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GL commission works
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Xena: Warrior Princess Queen of Loving Her Wife The MostTM
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Nothing important... Just admiring Natasha Romanoff :)
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Black History Month: Rosetta Tharpe
鈥淎ll this new stuff they call rock 鈥榥鈥 roll, why, I鈥檝e been playing that for years now.鈥
鈥擱osetta Tharpe, London Daily Mirror, 1957, quoted in Gayle Wald鈥檚 Shout, Sister, Shout!: The Untold Story of Rock-and-Roll Trailblazer Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Known as the godmother of rock and roll, Rosetta Tharpe had her first hit song in 1938 and continued to perform almost up until her death in 1973.
As the first gospel musician signed to Decca records, Rosetta brought the music of her Black, working-class gospel church to the world. Her sound - especially her distinctive guitar-playing - was a pioneering influence on rock and roll, with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry all citing her as an inspiration.
Rosetta never spoke publicly about her sexuality, but friends remember that she was attracted to women and men, and that she and her musical partner Marie Knight were lovers.
Learn more
Image: Black-and-white photo of Rosetta, a young, smiling Black woman in a long dress, holding a guitar
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embroidery & print details on the Lesbian Solidarity Forever Sweatshirt 馃懇馃従鈥嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈煆筐煣♀潳锔忊湪 available sizes XS-5XL 馃審 worldwide shipping
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stupid wife 1x08
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Won鈥檛 get over them 馃ス
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Tumblr media
chapter 1: patrol | ellie williams |聽
summary 鈥斅燳ou knew Ellie Williams. You weren't close with her by any means, but you knew her. You knew that she had been dating Dina for 5 months when you arrived, and you also knew that you were fairly interested in her. One night after a day of patrol together, the two of you talk during a get-together. And not just about the normal trivial things you'd say every now and then to break the almost comfortable silence during patrols. You actually talked.
pairing 鈥 ellie williams聽x reader
warnings 鈥 femme-based reader, slight violence? reader is a lesbian, dina & ellie are dating (she doesn鈥檛 cheat dw)
word count 鈥 1.8k
author鈥檚 note 鈥斅燞ello Hello, I have not written since about middle school so i鈥檓 so sorry if this is just horribly written (銆锞熜达緹) Also I apologize if there are any mistakes/inconsistencies or anything like that. I was raised by an immigrant who鈥檚 English wasn鈥檛 perfect when he had/taught me so mine isn鈥檛 perfect either! So much for Eng being my first language LOL.
7:15 AM. The bright red numbers from your shitty alarm clock burned into your eyes as you decided to actually open them and make an attempt to wake up and start your day. You didn鈥檛 just wake up now though, you had been awake for the past hour or so; listening to the sound of Jackson slowly coming to life. Your body is still on its usual sleep-wake cycle from traveling on your own. Before you came across a few people and were welcomed into this community, your sleep wasn鈥檛 exactly a priority. Sleep was a luxury, you only got a few hours of sleep so you naturally woke up early even though you didn鈥檛 exactly need to. Which of course, was miserable but unfixable so far.
Deciding to actually function, you sit up with a sigh; and internally groan at the feeling of the frigid air compared to the warmth of your bed sheets. 鈥淔uck that,鈥 you mumble to yourself, and wrap one of the blankets around you and stand up. After dressing yourself in the appropriate kind of clothing for the mid-December weather, which was beautiful but fucking miserable, you head out to start your day.
Ellie鈥檚 coming with you on your patrol today, which wouldn鈥檛 be the first time. You two weren鈥檛 usually paired up, but you remember her from a few of your first non-group patrols. Actual conversation never really occurred between the two of you, you said hello when meeting up and all that shit; and talked about how to take out the infected that were in the area. But it was never more than that. Not a big deal though, it didn鈥檛 make a huge difference to you. Although, a part of you longed for more. Just a little bit more, even if she just asked you how you were feeling that day or if you had any plans. One time during one of your very first patrols you attempted to shoot and ride at the same time; which evidently failed as you got knocked off by a runner. Ellie took care of the infected that had knocked you off, but she had pulled you to safety before doing that. She was grabbing you by the arm, yanking you behind her. After that, for some reason, you couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about her grabbing you. Her touching you. You replayed that moment in your head over and over again, even after arriving back in Jackson that day.
But Ellie had been with Dina for 5 months at that point. You had just gotten there, you didn鈥檛 already want to tarnish your image with the idea that you鈥檙e going after a taken woman. That would fucking suck. That and the fact that it's just plain wrong. So you just took those feelings and shoved them deep down inside you so they would never see the light of day. 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
Tumblr media
鈥淗ey {name}, you signing in? I grabbed Lady from her stable for you already! 鈥 someone else getting ready for a patrol said as they saw you. 鈥淥h, thank you! And uh yeah, just waiting for Ellie. Have you seen her, she's usually the first one here?鈥
Almost as if on cue, Ellie walked in. Her face was slightly red, and it looked as if she was frowning; her eyebrows furrowed as she mumbled something to herself that you couldn't hear. 鈥淢aybe she鈥檚 not a morning person,鈥 you thought to yourself, 鈥渕aybe we have that in common. God, I hope it doesn鈥檛 affect her attitude on this patrol, I really don鈥檛 feel like dealing with that shit right now.鈥
You gave her a small wave and a slight smile, and she gave you a nod of acknowledgment as she grabbed Shimmer from her stable.
鈥淵ou ready? This shouldn鈥檛 take too long, this area never really has any infected.鈥 She handed you a map of the route since you鈥檝e never been on it before, and she didn鈥檛 want to deal with you getting lost along the way.
As you saddled your horse you took a quick glance over the route, 鈥淗m, yep. Seems easy enough!鈥
She gave you a small smile, finally. 鈥淎lright, let's go then. I just wanna get it done quickly.鈥 And with that, you mounted your horses and headed for the gate to leave.
Tumblr media
聽The ride was quiet for the most part, aside from a few comments about the weather or a random animal one of you saw. It was really pretty too, you were kinda upset you had never come along on this route before. No infected to take out and good scenery? It was perfect, completely serene.
There were, however, buildings you had to clear of course. And this one seemed rather large and broken down, it almost looked like some sort of gas station or store like that. All of the entrances were blocked by something so you had to figure out a different point of entry.
鈥淗ey,鈥 Ellie motioned towards an open window with her head, 鈥渙ver here. I鈥檒l boost you up and you can help me get in.鈥
You silently nodded and jumped off Lady, patting her on the side once before jogging over to said window.
She bends down, links her hands together, and nods up towards the opening, 鈥淥kay, up you go.鈥
Stepping onto her hands, she pushes upwards and you鈥檙e able to grab onto the very edge of the window. 鈥淔uck, I think I need a little bit more help鈥攊t鈥檚 a little too high for me to reach.鈥
Another touch. This time she grabbed onto your leg to help boost you up more. It wasn鈥檛 your lower leg though, it was like鈥擳he directly below your ass leg area.
Your breath hitched and you were finally up through the window; standing on what you assumed was some sort of storage unit. After helping Ellie up, you turn on your flashlight and start looking around. There wasn鈥檛 much really, you found a few extra bullets and some supplies. Plus an old corpse, which wasn鈥檛 too pleasant of course.
鈥淪o..鈥 Ellie suddenly interrupted the comfortable silence that you two usually experienced during your patrols, 鈥測ou coming to that party at the church tonight?鈥 Oh. Oh. That's more than the usual small talk.
鈥淎h, yeah actually. I planned on at least stopping by if I wasn鈥檛 too tired. Why? Did you get ditched by Dina?鈥 You said with a slight laugh.
Ellie bit her lip, almost as if that was partially true, 鈥淢n no, was just wondering.鈥 she shrugged and turned to open another door to see if the room was clear. You raised an eyebrow at her before turning to do the same and see if your room was clear.
It was definitely not clear. As soon as you creaked open the door, a clicker rushed out at you. You stumbled back, grabbing your gun from your leg holster and pointing it at its fungi-overtaken head. But you couldn鈥檛 aim steady, so much was happening so fast and you were shaken from being jumped by a fucking clicker.
鈥渰reader}, watch out!鈥 Ellie screamed as she ran towards you and the clicker, who was on top of you now. You were barely able to keep it away from your face, its mouth biting down on air as it failed to reach your skin; loud screeches disorienting you even more.
鈥淔ucking鈥 get it off!鈥 Jesus christ this thing was fucking strong. You weren't weak but you鈥檇 have a hard time if you were rushed suddenly like this. Ellie grabbed the clicker off of you and shot it once in the head, and it fell to the floor beside you limply.
鈥渰reader} , {reader} are you okay? You鈥檙e not bit are you?!鈥 she said panicked, her voice urgent and unstable; and she kneeled down in front of you so you were face to face. 鈥淵eah鈥eah, I鈥檓 fine.鈥 but you winced. Your face felt..wet? Reaching up to your left cheek you touched where it felt damp, and when your hand drew back you found your fingertips smeared with blood. Were you bit? Maybe you don鈥檛 feel it when it happens, and that's why there鈥檚 always that dramatic moment in the cheesy old zombie apocalypse movies where the side character realizes they鈥檝e been bit later on.
鈥淪hit, it鈥檚 just a scratch but you鈥檙e bleeding pretty heavy,鈥 she paused for a second, 鈥淚 have stuff in my bag for that, you鈥檒l be fine.鈥 She shrugged her backpack off and rummaged around in it before finding a package of first aid supplies. She grabbed cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide before she began dousing them in the liquid.
鈥淎lright this is gonna sting a bit.鈥 she leaned in close and started cleaning your cheek. You know how when you would fall and hurt your knee when you were a kid? And your parents would pull out the rubbing alcohol and tell you it wasn鈥檛 gonna hurt at all. But it actually ended up burning really badly? That鈥檚 what it felt like, the stinging making you flinch and almost whine.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, I know it hurts.鈥 she looked at you with sympathy and continued cleaning, apologizing sweetly every time you would wince or groan. A minute later she was done, and she threw the used cotton balls to the side. 鈥淎lright, you鈥檙e all done. Feel better?鈥 She got up after pausing to stare at you for merely a second and grabbed her backpack from the floor. 鈥淵ou okay to continue? I wanna get through this as quickly as possible now, I don't want that happening again.鈥 She laughed a little, before reaching out her hand to help you get up.
The two of you finished the patrol, not finding any other infected aside from a few runners that you took down easily. 聽It started snowing at some point while you were scavenging for supplies in some small building and hurried out of there before it would get any worse. She didn鈥檛 ask any more questions as she did before on your way back through the route, she was quiet and almost nervous. She鈥檇 glance at you every few minutes or so, and just as quickly as she would look she would turn away from you.
The entire trip back home, you dreaded that party. Pulling your horses into the stable, Ellie hesitated before finally speaking for the first time in what felt like an eternity.
鈥淪o uh鈥 you said you are going to the party tonight, right?鈥 She looked almost hopeful as if she鈥檇 be disappointed if you said no.
鈥淥h, yeah!鈥 You smiled, a bit too awkward for your own liking, 鈥淯h.. see you there?鈥
She smiled and nodded, before handing Shimmer off to the stable handler. As you watched her walk away, you felt that same anxiety bubble up in your stomach again. The same anxiety you felt when you first saw the girl before you were informed that she was in a committed relationship. It almost made you feel sick to your stomach, it was that kind of excited anxiety that made you so giddy you could jump up and down and scream. But you couldn't. "Man I'm delusional" you mumbled to yourself as you followed Ellie's actions and handed Lady off, "She's just being friendly. No need to get excited."
No need to get excited.
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Compatible (NSFW)
Larissa Weems x fem!teacher!reader
Warnings: Smut (soft Larissa and fluff towards the end), NSFW, 18+, dom!Larissa, strap-on, cunnilingus, fingering, slapping, choking
Word count: ~2.1k
A/N: I haven鈥檛 written smut in years so it鈥檚 not my best work, but I had to start somewhere to get the feel for it. I hope someone will read and enjoy it! I have proofread it, but I got tired of it eventually so I apologise for any mistakes. Also, I apologise for any weird formatting. I wrote it on my laptop but posted with my phone.
This was your first teaching job, and you knew you had been lucky to get this job. You had always wanted to become a teacher, You knew she would be pissed off. You had once again ended up in an argument with another teacher, and you already had two strikes in Principal Weems鈥 book. It was already late, but she had sent you an email asking you to come to her office and you knew you had messed up but still wanted a chance to explain.
鈥淢s. Y/L/N. Enter鈥 you could already tell she was not in a good mood. She was writing on her laptop when you entered, and she didn鈥檛 even look up. You sat down in the chair in front of her desk.
鈥淟et me just start off by saying that I am not in the wrong here, so before you say anyth-鈥 Larissa got up and leaned over her desk. You knew better than to continue that sentence at that moment.
鈥淵/N, you are already on thin ice. I am your boss and I don鈥檛 appreciate your tone. Do you have any idea how much trouble you鈥檙e causing me? This is your third strike, and frankly鈥 I am sick and tired of you and the constant arguments you cause.鈥
鈥淲ell, I鈥檓 sorry you feel that way and that I don鈥檛 fit in with the rest of your staff鈥 you huffed, and got up from the chair. She was still leaning over her desk, and you were so close to her you could smell her perfume. A sweet, yet mature smell. A mixture of floral and fruity scents. You noticed that her eyes were wandering up and down your body and you smirked.
鈥淭ell me, Y/N. What do you think is stopping me from letting you go? You are not irreplaceable as a teacher. No one is鈥, she snarled. She stood back up, looking at you and awaiting your reply.
鈥淚 know you could fire me and find a replacement, but I don鈥檛 think you want to. I see the way you look at me鈥, you grinned and winked at her. Your newfound confidence both surprised and frightened you because you had no idea how she would react.
She gave you a surprised and shocked look and walked towards you, looking deep into your eyes. You couldn鈥檛 quite read her emotions, but then she grabbed your chin and leaned down. Her lips met yours and an electric wave shot through your limbs and down to your core. She moved closer to you, and whispered in your ear 鈥淚 might be able to find a replacement for you as a teacher, but let鈥檚 see if you can be a good girl. Maybe I鈥檒l change my mind鈥 good girl. You had only been dreaming of this moment. You let out a pathetic moan and she smirked.
鈥淪o, Y/N. You caught me looking, and I won鈥檛 deny it. I found you attractive the second I saw you, but I will also say this; I do not like brats. So now you are going to follow my every command because if you think I haven鈥檛 noticed how you stare at me, you must think I鈥檓 a fool.鈥 she grabbed your throat and kissed you hard again, her tongue forcing your lips to part and they gladly did. Her grip wasn鈥檛 hard, it was simply telling you that you were for her to use, and that was your only purpose in that moment. You let out a moan into her mouth and you could feel her smiling. She let go of your throat, and started forming a soft trail of her red lipstick down your neck. you moaned again, and she stopped. 鈥淪trip for me, Y/N. I want a proper show鈥, she said with a deep voice filled with lust and desire. 鈥淎nd what if I don鈥檛 do as you say, Larissa?鈥 you smirked confidently. She slapped you 鈥淲hat did I tell you?! I don鈥檛 like brats. Take off your clothes, slut. And it鈥檚 mistress to you, not Larissa. Understood?鈥 she crossed her arms, and you knew she would not tolerate your bratty behaviour. 鈥淵es, mistress鈥 you started stripping off your clothes and made sure to keep eye contact. She bit her lip, and you could see the desire in her eyes. She liked it.
鈥淕ood girl. Now, sit down on the sofa, spread your legs and touch yourself the way I know you touch yourself when you think about me at night鈥 she sat down in the chair on the other side of the coffee table.
You blushed, but spread your legs and put your feet up on the edge of the table. You let your hand slide down your body to your already soaked core. She gazed intently and you could tell that her breathing was harder. Your back arched as you reached your clit, and you started circling it. 鈥淚 want to hear you say my name, slut鈥 you went faster and a tad harder 鈥渙h god, Larissa. Fuck鈥 you could tell that you were getting close and so could she. 鈥淪top, Y/N. You鈥檒l cum several times, but not like this and not yet.鈥 she got up, and started stripping down. You had been wanting to see her body for months, and it was just as divine as you had imagined. She was wearing a black lace lingerie set, and you could not stop staring at her perfect curves. She sat back down, and spread her legs. 鈥淒own on your knees. Now鈥 she pointed to the floor directly between her legs and you eagerly did as she said. 鈥淕ood girl. Now, put that bratty mouth to good use and please me鈥. She grabbed you by the hair and guided you right where she wanted you.
Your tongue slid up her slit, and her taste drove you crazy. You grabbed her thighs, and you could not stop yourself from moaning. Being on your knees like this, completely in her control was something you always wanted to happen, but you never thought it would. You could feel it dripping and aching between your legs. Your tongue circled her clit as she let out a loud moan 鈥淥h fuck, Y/N. I knew there was a reason I liked you鈥 her gasps and moans sounded like the filthiest and sexiest music you had ever heard. 鈥淕ive me your fingers, Y/N鈥 she said in between moans. You let two fingers slide in, and started fucking her while your tongue circled her clit.
Her hand is still in your hair, pulling you closer 鈥渉arder, slut. Fuck me like you mean it鈥 her back arching, your fingers going deeper and harder. Her hips meets you in every thrust and she is so wet her juices are running down your hand. 鈥淛ust like that, Y/N. Keep going鈥 it didn鈥檛 take long before she reached the edge, her walls clenching around your fingers. She came with a loud moan, releasing a flow of her juices that you were eager to lap up. She looked you in the eyes again, grabbing your hand and taking your fingers to her lips. She sucked and licked them clean of her own juices 鈥渟uch a well behaved slave. Now, bend over my desk and tell me what you want鈥.
You blushed, but willingly bent over her desk 鈥淚 want you to fuck me, mistress鈥 you could hear her walk into her room that was adjacent to her office. You heard a drawer open and when she came back, she was wearing a rather large strap. Your core eagerly clenched. 鈥淟uckily, that is what I want too. You really want this strap, don鈥檛 you? You can鈥檛 wait to be fucked deep and raw鈥 she walked over and kissed your back while her hand found her way between your legs 鈥渙h, would you look at that? Such a desperate whore for your mistress. You are so ready for me. Spread your legs, slut.鈥 you spread your legs wider, and you could feel it running between your thighs.
She was teasing you with the strap, circling the tip around your entrance and you gasped when it brushed over your sensitive clit. 鈥淩emind me again what you want, Y/N鈥 she kissed your back again 鈥淚 want you to fuck me hard and deep with your strap, mistress鈥 your breath was erratic from lust and desire for this goddess.
Suddenly she shoved the strap inside your soaked core 鈥渙h, your cunt was really ready for me, slut. You鈥檙e taking me so well already鈥 she went deeper and harder right away, and your mind fogged up. It felt so good, and you could still not believe that this was happening, despite having her strap deep inside your soaking wet core. She picked up the pace 鈥淥h god, mistress. I am about to cum, please let me cum鈥 she reached forward and grabbed your breast while fucking you even harder 鈥渃um for me, Y/N鈥 and that was all you needed as you came hard, her strap still inside you as she let you ride it out.
She pulled it out and took it off 鈥済et up on the desk, Y/N. I am not finished with you鈥 you sat on the desk, your legs could barely carry you at this point. 鈥淪pread your legs wide for me. Don鈥檛 expect me to do everything. She slapped your thigh, and you leaned back and spread your legs.
She got down on her knees and grabbed your legs. She gave you gentle bites all the way up your inner thighs before she reached your core. You moaned as her tongue flicked your clit, and she chuckled 鈥渟o needy for your mistress鈥 she circled your clit while she let two fingers slide inside you. You almost screamed, already trembling. 鈥淢istress, I am already close. Please, let me cum, I can鈥檛 hold back鈥 she didn鈥檛 say anything and simply kept going. One flick of her tongue was all it took and you exploded in a breathtaking orgasm once again 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 give you permission, so now I am going to keep going until I鈥檓 satisfied. If you鈥檙e going to be a needy slut, you will get what needy sluts deserve鈥 her words sending electric vibrations through your body. You wanted her to use you until she felt satisfied.
Another orgasm, your hips bucking towards her. Your moans and whimpers reminded her that you were all hers and only hers, and she loved it. 鈥淥ne more, Y/N. Cum for me, just once more. Be a good girl now鈥 you never grew tired of her calling you a good girl and it sent you over the edge once more. You had been a moaning mess for god knows how long at this point. She got up, and kissed you. 鈥淵ou have been so good, darling. Let me take care of you. Please stay the night?鈥 you nodded and she gave you a gentle smile.
She gently took your hand and guided you to her bedroom. She led you over to her bed and went to get you a glass of water. 鈥淒o you need anything, darling? Anything at all?鈥 you smiled and blushed 鈥淚 have never been asked something like that or been so well taken care of afterwards. I don鈥檛 need anything, I just wish to go and clean up a bit鈥 she smiled and kissed your forehead. 鈥淥f course, darling. You will find towels and washcloths on the shelf. You go ahead first, I鈥檒l go after you are finished鈥 you went to the bathroom and got cleaned up, grinning like crazy to yourself. 鈥淟arissa Weems fucked me鈥 you thought to yourself. A thought was reserved to your dreams only. You finished cleaning up and went back to her room. She smiled as she got up and kissed your forehead 鈥済o ahead, darling. Get under the blankets. I will be right back.鈥 You got under the warm and soft blankets, your mind dizzy and tingly 鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe I am in her bed鈥 you said to yourself. You caught yourself smiling and giggling when she came back.
She smiled as she crawled under the blanket with you 鈥測ou know, I have been wanting this moment for months, Y/N. You are beautiful and I could definitely get used to this. I also wanted to apologise, because I am far from sick and tired of you. Despite our differences, we seem to be quite compatible鈥 she kissed you before wrapping her arm around you. You could feel yourself drifting off to sleep, head on her shoulder, feeling her soft skin against yours. You could definitely get used to this too.
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Tumblr media
鉂 饾惉饾惏饾悶饾悶饾惌 饾惎饾悽饾悰饾惈饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂饾惉 鈥 general hcs of the ladies using a vibrator on their s.o.
including: vi, sevika, renata, samira, cassandra
Tumblr media
鈥 contains: f!reader, mature content, dom/sub undertones, mistress kink, teasing, bondage, use of toys, hints of dub!con, very slight degrading kink, praising kink, lowercase intended.
鈥 a/n: hi guys! i missed posting here so much. i hope you remember me :) it's good to be back. also, this isn't proof read, so excuse any grammar mistakes. love y'all.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
饾悤饾悎 鈾
鈥 vi wasn't particularly fond of the idea of toys. your pink haired girlfriend would refer to them as a replacement for the real thing. she was confident that no toy would be able to make you cum as nicely as she did.
鈥 the game changed when she got home from an obnoxiously difficult chase all around zaun. sweat was dripping from her forehead, knuckles busted and bloodied from beating someone else's face to a pulp. she bursted into your shared bedroom, ready to just pounce on you, needing the comfort of your embrace.
鈥 "fuck, cupcake. fucking shit! i am so done, just need yo- the fuck you're doing, huh?"
鈥 the sight of your spread legs and juicy pussy while you fucked yourself with a purple vibrator was not what vi expected to see. your breath was ragged and frantic as you rode the toy like your life depended on it. vi could tell you were close to cumming.
鈥 "vi...vi...need you, vi..."
鈥 your girlfriend shakes her initial shock away with a huff and a side smirk. she chuckles and you feel the mattress dip with her weight and suddenly she's on top of you, her thigh between your legs, applying more pressure to the vibrator, keeping it still and steady as it buzzed inside your walls.
鈥 "such a naughty girl you are, cupcake...you couldn't wait for me, could you? see...since you want to replace me with plastic, i can put it to good use on you, hmm? no, no...shhh. you wanted to cum, right? you'll be cumming all night long..."
Tumblr media
饾悞饾悇饾悤饾悎饾悐饾悁 鈾
鈥 sevika's first time trying out a vibrator with you was for punishment. she felt like you were acting out way too much and she needed to fix your little attitude problem.
鈥 "you are fucking up for my attention, aren't you, (y/n)? fine. since you wanna be a little bitch, come here. i am gambling tonight and you are coming with me, sitting on my lap all night long, getting all attention you need. sounds good to you, princess?"
鈥 sevika had an evil gleam behind her eyes and you could feel yourself shivering. perhaps purposely getting on her nerves wasn't a good idea. you gulped and nodded your head.
鈥 before you both leave the house, she abruptly pulls up your skirt and slips her hand under your panties, her mechanical hand groping your tits as she puts her mouth against your ear, chuckling lowly. you whimper as you feel her fingers roughly toying with your clit.
鈥 "you wanted to be a slut so bad, huh? of course, you're such a dumb brat. you're gonna be squirming on my fucking lap all night long, how does that sound? hmm? good? i don't care if you want it or not. let's see if you can keep quiet while my little toy keeps your little pussy entertained. can you imagine, brat? all those eyes on you...being on my lap like my good little pet...cumming, and cumming, and cumming...all over again..."
鈥 as she spoke, sevika slid a bullet vibrator in your panties, feeling sadistic pleasure in how much you squirmed and whimpered. your eyes were wide, pupils dilated as you anticipated the upcoming night.
鈥 "maybe if you behave, i will fuck you rough and good when we come back. now...compose yourself and let's go."
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饾悜饾悇饾悕饾悁饾悡饾悁 鈾
鈥 ms glasc is a giver, as she herself puts it. her pet knows better than anybody else the true generosity of renata glasc. however, her generosity might be one sided...and to put it: torturous.
鈥 renata was working from home at her office and you craved her attention. you could tell by her seemingly short tempered state that renata was irritated and had pent up tension crawling through her every nerve.
鈥 to further her annoyance, you walked into her office for the third time to ask her to come up to your bedroom. you felt needy and all you could think about was the physical attention of your mistress. she put her paperwork down and glared at you like her pink eyes could swallow you whole. it made you clench your thighs, knowing that look better than anybody.
鈥 "greedy little pet wants mistress' attention so badly she can't wait a fucking minute. i told you i am busy and here you are...no, quiet. i didn't say you could speak, now did i? come here. you know i am so generous, darling...come, come sit on my lap."
鈥 you didn't hesitate to obey and skipped to her, sitting on her strong thighs. renata pulled a yelp out of you as she suddenly used one of her hands to spread your thighs, making you straddle one of her thighs.
鈥 "no underwear? hahahaha. is this all you can think about, getting reduced to my little slave toy? is that it? good little pet. now...let's attend your needs, shall we?"
鈥 her hand quickly undid her tie and pulled it out of her neck. she used it to secure your hands tightly behind your back.
鈥 renata pulled down her mask and kissed you on the lips, her hands grabbing your waist, squeezing tightly as her tongue took dominance over yours. you pathetically bucked your hips, attempting to get some friction from the fabric of her fancy pants. once you were out of breath and whimpering like a pathetic slut, she broke the kiss and reached over the drawer, opening it to get the wand vibrator she kept just for you.
鈥 "you like what you see, pet? i know you do. just look at you...hahahaha. you hear it, darling? only the sound of my little toy makes you try to clench your thighs like the little slut you are. you know i love it. i barely fucking touched you and you are already soaking wet. tsk tsk tsk."
鈥 she then pressed it tightly against your clit, the highest setting sending you over the edge as you began moaning and rolling your hips, your whole body shivering and trembling. your eyes rolled to the back of your head as everything was too much...her smell, the intensity of the toy, her lips and tongue all over your neck, the heat of her thigh beneath your core...
鈥 "keep quiet. this is what you wanted. do not he ungrateful to your mistress! you wanted me to pleasure you. you wanted to cum. so you will cum...you will cum, in fact, until i finish my paperwork. now now, enjoy the ride, darling."
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饾悞饾悁饾悓饾悎饾悜饾悁 鈾
鈥 samira was experimental when it came down to intimacies. she was a well travelled bounty hunter and sometimes she'd bring some of her findings to test out in the bedroom with you. in one of her trips around noxus, she found a new magic wand vibrator being sold at a small shop. of course she had to take it home.
鈥 you were in bed with samira on top of you, her hands everywhere on your body as you moaned into her mouth. you've missed her so much and suddenly your wish of killing your lover for disappearing again was gone. all you wanted and needed was her.
鈥 "now, darlin'...ya see there's no need to be mad at me, i always come back home, had to leave in the middle of the night cause duty calls, babe. oh, it was a fifty thousand bounty, it'll be good for us! c'me on, ya know ya can't resist me."
鈥 samira was invested in making you feel good and less mad at her. she went down on you, using her sinful mouth to devour you as nobody could ever do to you. it brought her immense satisfaction to watch you moan and ride her face, chasing your release desperately. she could always make you have mind-blowing orgasms from this.
鈥 "i bought ya a lil somethin', hope ya ain't tired yet, wanna be with ya all night long. i gotta compensate my absence last night, honey."
鈥 when she showed you the vibrator, you bit your bottom lip and whined, begging her to make you feel good. samira licked her lips and positioned herself between your thighs once again.
鈥 "c'me on...my little slut. do ya want this? then spread ya fuckin' legs for me. good girl. now beg for it."
鈥 once samira was satisfied with all your neediness and begging, she chuckled and pressed the head of the wand against your core, doing circular movements, making you feel the vibrations all over. you moaned and arched your back, mouth open as a string of drawn out whimpers and cries fell. you were so sensitive with her previous actions and now this...it was pleasingly too much.
鈥 just as you felt as it couldn't get any more overwhelming, samira stilled the vibrator, keeping it right against your clit as her skilful fingers slid into your dripping pussy, fucking you fast and hard. she laughed out loud as you nearly became undone beneath her, screaming and trying to unconsciously squirm away. "please", "samira", "i am gonna cum", were the only words your brain was capable of forming.
鈥 "awww, ya gonna cum so fast, are ya? told ya, sweets...ya can't stay mad at me, nobody's ever gonna give ya a good fuckin' like i do. your body is mine. ya are mine. all fuckin' mine..."
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饾悅饾悁饾悞饾悞饾悁饾悕饾悆饾悜饾悁 鈾
鈥 cassandra is an elegant woman. she is known for her perfect and schooled posture under any situation. that particular trait turned her into the most cruel tease when she desired to.
鈥 she's had a stressful day at the council and an evening filled with pointless meetings when all she wanted was to come home to her lover. as she finally walked into the bedroom, she offered you a gentle smile as you were laying in bed, waiting for her.
鈥 "oh, hello, my darling. how was your day? good, good. mine? well, tiring. i couldn't wait to come home. i missed you. come, give me a kiss...oh...help me relax, you say? what will you do? ah, anything i want! well, i know something i want..."
鈥 cassandra had you completely stripped for her. your hands were tied to the headboard and your feet were tied spread on the posts. you flustered as this position made you completely exposed to her, your eyes trembling a bit from the shame. the older woman grinned and leaned down to kiss your cheek.
鈥 "you are so gorgeous. i will be watching you, kitten. you are such a good pet...always so willing to please. i will reward you properly."
鈥 you sucked in a breath when you felt the head of the wand vibrator pressed against your folds. cassandra then pulled out her scarf and used it to secure the toy around your thigh. then her slender, gloved fingers came to spread your lips, adjusting it so it was right against your clit. the cold breeze fanning your core was enough to pull a needy whimper out of you.
鈥 "let's turn it on, kitten. you like it, i know you do. that's it, there you go. should we put it on high? no? that's too bad. oooh, there you go. look at you...you can squirm all you want, you can't escape those vibrations, getting your little pussy all wet and ready for mistress."
鈥 cassandra likes sitting on her chair from across the room, drinking her wine as she watches you beg and cum over and over again. her little smirk, dark eyes and dominant presence turns everything worse for you. if you are lucky enough, she'll show you some mercy and join you once she finishes.
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This is the last time Enid allows Wednesday to pick a date night
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A girl laying on me with her full weight would fix me I think. C鈥檓ere you weighted blanket you. I鈥檒l smooch you silly if you lay on top of me pleaseee. Plus I鈥檒l keep your bed warm. Symbiotic relationship babey
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