging from both the sun and delicious foods. “Oh! And I got you something too.”
Over the course of Chanukah you made sure to give her eight gifts, even begging for the help of the rest of the Avengers to lighten Wanda’s day. Your aim was to make it traditional, not knowing the specifics of how her parents took on the holiday. With a mixture of gelt and items she’d forever treasure, each day for a little over a week you brought happiness to Wanda’s soul without fail. 
Dropping the spatula on the counter, you rummaged through a gift bag you had set on the kitchen island. Your apron matched that of Vision’s, both carrying the insignia of the House of El and making Wanda giggle at the similarity between the two of you. 
She hesitantly grabbed the gift bag that was handed to her, suspiciously eyeing you with a beam and shaking her head. “You know you don’t have to get me anything, right? It’s kind enough that you light the chanukiah with me each night. Really, you don’t have to-”
“I want to,” you shushed her, a finger landing on her lips as she removed the item from the confines of the bag. “Surprise.”
With joyous tears forming at her eyes, Wanda found herself in awe of the present. It was no secret that in her room she had a small mountain of stuffed animals from her childhood in Sokovia, most given to her during birthdays or after receiving high marks in school. Looking down, a tear fell onto the almost egg-shaped reindeer that welcomed her with an unmistakable warmth. 
“His name is Rudolph. He’s the famous red-nosed reindeer who is here to protect you. I saw him at the store the other day and I just…” you drifted off, staring at Wanda’s face that morphed with the emotions she carried. “I thought of you.” pretending to cover the reindeer’s ears, you caught Wanda’s eyes. “Don’t tell him I said this, but you’re way cuter than him. I mean he’s got the whole red thing going on while you got your wiggly woos. I dunno, it made more sense when I was explaining it to Nat.”
Rather than earn a localized response, all Wanda gave you was a tender squeeze. She nearly tackled you to the floor, her arms wrapping themselves over your body as you heard her sob quietly. It was a hint Vision knew to take, nodding your way, finishing the final details of the cookies before disappearing into the wall. 
Holding Wanda just felt right, and for the first time ever in your sight, she cried tears of joy while shedding away the misery. “So is this a happy cry or a sad one? I can find you another reindeer or stuffed animal if you want.”
“No, no. He’s perfect,” Wanda mumbled against your chest, her own pressed against Rudolph. “Thank you, Y/N. You’ve made my time here feel so…perfect. It’s not my old home, but it can be my new one.” She sniffled, not daring to face you with slight embarrassment at the idea of being caught sobbing. “Mama loved reindeers. She always wanted to see one in person actually. Papa was an artist and loved sketching little calves all over her napkins and notebooks. They would’ve loved my Rudolph,” she felt whole at the remembrance of her parents before looking up. “They would’ve loved you.”
In such a moment of unabashed, naked vulnerability, you didn’t dare take advantage of her kindness. Rather than lean in and capture her lips as you had longed for months, you threw her a smirk. With your chin resting over the top of Wanda’s head, you were complete. 
Even from the safety of her room you could soon hear the younger witch rambling on to Clint on the phone about all her gifts, happiness dripping from her tone as you alternated your attention from the food preparation to Wanda. Nothing warms your heart more than the parental figure the Hawkeye himself had morphed into for the sake of the Sokovian woman. 
“It appears Ms. Maximoff is quite taken by you,” Vision’s knowing voice sounded upon his return to the kitchen. He had learned his teasing mannerisms from Thor and Tony who continuously influenced his behavior. “She has been through a lot. It is marvelous to see her so content – it is your doing at that.”
“Shut up, toaster,” you shot back, shaking your head that was fueled by thoughts of a certain brunette. The adoration for her was shared, you had learned that much after countless talks with Natasha who rolled her eyes at the oblivious manner you had held previously. She was sure Wanda liked you, and for the time being, it was all you could think about. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
With the lack of secrecy either of you had, it didn’t take an idiot to see the shared love you and Wanda had for one another.
“You’re not seriously wearing that. Who are you trying to dress yourself up for? Nathaniel?”
Natasha’s words rung fresh in your head as you let out a shaky breath. Between the heated air surrounding the compound and the heavy suit you wore, your skin was put in a prison of warmth you couldn’t easily rid yourself from. Eyeing the fresh cup of milk on the table you knew it was your only key out, at least until you finished.
Placing a large, full bag on the floor by the Christmas tree you decorated with Wanda’s help, you shook your head. Natasha had warned you of the horrors of the idea as she sat back and watched Maria help you into your costume. She rolled her eyes, partly amused and vividly done with the stupidity you clung to at times. 
She didn’t see the point of dressing up as Santa Claus, a beard stuck to your features with undersized glasses, a heavy coat, and loose pants with boots you stole from your friend. That alongside the hat pristinely placed on your head completely hid your identity from prying eyes. 
For the sake of the plan working you had to make noise faint enough to not awaken the entirety of the compound but loud so that one particular person could get the hint. Carefully adorning the bottom of the tree with bags and boxes wrapped up with colorful paper, you only waited patiently for a response. 
As you hummed away to varying Christmas tunes, a certain brunette left the confines of her room. She had similar pajamas to the ones she wore earlier that day, a warm blanket given to her by Steve wrapped over her shoulder as she tightly clung to her newfound reindeer friend. She was curious as to what the sound was, and as she made herself into the living room, Wanda’s viridescent eyes widened. 
“You’re…” the words died as she tilted her head. “Santa? But Y/N said you weren’t real,” her eyebrows were furrowed as hugged Rudolph. “Is that you?”
Clearing your throat, you blushed underneath the fake beard. “Oh, uh, hello young lady,” you mustered your best deep voice. Maria had shared her laughter with Natasha upon the first sound of it, but at least Wanda was far too enthralled by your appearance to notice. “You’ve caught me, but shhh you can’t wake the others.”
“Should I return to my room? I don’t want to intrude,” she shyly stated, frozen in the middle of the room looking down at her fluffy bunny slippers. “I was just told you weren’t real, but deep down I knew you were! Can we take a picture at least? Or can I please go get Y/N?”
“Oh, uh, I don’t do pictures, darling. I have secrets to keep, you know?” You found that to be your best lie even if internally slapping your forehead. “You were very good this year, Ms. Maximoff. I saw you were right at the top of my Nice List.”
The excitement in her voice made your heart melt. “Yes, dear. Now don’t go around opening your presents until tomorrow. Be sure to keep your word, young lady. Santa always knows when you’ve been naughty.”
“Always?” Her eyebrows were furrowed as she took in the words. Immediately you knew where her mind went, and at the mess up of words you could only grimace. “Mr. Claus, I don’t think I deserve to be in the Nice List. I have…I’ve done a lot of bad things, and not just this year. I’ve hurt people.”
The world could always be afraid of Wanda, and yet you’d forever stand by her side. “Santa is always right, sweetheart. You’ve been very good, you understand?” Forcing her to make eye-contact, you shook your head. “You wanted to make things better, I know, but revenge will only make you stray further from your path. Be sure to learn from your new family. They’ll protect you while Pietro and your parents watch over you, always.”
The last thing you wanted was for her to ever drop into the pit of despair that was revenge. You had been there, your eyes glowing in a macabre wave of red as you held Zod’s detached head in your hands. It never brought back your parents, it never brought back your life. The least you could do was guide Wanda if she were to face the same consequences again. 
“You’re not a monster,” you couldn’t help but remind her. She didn’t shed a tear then, wanting to be strong enough in the presence of Santa. Nodding towards a plate of mixed sugar cookies and chocolate chips by the fireplace, you flashed a smile. “I assume these are for me.”
“Y/N baked them for you. I put some extra chocolate chips in there for you. I hope you like them,” she mumbled, nuzzling her face against Rudolph as she stood in the dimly-lit room “Santa, what if I can’t find a new family. What if no one ever loves me again?”
You didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth that lay beneath the costume. “You don’t have to worry about that, honey. There’s already so many people that love you. Some might be even closer than you’d think…”
Her first thought was of you, her pristinely colored nails brushing against her broken bottom lip. “Is it too late to ask for another present?”
“What are you thinking of?” You questioned while reaching out for a few cookies and the milk, downing part of it to strengthen her belief in Santa. 
Wanda hesitated. She never spoke of her romanticism out loud, only dumping all her emotions into a beat up diary she had since she was a child – most of the pages only carried a certain Kryptonian’s name. Getting close to others would forever result in more pain and misery, but she trusted you enough to know you’d never allow her to experience that again. 
“Y/N,” she breathed out, beaming at the sound of your name falling from her lips into a pool of adoration. “I want Y/N for Christmas, please.”
Mountains of fluffy white snow coated the atmosphere of Upstate New York that you resided in. Each trinkle of the previously empty, naked forest held copious amounts of frozen water, some still falling from the sky as inch after inch it piled on the ground until the grass was hidden in plain sight. 
A tenderly frozen breeze rummaged through the bare trees, slapping itself along your pale, foggy window. Even with the heating at the max throughout the compound, you could feel a residual loving little cold beneath your two fluffy blankets. Humming happily, you felt in a peaceful heaven. 
“Wake up!”
All ceased when you felt a body falling down atop yours. Even if Clint had remained back in Ohio for the holiday, it was a move that his children typically carried out on you. Lila and Cooper were fans of hastily waking everyone up at the dawn of a white Christmas day, but with the lack of kids running through the polished floors of the base, you frowned at who it could be. 
“Come on, bubala,” came the unmistakable sound of a pristine Yiddish term of endearment you knew so well. The silky voice did wonders to help your eyes flutter open to face an equally groggy yet giddy pair of green ones. “It’s Christmas.”
“Good morning to you too,” you chuckled, shaking your head as you smiled up at Wanda. She beamed in a manner you hadn’t seen before, one of her hands clutching Rudolph before shoving it into your arms. “And good morning to you, little buddy. Are you two excited to open up some presents?”
“Yes! Come on, we have to get the good seats before everyone else wakes up.” Wanda tugged at your arm, huffing as you wouldn’t budge. “Nu!”
Against your better judgment, you followed Wanda along. It was far too early for you to be awake, usually opting to sleep until the sun neared noon to arise from your deep slumber. Flying across the floor towards the bathroom, you yawned. 
“Sorry, I’m too tired to walk,” you shrugged, moving towards the sink to brush your teeth. Upon looking up you faced the mirror that showed your exhausted self. Staying up all night eating cookies dressed as Santa Claus made you grateful that you only had to do it once a year. 
“S ‘iz akei,” she mumbled with understanding. 
Once sending off Wanda towards the living room under the guise of saving you a seat, you let out a sigh of relief. You took your time preparing yourself for the morning, washing away the appearance of a sleepy raccoon with bags under your eyes and sitting by the window to seek the sunlight that never came. Grabbing a small branch, you couldn’t help but shake with anxiety. You only had one chance to fully change your life in taking an opportunity that could potentially ruin it all. 
There was no better sight than the one you garnered by sitting on the couch next to a half-asleep Natasha who nearly drooled over your shoulder if Maria wasn’t there to shake her away. Your eyes were trained on Wanda as she sat on the floor by Thor and Steve, the three of them taking turns passing around presents. Jane had been invited, merely standing back to take pictures and enjoy a celebration she didn’t partake in. 
“You got me a stuffed animal?” Thor frowned as he turned to his girlfriend, looking down at an egg-shaped snowman who mirrored the brand of Wanda’s Rudolph. For a moment Jane shared an incredulous look with you, but smiled at the true response. “I love it! Oh is this Frosty the Snowman from those bizarre movies? I bet he’s also worthy to rule over Asgard.”
Laughter and love filled the room as each of you settled on a steady pace of passing around presents to open with joy. Natasha’s hidden talent of sewing led her to make you a sweater from scratch that carried the insignia of your home, a right logo that you nearly teared up at the sight of. In turn she received a new gun, one that mirrored that of Krypton’s technology and lacked bullets, the ammunition instead charged with the Sun. Maria knew it was far too dangerous to leave the redhead with such a weapon, so with feigned happiness she pulled the gun away, muttering something about how Natasha, the woman who used hand guns to fight off aliens and robots, could never be trusted with such an artifact. 
Seeing Wanda hold such cheerfulness shone a light in your year. She had a difficult life, an even worse past few months if you were being honest. Being torn away from your home before promptly watching it be destroyed was something you could easily empathize with. Much like Wanda, you had lost everything. Watching her find a new family in the arms of the Avengers would never cease to make your heart melt. 
With her by your side, you felt at peace. Even from afar her love radiated towards you, the beauty of a human you had yet to see on Earth. She was special, soft and tender, so sweetly beautiful and perfect in every way imaginable. You could never think of someone better to fall for as deep as you had. 
“Hey, uh, I have something else for you,” you told her once you got a few seconds alone, your hand hesitantly brushing against Wanda’s lower back. Truth be told you still had one more present to give her on the following day, the last one for Chanukah that you’d crafted perfectly for the occasion, but nothing could beat the emotional aspect of one of the many gifts you got her for Christmas. “Can we go to my room? I promise it’ll be quick. I’ll even make it up to you with some hot cocoa.”
Wanda had already accepted the offer, but the sudden appearance of hot cocoa on the table made her beam. “Hmm whatever you say, zeeskeit.”
When you found yourself sitting before Wanda at the edge of your bed, you felt overwhelmed by her vanilla scent, her radiant smile easily able to bring you to your knees. There was slight hesitation in you, a confident Kryptonian turned to mush at the mere appearance of a sweet angel descended from Sokovia. 
Pushing a small box towards her, you gulped down a knot of fear pondering your actions. “It might seem weird, but I’ve been meaning to give you this. A few months ago I went to Sokovia. Well, what’s left of it…” it was a verbiage that stung deep in her soul, but Wanda still calmly nodded before you kept going. “I, uhm, just think it’s better to explain once you open it.”
Viridescent orbs curiously eyed the box. The pristine polish over Wanda’s nails, courtesy of Natasha for helping her, was all you noticed with a slumped face. She didn’t react much as she opened it, if anything frowning at the golden necklace that was sprawled for her to take. 
“What is it?”
“It’s a vial full of crushed stones from Sokovia. I wanted you to always hold it close to your heart, to know that no matter what, you still have a home. It’s never going to be the same, I get it, but I hope you can at least find a new family here,” you were insecure about how well-received it would be. “I hope you can smoothly settle in here, but I would also hate for you to forget your past home.”
With tears cascading down her soft, reddened features, Wanda swooped in for a hug. She had previously tantalized herself with the idea of going back, perhaps her magic being the key to bringing Pietro and her family to life once again. It would be impossible for her to experience her past happiness again, but with you she could build new joyous memories she’d forever cling to. 
“Thank you,” she cried against your chest, Rudolph forgotten on her lap as her adoration was on you. “Really, I mean it. You’ve been nothing but kind to me for these past few months. You opened up to me, gave me a home and just…treated me with so much love and respect. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you for all that you’ve done for me. You’re amazing, Y/N. So beautiful and perfect.”
“You don’t have to thank me,” you replied, the small branch in your pocket burning a deep red to match your cheeks. “It’s hard not to love you.”
“It’s hard not to love you too.”
With her heart easily presented to you, you didn’t hesitate to take it all for yourself. As a hand dug into your pocket, the other cupped Wanda’s cheek. A river of enlightened tears ran down her face, a wetness you brushed away with your thumb. Even with the silence that had settled in the room, the musky adoration you shared, you weren’t dissuaded by her beauty. 
When leaning in and touching Wanda’s lips with your own, life began making sense. Not even Rao could pull you away, your worship all saved for the younger witch rather than the entity. It was a breath of fresh air to kiss her, an intoxication quickly making waves in your body as you got drunk in the isle of perfection that was Wanda.
After hesitating to move, too scared to move and prove for your vision to be untrue, your lips began to dance. It was a slow tempo, sweet enough to garner small whines of approval from the depths of her throat. She didn’t notice when you swung your free arm up, the small mistletoe adorning the top of your heads as you intimately got to know each other. 
You didn’t want to pull away, but the breathlessness in Wanda’s chest made you step back momentarily. She was the spitting image of Aphrodite as she sat there with her eyes innocently closed before they opened to find you beaming down with a warmth to keep her cozy. 
“Merry Christmas, Wanda,” you breathed out. With your forehead leaning against her own, her brown hair running down her features, you hummed. “And Happy Chanukah. I’m really happy you’re here.”
She curiously looked at the mistletoe, taking a moment to enjoy the absurdity of it all before she pecked your lips again. “I’m happy to be here. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” Wanda kissed you, her lips gaining confidence and lingering for another second before pulling back. “As much as I’d love to keep this up, poor little Rudolph may get traumatized, and the others may get suspicious.”
“Nat already knows I like you and she probably told Maria, while Vis just…knew without me telling him? I dunno, it was weird.”
“So you like me?” Wanda raised her eyebrows in disbelief. She could never grow used to the idea of being wanted with the desire you had for her. When you nodded, she found it impossible to keep herself from smiling until her jaw became sore. “I like you too. So, so much.”
With great disdain you knew it was time to return to the living room, the other surely growing confused at your sudden disappearance alongside Wanda’s. On the way you helped attach the pendant across her neck, receiving a kiss on the cheek, one from Rudolph in the other, as a reward for your chivalry. 
Keeping your distance was difficult. For the whole day you had to be apart from Wanda, only sharing lost glances that always ended with sheer contentment. Natasha knew, of course she did, but rather than comment on anything, your friend merely threw you a knowing look. Surely she’d corner you later in the night and beg for answers, but for now she let you have a serene peace with Wanda you’d forever cherish. 
When the night came, once everyone was off to bed with stomachs full of dishes you cooked by Vision’s side, you could finally have Wanda all to yourself. Once the penultimate candle was lit for the night, the two of you found yourselves snuggled on the couch, you leaning against the cushions while the brunette took her place between your legs – Rudolph was not missing from his home over her lap. 
With snow falling from the sky beneath the wall of windows and the rhythmic noise of her shivering breath, you hugged Wanda tight. She settled for watching whatever featured the red-nosed reindeer, beaming at the television within the dimly-lit room while you stared down at her in awe of the perfection before you. 
It was the moment you realized nothing, not even death, could keep you away from Wanda as you’d forever crawl back to her willingly. Just like the flowers she had given her that lay in her room, prevented from wilting with her magic, she would never give up on you.
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ecowhore · 2 days
I Love You, Till Death.
Tumblr media
Summary: Losing the most important person proved to be detrimental. Wanda has no powers and is not an avenger.
WARNINGS PLEASE READ: This story is very sad, and does not have a happy ending. Mentions of character death, and character death, insinuations to suicide and a shooting (neither are described in detail.) brief mentions of weight and eating, and an over all heavy tone. There are insinuations to oral, and strap on use as it pertains to the story. Please be mindful of these warnings if you decide to read.
Word Count: 6.3k
What is love, and what can it do to you? Love is an intense feeling and deep affection for the person it’s given to. Love is giving all that you have and all that you are to someone else. Love is opening the shield of bone, skin, and tissue that protects the heart to let someone look inside. Love then morphs into extracting the heart from the safety of its confines, and placing it into someone else’s hands.
Love is an exhilarating, and intangible wave that permeates the souls with which it’s shared, a wave that is in a constant state of building but never seems to crash down and meet the shore. Love is a journey that can only be embarked on with a blind, wild, and reckless abandon. Love can enrich you, love can nourish you, love can build you up, and love can save you.
Love can also break you, love can sicken you, love can turn you into a shell of who you were before. Love can bring on rage, and grief, and sorrow, and pain, and emptiness, and loneliness. Love can shred the very origin with which it comes from until all that you’re left with is a mangled and bleeding heart. Love can grant you with everything you’ve ever wanted, and then rip it all away in a second. So how is it possible for love to bring so much elation to a singular heart, but be able to adversely bring it so much misery in the span of a second?
The person that you’re currently laying next to is not who you love. She is someone who came into your life at a time when your love was so selfishly stolen from you. She is someone who reached a helping hand into the absolute pit of despair that you were so cruelly thrown into a year ago against your will, a hand that you’re still trying to grab and hold onto. She is someone who held your hair and cleaned the contents of your stomach that painted an ugly picture in the toilet from the nights when the pain made you sick.
She is someone who wiped the gallons of salty fluids that ran rivers down your face. She is someone who fulfills your physical wants and needs. She is someone who you selfishly latched onto with long and sharp claws when the only direction you were going was down. She is someone who accidentally found herself loving you, but you can’t ever see yourself finding love in her, because she isn’t her.
“Y/n!” Was echoed through the thoughts swirling in your brain.
“Sorry, what?”
“Nothing, it’s just that you looked a little spaced out. I’ve been saying your name, but you weren’t answering.” Said the gentle voice while brushing a strand of hair behind your ear.
Your eyes closed momentarily at the touch that your body so desperately craved. “I’m sorry I just got a little distracted.”
She ran the hand that was touching your ear down to your cheek. “What were you thinking about?”
You almost told her that you were thinking about her, but you caught yourself at the last possible second. She’s done so much for you over the year and throughout your grief. She’s been a light in your sea of darkness, a sunset on your black parade, and she’s given everything she has to you. You hate yourself for not being able to give it back to her. You berate yourself for falling into a cycle of needing her.
A cycle of not needing her for who she is, but needing her so that you can try and mirror who she was. When you saw the slight hesitancy and sadness that encompassed her face when she asked the question, you buried your feelings as deep as possible. In that moment you knew that she knew you were thinking about her, but denial was a place she liked to live when it came to your feelings regarding her, and you wanted to allow her the solace of staying there. So you lied.
A forced smile was burned onto your face. “Oh you know…I was just thinking about last night.” She let out a giggle that a small part of you internally cringed at, because this type of situation would have elicited the same giggle out of her. “Last night was pretty great wasn’t it?” A short hum passed your lips as you grabbed a strand of brown hair, twirling the end of is as your eyes shifted to the chocolate orbs staring back at you. “It was. Thank you.”
Her arms wrapped around your waist to pull your naked body closer to hers. “You’re very welcome. Thank you too.” She leaned in to plant her plump lips onto yours. You returned the kiss, but couldn’t ignore the feeling deep within your mind of the phantom lips belonging to her that were veiled between yours and hers.
After pulling away, your eyes found her brown ones again. The brief millisecond of expectation when your lips detached from hers that green ones would meet yours was one that you held onto. Because for that one millisecond, that seemingly imperceptible ripple in reality, she was here instead.
“Come on, let’s go shower and get some breakfast. I can make us pancakes or something if you want.” At that moment, you felt your mind slip.
“Good morning detka.” Uttered the voice wrapped in elegance and a slight morning rasp from the perfectly pink and plump lips of your wife. A smile shaped your lips as you stared into the forrest green eyes that have greeted you every morning for the last 4 years. “Good morning love. How did you sleep? I didn’t hear you come home last night.” She placed her hand on your hip and ran it down the side of your thigh. “I slept very well. I ran pretty late at the office, and when I got home you were already asleep. You looked too peaceful, so I didn’t want to wake you.”
You got up on your knees and placed one over top of her, straddling her body to take a seat on her lower stomach, her hands finding the space where your upper thighs met your hips. “It’s okay. I missed falling asleep with you, but you’re here now and that’s all that matters to me.” You leaned down to engage in a deep and passionate kiss. “I don’t know about you detka, but I’m hungry. I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner last night. Is there anything you have in mind for breakfast?”
Her hands started to smooth up and down the lengths of your thighs as you sat back up, creating a delicious feeling throughout your whole body as her fingertips occasionally glided under the hem of your shorts. “Ummm…I think I want pancakes.” She pulled herself to sit and placed her arms around your waist, yours immediately finding her neck. A peck was given to your lips before she spoke. “Pancakes it is my darling.”
The memory flashed across your mind quickly, as they usually do when she does or says something that you’ve experienced before with her. “Um, I’m not really feeling pancakes today. I did get some bagels the other day though, so maybe we can figure something out with those.”
“Okay that’s fine, now let’s go shower.” You got up and followed her into the bathroom. She turned the water on and pulled you in. Throughout the shower, your subconscious made an effort in suppressing the memories of the many intimate ones you’ve shared with her. Even though you weren’t actively thinking about it, the ghost of them was always lingering.
It was like something that was so apparent to the deepest parts of your senses, but lacked a substantial existence. After sharing a few kisses, you both got out of the shower to eat your breakfast.
Your food was eaten with, thankfully, little reluctance. Your grief had triggered a low appetite, and you have been working to get it back up as well as your weight. Thankfully she was here to aid you in that process as much as she could. She was always there to pick you up when you had fallen down, and you were nothing but grateful for her.
Unbeknownst to her though, you were in a constant state of falling. She merely grabbed one hand and held you there for an uncertain period of time, until you slipped from the grasp and continued to fall.
After breakfast, you ventured into your home office and began your work for the day. As you sat there working, the feelings of dejection hanging around you became more apparent.
They had honestly never left. It was like a cloud settled over you that day, and the forecast since it found home above your head and on your shoulders, was that of a tumultuous thunderstorm. It wasn’t as if these feelings were always at the forefront of your brain anymore. You were always aware of them and could feel it looming, but they found home in the perimeters of your sixth sense, ready to tap you on the shoulder at any given moment. About an hour had gone by since you sat down, and you felt a presence behind you. Your hair from one side was moved over to the other, and a kiss was placed on your neck. A kiss that morphed into a different set of lips.
After pulling away from your neck, your wife wrapped her arms loosely around it, her chin landing on the top of your head. “What’s got your shoulders so tense detka?” You let out somewhat of an exhausted huff and reached up to grab the forearms that were hanging just below your neck. “I’m writing out a report of my recent sales to send to my boss. I’m just stressing a little bit because it’s a new job, and it’s a good one. I don’t want to mess it up.”
Her chin lifted from your head to place a gentle kiss to the top of it before returning to its original position. “I thought this job was self contracted meaning you don’t have a boss?” You pulled her hands apart so that you could spin your chair to face her. “It is. I don’t have a boss like one you’d think of with a typical job, but I still have to write reports to the people that run the company as a way to show proof of my work.”
“When are your reports due, and how much of them do you have done?” “They’re due tomorrow morning, and I’m a little more than half way through.” A little smile pulled onto her lips. “Why don’t I pull you away from that screen for a bit? I don’t have to go into the office until later on today, so let’s make a run to that bakery and get some of their donuts.” You gave her a nervous look. “I don’t know. I really want to get these done, so I don’t have to stress about them anymore.” Her face took on a little smirk like she thought of something that would convince you.
“We can bring them to that cafe you love and get some coffee with them. Come on it will be like a little impromptu date, and you’ll have more than enough energy to finish your reports.” After contemplating your options for a moment, you stood up and wrapped your arms around her waist, resting your chin on her chest. “Okay fine,” You conceded with a gentle and happy tone. “But only because I like the idea of an impromptu date with my beautiful wife.” Her smile grew and she placed a gentle kiss to your lips.
“Hey I’ve gotta run to work now. Do you want me to stay the night again, or should I go back to my place tonight?” The thought of her leaving you alone actually filled you with dread. “No you can stay the night again. What time will you be done with work?” “I don’t know maybe around 7:00? So I’d be back around 7:30 or 7:45. I can pick up dinner on my way home if you’d like.” “Okay that sounds good. You can just order take out from the Chinese restaurant if you want, or whatever you’re feeling. I’m okay with anything.”
She placed a kiss to the top of your head. “Chinese sounds good so I’ll just get that. I’m assuming you want your usual?” “Yes thank you.” She walked around to the side of your chair, and you turned your head to give her the kiss you knew she was seeking. “You’re welcome. I’ll see you later tonight.”
With that, she grabbed her stuff and left. After about two hours of doing work, you got up to go grab some water. The reason you asked her to stay the night is because if you’re left alone with your thoughts for too long, you’re afraid you’ll spiral. Especially at night when emotions become heightened, and you have nothing to distract yourself with. She was a great distraction from your impending doom. A way to push your feelings into the bottom of your heart for a little while and pretend like you weren’t absolutely shattered on the inside.
After she left you, you really didn’t know how you were supposed to continue on with life. She was your safety, your solace, your comfort…your home, and without her, you just felt like you were going through the motions of existing. Like you were nothing but a minuscule and lonely fish drifting through a vast ocean, waiting to be swallowed whole.
You wished that you could open more than just your legs for her. You wished that she could enter into your heart and soul, filling the thousands of holes that littered them, but she just couldn’t. All of those holes can only be filled by one person, and she isn’t here. She never will be, so you’re left to deal with a version of yourself that is entirely incomplete, while trying to put up a front that you’re okay.
That everyday isn’t a battle without her. That you aren’t desperately grasping at moments being shared with someone else, but trying to convince yourself that it can feel the same as when they were shared with her. So you will continue to ask her to stay another night, hoping that just maybe she will be successful in her many selfless attempts at repairing you.
You will continue to let her invade your space so that she will give you what your physical body craves. Praying that if she brings you to an orgasm enough times, your muscle memory will forget the mouth and hands that are supposed to be touching you, and accept the ones that actually are.
The day dragged on as it normally would, monotony and gray filling your every line of sight. The thoughts of the two women that have found themselves in your life, running a constant race in your head, hoping to get to your finish line. One of them is a shadow of a person, running a phantom race that you created for them in your head. The other is a little more tangible. While she’s not actually running a race in real life, it mimics the situation you’ve put her in of trying to be what you need. Trying to be for you, what she was for you. The phantom contestant always seems to be ahead, not once falling short.
When you heard the door open and close, you dragged yourself away from the tunnel vision that you settled in while working and walked into the kitchen. “Hey y/n/n how was your day?” She said before placing a kiss to your lips. ‘Dull, and incomplete’ you thought, but that’s not what you said. “It was good. I got a decent amount of work done, and I was able to find time to clean it up in here.” She set the bag of food on the counter, and took off her coat.
“Yeah I noticed. It looks good.” You sat at the bench in front of the counter and began to pull the contents out of the bag, realizing how hungry you were. Suddenly, a wave of the saddest familiarity filled your sense, and your entire body froze. Vanilla. It was invading your nose, and seeping into your heart. It became one of your favorite smells, while also morphing into your most hated one.
She smelled like vanilla, a signature scent that could only be detected on her. So why did she smell like it? “Uhm…are you wearing a new perfume?” You were able to hide the cracks in your voice, pulling yourself together enough to not fall apart at the gut punch of memory you just received. She stopped to look at you. Confusion wavering on her face at how you noticed, being as you’ve never noticed before, or at least pointed out the many other times she’s worn perfume.
“Oh, yeah. One of my coworkers found a new one that she was wearing, so I asked her what it was called, and she let me put some on.” You mustered her with an expressionless face, but with eyes that held a multitude of grief stricken emotion. You were trying to remind yourself that she isn’t, and wasn’t, the only person allowed to have that perfume. That the warm and inviting fragrance doesn’t only pertain to her. “Y/n, is everything okay?” Life was forced back into your face as you started shoving your inner tragedy as deep as it could possibly go.
“Yes. Yes everything’s fine. Sorry I just-yeah. Everything’s okay. So how was your day?” Her eyes ran up and down your figure with a knowing look. Deciding to forget about witnessing the break in your façade, she continued on her evening with you. She started opening her food that you set in front of her. “Oh it was good. Long though. I’m ready to relax.”
After eating dinner you found yourselves lying in bed, you placed on top of her while she stroked your hair. Vanilla invaded every part of your being with a vengeance, reeking havoc on your brain. The silence that filled the room was agonizing, as it let you begin a trail down a rabbit hole of thoughts…time for a distraction. You leaned your head up to place a kiss to her lips, trying your hardest to ignore the smell of your wife that filtered throughout the close proximity. It quickly turned heated, and she flipped you over, littering kissing down your neck and chest. Clothes quickly came off, and she began her descend down your body. “So pretty for me y/n/n, and always so wet.” Her words and actions began to fade.
Gentle and delicate hands were laced into yours, holding your hands down beside your head. Red tendrils of hair fell softly and caressed parts of your exposed skin as they moved with every thrust of her hips between your legs. Moans of absolute bliss filled the room in the moment of passion that enveloped you and your wife. Her lips came down to give a bite to your ear. “You’re such a good girl for me detka, so beautiful for me.”
Her hands abandoned yours as they traveled to the underneath of your bent knees, bringing them up and pushing them so that your knees were now next to your ears. Your arms quickly found her back to pull her closer to you, your nails digging in as she leaned onto your bent legs. “Oh fuck, that feels so good.” You cried out, the feeling of her reaching deeper causing your jaw to slack.
“Yeah? You like it when I’m deep in this pretty pussy of yours?” A strangled moan released from your throat as she started hitting harder, effectively pounding your g-spot. “God yes, fuck right there.” She continued her heavenly movements inside of you that were powered by love and adoration, pushing you further and further to the edge. “Fuck, I’m so close, I’m gonna cum.” She brought a hand down between your bodies where she began circling your clit, wanting to add that much more pleasure to you.
“Cum for me y/n. I want to see you fall apart for me.” Her words sent you over the edge, thrusting you into a blinding euphoric release. After you came down, she removed the strap from inside of you and pulled it off, tossing it onto the floor beside the bed. Kisses and words of praise were showered over you, leaving a gentle reminder of the love that she held for only you. A love that she would only ever place into your hands.
She carefully lifted your body from the bed and brought you into the bathroom, setting you on the toilet so she could run the bath. After it was full she sat down against the back, opening her legs for you so that you could find your own seat in front of her. You sunk down in the hot and relaxing water, her arms coming around your waist to pull you back into her. She began placing kisses to your neck and shoulder, svelte fingers caressing your arms.
“I love you so much detka.” Her voice held a tone of love and passion. One you’ve only ever heard escape from her lips. You turned around to face her and placed your arms over her shoulders. “I love you more. You’re my everything.” She flashed a smile decorated with pearly whites, wrapping her arms around your lower back.
“No I love you more. I love you like trees love the rain, like sand loves the ocean. They both need each other, and even if one goes away for a while, they always end up coming back. The only difference is, I’m not going anywhere. I will love you till death. It’s you and me, forever and always. Till the end of time, and then some.” The love that was swirling in your entire being for this woman was one that you couldn’t explain. It was all consuming as it wrapped itself around every atom that constructed you, providing a solace that would be difficult to let go of.
Thankfully you never had to. You knew that the love you shared, and the time you spent together would be infinite. And she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Her gorgeous green eyes that held a thousand mysteries, except for the love she had for you, that was no mystery, stared into your own and pushed into your soul, filling it with absolute joy. “I love you, my beautiful, beautiful wife. I will love you till death. It’s you and me, forever and always. Till the end of time, and then some. You’re the absolute joy in my heart and soul, the light of my life, and the person I want to spend eternity with.”
You brought your lips to hers and basked in the way that you tongues and lips moved together. Your mouths molded perfectly to one another’s as if they were sculpted together by god, then taken apart and placed upon your separate faces. Waiting for the day you found each other so that they could once again come together, creating the most enriching and fulfilling love you’ve ever felt. After breaking the kiss, you wrapped your arms around her back and clung to her, wanting to hold onto these moments and cherish them. Her arms came around your back, fingers stroking up and down, igniting a trail of satisfaction as you both enjoyed the comfort and consolation that your lovers brought.
This time, the dreaded tap wasn’t given to your shoulder by the darkness that lurked in the perimeters of your sixth sense. Instead, it came up behind you and pierced a blade right through you. The vulnerable and raw moment shared with your wife was rushing to the forefront of your brain, and no amount of pushing could get it to fall back.
You could feel the balloon hanging in your chest start to swell, completely removed from the feeling of the woman between your legs. You tried to pull yourself back up from the hole that you had just dove into, but it was entirely too deep. Your attempt was proven futile as the balloon overfilled until it popped, sending a tsunami of sadness and grief throughout your entire body.
You started to remember all the things you forced yourself to forget. You remembered when you finally brought yourself to pack up all of her clothes. You remembered gathering up all remnants of her that was littered throughout the house you shared. Her shoes, jewelry, bath products, makeup, perfumes, toothbrush, and the list goes on.
You remembered the many nights you spent crying alone, praying to any higher power that would listen, begging for them to materialize her back into existence. The many days you spent sat in therapy, retelling your grief and pain to the professional sitting across from you, pleading with her to give you something, anything that could make the intense feeling of utter loss go away. All of the grief and pain that you had been suppressing was resurfacing, and it was all hitting you at once.
“Stop.” you whispered. She didn’t hear you and continued her movements on your center. Your lips started to quiver, and your body to began to shake. “I said stop!” She immediately pulled away, and you sat up, finding your shirt from off the floor and pulling it on. “What-what’s wrong y/n?” Deep in her heart, she knew what had just happened based on the sorrow that clung in your voice. A part of her knew it would happen eventually, but she tried to convinced herself that when that ball dropped, she’d be able to pull you from the darkness that would inevitably consume you.
You felt the burn in your throat as the tears began to rise up into your eyes, filling to the brim. Your breathing began to pick up, and your hands started shaking more. “I-I can’t do this anymore.” The tears began falling, and the gasping sobs started filling the room, your composure fracturing.
“I can’t keep living like my entire heart isn’t completely destroyed! I can’t keep pretending like there aren’t weights pulling me down every single day! I just- I c-can’t, I just can’t d-do it anymore!” Your voice began to break, and your head became a victim to gravity as it fell into your hands. “I m-miss her-er every day, and-and I can’t keep pretending that I don’t! I can’t keep trying to fool m-myself into believing that it’s p-possible for me to live this life without her! She was-was all I ever had, and now that she’s gone I h-have absolutely nothing! I just want her h-here with me! Sh-she’s suppo-sed to be here with me!”
The woman before you was filled with hurt, as she knew she’d never be enough for you. All she ever wanted was to be enough for you. She didn’t want to replace your wife, but she wanted to you be able to find room in your heart for her, in addition to your wife. She crawled up the bed and tried to pull your hands apart so that she could offer you comfort, but you didn’t let her. You didn’t want her comfort in this moment, and you didn’t need it. You wanted and needed hers.
“Please just leave.” You whispered. She was quiet for a beat.
“Y/n/n-“ Your head shot up to look at her, not noticing the hurt writing a thousand stories all over her face. “I said leave! I don’t want you here anymore!” At your outburst towards her, her own lip quivered for a second and she quickly got up to leave, because she knew there was absolutely nothing that she could say or do to help you anymore.
You were filled with so much guilt knowing you were using her for your own selfish reasons. Using her to try and fill an unfillable void in your life, and in your heart. Letting her fall in love with a broken version of who you once were while she attempt to pull you from the molasses sea of grief, sadness, and despair that you had been drowning in. That you were still drowning in. You knew that she could never, ever compare or even come close to her, but you needed the distraction and familiarity of at least another warm body, and she gave it to you. That distraction was no longer enough.
All you had wanted since your wife left was someone, and you had it. You had a hand brushing hair behind your ear, but not the hand you wanted. You had lips kissing yours, but not the lips you wanted. You had someone pleasing you with their tongue and fingers, but not the tongue and fingers that you wanted. You had someone whispering sweet nothings and compliments into your ears, but the voice that was used to say them, was not the voice you wanted. You woke up to eyes staring into yours, but not the eyes you wanted. You had someone loving you, but not the love you wanted. All you wanted was Wanda. All you needed was Wanda, and she was gone.
All these thoughts swirled in your head and in your heart, causing you to remember something that you had blocked. A memory that was so debilitating, you hadn’t let yourself remember it since the day it occurred. You began to relive that treacherous evening, and your sobs filled the entire house.
Wanda was going to run to the mall that day to pick up a few things. You were sick on that particular day, and she opted that you stay home to rest. After leaving you with a kiss and an ‘I love you’ she was on her way. She had been gone for a while, and she wasn’t answering your texts. Instead of worrying yourself, you decided that her phone had died, and the mall was busy so getting around was taking longer.
After a few more hours passed by, you couldn’t ignore the pit in your stomach telling you that something was seriously off, and that’s when you heard a knock at the door.
You immediately rushed to the door to open it, hoping that Wanda had a lot of bags in her arms, rendering her unable to open it herself. When you saw who was on the other side, your heart immediately dropped. Two officers were standing at your door with less than stellar expressions on their faces. “Can I help you?” You asked with dread, voice slightly shaking.
“Are you Miss Maximoff?” One of the officers asked, a somber tone lacing his voice. “Yes, why did something happen? Where’s Wanda?” You asked, panic beginning to rise. “Would you be willing to let us inside? It would be best if you are sitting down while we tell you this.” After contemplating for a moment, you let them in without saying a word, and sat on the couch.
“We regret to inform you that there was a shooting at the local mall, and Mrs. Maximoff was one of the people that was recovered.” What. This cannot be happening right now. “What do you mean she was recovered?” Your voice was wavering, words being cut by little trembles as your voice started to give. “She was unfortunately at the area of the mall where the shooter was, and she was shot.” After he said this all emotion and color was stripped from you.
You stared at the officer with a completely blank expression. He then handed you a bag. “These are Mrs. Maximoff’s personal effects. We don’t need them, as there is no active investigation. The shooter was arrested on sight.” After taking the bag and setting it on the couch beside you, you exchanged a few more words with the officer, and then showed them both out. The second the door was closed, you dropped to your knees and felt the weight of the entire universe, as it came crashing down onto you.
The memory of the moment when your life was completely ripped away from you was fresh in your mind, as if it had just happened.
You laid in bed with your face buried into the pillow, screams and sobs shredding your throat as your tears and drool completely drenched it. You managed to pull yourself out of bed, stumbling to the closet. You reached onto the top shelf and pulled the bag out that was handed to you a year ago.
You never were able to open it, too afraid to face what was inside. You went out to grab a bottle of vodka, and sat down on the bathroom floor. Between gulps of alcohol, you slowly pulled each item out of the bag. The first one was her phone which was somehow still charged.
When the screen lit up, it showed the many texts you had sent to her that night. After clearing them, you saw that her background was a picture of you both. You were sitting on a chair outside with your legs pulled up. She was standing behind you with her arms slung around you securely, placing a kiss onto your cheek. A smile painted your face, and your eyes were closed in satisfaction as you enjoyed the feeling of your wife. You remembered the moment she told you it was her favorite picture of the two of you.
“Detka look at how cute! Someone was able to snap this photo and sent it to me. This is definitely one of the favorite pictures of us. I’m going to put it as my background so I can look at your beautiful self all day.”
More tears fell, and more alcohol was rushed down your throat. You pulled out other items like her keys, wallet, sunglasses, and other personal effects. The next thing your trembling fingers found was her wedding ring. You stared at the beautiful white gold symbol of the love you shared that she never took off, decorated with diamonds that wrapped around the entire band. The diamonds were glistening bright as you gazed at them through a wall of tears. You remembered the moment you slid it onto her gorgeous finger.
“Till death do us part.” Was spoken from your lips as you longingly stared up at the complete enigma of a woman that was about to be presented as your wife. Sliding the ring onto her finger, smiles adorned both of your faces as you basked in the special moment.
“By the power vested in me, I now present to you Mrs. and Miss Wanda Maximoff.” The officiant looked at your now wife with a smile. “You may now kiss your bride.” Cheers filled the air, but they were dulled, as if the sound was coming from a distant room. You and your wife were zeroed in on each other, feeling like the only people in the room.
She grabbed your face and placed a delicate but deeply passionate kiss to your lips. After parting, she grabbed your hand and walked you back down the isle, leading you into forever with her.
More alcohol was consumed, and more tears fell. The last thing you pulled out completely broke you. It was a Polaroid picture that she had taken of you the first day of your honeymoon. ‘Forever and Always’ was written across the bottom in her delicate hand writing. You brought the picture to your chest and held it there trying to relive how blissful it felt to be on your honeymoon with her.
“It’s so beautiful here detka. Almost as beautiful as you.” You walked with her, both clad in bikinis, towards the beach. You flashed a love stricken smile and took in her stunning side profile. “Wanda I’m already married to you. You don’t need to keep up with the cheesy theatrics anymore. You have me. All of me.”
She stopped to turn and wrap her arms around you, placing a kiss to your lips. “I don’t care if we’re married already. In fact, I don’t care when we’re all old and gray. I’ll still be gawking at you and reminding you of how beautiful you are to me. Forever and always detka. You are the apple of my eye.”
Bliss and contentment flooded your being, enthused to be living these moments with her. “I love you Wanda, you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.” Your lips joined in a kiss until she broke it. “Here back up a little. The view is gorgeous right now.” You complied to her words, a genuine smile painting your lips as the camera flashed.
The memory vanished along with the flash. She had promised you forever and always. She told you she wouldn’t leave you, and she did. The current revelation had you resuming the screaming and crying until your throat was horse, eyes completely blood shot and swollen from all the tears, dots of purple and blue dusting your cheeks from the strain of sobbing. You managed to pull the dead weight of yourself up, turning on the bathtub and watching as it filled. Once it was full, you grabbed a thin metal that was tucked at the bottom of a drawer.
Climbing into the bathtub, you sat there with a completely broken heart, an entirely shattered soul, and a dreaded existence. You quickly realized that you actually had no heart and no soul, as you had given both of those things to Wanda. You gave her every part of yourself, and when she died, they died with her because she never gave them back to you.
You were absolutely nothing without your Wanda, and you were tired of pretending that you were. The constant weight hanging in your chest was pulling you even further down until eventually it dissipated as you hit the bottom, landing at the deepest point possible in your grief. As more happy memories crawled up into your mind, they slowly faded along with you. Hoping to find your love wherever you ended up, you closed your eyes and succumbed to the release that washed over you as the water in which you sat turned a deep red.
Love is a tragic beauty, and that is what it can do to you.
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In Charge | Wanda Maximoff
Summary: You let Wanda try and take charge in the bedroom
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Male Reader
Warnings: Shameless smut (minors DNI), language
Word Count: 525
Tumblr media
“Oh god, Wanda, don’t stop,” you begged.  Normally you were the one who took charge in the bedroom, but every so often your wife surprised you by trying to be the dominant one in bed.
“You like that, huh?  You like it when I ride you like this?”  Wanda was rocking furiously back and forth on your cock, her pelvis grinding against you and wetting yours with her arousal.  She was relentless, squeezing you with her walls as tight as she could.  All you could do was nod, seeing how words escaped you.  She brought her hand up to caress your cheek.  “That’s a good boy.”  You groaned in response.
“Baby, just like that,” you moaned.  She smirked as she ground her hips down harder, taking more of you inside her (if that was even possible).  You felt your eyes roll back in your head as you arched your back against the bed.  She was riding you hard enough that the bed was hitting the wall, shaking with her movements.
“That’s it.  I know you’re close, Y/N.  I know how you want to fill me up with your cum, how you want to paint my walls with your seed.  God, I love the way it feels.  I love how I can feel you inside me for days, slowly dripping down my legs long after you’ve bred me.  I love being your cumslut, baby.  Cum in me.”  You had no idea where this filthy talk was coming from, but you were absolutely loving it.  Wanda brought her hands up to your chest, squeezing your pecs as she brought herself up and slammed herself down on your cock repeatedly.  She was drenched, her pussy squelching at the slightest of movements.  You held onto her hips as she moved, watching as she bit her lip to keep herself from screaming.
“I’m close,” you sputtered.  You felt yourself throbbing as she pulsed around you.  Leaning down to whisper in your ear, she kissed up your jaw before making her way to your ear.
“I want you to scream my name when you cum,” she whispered, giving his ear a nip as she slammed herself down faster.  “And you better scream loud.”
“FUCK, WANDA,” you shouted.  You felt yourself spill into her as she continued to ride you.  She moaned in your ear as she came, her pussy convulsing as you continued to breed her.  Her hips slowed in tandem with your spurts, stopping all together when you did.
“Fuck that felt good,” she whimpered as she collapsed on your chest.  You wrapped your arms around her, hugging her close.
“Good job, babe,” you praised.  Your fingers traced circles around her lower back the way she liked.
“Really?” She raised her head to look at you.  You nodded, leaning over to kiss her.
“I can’t tell you the last time I was ever that horny,” you joked.  She laughed as she kissed you again.
“I guess we’ll just have to do this more often,” she sighed with feigned disappointment.
“Oh darn.”  Surprising her, you rolled over so that you were on top of her.  “But for now, I’m in charge sweetheart.” 
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jesus christ that beautiful smile
Tumblr media
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Y/N: *is carrying in all the groceries*
Wanda: *holds out hand to help*
Y/N: *aggressively moves all the groceries to one hand to hold Wanda’s hand*
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Cuts of Your Silhouette
Pairing: Soft!Dark!Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Summary: Wanda can no longer go to the universe where she'd be most happy but she'll use all the power she's accumulated so far to go the universe where she's most loved. What she finds in this universe is unexpected but in the end, Wanda cannot help but covet it no matter what.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. soft!dark!Wanda. dubcon. explicit smut. Fingering. Oral. choking. overstimulation. strap-on use (cum filled). dirty talk. obsessive behaviour. domestic fluff. angst. MoM spoilers
You do NOT have permission to repost or translate my work on any other platforms (even with credit)
Note: Innocent moots, don't look at me 👀 This is me acknowledging MoM but only in the fact that Wanda is so hot and deserves to be happy in her own unhinged way LOL
miláčik - honey/darling
Count: 7.2k
The universe where I'm most loved.
Wanda chants this only thing in her head, cautious hope blooming where there was only decay. 
Earth-838 was no longer an option, thanks to Strange's incessant determination to stop her from becoming happy.
That universe was closed off to her, but it was okay. If Wanda couldn't have the universe where she was most happy, she could make do with where she was most loved. 
Wanda has just enough of America's power to make one trip, and she needs to make it count before Strange could come and ruin everything again.
The universe where I'm most loved.
A part of Wanda feels like she's missing something important from this universe she's abandoning. It almost feels as if something is resisting her from going to the universe where she's most loved, but Wanda forces her body to traverse. 
Wanda has had enough of the grief and misery this universe brought. She has always loved more and loved harder than everyone else in her life. For once, Wanda wants to be the person who is loved beyond imaginable measures. 
And this new universe will give that to her. 
White quartz. 
It's the first thing Wanda notices. The kitchen island is huge, stretching and covering the middle of the kitchen, and she immediately falls in love with it. 
Wanda misses cooking real meals, a part of her that was subdued over time, with the lack of time and survival at the forefront. But this kitchen looked well-used while spotless. 
The smell of freshly baked cookies invades Wanda's nose, and she almost feels flustered at how homey it makes her feel. 
Looking up, Wanda turns her head and is shocked by her own reflection. Her hair is still a bright auburn, falling just a couple of inches below her shoulder with some natural waves as if she hadn't bothered straightening or fully curling it. 
"Mom, mom, mom!"
The sudden voices and thudding footsteps through the door startle Wanda. She looks to where the front door opened, and two tiny bodies come barreling through towards her.
The arms thrown around her waist almost knock the wind out of her, but the tears sting her eyes because—
"Billy, Tommy," Wanda trembles. 
"Mom, mom! Did you make the cookies?"
"Are they done?" 
"Can we have ice cream with it right now?" 
Wanda needs to swallow down the overwhelming emotion that knots in her throat before she can answer. 
Of course, Wanda thought. Where she was most loved—it'd be where her boys were. Whatever had occurred in this universe to cause Wanda to not be the happiest—it didn't matter because her boys were here, and as long as they were here, she could be the most loved.
"Wanda Maximoff, you better not be giving in and spoiling the boys' appetite before dinner."
The new voice makes Wanda freeze. It's not familiar, raising Wanda's hackles as she holds the boys closer to her. She looks to the door again, and when you come through...Wanda's at a loss for words.
There's no universe where she's seen you.
You're struggling to hold all the grocery bags in your arms as you peer over to the trio. 
"Did you boys just abandon me with all the bags for cookies?" You cock your brows at them, meant to look displeased, but Wanda and the boys could see the tiny smirk of amusement on your lips. 
The boys giggle before they move out of Wanda's hold towards you. There's a moment where Wanda wants to grab them back to her again, but when she sees them running towards you and taking some of the bags to lessen your load, Wanda can't help but stare.
"Sorry, mum," Billy gives you a boyish smile, trying to take another bag from you to help.
"But we could smell the cookies from outside!" Tommy cackles but still helps you out as well. 
Wanda feels her heart stop.
The boys were referring to you as mum?
How could you be—
Now that one of your hands is free, Wanda watches as you ruffle the boys' hair one at a time before kissing the crown of their head.
"I'll forgive this once because I know mom's cookies are the best in the world and if I had been faster...I would've left you two in the dust," you start laughing as the boy screams indignations with squealing laughter. 
You're still laughing as the three of you make it back to the kitchen, placing all the bags on the counter. 
"Why don't you two run up and finish your homework? We'll give you a call when dinner is ready." You look at the boys.
"But the cookies—"
"—Are for after dinner," you cut them off with a look that has the boys sighing as they look at each other and give you and Wanda a kiss on the cheek before running off. 
Anxiety fills Wanda the second she's alone with you. It makes her want to raise her hands, preparing to fight you because who could you be that would make you mum to her boys? Who were you to intrude in on her happiness and the world where she was most loved?
Was this a universe where Vision existed and they divorced? Were you their stepmother?
You turn your face to her, and Wanda's hackles rise like the hair on the back of her neck. You reach out, grabbing her apron and pulling her towards you. Wanda's about to unleash the full force of her magic on you but is stopped short when she feels warm lips against her own.
It's hot—needy and desperate almost. 
Her hand falls against your shoulder and grips at your shirt, and the kiss is broken.
"Hi, darling," you pant just mere inches away from her lips. "I really, really like when you look like this."
The way you say it almost sounds like a whine, and Wanda's lip twitches at it.
"Oh?" is the only thing Wanda can say.
You hum, peppering kisses against her jaw and down her neck, and the sensation is almost too overwhelming. On the one hand, this body feels accustomed to the physical affections, but Wanda is not.
"I missed you all day," you sigh. "Can't believe you're just being all pretty here all the time and I miss hours of it. Should I work from home tomorrow?"
Wanda swallows. Your lips keep peppering kisses, and Wanda almost has whiplash how the needy kisses turn into tender ones, brushing over the tip of her nose and eyelids. 
Something hot stings behind Wanda's eyes. 
"Can you?" Wanda manages to say. She doesn't know what to say otherwise. It's daunting to know she knows nothing about her life here—she knows nothing about you. 
"I don't have any meetings tomorrow," you stand straighter, your eyes drifting up in thought. "Maybe I should take the day off," you muse. "It's been a while since we did something fun with just the two of us."
Wanda doesn't know what to say. She just looks at you, wary and confused. You don't seem to notice her expression too much, taking her silence as agreement to what you suggested. 
You turn to look through the groceries. "What do you want to eat for dinner tonight? I bought a variety of things since you said you weren't sure what you're craving."
Wanda weighs her options and choices. She needs to integrate herself into this life and ensure you don't suspect anything.
"Is there something you're craving?" Wanda asks you in a friendly tone. 
You hum slowly in thought. "Oh, how about those meatballs you made last month? Those were so good, I've been dreaming about them." You start to put away the groceries other than what ingredients you'll need. You mull over what sides to have.
You're mumbling about what's easier to make, and it becomes clear to Wanda you'll be staying to cook with her, and although it's foreign, Wanda finds it endearing. 
Once you finish deciding, you turn to smile impishly at her, and Wanda quirks her brow at it. Despite not knowing you, she somehow feels like she knows that look on you.
"Want to split a cookie? We have to be super quiet, though. I'm pretty sure the boys have a secret power of knowing when we're eating cookies without them."
It becomes clear throughout the evening that while, yes, her boys love her, they're not the reason why this variant of Wanda is the most loved in the universe.
It's you—you're the reason. 
The evening puts Wanda on edge for different reasons. She looks at the ring on her left hand, trying to not fiddle with it again. You helped her put it back on when the two of you were done cooking, seemingly knowing where she always placed it.
She was married, Wanda deliberated, to a woman. It was odd, Wanda had never considered it, but she found that she was at ease with it.
You make her laugh, you look at her with so much love, and Wanda feels suffocated by it. She feels smothered in every way she has ever wanted to be, and she could drown in your love and the way you look at her and the boys. 
They're not yours; it's obvious. You've stepped up into a role you never had to, yet you did. For her, yes, but because you love the two boys as if they're your own. 
You always find a way to touch her, as if you can't be close enough. It's your legs pressed against hers underneath the table, almost tangled together. It's your hand on top of hers at the diner table or on her thigh.
It's all subconscious, Wanda knows. She knows because she looks into your head on a surface level. Things float about and tease deep inside, and Wanda must refrain from breaking into your mind piece by piece. There'd be time for that later. 
"Alright, what should we do tonight? Movies? Games?" You ask as you gather the plates with Tommy to place into the dishwasher. Wanda's eyes trail after you, staring at your form in scrutiny before Billy tugs at her arm. 
"What do you want to do, mom?" He asks her, and Wanda knows he's asking her because he can tell she's been out of sorts, and it makes her heart swell.
"Oh, anything you want to do, sweetheart," Wanda wraps her arm around Billy, placing his head against her collarbone as she strokes his hair and kisses his forehead.
"Movie!" Tommy is screaming from the kitchen as he runs back in with you trailing behind with the cookies and ice cream.
"Do you mind grabbing plates, darling?" You ask Wanda, kissing the crown of her head as you pass by her and set the things down in your arms.
Wanda is about to get up, but you place your hand on her arm.
"Use your powers," you tilt your head in confusion as to why she was getting up.
Wanda is surprised you so openly encourage her to use her powers, but she likes it. Four plates float from the kitchen to the dining table and set themselves down gently. 
"Alright, how many cookie ice cream sandwiches do we want?" You look at the boys.
"Ten!" The boys shout simultaneously as they look at each other, smiling.
You snort, and Wanda finds herself laughing.
"Ambitious," you smirk, "but let's start with two and go from there."
"Mom," Tommy whines as he looks at Wanda like he knows she'll be more likely to cave in. "Tell mum to make it three."
The look Tommy gives her makes Wanda tender. This is everything she wanted, this was everything she deserved, and she'd do anything for her boys.
Wanda looks at you and shrugs. "It can't hurt to have one more."
You point the ice cream scoop at her but grab more cookies. "When either the ice cream melts by the time they get to the third one, or they get too full, you will regret this, Maximoff."
You're still grinning, and the boys are chatting animatedly, and Wanda is surprised to find she wants this moment to last, even with you in it.
The boys grab their plates and take off carefully to the sofa and begin looking for a movie to watch. You diligently make a cookie ice cream sandwich for Wanda.
"Let's go," you say as you pass her the dessert.
"Not going to make yourself one?" Wanda asked as you went to put the ice cream back in the freezer.
You return, pecking her quickly on the lips, and then promptly take a bite out of the dessert you just made Wanda.
"Someone's going to have to eat the third one the boys won't finish," you say after chewing.
"And if they finish it?" Wanda challenges.
You grin at her innocently. "If it seems like they're on track to eating the third one, I'll share with my generous wife."
The boys don't finish the third ice cream cookie sandwich as you predicted, and you look entirely too smug at her when you're eating the soggy dessert. Of course, you generously shared the dessert with Wanda, who tried to refuse, but it was futile. 
The night was peaceful, and Wanda almost hadn't wanted it to end. You spent the evening curled into her, almost purring as she ran her fingers through your hair, scratching your scalp. You fit perfectly against her, warm and alive.
Wanda doesn't know what to think, and she merely goes with the flow, keeping you close as you clearly so want. She strokes the softness of the skin of your arm while you play with the fingers of her other hand.
When you do this, Wanda can't help but think about how you don't know. You don't know her corrupted fingers, blackened by the results of her desperation to be happy. 
"I think it's time for bed, boys," you say suddenly, and Wanda looks over to find the boys half-falling asleep on the couch.
"No, I'm not sleepy," Tommy argues, trying to open his eyes, but they stay half-lidded.
Billy doesn't seem to agree but doesn't speak up either, curling into Wanda's side.
"Bedtime, Tommy," Wanda gives him a look to which he frowns but agrees as he gets up with Billy, and they make their way upstairs.
"I'm going to clean up," you tell Wanda.
"Do you want help?" She offers, but you shake your head.
"No, why don't you start tucking the boys in and I'll be there soon?"
Wanda nods, hesitating for a moment before she leans over and kisses the corner of your mouth, and walks off. She can hear the sounds of dishes clanking as she makes her way up the stairs. Taking her time, she looks around. The hallway is filled with photos of you and her together, and there were photos of all four of them.
But one particular photo made her pause, heart dropping into her stomach as she stared at it.
A photo with Vision with the kids. 
Vision—he was in this universe as well? Had he died? She stares at the photo, finding that the kids don't look much younger—a year at the most.
Wanda stands at the photo longer than she thinks until she can hear someone calling her.
It's Billy and Tommy, stepping out of the washroom as they've finished brushing their teeth.
"Hey, all ready for bed?" Wanda smiles at them, and they nod. She follows them to their room as they both jump into their bed, only a couple of feet away from each other. 
The scene is all too familiar, and her chest aches. She tucks them in, kissing each of their foreheads as she sits on the edge of Tommy's bed. At this point, you enter the room.
Tommy smiles at you as you grin back at him, walking over to him and kissing his forehead. He rolls his eyes but doesn't say anything.
You then walk over to Billy's bed, sitting on the edge and kissing his forehead.
"Did you have fun tonight?" You ask softly, and the boys nod. "And you finished your homework?"
The boys roll their eyes in union but nod nonetheless.
"Angels, the lot of you are," you tease, and they giggle. 
"Goodnight," you and Wanda bid. "See you in the morning."
"Goodnight," they say together.
"Love you," Billy says sleepily as his eyes close, and Tommy mumbles something similar. 
With that, you stand up, holding your hand out for Wanda. She looks at her kids one more time, chanting to herself that she will see them in the morning, that this isn't a dream and she won't wake to the nightmare. 
"Were you okay today?" You ask softly. "You were kind of quiet."
The two of you were lying in bed together. You have curled into Wanda again. Your face rested against her chest, arm around her as you rubbed her back.
It's soothing, Wanda thought. It almost made her bitter that she hadn't felt like this in a long time. 
Wanda felt you shift and looked down to see you peering up at her. 
"Of course," Wanda reassures you. "Am I always so rambunctious?"
"Sometimes," you grin, teasing her, and Wanda pinches your side, making you try to wriggle away from her. She holds you tighter, preventing you from moving too far away from her. 
When things settle down, and you wriggle to move back close against her, Wanda stares at you pensively. 
"Do you love me?" She asks.
The question surprises you as you look back up at her. You study her face as if you were looking for answers.
"You haven't asked that since just before our wedding," you comment and that surprises Wanda. Because, at the very least, she knows the two of you have been married for a couple of years. 
This variant of her was so sure you loved her that she hadn't questioned it for years?
It was almost laughable to Wanda. Something jealous brews inside her, simmering just beneath the surface. 
Wanda doesn't say anything, and she thinks you might not either, or you'll say something so predictable and empty like, "of course I do."
But you simply press your face into her chest, reaching to grab her hand and drag it to your cheek.
"Look," you tell her, and Wanda freezes.
Privacy was always an issue for the people around Wanda. They always worried about whether or not she was listening to them, even if unintentionally. 
Now with how her powers had grown, it was a given that people automatically assumed she was breaking into your head. Don't get it wrong, Wanda had. Anything to get the results she wanted, she broke every unspoken rule to get it. 
But here you were, freely offering Wanda access. Here you were, being vulnerable to her with all the trust. 
And Wanda didn't hesitate. 
You sleep soundly on your side with your back facing Wanda, and she stares at the back of your head. 
She should kill you, Wanda thinks, make it look like an accident. 
The boys would be sad, but she could help them get it over time, couldn't she?
Seeing into your mind was too much. It was too much to see how lucky this variant of this Wanda was. Sure, she had lost many people to Thanos. She had even lost Vision last year to another villain threatening earth. 
But the loss only makes Wanda laugh bitterly because she had already split with Vision years prior, agreeing to amicable joint custody with the boys. 
All because she fell in love with you. 
But could she blame this variant? Wanda watched everything play like a long sitcom about how you loved her. 
This variant had been as miserable as she, had lost just as much as Wanda had, but she had you. 
It was unfair, Wanda thought distantly. Why had you not been in her universe? Or if you were, why did they not meet? Why was she once again the only Wanda to be alone?
This variant loved you tenderly—desperately. She kissed and made love to you like you'd break if she was too rough. 
And Wanda hates that variant for it. To love something so much that she was capable of treasuring it. 
Wanda scoots closer to you, pressing against you as she wraps her arm around you, pulling you flush against her. She presses a kiss against your shoulder and bites into it.
You whimper.
Wanda resolves that all of this is hers now.
This life, the boys, and you. 
Everything belongs to her.
And the first thing Wanda wants to know is if you will break if she's too rough. 
Wanda's hand slides against your thigh, gripping the inner of it roughly before she moves back up and yanks your panties down.
The sharpness of her touch wakes you.
"Wanda?" Your voice is groggy as you startle. "What are you doing?"
"Touching you," Wanda replies simply, her hand slipping between your folds, rubbing your length slowly, stroking your clit in circles when she comes up.
You moan lowly, your hips moving with her hand as she sucks and nips at your neck. It isn't long until Wanda's fingers are slick from you.
"You got so wet quickly, miláčik," Wanda husks in your ear. "You must want me to fuck you badly."
Your breath hitches at the way Wanda talks to you. The two of you engage in dirty talk often, but not like this.
Wanda guides your leg over her hip before she resumes stroking your pussy until you're dripping and thrusting your hips desperately against her fingers for more.
Wanda's other hand is under you, wrapped around your torso and underneath your shirt as she gropes your chest roughly. Her index finger rolls your hardened nipple back and forth, and she can hear your labored breathing.
Your neck is littered with hickeys, dark and bruising. Wanda isn't even close to being done with you, and you look so ruined already. Wanda wants to see you completely undone. She wants to break you down to nothing so she can build you back up to be hers. 
"Wanda..." you keen, gripping the bed sheet on the side, trying to not cry at how bad you want more. Something feels different, but you can't put your finger on it. Honestly, you could barely even think about it with how your body was trembling.
"Use your words, miláčik," Wanda bites at your earlobe. "Tell me what you want—how ready your body is."
You feel close already with how diligent Wanda had been paying attention to your clit, but you just want—
"Please, please, please," you barely get out. "I want you inside, I wanna feel you...I want to cum."
Wanda mutters about how you're such a good girl and thrusts three fingers inside you until she's all the way in, stroking your walls.
"Oh, fuck, yes," you moan, gripping the bedsheets tighter as your leg tenses against Wanda's hip. 
How you feel on Wanda's fingers has her biting your shoulder again, almost hard enough to leave imprints. You whimper at the pain, but Wanda doesn't let up.
Her other hand abandons your chest and moves out of your shirt up to your neck, grasping it. You feel so delicate against her, and Wanda almost understands why this variant was adamant about being gentle. 
"Wanda—" you say, almost a little alarmed, but Wanda hushes you.
"You're gonna cum just like this," she hisses in your ear, squeezing your throat a little tighter. She licks the shell of your ear, and her voice is throaty when she says, "I missed you, too. You wouldn't even believe how long I've been waiting for you."
Wanda can feel herself dripping for you, but she wants to feel you come over her fingers. She keeps her thrusts inside you, curling her fingers as she strokes that spot inside you that makes you tremble. 
"Go on and cum, miláčik," Wanda moves her fingers a little faster, keeping the pressure steady as it finally mounts over, and you come with a long groan.
You feel lightheaded and exhausted as Wanda strokes you through the remnants of the hardest orgasm you've ever had.
Going limp against her body, Wanda releases your throat as she pulls her fingers out of you, earning a hum from you. She sucks the mess you made on her fingers, licking the length of her fingers one by one.
You're panting, trying to regain control of your breathing, and Wanda moves and pushes you to lie on your back. She grips the end of your t-shirt, dragging it up and over your head. She stares at your naked form unabashed, appreciating it for a moment before completely undressing herself. 
Wanda adjusts her body over yours, legs straddling your thigh. You feel Wanda lower herself, her wetness spreading over your thigh as she rides it slowly. 
The low guttural moan Wanda lets out sparks something in your stomach. She looks at you, her eyes glowing red for just a moment. 
"It's good you're taking the day off tomorrow."
"Just like that," Wanda moans, grinding her hips more firmly.
Your hair is gripped tightly, hair threading through Wanda's fingers as she uses it as leverage to thrust her hips into your face. Wanda looks down, only able to see a little less than half your face as she's sitting on it while you eat her out. 
Your hands are hooked over Wanda's thigh, securing and occasionally massaging her thighs and hips. Your tongue dips inside her, and Wanda grunts. Her thighs tighten around your head. 
Wanda allows you to drag it out a little longer before she pulls at your hair in a warning, and you quickly fasten your lips around her clit, sucking and keeping the pressure steady until Wanda lets out a high keen, thrusting her hips with reckless abandon as she comes messily over your face. 
You don't complain about how she might be suffocating you, and when Wanda slows her hips, coming down from her high, she looks to the side. The curtains are still closed, but she can tell it's nearing noon. 
Wanda had woken up early to drop the kids off at school while you slept on obliviously. When she came back, she only let you sleep a little longer before waking you by peppering kisses up and down your neck, pressing her body into yours as she lay on top of you. 
Wanda's been working your body since, and she's lost count of how many times she's made you orgasm. Similarly, she's lost count for herself as well. 
Climbing off your face carefully, she watches you use your fingers to clean your face, licking her slick off your fingers. The sight of you exhausted but clearly having enjoyed yourself has Wanda leaving more hickeys down your body. You're littered with them, all marked up by her, and she revels in it. 
"Wanda..." you whine, trying to move your body away, but she holds you still. "I can't anymore."
But Wanda doesn't listen, kissing her way up your body until she's face to face with you. She captures your lips in a messy kiss, licking the inside of your mouth and the teeth pulling at your bottom lip. She can taste herself with the taste of you, and it's all Wanda wants. 
"One more," Wanda tells you, caressing your arms until she reaches your hands, pushes them against the mattress, and holds them down. 
"Wanda, I really can't—" you shake your head. "We've been going at it for hours...I'm too sensitive now."
"Feels better that way," Wanda mutters, barely even listening to you. Her body feels addicted to you. Everything in her tells her to take it, to make you give everything to her. You're hers now; you're always going to be hers. 
You try to reason with Wanda, unsure what's gotten into her. The last time the two of you had this much sex was around the time you were on your honeymoon. 
But even then, whatever was happening now was different. Wanda was always a little desperate. It was just who she was after everything she's experienced. As desperate as she was, though, Wanda was also always careful. 
That carefulness seemed to fly out of the window since last night. Wanda was fucking you with reckless abandon, determined to take everything and more. 
You feel a pressure between your legs, something thick and slick pressing into you. Wanda groans, her forehead dropping against yours. You look down, but the only thing you catch is something red attached to Wanda disappearing into you. 
"Wanda—" your breath hitches, feeling the stretch as Wanda moves inside you. "Oh, god, Wanda, it's too much," your hands strain against Wanda's as she laces them together, bringing them over your head and pinned down.
"Just perfect," Wanda mutters, and you can feel her lips ghosting yours. "Feels good, feels so fucking good inside you."
You know then that Wanda used her power to create some kind of strap-on connected to the nerves of her clit. You can feel Wanda's hardened nipples rubbing over yours as she thrusts slowly into you. 
When she's all the way in, Wanda pauses, taking a deep breath. You were trembling from how sensitive you felt; it was on the edge of being painful.
But then Wanda moves, and you let out a string of incoherent pleas. She barely moves out before she's thrusting back in. She strokes the same spot inside you over and over until tears run down your face.
"One more," Wanda breathes into your mouth. "One more, give me just one more."
"I can't—" you huff. 
"Yes, you can," Wanda cuts you off. Her thrusts get harder but remain the same on moving slightly out before thrusting relentlessly back in. The rough sensation brings you closer and closer to the edge, and Wanda can feel you pulsating as you get near your end.
 She drops your hand, and they immediately go to her back, your nails dragging down. Your roughness makes her moan, and Wanda sinks her head into your neck.
"Fuck, I want to come inside you," Wanda mutters. She wants to coat the inside of you. She wants to own you in there too. Wanda wants it all. "I think you'd like that, wouldn't you, miláčik?"
You don't answer, and Wanda grips your face as she lifts her head to stare down at you. Her thrusts are getting messy as you are nearing the climax. 
"Wouldn't you like it?" Wanda asks you again, more roughly this time. "Tell me you want me inside you like that right now, miláčik."
It's like an unspoken threat that if you don't, Wanda won't let you off until you do.
"Yes," you immediately whimper. "Yes, yes, I want you to come inside me."
Wanda looks satisfied as she brings her thumb to stroke your clit until she's roughly ripping your last orgasm out of your over-wrought body. 
The moan you let out is soundless as Wanda groans in the back of her throat, and you feel something warm gush inside you. The thrusting doesn't stop as Wanda rides out the waves until you stop pulsating around her. 
Your chest heaves just as hers does, trying to calm your breathing. You pray that Wanda finally takes mercy on you and keeps her promise that it was just one more. 
You feel the strap-on disappearing until it's just Wanda resting between your legs. She kisses you softly now, and you almost breathe loudly in relief as you return her tender kisses with your own.
Despite how rough Wanda treated you, your gentle kisses are what sways her completely into you. Gentle, rough—you truly love Wanda as she is. 
"I love you," Wanda mumbles against your lips. "Always love me."
You stroke her head, finally regaining your breath.
"Have I ever not?"
The next few weeks for Wanda are complete bliss. Even though you're somewhat wary around her, you still touch her the same.
This life was perfect, Wanda knows. This was the wonderful little family Wanda had ever wanted. 
Weekdays are filled with domestic heaven, while the weekends are filled with various activities.
Wanda wants this forever, which is why the headaches and glitches she's been experiencing as of late are concerning. 
The spell isn't fully complete, and Wanda curses that she should've fought harder to kill America when she had the chance. They were looking for her, Wanda was sure, and they were getting closer. 
On top of that, she could feel her variant fighting to break loose. 
'Get out,' Wanda could hear her variant in her head. 'Get out! This isn't yours. None of this is! She isn't yours.'
'She's mine and I would never hurt her or the boys,' Wanda would repeatedly say to temper down her variant.
"Are you feeling okay?" 
Wanda snaps her head to look at you, unaware you had approached her.
"Yes," Wanda nods. "Just a headache."
You place your hand over her forehead and frown. "You are a little warm. Maybe you should go lie down. I can finish cleaning and cook tonight."
Wanda nods, and you peck her lips as she makes her way up to her bedroom and locks the door shut. All alone now, her hands returned to their true state, darkened fingers as if decaying. Wanda conjures The Darkhold, flipping through the pages.
There had to be a solution to stay here forever. 
There had to be something to keep Strange and America away from her. 
But before Wanda can search deeper, she hears wreckage downstairs and your scream. 
Wanda immediately transports herself downstairs using her magic and is enraged at the sight.
They found her. 
Strange and America stood in her living room with a portal open, posing to fight her when they saw her. 
"Wanda, you need to stop this," Strange tries to reason with her again, but she tilts her head at him with a condescending smile.
"Stop what? Living my life here? You're the one intruding, and you need to leave. I'm past mercy, Strange."
"This isn't your life!" Strange yells at her. "Let the variant of you go."
"Silence!" Wanda yells at him.
"Oh? Scared your girlfriend's going to find out?" America said with bravado, but Wanda can see her wariness underneath as she eyes you from the side.
You were cautious but silent.
Wanda begins to conjure the red wisps in her hand. "She's my wife." Thrusting her hands out, she releases her magic, and a fight ensues.
Strange is still trying to reason with her, but Wanda doesn't want to hear it anymore.
"You were a fool to bring the girl here," Wanda sneers at him when she gains the upper hand and has Strange subdued and America in her grasp.
The young girl is choking in Wanda's grip, and she sees it as a chance to finally get the power she needs to make this universe hers permanently.
"Wanda, stop!" 
The voice makes Wanda freeze. She turns her head and finds you staring at her with a horrified expression. 
The look of absolute fear makes Wanda feel like she's been punched in the gut.
"What are you doing?" You urge her. "Let her go, she's a kid!"
"No, no, no," Wanda tells you softly, trying to show you that she'd never hurt you. "She's a threat—to me, to you, to us and our life."
"This isn't your life," America chokes before she looks at you. "This isn't your Wanda!"
"Be QUIET," Wanda snarls at America, tightening her grip that makes America choke. 
"Wanda, stop it!" You yell at her, your eyes welling up with tears. "You're hurting people!"
The words make Wanda feel like she's crumbling. She drops America, letting the girl fall onto the floor on her back, hearing the wind knock out of the young girl's lungs. 
Wanda looks at you; betrayal is written all over her face.
"Why are you treating me like I'm the villain?" Wanda whispers, her eyes becoming hot with tears. "You said you loved me. How can you love me and think I hurt people?"
You take a careful step towards her. "Look around, Wanda," you say softly.
"I would never—" But the words fall short on Wanda's lips. "I'm not a monster," is all she can say quietly as she drops to her knees.
"I know you're not," you say softly as you kneel in front of her and cup her face gently. "Just like I know you're not my Wanda."
Wanda immediately looks into your eyes, surprised.
You give her a wry smile. "You think I don't know my own wife? I've known since the first night."
"When you asked if I loved you and I let you look into my mind," you give her a sad smile. "My Wanda never takes the opportunity. She is adamant about never looking into my mind and I never offer because of it. She prefers talking honestly, even if it's harder and painful."
Wanda's crying, tears welling and overflowing freely.
"Then why—" Wanda sobs.
"Wanda had her own theories about the multiverse. She was always worried it would happen, but I think every version of her should be loved."
You wiped her tears, but new ones would just fall. "You seemed sad," you tell her truthfully. "Even though I knew it wouldn't be forever by me, I wanted you to know you are loved too."
Wanda's face contorts in pain, lips trembling as she shakes her head. 
"You're not a monster," you tell her again sternly. "You're a person who has done bad things out of grief but that doesn't always make you a bad person."
Wanda feels you kiss her cheek, and it's bitter.
"Do the right thing, Wanda," you encourage her. "It's time to go home."
"Is it home if you're not there?" Wanda tries to refute, and you give her a look.
"Am I dead?"
"...I don't know."
"Then look for me there," you drop your hands and move to hold Wanda's. "That variant of me might be waiting for you too."
It's silent for a moment, and America stands in the background, unsure, with Strange beside her.
"We'll be okay, Wanda," you tell her softly. "We are loved, and you will be too."
Wanda looks at you one last time before releasing the body she's held hostage, and America closes the portal to this universe. 
The scene of the home she's grown used to fades into her lonely throne. It's like a hole has grown in her chest, connecting all the missing parts of her until she's empty. 
America and Strange stand in the distance, unsure what their next move is if they have to continue fighting her. 
"You need to leave," Wanda calmly states.
"I opened The Darkhold, and I'm the one who needs to close it so it can never tempt anyone again," Wanda stares at her blackened fingertips. "You need to leave because this place is going to collapse."
As if on cue, the temple began shaking and crumbling. Debris fell from the ceiling, and Strange and America looked at Wanda, who didn't spare them a glance. 
"I'm sorry, Wanda," Strange apologizes, and she knows it's for losing what was never hers in the beginning. With that, he takes America and flies off with her. 
The temple crumbles, and Wanda doesn't move, determined to see its end. Even if you can't witness it, she wants to prove to you that she is a good person. 
Wanda lets out a tiny smile, knowing that you probably believed she already followed through.
-A Year and 6 months later-
Wanda sips her coffee, breathing in the fresh air. She looks down at her hair and finds it strange to see brown instead of auburn. It's been too long since she's seen the real color of her hair, and she wonders if it looks good. 
The day is bright and sunny, and Wanda revels in how the sun feels on her skin. 
"Would you like another one?"
Wanda looks at the waitress with a smile and shakes her head. She's here every day and usually has two cups leisurely. 
But not today.
"No, thank you," Wanda answers politely and pulls out some cash, giving her usual waitress a generous tip. 
The waitress thanks her and leaves. Wanda stays a second longer, waiting and taking in the view. 
There's a loud car door slamming, and a woman gets out and moves to the sidewalk.
"For the last time," an exasperated voice groans. "It's over! How many times do I have to say it? Stop following me! You can’t just show up here because you know I walk through here every day."
"How can it be over? Everything has been going well for the last year! What changed?"
Wanda watches you groan.
"I don't know! I just don't see a future with you," you tap your foot impatiently. "Now stop following me around, I have shit to do and you're constantly making me late. Just—stop."
You turn to leave, but the woman grabs your arm, and Wanda stands up, pulling her hat closer to her head as she crosses the street. 
Each step feels like she's getting closer to your silhouette, and the thin veil separating the two of you slowly disappears.
Wanda pushes and pushes against the veil until—
"You're hurting her."
The two of you look over to Wanda, and you stare at her for a long moment.
"Stay out of this," the woman glares at Wanda. "It's none of your business."
"It is my business," Wanda says simply. "I'm a good person."
"Are you trying to say I'm not?" The woman snaps.
"Yes, if you keep holding her arm hostage."
The woman immediately drops your arm, and you rub the spot she held, moving away.
"Leave," Wanda glares, and the woman is about to say something else, but the flash of Wanda's red eyes startles her, and she's quick to turn and walk back to her car.
The two of you watch the car drive away, and Wanda turns back to you, and you stare at her curiously.
"Have we met before?" You blink with a tilt of your head.
Wanda smiles. "Maybe in another universe."
You snort. "Smooth," you grin at her. "Thanks for that by the way."
You introduce yourself, and Wanda takes your hand.
Something electric passes through your arm, and you lick your lips.
"I'm Wanda."
You keep holding her hand, pensively looking at the woman before you.
"Can I treat you to a cookie ice cream sandwich as thanks? There's a great place nearby that does the best cookies," you gush.
Wanda nods but grins at you. "Sure, but I can make better ones."
"Really?" You look skeptical. "That's a bold statement."
"I've been told my cookies are the best in the world."
You laugh with a shake of your head as you let go of Wanda's hand and walk with her trailing beside you.
"I'll hold you to that."
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kram6496 · 2 days
Wanda’s face contours…
Wanda: detka!
Y/N comes up from under her dress…
Y/N: you make some of the funniest yet cutest faces, baby
Wanda: you wanna see some more?
Y/N smiles and goes back under…
Tumblr media
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modernstoner · 11 months
twitter porn link pt.2༊*·˚
‣ hello my fellow humans, fancy seeing you here. I know I said I would be active on Tumblr but guess what? I got banned lol. Now, I'm back and thank you to everyone who sent me those kind messages while I was gone ♡
‣ this is a part 2 of my previous porn link (here) y'all lemme know if I accidentally repeated the old ones.
‣ if anyone want more here: [bonus.]
'*•.¸♡ avengers edition ♡¸.•*'
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛tony stark
doggy style with tony.
reverse cowgirl on tony.
rough morning ex with husband!tony.
ceo!tony teasing his little maid.
tony teasing your clit.
: ̗̀➛bucky barnes
morning sex with bucky.
fucking yourself on bucky's cock.
doggy style with bucky.
bucky torturing you with a toy.
rough sex with bucky.
: ̗̀➛steve rogers
steve teasing and fucking you until your squirming.
steve fingering you.
needy sex with steve.
riding dom!steve.
morning sex with husband!steve.
: ̗̀➛ dr. strange
riding dr. strange.
petting dr. strange's cock with your bare cunt.
shower ex with enemy!strange.
stephen fingering you and making you cum in seconds.
stephen taking you out on the kitchen counter.
: ̗̀➛loki laufeyson
loki tongue fucking you.
sucking loki's cock.
loki playing with your pussy.
loki abusing your throat.
loki punishing you with his chains and collars.
: ̗̀➛peter parker
giving a handjob to boyfriend!peter.
peter eating you out.
titty fucking peter making him cum.
69 position with peter.
peter making you ride him.
: ̗̀➛carol danvers
carol eating you out.
grinding yourself on carol's cunt.
carol fingering you.
rough strap on sex with carol.
carol fingering you under the covers.
: ̗̀➛natasha romanoff
making out with natasha.
eating out dom!natasha.
first time with girlfriend!natasha.
natasha denying your orgam.
natasha eating you out.
: ̗̀➛pietro maximoff
pietro playing through your panties.
riding pietro's face.
pietro fucking you after a long day.
soft morning sex with pietro.
pietro playing with you.
: ̗̀➛wanda maximoff
wanda loves your tits.
you vibrating wanda's pussy.
wanda fingering you.
grinding with wanda.
wanda eating you out.
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wndaswife · 2 days
holaaa! for the celebration: 54, 116 and 117 from the smut prompt list? and is it possible to do it with the dom possessive wanda from your teachers pet fic?
Tumblr media
wanda maximoff & gn!reader
tags: smut, fluff, jealous and possessive behaviour, praise, cunnilingus, mommy kink, dom!teacher's pet!wanda maximoff, sub!reader
word count: 1662
a/n: messed with the original fic’s timeline a little bit for the sake of this one!
teacher's pet
“Next month’s your last month with us, isn’t it?” Pepper asks, peeling open the top of her cup of yogurt.
You nod after swallowing a mouthful of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Wanda made for you before you left the house together that morning. Along with the sandwich, she packed you a medley of cut vegetables and fruits that were always decorated in some shape of an animal.
Natasha speaks as she’s leaning back in her seat, chair tipping backwards dangerously, “No way. It’s been, what, just a few months since you started here, right?”
“That’s how long internships usually are. And Y/N came here during the beginning of this semester. We were very lucky,” Maria says.
You flush. You had been the lucky one, truly, to have been able to work at the high school. Through your teacher’s assistant position here, you were able to meet your girlfriend and some of your close friends. “I’ve really enjoyed working here,” you comment, fiddling with a slice of strawberry with your fork.
A hand is suddenly placed on your thigh under the staff room lunch table, and when you turn, Agatha is smiling at you. You hadn’t been able to transfer to Wanda’s classroom to assist her instead of Agatha. Your position under Agatha was always a sensitive topic for Wanda, and she took you away from her at every moment she could. Lunch was always spent with Wanda, whether in her classroom or elsewhere, and you always left as soon as you could once class ended, otherwise Wanda would come and take you with her by force if Agatha had held you back.
“We’ve enjoyed having you here too, Y/N,” Agatha tells you. Fingers squeeze around your upper thigh.
At that very moment, the door to the staff room opens and Wanda walks in, a tumbler of hot coffee and a container of lunch in-hand. Her eyes rake over the women at the table, lingering on Agatha for several moments, before she walks over to you with a smile forming.
You're confused when she sets her lunch down between you and Agatha and you look back to see Wanda pulling a chair out from the table behind and forcing it between you and her. Your arm jerks back to avoid getting hit by the chair. Agatha does the same.
“Wanda,” Pepper greets with a smile as she watches her push Agatha away from you.
Wanda nods at her in polite acknowledgment before turning to you with the first real smile since she’s stepped into the staff room. “Do you like the lunch I made you?” she asks. You nod and she smiles wider, appreciatively.
The end of the day comes quickly after you spend lunch with Wanda. There’s something you love so much about walking down the halls with her, especially when going home. She wraps an arm around your hips or takes your hand with hers while she asks you what you want for dinner or if you want to go out together. You’ve grown to love that kind of domesticity with her.
Agatha’s voice interrupts your daydreaming about your girlfriend while you’re packing your bag, “Come here for a moment, Y/N.” You turn to her, and then Wanda’s classroom across the hall. “Don’t worry. It’ll be quick,” she adds, and you lay your bag down and around the desks to her.
Her body turns to you when you stand by her desk, her fingers tapping absently atop it. “I take it you’ve gone public with Wanda, have you?” she inquires, though it feels more like an interrogation.
Wanda’s rants about Agatha repeat in your mind as you contemplate answering her about your relationship. She had said that Agatha had no place in your relationship, and she was always one to be judgemental about her. They’d been close friends once before, and you wonder if Agatha was genuinely curious about Wanda’s relationship.
You nod finally, hesitantly. When Agatha laughs, goosebumps run up your arms. How could you escape her criticism once it starts? You imagined Wanda reprimanding you on your way home and you sinking into the passenger's seat, apologising profusely. What would you tell her after she’d warned you plenty?
“And how is that going, darling?” Agatha asks after her laughing had ceased enough for her to talk. “She’s treating you well?” You cannot tell if she is mocking you, which makes you all the more desperate to flee.
“She treats me well,” you answer meekly. You will Wanda to come into the classroom and pull you away, hoping she’d hear your thoughts somehow.
What looks like a restrained smirk pulls at Agatha’s lips. It would only be a few more weeks until summer break, then you’d get to spend the next few months with Wanda, and Wanda only. You envision your summer together as you distract yourself from Agatha’s teasing.
“Wanda’s gone through plenty of young girls in her life, Y/N. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re just another one of her toys,” Agatha tells you. The words make your head rise from the foot of her desk to her face.
You protest immediately, “I’m not Wanda’s toy.”
The brunette steps towards you. “Are you certain about that, darling? You know, with me, you’d never have to doubt anything. I’d treat you well, baby.”
Suddenly, your shoulders raise and you step back from Agatha, hostility rising up in you. You tell her sternly, “I don’t like that. I love working here and I love Wanda. I want a professional relationship between the two of us and that’s all.” You don’t realise your voice was raised until the moment you stop speaking and feel a strain in your throat.
“Is there a problem here?” a voice snaps from behind you. You turn around and find Wanda standing at the door. A dozen weights lift from your shoulders and you round the table between Agatha’s desk and the door, taking your bag and joining her side.
“Everything’s alright here, sweetness,” Agatha replies, her voice sickly sweet.
Wanda takes your wrist and pulls you behind her. “Agatha,” she starts, her voice so cold it makes you shiver, “if I ever see you badgering Y/N again, I’m going to send a report for sexual harassment to Rogers and have you fired. Leave Y/N alone.”
She pulls the door away from the adjacent wall and slams it shut, causing you to bury your face against her back. Wanda turns to wrap an arm around your shoulders as the two of you head back to her classroom and presses a kiss to the side of your head.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to have her bother you,” you say into her side as you squeeze your arms around her waist. Her classroom door shuts behind the two of you quietly. “It’s my fault. I knew what you told me and I still gave into her.”
Without warning, Wanda leans down to kiss you, your back pushed up against her classroom door harshly. The act brings back memories to the first time the two of you kissed all those months ago. “Not your fault, precious angel,” Wanda utters against the crook of your neck. “She’s a bitch. I shouldn’t have left my sensitive little baby alone with her.” Her tongue darts out to run up your warm skin. “I just hope you don’t forget who you belong to, hm?”
“I would never,” you answer her, screwing your eyes shut to restrain your moans. “W-Wanda, please, we’re still at work.”
“You’re the one who got me worked up, so let’s have some fun,” she chuckles in response and sucks at the lobe of your ear gently.
“What do you mean? What did I do?”
“I heard what you were saying before I interrupted,” Wanda says and lifts her head to trail kisses up your cheeks, then to your temples, then down the bridge of your nose to your lips. “You were so sexy defending mommy like that.” Your cheeks flush a light pink and Wanda laughs at the sight.
You stutter for a response and place your hands on Wanda’s hips. She parts from your lips just enough so she can flick the tip of her tongue against them.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel really good,” Wanda assures and nips at the tip of your nose teasingly. She places her hands on both sides of your waist and lowers herself down to your knees. The sight of your girlfriend on her knees while she eats you out sends warmth through your chest as you recall the first time the two of you fucked in the very classroom.
Her tongue flicks over the hood of your clit before her lips wrap around your sensitive nub, sucking gently as three fingers pumped in and out of your hole, bringing you to your fourth and final orgasm simply with her tongue and fingers. Your legs are nearly about to give out, to turn into jelly as your body melts on top of her.
Wanda wraps her lips around her fingers and sucks your juices from them. She kissed your lips and wrapped her arms around your hips to hold you up. "You were right before, Y/N," she says. "You're not a toy to me. I love you so much. You'll always be my special baby."
You don’t hesitate even a moment before responding with, “I love you too.”
You help Wanda pack her things before she locks her classroom up and walks down the hallways with you hand-in-hand. She swings your arm forward and back, your shoulders brushing as you walk beside each other.
“What are you thinking for dinner, baby?” Wanda asks you.
After a moment of consideration, you reply, “Balsamic bruschetta?”
“Done. Let’s make a stop at the grocery store before we go home.” She presses a kiss to your cheek when the two of you reach the parking lot and step into her red Buick.
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90smaximoff · 11 days
roommate!wanda x fem!reader.
words: 800.
warnings: smut (+18), dubcon, fingering, dirty talk, degradation, mentions of strap on, bottom!reader.
summary: after your break up with your ex you’ve become sexually frustrate, but your roommate wanted you to feel better, even if she have to insist.
note: okay this is my first published storie and i’m very shy… but it’s okay i guess, may contain mistakes because english is NOT my mother language. i’m already sorry.
Tumblr media
“See, detka? I told you that would feel so good.” Wanda whispered into your ear, two of her long fingers buried deep inside your pussy, while she holds both of your hands onto your back.
If somebody asked how you get into this position, you wouldn’t know how to respond, how did your conversation with your roommate about how you’ve been sexually frustrate since your break up with your ex became… this.
You’ve tried to fight in the start, when Wanda gets a little too close to you telling you that she could make the things better, she was your roommate and would be so weird live with her after this, and anyway when you two were talking you were just looking for a friend, not sex. But she convinced you, in her own way, telling you to shut up while she was bending you over and stopping you to move with the force of her body.
“Damn, you’re so tight slut, that fucking ex of yours wasn’t fucking you right, uh?” She growls with her breath in your cheek, her fingers gaining more velocity and your moans becoming louder even muffled into your sheets. You had give up of beg her to stop a while ago. Actually you started to like it.
You’ve never imagined Wanda like this, when you both met you’ve assumed that she was a shy and cute girl, who likes to cook and read romances, always telling you about the book she was reading and offering you food that she makes herself or buy in some grocery stores.
But now, with her fingers going in and out of you so fast that you could hear your own arousal, you aren’t sure that Wanda Maximoff was simply a shy and cute girl.
“Don’t worry, by the time i’m done with stretch out that little pussy you will be begging for more, of my fingers, of my mouth, and even more of my cock.“
Even with your brain all messy you still get confused by what she said, was it just a kinky talk or Wanda could actually fuck you with a cock? But it was not like you could care too much, at every minute you were a little closer to your high and Wanda calling you a slut and a whore from time to time definitely was keeping you going, moaning even more into the mattress, you lift your hips, unconsciously, onto her hand.
Obviously she notices it.
“That’s it baby, show me that you want me too, even if your trying do deny it, your body shows me that you’re loving being fucked by me. Cum for me, my pretty slut.” Wanda said kissing your cheek softly, like that was the moment she was waiting for, but her fingers keeps their pace, fast, hard, almost making you cum.
Just a few more thrusts and you come all over her hand, shaking in a loud moan, feeling her fingers slowing down while you were trying to catch your breath. You feel Wanda finally set your arms free but she did not make a move to get up from your body. She was trying to catch her breath too and you wondered why, did she cum just by watching you?
“Wanda?” You finally said after some minutes of silence.
“Are you mad at me?” She whispered, sounding like the shy girl you’ve met before. Her voice sounding so sorry and fragile that you couldn’t even think about being mad.
“No, but i need you to get up.” She mourned an “okay” and started to getting up, taking her fingers out of you making you shiver for a second, then she put your panties up and your skirt down to your knees again.
When she gets up, still standing there waiting for you to do the same like a the sims, you missed her warmth on your body the way she was before. You managed to sit yourself on the bed, feeling the good stretch on your pussy and almost letting out a moan. You look at her, she doesn’t look like somebody that just fucked a girl even through she begged to stop, she just looked like your cute roommate, except by her arms a little scratched by your nails and her hair messed up.
“I’m sorry, i was just trying to make you feel better.” She said with sadness in her pretty green eyes. “When you stopped fighting i just assumed that you wanted me too, i will understand if you never talk to me again after that.”
“What were you talking about fucking me with your cock?” You asked, interrupting her cries for forgiveness. Her eyes became confused and she looks at you like you were crazy.
“Hum.. I was just… Well, i have a dildo, so, in the moment i just thought that-“
“Go get it, I want you to fuck me with it.”
She stopped talking and a naughty smile came across her face. If she wanted so bad to make you feel better about your sexual issues, why dont let her?
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randomshyperson · 2 days
Yellow Curtains - Chapter Eight - Wanda Maximoff Series
Tumblr media
Summary: Wanda Maximoff's senior year at Novi Grad School is duly planned for her. She has good friends, good grades, and a good system to hide who she really is. Or, the one based on Evak from the Norway Skam series, where Wanda is queer and tries to survive the last year without anyone knowing about it.
Warnings: (+18), general warnings about language and violence, legal drug use, mentions of underage drinking, high school, internalized homophobia and discovery of sexuality, explicit mentions of mental disorders (bipolarity and depression), dysfunctional family, making out, and eventual smut.
A/N- So, the final chapter is here (I might have said somewhere that it would be 10 chapters? Idk where that came from; I can't do math that's clear) and I hope everyone had a great reading with this it surely meant a lot to me to write about bipolarity. Let's see what comes next.
Skamverse | Series | General Masterlist | AO3 | Wattpad
Chapter Eight - Minute by Minute
Četrtek 17:45 (Thursday 5:45 pm)
Wanda hadn't seen you in days. She had been keeping those thoughts away because she got a job - she was supposed to start next week -and Pietro had finally told his mother about the reason for the fight. Because he didn't want to involve Erik, he was waiting for his 18th birthday in February to take any legal action - if he decided to pursue any charges anyway. Natalya said that she would be with him for whatever he needed.
You hadn't shown up at school since Monday. Wanda tried not to look so worried; she had met the guidance counselor Agatha who told her that she had given you the freedom to take some days off, and study at home, whenever you needed, and the school had already been notified about your absence. In addition, Carol also said that you seemed fine, just a little grumpy and that you were working normally. She also mentioned that Peter had shown up at the apartment to take the rest of his things away.
And now, in the kitchen where Wanda was sitting at the table, cutting tomatoes for dinner, she didn't expect her mother to describe your appearance.
She blinked confusedly away from the task, looking at her mother who was pointing to the window.
"Sorry, what did you say?"
"Outside, dear." Natalya says. "There's a girl knocking on our neighbor's door. Is it someone you know? If it's a saleswoman let's pretend there's no one home..."
Pietro, who had gotten up to get a glass of his water, let out a laugh as he looked out the window. "It's Y/N Danvers, Mama. I bet she's looking for Wanda."
"Oh, is that a new friend?" Natalya asked curiously, but Wanda was already running out of the kitchen as soon as she wiped the fruit juice on a dishcloth.
She opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony at the same moment you were apologizing to her neighbor for the mistake.
"Y/N." She called out a little louder, and you turned your head, almost tripping over the step you were coming down. You smiled at her, before making your way to her entrance.
"Hey." You greeted gently, putting your hands in your pockets as soon as you passed the gate. "Did you know that identical houses don't help people with bad memories? I couldn't remember your place number and I've been bothering your neighbors for about twenty minutes."
Wanda hides a small smile. "You could have asked Nat."
"It was a last-minute decision." You shrug. "Besides this, it's more fun this way."
She swallows dryly. "What do you want?"
You sigh, but before you can speak, two figures are squeezing through the door behind Wanda.
"Aren't you going to introduce your friend, dear?" It's Natalya with a curious look on her face. You smile at her, nodding, and Wanda feels her ears heat up.
"Mama, that's Carol's sister, Y/N, a friend from school." She murmurs, looking at you only for a moment. You waste no time, moving forward several steps until Wanda can smell your perfume again in the closeness that occurs when you walk up the stairs and squeeze yourself next to her to shake Natalya's hand and greet Pietro as well.
"Hello, it's a pleasure." You say politely. Wanda looks out into the yard, away from the open buttons of your blouse that allow her to see part of your collarbone.
Natalya narrows her eyes a little. "You wouldn't be the reason my daughter has been so gloomy the last few days, would you?"
"Mama!" Wanda protests in shame, but you clear your throat quietly, stealing a glance at her before turning back to face Natalya.
"I am sorry to say that I am yes ma'am." You say upset. "I was unnecessarily rude and mean to her. But I am here to apologize, and make things right."
Natalya approves of your sincerity. "Well, it's a pretty mature decision. How old are you?"
"Eighteen, ma'am."
"And you work?"
"Yes, I am a parkour instructor for a gym in the capital."
"Interesting. Do you plan to go to college?"
Before you can answer, Wanda is giving you a gentle push by the hand. "Okay, end of the interrogation. We're gonna take a walk, okay? I'll be back for dinner."
"Goodbye, Mrs. Maximoff, it was a pleasure meeting you!" You waved goodbye, letting yourself be pulled by Wanda's hand out of the yard.
She didn't realize she was still holding it until around the corner, and let out an embarrassed exclamation that made you chuckle.
"Let's go this way." She pointed to the left, and you nodded before following her.
Četrtek 17:55 (Thursday 5:55 pm)
Rays of sunlight illuminated the playground where you both stood. Sitting side by side on the children's swings, Wanda studied the features of your face from the side as you stared at your shoelaces.
A long moment of silence stretched between you, and Wanda spoke before it became uncomfortable.
"You said you had something to tell me." She teased gently, making you smile.
Your gaze returned to hers, but only for a brief moment.
"I want to, but I don't know how to start."
Wanda firmed her foot on the floor to keep her swing from moving. "I've heard that apologies begin with I'm sorry." 
You chuckle softly, and unlike her, your feet push a little dirt to rock your swing very gently.
"I'd like this to be my last apology but that's nearly impossible." You confess sincerely, and that surprises her a little. Your gaze meets Wanda's, searching for some kind of annoyance, but all you see is her curiosity. You sigh. "I'm sorry for the way I treated you last week, and for being absent for so many days. My head was a mess. It was the bad mood."
Wanda reaches out for the chain of your swing, following the rhythm of the gentle motion. "You don't have to go through any of this alone, Y/N. You know that, don't you?"
You look away, with a sad smile. You try to mumble that you do, but you don't believe it, and Wanda would probably realize it's a lie. It's all right, if it was for her, you would know that by heart.
"Maybe we should just not do this, Wan." You mutter looking away. Wanda feels her heart tighten in her chest. Your gaze returns to her, and it is as sad as your next words, "I am just going to hurt you, and then you will hate me."
She denies it with her head, and her hand leaves the chain to touch your wrist. "I would never hate you. Never. I want to be here, Y/N. For the best, and for the fucking worst too."
You don't reject her touch, but you give a humorless laugh.
"I can hardly stand myself, Wands. How can I ask you to do that?"
She releases her grip to slide her fingers down your hand, pulling you in and bringing it into her lap, where she intertwines your fingers. The motion of her swing begins to mimic yours.
"But that's my choice, you know? I want to be with you, and I don't need more than you."
A small smile emerges, but you shake your head, your free hand pushing your hair back.
"You say that now, when I'm okay. But when I'm not, I'll fuck it up and you'll go away-"
"Hey, stop, look at me." She gives your hand a squeeze and waits for you to obey. Her gaze, though gentle, contains no hesitation whatsoever. "Let's do something, alright? Let's stop thinking about tomorrow, and just slow down."
You frown softly. "What do you mean?"
She smiles, her thumb caressing your hand, and her gaze focused on yours. "For example... Do you think you can stay well for the next 60 seconds?"
You give a confused laugh, but with Wanda's look of encouragement, you nod. "Yeah, I can try."
She chuckles lightly, leaning over to bring her free hand up to your face. Her finger draws a heart on your cheek.
"Then we'll do it like this." She whispers like a secret. "All you need to worry about are the next 60 seconds. Not a week from now, or even tomorrow. Just the next minute. That's the way we're going to go, Y/N. Minute by minute."
You smile, resting your forehead on hers. Wanda strokes your cheek, smiling too. You just hold hands, and breathe together, for five, and then ten, and finally fifteen seconds.
"Can I use the rest of my minute to kiss you?" You ask in a whisper, and Wanda chuckles, nodding before you break the distance.
You both miss the feeling with all your hearts. 
The sun has already set by the time you walk Wanda back home. She pushes you out of the window's view, against the entrance wall, to kiss you deeply goodbye, and you almost give up on leaving.
It's probably the happiest you've been in a long time.
Torek 15:10  (Tuesday 3:10 pm)
"I have a gift for you."
Wanda could imagine your expression, especially the little smile she loved because she thought it made you look charming, as you typed, "Really? Now I'm more excited than before. Come soon, Maximoff!" followed by two more 'Run! Get here soon!" with a giggle emoji below.
The subway was pretty quick, but Wanda still took almost forty minutes from Barton Construction to Novi Grad, at the Academy where you worked. She had to walk a bit but followed Google Maps to be able to find the small building. 
It looked like a great place to work - besides the good location with several stores around, it was an open area, and before even passing the gate, Wanda could see you teaching outside to kids between 10 and 12 who seemed to be having the time of their lives jumping through false obstacles.
You two had been going out for a few weeks, taking things slowly as you agreed. And with school and work, you didn't see each other as often as Wanda would have liked, but that only made the moments together even more precious.
She announced her arrival at the gate to one of your co-workers, and as soon as class was over, you led the students out of the room and walked over to her.
Wanda giggled against your lips as you pressed her behind the lockers at the entrance to the locker room - a needy kiss that left her all flushed.
"You're sweaty." She teased, but you twitched your nose at her, kissing her again. Wanda was grateful for the hands-on her waist that provided support for her weak knees. "Aren't you hungry?" she reminds, half breathless from the exchange of affection, and you pull away only to kiss the tip of her nose. 
"I'm going to take a shower and we'll have lunch in a minute." You say. "But can you please kiss me for real? I missed you." 
Wanda giggles embarrassedly, looking away for a moment. "We're in the middle of your work, babe..."
"Just one kiss? I promise I'll return it to you later." 
She giggles, but accepts, pressing your lips together. It is Wanda who slides her tongue into yours, pulling you by the shoulders to press her harder against the wall, and then breaks the kiss with an affected gasp.
"There you go, baby, now go take a shower." She prompted, shuddering at the way you were looking at her with your pupils fully dilated. "Y/N?"
You shook your head, grinning affectedly. "Okay, wait for me outside if you don't want the staff filling you with questions." Was your warning before you released her and headed for the locker rooms.
Wanda thought it was okay, and went to the reception desk, so she spent the next 20 minutes listening to questions from her co-workers who called her the mystery girlfriend you kept talking about. She didn’t mind.
Torek 15:35  (Tuesday 3:35 pm)
Wanda got off your back with a giggle. Although you had been the one working on physical activity so far, it was enough that she mumbled that her feet were a little sore from walking from the subway to there that you insisted on carrying her to where you were going to have lunch.
The food-truck area was empty, and you got a bench at the end of the hill that accommodated the food carts.
"What do you want, Italian, Sokovian, or Mexican? I think they're doing Thai now too."
"Surprise me." She retorted with a little smile, and you had to kiss her for it. You left a second later, going to buy the food, and Wanda adjusted your present in her jacket pocket.
You soon returned with lunch, and Wanda almost forgot about the gift because she got so caught up in the conversation. There were empty packages next to you when you entwined your hand in hers to play with her fingers while you asked: "Wasn't there something you wanted to give me?"
She exclaimed softly as she remembered. "Oh, that's right. Wait a second." She asked, releasing her hand to grab the gift from her jacket pocket.
You frowned slightly as the item was placed in your hands, a short chuckle escaping. "That's..."
"The church." She completed in expectation of your reaction. "I printed the picture and made it myself. Did you like it?"
You giggle, nodding, and twirling the item in your hand. It was a CD, with songs by Taylor Swift, but the cover was a picture of the church. Everything was handmade, and the dedication made your chest inflate with tenderness.
"I love it, Wands, that is really sweet." 
"There's something else. Open it." She asks while studying your reaction as you busy yourself with obeying.
Inside is a CD, which also has handwritten markings in black pen. But what catches your attention the most is the song list on the inside. There are 20 tracks, all the songs that you imagine are Wanda's favorites, but the 21 just says 'I love you'.
You smile, kind of emotional, and stroke the track with your finger.
"Did that come from you, or is it an unreleased song?" You joke, receiving a light nudge but managing to make her laugh. 
"It’s all coming from my dirty little heart." She teases back, and you smile, reaching over to kiss her gently for a long moment. Wanda sighs, but when she goes deeper you break apart. You brush your noses together, and whispers:
"I love you too, Wands. Never doubt or forget that." You ask, and she smiles, a hand going to your neck.
"I won’t."
Sreda, 23:12 (Wednesday, 11:12 pm)
Wanda's birthday is a bad day for you. It's all very unfair, you both think. You had been great the previous few days, incredibly supportive to her about the whole Pietro thing and how he had finally decided that he was going to pursue the case against Jake for the assault, and how Erik, as soon as he heard the news, said that they could stop counting on his financial support once they came of age for embarrassing him in front of the whole community. 
Pietro would be starting work in a few weeks, he had gotten a trainee instructor position at your gym and Wanda was immensely grateful for this.
She had hoped that you would celebrate her birthday together, but on the day, you texted her.
"I don't feel well. I'm really sorry." And Wanda can't even blame you for that.
Pietro was sympathetic about the whole thing - While you were at home, buried under the covers as Carol informed Nat, who in turn informed the twins, Wanda went out. She wanted to stay with you, keeping you company, but you insisted that she enjoy her birthday, and your friends made sure of that.
Although she spent the day feeling a bit guilty, thinking about you alone, Wanda knew that there was nothing to be done, and tried to respect your request that she enjoys her 18th birthday celebration. Since it was a weekday, her friends took her to an arcade after school and promised that they would throw a decent party at the weekend.
Wanda came home with a dozen gifts, just like Pietro, and her first thought was to call you, even though you hadn't answered any of the dozens of messages she had sent you earlier.
"I don't think that's fair." Pietro declares from her door when Wanda has been staring at the screen of unanswered messages for some time. She blinks away and stares at him with confusion. He puts his hands in his pockets. "Why couldn't she just be there?"
Wanda sighs and blocks her cell phone, adjusting herself on the bed. "Don't be like that." She says seriously. "Y/N doesn't feel well. If she forced herself to go, she would be cranky and irritable all day. She'd end up saying things she'd regret, and I'd be worse off if she ruined the party than not going at all don't you think?"
Pietro hums grudgingly, shrugging. "I'm sorry, you're right. I know she likes you."
"She loves me, Pietro." Wanda corrects, and the boy gives a small smile, rolling his eyes in good humor.
"All right, birthday girl. Happy birthday and good night to you." He says, making her smile.
"Happy birthday to you too, Pietro."
She has already fallen asleep when a knocking sound wakes her up. Fighting sleep to get to her feet, Wanda shouldn't be so surprised to see you on her balcony.
"Y/N? What are you doing here?" she asks confused, her hair half messed up and using one hand to scratch her eyes while the other opens the balcony door for you.
You stumble inside with a mischievous smile on your lips. "I felt better. I didn't want to miss your birthday."
She looks away at the little study table by the window, "But babe, it's late..." You cut her off with a kiss on the mouth, it's short, more like a greeting, but it makes Wanda smile.
"Happy birthday." You say, taking off your jacket as you walk away from her. The item goes to the couch in the corner of the room. "Come, I want to show you your gift."
You throw yourself on her bed, adjusting yourself against the pillow, and Wanda steals a glance at the closed door. You shouldn't have to worry about Mom or Pietro waking up, because it was just you, in her room, at night, alone..."
"Wands, come on." You rush her and she gives a little giggle before going to lie down beside you.
As soon as she is comfortable, you take the cell phone out of your pocket. Wanda twitches her nose in curiosity.
"Your cell phone is my gift?"
You laugh. "You're pretty funny, aren't you, Maximoff." You retort back, resting the cell phone on her stomach. "I made you a video with my amazing cinematography skills."
Wanda chuckles, watching curiously as you open the youtube app. Once she read the name of the video 'Deklica, ki ni mogla zadržati diha pod vodo' (The girl who couldn't hold her breath underwater) she let out a soft exclamation of protest. "Hey, I won that challenge!"
You giggle, turning your face to kiss her cheek quickly. "Watch the video, Ariel." 
Wanda adjusted herself against you and clicked play. The title screen gave way to a montage of videos with the sound of La Vie En Rose - all recorded by you and her over the weeks of your relationship. Saved moments of Wanda cooking in your apartment, sleeping in your bed, studying with you. At school, waving from where she was talking to Nat and Carol, or standing next to you, making disgusting sounds to the couple in love. There were videos she recorded, of you training for work, doing push-ups on the bedroom floor with her on your back, both of you laughing your asses off. You, wearing social attire and offering a wink as you caught her recording through the reflection of the mirror.
Wanda, sleeping on your chest as you stroke her hair. 
The video ends with you, speaking to the camera: "Zdravo lepo dekle! (Hello, beautiful girl!)  I wanted to make something special for your birthday, something about all the happiness you are bringing me, and what better way than a video showing it? I hope you enjoyed the present, Wands. I love you. Happy birthday."
You put down your cell phone, looking at her for a reaction. Wanda thinks she might start crying at any moment, and once you see the tears in her eyes, you let out a sigh. "Is that a good sign or a bad sign?"
She laughs tearfully, leaning in to kiss you. Your cell phone slides off the bed as Wanda intensifies, straddling your lap to press you onto the bed. You gasp softly but respond. And she doesn't stop, which you honestly find incredible.
By the time your hands have moved up to her stomach under her blouse, and Wanda is panting on top of you, you break the kiss with a sigh.
"Wands, wait." 
She stares at you with dark, but concerned eyes. "What's wrong?"
You smile, stroking her hip with your thumb. "You...are you sure? I want to, but your mother and brother are in the next room..."
"I'll be quiet." She assures you in a whisper, leaning in again to kiss you before giving your bottom lip a tug that makes you grunt. "Do you think you can be quiet too, babe?" She challenges affectedly, and you sigh deeply before flipping your positions on the bed with a single movement, stifling any sighs of surprise with a hungry kiss that Wanda matches in the same second.
Wanda likes this more than anything else. Your hands feel right, tracing every line of her body as if to memorize it. Your mouth is hungry but follows her motions. Wanda loves the sounds you make as if you are as affected as she is, even though you are in theory doing all the work.
She figures you have more experience, by the way, you steady your knee between her legs and cover her mouth before she moans loudly to the ceiling, and she tries to think of something other than the desire burning in her system but nothing but how much she loves and trusts you come up.
Your hands pull off her pajama top, and Wanda has to force her face against the pillow when your mouth latches onto one of her breasts. Your tongue teases the nipple, and you bite and suck and Wanda whimpers against the pillowcase, a hot tingling sensation spreading throughout her body. She struggles to throw her hips against you, but you only giggle, forcing her back on the bed by her waist.
"Calm down. There's no rush." You tease, cupping her hardened nipple, and have only half a second to cover Wanda's moan with your hand. "Damn, baby, I love those sounds but you need to be quiet. You don't want to wake up the other people in the house."
She grunts against your hand, a whimper threatening to tear her throat when you continue to grab and stimulate her breasts. "I-I need... more. Babe, please..."
"Shh, it's okay. I'm right here. I'll give you what you need." You meekly assure, as affected as she is. Your hands reach down to pull on her pajama shorts, and once the item comes off, you turn your face to hers. 
You kiss her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, and the tip of her nose before brushing your lips together. Wanda is ready to respond to your kiss when you slide your hand between her legs, pressing on her clit and drawing all the air out of her lungs. She chokes, and you kiss her, swallowing her moans that increase as you tease your way inside - first with one finger, and then with two.
The knee that has been applying pressure until now is the one that holds her legs open for you. And when you have stretched it far enough to move in, Wanda digs her nails into your back as she feels two fingers sliding in.
You both moan at the sensation. "Fuck, you're soaking wet." You grunt affected, feeling her pulsing in your fingerprints. "All this for me, my love?"
Wanda whimpers, hiding her face in your collarbone. She feels the stretch, but the pain has long since given way to throbbing pleasure. She needs you to move, or she thinks she's going to explode. And part of her thinks that might be a good thing.
Her hint is to push her hips against your hand, and you follow willingly, removing your fingers only to sink them again, and again, in a slow, intense rhythm as you turn your face to her, to kiss the sounds she lets out with each thrust.
"Baby..." Wanda whimpers, nails digging into your waist. "There's-fuck-something happening." She gasps with her eyes closed. You breathe her an affected laugh, curling your fingers inside her wet intimacy and making her see stars. Her body tenses and her legs twitch. You know exactly what is happening.
"Come for me, pretty girl." You ask with kisses on her jaw, your fingers never failing inside her. "I want to see you fall apart." 
Wanda moans in your ear, struggling to breathe as her orgasm washes over her, the blinding pleasure making her clutch at you in desperation, squirming beneath you as she soaks your hand. You pant against her neck, kissing her skin as she calms down.
Once you rise to face her again, you meet Wanda's lazy eyes, and slide your fingers out, enjoying her sigh against your cheek.
You wipe your hand on her thigh, resisting the urge to sink into her again.
"Did you like it?" you ask in a whisper, rubbing your nose against her jaw before kissing her skin a few times. Wanda chuckles, still twitching lightly as she nods. "Was it good for you? Are you sure?"
"Of course I'm sure." She retorts in a false offense, her hands going to your neck. "I feel really good. Thank you."
You smile, kissing her before retorting, " Don't mention it." You whisper in a slightly teasing tone. "Can I sleep here? Just sleep. Or not just sleep, if you prefer."
Wanda laughs, pulling you to lie down on the bed next to her. "You don't even have to ask, darling."  She reminds you, kissing you again, and again until you breathe a sigh. Wanda opens her eyes first and brings a hand to your cheek. She traces a heart with her index finger, and you smile, closing your eyes. She swallows dryly. "I love you."
"I know." You respond immediately, wrinkling your nose when she chuckles. You open your eyes at her, and stare at her. "I love you too, Wands." You assure her. "I'm sorry I missed your birthday."
She frowns in surprise at the subject, but quickly shakes her head, providing an assured smile for you. "Don't be, it's not your fault. And you're here now, aren't you? And you gave me an incredible gift..."
"I'm glad you liked the video."
"Oh, I was talking about the sex but sure, the video is cool too." She jokes, giggling at your exclamation of indignation. You move on top of her, teasing her with tickles, and soon you are laughing together.
The noise is enough to wake her mother, and when the hallway light comes on, Wanda pushes you lying on the bed and covers herself with the sheet.
"Honey, are you still awake?" Natalya asks as she enters the room, her expression going from confusion to surprise at seeing you. "Oh, Y/N? I didn't know we had guests..."
"Hey, sorry, Miss Maximoff, I came to bring Wanda's birthday present." You clumsily clarify, trying to look decent despite the crumpled hair and clothes, hyper-conscious that Wanda was without her panties under the covers. The brunette next to you was completely red. "B-but maybe I should go, it's late-"
"Don't be silly, Y/N, it's unsafe this time of night." Natalya cut her off with a nod. "Since you're already here, take the guest room. Have you eaten?"
"Hmm- a few hours ago..."
"Good, we still have a little left over from dinner. Come, come."
Wanda covered her face with her hand, ignoring your plea for help in your gaze to escape the unexpected dinner with her mother.
Sobota, 09:43 (Saturday, 09:24 a.m)
"Can I eat this?" 
Wanda chuckles at your startled cat expression. You have been so adorable all day, respectful of this symbolic and more intimate version of what for years was a traditional Orthodox Shabbat of her family, that she thinks she is falling even more in love with each of your questions.
"Yes, darling." She assures, moving closer. "You're not Jewish, you can eat whatever you want."
"But I..."
"It's okay, Y/N. It's not disrespectful." She clarifies, pouring some of the grape juice from the table into two glasses. "Besides, you're kind of pale. This is your first time fasting, right?"
You chuckle embarrassedly, accepting the glass of juice. "I didn't want you to feel lonely."
Wanda smiles warmly, placing a hand over your face. "I never feel lonely with you, sweetheart. Besides this, Pietro also did the fasting. You didn't have to starve for me." You sigh, shrugging. Wanda raises her cup, to toast with you. "Eat to your heart's content. Please. You wouldn't want to pass out in front of my family, right?"
You grunt softly. "You've convinced me." You joke, taking a large gulp before focusing on the food table.
Around it, a dozen or so Maximoff family members circle around. Natalya and Wanda look beautiful in their dresses, and despite what Erik would call a blasphemous mix of Wiccan and Jewish cultures in one room, everyone there is having a great time.
Wanda's cousins run around, and her uncles chat. There is no electronic equipment on, and the light comes from candles and the sun itself outside through the wide open windows. In addition to Wanda's family, there are you, Natasha, and Clint, all dressed half-formally for the Maximoff Shabbat.
You leave the food table to sit in an armchair, engaging in conversation with Pietro, and Wanda is trying to pretend she's not stealing glances at you all afternoon.
"You both look happy." It is Natasha who says, coming to get some more juice. Wanda adjusts some napkins on the table, and waves to her friend.
"We are." She says with a smile. "Like, really. I didn't even know it was possible to love someone that much."
Nat smiles affectionately. "I'm glad you two have found each other." She says, making Wanda smile. They look away, at you laughing with Pietro, before your gaze meets Wanda's. You offer her a wink before returning to the conversation, and Wanda looks down to hide the soft pink of her cheeks.
Natasha watches Carol go out onto the balcony to answer the phone, and sighs lightly. "She's thinking about going back to New York." She comments, surprising the brunette next to her. But Nat smiles, "To NYU, Wanda. Carol sent her letters last week. If she gets in, she'd like to go back home."
Wanda steals a glance at you before facing the table again. "Y/N and I sent ours as well. Half of Europe, including Novi Grad. But she doesn't want to go back to New York."
Nat hums in understanding, changing hands off her glass. "Do you guys have any plans for the future?"
Wanda smiles, looking at you for a moment. "I don't know." She says. "Life is good right now. I'd rather enjoy every minute I have with her than grow anxious about what hasn't happened yet."
"That's clever." Natasha flatters with a smile, taking a long sip of juice. "Stop wasting time on me, Wands, go sit with your partner."
Wanda chuckles, hugging Natasha before pinching her nose in affection and turning away to go sit next to you on the couch.
Pietro is excitedly telling about another one of his pranks at school, and she takes the opportunity to slide her hand over yours, intertwining your fingers on your lap.
When one of Wanda's uncles enters the conversation, you divert your attention to her. "Everything okay?" You ask quietly, squeezing her hand gently.
She smiles, resting her face on your shoulder and kissing your cheek. "Everything is perfect."
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