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kram6496 · 3 days
Y/N: Natasha’s got the kids?
Wanda: yeah. And I got you. All of you.
Y/N: did Nat give us a pick up time?
Wanda nuzzles Y/N…
Wanda: I told her to keep them as long as she wants. But for now…
Wanda giggles as she begins removing her flannel.
Tumblr media
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maxislvt · 2 days
Alpha!Wanda in her rut wanting to breed omega!reader who is in her heat, Wanda who glances possessively at reader who is among other alphas so she embraces reader and bites gently at their mating mark deciding that she's gonna mark her property for good
warnings: smut, omegaverse, breeding, marking, jealousy
Wanda liked to pretend she didn't care about you. If anyone asked, you were just her teammate and maybe a close friend. She liked to think that she didn't care about all the other alphas that followed you around like a lost puppy and attempted to court you on a near weekly basis. She wanted to, but she just couldn't. Truth was, Wanda was fiercely protective because you were all she had left. Wanda was dangerously possessive at times. The claim that forever scarred your neck was proof of that. It only got worse once your cycles had begun to sync up.
You had always been stubborn about your heat. Before Wanda, you'd work yourself until the alphas around you couldn't focus or collapsed from heat exhaustion. It made Wanda's job a lot harder. The mere smell of your slick drove her wild. Unfortunately, Wanda wasn't the only alpha that could smell it.
It seemed like every alpha at Tony's stupid party had approached you in the spand of fifteen minutes and you were far too kind to second guess their intentions. Though she was just as stubborn herself, she hated yours. You could barely get a word out when you woke up this morning but somehow got well enough to attend the event. It didn't matter how many pills you took, nothing could hide the smell of an omega waiting to be bred. Every word you said seemed to bring them closer to you and she couldn't stand it. Your scent was practically flooding the room and Wanda had reached the end of her patience.
"Ah, it's a lot harder to get accommodations, but being part of this team is important to me. Nothing is worth more than saving the world," You answered charismatically. Never had so many alphas been concerned with your treatment as an Avenger, but you were happy to talk about it. If talking about your issues meant other omegas got the help they needed, you'd talk all night. Your ramblings were cut short by a familiar pair of arms wrapping around your waist. "Oh, Wanda! I'm almost done, I promise I'll be over in a minute."
"You said that ten minutes ago," Wanda whispered as she buried her nose against the nape of your neck. It was an inefficient means of scenting herself, but it got the point across. She couldn't hold back her smirk. "Come on, you need to rest up and I'm getting bored. Let's just go up stairs." Her sweet words didn't magically manifest any more patience and she dragged you away.
You gasped at Wanda's sudden roughness, but let her drag you along regardless. It wasn't a long ride to the elevator, but it was long enough for Wanda to start undressing you. "Wanda, I understand you need help, but I already took pills today. Nothing is going to work until tomorrow." Despite your warning, Wanda continued to grind against your backside. The friction alone made your cunt throb. "I'm sorry, but you'll just have to wait."
Wanda chuckled at your stupidity. "Oh, does my little omega really believe that?" She moved your underwear to the side just enough for her fingers to collect the slick that was practically leaking from your core. "It's a shame you can't smell how good you are, but there's no way you don't feel this." She spread her fingers apart slowly and your slick formed a thick line between them. "You see that? That hole is just begging to be filled with my pups."
You were much too weak to fight back and part you didn't even want to. The instincts deep within begged you to just let go. Being Wanda's cum dump was more enjoyable than swallowing pills and pushing yourself to the limit. "Fuck, you're not being fair." Wanda used all her strength to guide to her bed and lay you over it. You wiggled away in an attempt to put space between you and your lover. "It's not going to work, it's just a waste of time right now."
Wanda shook her head, but smiled. "Oh, you can't just get worked up and just run off. Your alpha needs help too," She said as she groped the bulge in her pants. "I need a hole, baby." Her strong hands pulled you back towards her. She made sure to rub her crotch against the heat radiating between your legs. "Even if it doesn't work, I can just keep breeding you until it does." All the usual care she would've had was long. The nice outfit you had on was ripped to shreds in seconds.
The more Wanda touched you, the harder it was to ignore the need that grew deep within you. More! Breed me! Take me! The words filled your head as Wanda began groping you. Even at the peak of your neediness, Wanda just had to tease. "Alpha, please. I need you so bad." It was impossible to move your hips with the bruising strength Wanda had over you. "It hurts a lot, I can't help it."
Wanda hummed as she casually flipped you over. Her right hand forced your face against the mattress. You'd never properly presented yourself to her before, but she couldn't help herself. "I'm gonna turn you into a stay at home omega." Her voice had gotten so dark, it almost felt like a threat. Wanda pushed her cock inside of your hole slowly, reveling in your warmth. "Ah fuck, you can kiss this avenging job goodbye after this."
"Mhm, only wanna have your pups!" The pace Wanda had set for you was near impossible to keep up with you. Your slick had stained your lover's sheets, but none of that mattered. All you could think about was the absolutely disgusting way she was talking to you. She was always sweet and careful to work you up before toppling you over. Now, she was just using you.
Wanda growled in your ear. "You're mine, you got that?" All her energy was put into fucking you. "That's it, cum in your alpha's dick. None of those other ones could make you feel as good as I do." Wanda pulled your head to the side and firmly clamped down on your neck.
The sensation was more than enough to send you flying over the edge into an orgasm. Your walls clenched and spasmed over Wanda's dick. Her orgasm followed soon after yours. "Fuck, Wanda, please." You had no idea what you were begging for, but you wanted it more than anything.
A shiver ran up Wanda's spine as her knot began to form. "Fuck, I don't care if this one fits, I'm fucking you until I can't cum anymore!"
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wndaswife · 2 days
please write something with milf!wanda with next door neighbor reader im a whore for it !
Tumblr media
wanda maximoff & gn!reader
tags: smut, semi-public sex, fingering, sub!wanda maximoff, dom!reader. MINORS DNI.
word count: 749
“Hi, it's Y/N, right?” a chirpy voice asks you while you’re scooping a spoon of fried rice onto your plate.
To raise money for Westview’s local grade school to have enough funds to participate in a regional soccer tournament, the town has been hosting a week-long fair featuring games, food, and you decided to attend to integrate yourself in the small but lively town you had just moved into.
You turn your head to see a familiar redhead beaming at you. “Yes,” you reply with a polite smile. “Sorry, and you’re…?”
The woman sticks her hand out to you. “Wanda Maximoff. I got your name from a friend at the community association. You moved into the house next door to me. I’m your neighbour to your left,” she introduces herself officially. You take her hand and she shakes it. Her hand is warm and her fingers soft.
Her features form together in your mind and you recall seeing Wanda gardening in her front lawn and coming in and out of her car in her driveway. You finally reply with an eager nod, “Ah, yes! I do remember seeing you a few times in the neighbourhood. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”
“Likewise,” Wanda says, her head dipping forward in a small nod as her smile widens.
“Momma!” a young boy calls before he and another boy his age runs towards her. You recognise the children too. They come crashing into her legs and wrap their little arms around her thighs.
Wanda lets go of your hand and places both of them atop their freshly combed heads. She looks down at them to give them a smile before looking back up to you. “These are my boys- Tommy and Billy,” she tells you with a proud smile.
You lean down to them with a friendly smile. “Tommy. Billy. Nice to meet the both of you,” you greet them, your voice low and gentle as to not intimidate them.
“Nice to meet you too,” they both respond simultaneously, their words muffled as they hide their faces behind their mother’s legs.
“I apologise, they’re usually not so timid. They’re quite wild at home,” your neighbour says with a chuckle, fingers running through their hair.
Straightening, you smile at her. “I understand. Westview has a tight-knit community from what I’ve gathered, so it must not be often that strangers move in,” you note and pick a set of utensils up from a passing fair worker who offers them to you then thank her.
Wanda seems impressed by your observation and stares at you, green eyes swimming in mirth, before Billy tugs at her shirt and tells her that he and his brother are going to head back to their table. “Oh, alright,” she says and they run back to where a man sits with food and bags on what you presume to be their table.
“You must come and meet my ex-husband, Vision. Have lunch with us,” she offers, beaming at you with a hopeful glint that you’re beginning to find indisputable.
It doesn't take long after meeting Wanda’s ex and taking a few bites of your lunch before you find yourself behind a ring toss fair booth with the redhead. Her slacks are pulled down to her thighs, exposing perfect ivory swells of Wanda’s ass turned red after nearly twenty spanks.
She’s bent over, her cheek pressed up against the back of the booth as your fingers pump in and out of her pussy. The two of you silently pray for no one to round the booth for you’re in a carefully-selected area between the skirts of the fair and a small outer forest.
Still, Wanda muffles her moans as you part your fingers in her hole while your thumb draws lazy circles against her clit until she reaches her hilt. Your arm wraps around her hips to hold her up as her legs tremble under the waves of her orgasm. Your face buries itself in her neck, red hair smelling of jasmine and sweet figs spilled across your head.
“Come over after dinner. Vis has the twins,” Wanda tells you breathlessly. Her voice is so much raspier than the light sweet voice she used with you earlier. She feels you nod in agreement against the crook of her neck and she reaches up to play with your hair. Her fingers run down the back of your neck as you pull her slacks to her hips and button her back up.
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Nat: What are you wearing???
Y/n: A shirt?
Nat: I know that moron, what does it say on the shirt?
Y/n: It says 'MILFs are my kryptonite'
Nat: We don't know any MILFs?
Y/n: Duh I'm talking about Wanda and Scar
Nat: They don't have children
Y/n: Oh yeah then why do I call them mommy?
Nat: Some psychologic need for praise and reassurance from women that are older and have a motherly aura about them?
Y/n:...Your new therapist is rubbing off on you
Nat: Maybe I could give you her number
Y/n: Nah I'd rather keep calling them mommy and let them spoil me like they have been
Nat: Do you have stuffies too? *laughs*
Nat: Oh wow, you're such a spoilt brat
Y/n: Damn right I am Natalia and don't you ever forget it
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mrscromanoff · 2 days
Faulty Technology.
*Wanda n Y/n making out in the common room.*
Vision- “It is not natural for girls to do… that…” *Gestures to Wanda n Y/n.* “…with each other. Girls are meant to like boys.”
Y/n- “Vision, you are a synthezoid, your body was originally intended to house a homicidal tin can who wanted to commit world wide genocide. Your consciousness comes from an AI, made from a brilliant but narcissistic genius. I see only one of those traits in you and it is not the good one.”
Vision- *Looking several unimpressed.*
Wanda- “You have an infinity stone imbedded into you head. That alone should give you immense intelligence, plus you do have all of J.A.R.V.I.S’s memories and therefore his knowledge. However, keeping all this in mind, your all but a glorified hybrid toaster-Alexa. Nothing about you is natural.”
Y/n- “Do you really want to play this game with us?”
Wanda- *Smirking.* “We can keep going if you like.”
Vision- *Getting up to leave.* “I wish to leave now and forget this interaction.”
Wanda n Y/n- *Already leaning in to finish their making out session.* “Fine by us.”
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missmonsters2 · 20 hours
“Can I at least shut the door before you decide to pounce on me the moment I come home,” with Wanda please?
Somewhere Around Midnight
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: The one where all that waiting has come to fruition.
Warnings: none.
Note: give ur nub a break LMAO
Count: ~1.1k
Wanda takes a deep breath as she stands at her own door. Her hands are abnormally clammy, and it's a feeling she's inclined to say she doesn't like. 
The cause of her clammy hands is that Wanda's finally decided she'll confess to you today. Even though you're dating someone, that doesn't deter Wanda from her decision. It's not like she expects anything from it anyway. She just thinks it's unfair that you're in the dark about her feelings while she's elated every time you touch her.
It's complete madness she somehow made it this far without saying anything or accidentally revealing herself, considering she lives with you, but that has to be a testament that she's God's favorite. 
With a light puff out of her mouth, Wanda unlocks the door and opens it.
"Oof—" Wanda grunts, her body swaying slightly as she catches you. Her arm automatically wraps around you, and she tries her best to not inhale deeply like a creep. But you're warm, and that has her sighing softly. 
"Can I at least shut the door before you decide to pounce on me the moment I come home?" Wanda jokes softly as she rubs your back in a soothing up-and-down motion.
"Did I scare you?" You cackle as you untangle yourself from Wanda. You look at the clock and see that it's nearing midnight. "Were you caught up on the subway? I was waiting long at the door."
Wanda quirks her brow at you. There's no way she's going to admit that she was standing at the front door for almost 15 minutes. "Serves you right for trying to scare me. But no, I just left Natasha's a little later than when I texted you I was on my way home."
You huff but give her a smile before turning around and walking into the kitchen. "Hungry?"
Wanda shakes her head, taking off her jacket and scarf. "Some tea would be nice though."
You turn on the kettle and grab Wanda's favorite mug and an apple spice teabag. 
"What did you get up to? Did you go out with Andy?" Wanda tries to not grunt in annoyance at your boyfriend's name. Some hotshot lawyer you met on the subway a couple months ago. 
It wasn't fair at all to hate him just for the simple fact he was dating you. Especially when he's been nothing but nice to Wanda, genuinely trying to extend an olive branch every time he saw her. 
Truthfully and objectively, there was nothing wrong with Andy. But Wanda can't help but be standoffish at every opportunity. You never say anything about it, so Wanda hasn't stopped. 
"Nah," you shake your head as you pour milk into your cereal, happily munching on your late-night snack. "I fell asleep for two hours, and then I wanted to watch Disney movies and Andy's not into that."
"Because he sucks," Wanda mutters as the kettle goes off, and she moves to pour hot water into the mug you've set for her.
You merely chuckle but don't comment on it as you continue to munch and crunch. 
Wanda takes a few sips that nearly burn the roof of her mouth before she sighs. She should just get this over with. These feelings were just growing, and she felt so guilty every time you hugged or cuddled her. Wanda felt like she was taking advantage of you or something. 
"Um, can we talk?" Wanda mumbles as she sets her mug down.
"Mhm," you hum with a mouthful of cereal. 
Just say it, Wanda tells herself. Just say it and get it over with.
"So," Wanda sighs. "I feel like the air between us has been weird lately..."
"Mhm..." you hum more slowly this time as you look at her, setting down your cereal. 
Wanda feels herself starting to stutter at the nervousness. Her hands are clammy again, and she has to resist wiping them on her jeans. 
"I like you," Wanda spits out and then keeps going before she loses all her nerves. "Like, in a romantic way. Like in an 'I think you're so wonderful, and I wish you were mine' kind of way. And I know you're dating Andy, which I would never try to ruin in any way, but I like you."
You merely continue to stare at Wanda, and she feels herself rambling on, but she can't stop now.
"And I just wanted to tell you because I don't think it's fair you don't know that every time you hug me, cuddle me, or hold my hand, I kind of feel like I'm going to lose my shit. I'd understand if you want to dial back on that or want me to move out."
And with that, Wanda's semi-panting from getting all those words out and her nerves making her breathless. 
Wanda watches as you blink at her two times before you slowly pick your cereal back up and start eating again.
"So, you like me?" You ask between bites.
Wanda bites her lip and nods.
"In a romantic way?"
Wanda nods.
"Like you want my sweet lady kisses?"
Wanda's face burns at your words, and she semi-scowls at you but reluctantly nods. 
"Okay," you simply say as you look down and scoop up the last bit of cereal, swirling the milk around with your spoon.
"Just okay?" Wanda frowns.
You look back up at her. "Does this mean I can break up with Andy now?"
Wanda's jaw drops at your words. "What?"
"Does this mean I can break up with Andy now?" You repeat again as if the reason was Wanda couldn't hear you. 
"Why would you break up with him?" Wanda asks in disbelief.
"Well," you hum, setting down your cereal when it becomes clear you won't get to drink the milk until you get this settled. "I was just waiting for you to finally give in to the fact you've been in love with me since we were, like, 17. I was passing time."
Absolute incredulity crosses Wanda's face.
"Why did you just say something?!" Wanda nearly yells. 
"I don't know, you're kind of stubborn. I feel like you'd just never date me just to spite me if I brought it up and you weren't ready," you shrug.
"I didn't even know you were into girls!" Wanda huffs.
"Oh, I am but I learned my lesson early on that girls figure out much faster you're just passing time with them and it becomes ugly fast." You shake your head with a shiver.
Wanda's mouth opens and closes multiple times as you finally decide you can drink the remnants of your milk. 
"Anyway, I should probably call Andy now and break-up," you say as if you're just going to the store to get milk. "Can you put on Hercules?"
Wanda expected many things from her confession. 
Acceptance but awkwardness to follow.
But this was just bold confusion. 
"Are we...are we dating?" Wanda mutters to herself but finds herself going to the couch. 
She looks at the clock and finds it's just somewhere around midnight, and only the weirdest but greatest things happen around this time. 
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korgidorgi · 3 days
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Words: 5,053
Warnings: Angst, cursing, claustrophobia, abandonment
Summary: After a mission gone wrong, your view of the Avangers, your family, has changed.
Oof, i haven't written or posted one of mine in ages. I wrote this a while ago and went back to edit it a bit for you to enjoy.
The mission was supposed to be short and simple, otherwise they wouldn’t have let you go. You’re on the younger side of the avengers. The youngest, actually. You practically grew up with the heroes, Pepper’s adopted child, and technically Tony’s too. There was no keeping you away from all the world saving and violence, but once you were old enough you were trained, and on the rare occasion, allowed on small training missions. You were never exposed to the true nature of missions, so no actual fighting was involved. 
This mission’s gone sideways. Everything was going perfectly until some building system malfunctioned. It was too late when the system alarms went off and the building was quickly engulfed in flames. You and your team's priority now is to help evacuate the building. You’ve gotten a lot of people out with the help of Steve and Natasha. All of you have suffered a few burns here and there, nothing to any huge concern. The three of you are outside now, looking back on the burning building. The heat from the fire radiates quite a ways out.
“Rogers, there's more people in there, we need to help them!” You yell over the roar of surging heat.
“Y/N, it's too dangerous, the building is collapsing,” he responds, trying to get the team to safety, “we can’t save everyone.”
“I saw them on the way out, I can get to them and get them out!”
“Y/N, no.” His tone is commanding but holds an exhausted bite. “I’m sorry this is the mission that’s going to make you see this, but you can’t go in there. It’ll kill all of you.”
“We can’t just sit around and let them die! We have to try!” You plead, still staring at the building.
“I’m sorry, we have to fall back.” He steps closer to try to pull you back.
You avoid his grasp, taking off into the building and into the flames. Coughing on the smoke, you hurdle fallen supports and other debris, shouting for the survivors. You hear the muffled yells of the two people you were referring to earlier. You make your way towards their location, dodging falling debris. The building shakes and groans under the damage it's sustaining, causing more materials to fall. The room they're in is blocked by shrapnel; it's the only way in. You try to kick the debris away, desperate to get to them and get them out of here. You slam your foot into it repeatedly, moving it inch by inch until there's enough space to crawl around and reach the people.
“Hey, you’re going to be okay, I’m going to get you out of here.” You reassure them.
You grab a man's hand, pulling him and his buddy with you to send them through the crawl space you created. Just as they make it to the other side, the space collapses in front of you again, sealing you away from them.
“Just go! Continue to the left and you’ll find an exit,” you call to them, “I’ll find a way out, just go before the whole thing comes down!”
All you can do is hope they listened and left to save themselves. You quickly glance around the room for any means of escape. The vents could work, but upon inspection, it's practically crushed. There’s no windows in this room to escape out of, which leaves you trying to get past the debris in the doorway again.
You desperately try to kick and move the hot debris away, but it’s much more stubborn this time. The building gives another unnerving shake, groaning from it's severely weakened supports. More debris breaks off and falls from above, parts of the floor give out as well, leaving gaping holes into many fire filled abysses. You continue to strain yourself, now trying to lift and pull pieces of the building out of your way. The heated material leaves burns on your hands and shoulders and your legs, slowing down your efforts a lot. You stand back a bit to look around again for any other way to escape. You find yourself falling as the floor underneath you gives out. Flames reach out and lick at you as you pass, the heat burning your clothes. 
You hit the ground hard. Rolling over, you try to pick yourself up but a new ceiling pushes you back down as it tumbles overhead. You crawl towards the end of it, hoping to beat it before the rest of the building crushes you. Your hopes are crushed as more pieces of the building fall into your path, blocking you from moving anywhere. You can at least look for a place where you hopefully won't get crushed, so you try to pull yourself towards a small nook in the rubble. You pull yourself over, curling up against the corner hoping to wait out the collapse. The building gives one final quake before the rest of it comes tumbling down on top of you.
Your eyes open with a flutter. It's dark and your body hurts. You quickly realize where you are as the stab of the burns begin to take over you. You shuffle your body around and try to push the large hunk of debris off of you. It’s too large and heavy for you to move at all. How deep under the rubble are you? How long were you out? What about Steve? And Natasha? Shit, you’re in so much trouble when you get out of here.
You give it a few minutes, clearing your throat from dust, “Steve! Nat! I’m down here!”
Your throat is scratchy and your voice cracks as you yell for them. You yell for them again.
“Steve! Natasha! Anyone!?” You pound on the rubble above you, “Someone, please help me! I’m right here!”
As time ticks by, your voice soon completely goes, leaving you breathless and voiceless. No one has come to help you at all. It's been a few hours since you came to, you think. Rescue parties take a while sometimes, yeah. And you must be far down, so they’ll come eventually, right?
You eventually pass out again, exhaustion and your wounds taking their toll on you. Your dreams are vivid, multiple of them consisting of you being rescued by various people, only for you to wake up again to the same rubble on top of you. You desperately hope the avengers try their hardest to find you. You hope that Tony would have some of his suits sifting and scanning the rubble for you and any other survivors. If anyone is going to find you, it's Tony. One particular dream you were rescued by some people you don’t know. They didn’t look like medical professionals or rescue volunteers. By now you’re used to being let down, expecting to finally open your eyes to the same rubble.
A light is flashed into your eyes, making you wake. It’s not a dream.
“She’s responding.” A woman says, holding you.
“Great, let's move out. A dead girl is no use to us.” A male voice sounds from outside of your vision.
The woman places her arms under your legs and back, lifting you up with ease. Your head rolls to the side and a wheeze escapes your lungs.
“Don’t worry, you’re going to be okay.” She reassures you.
She carries you away. Bright lights shine across the extensive pile of rubble you were under. The sky is black, a few stars poking through. She makes her way to the back of a van, placing you on a soft material and climbing in next to you. The van starts, quickly rolling away from the scene, and the woman begins addressing your wounds. A liquid pours onto your burns, causing them to sting. You hiss at the sensation, trying to pull away, but she holds you still with a gentle hand. She whispers reassurances, but you fade in and out of focusing, finally passing out once more as she nears the end of addressing your wounds.
You awaken once again, this time, bright fluorescent lights overhead instead of the dark rubble. You scrunch your eyes shut, trying to keep out as much light due to its brightness. You bring your hand up to cover your eyes and an IV needle sticks out of your arm, causing you minor discomfort to your movement.
“Hey, you’re awake.” A soft voice says.
The light turns off, the soft glow of the cabinet lights around the room being the only source of light now.
“Sorry for the bright lights.” She says.
You hear her take a seat next to you and she fiddles with a plastic bag, probably the fluid they’re giving you.
“We found you under the rubble of that building last night. You were pretty far under, but we found you.” She says. “Can you tell me your name?”
Upon trying to speak, your throat betrays you, causing you to begin a coughing fit. It burns from the dust you’d inhaled and the dryness of it. You hack for a while, the irritation refusing to go away. She quietly hands you a glass of water once you’ve settled down a bit. You nearly inhale the water, drinking it all in one go.
“There, take it easy,” she takes the glass from you, “don’t talk until you’re ready to.”
She sets it aside, turning back to you. She watches you as you adjust to the room, glancing around at everything.
“I’m Dr. Shielen, I’ll be monitoring you and taking care of you,” she introduces herself. “You’ve sustained quite a few burns, all of which needed my attention. They should heal fine with time. You’d been under the rubble for quite a while, almost three days. You’re lucky you survived that long.”
You try to speak, your throat straining, “Y-Y/n.” Upon speaking, you erupt into coughing once again, but it settles down much quicker.
“Welcome to The Voiceless, Y/N.”
Three years have passed. The Avengers never came for you, they didn’t even search the rubble of the building. You’d not been released from the new group that had found you soon enough. In your time, you grew to resent the Avengers. You’d connected all the dots. All the missed holidays, all the skipped times, all the avoiding, it’s because you were never important enough for their time. You’d always asked to hang out with them, but they were always busy, brushing you off and sending you away. It didn’t surprise you as much as it should have when you realized they were never going to try to find you. You gave up on the hope that they tried and failed and kept trying. They never came. You couldn’t get in contact with them from the place you are now. These people at least treated you like someone. Like they cared.
You’re now completing your own missions with them. They plan small attacks on large establishments, notorious for mistreating their workers, the public, or the environment. Mini rebellions against the corporations. It costs lives, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay for the end goal. Local police have now involved the FBI, which have chased you from base to base across cities, states, and the country. Your teams wear masks, protecting their identities, and providing a sort of symbol for the group. You’ve kept a close eye on Avenger activity, watching them perform and grow as a team. You watched them deal with Ultron and replace you with Wanda. And suddenly, you wanted their attention.
You found a new motivation, a new goal. You firmly believe in the fair treatment of people, so why not scale up your operations? You spoke with the leaders of your establishment, fighting for larger operations as the band grew and grew over the years. More people joined the cause, more people were willing to fight. You used it to your advantage. More people means you can establish multiple bases in multiple areas, grow the fighting force, and finally take a large stand against the capitalist world.
You were selected for a project, the science division was experimenting with new technologies and ideas. They needed a willing subject to be granted superhuman abilities. The process was extensive and top secret, but they finally finished successfully and began your training. You trained to work with the shadows, and you became their best stealth soldiers. With a new role came a new outfit for missions. You were allowed to choose the design, going for comfort and practicality. You kept the mask, your own design and build.
Soon, you were leading larger scale operations. With your new abilities, high risk tasks were much easier. Your missions now are no different than what you’ve done before, except for the fact that you’ve now got abilities. You don’t use them often, but when you do, you keep it on the down low, not wanting to attract too much attention. Your abilities have earned you the code name Shadow.
Things have gotten slightly out of hand. Your team is falling back, taking heavy fire from security and law enforcement. Your mates are getting desperate.
“Shadow, I know you’d rather not, but we need your abilities.” Your scout says across comms. “We need a way out, all the exits are blocked.”
“On it,” you confirm, “I’ll clear a way to the west side of the building.”
A black smoke begins to emerge from your hands, allowing you to travel in the shadows and get past the opposing forces. You materialize behind them, sending a wave of dark energy across the hall to knock them off balance. Their gunfire turns to you now, but you use your abilities to block their attacks. You send your energy back towards them, taking out their ranks.
“Go, now,” you command, “before they return with more firepower.”
“Thanks, Shadow.”
Your team moves out ahead of you as you give them cover. You shoot back at them with your own weapons, only using your abilities when you begin to get overwhelmed.
“You guys head out, he’s still in the building. I’ll take care of him.” You inform your squad, holding off the building's defenses.
You hear your squad's confirmation before swiftly sending a large wave of energy across the hall, taking everyone down at once. You begin to make your way to the elevator way down the hall. You call it once you arrive, holding your weapon close as you wait for its arrival. Shots are fired upon sight of you, which you quickly return, taking them out. A whole team rounds the corner way down the way. Waving to them playfully, you step into the elevator and select the highest floor. The doors close and the elevator ascends before the team can get to you. The ride up is smooth, except for the sudden power outage. The elevator comes to a stop and the lights flicker before burning out.
“Jesus christ…” You mutter to yourself. “I have to do everything myself, huh?”
You dematerialize, sifting your smoke through the cracks in the doors, traveling up the walls to the top floor. You materialize in the hall, the smoke flowing out around you and creating a dark aura about you. A sudden surge of confidence flows through you, powering each step you take even more than the last. Security is lined up in the halls, leading straight to where you want to be. Your shadows creep outward towards them, snaking around them before dragging them around and taking them out. The smoke chokes them, causing them to fall unconscious.
The doors of the room you want in are thrust open by a wave of your energy, the smoke piling into the room in a thin layer across the floor. It leeches from your fingertips, flowing down and around you. The man in the chair at the desk ahead of you turns to face you.
“Who are you?” He demands.
“Your downfall.”
You raise your arm to give a wave of your hand to get rid of him, but a sudden projectile prevents you from doing so. A shield embeds itself into the wall to your right, stealing your attention away from the corporate leader. You look to the source of the infamous shield.
“Captain America, nice to see you again.” You greet, turning to grab the shield out of the wall.
He prepares himself to catch the shield, expecting you to throw it right back at him.
“Oh, no, I’m not going to hurl this at you,” you reassure, “relax, friend.”
“We are far from friends,” he quips, “who are you?”
“Well, my friends in the field call me Shadow.” You reply, playing with the shield in your hands.
You run your fingers over the scuffs on the metal disk, admiring its form. The scuffling of the corporate leaders movement brings your attention back to him and you wave your hand, sending a small wave of smoke to sit him back down.
“You and I are far from finished, friend.” You warn, not looking away from the shield or the Captain.
“Leave him and I won’t have to hurt you.” The captain warns, balling his fists and lowering his stance.
“Nah, I think it would be fun,” you tut, “going against one of Earth’s mightiest heroes.”
You smirk at the Captain, watching him plan his next move. You keep an eye on him as you proceed to step towards the man in the chair. You watch him straighten in his chair, stiff in his seat.
“Do you have any idea who I am?” he asks.
“I do, which is part of the reason I’m here.” You respond.
“Shadow, step away from him, this is your last warning.” The Captain threatens.
“I don’t think you understand what I’m here to do, or why.” You state, dancing your fingers on his desk. “If you don’t want him dead, then fight me.”
He tenses, watching you closely for your next move. You’re all too relaxed for facing him off.
Upon hearing the word, he charges you, trying to catch you from the side to get you away from the man in the chair. You gracefully dodge his attack and use his shield to block his next swings.
“Did you bring your friends, Captain?” You tease, dodging another attack.
He continues his assault on you, missing each swing and each kick he throws at you. You continue to dance around the room, narrowly avoiding his attacks and frustrating him more.
“This is fun and all, Cap,” you shrug at him, “but I should probably do what I came here to do.”
The smoke around you thickens, darkening the room and providing the cover you want for your execution. The captain coughs and tries to clear away the smoke around him, but to no avail.
“Widow, I need backup,” you hear him say into his coms.
“Now or never,” you mutter, stepping towards the desk.
Your target tries to stand and run away, but you make sure the shadows hold him in place. The smoke sneaks around his throat, slowly suffocating him.
“W-why me-?” he chokes.
“Because your company is shit. You’re allowing abuse to run rampant in the system. You take advantage of your workers labor, abusing them and stripping them of free will.” You explain, strolling around him and giving a show of your authority. “You know it’s happening, you choose to ignore it and even encourage it. You’re too rich for your own good, and you’re just becoming more greedy. Your time of profiting over people’s suffering is over.”
The breaking of glass makes you turn your head to the source. The Black Widow stands in front of the window she’s just smashed through, ready to charge you.
“Miss Romanoff, I’d suggest you not make a move. This man is already on his death bed. You’d be stopping nothing by engaging.” You warn. “I’d end you too.”
“Save your breath. Let him go.”
“I don’t think I will.” You grit your teeth behind your mask. “Why do you protect a man that profits from his laborers suffering?”
“Enough of this.” She raises her arm to fire a projectile at you.
You dodge it, blocking with Captain America’s shield, but a second one if shot, hitting you and electrifying you. You stumble to the ground, dissipating into shadows to escape her, dropping the shield. She pulls out her gun, ready for your reappearance. You materialize behind her to strike but she beats you, hurling her fist at you. The force of her attack breaks your mask, scattering it across the floor, broken into a few pieces. You stumble back, turning your back to her, and holding a hand to your face. Pulling it away, you see blood on your fingers as it drips from your nose.
“Quite the punch, Romanoff.” You sneer, wiping the blood away.
Before you can look back at her, she has you knocked down and pinned to the floor, ready to take another swing at you. Upon seeing your raised eyebrows and wide eyes, she hesitates, her fist drawn back to knock into you again.
“Natasha, wait--” Steve’s voice rings out.
You use her hesitation to your advantage, dissipating into shadow again and reappearing behind her and to the side once more. You connect your knee with her face, knocking her down. You step towards her, but a blast from across the room knocks you away.
“Kid, I don’t want to hurt you, but you take another step towards Natasha, I won't hesitate.” A new voice enters the scene.
“Good to see you too, Tony,” you greet, standing up, a little unsteady this time.
“Y/N, I need you to stop this. We can talk this out peacefully somewhere else--”
“Talk this out? You’ve got a lot of nerve,” you stalk towards the Man of Iron, black smoke pooling around you and whirling around in your stride.
The telltale whiz of an arrow alerts you to another incoming projectile. You dodge it as it imbeds itself into the wall behind you. Hawkeye then appears, crashing through the window where Natasha first came in. He has his bow drawn at you.
His sudden appearance causes you to react, using your shadows to manifest and pool around the avengers. With a wave of your hand, Hawkeye is dragged off his feet.
“Y/N, stop this! You’re surrounded!” Steve shouts, warily watching the smoke and shadows around.
He straps his shield to his arm, ready for you to target him. Natasha points a gun at you, Tony has his hands up, ready to fire at you. They watch the room fill once more with smoke, quickly limiting their fields of vision. You swiftly make your way to the Widow and Hawkeye, aiming to take out two birds with one stone. You swing at Natasha, the movement alerting Hawkeye. An arrow whizzes by, narrowly missing Natasha and yourself. She manages to slip from your grasp, whirling around and wrapping her legs around your shoulders to bring you down. She instead hits the floor by herself as you materialize into the shadows. A metal arm shoots out, trying to knock you down. You dodge it, nearly running into Captain America’s shield in the process.
A cloud of red clears most of the smoke out of the room, leaving you in the open once more. You growl, drawing your power out again and coating the ground in a dense layer of shadows. You glance around the room, trying to find the new Avenger. You move the smoke around, using it to halt the others in their tracks as it bolts their feet to the floor and wraps around their drawn weapons to prevent them from moving and using them.
With the Avengers frozen, you spin around, eyes scanning the room for her. Your breath grows jagged, your chest heaving in anticipation. Wanda finally flies through the window, red glowing around her hands and throughout her irises.
“We have ourselves a party, I see,” you comment, glaring at the Avengers.
“Let them go, and I won’t hurt you.” Her strong Sokovian accent is present in her voice and she plays with the magic in her hands.
“Make me.” You glare at her, shadows swirling around your feet.
She takes a single step forward and you have your shadows holding her in place too. Her eyes grow wide for a second before she glances down at her feet. You tilt your head, giving her a small smirk as the shadows swirl upward around her as well.
“Y/N, where have you been?” Tony asks, fighting your hold on him.
“Oh, y’know, here, there,” you begin, taking your focus off of the witch in front of you, “grounded by the people who actually rescued me.”
You look around at the Avengers, all of them frozen in your smoke and shadows.
“You know, I was under the rubble for…” you trail off in thought, “what, two days? And no one, no one, even cared to look. I was pleading for you, begging, praying, that you, especially you, Tony, would finally lift the rubble off of me. That big piece that was keeping me from moving, from breathing.”
You examine their features, they’ve still not stood down, ready for you to inevitably snap again.
“Tony, if Steve didn’t look for me, I would have thought you, of all people, would do your damndest to find me,” you frown at him.
“We did--” Tony struggles in the smoke, trying to think of how to calm you down-- “look, can you just relax and we can talk this out. No one has to get hurt.”
“You’re telling me to relax?” You let out a dry chuckle. “I haven't seen you in however long, and the first thing you do is fire at me and then,” you let out another laugh, “tell me to relax.”
“You’re the one trying to murder people.” He shoots back.
You drop your arms to your side before swiping one through your hair, leaning back. You cross your arms over your chest, leaning towards him and glaring at him.
“Fuck. You.”
“Y/N, Steve and I tried to look for you after the building fell. I promise.” Natasha finally speaks. “We tried to find you, we didn’t want to lose you. Tony would have killed us if we came back without you.”
“And yet here you stand…” You snarl.
“I- that’s not what I meant to say,” she tries, “We looked for you, Tony tried scanning for you with Jarvis, we didn’t find you.”
“Two days, Natasha!” You yell, striding over to her. “Two… Days…” You get in her face, staring her in the eyes, breathing heavily. “Tony scanned the rubble…” you run a hand through your hair, taking a few steps away and scoffing once more, “bull… shit. I know how Jarvis works, he’s way more advanced than that, he would have found me!”
“It’s true! We tried to find you! Jarvis tried to find you!” she shouts back, “He just wasn’t strong enough!”
“I should just kill you now,” you mutter, running another hand through your hair.
“Something was blocking the signal, he couldn’t find you.” Tony confirms.
 “I guess I just wasn’t important enough for you.” You mutter.
“Y/N…” Steve starts, but you cut him off, raising your hand.
“Y’know,” you begin again, shaking your finger in the air, “I’ve thought about it. Not once has anyone here dropped anything to show me that I was cared for,” your lips quiver, all the pent up anger and resentment beginning to bubble up, “even when I asked for it. You were always too busy with your own shit.”
“Y/N, I’m your father--” Tony begins, immediately getting cut off.
“You were never a dad!” You snap, your sharp voice echoes about the quiet room and the shadows swirl in response to your outburst. “Happy was more of a parent than you and Pepper combined!”
Your nose twitches and your eyebrows knit together, your eyes bore into Tony.
“The people who found me,” you lower your volume, “yeah, they used me for experiments, they beat it into me to be the best soldier thay have, but at least they treated me like they cared. I tried--” you breathe-- “I tried to reach out to you, but I was dragged back in. Soon, I gave up trying to escape and they began to trust me and treat me as one of their own.”
“Y/N, we care about you--” Steve begins, once again being cut off by the swirl of shadows around him.
“Oh, yeah? What do I find when I come back into the field?” You tilt your head in question to Steve, then to Tony. “You replaced me.”
You spin around, looking at everyone, a tight, burning feeling starting in your chest once more. Your nose scrunches and your eyebrows meet again.
“You all replaced me!” You scream, shadows swirling. “You replaced me! With her!” You aggressively point to the witch.
Hot tears blur your vision and you harshly swipe an arm across your face, brushing them away. It doesn’t stop the onslaught of tears that follow.
“You replaced me!” You repeat, wiping your face to keep the tears away. “You replaced me, you replaced me, you replaced me!”
You begin gasping for air as tears run down your face and your neck. You keep repeating it over and over and over. You claw at your chest, pounding on it, wanting the feelings to stop, gritting your teeth and sinking to the floor. The moment your knees hit the floor, the smoke clears, settling and calmly flowing out the window into the breeze. Sobs wrack your body, leaving you a shaking mess on the tile.
A soft hand finds itself under your chin, lifting your head up. The tears change direction, flowing towards your ears and down. You try to blink them away, sniffling. Red hair fills your vision and two arms wrap themselves around you, pulling you into her chest. You calm down enough in her arms to talk.
“I should kill you, you know.” You mutter, staring at the floor behind her.
“But you won't.”
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cthulhus-curse · 2 days
Hey, Remi. I was wondering if I could get some karen!wanda or mommy!wanda comforting reader from homophobic parents. :(
I haven't come out to my parents yet but they keep talking about the LGBTQ community in a bad light and saying how they're glad my siblings and I aren't apart of that community.
I hope you have a rlly good day! <3
Tumblr media
Warnings: karen!Wanda Maximoff, alluded homophobia, non-sexual age play, hurt/comfort | 18+ Minors DNI
A/N: I'm so sorry you're dealing with that, hon. Here's a little blurb. Sending you sm love <3
"Shhh it's okay, little one," she tenderly mumbled, a hand running down your back as she held you close to her chest. "Mommy's here, my love. You're safe with me."
The words did wonders to soothe the growing pain nudging itself into your heart and poisoning the life you had left. You'd never get to be yourself, not with them at least -- those people who went around masquerading as your parents but didn't give you the comfort one should offer. Maintaining secrecy when it came to your relationship with them is the only thing that held up your sanity.
"They're going to hate me if they find out," you sobbed against Wanda's chest, hugging her tight you nuzzled your wet face against her shirt. "Why can't they love me?"
Wanda couldn't give you an answer. If ether of her boys dealt with your baggage she would be ashamed to call herself a mother. Her anger was held back. Although she wished to run to your parents, to yell at them for daring make such horrendous comments indirectly, all Wanda could muster was staying with you in bed, her arms safely keeping you close to her at all times.
"I'm sorry, sweetheart. Oh I'm so sorry," she cried with you, feeling your pain radiating across the empty, dark room. Kissing your forehead, Wanda allowed her lips to linger lovingly. "But mommy would never treat you like that, alright? I hate that they can't see how perfect you are, baby. You're my special little bear. I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself, okay?" She cleared the tears falling down your cheeks. "Mommy is so proud of you, Y/N."
While dealing with the horrors your parents put your through, Wanda never allowed them to take your heart.
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femalexfuries · 2 days
First Encounter
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Tags/Warnings: Tall!Bodybuilder!Natasha, FitnessModel!Wanda, Small!Reader, Age Play, Mommy Kink, Daddy Kink, Slight Angst, Mentions of Past Violence, 18+ Only
Length: 2.1K
Summary: Wanda finally decides to let you meet Natasha.
You sat on the living room floor playing a game on your tablet while an array of sounds filtered in from the kitchen. Wanda would periodically poke her head around the doorway to check on you before resuming her cooking and obsessively checking the time. Natasha would arrive in less than fifteen minutes and part of her wanted to text the woman and cancel their dinner plans. The timing felt wrong but she knew the excuse would only prolong the inevitable. She could only keep the two of you separate for so long before the divide in her life became unbearable.
Wanda had been candid with you from the moment you met. She approached you at the gym and admitted to having a silly crush on the girl who only came early in the morning or late at night to walk on the treadmill. She was an amateur fitness model and personal trainer with a bodybuilder girlfriend and you simply could not fathom what she saw in you. While you found yourself to be fairly attractive, Wanda was absolutely stunning and had a seemingly perfect relationship from the way she talked about her love and devotion for Natasha. She did her best to be patient and ease your anxiety concerning your place in her life and the objectively unusual dynamic she had between you and her girlfriend.
Despite having proof that Natasha knew as much about you as Wanda said she did, you had trouble understanding why the two of you were never allowed to meet. She had shown you pictures of the older woman, sent pictures and videos of you, and sometimes let you listen to them talk on the phone. However, you were never able to speak directly with her and the frustration you felt at feeling as though Wanda was hiding something finally boiled over. When you finally confronted her after almost two months of secrecy, she conceded and expressed her fears; apologizing for being so difficult but pleading with you to understand wanting to keep you safe.
Natasha was a difficult person who at times would become uncontrollable. Even after years of being together, there were moments that not even Wanda was able to calm and contain her. You were tiny and innocent and she feared that her partner’s explosive personality would be too much for you. She knew that Natasha was a good person at heart but her numerous convictions for fighting and short temper made her nervous to bring you around. Having the two of you meet and bond only to be torn apart due to the older woman’s actions would crush her.
Finding a little girl to love and care for was a dream they shared, but Wanda had always been sure to express her reservations about realistically adding someone so vulnerable to the situation. When you came along and captured the auburn-haired woman’s heart, she felt so close to this dream that the reality became scary. Natasha promised that she would be so much better and pleaded for the opportunity to prove herself all in the name of getting to be a part of your life. The older woman never begged for anything and Wanda felt touched in a way at seeing just how serious she was about making amends for the sake of a family.
Now, in only a few short minutes, the two most important people in Wanda’s life were finally going to meet whether she was ready or not.
You were standing in the doorway of the kitchen watching as Wanda seemed to be frozen in place; staring off into nothing while the water from the kitchen sink continued to run. A look of confusion adorned your features as she seemed to break out of her trance suddenly.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. Mommy just got distracted for a minute.”
Just as you were about to speak, a series of loud knocks echoed from the entryway; startling both of you. Wanda did her best to swallow her anxiety for your sake and put on her best look of confidence as she came over to press a kiss to the top of your head.
“We’ll have a good time, okay?”
You nod your head slowly and grip the fabric of her shirt as she walks toward the front door. She gives you a final look of reassurance before undoing the lock and slowly opening the door to reveal the individual on the other side. You cling harder to Wanda and hide yourself behind her as she steps back to allow her girlfriend into the home.
“Can you say hi, baby?”
Wanda tries to nudge you forward gently but only succeeds in bringing you next to her. Your head is bowed down and you feel so scared you can barely fathom speaking. The feeling of fingers running through your hair calms you slightly before Wanda bends down to try and urge you to be polite and introduce yourself.
After taking a deep breath and trying to muster up a bit of courage you finally peek up shyly at the woman standing expectantly before you. She seems even bigger than Wanda described and easily towers over your five-foot frame.
“Hi, I’m Y/N,” you say in practically a whisper.
“Mommy has told me all about you, little one.”
Her voice is laced with confidence and her posture is more assertive than you could ever hope to be in your life. You suddenly feel more nervous and try to slide back behind Wanda but to no avail. She instead holds you in place while you continue to try and shimmy your way out of her hold.
“You don’t have to be scared, Y/N. Mommy would never let anyone hurt you.”
Natasha frowns slightly at the words and implication that she could do you harm. She understands the meaning behind her girlfriend’s attempts to calm you but feels slightly hurt at being seen as so frightening. Normally, the tall woman would revel in such a display of fear; instigate such a feeling even. With you, things are suddenly different.
The redhead steps back and crouches down to rest on her heels while never looking away from you.
“Look what Daddy got you, baby. Here you go.”
She holds a stuffed bear out and your eyes widen slightly at seeing the toy she had apparently kept behind her back until now. You barely register the title she uses for herself upon seeing the adorable plushie that you want to hold very badly.
“Mommy?” you say a bit unsure and wanting her help.
Wanda gives a faux gasp as she points at the teddy bear.
“Oh he’s adorable! That’s very nice of Daddy to bring you a present. What do you say?”
You bite your lip but this time allow your mommy to nudge you forward and within arm’s reach of Natasha. She’s almost as tall as you even when trying to make herself seem smaller.
“Thank you,” you say in a barely audible voice.
If you hadn’t dropped your head down as soon as you accepted the bear you would have seen the smile on Natasha’s face. She stands as you hold your bear close and looks down at you. Her precious little girl.
“Don’t worry, I got something for Mommy, too,” she says before backing up to open the front door and reach for something on the porch.
She turns around with a bouquet of flowers and sheepishly holds them out to Wanda who accepts them with a smirk.
“Really laying it on thick, huh?” Natasha is about to look a bit crestfallen when Wanda chuckles. “They’re beautiful. Thank you.”
They stare at each other for a brief moment, sharing an undefined look, before Wanda turns to see you’ve disappeared. She nods toward the kitchen, stating her intention to put the flowers in a vase and finish cooking. As she turns and walks toward the other room, Natasha follows.
“This looks amazing. Thank you,” the older woman says glancing over the spread.
“Don’t thank me yet. Let’s see how this,” she stops mid sentence when she sees you think about grabbing some of the silverware put out for her and Natasha. “No no, baby. Mommy will cut your food up and feed you.”
“But, Mommy,” you whine.
Wanda raises a single brow at your tone, effectively silencing you.
Natasha watches the scene before her with great interest. She knows the dynamic of your relationship and the role she wants to take, but seeing things in person is a whole different animal.
“No need to try and show off for Daddy. She knows you’re just a little one who needs help.”
You pout slightly at her words and try to hide the growing redness on your cheeks with your new bear. Being disciplined would be bad enough, but the thought of Natasha watching made you feel weak.
Wanda turns away as you slump down in your seat knowing she’s won.
After finishing up your food, you were excused to the living room where you currently sat on the couch with a cartoon on. You had yet to let go of the bear Natasha gave you and were currently trying to think of a name while absentmindedly looking at the television.
“One more episode and then it’s bedtime, little bear.”
An involuntary groan escaped your lips at hearing you would be put to bed sooner than you would like. Wanda and Natasha would likely want some alone time but you wished you could stay up just a bit longer.
“Come sit with Mommy.”
The phrase, like many directed toward you, was not a suggestion. Your mommy told you she always knew best and to listen to her. You had no reason to doubt her.
You climb into her lap where she promptly cradles you and places soft kisses to the side of your temple. She starts to hum quietly and brushes your hair away from your eyes when you begin to fuss slightly.
“Mommy,” you say with a whine knowing she was trying to make you sleepy.
“Shhhhhh little one. My tired baby is getting ready for night night time.”
Despite your protests you bring your hand up to rub at your eyes and Wanda smirks.
“Someone gets a little fussy when they’re tired,” she says with a glance toward Natasha.
The redhead is seated on the opposite side of the couch watching as you begin struggling to keep your eyes open. She turns her attention away to the cartoon for several minutes before once again returning her gaze to you and Wanda. In only a matter of minutes you appear to be asleep; clutching the fabric of your mommy’s shirt in your hand.
For a few more minutes the two older women sit in silence until Natasha speaks.
“She’s perfect.”
Wanda hums in response.
“She’s fragile. Not just because she’s tiny, but because she’s had a lot of disappointment in her life. She needs me. As much as she tries to pretend she’s capable, I know she needs someone to take control. To make things easier. That’s what I want to do.”
Natasha knows what’s coming next.
“Can you do that?”
The redhead frowns.
“Do what?”
Wanda tries not to roll her eyes.
“Make things easier. Not harder. I want you to be a part of this. To keep you separate is hurting me so much but I know I need to protect her. She shouldn’t have to be strong like me. Like both of us.”
“I can. Make things easier, that is. You have to at least let me try, Wanda. Please.”
Natasha moves down the couch to press against her girlfriend’s side and wrap an arm around her shoulder. She looks down fondly at you before holding the back of your head in one hand and gently rubbing her thumb over your scalp.
“One chance, Nat.”
Wanda speaks quietly after several moments; after mulling over everything she has to gain or lose. In the end, she knows she always wanted Natasha. Needed her. To have her so close and yet so far away was an unbearable feeling. She was worth all of the hardships they had faced and more.
“I love you,” is all Natasha says.
This is all Wanda needs to hear.
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samurx · 1 day
Wanda: WHY. Why did you give Nat a KNIFE?!
Y/n: I'm sorry. She said she felt unsafe.
Wanda: And you believed her, Really?!
Y/n: ....
Wanda: Now I feel unsafe!
Y/n: I'm sorry.
Y/n: ... would you like a knife?
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chaosvillainy · 3 days
Y/N: My future partner must be brave, strong, intelligent, successful and organized.
Wanda: *steps on a caterpillar and proceeds to drop to her knees and sob while apologizing profusely*
Y/N: That one. I want that one.
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kram6496 · 2 days
Wanda’s face contours…
Wanda: detka!
Y/N comes up from under her dress…
Y/N: you make some of the funniest yet cutest faces, baby
Wanda: you wanna see some more?
Y/N smiles and goes back under…
Tumblr media
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- We’re all gonna die -
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem! Reader, eventual Wanda Maximoff x fem! Reader
Genre: angst, fluff, smut
Summary: after you lose the love of your life, Nat, your best friend Wanda is there for you. You are very grateful for her support, but maybe she got the wrong idea out of it.
Warnings: heavy angst, death of loved ones, grief, some smut, bad attempt at writing a small series
A/N: the first chapters are fully nat x r with platonic wanda x r but I think they’re going to be fairly short. I just wanted to dedicate some time to the relationship with nat. Towards the end the focus turns to wanda of course. The number of chapters could change but this is the main idea for now.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: We’re gonna run
Chapter 2: Still running
Chapter 3: And now we stop
Chapter 4: One last run
Chapter 5: Why are you running?
Chapter 6: Don’t run away
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wndaswife · 2 days
holaaa! for the celebration: 54, 116 and 117 from the smut prompt list? and is it possible to do it with the dom possessive wanda from your teachers pet fic?
Tumblr media
wanda maximoff & gn!reader
tags: smut, fluff, jealous and possessive behaviour, praise, cunnilingus, mommy kink, dom!teacher's pet!wanda maximoff, sub!reader
word count: 1662
a/n: messed with the original fic’s timeline a little bit for the sake of this one!
teacher's pet
“Next month’s your last month with us, isn’t it?” Pepper asks, peeling open the top of her cup of yogurt.
You nod after swallowing a mouthful of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Wanda made for you before you left the house together that morning. Along with the sandwich, she packed you a medley of cut vegetables and fruits that were always decorated in some shape of an animal.
Natasha speaks as she’s leaning back in her seat, chair tipping backwards dangerously, “No way. It’s been, what, just a few months since you started here, right?”
“That’s how long internships usually are. And Y/N came here during the beginning of this semester. We were very lucky,” Maria says.
You flush. You had been the lucky one, truly, to have been able to work at the high school. Through your teacher’s assistant position here, you were able to meet your girlfriend and some of your close friends. “I’ve really enjoyed working here,” you comment, fiddling with a slice of strawberry with your fork.
A hand is suddenly placed on your thigh under the staff room lunch table, and when you turn, Agatha is smiling at you. You hadn’t been able to transfer to Wanda’s classroom to assist her instead of Agatha. Your position under Agatha was always a sensitive topic for Wanda, and she took you away from her at every moment she could. Lunch was always spent with Wanda, whether in her classroom or elsewhere, and you always left as soon as you could once class ended, otherwise Wanda would come and take you with her by force if Agatha had held you back.
“We’ve enjoyed having you here too, Y/N,” Agatha tells you. Fingers squeeze around your upper thigh.
At that very moment, the door to the staff room opens and Wanda walks in, a tumbler of hot coffee and a container of lunch in-hand. Her eyes rake over the women at the table, lingering on Agatha for several moments, before she walks over to you with a smile forming.
You're confused when she sets her lunch down between you and Agatha and you look back to see Wanda pulling a chair out from the table behind and forcing it between you and her. Your arm jerks back to avoid getting hit by the chair. Agatha does the same.
“Wanda,” Pepper greets with a smile as she watches her push Agatha away from you.
Wanda nods at her in polite acknowledgment before turning to you with the first real smile since she’s stepped into the staff room. “Do you like the lunch I made you?” she asks. You nod and she smiles wider, appreciatively.
The end of the day comes quickly after you spend lunch with Wanda. There’s something you love so much about walking down the halls with her, especially when going home. She wraps an arm around your hips or takes your hand with hers while she asks you what you want for dinner or if you want to go out together. You’ve grown to love that kind of domesticity with her.
Agatha’s voice interrupts your daydreaming about your girlfriend while you’re packing your bag, “Come here for a moment, Y/N.” You turn to her, and then Wanda’s classroom across the hall. “Don’t worry. It’ll be quick,” she adds, and you lay your bag down and around the desks to her.
Her body turns to you when you stand by her desk, her fingers tapping absently atop it. “I take it you’ve gone public with Wanda, have you?” she inquires, though it feels more like an interrogation.
Wanda’s rants about Agatha repeat in your mind as you contemplate answering her about your relationship. She had said that Agatha had no place in your relationship, and she was always one to be judgemental about her. They’d been close friends once before, and you wonder if Agatha was genuinely curious about Wanda’s relationship.
You nod finally, hesitantly. When Agatha laughs, goosebumps run up your arms. How could you escape her criticism once it starts? You imagined Wanda reprimanding you on your way home and you sinking into the passenger's seat, apologising profusely. What would you tell her after she’d warned you plenty?
“And how is that going, darling?” Agatha asks after her laughing had ceased enough for her to talk. “She’s treating you well?” You cannot tell if she is mocking you, which makes you all the more desperate to flee.
“She treats me well,” you answer meekly. You will Wanda to come into the classroom and pull you away, hoping she’d hear your thoughts somehow.
What looks like a restrained smirk pulls at Agatha’s lips. It would only be a few more weeks until summer break, then you’d get to spend the next few months with Wanda, and Wanda only. You envision your summer together as you distract yourself from Agatha’s teasing.
“Wanda’s gone through plenty of young girls in her life, Y/N. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re just another one of her toys,” Agatha tells you. The words make your head rise from the foot of her desk to her face.
You protest immediately, “I’m not Wanda’s toy.”
The brunette steps towards you. “Are you certain about that, darling? You know, with me, you’d never have to doubt anything. I’d treat you well, baby.”
Suddenly, your shoulders raise and you step back from Agatha, hostility rising up in you. You tell her sternly, “I don’t like that. I love working here and I love Wanda. I want a professional relationship between the two of us and that’s all.” You don’t realise your voice was raised until the moment you stop speaking and feel a strain in your throat.
“Is there a problem here?” a voice snaps from behind you. You turn around and find Wanda standing at the door. A dozen weights lift from your shoulders and you round the table between Agatha’s desk and the door, taking your bag and joining her side.
“Everything’s alright here, sweetness,” Agatha replies, her voice sickly sweet.
Wanda takes your wrist and pulls you behind her. “Agatha,” she starts, her voice so cold it makes you shiver, “if I ever see you badgering Y/N again, I’m going to send a report for sexual harassment to Rogers and have you fired. Leave Y/N alone.”
She pulls the door away from the adjacent wall and slams it shut, causing you to bury your face against her back. Wanda turns to wrap an arm around your shoulders as the two of you head back to her classroom and presses a kiss to the side of your head.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to have her bother you,” you say into her side as you squeeze your arms around her waist. Her classroom door shuts behind the two of you quietly. “It’s my fault. I knew what you told me and I still gave into her.”
Without warning, Wanda leans down to kiss you, your back pushed up against her classroom door harshly. The act brings back memories to the first time the two of you kissed all those months ago. “Not your fault, precious angel,” Wanda utters against the crook of your neck. “She’s a bitch. I shouldn’t have left my sensitive little baby alone with her.” Her tongue darts out to run up your warm skin. “I just hope you don’t forget who you belong to, hm?”
“I would never,” you answer her, screwing your eyes shut to restrain your moans. “W-Wanda, please, we’re still at work.”
“You’re the one who got me worked up, so let’s have some fun,” she chuckles in response and sucks at the lobe of your ear gently.
“What do you mean? What did I do?”
“I heard what you were saying before I interrupted,” Wanda says and lifts her head to trail kisses up your cheeks, then to your temples, then down the bridge of your nose to your lips. “You were so sexy defending mommy like that.” Your cheeks flush a light pink and Wanda laughs at the sight.
You stutter for a response and place your hands on Wanda’s hips. She parts from your lips just enough so she can flick the tip of her tongue against them.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel really good,” Wanda assures and nips at the tip of your nose teasingly. She places her hands on both sides of your waist and lowers herself down to your knees. The sight of your girlfriend on her knees while she eats you out sends warmth through your chest as you recall the first time the two of you fucked in the very classroom.
Her tongue flicks over the hood of your clit before her lips wrap around your sensitive nub, sucking gently as three fingers pumped in and out of your hole, bringing you to your fourth and final orgasm simply with her tongue and fingers. Your legs are nearly about to give out, to turn into jelly as your body melts on top of her.
Wanda wraps her lips around her fingers and sucks your juices from them. She kissed your lips and wrapped her arms around your hips to hold you up. "You were right before, Y/N," she says. "You're not a toy to me. I love you so much. You'll always be my special baby."
You don’t hesitate even a moment before responding with, “I love you too.”
You help Wanda pack her things before she locks her classroom up and walks down the hallways with you hand-in-hand. She swings your arm forward and back, your shoulders brushing as you walk beside each other.
“What are you thinking for dinner, baby?” Wanda asks you.
After a moment of consideration, you reply, “Balsamic bruschetta?”
“Done. Let’s make a stop at the grocery store before we go home.” She presses a kiss to your cheek when the two of you reach the parking lot and step into her red Buick.
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Y/n: I need take out food!
SW: I er don't think we can do that...
Y/n: Okay but why not?
Wanda: We're in the Amazon
Y/n: And?
Wanda: I'll repeat myself we're in the fucking amazon!
Y/n: I'm sensing some hostility here Wanda
SW: Yeah Wanda actually one of us could just fly up and get some from somewhere
Wanda: No Scar we can’t we’re undercover and if we fly up someone might spot us then we’ll be killed
Wanda: Is that what you want? To be killed!
Y/n: I mean-
SW: No no we don’t have time for that today
Maria and Nat listening over the intercom
Maria: Are they always like this?
Nat eating popcorn: Hold on I want to hear if she gets the takeout food
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mrscromanoff · 20 hours
Fifty Shades Of Y/n Pt. Two
*A week later. Y/n, Wanda and Natasha sitting in therapy together.*
Therapist- “So, why don’t we start of the session by you telling me why your all here.”
Y/n- “Well, I wrote a story but Wands and Nat didn’t like it-“
Natasha- “No Dekta, that’s not what-“
Therapist- “Actually, Natasha I think it’s important to let y/n tell us why they think they’re here. Go ahead Y/n.”
Y/n- “They didn’t like my story. I think I upset them. So they made me come here, said they’d take away my cuddle privileges if I didn’t.”
Therapist- “How did that make you feel y/n?”
Y/n- “Sad.”
Wanda- “I think if we let the doctor read your story baby she’d understand why we insisted you come here.”
*Fifteen minutes later after the doctor read the story.*
Wanda- “Well? What do you think?”
Natasha- “Do you understand why we’re concerned.”
Therapist- “I think… maybe… you need more help then I can provide. I’m- I’m not qualified for this.”
Y/n- “No one likes my story.” *Pouting.*
Part One
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