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I love grumpy Bucky. I love sunshine reader. This is another ridiculous fic. Does it even make sense? Tbh no. I should have a section on my master list for utter fuckery and tom foolery. 
Bucky being offended he looks cute. He’s a tough beefy muscly super soldier so how. dare. you. 
You watched Bucky carefully as he took apart his gun, his brows furrowed as he focused on cleaning the different parts, setting each piece aside carefully so it wouldn’t get misplaced (after cursing under his breath when one part rolled under the couch) Every so often his tongue would dart out the harder he focused, completely in his own world. It was adorable. 
“You look so cute” You giggled, setting your book down while he narrowed his eyes at you frowning. Did you just call him cute? How dare you. Bucky thought of himself as many things but cute? Absolutely not. 
“M’not cute” He mumbled, internally retching at the word, shaking his head while you rolled your eyes, ignoring his grumpy staring. 
“Yes you are” You stated, shrugging like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You grabbed your book, deciding to make yourself some tea, leaving the super soldier utterly perplexed over what the hell was wrong with you. Bucky stared at you while you getting up to go to the kitchen, he’d never been so offended. 
Bucky didn’t understand you. You were the newest member of the team, he’d only really interacted with you on missions. You never seemed to hold back your tongue, always complimenting others with random statements. You were always sweet to everyone. Smiling. Bubbly. Happy. Kind of like sunshine in a bottle. 
That didn’t excuse what you just said to him. 
Cute was what you used to describe puppies and ducklings and kittens. He was 6′4 with a metal arm, a trained assassin and super solider. How. Dare. You. He lifted his shirt up, inspecting his abs, all 6 of them right there. 
Except it didn’t stop there. 
Everyone sat together for movie night, you sat in your designated corner of the couch; everyone sitting in their favorite spots, munching on snacks, cuddled up with blankets.��You smiled at the way Bucky had curled up on the large bean bag, his soft Henley stretched over his broad chest and thick arms. He snored softly, half asleep, occasionally blinking at the screen before closing his eyes again.  
“Oh he looks so cuddly!” You whispered, while Sam’s face twisted in confusion to see what the hell it was you were looking at. His eyes grew wide when he realized you were looking at Bucky, shaking his head while you continued to admire him. 
“You think the killing staring machine looks cuddly?” 
“Very much so” You nodded, draping him with a fuzzy blanket before going back to the movie, smiling when you saw him snuggle into it, falling asleep immediately. 
Bucky wasn’t sure if he dreamt someone calling him cuddly or if it really happened but he was some how more offended than before. He was pure muscle. Metal and muscle. How does one look at him and think of cuddling. 
“M’not cuddly” He grumbled half in his sleep, before burying his face into the bean bag, going back to sleep. You snickered at his antics, going back to the movie while the rest of the team quietly eyed you both. 
It didn’t stop there either. 
You sat on the stool at the kitchen island, eating some berries while Bucky and Steve walked in after training. Steve smiled at you while Bucky quietly made his way around the kitchen to get his coffee, he didn’t know why his heart started to do this weird jumpy thing around you, it was probably a defect of some sort, he’d make an appointment with Bruce soon. 
It had been a while since he shaved, his beard had grown fuller and his hair was a little fluffier. You thought it made him look soft, paired off with his size, he looked like he’d give the most warm hugs. 
“He’s like a teddy bear” You said, more to yourself but both men heard, given they both had enhanced hearing. Steve smirked to himself while you continued to munch on your snack, unaware Bucky was deeply blushing, stirring an empty mug, now utterly distracted because of you. 
“Teddy bear y/n?” Steve gave you a pointed look while you nodded. 
“Yeah, he looks so huggable like he’d give the best hugs” You hopped off your stool, making your way over to where Bucky was standing. He froze while you smiled up at him, your sweet face making his insides melt. Wait, since when did he think your face was sweet- “Look”
“Y/n, I don’t think thats a good-
Before Steve could finish, you walked over, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s waist, resting your head on his chest. Bucky’s body moved on its own, wrapping his arms around you, enveloping you into the warmest, safest hug you’d ever felt. You lost yourself for a moment, nuzzling yourself into his chest while he squeezed you tighter, holding you close to him, secretly hoping you wouldn’t let go. 
Steve’s soul nearly left his body, staring at you both, his best friend practically rocking you while you were in complete bliss, clearly reluctant to ever let go. You soon realized you had been hugging him for longer than necessary, letting go while Steve watched you both with a shit eating grin on his face. 
“See? Good hugs” You quickly pulled back as if nothing happened, grabbing your things and leaving the kitchen. Bucky turned back to his mug, diligently stirring, ignoring the way his heart was beating out of his chest, ready to escape. 
“The mug is empty punk” Steve snorted while Bucky groaned, his cheeks pink while he filled his cup this time. What had you done to him. 
Ever since you called Bucky cute, he’s been sneaking glances of himself in the mirror. 
Was he cute?
He carefully inspected his features; if the sweetest person on the planet said he was cute then he had to be true. You also called him cuddly. And huggable. 
Ever since the team made note of your exchanges, they’ve been having a field day with it. 
“Rogers, you’ll be paired with Romanoff and Barnes who is not cute, will go with Wilson” Tony stated, snickering to himself over the way Bucky stared at him. 
“I am cute” He pouts, grabbing his gear at making his way to the jet. 
“Yeah, based on what tinman”
“Y/n said so” he shrugged, while everyone else watched carefully, wondering how much longer it’d take for you both to get together.
You made your way to the kitchen, passing by Bucky and Steve, both men sitting on the touch watching some documentary on something you’d probably fall asleep to. Bucky watched you carefully, wondering what you’d say about him this time, his heart hoping you’d come and sit with them while you went to grab a snack. 
You weren’t sure if Bucky actually liked you or not, you decided to give him some space since they’d just gotten back from a mission, quietly sitting off to the side while Steve rolled his eyes watching Bucky ignore the TV, sneaking glanced at you instead. 
“Y/n, your cute cuddly huggable teddy bear’s been waiting for you to-Ooof” 
You looked up to find Bucky smothering Steve with a cushion, only to have Steve wiggle his way out, scrambling away on all fours before finding his footing and running off, cackling to himself. You felt your face heat up, making your way over and plopping on the couch beside Bucky, both of you inching closer and closer until your thighs brushed against his.  
“I-I think you’re cute too” He blushed, smiling while you tucked yourself by his side, sighing contently at his warmth. He hesitantly put his arm around you, pulling you closer, “and you’re really huggable” He pressed a soft kiss onto your cheek. “and I like you” 
You giggled, snuggling up with him, grinning when you looked up at him, his perfect puppy eyes gazing back down at you. 
“I told you, you were cute” 
Somewhere down the hall
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Hey you. Yeah you. Fanfic author over there thinking their work isn't good enough to be published. Your work is amazing, it's so creative, whether it has 100 words, 10k words or 100k words, your work is amazing.
Your creativity knows no limit, your creativity is so appriciated, it's so very much loved, you're going to do great things with your writing abilities, it's unique, it's uniquely you, it's a little piece of your soul being put on display and your readers ADORE you for it.
You are adored by your readers, you are loved by your readers you are worth the whole world, we love you, we love you like the stars shine on a clear night's sky.
Cut yourself some slack, don't burn yourself out, and remind yourself that you are worth every bit of what joy you give others.
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Tumblr media
Prompt || Bucky is about to leave for a mission. Reader asks him if he’s forgotten anything, and Bucky gives her a kiss. Reader becomes slightly shy and opens her hand to reveal Bucky’s wallet, saying “I meant this, but thank you.” — Requested by anon <3
Pairing || TFATWS!Bucky x Female!Reader
Word Count || Around 400
Contents & Warnings || Fluff — no warnings.
Random prompt event || Masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky was doing a final check of his bag and pockets to ensure he had everything he needed for his week overseas on yet another mission.
“Ok, clothes, knives, guns, keys, can't forget about those again… and…,” he did a double take of everything once more, making sure it was all there, “I think that's it. Everything's ready.”
“Aren't you forgetting something, babe?” You tilted your head while lifting your eyebrows, knowing he had forgotten something.
He furrowed his brows and looked deep in thought for a second before realizing that he had indeed forgotten something.
“Of course! How could I ever forget something so important,” he smirked as he stepped towards you.
With an adoring smile on his face, he cupped your cheeks and caressed your skin with the pad of his thumbs, gazing so lovingly into your eyes.
“I can never forget such an important thing as a goodbye kiss from my girl,” he mumbled against your lips before closing the gap and kissing you so passionately, which you melted so deep into, holding his waist for stability as he poured his love and need for you into it. It was a kiss that he would go without for a whole week, so he took advantage of his soft lips on yours to make the most out of it before he was gone—kissing you till you were breathless and clinging desperately to him, not wanting the moment to end.
Once he pulled away, he rubbed his nose with yours while you let out a shaky breath of contentment. It took you a moment or two, still dazed and warm from his kiss, to give him the thing he forgot.
Shyly, you brought your hand out from your back and presented his black leather wallet that he so would have forgotten hadn't you reminded him.
“I-I meant this, but thank you for that wonderful kiss, Bucky.”
“Ah… yes…” Bucky became so shy and flustered when he realized you had meant his wallet. He blushed a bright pink as he took it from you and put it in his pocket before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him again.
“But a kiss is just as important as my wallet, don't you think, doll?”
You nodded as you circled your arms around his neck and stood on your toes so that your lips brushed once more.
“Definitely as important,” you smirked, “can I have another one before you leave?”
“Always,” he chuckled before kissing you just as passionately as the first time…
Tumblr media
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Sebastian Stan - Interview at EuropaFM
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like...WTF SEND HELP!?!? How can he say something like that like it's nothing!?
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Daddy doesn't look very impressed with you, Lau 🤭😏
Tumblr media
Game, Set and Match
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky Barnes x 18+F!Reader 
Summary: Flirting with your tennis instructor in front of him didn’t exactly go to plan. Or did it? 
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, stepdad trope, heavy daddy kink, cheating themes, excessive dirty talk because i can't help myself, name calling (princess, bitch, slut, baby) anal sex, outdoor sex, risky sex, anal creampie, gaping, possessiveness, teasing, 18+.
Word Count: 1.1k
A/N: @lookiamtrying this is all your fault and I'm not sorry. Thank you to @cockslutpadalecki for reading this through for me 💕
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
"I told you what would happen if you kept walking around here with your ass on display, didn't I?" He teases, fingers digging into the rump of your ass so hard, it has you keening from the pressure. The gravelly wall scratches against your stomach, your tennis skirt flipped up around your waist. "I told you if you didn't pull that fuckin' skirt down, I'd tear you a new one. You think I was lying?"
"No," you bite back quickly with a look over your shoulder, warmth fluttering in your chest cavity at the sight of his flushed cheeks and the focus in his pretty eyes. They're fixated on the stretch, your asshole molding around him as he eases in, his thumb caressing the skin where dick meets muscle.
"Oh, so you were hoping for this, mm? That why you've been bending over and flashing this little cunt to me all afternoon?" Bucky asks, spreading your cheeks wide and grunting lustfully at the way you take him, swallowing his dick whole, so deep you swear you can feel him in your guts.
"Ah! Yes, fuck, yes daddy." You'd agree to just about any statement, your nerve endings aflame with desire and pride. Pride that you can please him like this. Pride that you're the only one that will give him everything he wants. Any hole, any time. Whenever he fucking wants it. "Fuck me with your fat cock. Make it hurt. Punish me for being a little slut."
You knew exactly what you were doing when you took it upon yourself to flirt with your tennis instructor that afternoon. You'd felt Bucky’s eyes on you from the viewing platform. Fun is the last thing you usually have at Acre Oaks country club but not today. Today you took full advantage of his distant possessive stare and, well, it certainly paid off. 
“You’re a nasty little bitch, aren't you? Trying to piss me off and get your own way.” The breeze has your skin prickling, your toes curling in your tennis shoes and your knees shaky. The blissful burn of his cock easing in and out of your asshole has your eyes flickering closed, a heady, desperate moan muffled by his palm as it curls over the lower half of your face. “Lucky for you, I just can’t resist, huh? How am I s’posed to when I know how fuckin’ tight this little hole is.” 
Your inner thighs coated with slick, cunt clenching with an empty ache, you arch your back; tilting your head back so you can look at him. You smirk against his dewy palm, teeth grazing against his skin mischievously, gloss smearing across your cheek. “Fuck it, daddy.” 
“God, you’re bad," he laughs, cock pulsing inside you and his thrusts quickening, your hips pushing back against him and your fingernails breaking against the wall in front of you. One hand braced on your waist, the other slips down between your sodden thighs, two fingers strumming back and forth over your clit. He fucks into you with a carelessness that has you shaking. “Want me to fill this tight ass up, Princess? Gonna spend the rest of that tennis lesson with my cum leaking outta you? Should’a worn panties today. That’ll teach you.” 
“I wan’ it, daddy. I want your cum. Please, fuckin’ give it t’me.” At any moment you could be caught. You both know it. You’re hardly being discreet. And neither of you seem to give a solitary fuck about the fact. His balls slap against your pussy, only serving to heighten your pleasure, your stomach churning with a heavenly warmth that you’ve grown addicted to. “M’so close. Please. Fuck, please lemme cum.” 
“Think you deserve it?” He hums, a deep groan eliciting from his throat as he nears his own end. Mild panic ensues within, the thought of walking away from him dissatisfied causing you to rut back against him like a bitch in heat. “If I let you cum, you gonna quit flirting with that asshole? Huh? Gonna remember who you belong to?” 
“His name is Hal. Ah!” You yelp, his fingers straying from your pussy and digging into your inner thigh. “I mean, yes. Fuck. Yes, I swear. Please. I can’t--”
“Alright, I gotcha.” Bucky’s fingers return to your sensitive nub, rubbing expertly and his cock bottomed out inside you, hips grinding salaciously against your ass. You feel so fucking full. Its heaven. It’s everything. It’s filthy and desperate. Just like you. “C’mon, Princess. M’gonna fuckin’ bust.” 
He falls forward, face buried in your neck and his hot, heavy breaths scorching your skin. You lose it then, shattering against the wall, caged between the harsh surface and his strong body. Safe. The feel of him flooding your asshole with his cum has you reeling, cunt tightening and a symphony of blissful moans slipping from your lips. “Thank you. Thank you, thank you.” 
“There she is. There’s my girl,” he croons, nipping at your ear and jutting against you, emptying his balls and throbbing against your insides. “Better hurry, baby. He’s probably wonderin’ where you got to, isn't he? Lemme see the mess I made first though, mm?” 
You whine when he moves to spread your cheeks apart, slowly pulling his length free of your fucked out hole. Bucky lets out a low whistle, clearly impressed with himself as he inspects the impressive gape. His cum oozes out instantly, dripping down onto your tennis shoe, the chill of the afternoon air sending a shudder through your trembling body. “Look at that. See? She’s wide open for me. Bet she’s grateful, too. You could learn a lesson or two from her, couldn’t you?” 
With a swift kiss to your cheek and a light tap of your rear, he wipes his dick on your skirt and tucks himself away, leaving you to pull yourself together.
As you walk on bambi legs back toward the tennis courts, you can’t help but wonder what would happen if you ignored his warnings altogether. How much fun would he have punishing you if you did? 
“Hey, sweetheart. Thought you’d done a disappearing act on me,” Hal grins, his white polo shirt tight against his abs and chest, hair floppy against his sweat-slick forehead. “Lets get back to it, shall we? Gotta work some more on that swing.” 
You take the racket from him when he hands it to you, Bucky’s cum drying against your skin as you reach up on the balls of your feet and kiss Hal chastely on the cheek, the salty taste staining your lips. “Yes, Sir.” 
Looking back over your shoulder, your eyes finding him as he stands on the veranda with a drink in hand, you smirk.
Yeah, you’re in for it tonight. 
Tumblr media
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Disarmed | Bucky Barnes x Reader
After the events of the GOTG holiday special, I think we all know where this came from and where it's going...
I have not been able to stop thinking about how this actually went down for Bucky. And it makes me sad.
Warnings: violence, injuries, pain, blood, Bucky's arm, home invasion
Tumblr media
No answer followed your knocking. Just silence. No movement from inside the apartment. 
Another round of knocks echoed through the quiet hall. Again, silence. 
“Buck? It’s me…”
You leaned against the door, listening for any sign of life. And finally, soft steps made their way in your direction. A deep sigh came from behind the wood. 
Checking in on Bucky like this always made you feel like a bit of a bother. You never wanted to irritate him or make him feel like a child. But you liked knowing he was alright. And he never seemed to mind. He even welcomed your unannounced drop-ins. Bucky liked knowing that someone- anyone- cared about him. He just couldn’t believe you, of all people, were that ‘someone’. 
The metallic rattling sound of Bucky undoing his door’s chain brought a smile to your face. Sure, he’d gone radio silent. He’d ignored your texts and calls all day and skipped out on your lunch plans. But he had a lot on his plate. And even as he worked through his issues and eliminated some of his mental load, more problems often materialized out of nowhere. And so, you granted him grace. You didn’t chastise him or nag him for drawing in on himself. He was doing his very best, and you only wanted to help.
Bucky tentatively pulled open the door a sliver, granting you a view of only half his body. He looked tired, dejected. But he smiled when he saw you- he couldn’t help it. “Hey, doll…” 
“Hey, I was-” You noticed a large scrape running the length of his arm, a bruise resting below his eye. “Woah- what happened? I just saw you yesterday…” Anxiety flooded your system- he was okay less than twenty-four hours ago. How did this happen? And when? 
The day before, Bucky spent his afternoon and most of his evening at your place. The two of you watched movies together and ordered take out. It was, by all definitions, a perfect day.
You we’re no stranger to Bucky’s injuries. He always came home from missions looking worse for wear- but he was supposed to be safe here. He didn’t just return from a long stint at a Hydra base or fighting flag smashers. He was home. And he wasn’t supposed to get hurt.
A deep sigh deflated Bucky’s chest and pulled his head down. And you realized why he flaked on your plans. But the issue presented a double-edged sword. He knew that by telling you he was hurt, he’d make you concerned about his latest injuries that seemed to materialize overnight. But leaving you in the dark only served to make you worry. In the end, he defaulted to his factory setting. He withdrew and fell silent, deciding to deal on his own.
But that couldn’t stop you. 
Finally, he dragged his gaze up to yours. A few broken blood vessels shot red webs through the whites of his eyes. He looked broken. “Um, could you-” He rephrased, “do you want to come in?” He didn’t like asking you for anything. Ever. Though he knew you’d do anything for him, he didn’t like how it felt. He always said it seemed like he was taking advantage of your kindness- which you told him was impossible.
Without hesitation, you nodded. He opened the door and allowed you entrance, immediately locking it behind you. He turned the deadbolt and secured the chain before resting his forehead against the wood. And as he rested there, he gave you a view of his back. Clearly, something violent happened in the eighteen hours since you’d last seen him.  
Large bruises streaked his skin. The deep purples and blues accompanied red gashes and scrapes littering his shoulders. Dried blood lay under his nails. A wince accompanied every inhale. 
“Buck, I don’t understand- what happened to you?” 
He took one last moment to himself before facing you. And as he turned, you saw it: a brutal wound splashed across his chest. Its maroons and crimsons radiated from a central, bloody point, splaying outward. The skin looked raw, torched. Painful. It leaked blood with every movement, every breath. You’d never seen anything like it. 
But as severe as the wound on his chest was, something else caught your eye. Or, the lack of thereof.
“Wait. Where’s…” you scanned the room but came up empty. “Where’s your arm?”
Bucky wasn’t comfortable without it, not yet. And though it wasn’t his favorite part of the body he called his, it at least provided a sense of security. His arm was strong, fast. It could protect him when danger came calling. And so, he tolerated it for the purpose it served. Never once had he taken it off- not since T’Challa and Shuri presented it to him. And yet, he stood before you, his vibranium arm missing. 
“Someone, um…” His eyes took on a far away, hollow quality. “Someone broke in last night.”
You were on him in seconds, “What?” Everything in you wanted to hold him close, but the angry wound on his chest said otherwise. And so, you opted to hold his hand. 
“I guess ‘broke in’ is the wrong phrase,” he said. “The door- it was still locked. I don’t know how they got in. But they did.” He looked sad. Scared. Confused. He didn’t deserve to feel this way in his own home. Each shaky breath pushed more blood from his wound, sending red streaks dripping down his body.
“Shit, Buck. You’re really bleeding-”
Bucky stared down at the bloodbath spilling from his chest. Something about the way he regarded his wound was too casual, too nonchalant. “Yeah. It’s been doing that.” He seemed almost distracted, like he was too caught up in the previous night’s events to really notice his injury.
“Okay, can I- let’s get this cleaned up, alright?” 
Bucky gave a small shake of his head, “That’s okay, doll. You don’t have to.”
“Hey,” you gave his hand a squeeze, “Let me take care of you.”
With Bucky’s permission, you led him down the hall to the bathroom. Never once did his hand leave yours. If anything, he tightened his grip as the seconds passed. He was desperate for you- for the one person he felt safe with. He wondered how you always knew when he needed you- how you always knew what he needed. 
But more often, he wondered why you helped him. Why you did so much for him. Why you treated him with such kindness. He sometimes got it in his mind to ask why you did the things you did- but he knew better than to make you question it. He feared that, if you thought about it too long, you’d realize you didn’t want to be around him anymore. And while he wanted to free you of his burden, he’d miss you too much to let you go.
He took a seat on the edge of the tub like you asked and watched you unearth the first aid kit from under his sink. It was the same kit you put together and made him promise to hang on to. It had everything he’d need to tend to his wounds if you were unavailable. But thus far, you always found a way to be there, to take care of him. 
He often felt like he was using you. Like you did so much for him without asking for anything in return. Every time you stitched him up or stopped him from bleeding out, guilt seeped into his bones. But you assured him, time and time again, that you helped him because you wanted to. Because you cared. Because you’d rather die than let him think he was alone. 
“Jesus. Is this…” You carefully examined the injury to Bucky’s chest, “is this a burn?”
Bucky shrugged, but the motion only brought him more pain. “I’m not sure. The whole thing was… weird.”
With gentle hands, you cleaned the blood from his skin. He winced with each swipe of gauze. And while you held pressure to the spot that refused to stop bleeding, you asked for details.
Bucky’s jaw tensed. “Everything was normal. I double checked that the door was locked. I texted you goodnight. I went to bed.” He traveled back to the night before, recalling the strange events as they unfolded. “The sound of footsteps woke me up. I thought it was my neighbor coming home from the bar again. But the sound was outside my bedroom door- right outside my bedroom door. And then someone was in my room. I saw their silhouette standing over my bed.”
Your heart began to race as though it were happening in real time. “Who was it? Did you recognize them?”
He shook his head. “Whoever it was- they were fast. Strong. I don’t think…” He paused for a moment, his brow furrowing. “I don’t think they were human. Or at least, all human. I don’t think they were from earth at all. I mean, the weapon they had it was… I don’t know. I’d never seen anything like it before.” He relived the blast that struck his chest, the sizzling, searing agony that burned through him. 
“Shit…” Knowing how scared he must’ve been made you nauseous. But you did your very best to keep your hands from shaking. “Did they- did they say what they wanted?”
Again, he shook his head. “They didn’t say why they were here- nothing about it made any sense, really. They didn’t threaten me. It didn’t even… it didn’t  seem like they wanted me dead.”
You thanked the universe that Bucky’s assailant hadn’t come for his life. If you’d dropped by his apartment only to find him cold and still, you would’ve joined him in the afterlife.
As you examined his wound once again, Bucky thought back on everyone he’d ever hurt, everyone he’d ever killed. He knew many of his victims didn’t deserve to die. He knew they had families and friends who wanted revenge. If anyone ever came for him, he assumed it would be a vengeful loved one out for his head. But this was different. 
“They didn’t seem like they wanted to kill me,” he said after a while. “They didn’t even really try to kill me.”
“Then what’s all this about?” you asked, motioning toward the massive wound on his chest.
“I mean… they could’ve shot me in the head.”
You cringed at the thought. Only a few hours ago, Bucky could’ve so easily been taken from you. And you wouldn’t have even known he was in danger. 
“The entire time we were fighting, they were going for my arm.” He shuddered. “I think they got fed up after a while- that’s when they shot me. Almost like they didn’t want to hurt me but had no choice. And while I was on the ground, writhing in pain, they tore it off.”
Your eyes widened, “what?”
“Like I said… whoever it was, they were strong. They didn’t disable the mechanism like Ayo- they ripped it off.”
None of it made any sense. The locked door, leaving Bucky alive, stealing his arm- it was beyond strange. And in any other circumstance, you would’ve attempted to put the pieces together. You would’ve tried to solve the puzzle. But that part didn’t matter. What mattered was Bucky. 
He lost his arm in the fall all those years ago. He bled in the snow for what felt like years, alone and scared. Hydra removed what remained of his joint without compassion and replaced it with metal. And then, when he was finally free, Tony brutally destroyed his new arm. Robbed him once again of a piece of himself. Though, part of him was happy to be free of the silver and red prosthetic designed by Hydra. He welcomed the sleek black and gold upgrade Shuri so kindly provided. 
And now, it was gone. 
He'd been through enough. His sense of self stripped away again and again. His bodily autonomy decimated. And he’d worked so hard to make progress. He was trying. He wwas working on himself, on healing his trauma. And just as things seemed to take a positive turn, yet another nightmare unfolded. 
With his permission, you used your free hand to assess where his arm used to be. The attachment site was still in place, but the skin around it was angry. Red. Swollen. Dried blood crusted around the metal plate. You wondered how much pain a body could take. 
“Does it hurt?”
He nodded. And your heart fell to pieces.
“What did you-” You forced yourself to stay strong, “what did you do after they um, took it?”
“I was kind of in shock…” he said. “I didn’t know what to do. Whoever it was seemed to vanish. And I,” he took a breath. “I couldn’t just go back to sleep, you know?” He sat quiet for a moment, disappearing to the previous night’s utter horror. “I didn’t feel safe after that.”
You cursed whoever did this to him. Only recently did he start successfully sleeping through the night. His nightmares dwindled and he was finally getting the rest he so desperately needed. And his assailant robbed him of that.
He shrugged, wincing once again. “I just went and sat in the living room for the rest of the night. I left the lights on… I couldn’t imagine turning them off. I knew I’d see their silhouette again.”
You didn’t know what to say. You wished he’d called. You wished he’d felt comfortable enough asking for help. But that was still an uphill battle and calling in the middle of the night wasn’t something he was okay with. If you called him at three in the morning, he’d answer without hesitation. He’d never see it as a bother or a burden; if you needed him, he’d be there. But the reverse was different. He saw himself as only a burden- who was he to wake you in the middle of the night? Who was he to disturb your sleep and dump his problems on you? 
“Buck, I’m so…” you didn’t know how to make it better. “I’m so sorry this happened to you. You don’t deserve this- you don’t deserve any of the shit that’s happened to you.”
He flashed you a sad smile and a quiet “thanks”.
“And I know what you’re gonna say, but… you know I’m always here for you-”
“Doll, I can’t-”
“I don’t care what time it is, Buck. I don’t care what I’m doing. If you need me, I’m here. End of story.”
He simply brought his hand to your cheek and swept his thumb over your skin. You were so good to him- toogood to him. 
“All I ever want to do is be there for you. No matter what that means.”
Bucky averted his gaze. He sometimes didn’t know how to react to kindness, to such direct warmth. It almost made him bashful to have someone care for him so deeply.
“Um, this is finally done bleeding,” you said, pulling the gauze from his chest. “I’m gonna cover it. And then I’m gonna clean your shoulder- only if that’s okay.” The only person allowed to touch Bucky was you. And even then, getting to that point had been a long journey. Building that trust, that feeling of safety took care and thought. And you never wanted to overstep. He knew he could change his boundaries whenever he wanted, could revoke his consent without consequence. But you still reminded him every now and then, never allowing him to forget. 
“I’d really appreciate that. Thank you.” 
As carefully as you could, you covered the strange blast-injury on his chest. And when satisfied with its condition, you moved on to his shoulder. After it’s decades of abuse, this tissue required extra care. Extra gentleness. You worked slowly and cautiously, removing the blood from his scarred skin. 
An overwhelming sense of vulnerability engulfed Bucky. No one ever got this up close and personal with his marred flesh. It made him nervous. “Hey, I’m really sorry I ditched you today…” he said, distracting you from his scars. “I knew we had plans, but I wasn’t-”
You placed a gentle hand on his cheek, quieting him. “Please don’t apologize. I know you’re doing your best- and you had a more than good enough reason not to meet me for chicken and waffles.”
He let a sad smile break through his downtrodden expression. “I knew this apartment was a shit hole,” he said, “but I never thought someone would break in to steal my arm. You know?”
You nodded. “I don’t think anyone could’ve expected that.”
With Bucky’s wounds cleaned and covered, you finally let your shoulders relax a bit. The tightness in your chest diminished and your muscles let go of a fraction of tension. But you still worried about him. You knew he’d never sleep again- not in this apartment, at least. His sense of security was gone. Shattered. And without his arm, you knew he’d feel vulnerable. On edge. Any sliver of peace he’d found disintegrated before his very eyes. 
You feared making him uncomfortable, but the words slipped past your lips before you had the chance to second guess yourself. “Hey… do you wanna come stay at my place?” you asked, “I know you probably aren’t looking forward to spending much time here after what happened, and-”
Bucky waved you off with an overly casual smile. “No, no, that’s okay, doll. I’m fine here.”
You gave him a stern look, “Buck, I know you. Please, just come stay with me.”
He chewed on the inside of his cheek- this crossed a line. He couldn’t invade your space like that. He couldn’t infect your life with his baggage. And if he feared being a burden before, it was nothing compared to the feeling creeping into his chest. “You’re sweet, but you don’t have to do that-”
“I want to,” you said. “Just come crash at my place for a while.”
He thought it over for a long, quiet moment. More than anything, he wanted to escape his apartment and seek refuge with you. Any sense of safety he’d felt in this space was gone, but he never felt safer than he did at yours. He couldn’t impose like that, though. He couldn’t invade your privacy.
“Buck, come on. Do you wanna come stay with me?”
He nodded.
You cupped his face, “Then come! Stay long as you want.”
He opened his mouth to thank you for your kindness, but you cut him off.
“Hang on- to clarify, I’m not saying ‘stay as long as you think is appropriate or polite’. I’m saying, ‘stay as long as you want’.” You eyed him with a stern expression, “Don’t just stay one night and then come back here because you think you’re a burden. Promise?”
“Good.” With your help, Bucky got to his feet. “Now, let’s pack you a bag and get you outta here.”
Bucky followed one pace behind you as you headed for his bedroom. He couldn’t believe he had a safety net. A kind, caring person who wanted only good things for him. He’d easily grown smitten with you only a few days after meeting you, and witnessing your capacity for compassion won him over. But truth be told, it wasn’t about the things you did for him. Or the nice things you said to him. You glowed from the inside, the warmth of your heart basking him in a comforting light. And though he’d, yet again, suffered a violation of his sense of self, he almost didn’t care. He didn’t belong to himself anymore, anyway. He belonged to you. 
Tag list: @beefybuckrrito @shadytalementality  @everything-burns-down @rainbow-unicorn-pony @mandersshow @breakablebarnes @psychoticmason @glxwingrxse @lonewolf471 @dreamerglassesgirl  @the-gods-gloted-but-they-burned @purpleshallot  @seitmai @itvy5601 @dailyreverie  @navs-bhat @eviesaurusrex @themorningsunshine  @evangeliamerryll @buckys-metal-arm @broadwaybabe18 @the-kestrels-feather @avocadotoastwithegg @goldylions @lokisasgardianvampirequeen @vrittivsanghavi @idkitsem @avengetheunnatural @rassvetsky @hereforbuckyandsteve
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
enemies to lovers with ceo!bucky??? you both have your own companies, there is a endless competition between you; james bucky barnes is a very confident man, he is also a little bit cocky and that drives you crazy; during one of his famous balls, that he organises for charity you can't hold all of your anger anymore and you snap when you are alone;
"stop fuckin yelling at me, y/n, you can always leave and go home, you are here because you want to" that is not a lie, but you can't admit it and you can't say that he looks very attractive in his expensive suit.
"why are you so annoying, barnes? you are doing everything to irritate me and-" and he kissed you, the kiss was hungry and full of lust; his hands on your waist, holding you close and tight, fuck that felt good;
"stop talking" he said quietly in between your kisses "or i'll make you stop"
"and what would you do, hm?" you hummed and looked him in the eyes.
"make you scream and moan for me instead, baby, i bet those lips of yours can be tolerable when they are put in the good use"
bucky moodboards + blurbs
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sweetbuckybarnes · 2 days
Bucky Has a Girlfriend?
Tumblr media
Summary: Sam is surprised to find out that Bucky has a girlfriend.
Tumblr media
Sam was surprised when, after a mission, Bucky was instantly on his phone (on FaceTime!) talking to a girl. What surprised him more was the pet names that started leaving both of their mouths.
Had the former Winter Soldier managed to somehow find himself a girlfriend before Sam?!
Sam stood to the side watching Bucky hang up his phone as he let out a heavy sigh, glazed away into the distance for a second before blinking repeatedly and looking at Sam.
Bucky looked at Sam expectantly. Waiting for him to say whatever if floating around in his head.
"You have a girlfriend?" Sam asks, as Yelena (Natasha's adoptive younger 'sister', the White Widow) walked over to them.
"What's going on with Cap, dedushka?" Yelena asked. She had a habit of called Bucky dedushka (grandfather in Russian), the more she called him this, the more he would get frustrated and tell her off.
"He's just found out about Y/N," he states.
From the simple sentence, Sam knew Yelena already knew about this so-called Y/N.
"You know about her?" Sam questioned.
This spawned a look from Yelena. "I'm the one who introduced them," she replies, crossing her arms. "How's her new job going?"
Bucky smiled. Yelena knew this smile, it's the one that brightened his face whenever Y/N was mentioned.
"She loves it," Bucky tells the White Widow he used to train alongside Natasha. "She's always telling me about this new bed set or that new fragrance thing. But, her face just lights up."
Sam looks at Bucky as he continued to talk about his girlfriend. It was obvious Bucky was smitten.
"Did I just miss her?" Yelena asked, nosing to where Bucky had just slipped his phone into one of his many pockets - half of which are filled with bullets and knives.
Bucky nodded. "She's on her break," he tells her. He was then prodded by Yelena, as the White Widow demanded Bucky's girlfriend be called again. Yelena almost turned into a toddler as she nearly hung off Bucky's metal arm to get him to facetime his girlfriend again.
But she didn't really need to beg, as Bucky's phone started ringing again.
It was his girl.
"I know I was going to ring later, but you have to see what just came in on the delivery!" She exclaims once he pressed the green button - before he could even greet her.
She held up a shaped cushion. A penguin shaped cushion. The penguin had a yellow scarf and yellow earmuffs.
Her face came back into the frame, side-by-side with the penguin. "His name's Percy!"
"He's very cute, doll," Bucky replies, his laughter being joined by Yelena's as Y/N shook the stuffed penguin in her hand as if to prove a point about how cute said Percy the Penguin was.
"Y/N!" A voice called off camera. Her manager.
Bucky knew you had to go. "I'll talk to you later, doll. As promised."
She nodded, accepting this as she blew him a kiss and hung up the facetime.
"She didn't see me," Yelena said, sounding very resigned in this fact.
"She saw you," Bucky replied. "She was called back to work. She's unpacking a delivery. It was the start of all the Christmas stuff."
At the shear mention of the 9-letter C word, Yelena lit up. Compared to the last Christmas she spent hunting down Clint Barton. She hoped this year would be different. "Can we go spend Christmas with her?" She asked.
Bucky turned his head to Sam. "All depends on Captain America," he says.
"I want to meet this mystery girl Bucky's been hiding away," Sam said.
"She's not been a mystery. I knew about her!" Yelena said, almost stopping her feet on the floor like a child.
"I'll mention it tonight," Bucky says.
Tumblr media
As he promised, he asked his girl if it would alright if the new Captain America, Yelena and himself could come over for Christmas.
She was nearly bouncing off the walls at this idea. Having one of her best friends, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend (Friend? Is that what they were? She didn't know) at her flat for Christmas.
She told Bucky he was more than welcome to come see her whenever he wanted (Bucky threatened he would never be leaving her place, which his girl giggled over but never said no to).
How she would use him to help with the Christmas tree, and give Yelena a proper Christmas.
A proper English Christmas.
"I'll have to get a turkey, and a piece of ham. Sam likes ham, right?" Which Bucky nodded at. "Mam's taught me how to make Yorkshire Puddings from scratch and Roast Potatoes. I'll have to get Christmas Crackers."
She continued to ramble as she quickly shuffles around the house, trying to get a piece of paper and a pen. Bucky smiled and silent chuckled to himself as he watched her flit around like a little hummingbird.
"Why didn't you tell me about this earlier? Do you know how quickly turkeys disappear from the freezers? Or Christmas Crackers?"
Bucky knew she wasn't truly angry, just frustrated with how little time she's has left.
"Doll, when we get over there. I promise, I'll make it up to you," he swears. And Bucky always kept his promises.
"You're carving the turkey. And the chicken. And the ham!"
Bucky's face scrunched up. "Why do you need three cuts of meat for Christmas Dinner?" He asks.
"Grandma always had three types of meat at Christmas Dinner. Granted there was more of us when we ate at theirs, but still, three piece of meat will last me ages!"
Bucky couldn't help but laugh at her slightly. He knew his girl better than anyone. She'd make it last.
"I'll see you in a few days," she smiles.
"I'm counting down the days."
Tumblr media
It was 3 days before Christmas when Sam, Yelena and Bucky landed in England. They were containing some levels of excitement.
Sam was finally getting to meet this 'mystery girlfriend' Bucky had hidden away, and somehow Yelena knew her.
Yelena was finally getting to see her friend after too long spent apart.
Bucky was finally going to see his girl. He was going to spend their first proper Christmas together. Last year's Christmas was spent apart, with Bucky with Sam in Louisiana, and Y/N in England with her new niece.
But once they landed, they headed through the airport through to baggage claim to the arrivals.
"Y/N!" Yelena exclaimed, dropping her overnight bag for either Sam or Bucky to collect, and running over to her friend.
"This is going to be all week, isn't it?" Sam asked, watching as Yelena wrapped a young woman tightly in a hug.
Bucky sighed, not really knowing how to answer it. He picked up Yelena's bag and headed over to where the White Widow was.
When they got to the pair, they were animatedly chatting, not really paying attention to what was going on around them.
"Doll, maybe we should get out of the airport," Bucky mentioned. He was lucky she didn't tackle him there and then. But she nodded and they headed out of the airport and towards her car.
As they walked to the car park, Bucky took her hand in his (once it was freed from Yelena's luggage). "You must be Bucky's girlfriend then," Sam said.
"I don't know if I 'must me', but I guess so," she jokes, reaching into her pocket for her car keys.
"Shotgun!" Sam called, once the car was unlocked. He reached for the right-hand side door, opening in, climbing in. Only to be met with the steering wheel.
"Welcome to England, we drive on the correct side of the road. Now get out of my seat, put your bag in the boot, and get in the back. Bucky's in the passenger seat," Y/N tells him.
When Sam got out of the car, he saw that both Bucky and Yelena had put their luggage in the back of car, and were getting in.
Sam muttered to himself about how Bucky had to fall for a English chick, before shutting his mouth, putting his bag in the back, shutting the door. And climbing in. Behind Bucky.
Once they were all buckled in, Y/N started the car, and made her way out. One hand currently driving as the other dealt with her Sat-Nav, to take them back to her flat.
Tumblr media
Sam watched as the country side rolled past, music played from the cars speakers, as Bucky's hand came to rest nearly on the back of his girlfriend's neck.
The pulled up to a block of flats, as Y/N seemed to take a particular spot, pulled the break and turned the car off.
"Right, come on. I've got the turkey to cook by the end of the day," she said, opening her door and climbing out. Bucky followed, then Yelena and Sam from the back.
"Why are you cooking the turkey now? Christmas isn't for another 3 days," Yelena asked, as Y/N used her set of keys to open the main door.
She made sure the door was closed behind them before speaking. "Because it's easier to cook it now, get Bucky to carve it and then just warm it up Christmas morning.
Using her keys, she unlocked the door - and the group of four where in her flat. There was tinsel, a Christmas countdown, her advent calendar nearly finished, and a half completed Christmas Tree.
"Are we decorating the tree?" Yelena asked, as the door was closed behind them.
"After you've sorted out you're belongings," she replied, only to watch Yelena run off her spare bedroom.
Bucky dropped his suitcase to the side of the sofa and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You have no idea now much I've missed you," he tells her.
"I think I have some idea," she replies, pressing a kiss to his stubble covered cheek, then turning to look at Sam. "You're sharing with Yelena."
Before Sam could protest, Yelena ran back into the living room, and grabbed the box Y/N had left on the table which contained all the Christmas decorations over the years since she moved out.
"Can we decorate the tree now?" Yelena asked.
"You two go put your belongings in your respective rooms, then we can decorate the tree," Y/N said, and watched as her boyfriend and Captain America were pushed to the rooms to dump their belongs in their rooms.
Tumblr media
Y/N scrunched the tinfoil up around the turkey once Yelena, Sam and Bucky had finished decorating the tree hours ago, and had just finished the Muppets A Christmas Carol.
Bucky smiled to himself as Sam and Yelena argued who was more of a Scrooge, Ebenezer Scrooge or James Buchanan Barnes.
Walking away from them, he headed over the where his girl was turning off the oven after taking off her oven gloves.
"Is it done?" He asked, with his arms wrapped around her waist and his chin rested on her shoulder. Bucky started to sway them.
"Yeah, I'll give it some time to cool down before getting you to carve it," she replied, laughing when Bucky once again nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck.
Unbeknownst to them, Sam and Yelena wandered over to the kitchen to see what was going on. Seeing the couple blissfully happy, slowly dancing around the the kitchen, after Bucky had spun her around.
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jobean12-blog · 3 days
Finding Home (9)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (Beefy!Animal Rescue Bucky AU)
Word Count: 1,909
Summary: You and Bucky finally take the next step in your relationship and it’s everything. 
Author’s Note: Hi everyone! I couldn’t get this chapter out of my head...I know I’ve been doing a lot teasing with these two but we’re finally doing it! haha. I hope you enjoy the softness of it all and thank you so very much for reading and continuing on this journey with me! Much love always! ❤️❤️❤️Divider by my lovely Daisy @firefly-graphics thank you sweets! 🥰 PS the Russian translation is from Google and I apologize for any mistakes. 
Warnings: lots of sweet fluff, soft fluffersmut, oral sex (f rec), fingering...all the goodies (18+ ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Tumblr media
Finding Home Masterlist
Tumblr media
When Bucky finally breaks the kiss it’s only to take in your swollen lips and half-lidded eyes. His gaze slowly drifts over your face as he takes a step away and closes his fingers around yours.
“You’re doing a lot of staring, Barnes.”
Your bottom disappears between your teeth and you start to lower your head but cool metal fingers press under your chin and hold you in place and you’re unable to look anywhere else but his ocean blue eyes.
“Can’t help it doll face. I like what I see.”
He tugs on your hand and pulls you into his chest, his fingers dropping to toy with the zipper of your hoodie. With deliberate movements he unzips it and pushes it from your shoulders. His calloused fingertips skim across your shoulder and he hooks one under the thin strap of your tank top.
Your breath hitches and your head falls to the side as his mouth presses to your pulse point. He ghosts his lips along your collarbone and tugs on the other strap of your tank top, letting it fall loosely against your arm.
He traces the swell of your breasts, the lace of your bra catching on his skin with his low and appreciative hum.
His arm wraps around your waist and he lifts you into his arms, carrying you away from the door and toward your bedroom. Your nails rake down his back and slip under his Henley, his warm skin pulled like silk over his hard muscles.
“Bucky,” you moan, rocking your hips into his.
A low growl escapes him as he stops and traps you against the wall. His hands slide up your curves and find your breasts, kneading the soft flesh before slipping inside your bra. His thumbs work over your peaked nipples and he buries his face in your neck, nipping at your earlobe.
“I’m sorry,” he murmurs, trailing kisses down your neck. “I need to get my mouth on you.”
You tremble, your head rolling along the wall as he continues to tease your nipples. He finally releases them to drop his hands to your leggings and slowly drag them down your legs. With one swift motion he pulls them free and discards them on the floor.
“Wow,” he whispers, taking you in. “Ya nikogda ne zabudu naskol’ko ty sovershenen.” (I’ll never get over how perfect you are.)
Your hand falls to his face and your fingers trace the outline of his jaw before sinking into his hair.
“Are you gonna be all talk tonight?” you ask with a smirk.
He grins before kissing you again, his teeth pulling and nipping at your bottom lip and his mouth moving hot and wet down your throat. He travels lower, freeing your breasts from your bra and taking your nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue over the sensitive flesh before feasting on the other.
His kisses are gentle and soft as he moves lower and with a delicate push he spreads your legs, the lace between them already wet and soaking through.
“Baby doll,” he purrs, bending his head to press his nose against the fabric with an inhale.
Your fingers delve into his hair once again, yanking hard at the sensation and you let out a loud gasp.
“These are pretty,” he hums before his tongue sweeps between your legs and presses to your cloth covered clit.
“Bucky,” you whine, pushing your hips forward.
“Be a good girl and tell me what you want,” he whispers, teasing you with another swipe of his tongue.
“Please,” you beg, done with his teasing. “Your mouth…I need it.”
He lets out a low chuckle and carefully removes the fabric from your hips. His thick fingers spread you open and he slowly drags his tongue from bottom to top.
You arch against him with a hiss and lift your leg to rest it over his broad shoulder.
His tongue moves through you again and his lips close around your clit, making your thighs shake. He sucks and licks, his beard rubbing against your delicate skin and leaving a mark.
You know you’re close and when he slides first one, then a second long and thick finger inside you, your walls squeeze around them.
With a few deep thrusts you come apart, writhing against his face and squeezing him with your thighs.
“Oh my god,” you moan.
He rises to his full height and pulls his fingers from your still clenching walls, sucking them clean.
You moan again, grabbing his Henley and tugging him into you for a heated kiss. Your hands are everywhere, grasping at his clothes to get them off but he pulls back.
“I’m not fucking you against the wall…” he murmurs, his eyes dark. “Not this time.”
He walks you to your bedroom and shuts the door, his eyes settling on you and filled with a hunger so deep it leaves you breathless.
“I’ve never wanted anything so badly…” he says, his hands flexing at his sides.
“I’m all yours Bucky,” you breathe out as you step into him and take his face in your hands.
His large hand slides up your spine and curls around the back of your neck, drawing you closer until he presses his lips to yours in a desperate kiss.
You step away only enough to lift your tank top over your head and start to unhook your bra.
“Wait,” he says, “let me. Please.”
He moves closer, his hand hovering just over your skin in heated anticipation before he reaches behind you and easily unclasps the back of your bra.
“You’re way too good at that,” you giggle.
He gives you a lopsided smile. “Not gonna lie, I surprised myself with that one. Been a while.”
He hesitates before gently sliding your bra down your arms, revealing every bare inch of your body.
“Doll…I…” he stumbles, his whole-body tense with his restraint.
“You have way too many clothes on,” you smile.
You reach for the hem of his shirt but he has it off before you can even give it a tug, his hand reaching out to draw you in and his lips placing soft kisses along your shoulder.
With steady hands you work open the button of his jeans and pull down the zipper, pushing them over his thighs.
You can’t get them any farther thanks to the thick muscle but he quickly yanks on the bottom of each leg and pulls them off.
“Thanks,” you breathe out, dragging your nails along his thighs and up his torso.
His muscles ripple and flex under your touch and you let out a low hum of appreciation, your fingertips exploring every glorious part of him.
He backs you toward the bed in long and purposeful strides, taking you in his arms and gently lowering you to the mattress. Your legs fall open and he settles between them, his body a welcome weight as he presses you into the soft covers.
You grab at his boxer briefs with a soft huff, wanting nothing between you. He lets you pull them down and helps with the rest, letting them fall off the edge of the bed.
You push on his chest, wanting to flip him over and get a taste of him but he holds you down with a firm grasp.
“I need to be inside you,” he whispers. “Please.”
Your hands slide down and over his skin and you bring his lips to yours.
“Like I said Bucky…I’m all yours.”
He pulls his hips back, sighing with pleasure as your wetness coats his cock and his eyes never leave yours as he sinks slowly inside you, every inch stretching you open.
Your gasp of bliss is all he needs to hear before he rolls his hips in a slow rhythm. You arch your body into his, wanting to feel all of him pressed against you and when your leg crawls up his back he takes it and lifts it higher, angling your hips so he can go deeper.
His low moan is muffled when he buries his face in your neck, his lips trailing along your skin as he fights his release.
Each thrust is slow but hard and deep and he grinds against you until you finish with a scream, your body trembling and your walls tightening and bringing him to his own release.
With a thick pulse he fills you up, the ebbing clench of your walls drawing out his pleasure until he falls over you, chanting your name with heavy breaths.
You lay there, quiet and content and wrapped up in him.
“Baby doll,” he sighs, lifting his eyes to yours. “That was…you’re a dream.”
As the words roll off his tongue he brushes his fingers across your cheek and you snuggle closer, inhaling his skin and echoing his words of praise.
You don’t know how much time as passed with you cradled in his arms but it isn’t until you hear the soft whimpering and light catching of the doorknob that you’re roused from your blissed out haze.
“Hmm…” he mumbles, tucking you closer to him.
“What is that?” you ask, shifting to hear better.
“Huh?” he asks, stilling as he listens.
The noise stops for a brief moment and then you hear the door click open and the soft padding of three paws.
“Winter,” Bucky grumbles but you can feel his smile.
A cold and wet nose pokes at your uncovered foot and you let out a squeal.
Winter’s tail is thumping along the bed as he circles it in search of someone to pet him.
“Right here buddy,” Bucky says softly, grabbing the dogs head and scratching vigorously behind his ear.
You feel the bed dip lightly and realize Alpine has also joined you and is making his way to one of the pillows.
“The whole gang is here,” you giggle. “Can I let Winter up?”
Bucky peeks at you from behind his hair with a sheepish smile.
“Are you sure?”
“Yea of course.”
“He’ll never leave.”
“Sounds perfect,” you say.
“Ok…if you’re sure doll.”
“I’m sure! But the real question is…how did they get in here?”
You call Winter over and pat the bed. He hops closer and readies himself to jump. Once he’s on the bed he circles a few times before settling himself in the open spot near Alpine.
“Who knows,” Bucky muses. “I bet it was Alpine though.”
You give Winter’s butt a pat and stroke your fingers through Alpine’s fluffy tail then wiggle yourself closer to Bucky’s waiting arms.
He wraps you up and pulls your back to his chest, throwing a heavy thigh over yours.
“Quite wiggling doll,” he growls playfully. “Unless you wanna put on a show for these two.”
You wiggle your ass again and look up at the animals, both passed out on the other side of the bed.
“They look ready for a show,” you tease.
Bucky lips spread into a smile as they press to your skin and his metal hand leaves your waist to dip lower.
Your fingertips smooth down the metal plates of his arm until your hand rests over his. He slips his thigh between your legs and nudges them apart, his fingers teasing you with a delicate touch.
“Bucky,” you purr as you rock into his hand.
“All mine,” he murmurs along the shell of your ear. “And I can’t get enough.”
Tumblr media
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traitorjoelite · 2 days
nothing to lose
summary: after you start dating steve, it strikes a nerve with bucky, and your friendship may never be the same
pairing: frat!stucky x fem!reader
word count: 2k
warnings: college au, poly relationship, perceived cheating (but not really), cheesy confessions, bucky is an idiot but so is everyone else so it's ok
a/n: so this is a part two to a fic i wrote this summer, which was originally supposed to be just a steve fic, but i ended up leaning into the stucky vibes i created and wrote this. i loved writing it and i hope you enjoy it - please make sure to reblog and comment!
please make sure to read part one first!
main masterlist ─ i no longer have a taglist but you can follow @theafterglowlibrary to get notified when i update 🤍
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning with two pairs of arms wrapped around you - Bucky still snoring softly on one side and a fondly smiling Steve on the other.
“Mornin’,” he said, gently cupping your face, his thumb rubbing across your cheek bone. He placed a quick kiss to your lips, almost like he didn’t know if he was allowed.
“Good morning,” you replied, returning his smile. “How’d you sleep?”
“Once Bucky stopped trying to grab my ass from across the bed? Pretty great.”
That startled a loud laugh out of you, and Bucky shushed you, messily pressing a finger to your face - you think he may have been aiming for your lips - before rolling over.
You stared at Steve’s face, taking in the flecks of green in his blue eyes and the freckles lightly dusting his nose, and thought about how you had wasted so much time when he could have been yours.
“Did you mean it?” His words snapped you out of your trance, and your eyes met his.
Your own hand reached to cup his face, and you laid like that, just looking into each other’s eyes for a moment.
“Of course I did, every single word.”
The smile that broke across his face lit you up inside, warming you even more than the two bodies encasing you. Your lips found each other then, a slow kiss that said more than any amount of words could. When one of his hands found your waist, gripping tight as he nipped at your bottom lip, you couldn’t help the moan that slipped out.
He tried to swallow it down, mindful that Bucky was still asleep beside you, but it was too late.
“If you’re going to fuck in my bed, at least let me join in.”
You laughed as Bucky’s arms came around you again, and Steve gave him a friendly shove, but you saw the blush in his cheeks, and you were surprised by how much you didn’t hate the idea.
By the time you made your way downstairs, it was well after noon and there were sounds of a meal being cooked in the kitchen.
You stepped onto the cool tile, both Steve and Bucky following close behind you, and found Sam nursing a bottle of water, Peter laying with his head in his arms at the kitchen table, and Natasha cheerily making pancakes, no sign of a hangover in sight.
Despite you relatively sobering up towards the end of the night, you still grabbed a bottle of water and the painkillers on the table, handing them to Bucky - who had his hood up and looked like he would rather be dead - as well.
Steve, as was the case with most Sunday mornings, joined Nat in the typical “look at these hungover idiots” conversation while said hungover idiots waited patiently for breakfast to be done.
Once everyone had eaten their fill and the worst of your hangovers started to wear off, Nat and Sam exchanged a look, and you were already rolling your eyes.
“So, you finally made a move, huh?” Same teased, winking at Steve. “It only took four years.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Steve tried to act nonchalant, but you could see the tell-tale blush across his cheeks as he slung an arm over the back of your chair, and you leaned into his side. 
Peter, always the last to get it - despite the fact that he was graduating top of your class, the boy really lacked in the common sense department - finally put two and two together and his eyes went wide.
“Congrats, Steve! But what about -” His words were quickly cut off by Nat throwing a fork at him, though he caught it mere inches from his face. You wanted to question him, but Nat started talking about something Scott had done the night before.
As everyone else joined in, you were so caught up in the conversation that you missed the sad but pointed look Natasha gave Bucky.
It took about a week for you to notice.
You and Steve had been pretty caught up in each other, keeping to yourselves more than usual, but by the time Nat knocked on your apartment door, you had started scheming up a plan to corner Bucky.
With a glass of wine in your hand, you let her in and made your way to the kitchen to pour another.
“Have you talked to Buck lately?” She sounded casual, which you knew meant she was anything but casual.
“I was actually about to invite him over. Why?”
She let out a soft hum, noncommittal, and you eyed her warily.
“What did I do?” you sighed, because she always knew before you did. Always.
“Oh nothing.” It was never nothing.
“Natasha,” you whined, and she repeated your name in the same tone.
“Talk to him,” she ordered, draining the glass in her hands. “Please.”
And it was that whisper as she left your apartment that left you wondering how bad you had fucked up.
It was the next day, as Bucky sat on your couch for your usual movie night, that you finally got some kind of answer.
“Hey Buck,” you hedged as you scooted to face him, “how are you?”
He looked like a deer in headlights. “Me? I’m fine.”
“You didn’t come out with us last night.”
“I was tired.”
“Or game night before.”
“Or to Nat’s last recital.”
“She knows why.”
Fine, if he was going to play stupid, you were going to have to play dirty.
You inched closer to him as he stared straight ahead at the TV, pretending not to notice.
In one quick motion, you tackled him onto the couch, tickling him as you straddled his hips. Since you were little, it was the most surefire way to get what you wanted from him. You couldn’t remember a time it hadn’t worked.
Except the last time you tried it you had been about 13, and now he was much taller and much stronger than you, so it took almost no effort for him to flip the tables, pinning you underneath him instead.
Your chest heaved, out of breath from the small amount of exertion, and when you looked up, Bucky’s face was so close to yours that you could feel his breath fan across your face.
So close you could- no. You were dating Steve. Bucky was your best friend. You were dating Steve.
Still, despite yourself, your eyes flicked to his lips and back up to his eyes, while he was doing the same. Before you could even think to move away, his lips were coming down over yours.
It lasted half a second, a short kiss packed full of emotion.
And then he was all but flying off of you, staggering and mumbling to himself. All you could make out was Steve and sorry, and you tried to make your way towards him, tried to calm him down, but he stayed out of your reach.
“Talk to Steve,” he said finally. “I’m sorry I- just- just talk to Steve. Please.”
And then you were left standing alone in your living room.
You paced the length of your apartment, trying to figure out what to do. You wanted to call Natasha, but you needed to talk to Steve first. But this wasn’t a conversation you could have with Steve over the phone. But if you showed up to their frat house, there was a chance you might run into Bucky first.
It took you all of five seconds to decide, and then you were shoving your feet in a pair of shoes and driving towards Steve.
There was no one in the living room when you walked in, and you didn’t pass anyone as you walked up the stairs. The house was a ghost town.
Steve was studying when you finally got to his room, and he broke into a smile at the sight of you, only for it to fall when he took in how distraught you looked.
“Baby? What’s wrong?” But something in his tone made you think he already knew.
“Bucky- he- oh Steve, I’m so sorry,” your voice broke, a sob coming through, and you felt sick to your stomach with guilt - not from the kiss, but the fact that you even wanted it.
He held you in his arms, and the guilt racked up even more as he stroked your back gently, whispering that everything would be okay. You didn’t deserve it.
“We were gonna wait to talk to you together. I guess he couldn’t wait.”
And that finally calmed down your tears, confusion settling just beside the pit in your stomach.
“What? What do you mean?” His hand stilled, now timid, and your confusion grew tenfold. “Steve, what do you mean?”
“He, well, we were going to talk to you. About our relationship.”
“Mine and yours?”
“Not exactly.” The voice came from behind you, and you turned to see Bucky there, hands stuffed in the pocket of his hoodie, looking like he didn’t think he belonged there.
But he always belonged with you and Steve.
“I’m sorry, honey,” Steve spoke. “I was going to come over in a little bit, so the three of us could… sort things out.”
He sounded unsure, like maybe your reaction had changed his mind, but you shook your head.
“I -” You tried to speak, wanted to explain, but Bucky interrupted her.
“I kissed her.” You felt your face heat, shame coursing through you. “I tried to wait but… you know.”
“I know, Buck.” Steve held his arm out, beckoning him, and the three of you stayed like that, pressed together, and you felt so safe; you wanted to stay there between them forever.
Your boys.
“So,” you pulled back, looking at each of them, “care to explain a little bit?”
Steve tugged you towards the bed, still staying close, and Bucky followed suit. It was like neither of them could bear to stop touching you. 
“Well,” Steve started, “I love you.”
Your breath hitched in your chest at the confession, and then Bucky spoke, “But I love you too. Have since we were 14 and you punch Quentin Beck in the face for making fun of my arm.”
The same arm that was tracing circles on your thigh now, cool metal seeping through denim, and he continued, “I always joked about it, us, because I was scared of losing you. Then I met Steve, and I loved him too.
“Then he met you, and it just seemed like it could be perfect. But I was still scared, then the two of you got together and I thought it was a lost cause.”
“And Bucky was never subtle,” Steve gave Bucky a pointed look, “I mean, the man joked about us being a throuple for the last three years, and it didn’t take me very long to realize he was never fully joking.”
You giggled, despite the tears now welling in your eyes again, and Bucky at least had the good sense to look sheepish. The pieces were falling into place, and it was turning out to be more than you could have ever hoped for.
“Turns out I love you idiots, too.” Their smiles were worth everything. “Now I need both of you to kiss me before I start crying again.”
Bucky placed a gentle kiss on your cheek, then turned your head and enveloped your lips in a kiss so passionate you were sure he could taste the tears now streaming down your face.
Steve wasted no time in turning you towards him and as he kissed you, Bucky placed kisses along your shoulder and neck, and you melted into them.
A bright smile lit the room as they shared a kiss across your body and in that moment, everything felt right.
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supraveng · 1 day
Trying to mend a broken heart
        Part Two
Part One
Tumblr media
Summary: you and Bucky don’t get along, constantly pushing each others buttons, this time he may have pushed you too far
A/N: Non canon; Marvel characters but no superheroes or Avengers; post college AU…..I am focusing on angst for the first few chapters, I’ll decide if it changes to a happily ever after based on feedback
Word count:~1200
Tumblr media
The next morning you woke up and decided you were not going to extend your pity party any further.  Today was going to be a day for you to be self indulgent and selfish as much as you wanted.  It would be the first weekend in a long time that you wouldn’t do a few hours of work at home just to stay on top of all the ongoing projects.  
The first thing needed to start your day was caffeine so you made your way downstairs, happy to see that none of last night's guests were crashing on the couch.  Once your coffee was brewed you put on your favorite Frank Sinatra album that reminded you of your dad and always put you in a good mood.
Deciding to pamper yourself more than your usual self care, you found your most expensive face mask and applied a thick coat to every inch of your face.   
Breakfast was needed, so you began pulling anything that looked good out of the fridge to figure out what you could make.   Before you could get started, there was a knock on the door, knowing you couldn’t ignore it, you answered the door without an embarrassment for being in your pjs or the state of your hair or face.  
The last person you expected or wanted to see was standing there when you opened.  Bucky looked shocked when he saw you, but you ignored it and just stared at him, expecting him to ask for Natasha or at least why he was here. 
 “Uh…hi” was the only thing that came out of his mouth.   
Were you still mad about last night? Yes.  Did you expect him to show up and apologize for the way he spoke to you?  No, but you hoped he would.  
Last night had been a low point for you, sure you had only been dating a few months, but you had hoped that this relationship would go somewhere with Jeffrey.  Then to have this dipshit belittle you like he did in front of everyone hurt more than you had anticipated.  
Deep down you had always hoped that there could be something between you and Bucky.  He was smart, funny, charming, loyal to his friends, and to top it all off, drop dead gorgeous, but his comments last night showed you what he really thought of you.  
It wasn’t playful teasing, like Natasha had tried to convince you through the years. It was mean and hurtful and completely intentional, so right now, him standing in front of you was a bit shocking, but you tried your best to not allow it to show on your face.  
“What are you doing here, Barnes?” you asked, hoping to move this painful interaction along.  
“Right, um, last night” he managed to stutter out.  Was he nervous?  Was he actually here to apologize?  
“I think I left my cell phone here.  I would have called or texted Nat….but I don’t have my phone”   is this a fucking joke?  You scoffed as you opened the door, stupid of you to assume this man had any respect for you at all. 
“I haven’t seen anything but take a look around”  He only nodded as he passed by you, heading into the living room.  
Having no interest in being in the same room, you headed back to the kitchen and started chopping veggies for your omelet.  Focusing on your food, you hadn’t realized that Bucky had entered the kitchen until he cleared his throat to get your attention. 
Staring at him standing there in front of you, you almost forgot the hurtful things he’s constantly throwing at you.  He’s just so handsome that you would probably dissolve on the floor if you didn’t hate him so much.  You scoffed at how you had previously revealed your attraction to him to your roommate in a drunken stupor.
Tumblr media
~~~flashback  (2 months after meeting Bucky)~~~
Today was crazy but you tried your best to get through it without biting anyone's head off.  Being promoted to the head of your department was supposed to make your life easier, but you couldn't be more wrong.  
"All right, gorgeous, that's enough for today, let's go, I'm taking you to dinner." Looking up you see Tony Stark anxiously waiting for you in the doorway. 
"Hi handsome" you shook your head and tried to continue with your work only for him to proceed to annoy you into giving him attention.  
"Chop chop, I'm hungry" he started snooping around your desk without really even asking if you could leave now. 
"Thanks for the invite but I have a lot of work to do" you look at him trying to convince him to leave only to be more agitated by his presence.  
"It wasn't a request, Pepper is stuck in Chicago and if I go to dinner by myself, well we don't want to think what could happen.  And as your boss, cousin and favorite person alive, I insist you join me" he extended his arm to you and you couldn't help but laugh at him. 
 "Ok, you win.  Where are we going?" You asked while grabbing your things and taking his arm.   
Dinner with Tony was a blast, just watching people react and practically trip over themselves to impress thee Tony Stark was very entertaining.  
By the time he dropped you at home, it was later than usual and Natasha and Steve seemed to be waiting up for you in the living room.  "Oh thank goodness you are ok" Steve immediately pulled you into a hug.  
You couldn't help but laugh at his response, "I was at dinner, if you were so worried, you could have called" you booped his nose and laughed again at his response.  
"Are you drunk?  On a Tuesday night?"  That had set you over the edge and you laughed so hard you fell to the floor.  
Only responding with a "yep", popping the P for extra emphasis.  “Oh, and Tony gave me his VIP box at the Knicks game this weekend, so tell  everyone.  M’kay, I’m going to bed”  Heading up the stairs, Nat and Steve were following right behind you.   
“Here, sweetie, let me help you get ready for bed” Natasha was always worried about you when you drank too much, her motherly instincts kicking in to help you out.  
Steve watched from the doorway as Natasha went about helping you wash your face and brush your teeth, before speaking up.  “When you say everyone, does that include Bucky?” He wanted to see you both happy and knew you would be good together but didn’t want to push.  
Your face immediately had a dopey grin at the mention of Bucky, somehow forgetting how he played with your feelings the last time you were around each other. 
 “Oh definitely, he’s so handsome” you smiled at Steve before spitting the toothpaste in the sink.  Steve and Nat exchanged a look that you missed, but you continued to chat about all the positive traits Bucky seemed to possess, almost curious if he was even real.  
Steve left in the middle of your babbling to grab you water and aspirin, but you were curled in your bed snoozing by the time he returned, leaving the items on your nightstand for you to find in the morning.  
Tumblr media
The rest of your week flew by, mostly because you were so excited about the basketball game that you were in a good mood about everything.  When the day of the game finally arrived you were bouncing off the walls, when Tony told you the car would pick up you and your gang an hour before tip off.  
That allowed you all to relax and start the celebrations before heading to the game.  You were on your 2nd cocktail when Steve arrived with Bucky in tow, you were a bit shocked, not remembering anything from your drunken ramblings earlier in the week, but put on a small smile and decided his presence was not going to hinder your good time.  
By the time you all made it to Madison Square Garden, your entire group had a very good buzz going and laughing about anything and everything that was happening.  
The VIP box Tony gave you was fully stocked with food and drinks, but at this point all you wanted to do was watch the game.  You perched yourself on the stool closest to the window to watch the action on the court, even though the game hadn’t started yet.  
Almost immediately the group broke out with the guys huddled together and the ladies hanging by you after everyone had a drink in hand.  Yelena was full of questions, so you did your best to explain the rules of the game, the rivalry between the Knicks and the Celtics, not really paying any attention to the rest of the group.  
Just after tip off the door to the suite opened and in walked Tony.  Most of your friends had met him, and knew your relationship with him was important to you, but most didn't understand the extent of it and that was fine with you.  Tony was your ride or die, he was 10 years older than you and as your only cousin but acted more like a big brother.   
You spent as much time together as you could but when his parents died and he was forced to grow up and run the company, nothing you could say seemed to help, but he knew that when it all got too much, you would be there for him, no matter what.
Tumblr media
He comforted you when your mom passed away when you were 12 and was there for you when your dad started dating when you were 16.  But now, even as adults he kept a watchful eye on you, helping you find your way in the world after graduation, offering you a job immediately. 
A job which you turned down multiple times, as you were determined to make it on your own merit, until you had offers from several of Tony's competitors.  Only then deciding that you would rather work for him than against him. 
 And his continued admiration and constant spoiling you, like giving you the VIP box for you and your friends to watch your favorite basketball team.  You were a little surprised he made an appearance at the game but he was welcomed by everyone immediately.  
"Can you keep it down?  I'm trying to watch the game!" you sassed at him the moment he made his grand entrance.  He made his way over, wrapping you in a hug, and pretended to be interested in the game you were watching.  
Bucky was immediately star struck and watched the interaction without trying to make it obvious.  He didn't know you knew thee Tony Stark, and wasn't sure of the connection but tried his best to get more info out of Sam, as he was the only other person not engaged in conversation.
"So, what's the deal with Stark?" attempting to sound casual but a little to in shock to really concentrate on how he was behaving.  
"Huh?  Oh, Y/N works for him, he is always throwing stuff like this at her" Sam responded without taking his eyes off the game. 
"That's not normal for a boss" Bucky thought out loud still wondering what was going on. 
"Well that's how they act, I think he bought her house for her too" he shrugged then cheering at the play when the team rebounded the ball.  
That has stunned Bucky, there is no way you were just his employee.  There had to be more going on there and he wanted to know, his first thought was family, but he knew Tony was an only child. 
Maybe it was a sugar daddy thing, if thee Tony Stark was buying you a house. 
As Bucky slowly made his way closer to you until Tony noticed and turned to him.  
"You're new, I've never seen you before" Tony eyed Bucky before extending his hand. Bucky didn't react right away, you'd seen it before, how people would be in awe of the mere presence of thee Tony Stark, you found it ridiculous. 
"He's a friend of Steve's" you tell Tony without actually introducing them. At this point Bucky some what snapped out of his daze and shook his hand, introducing himself and immediately gushing on Tony's work on blah, blah, blah.  
You weren't in the mood to talk shop, you were here to have fun and watch the game. Half time had started so you finally pulled your eyes away from the game and refocused on the conversation the two were still having. 
"Well, now you have an in, just send your resume in with Y/N's name as your reference and there won't be any problem" Tony smiled from Bucky to you. 
 "Thank you, uh, I didn't know she had that much pull at Stark Industries" Bucky smirked at you as if he was making a joke, assuming you were some sort of assistant answering phone calls and fetching coffee.  
"What? Didn't you tell your friends about your promotion?  You are looking at the new head of Research and Devolvement" Tony looked like a proud father gushing on his kids report card.  Rolling your eyes at the comment you noticed the look of surprise on Bucky's face.  
"Yes, well, be that as it may, you are going to be late for dinner with your wife if you keeping gabbing" trying to push him out the door while grabbing another drink. "Shit, you are right! What would I do without you, gorgeous?" 
"Crash and burn?   Send the Mrs my love, handsome" he pulled you into a tight hug, kissing your cheek, and with that he was out the door.  
Bucky stood there for a moment, not sure how to continue the conversation without Tony there, but he would try.  
"Head of R&D for Stark, that's impressive" Bucky stated as he sat in the empty seat next to you.  
You eyed him, tempted to start a fight as to why he seemed surprised but decided against causing a scene, you just wanted to watch the game and have a good time with your friends, so the only thing your dumb brain could come up with a was "thanks" along with a forced smile.  
Trying to be friendly seemed way too difficult for you at the moment, but it was 1 night, you could make it through.  Looking at Bucky, you could tell he was expecting more so you took a deep breath and continued, 
"I've been there since I graduated, working hard to make my way up the corporate ladder, but Tony's a great boss, so it's worth it" you shrugged before accepting another drink from Yelena when she plopped down on the other side of you.  
The rest of the night the two of you chatted, nothing deep but you were nice and friendly with one another.  Maybe you could let him into your inner circle, if Steve and Natasha thought he was so great maybe you could try and tolerate him for their sake.
~~~~end flashback ~~~~
Tumblr media
"Found it" he raised the phone in his hand.  You simply nodded and continued to cook your breakfast, not sparing him anymore attention.  
"Um, about last night" he started and you could feel yourself cringe at his comment. 
"Nope, we aren't going there" you shook your head and continued to ignore him.
 "Come on, I just want to" but you cut him off before he could finish.  
"I don't care what you want, and I don't give a damn about what you have to say" your cold glare made him take a step back.  Realizing how badly he had screwed up, he wasn't sure what to do next.  
"You know where the door is, you can let yourself out" you grabbed your food, passed him and headed to the living room to enjoy your breakfast.  
Bucky let out a breath before heading to the front door, closing it behind him as he dialed Steve’s number. 
"That didn't work" he grumbled into the phone before getting on his bike.  
"Ok pal, we'll figure this out" 
Tumblr media
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creativebeang · 1 day
accidentally in love. (part five)
Summary: after bucky barnes gets injured during a mission, you end up moving in with the avengers where your life changes forever.
Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader
Warnings: angst, humiliation, Natasha, explicit themes, 18+ (some things i cannot reveal due to plot issues)
series masterlist
previous part
Tumblr media
A/N: so here we have part five! halfway there, my dudes! now things are heating up for real! hopefully you'll like this one - don't hate me too much, ok?
A/N 2: reblogs and comments are always appreciated around here! your feedback is really valuable, so don't be shy! happy reading!
3 months ago
"You look gorgeous tonight, Y/N." The silver haired smiled at you.
You knew he was flirting with you but you tried to brush it off. You weren't really in the mood for any romantic endeavors. Especially not tonight.
It was the engagement party of Bucky and Natasha. That was enough for you to just mop around in the furthest corner of the room with a glass of champagne as you tried to swallow down your feelings with each gulp.
The happy couple had made an entrance. Bucky had an arm lazily wrapped around Natasha's waist as she leaned to his side. Both of them wearing their best smiles.
Sierra and Luke asked you what was going on with you tonight, but you just said you were tired and had a headache.
"How do you know my name?" You asked confused the speedster in front of you.
He shrugged smiling at you. "I heard your friends calling you." He nodded to where Luke and Sierra were standing, drinking and laughing. They both gave you a worried look but you just smiled at them, trying to reassure them you were ok.
"Oh." You said draining the fourth glass of champagne. You quickly grabbed another one from the salver the waiter was carrying around, offering people drinks. Of course, he didn't know you name, he just heard. Why would he know the name of a low rank agent?
"Don’t you think you drank a bit too much?" He cocked an eyebrow.
You rolled your eyes. "It's a celebration. We are supposed to drink." You took another sip from your drink.
He opened his mouth to speak, when you heard a female voice calling him.
"You better be going." You nodded towards the auburn haired girl who was waving at him to join them.
He sighed. "I'll see you around, Y/N." He smiled before he got lost in the crowd.
"Yeah." You let out a breath, finishing your drink.
The night was going to be a long one.
"You look gorgeous, Y/N." Pietro said as he scanned you up and down.
You, Bucky and the Maximoff twins decided to go shopping for Tony's birthday party, after Wanda insisted that you should all look absolutely dazzling.
You were still staring in the mirror in front of you, pulling, fixing the fabric in every place. You always looked a little awkward in formal dresses.
"I think we found a winner," Wanda smirked and turned around to Bucky. "What do you think, Buck?"
Bucky was staring at you from the mirror. You had your back to him but you were looking at his reaction from the mirror. He looked dazed. His blue eyes were drinking your form and you almost squirmed in your place under his intense gaze. He didn't speak and you felt disappointed.
"Maybe I should-" you started saying as a way to save your embarrassed state.
"You look beautiful." Bucky cut you off. "You are beautiful, Y/N. You are always beautiful." Your eyes were on his as he was looking at you with a feeling you didn't want to let yourself believe was real.
"Then, it's settled. You're buying this." Wanda stated, smiling.
You smiled back. You tried to hide your nerves, your beating heart and the sadness that suddenly overtook you.
As you undressed back into the changing room, you let out a shaky breath. You ran a hand through your hair. You had to be strong. You had to control this. 
You had to. For your sake. And for Bucky’s.
And for everyone else involved.
"All done." You said smiling as you fixed Bucky's tie around his neck.
"Thank you, Y/N." Bucky said as he took one last look in the mirror. He frowned a bit at the reflection.
"Is there anything wrong?" You furrowed your brows.
"I don't like these clothes that much." He touched the fabric of his shirt. "And my hair don't match the style." He ran a hand through them.
You chuckled. "That can be fixed." You said.
He turned around and looked at you confused.
"Sit down." You pointed to the edge of the bed.
You grabbed the brush and a hair tie and started working through his hair. You combed through them, getting rid of the knots as you heard Bucky sighing in content. You were glad he couldn't see you as you bit your lip to prevent your smile. You tied his hair into a ponytail, smoothing the hair that was flying out of the sides.
"Ready." You jumped up from the bed. "Now, if you excuse me, I need to change as well."
Bucky went to the mirror, whipping his head left and right, looking at the hairstyle you gave him. "I like it." He smiled.
And you smiled back.
There was a knock on the door and went to answer to find Steve all dressed up.
"Good evening, Y/N." Steve smiled at you, "Is Bucky ready?" He asked.
You called Bucky to the door.
"I want to go with Y/N." Bucky said to Steve.
"I'll be there in a little while. I need to change, Bucky. Wanda is coming to do my hair and makeup." You explained.
"I'll wait for you." He said stubbornly.
"Buck," Steve's eyes softened, "all the guys are waiting. We need to be with Tony. It's his birthday after all. We don't want to leave him alone with the guests. The girls will come later."
Bucky looked at you and you nodded softly. "Go, Bucky. I'll see you there."
"Fine." Bucky agreed.
But before he left, he leaned in and kissed you on the cheek, whispering, "Thank you for the hairstyle, doll."
When the door closed after they left, you were still trying to catch your breath.
“Last time I wasn’t able to charm you enough, since my sister had the worst possible timing, but now, I think I’m given a chance.” Pietro smiled widely at you as he took a spin. You giggled at his reaction.
You arched an eyebrow, your flute of champagne in one hand. “Oh so that’s what you were trying to do... I had forgotten about this.”
Pietro stopped in front of you. “How could you forget about me?” He placed a hand on his heart, fake-hurt. “But then again, you did have a couple more glasses...” He trailed.
You snorted. “I wasn’t drunk. Just... happy.” 
Pietro cocked an eyebrow. “Yeah, sure. You looked really happy." You rolled your eyes but didn't say anything; instead you took a sip of your champagne.
"Where's the soldier?" Pietro asked curiously. "He's usually your right hand man." He winked.
You scoffed. "He's with Steve. Steve insisted to show him around. Maybe this would trigger some of his memories back. The engagement, perhaps." You shrugged, looking around the crowd. You spotted them easily as their figures were hard to miss in a crowd.
Bucky was really handsome tonight, which of course didn't go unnoticed by you. You had actually helped him pick up the suit and tie.
Pietro followed your gaze and noticed the way you were looking almost nostalgic at Bucky.
"You know, I may not be the sharpest," Pietro spoke grabbing your attention, "but the way you look at him is exactly the way he looks at you all the time now."
You felt your heart stopping at his words. Your eyes fell to the glass of champagne in a desperate need to hide your blush.
"You don't have to feel embarrassed or anything." You shifted your eyes to him to find him smiling at you. "Just," he let out a breath, "I don't know if it's going to end well."
You chuckled dryly. "It's not gonna end, because nothing is going to start, Pietro." Pietro just looked at you, and you sighed. "This is just a temporary situation. As soon as Bucky remembers, I'll be out of the picture. I'll be the low rank agent I was and he'll be Sergeant Barnes who is engaged with Natasha Romanoff. Everything will go back to normal."
"Are you sure everything will go back to normal?" Pietro asked.
"Yes." You said. "Bucky may be living his amnesiac life, but I need to live in reality." You sighed and then smiled at him. "Do you mind grabbing another drink with me?"
"Oh," Pietro smirked, "so you're now trying to charm me?"
You shrugged. "Does it work?"
"Hell yes." He chuckled and grabbed your hand leading you to the bar.
You giggled at him, almost missing the look Bucky gave you two.
"Agent." Your body almost froze when you heard that voice.
Pietro had left after being called by Wanda and you were half pleased not having someone picking up on your sorrow. All you wanted to do was make yourself invisible in the corner of the room, drinking until the night was over.
You turned around slowly.
"Sergeant." You said almost choking.
Bucky's face was serious at first, looking at you like he always did during missions. But then, his face broke into a smile.
"Y/N, are you having fun?" He asked so casually that your eyes almost widened at his tone.
You took a couple of seconds to recover and make sure that he was really there, in front of you, chatting you up.
"Yeah," you stuttered unsure, "yes."
"How come you're on your own? Or maybe you are here with someone?" His eyes trailed to where Pietro was standing with Wanda.
"No, I- I'm here with a couple of friends." You nodded towards where Sierra and Luke were at the bar, having another go at the drinks.
"Oh." He said.
There were a couple of seconds of silence, but you decided to break it off.
"Congratulations." You smiled lightly. Bucky looked confused for a second. "On your engagement. Congratulations. I wish you the best."
Bucky smiled but he looked far away somehow as his eyes were focused on the glass of his drink.
"Thank you, Y/N." He looked at you and you felt your breath being knocked out of your chest. "I-"
"Buck! Come here a second. We need you to clear some things up." Steve called him, a grin on his face as he was surrounded by Tony, Clint and Bruce.
Bucky sighed. "I better go." He smiled apologetically and you nodded. "Goodnight, Y/N." He lingered a bit more before joining the rest of them.
"Goodnight, Bucky." You whispered to yourself as you drained another glass of champagne.
"Y/N." You saw Bucky approaching you and stopped laughing at what Pietro had just said.
"Hey." You greeted him shyly.
"You look stunning." He smiled and you felt your cheeks heating up.
"Y/N, I'm just going to catch up with birthday boy - more like old man." Pietro grinned before giving you a quick peck on the cheek which raised a reaction from Bucky.
Pietro vanished which left you and Bucky alone.
"What's the deal with him?" Bucky asked immediately.
"Pietro?" You asked confused. "We're friends." You shrugged.
"It doesn't seem like that." He muttered as he took a sip from his whiskey.
"I don't understand-" you were cut off by the presence behind Bucky.
"Bucky." Natasha smirked as her attention was focused on him, completely ignoring you. She looked amazing in that dress and instinctively you tried to cover up yourself.
Bucky didn't answer just looked at you as you were looking down on your glass.
"Care to offer me a drink? Or maybe a dance? You used to love old school dancing." Natasha was now in between you and Bucky trying to catch his attention.
She reached out to him, offering her hand and you dared to lift your eyes as your gaze met Bucky's. You just nodded to him mouthing a 'go' but he didn't seem to budge. You mouthed 'please' and he just looked at Natasha as she took her hand and led her to the dance floor.
You gulped the rest of the drink now.
It was like you were transported back.
Natasha and Bucky moved swiftly on the dance floor. One hand looped around her waist while Natasha's was resting on his shoulder.
They looked happy.
They had everything you never had and you never would.
You were miserable.
"Penny for your thoughts?" You jumped at the voice.
"You scared her, Luke." Sierra giggled.
"Awww little Y/N was in her own world." Luke said with a fake baby voice.
"Asshole." You muttered under your breath, taking another sip from a new glass of champagne.
Luke quickly took it away from your hands before your lips touched the glass.
"Hey!" You whined as you tried to reach for the glass but Luke held it away from you. He was a lot taller than you and right now, you hated him for that.
"Don't torment her, Luke." Sierra chuckled. "She looks cute when she's drunk."
"I'm not drunk!" You turned around quickly to argue with her. A little dizzy, you pouted at her. OK, maybe you were quite... tipsy.
"You’re not?" Luke quirked a brow.
You huffed as you marched to the bar to get yourself a new drink. Luke was calling you but you tried to block him. You felt the room spin a bit, but you made it to the bar. You ordered a new drink and you were ready to turn around and go to where Luke and Sierra were standing when you collided with another person.
You gasped as you felt the drink spill all over the other person.
"I'm so sorry-" you started to apologize when your eyes lifted to look at the face of the person you just had drained your drink on.
Like the drink, you felt your blood drain from your body as you looked at those green eyes which were looking at you with pure anger.
"You better be." Natasha hissed.
You were dead.
“Fancy seeing you here.” Luke whispered in your ear as you watched Bucky and Natasha dancing. Natasha was smiling, even though you couldn’t tell if it was real or not, while Bucky kept looking over her shoulder, giving you a small, sad smile, as his feet moved perfectly in sync.
You were still staring them, the glass of champagne touching your cheek that was heating up by the minute. 
Luke sighed. “I see you still like to torture yourself in public events.” 
You scoffed turning around to look at him. “How come you’re here?” 
Luke chuckled at your reaction. “You know, just because you’re an elite now, doesn’t mean that us, simple and humble agents don’t get invited to fancy events.”
You quirked an eyebrow.
“Ok, Stark invited me as a ‘thank you’ for keeping my mouth shut.” Luke said and you smirked. “But I see nothing changed since the last time. You’re still looking at him with those puppy eyes and you’re still drinking.” He pointed to your drink, which he swiftly took away and drained it.
“Hey!” You objected but he only smirked at you.
“I don’t want a repeat of last time’s events.” He said seriously and you sighed. 
“Y/N.” Bucky said and you turned around to find him, scanning Luke up and down.
“Bucky.” You said. 
Luke just gave a nod to Bucky but he didn’t seem intimidated by his presence as he used to be when Bucky was his Sergeant.
““Y/N,” Bucky turned his focus at you, “would you mind dancing with me?” He held his hand open. You stared at it, then back at Luke and back at Bucky again.
“Um,” you stuttered, “sure.” You said finally which made Bucky smile.
You offered him his hand and he clasped it in his.
“That’s definitely not what had happened last time.” You heard Luke mumble before you were whisked away by Bucky.
You were dancing for God knows how long. Bucky’s smile was so bright that you couldn’t help but smile as well. You were so wrapped up in your little bubble that you forgot that this place was packed with people that didn’t know about Bucky’s accident and that they still thought about Bucky being engaged with Natasha.
A camera flashing brought you back to reality.
Of course, they were photographers. It was Tony Stark’s birthday party. 
This was not good. 
You slowly detached yourself from Bucky, your smile long gone.
“What’s wrong, Y/N?” Bucky asked concerned. 
You tried to speak, but you felt an arm snake around your shoulders.
“Oh there you are. Come on. Birthday boy is ready to cut the cake.” Sam grinned at the both of you.
You gave him a nervous smile, nodding as you followed him to where the rest of the team was gathered around Tony while everyone else was standing opposite them, along with the photographers, ready to capture the great Tony Stark turning a year older.
When you reached them, you were ready to walk to where Luke and the rest of the guests were, but Sam grabbed your hand.
You looked at him confused. 
“You’re joining us there.” Sam smiled and you tried to object but he guided you towards the rest of them along with Bucky.
You felt so awkward being next to the Avengers at such an event, seeing the flashing lights of the cameras as Luke winked at you. God, what people might think about you sneaking into the Avengers. Everyone would hate you. This was just temporary and when you returned back to where you were, people whom worked along, would turn their backs at you.
“Relax.” You heard Wanda’s voice as she looked at you. She was speaking inside your head. 
You let out a shaky breath, as Bucky’s hand found yours. You tensed at the touch and tried to yank your hand away so nobody would see, but thankfully, you were half-hidden behind Sam and Steve, so you let yourself relax.
The lights were low as everyone was singing ‘happy birthday’ to Tony which you found so endearing. His smile was so bright, like a little kid and you couldn’t help but smile yourself. When he blew the candles out, everyone clapped and each one from the Avengers hugged and kissed him. 
When it was you turn, after wishing him ‘happy birthday’, Tony whispered in your ear, “I have a surprise for you.” 
You broke the hug, looking at him confused but he only winked.
Tony took the microphone and started speaking. “Thank you, everyone for being here tonight and celebrating this special day with me.” He smiled. “I appreciate it a lot that you helped me show the world that another year has passed making me wiser, stronger and more handsome.” The crowd erupted in laughter. “But let me take this opportunity, to also thank every agent that has done the best they could, helping us save as many lives as possible.” People started clapping. “And talking about agents saving lives, I would like to make an announcement.” He paused and turned around to look at you. Your heart was thudding so fast, palms sweating and you wanted to scream and bolt out of here. “Y/N Y/L/N has been a valuable agent that through her hard work has helped not only gain valuable information to save lives, but has saved lives herself while risking hers.” You took a quick glimpse at the crowd of people who were now staring at you. “So, with great pleasure, I would like to officially welcome Y/N Y/L/N to the team.” 
Tony grinned at you as he motioned for you to come near him. Your feet were stuck to the ground, as you felt hands, pushing you gently next to Tony.
“Welcome to the team, Y/N!” Tony hugged you and you awkwardly tried to hug him back as you were in pure shock. 
When the microphone was put in your hands, all you wanted to do was throw it away and run. 
“Thank you for this opportunity. I’ll try to do my best.” You only said before quickly giving the microphone back to Tony.
“She’s shy.” Tony waved to the audience. 
You quickly moved back to where you were standing, avoiding eye contact with everyone but Natasha who was clenching her fist so hard, her knuckles turned white.
The party continued as Tony said to everyone and you quickly bolted away and made a beeline for the bar. You needed a drink. Or many. 
You took your first sip and almost spat it, when you saw Natasha standing in front of you, gripping a glass of champagne in her left hand. “Congratulations.” She said sharply. 
“Natasha, I-” you started to speak but she cut you off shoving you back into the isle of the bar. 
“You,” she hissed, “you took everything from me.” Her green eyes were bloodshot red. Her breath was fanning your face. “You are ruining my life.” And with that, you felt the cold liquid of her drink all over your dress.
She detached herself from you as she smirked down to where your dress was stained with champagne. You looked in pure shock at your drenched chest down to your lower tummy. 
Everyone was now looking at you and Natasha’s face completely changed. 
“Oh my God, Y/N.” She touched your arm, “I’m so sorry.”
“What happened?” Steve asked as they were now all surrounding you. 
“I tripped and I spilled my drink on Y/N. Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” She kept blubbering in fake distress. 
You looked at her in shock.
“Y/N.” Bucky reached you but you took a few steps away. You looked at everyone. The team, the crowd. Wanda gave you a sympathetic smile while Pietro looked Natasha in disdain. The photographers kept taking pictures and you were just standing there like a clown in a circus. 
The nightmare of last time was repeating itself.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered before leaving the room.
You had to get away from there.
As soon as you were out of sight, the tears started spilling.
“You’re the dumbest person that I have met.” Natasha barked at you. “You fucking ruined my dress. Who the fuck invited you, a nobody, in my party?” She kept raising her voice, attracting attention. 
“I didn’t mean to-” you whispered but she cut you off.
“You didn’t mean what?! To ruin my special day?!” Natasha yelled. 
“Natasha.” Bucky touched her arm in an attempt to calm her down. “People are looking.” He said calmly.
“She fucking ruined my dress with her drink.” Natasha accused you as you tried to swallow the lump that was forming in your throat. 
“I’m sure she didn’t mean to.” Bucky tried as he gave you a soft look that only made you feel worse somehow. 
Bucky tried to calm her down as she kept whining about the dress. You found your opportunity to slip away from the scene. You needed to be as far away as possible.
This public humiliation was enough to make you hate yourself for the rest of the year. 
The tears were streaming down your face when you reached the bathroom. You took a look at yourself in the mirror and almost cried harder. 
You had to leave this party. 
You quickly wiped your tears away with a tissue before exiting the room.
“Are you ok?” His voice made you stop in your tracks. 
You turned around to find Bucky, one hand in his pocket, looking handsome as ever. 
“I’m sorry about Natasha’s, I mean, Agent Romanoff’s dress. I’ll make sure to pay for any damage-” You were cut off as Bucky was now standing right in front of you. 
You were looking down at your shoes, but Bucky lifted your head with his fingertips. His touch was burning your skin. 
You were staring at each other and he wiped a few tears that had managed to slip from your eyes. 
“Natasha is being dramatic.” He muttered. “Don’t worry about that.” 
You were looking at him in surprise. His tone, his touch, his eyes, were enough to make you speechless. 
When his hand dropped from your face, you felt cold again. Reality hit you.
“Goodnight, Y/N.” He smiled as he walked down the corridor, disappearing.
That night was still haunting you.
“I knew that I’d find you here.” 
You quickly wiped away the tears. 
When you left the party, you immediately opted for the rooftop. You needed the fresh air and the noise from the city the roof top provided.
Pietro took a seat next to you. “Wanda is trying her best to keep Bucky from storming in here.” You shook your head chuckling. “You have no idea the scene he caused in there after you left.” You furrowed your brows and Pietro smirked at you. “Oh yeah, Natasha had to bolt out of there.” 
You sighed. “Is this how it’s going to be?” You asked as you lip quivered at the thought that you had to co-exist with a person that hated your guts. “Am I going to be constantly looking over my shoulder?” You rasped and Pietro looped his arm around your shoulder bringing you closer to him. You let a choked sob as you hid your face in his chest.
“You need to talk to her, Y/N. You need to stand your ground. This is not your fault. She’s acting so entitled for something she shouldn’t.” Pietro was rubbing your back soothingly. 
You lifted your head to look at him. “She is kinda right though. I mean, who in the world wouldn’t be jealous that her fiancé is always with another woman. She loves him.” Pietro sighed and you saw that he was holding back from saying something. “They were the golden couple and now because of me Bucky doesn’t even stand being around her for a couple of seconds.”
“Look, Y/N, not everyone is how they appear.” You frowned at that and Pietro run a hand through his hair. “Just set your boundaries. You don’t deserve to be treated like this.” 
You sniffled. “What should I do?”
“Talk to her. Who knows? Maybe she’ll finally understand.” Pietro said and you nodded. “Now,” he stood up offering you a hand, “come on, Bucky is like a wild animal in a cage.” 
You chuckled as he helped you up. 
Now, all you had to do was talk to Natasha.
You were walking to your room as Wanda had informed you that he was waiting for you there, when you passed by Natasha’s room. 
Maybe that was an opportunity. You’d just knock, see if she was there and talk to her. You couldn’t take another day with you tiptoeing around her. 
You stood there; ready to knock when you heard movement from the other side. 
Instinctively, you hid behind the wall. Maybe you weren’t ready to face her just yet. What if she was still angry? Well, of course she’d still be angry. It’s been a couple of hours only.
You heard the door opening and you tried to take a glimpse of her.
Then, you saw it. 
Natasha was standing there with another man kissing. His back was turned to you, but you could definitely recognize Natasha’s red hair. 
They broke the kiss and Natasha was smiling at him. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Natasha seemed... happy. You never saw her smile like that. At least not when you were around. 
They kissed one more time, before the guy started walking away, his back still facing you.
“Oh, wait!” Natasha called and the guy stopped in his tracks. 
The guy turned around and his whole tall form was clear as day.
You gasped as your eyes widened in shock.
You walked back to your room.
When you opened the door, Bucky was immediately on you, hugging you tight, asking if you were alright.
“I’m fine, Bucky. Don’t worry.” You smiled at him softly. 
“Are you sure? I don’t want anyone to hurt you, Y/N. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He mumbled as his face was buried in the crook of your neck. His body was covering yours and you inhaled deeply. 
You felt safe.
You felt like you belonged there. In his arms. You knew it wasn’t right to feel that way. That this was just temporary. But you were only human. And right there and then, all you could focus on was Bucky’s warmth and his heart beating. 
Bucky kept rubbing soothingly your back, the trails his fingertips were leaving almost burning your skin. You didn’t want this to stop. His breath was tickling your neck as his hair was touching the side of your face. Why was it so wrong when it felt so right?
You hated yourself for enjoying this. You hated Bucky for making you fall deeper in love with him when you knew that this would be over in an instant when his memories came back. You hated the bomb for ticking off and making Bucky losing his memory. You hated Tony for making you join the Avengers and you hated that you agreed to stay here, in the same room as Bucky, the guy you were madly in love with when he was engaged and in love with another woman. Right now, you hated everyone and everything that happened which led you to this.
You buried yourself in Bucky’s arms.
You screwed your eyes tightly, taking a breath to calm yourself. Bucky’s scent was the only thing engulfing you. He was all over you. In your mind, in your senses, in your arms and whatever you did, you just couldn’t break away.
When you finally changed into your pajamas, you laid next to Bucky who was stuck by your side. Your fingers were twirling a strand of his hair as he was peacefully sleeping with an arm wrapped around you. 
You looked at his face. How innocent he looked when he slept. You sighed as your mind replayed the scene you had just seen unfold in front of your eyes.
Natasha was with another guy. She slept with another guy.
She was cheating on Bucky with another man.
When you saw him turn around, your heart dropped to your stomach. 
That guy’s face was stuck in your head.
He was the guy that Natasha was cheating on Bucky who had no idea about anything that happened. Bucky who was in his own world, confused, didn’t know that his fiancé was cheating on him.
You almost wished you never saw that. That you never walked by Natasha’s door to talk to her.
You wished you never saw that guy’s face.
Because that guy - it was Luke.
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Awake My Soul • Epilogue
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
WC: 4.7k
Summary: It’s been 5 years since zombies first began their invasion, and despite everything you’ve been through, you’ve managed to survive up until this point. Now it’s time to face your most dangerous challenge yet….the grumpy, untrusting, fiercely protective Bucky Barnes.
Chapter Warnings: Mentions of needles, shots, syringes, blood, stitches. I think that's it???
A/N: Welp :,) We finally made it to the end!!! It was a fucking year ago that I first had the idea to write a zombie apocalypse enemies to lovers fic...and I cannot believe it's finished. Thank you everyone for the MONTHS (I posted the first chapter freaking six months ago this Thursday) of love, patience, and support while writing this fic. It was a beast, but I would go through all of the hard moments again to experience the amazing reactions and kind words you shared with me. A million thank yous and I love yous <3 Oh and thanks for letting me talk about Twilight a fucking LOT.
Series Masterlist
**There is a playlist for this fic, but linking it here messes up the tags so feel free to check it out in the series masterlist!
Tumblr media
“‘Don’t turn her into a squirrel. I can’t bear to watch it.’ Claudia grasped Lucinda’s wrist.”
The children giggled, sitting criss-cross applesauce on the ground in front of you.
“‘You can’t know squirrels lead charming, contented lives. I’m sure she prefers to be a human maiden.’”
“A squirrel!, Ella thought. I had to keep her from making a squirrel of me.”
More laughter. You moved your eyes to the chair next to yours, where a giggling child sat, attention totally on you as Shuri took hold of their arm, syringe in hand. 
You kept reading, maintaining the child’s attention on the story while Shuri injected the purple serum. They only winced a tiny bit, but continued laughing as Ella tried to convince Lucinda not to turn her into a squirrel.
Once the child was all set, Shuri dismissed them to go back to their seat, and the boy sitting next to them got up for their turn.
He looked a lot more nervous, hands trembling as they sat in the chair, biting his lip to keep it from quivering.
You took his hand, pausing your spot in the book to meet his gaze to give them a quick wink and reassuring smile.
He smiled back, squeezing your hand.
With that, you kept reading, and before he knew it, he was returning to his seat.
“Alright,” Shuri said a few children later, clapping her hands together. “That’s everyone. Can we all give Miss Y/n a mighty thank you for reading to you all?”
The kids grumbled out thank you’s and Shuri scoffed. “That was so lame, guys!”
“Can she keep reading?” one of the kids begged. “We wanna know if Lucinda breaks Ella’s curse!”
They all erupted in cheers, and you laughed. Shuri looked over at you with a shrug.
You held the book up. “I’m happy to keep going if you all are.”
They cheered some more, and you continued on for the next hour.
At one point, you looked up to the back of the outdoor space to see Bucky leaning against a tree, arms crossed in front of him, a small, content smile on his face.
As your eyes met, he scrunched his nose at you, smile widening, and you felt the same butterflies form in your stomach as you had when you first met him a year ago.
Tumblr media
The morning after your grossly romantic Twilight date, you and Bucky headed over to the lab to meet with Bruce, where he and Peter proposed their crazy idea to you.
To pass on the cure to as many camps as you could.
When the bite mark on Bucky’s neck proved that the serum Bruce had created work, the scientists got straight to work on the next phase of the project: mass distribution. To turn the serum into something that could be administered to any and everyone, so that you could finally be rid of this world-ending virus.
That morning in the lab, Bruce opened up a metal briefcase containing what had to have been hundreds of small vials of purple liquid, a glimmer in his eyes that could only be described as hopeful.
“We could send you out to a couple of camps at a time. You’d get to know their leaders, make them feel comfortable and help show them that what we’ve created works. They could even help spread the word, distribute it to more people. There’s the potential to have everyone cured within the next five years.”
Five years. The same amount of time you had been in this mess in order to fix it.
What would the world even look like in five years? Would it be something worth fighting for, or would it be a lost, desolate place?
You looked up at Bucky by your side, squeezing his hand to get his gaze to meet yours.
When you saw the expression on his face, one a perfect mixture of skepticism and hope, you knew your answer.
Even if the world wasn’t worth fighting for, Bucky was. Your Shield family was.
So with a shrug, you looked back at Bruce.
“When do we start, Doc?”
It started off with Asgard, the home of Thor and Loki, two brothers who had met their untimely end shortly after you and Bucky met them.
You, Bucky, Steve, Bruce, Yelena and Kate set out a few days after developing a plan of execution.
Their leader, Valkyrie, was obviously skeptical. But when you and Bucky relayed the story of your brief encounter with her fallen friends, and with some fancy science jargon from Bruce - and a thorough inspection of the bite marks you and Bucky shared on your necks - she was a bit more willing to participate.
The group stayed there a few days, getting acquainted with the members of camp, allowing them to grow comfortable enough to realize none of you were a threat.
Then came administration. Bruce worked with Valkyrie and their medic Jane to teach them how to properly inject the antidote, bringing the adults up first to ease into the concept of being poked with a needle for the kids.
When it was finally time for the kids, there were still some who threw a fit when Jane tried to coax them into the seat, wailing and crying and creating way too much noise and attention to yourselves.
“We gotta do something,” Yelena muttered, eyes scanning the trees that bordered the camp. “If these kids keep screaming over a damn needle we’re going to be swarmed by walkers before nightfall.”
Bucky, who was on your other side, leaned down till his lips were by your ear.
“Remember what you did that time AJ scraped up his leg so bad he needed stitches? And he was freaking out, not letting Bruce anywhere near him?” You turned to face him and he shrugged in a couldn’t hurt to try way.
Without a second thought, you walked over to the kid, crouching down to get to their level.
“This feels really scary, doesn’t it?” you asked, taking their hands. They nodded. “I hate doing things that scare me, too, even when I know that doing the scary thing will help me or help the people that I love. You know what I try to think of whenever I feel afraid?”
The kid’s bottom lip jutted out and they nodded again. You smiled.
“I think about a man named Bilbo Baggins, who was a very small person.” You raised one hand just below the child’s head to display Bilbo’s height and they giggled. “Bilbo had to leave his home where he felt safe to go on a long, terrifying adventure with a bunch of strange - and very smelly dwarves - to go fight a dragon. Now, he absolutely did not want to go on this adventure, because he had never done something so scary in his life. And he not only had to try and defeat a dragon, but he fought trolls, giant spiders, and many other monsters along the way, and each time he fought those things he was terrified. There were many times he wanted to cry and run home where he felt safe. But you know what?”
“What?” the kid immediately responded, eyes now wide and excited, free of tears.
You squeezed their hands. “He found the courage he needed to save those smelly dwarves who had become his friends. And the more courage he had, the less scary all of the monsters became.” You cocked your right brow up. “Do you think you could be brave like Bilbo right now?”
The child bit their bottom lip, chest rising as they took in a deep breath. On the exhale, they nodded.
Your smile widened. “There we go. I know you can handle this, and I’ll be right here, okay? I won’t leave unless you want me to.”
Jane took a step forward, needle in hand and the kid’s hands tightened around yours. “Stay please.”
You nodded. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Their eyes shut tightly, and Jane moved quickly as she injected the serum into their arm.
“Look at that,” you said softly. “All done.” The kid opened one eye. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
They nodded, a smile forming on their lips. “Was I brave?”
“The bravest. No dragon would ever dare to mess with you.” You winked and they giggled, letting go of your hands and walking away.
You were about to stand up and return to Yelena’s side, when a young girl ran up in front of you for their turn, eyes wide.
“Can you talk more about Bilbo? How big were the spiders he had to fight?”
You looked up at Jane, who simply shrugged before grabbing a new syringe.
“They were massive,” you replied, extending your arms out wide. “So big, in fact, you could probably ride one of them…”
Not even thirty minutes had passed, and now all of the kids were huddled beside you, eager to hear more of your recollection of The Hobbit, eyes bright with excitement, barely even registering that they were here to get a shot.
You made a mental note to bring a book with you wherever you went, just like you used to when you first were on the run with your parents.
“You’re amazing, you know that right?” Bucky asked when everyone was done and you walked over to him.
“Tell me something I don’t know, Beefcake,” you joked, winking at him.
His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer. “Seriously, though. That just changed the entire mood in the camp. Not just the kids, but the adults who were relieved to see them so relaxed.”
“Well, it was all thanks to you,” you reminded him, chin resting on his chest. “I wouldn’t have thought to do that unless you said something.”
He smiled. “Guess we make a good team.” 
You wiggled your brows. “Hashtag dream team.”
Bucky groaned, rolling his eyes and crushing you within his hold and you wheezed out a laugh.
When you left Asgard, an extremely grateful Valkyrie expressed that any member of Shield was welcome back anytime, and if you ever needed aid, they would answer your call.
“I can’t believe we did it,” Yelena muttered as you started your journey home.
“Neither can I,” Bruce mumbled, and you all whipped your heads at him, shocked. He shrugged. “What? I suggested we try, I didn’t know if it would actually work out this well!”
Your next destination was a smaller, nomadic camp, led by Hope Van Dyne. It was her, her parents, her partner Scott Lang and his daughter, Cassie. Hope and her parents were also scientists, and were intrigued by Bruce’s development of the antidote.
“We have our own mobile lab,” Hope’s dad, Hank, said, “We could recreate this serum and help distribute it, since we travel around so much anyways.”
“You’d do that?” you asked.
He nodded. “Anything to help undo what those Hydra bastards did.”
It didn’t take long for Bruce to teach them how to recreate the serum, and the rest of you spent that time working with Hope and Scott to work out the locations of other camps you could travel to.
“There’s a guy called Strange, who has a network of people all over. He’s based in New York, though, so you’d have to travel a ways to get there. That area is still largely populated with unturned though so it would be a great spot to get this to.”
“You could show me your old stomping grounds, Beefcake,” you said, bumping his shoulder with yours.
He chuckled, looking over at Steve. “We can go back to Coney Island, Stevie.”
Steve groaned. “I still get nauseous thinking of that place.”
After leaving Hope’s camp, Bruce decided to return to Shield to keep working on creating more antidotes, leaving the rest of you to continue traveling from camp to camp.
You asked Steve if he was going to go back, since he was technically Shield’s leader again now that he’d returned from the dead.
Steve shook his head. “Sam and I talked about it a while back, and he’s going to remain in charge. He’s so much better at it than I was, and honestly? I never really enjoyed it. Doing this, going out and helping others with you and Bucky, this feels right.”
You smiled, wrapping your arm around him for a side hug. “Well, I’m more than happy to have you tag along. I need to hear all the embarrassing stories about Beefcake.”
You heard Bucky groan behind you. 
After a few months, you had reached dozens of camps. Each one made you feel more and more hopeful, knowing that so many were still surviving after so many years. You had even run into people that Shield saved from Hydra when they came to rescue you. They welcomed you with open arms and tear-filled eyes.
Now, you were at the settlement known as Wakanda, by far the most established and advanced camp you had been to yet. Their sassy, smart as hell leader Shuri scoffed when you showed her one of the antidote vials.
“Dammit! I was so close to figuring it out.” She lifted her arm, tapping the screen of her watch until a holographic DNA strand circled above it. “I was at, like, a 76% rate as of this morning!”
You and Kate exchanged glances after gaping at the crazy device on the woman’s wrist.
“Is all of your tech this advanced?”
Shuri smirked. “You have no idea.”
“We gotta get Banner and Parker here,” you muttered, and all Kate could do was nod.
Tumblr media
Once Shuri was done administering the antidote to all of the kids and they had finally relieved you from reading Ella Enchanted, she told you that a celebration was being held in your group’s honor. A way of thanking you for helping their community, as well as welcoming you into their family.
She led you over to four massive, long wooden tables that had been set up and dressed up in various shades of purples and gold, with jars of fireflies lighting the space in a dim, hypnotic glow.
The food was by far the best you ever had in your life, even compared to the meals you ate in the before times. The vegetables were perfectly ripe, the meat was tender and coated with spices you had never tasted, and the bread.
“I’m taking a hundred loaves of these back with us,” Bucky murmured to you, mouth full of sweet rolls. The moan he let out after taking the first bite was sinful. “I never want to eat anything else for the rest of my life.”
“I hope you intend to share with your one true love, Beefcake,” you replied, shoving your own face with the warm, delicious bread.
“Sorry, Sweetheart, but you’ve officially been replaced.” You punched his flesh arm and he tried to laugh through a grimace. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Everything I have is yours or whatever the hell they say.”
You gave him a rueful grin, taking another bite of your roll.
The two of you nearly shit your pants when men and women started grabbing instruments and playing music with reckless abandon, pounding on drum heads and singing their hearts out.
“Relax,” Okoye, Wakanda’s general, chided, patting your back in mock comfort as she bit back a laugh. “Shuri has this place soundproofed. Nothing can be heard outside our borders.”
Bucky looked around. “So we’re….safe?”
Okoye rolled her eyes. “You guys. So paranoid. What is there to be afraid of? It’s not like their are flesh-eating monsters swarming the earth or anything.”
The three of you paused for a beat before bursting into a fit of laughter. Okoye patted your shoulder once more and then went over to join others who had now begun dancing to the music.
You turned to find Bucky smiling at you, a suspicious light in his eyes.
You frowned. “What?”
He held out a hand. “Wanna dance?”
You couldn’t help but laugh. “What? Since when do you dance?” you asked incredulously.
“Since I was fuckin’ four years old. Ma’ was big into 40s music. She had Becs, Stevie and I dancing all the damn time.” His hand extended out further. “So?”
You bit the inside of your cheek. “I got some bad news, Beefcake.”
His brows furrowed and you sighed. 
“Ya girl can’t dance.”
You expected Bucky to frown, to feel disappointed in your lack of skill in something he apparently loved.
Instead, his smile widened, reaching out to grab your hand and dragging you to the newly formed dancefloor. 
“That is going to make things way more entertaining for me,” he said, stopping short so that you crashed into him, your hands pressing against his chest so that you didn’t break your nose in the collision.
Before you had a chance to regain your balance, Bucky was pushing you away, expression mischievous as he began a string of maneuvers, alternating between twirling you around, spinning you in the air, stepping in directions you didn’t think possible.
He was an unrelenting machine.
“Bucky, the moment you lose momentum,” you gasped, unable to catch your breath in all of the commotion, “I’m going to do the Yelena leg thing and kick your fucking ass.”
His grin widened, and he pulled you into him, hand resting on your back as you dipped down. You nearly let out a yelp at the feeling of falling backward, but Bucky kept a secure hold on you, nose rubbing against yours. Instead of falling, you felt as if you were floating mid-air.
“Baby, when I’m done with you, you’re going to need to be carried to bed.” he growled in a low, husky voice.
You blinked a few times in response.
He kissed you. “That’s what I thought.” 
Tumblr media
The next morning, you and the gang packed up your things and got the horses settled for the journey home.
You snuck a piece of sweet roll to Hades, who nuzzled you immediately after in an attempt to find more somewhere on your person.
“Sorry, buddy,” you laughed, stroking his nose. “That’s all I got.”
He snorted in dissatisfaction.
“I can’t believe you gave the horse that last sweet roll instead of me,” Bucky pouted, massaging Alpine’s front legs.
You glared at him. “That’s because Hades is the one carrying me home since my legs are in so much pain from last night thanks to you torturing me!”
Bucky scoffed. “You had a fuckin’ blast, Sweetheart. Admit it.”
“Don’t worry, Y/n,” Steve said as he approached. “I’ll show you a few dance moves that will put Bucky on his ass in no time.”
Bucky groaned at the smug look that formed on your face. “I’m stealing your best friend, Beefcake. He’s mine now.”
“Hey,” both Bucky and Yelena said in unison while you and Steve laughed.
Shuri approached then, brow quizzical from the commotion. “Sounds like you all are in high spirits this morning. Happy to finally be leaving this wretched place?”
You rolled your eyes. “As if. Being here has been amazing. I thought Shield had nailed apocalyptic living, but you all blew us out of the water.”
The young scientist laughed. “You all are welcome back anytime. And don’t forget to bring your friend Banner along so I can harass him to dish his secrets on using your crazy blood to create a cure. I still consider that cheating, you know.”
Just as you were about to respond, Nakia walked over with a group of children with grins that threatened to split their faces in two. They each carried flower crowns in their hands.
Enough for the group.
“The children made these for you,” Nakia said, her usual angelic smile on her face as she watched them approach you all, extending the crowns out. Yelena, Kate, Steve, Bucky and yourself bent forward so that they could place them on your heads. “As a token of your kindness and friendship.”
You pulled the young girl in front of you in for a hug, trying to fight back tears as you squeezed them tightly. “Thank you,” you whispered.
You walked over to hug the rest of the children, then Nakia and finally Shuri.
When all of the goodbyes were complete, the gang mounted their horses.
Bucky looked over at you and you beamed. “You look so pretty in that flower crown, Beefcake.”
He blushed, quickly turning his attention to Alpine’s mane and trying to force a scowl on his face, though you could see the corners of his mouth twitching.
“So, where are you headed now?” Shuri asked.
“Home for a bit to rest and restock on antidotes,” you replied. “Then we’re off to a camp up north called the Guardians of the Galaxy.”
Shuri’s chin lowered as she stared up at you with an are you fucking serious expression. “Guardians of the Galaxy? You’re kidding me. Sounds like a bunch of assholes.”
“I said the same thing!” Yelena and Bucky exclaimed in unison…again.
You were still laughing as Hades trotted off into the woods.
Tumblr media
“Baby,” a low, grumbly angel spoke to you in your dreams. Calloused, gentle hands stroked your cheek. “Wake up, Sweetheart.”
Your eyes slowly fluttered open, focusing in on Bucky and the dark forest behind him. Once your brain processed that you were not in the safety of your bedroom at camp, your eyes widened and you shot up.
You were in the middle of the woods, still on your way back to Shield from Wakanda.
So why was Bucky waking you up at this hour?
“What is it?” you asked. “What’s wrong?”
He shook his head, resting a hand on your shoulder in comfort. “It’s fine,” he whispered, eyes scanning the ground where the others slept. His hand moved down to grab yours, moving the both of you to standing. “Come follow me?”
Your eyes narrowed now, fingers interlacing with his as he led you East. “What’s going on, Buck?”
He looked over his shoulder, and the moonlight peeked through the canopy of trees above just perfectly enough for the smile on his face to glow.
“Wanna show you something.”
The two of you walked in silence for a few miles, the soft crinkling of leaves below your feet the only sound made in your vicinity.
Eventually, Bucky’s gate slowed to a stop, and you looked up to find yourself standing at the bottom of a cliff.
One that looked vaguely familiar.
You let out a small gasp. “Is this…?”
Bucky nodded. “This is the cliff where you and I first met.”
The cliff that you had found as a refuge for you and the two young, scared boys you had found lost in the woods, running away from a hoard of zombies. 
Two boys you debated even helping, since you were so used to being on your own and not having others to look after.
It was impossible to imagine a world where you hadn’t helped them, where those boys wouldn’t have a claim on a piece of your heart forever, just as their mother did, their uncle, and everyone else in Shield.
Still, you knew that the old you, who had stumbled upon AJ and Cass, could never have dreamed of what would follow after helping them find their way back to their mom.
You wouldn’t have a home. You wouldn’t have a family.
You wouldn’t have found your soulmate.
A small snort escaped you. “Is that what you would call it? You pinning me against the wall and threatening to kill me?”
A sheepish expression covered his face, and you knew he was blushing. “Would it be weird to say that even then - when I wasn’t sure if you were a danger to us - I kind of wanted to kiss you?”
There were those dang butterflies again. “Not at all. With the way you were displaying your strength, and your voice all growly and dangerous? That was super hot, Beefcake. Even if you had actually killed me, I would have been more than fine with a parting kiss before you took my life.”
He rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Oh really?”
Suddenly, his hands were gripping your arms, and he was just barely using enough force to guide you to the cliff wall, pinning your back against it.
When he let out a low, threatening growl, you responded with a high-pitched wine.
And then, he leaned forward and crushed your lips to his, his tongue colliding with yours.
If he hadn’t killed you that night a year ago, he was definitely going to tonight.
His hold on you softened, one hand moving to wrap around your waist. But first, his thumb tucked itself under your shirt and grazed along the rigid scar of the first zombie bite you got on your stomach, tenderly feeling along it until his fingers squeezed the soft fleshy part of your hip. 
You used your now free arm to wrap around his neck for support as your head grew dizzy.
Eventually, time forced you to pull away for air, your foreheads pressed against one another, chests moving up and down as you both worked to catch your breath.
“I should have done that night one,” he gasped, kissing the bridge of your nose. “Would have saved myself a lot of mental turmoil.”
You giggled. “True, but I gotta admit that watching you switch from Mr. Beefcake Grumpypants to soft mushy lovey dovey Beefcake was an absolute delight. And besides…” you caged his face between your hands, eyes boring into his, “I wouldn’t trade any part of our story for anything.”
His jaw clenched beneath your hands. 
You continued, “Every experience, every hardship, all the shit we went through, I’d go through it all again to have the good moments found in between, to get us to this point, right now. And every time, I’d fall in love with you.”
Bucky kissed you again, soft and slow this time, and you knew he was telling you that he felt exactly the same. That he’d fight heaven and earth for you over and over again, just as you would for him. 
When he pulled away, he kept his lips close enough to graze yours as he responded.
“And you call me a softie.”
You giggled, pretending to squirm out of his now tight hold as he peppered your face and neck with kisses.
“I love you, Sweetheart. Forever.”
“And I love you, Beefcake. Always.”
Tumblr media
The gate started opening before you could officially make out the ragged Brookfield Boarding School for Girls sign.
Your pace quickened the moment you walked into the camp, eyes locking onto AJ and Cass as they ran toward you.
AJ lept into your arms, his small limbs wrapping around your neck as you embraced him. You looked to your left just in time to see Cass do the same thing to Bucky.
Sarah and the others took their time heading over to you, smiles on their faces at your return and the heartwarming reaction from the boys.
When AJ finally loosened his hold, you lowered him to the ground. His arms shifted to circle around your waist, not ready for the hug to end just yet.
“Welcome home, Y/n!” he cheered, body jumping up and down in excitement as he clung to you.
Bucky - after also putting Cass down - reached out to put an arm around your shoulder, tucking your body into his.
You looked down at AJ, scrunching your nose at him, then looked over at Cass.
Then to Sarah and Sam.
To Laura and Clint.
Pepper, Morgan and Dum Dum.
Bruce and Peter.
Wanda, Vision, Billy and Tommy.
Sersi, Druig and Makari.
Yelena, Kate, and Steve.
Each one of them meeting your gaze with as much love and care as you gave them.
Bucky kissed your temple, and when you looked up at his bright crystalline irises, you found your entire world. 
Your true home.
You smiled.
Tumblr media
The End.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TattooArtist!Bucky vibes
You’re Bucky’s favourite client, and he always gives you a private tattooing session which, in the end, always leads to rough and nasty sex.
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dumbmarvelsimp · 2 days
Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshot | You’re a Mean One, Nebula
Tumblr media
a/n: what’s up fuckers lol i haven’t posted anything in a hot minute, so here’s this little blurb based on this post that i made: 
Tumblr media
words: 1167
pairing: bucky barnes x reader (no pronouns/gendered words used for reader i think)
Tumblr media
It was a normal day, for the most part. There was you, sitting on the small dock outside of your lakeside property with your feet in the water and a book in your hand, and there was your husband doing whatever housework could occupy his ever busy mind. Ever since Tony passed away, you and Bucky had been living in the house his family had once lived in. Pepper couldn’t stand living there anymore so she had given everything to you. She wanted you and Bucky to live peacefully with one another like you finally deserved. 
You had everything out there: a garden stocked with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, a chicken coop for the convenience of eggs as well as poultry, the beautiful lake to swim in when the weather permitted, and your beautiful husband. Tony had even left you with a parting gift: a perfectly weather controlled barrier around your property so you could continue growing your produce, raising your chickens, and swimming in the lake even well into the cold upper New York December. 
The escapism that the lakehouse offered you two was happily welcomed, and both you and Bucky pretty much stayed at home unless there was some hero business to take care of. The Flag Smashers business had long since wrapped up and you were facing a relaxation period, which was so lovely. Looking over your shoulder towards the garden, you smiled to see Bucky pulling weeds to keep your food supply healthy. 
Heaving out a soft sigh of contentment, you focused back on your book and turned the page. The wind was beginning to pick up so you wanted to finish the chapter before the pages started turning on their own. However, you heard a low rumble accompanying said “wind” coming from above you. Both you and Bucky stopped what you were doing to look up at the sky. 
You sighed out softly upon seeing a very familiar ship. While not the whole damn thing, you could tell it was a single shuttle that belonged to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not only did you recognize the ship, but you recognized the pilot. It was Nebula, someone you had only met a handful of times during the Blip when you worked together on very few “missions”, if you could call them that. You were pretty much a widow in mourning for that entire five years so you didn’t really remember that time as much. 
Seeing her reminded you of that time for a brief moment, but your shoulders relaxed when you heard Bucky walk up right behind you wiping his dirty hands with a rag that had been previously tucked into his back pocket. 
“Do you think the world is ending again?” He asked casually while the two of you watched Nebula land, like the idea of facing another world ending scenario was just another walk in the park. It pretty much was at that point. He then plopped the dirty rag he was using right on your head, which made you squeal and swat at his thigh. 
“I sure hope so, you piece of shit,” you replied while he chuckled lowly, tucking the rag back in his pocket before leaning over to kiss the crown of your head. You rolled your eyes with a little huff but looked forward when you saw the cyborg walking towards you with such urgency that it made you panic a little bit. What if something really was wrong?
Bucky nodded his head towards the woman as she came to a stop before the two of you on the dock, his metal hand tucked into his front jeans pocket. “Long time no see, Nebula.”
“Yeah, well, I try to make a habit of not coming to this shithole of a planet,” she replied, her unamused tone ever present as she shifted her weight onto one leg and crossed her arms across her chest. “Listen, I’ll cut to the chase. Barnes, give me your arm.”
Bucky raised his eyebrows, both in surprise and curiosity. “Excuse me?”
“It’s Christmas,” she stated bluntly, but didn’t elaborate. “Give me your arm.”
“Technically, Christmas is in a week,” you spoke up, but didn’t rise from your seated position on the dock. This threat didn’t seem too imminent, plus Bucky could handle himself if it really came down to it. “But what does his arm, the metal one I assume, have anything to do with it?”
Nebula sighed in irritation like you already should’ve known the answer. “It’ll be a good gift for Rocket, okay? Now hand it over. Or I will kick your ass to get it from you.”
“I am not giving you my arm,” Bucky told her sternly, arms crossing across his own chest now. “I suggest you try Macy’s for a more practical, non arm related gift.”
Nebula narrowed her eyes at him a little bit for being snarky before quickly grabbing the gun-lazer thing she had in her holster. You weren’t sure if space people used bullet guns or not, to be honest. Before she could aim it, Bucky was charging towards her to disarm her.
You sighed as the two of them began to fight, actually fight, across your property. You had watched them for a while because while you knew Bucky could probably handle himself, it was incredibly entertaining. So entertaining, in fact, you sneakily sent a couple of pictures to Sam so he could enjoy it as well. 
Y/N: look at this nerd lol he’s fighting for his arm rn
Sam: i hope he loses lol
While you were giggling at your phone while texting Sam, you heard Bucky yell out an expletive followed quickly by, “Fuck, shit, get back here!”
You turned your head to see Bucky running after Nebula who definitely had something metallic and arm-ish tucked under her own arm. Nebula was too close to her ship and Bucky couldn’t reach her in time even with the fact that he had serum running through his veins. You just continued to sit there, watching the entire scene as Bucky stopped running and just stood at the edge of the garden while Nebula stood in the cockpit flipping him off with his own hand. You stifled your laughter and snapped another quick picture to send off to Sam. 
Y/N: he lost lol
Sam: i’m never gonna let him live this down lol i’ll call wakanda
You looked up once more as Nebula’s ship took back off into the atmosphere, Bucky stalking back towards you looking defeated and pissed. You giggled softly as you watched, the two of you just staring at each other for a bit with amusement in your eyes and anger and confusion in Bucky’s. 
“Nebula stole your arm, didn’t she?” 
“Nebula stole my arm.”
“Got it.”
You then sighed, slumping your shoulders a little bit as you thought about what that meant for you now. “And that was my favourite arm and everything. It even vibrated.”
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timidpumpkin · 2 days
Little Light (Stucky x reader)
Part 3: Relent
Pairing: Dark!Stucky x f!reader
Summary: With a rough night behind them, Steve and Bucky hope to focus on what they brought you here for: to be their good little girl.
Warnings for this part: Dark!Stucky, Daddy!Stucky, Forced age regression, Female reader, Manipulation, Implied panic attack, slight noncon(?), Fluff, Comfort.
Warnings for future parts: Dubcon, Stockholm Syndrome. (Will add more as needed)
Let me know if I missed any!!
Notes: Hiiii sooo this and the last two parts I had already written (for the most part)...months ago..hehe. I definitely plan on doing more within this universe! I super hope you guys like it :)) let me know your thoughts please!! I love hearing from you all!! <333333 I can't wait to do more already <3
Word count: 3.8k
As always:
Minors and Ageless blogs DNI or I WILL block you. (THIS INCLUDES LIKES)
Tumblr media
You wake to something cold caressing your face, your whole body is freezing. From your toes to your nose, you feel as though you’re made of ice. As your eyes peel open, you’re met with pale walls in a luminous room. 
It must be morning.
“Wake up babygirl.” you hear Bucky’s voice. You turn to see him, and Steve, looking down at you.
“Are you ready to come out of timeout?” Steve asks. Immediately, tears start streaming down your face as you remember last night. You nod pitifully. Steve kneels beside you. “Did you learn you lesson?” he asks tentatively, wiping the tears from your cheeks,
“Y-yes” you croak out. You can’t help but lean into his warm touch as his large hand holds your face. You’re in so much pain, even more so than when you must have passed out from exhaustion last night.
“Yes, what?” Bucky requests, and you break.
“Yes, dada! Yes, daddy! I’m-I’m sorry! M’sorry I was bad!” you’re sobbing uncontrollably now. “I-I’ve learned my lesson, please-please just let me out!”
Bucky is kneeling on the other side of you now, gently turning your head towards him, hand cupping your face. 
“And what lesson is that doll? What did you learn?” 
“T-t’not run away, I-I won't d-do it again! I-I promise! I-I’ll be good now, I’ll be good, I-j-just please don’t leave me alone again! Please daddy!”
“Okay babygirl, hey, it’s okay now, no more punishment,” he helps wipe away more of your tears, caressing your face now with both hands. You’re too hysterical to notice only one side of your face feels warm.
“We believe you babygirl. We’re going to untie you now. Just sit still while we do okay, angel?” Steve speaks. You can't help but cherish his sweet words to you, as you melt further into their touch.
“Okay dada” you say, tears slowing down. Steve mumbles a good girl and caresses your head one more time before they begin to untie you. You feel relief. Not just because you’re being freed from your binds, but because you know they’re no longer upset with you. They were so mad, so…mean before, and now they’re mumbling praises while freeing you. It makes you feel…content. 
Steve gently picks up your limp form. You have no energy. You barely ate a few bites before you got sent to this room. Steve helps wrap your arms around his neck as your head rests on his shoulder, legs supported around his waist. He carries you downstairs and sits on the couch with you still entangled around him.
He could see how exhausted you were. He hated it. The last thing Steve wanted was for you to be punished on your very first day here, but, what else could they have done? You tried to run away from him, from both of them. You had to learn that it wasn’t acceptable to do that. Soon you'd realize they were doing it to protect you. They could only keep you safe if you're with them, so you have to learn not to run away. 
You hear distant clatter from the kitchen as you sit with Steve. 
He begins rubbing up and down your back. He’s so warm. He wraps a blanket around both of you as he continues tenderly stroking you. He softly kneads at your shoulders and back and rubs the sensitive skin around your arms and ankles. He gently shushes you as some residual tears wet his shirt underneath you. You feel heavy under his touch, but in a good way, as your muscles relax for the first time since you got here. You fall asleep under his touch. 
Steve continues to massage you through your sleep. You feel so delightful on him as tiny huffs of air escape from you. He silently looks forward to the days ahead where you’ll lay atop him and bucky, just like this, all the time. When you’ll wake up to give him soft kisses before asking if you can go play with your dolls. Where you’ll trot through the house showing them your latest drawing. Where you’ll cuddle next to them on this very couch to watch a movie. He knows it’ll take time for you to adjust fully, but he also knows that you easily adapt to them. He knows this because you're perfect for them. 
Steve quietly wakes you from your slumber as breakfast is ready. He places you in the same spot you were just hours ago. Now, there’s a plate full of apples and bananas with a plentiful side of peanut butter and yogurt. Normally, you wouldn’t have picked something as healthy, but you’ll take what you can get. This time, Steve and Bucky eat along with you. It’s quiet while you eat, and after you’ve finished your second cup of milk, Bucky speaks. 
“Feel better babygirl?” 
“Yes daddy…thank you.” you say quietly. You probably shouldn’t be thanking them–definitely shouldn't, but…after your much needed massage and full belly, you can’t help but feel…grateful. 
“You want some more milk?” Bucky asks. You look towards your almost empty sipping cup, and shake your head before remembering to reply. 
“I think you’d feel even better getting cleaned up, huh doll?” you look up to him at that. 
A shower. 
Oh how nice that sounded right now. You’ve been in the same clothes since yesterday and you honestly feel gross. 
“I-I’d like that…please.” While Steve cleans up, Bucky leads you to their bathroom. When you walk in you notice some neatly folded feminine-looking clothes laying on top of the counter. You stand in the threshold admiring the spacious bathroom again while Bucky starts running a bath. 
“Uhm…I’m okay with just taking a shower” you offer, hoping he’ll leave soon. He looks over his shoulder at you.
“Come here, sit while I get it ready for you.” he motions towards the cloth-covered toilet seat. Did he not hear you? You hesitantly comply. Guess you are taking a bath. He tests its temperature with his right hand, and after there’s enough water to cover the bottom, he turns to you with open arms.
“Come on, let’s get you undressed,” your stomach drops, eyes wide as you freeze. You glance at the door evaluating your escape route. “Don’t be like that, doll.” he orders, a displeased expression on his face. 
“No, I-I mean I can bathe myself…I-I promise…please.” you fret, beginning to shake. 
He sighs, “Look at me,” he demands, “I’m not going to hurt you. Remember what Dada said? We’re going to take care of you…you know why?” You shake your head. 
“Because you’re our little girl. And little girls like you need help taking baths. Now I’m not going to hurt you, but I'm also not going to ask again.” he warns. “don’t make this harder for yourself.” his inflection alone frightens you. You don’t want to find out how this could be any worse than it already is, but you really don’t want to be naked and vulnerable in front of some scary man–one you barely know, and one who is literally holding you captive. 
“N-no please, I-I understand I’m your…little girl, but I-I really can clean myself, I promise I can.” You reason clumsily.
“You’re not listening to me, doll. I’m helping you take a bath, Either you get in this tub, or you get another punishment,” he threatens, “and don’t think I’ll go as easy on you as Dada let last night.” his abrasive threat scares you to your core. What could be worse than being tied and locked up for more than ten hours? You’re at a complete loss for words, paralyzed as he begins carefully peeling off your clothes–slowly. 
To Bucky, it’s anything but. He waited for this moment for months. He’s going to cherish every moment he can. He revels in every inch of skin that gets revealed as he pulls your sleep gown off–the same one Steve dressed you in the night before last when you were still unconscious and unaware of Steve’s enamored gaze. 
“She’s so beautiful, Buck” he runs his hands along your bare sides, sliding down to your outer thighs, pausing when his eyes meet your naked mound. His pupils are blown, any trace of ultramarine gone as his eyes rake your bare form. Bucky places a hand on Steve’s back, silently agreeing with him as he gives him a smile. 
Steve releases a content–yet shaky–breath, before clasping your ankles and moving your legs up so he could swaddle your bottom half into the princess-decorated pull-up. 
Bucky finds himself thinking the same thing Steve said that night, with the same salacious look in his eye as he rids you of your gown. Goosebumps adorn your skin and Bucky relishes in how upturned your head is, eyes ostensibly focused on the plain white ceiling above. No, you weren’t just beautiful, you were fucking adorable.
Once he’s done, he diligently sets you into the warm water. You curl your knees up, trying to maintain a smidge of modesty.
“You want some bubbles?” he asks. 
“Yes,” You answer quickly, wanting anything that helps cover you. “please.” you add shakily.
Whatever kind he adds smells wonderful, and quickly produces enough to cover the clear water. He lets you sit there for a while, watching even after the water is turned off. You lightly pat at the bubbles around your legs, not daring to meet his attentive gaze. After a bit, a small basket is presented to you. He asks if you’d like to play with any toys. The container has a couple different multicolored rubber duckies, a small turtle, and a whale. You look between him and the toys, before picking out one, its cute face calling to you. You let it float around you. At least you’re not completely alone in the tub anymore. Bucky seems satisfied with your choice, happy that you took his offering. 
“Hey there,” you look towards the door to see Steve peeking around. Great, now they’re both here. He walks besides Bucky’s sitting form and leans down, hands on his knees. “how’s it going?” he asks, noticing your wary manner.
“She’s feeling a little shy, but she’ll get used to it.” Bucky responds.
“No need to be embarrassed angel, daddies always help their little girl take a bath. Would be dangerous if we left you all alone,” he says in that patronizing tone he uses. “Have you washed her yet?”
“No, not yet,” Bucky looks to your idle and unmoving form. “babygirl, if you’re not going to play with your toy then it’s time to wash up.”
“I-I can do it.” you think maybe if Steve hears you, he’ll be on your side. Instead, his face falls, and he addresses you by your name.
“I know that’s not true. You may think it is, but it’s not. Now you need to be a good girl and let Daddy clean you up. Besides, the sooner he starts, the sooner it’ll be over. After that,” Steve postures himself up, “we’ll talk about how you need to listen to Daddy and I, and not talk back. Okay?” he looks at you expectantly. You feel defeated that your small protest only resulted in him being up displeased with you.
“I-okay Dada” he purses a smile at you before letting you both know he’ll be in the living room while you finish up.
Once he’s gone Bucky starts shedding his outer layer. Your heart rate skyrockets, terrified he plans to get in there with you. But after his jacket is off, he proceeds to roll up his sleeves and remove a glove from his left hand. You’re not sure how you’ve never noticed it before, but his arm is quite literally made of metal. Horizontal pleats make up his forearm as far as you can see. Your eyes follow its sleek design to see his hands and fingers contain more fine lines and intricate folds. Its sleekness catches the light on certain parts, and you’re just…staring at it.
You watch it as he lathers up a soft-looking loofa, and holds his arms out to you, silently beckoning you to come closer to his side of the large tub. When you look up into his eyes, you’re met with…concern laced in his. He subtly retracts his metal arm, so that his right one is the only one reaching to you. 
“Come on, Doll. Let’s get you clean.” This time his words don’t feel like a demand, rather…an invitation. You scoot yourself towards him and let him work. He gingerly takes his time running the bubbly white suds over your body. You try not to wince at the iciness of his left hand when it touches you. After a bit, it seems to warm up some due to the water. When he gets to your more private areas, you tense. “It’s okay,” he softly reassures throughout, handing you the tiny toy you picked. It helps, but you can’t help but grow hotter than the water around you from being so exposed.
Once he’s done and begins drying you with a giant towel. You realize you’ve barely lifted a finger, and despite how humiliating it was, you do feel a lot better.
You offer to dress yourself, but that suggestions is only met with a scowl. Again, the clothes are obviously something they bought as it’s nothing you own. It's a light-colored onesie with delicate flowers making up the pattern. Small ruffles decorate the bottom, making it look almost dress-like. You’re pleased regardless when he helps your unsteady legs step into underwear and leggings. Finally, as you hold onto his shoulders for support, he slips on some frilly socks that match your onesie perfectly. 
It felt comfortable and when you catch a glimpse of yourself when leaving the bathroom, you almost think your attire looks…cute.
Once you’re back in the living room, Bucky and Steve take a great deal of time explaining the rules to you. 
And there are a lot of them.
The main ones being about how you shouldn’t run away from your daddies. How you should always listen and do what daddies say. How you must always be polite and keep your manners, especially when talking to them. How you need to remember to call them Daddy and Dada, because that’s what we are princess. 
It’s hard to keep track of everything they’re saying. They must pick up on this because Steve reassures you that he knows you’re still going to need time to learn. They end the discussion by sternly reminding you if you are to break any of these rules, especially intentionally, that you’ll get punished. 
They then decide to give you a proper tour of the house. You’ve seen most of the first floor except an office room they quickly show you. There’s a door with several locks, much like the front door, that leads to what must be a basement, but they tell you it’s off-limits and that you’re never to go down there. 
“Why not?” you ask innocently.
“Because Daddy said so,” Bucky replies sternly.
“And because…” Steve leans down to your level after giving a glare to Bucky. “there are dangerous things down there. Things that could hurt you. Daddy and Dada have stuff down there little girls can’t be around. Okay?” You nod your head.
“Okay Dada.” You say. Steve leans up again to see Bucky now giving him a look.
“What? She needs to know, and we should be honest with her if we expect the same from her.” he defends. Honest? He didn’t even really tell you what was down there. 
Bucky rolls his eyes and grunts at Steve as they begin leading you upstairs. There are two rooms connected by a loft that overlooks the living room, and a small bathroom. 
They show you your “playroom” first. It’s the room you must have been in last night as you notice the haunting chair in the corner. The rest of the room is quite…lively though. They let go of the hold on your hands and let you roam around its expanse. It’s lightly colored with accents of pinks and other pastels. A hexagonal tent is in one of the corners with pillows and blankets stacked on the inside. There are several shelves with neatly placed boxes and a variety of toys peeking through them. There’s a table to the side with coloring books stacked on top and a fluffy rug right in the middle. 
“What do you think, babygirl?” Steve probs.
“It’s…nice.” It’s certainly much more than nice. You’ve secretly always wanted a space like this before. You imagine your childhood self would be running in circles around the room if it were given to you. 
Steve takes your hand again and leads you to your bedroom. It’s even more beautiful than your playroom. The color schemes are similar, but pink stands out even more here. There’s a queen size bed in the middle with ruffles covering the sides of it. It reminds you of your outfit. There’s a couch opposite of the bed also supplied with plenty of fluffy looking pillows. On the other side of the room is a…crib. When you notice it you look up to Steve quizzically.
“That’s just in case you’re feeling extra little,” He explains. “you can pick whichever one you want to sleep in babygirl, I promise,” he beams down at you, then lets go of your hand prompting you forward into the room “go on, look around.” 
You want to jump on the bed. You bet it would be so much fun. You feel as though they probably wouldn't like that though. As you get closer to your bed you notice something familiar. No–it’s more than just familiar. You know exactly what it is. 
It’s your stuffie. 
The same one you’ve cuddled with for as long as you can remember. You quickly pick it up, inspecting it for injuries. When all is good, you clutch it to your chest, hugging it tightly. You missed it. And as you inhale its scent you’re reminded of home…your home…where you’re supposed to be. 
No. Actually, you’re supposed to be at work. Right now. Instead, you’re in a foreign place and you’re surrounded by unfamiliar things and you’ve just been given a list of strict rules to follow and you’re not allowed to leave and and and and-
You turn around rashly and start making for the door. Steve is quick to pick you up, securing you to his side. 
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asks sternly before noticing your crinkled eyebrows. “Hey,” he pets the back of your head. “What’s wrong, angel? Something wrong with the room? Something scare you?” He peers around, looking for any abnormalities. You shake your head hard, beginning to get hysterical. 
“N-No! I-I need to go home! I’m supposed to be home! I-I have to work! I’m supposed to be at work, I-I need-I have-” you’re not really sure what you’re saying and you’re pretty sure you start to not make sense as Steve carries you to the bed and sets you down, firmly holding your arms. You’re not even trying to get away from him, you just feel so…overwhelmed. Everything around you is so new. You don’t really understand anything. You do but you don’t. You’re confused. You’re disoriented. You’re scattered. you’re-
“I-I’m scared!” you finally cry out, tears streaming down your face. You feel like you can’t breathe at all. You must somehow communicate that to Steve as he tenderly tries to get you to look at him, both hands engulfing your wet face. 
“Babygirl,” he calls you by your name gently, “hey, it’s okay. Look at me. You’re okay. Just breathe with me, can you do that for me?” he encourages. He asks you to mimic his breathing. It’s hard at first, but eventually, your synchronized breathing fills the room, though yours is still shaky and you’re still crying. Steve picks you up again, bouncing and shushing you lightly. He whispers how you’re okay, and how we got you babygirl, it’s okay. You’re home now. You don’t have to think about any of that, just focus on breathing in, and breathing out, babygirl. Just like that. There you go. Good girl. You’re doing so good. Just keep breathing, don’t think about anything else. Dada’s got you. You’re okay.
Steve continues talking and bouncing you as you concentrate on his words, breathing in and breathing out. 
You should be pushing him away, attempting to get out of his hold and break for the door again. Yet, his essence is the only thing grounding you. His consoling words are the only thing you hear, his encompassing hug the only thing you can feel. Your body and mind crave his soothing embrace, both tired from fighting the past day. You don’t want to give in, you aren’t–but right now you can’t be burdened with concerns when the only thing that feels right is…
“Dada” you muffle into his neck. Steve hears it’s perfectly clear though.
“Yeah angel,” he continues caressing you. “Dada’s got you. It’s okay. It’s all okay.” he carefully shifts you so he can look at you. Your face is puffy and wet, your lips are quivering and your body is wholly slumped into his hold. “How about we watch a movie?” he suggests tentatively. “anything you want, you choose.” his suggestion seems to work, distracting you from your current thoughts to pick out what you might want to watch. After a moment of diligent selection, you decide. 
Steve smiles, “Beauty and the Beast?” you nod your head. “Okay, babygirl. That’s just perfect, let’s go.” he carries you downstairs where Bucky has a bottle of warm milk ready for you. 
This time, you don’t fight Bucky when he delicately moves you onto his lap. The once vulnerable position now feels…welcoming. Bucky does the hard work of holding the heavy bottle up, and when he presses the tip of it to your lips, your mouth opens almost naturally. In the present moment, it’s as if your mind has almost no say in your actions. You feel fuzzy. Not…cloudy, like when you first awoke to that unfamiliar dark room, terrified and confused. No, now you feel as though your mind has no other responsibility than to succumb to the demands of your…daddies. And currently, all that consisted of was suckling on the soft tip pressed gently on your tongue, and remaining nestled in Bucky’s lap. 
Your weary eyes take in the colorful animations, and the songs you know by heart encapsulate all your focus. The warm drink helps calm your insides, while the steady weight of Bucky swaddling you makes you feel engulfed in safety. For the second time today, you fall asleep on the couch. Yet this time, it’s…daddy…who is caressing you to slumber.
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