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strange love ・❥・b.b
: ̗̀➛ pairing: bucky barnes x reader 
: ̗̀➛ warnings: nsfw content, 18+, mdni, jealous!bucky, friends with benefits situation, casual sex, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex, creampie, 
: ̗̀➛ word count: 2.7k 
: ̗̀➛ summary: you and bucky are friends with benefits, and during a mission, you piss him off by flirting with the target, and he shows you just how much he hates seeing another man’s hands on you. 
: ̗̀➛ author’s note: hello! this is my first fic on tumblr and i hope you like it! i appreciate all interactions with my fics, thank you loves! :)
Tumblr media
The party was in full swing, a song by The Weeknd reverberated through the speakers as guests who you were pretty damn sure were half drunk on what was probably one of the best liquors you’ve ever tasted, well, perhaps besides Tony’s whiskey filled the dance floor. The formal event had taken a quick twist, with people grinding against each other, drinks were sliding across the bar table faster with every hour, well, that was what a hydra party looked like.
“He’s probably not gonna show,” you looked up to see Natasha, glass of champagne in her hand, her gaze meeting yours as she sipped on it. “You never know,” you replied, sliding your empty glass across the table, signalling the bartender for another drink. “So, you’re still denying it?” she asked, sly smirk on her face as you groaned, “seriously Nat? We’re on a mission” you retort and she chuckles, almost dismissing the fact that the entire room was filled with guests associated with Hydra.
“Doesn’t mean you and Barnes-”
“Nat, I swear-”
“Are you two fucking?”
“Nat!” you whisper yelled, and she suppresses a smile as you rolled your eyes, refusing to participate in her shenanigans. You bite your lip, the images of what happened just hours ago in the gym’s showerroom flashes through your mind, the way his breath tickled your neck as he grips your waist so tightly you were sure the bruises his fingers left were still on your skin, you tried so damn hard to stop whatever you and Bucky had going on but the second he had you closed in against the wall, his lips so close to yours, it was impossible to stop yourself from crashing your lips against his, your fingers carding through his hair as you threw all caution into the wind.
You could still remember the way he buried his face in your neck, your legs wrapped so tightly around his waist, your ankles digging into his back as he thrust into you mercilessly, it felt so wrong and yet you simply found yourself enjoying every sinful second of it.
“No, Barnes and I, we’re-”
“Screwing” Natasha adds and you groan, shooting her a glare that she laughs off. God. was she right, and it had went on for months, both of you sneaking around to each other’s rooms at first, leaving at the crack of dawn. It didn’t help that as time went by, it was clear that the both of you had trouble not fucking at every flat surface that you could find, be it the kitchen, the table, and, ah, yes, the quinjet. 
You remembered how Bucky’s fingers had carded through your hair, pulling as you bob up and down his cock, your tongue swirling around his tip as his moans egged you on, he sounded like an angel with his groans of satisfaction echoing off the walls of the jet, his head falling back as your name fell from his lips, hell, all you wanted was to get him off.
It didn’t take long for him to reach his end, and you had happily swallowed every drop, licking your lips as you looked up at him, well, let’s just say, he had enjoyed every second ravaging you, your cry of pleasure was all he could hear as he pounds into you at every angle possible. 
That was the one time you two were almost caught by Sam who had came into the jet in search for the brunette who was damn near breathless after emptying whatever seed he had left into your now dripping cunt, and you tried your best to stay quiet as he came up with a quick excuse, you had left minutes after the two men did, cum trickling down your inner thighs, cursing when you realised that Bucky had taken your panties. You had seen him minutes later, boyish, mischievous smirk on his face, that little bit of lace from your panties slipping through the gaps of his fingers.
You’ve always wondered if there was something more that could have happened between you and the brunette, but seeing how both of you often leave every morning after screwing the previous nights mostly quenched those thoughts, and none of you ever bought it up, not that there was ever any reason to. 
Friends fuck sometimes right?
Tumblr media
“Target spotted, six o’clock” your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Steve’s voice, you looked towards your right, scanning through the crowds, the blinding lights made it near impossible but somehow you saw the man, dressed in a simple tux, hair gelled back, your gaze met his, and the smirk that he sent your way would have made you puke if it was any other event, but he was the team’s target, so you plastered your best, perhaps most seductive smile.
“I’m going in” you said into your comms, and placing your glass on the wooden table, you sashayed towards him, you were pretty sure he had a sky high ego and you making a move on him would probably allow him to let his guard down and perhaps you’d be able to get something out of him, completing tonight’s mission.
“(Y/N), are you fucking serious?” You heard Bucky’s voice over the comms, “I can handle it” you reply as you made your way through the throng of party goers.
“We agreed that it was me who-”
“What, you think I can’t handle it?”
“I didn’t-”
“Come on Buck, if (Y/N) says she got it, she’s got it,” Sam echoed as the brunette clenched his jaw, his eyes fixed upon you, getting closer to the target, the bastard’s eyes feasting on you almost lecherously, and he hated it with every single fiber of his being. The dress that you had on tonight had every man’s gaze on you, and how could they not? The red, sinful fabric clung to every perfect curve of your body that he simply wished to worship, and by god, he did, every single chance he had, he did, and the sight of you saying hi to that damn bastard tested his patience.
“Sure Mr Carnell,”  you replied with a sultry smile as you observed him, dressed in a Alexander Amosu Vanquish Bespoke suit drafted with diamond cufflinks so huge that it was obvious he was overcompensating for something he didn’t have, he wanted attention and that was exactly what you were giving him, the attention that he craved, men and their egos were things you never bothered to understand.
“You know my name, gorgeous?” he adds and you almost rolled your eyes, “of course, you’re quite a well known guest, I should know”. You add.
“What’s a woman like you doing here?” he asked and you shrug, “I could ask you the same thing” you paused as you picked up the drink and he chuckled. “I thought women shouldn’t ask so many questions” he added and you swore it took everything in you not to land a damn punch on his face. “Misogynist” you smirked at Wanda’s comment that reverberated through your comms. “I wouldn’t say that if i were him” Sam added and you heard Tony snort, “the things Romanoff would do to him”.
“Really? Gosh, what else are women supposed to do then?” you asked, feigning complete innocence as you looked up at him through your thick lashes, and you could see his sick smile that was seemingly turning into a grin, and you played along as he passed his fingers along your arm, pretending not to notice how he moved closer, his hand sliding along your waist.
“I could show you, you know?” he adds and you nod, keeping up with the act, you could see the thumbdrive protruding from his pants pocket, the information the team needed all tucked in a pocket.
“Would you?” you continued and he chuckled, his hand sliding down your waist, nearing your ass, squeezing it. “(L/N), end the mission, now” you could hear the brunette’s voice reverberating through your comms. You were too damn close to call it quits, and you allowed the asshole’s actions to continue, your fingers hooking onto the key ring of the thumb drive. 
You easily found Bucky’s gaze, those piercing blue eyes were a little too damn hard to meet, you watched him as he grip around his whiskey glass tightens, almost as if he was daring you to go further than you already did. As if just to push him off the edge, you move closer, placing your hand against Carnell’s chest, your tinted, glossed lips were impossible to say no to, and just as you thought the brunette was about to make a move from where he was stationed at, you shoot him a knowing smirk. 
“(Y/N)” Bucky growls and from the way he sounds, you were sure he was pretty damned pissed and yet somehow, the feeling of his gaze on you egged you. You removed your comms, the last thing you heard was the sound of glass shattering, you’d probably regret this later but if there was one thing you loved doing, it was riling the hell out of Bucky. 
Maybe this was what you wanted, after all, it wasn’t the first time he had put all his pent up emotions on you, his fingers clenching around your neck, lips moving against yours so fervently, his hand gripping your thighs, if he could, you were sure he would have marked every inch of your skin, not that you disagree though. 
It didn’t take long for you to get the thumbdrive, clenching it in your hands, you took the chance, distracting his bodyguards by saying something along the lines of taking this conversation to a quieter place, it surprised you how easy he followed along, his fingers trailing along yours as he kept up with you, when you passed Bucky, your gaze met his for a second, his ocean blue irises were dark and you bite your lip as he follows.
You led him the room that the team had chosen beforehand and it took a little less than a minute before the team arrived, the bastard yelping in pain as Bucky twists his arm behind his back, handing him over to the agents, taking him away to S.H.I.E.L.D’s base.
Tumblr media
“What was that?” Bucky asks as you crack open a bottle of water, quenching your thirst while the team waits for Fury to arrive for a debrief, just as he did with every mission. “What was what?” you retorted almost cooly and you caught his glare, “you know what I’m talking about (L/N)”.
“So what if I do Barnes? It was a mission and-”
“You didn’t have to let him fucking touch you” the brunette replies, his eyes darkening as he leans in.
“For fuck’s sake (Y/N), because I care” Bucky retorts, albeit too loudly because you felt the entire team’s eyes on both of you. “I didn’t ask you-” you were cut off when the brunette grasp your wrist, pulling you out of the room,both of you ignoring the wolf whistles as he drags you towards his room, pushing you in as he locks the door behind him with a click.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” you hissed, pulling your wrist away, shooting the brunette a glare. “I should be the one asking you that,” he retorts and you chuckle. “That’s the fucking problem Barnes, we agreed that we’d fuck and that’s it,”. You retort, ignoring just how close he was to you, if it was any normal day, you would have been under him in a second.
“I’m the problem?” The brunette questions, chuckling as he bites his inner cheek. 
“That’s what I said,”
“You’re not fucking serious right now (L/N)”. 
“The problem is I can’t get you out of my fuckin’ head!”.
“That’s not my-“. Before you could finish your sentence however, Bucky crashes his lips onto yours, barely even giving you time to process what he had just done before he backed you up against the wall of his room.
You barely struggled as you find yourself caving into his advances, your eyes fluttering shut as you returned the kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him close as you deepened the kiss, your lips moving against his as you both fought for dominance, Bucky smirking when he won.
“Your damn scent, the way you taste, I can’t get it out of my head,” he pants between kisses and you bathed in it, the feeling of his fingers running along your skin sent butterflies fluttering in your tummy. “I-I can’t either” you mumble, giving in to what you truly desired. 
You were lifted from the ground and placed on his desk, Bucky’s lip quaking in a snarl as you rolled your hips against his growing erection. You grinned, tugging his bottom lip between your teeth, relishing in his breathlessness over your actions. Heat pools in between your legs as you interlock your fingers in his locks, moaning when you feel his hard on pressing against your thigh.
“Tell me to stop” he mumbles between each kiss, his hand sliding down to your covered cunt, easily finding your bundle of nerves making you let out a whimper as he rubs teasing circles on your clit.
“Don’t you fucking stop”. Bucky’s growl was vicious as he hiked your thousand dollar dress up carelessly, hooking his fingers into the band of your panties, tearing them down your legs, throwing them away carelessly. He shimmies out of his jeans, the denim pooling at his ankles as he pumps himself in his hand before teasing his tip at your entrance.
You whimper, bucking your hips, desperate to feel him to push into you. Bucky chuckled lowly, only to continue teasing your dripping cunt. “You’re so eager princess, thought about me fucking you?” Bucky asked, slowly pressing his cockhead against your fold making you bite you struggled to hold back a loud moan.
“Tell me you didn’t and you’re a fuckin’ liar Barnes”. You retorted, fighting the urge to buck your hips knowing full well that all he would do was to make you wait longer instead of taking you like you want him to.
“Trust me darling, I thought about it”. Bucky growls, thrusting into you hard, making you cry out, your fingers gripping the edge of the desk. “Thought about how wet and tight you would feel around my cock,”
Bucky pounds into you mercilessly, his fingers digging into your hips as you held on for the ride, a string of curses falling from your lips as he thrust into your heat, your walls clenching as his tip brushes against your sweet spot making you whimper as you dig your nails into his back.
Bucky was slick with your arousal and the sinful sound of skin slapping against skin was pornographic. You wrap your legs around his waist, taking him deeper into you, moaning as you feel him stretch you out ever so deliciously.
“You feel so fuckin’ good,” Bucky groans into your shoulder as he mouths against the curve of your neck, the feeling of your walls choking around his cock was damn near enough to push him to the edge of his release, his hips snapping as his thrusts become erratic.
“F-fuck Bucky, I’m going to cum” you whimper, your ankles digging into his back and your nails, his shoulder as Bucky hissed.
“That’s it kitten, cum for me,” Bucky soothes as your walls clench around his thick length, pulsating around his cock as you come undone, diving headfirst into euphoria, the coil in your stomach coming undone with Bucky following not long after you, a low groan erupting from his chest, his cock throbbing as he spills his seed into you, both of you breathless.
Bucky pulls out of you, white stickiness trailing down your inner thighs as you hopped off his desk.
“Shit the debrief” you said, and Bucky shrugs as you pull your dress down, smirking when you see your panties in his hand.
“You better get me new ones” you retort and he chuckles
“I’d rather have you not wear any doll”.
“I think I can make that happen” you reply teasingly as you opened the door to see the team waiting outside, your eyes widening at the smirk on most of their faces, save Steve, who looked absolutely appalled at what he had just heard minutes ago. 
“Had your fun?” Fury asks impatiently, and all you could do was nod as the team erupted into laugher and “I knew it”s. 
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ author’s note: thank you so much for reading! a like or reblog would make my day! ❤️
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Day 4 — Handjob
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing || Dilf!Neighbour!Bucky x Female!Reader
Word Count || Around 700
Contents & Warnings || Smut — NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, explicit content/language, major age-gap (reader is early 20’s, Bucky is early 40’s), infidelity, pet names, handjob (in a car), teasing, mention of bodily fluids.
Disclaimer || English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes or misunderstandings!
Kinktober Masterlist
Tumblr media
You admired Bucky from the passenger seat as he drove, becoming more aroused and needy for him each second that passed by. He didn’t notice you whoring him out as he kept his eyes on the dark road, tapping his finger on the steering wheel while humming along to the radio.
God, his sexy and scruffy beard had you ache between your legs, wanting him to bury himself there, and his clothed cock that strained against his pants had your hand twitching, wanting to feel him in your grasp.
Fuck getting to the secluded location for your secret hookup; you wanted a piece of him now.
You leaned in closer, skimming your lips on the shell of his ear. You placed your hand on his covered chest and traced it downwards to the hem of his pants.
“Hmm, already, baby? We haven’t even arrived yet.” He smirked.
“I can’t keep my hands off you any longer.” You purr in his ear while palming him through the jeans, making him groan and lick his lips.
You undid his belt, popped his button open and unzipped the zipper, pulling out his semi-hard cock from its confinements. You took him in a firm grip, making him suck in a breath at the touch and swallow thickly.
You traced his thick vein delicately along the shaft with the tip of your finger, making him groan. Bucky almost lost it when you smeared the leaking pre-cum around his head with your thumb.
“Holy fuck, baby.” He cursed as his eyes became heavy, shuddering in his seat.
“Keep your eyes on the road. You don’t want us to crash now, do you? I won’t be able to touch you like this then.”
Your sultry voice murmuring in his ear as you confidently grip just underneath his head had him groan deeply and tilt his head back for a brief moment before returning to concentrate on the empty road ahead.
A glob of your saliva ran down his cock. The slickness made it easier for you to effortlessly pump his aching and needy cock to the very tip before sinking to the base. You put your wrist hard at work on his entire length as you increase the speed.
“You like that, baby?”
“God, it’s so fucking good.” His words came out in a croaked groan as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel, knuckles turning white.
The sloppy sounds of his wet cock and his hoarse groans had your clit pulsate for attention. But that would have to wait for later. Right now, all your focus was on Bucky and his impressive cock.
You stop at a red traffic light, and he takes the opportunity to kiss you passionately—holding your jaw tightly as he moves his tongue against yours.
When the light turns green, and you haven’t moved yet, the car behind you honks, making you slow down the movements on his length. Bucky scrambles for a second to get the car going again, making you giggle at his flustered state.
Once moving again towards your destination, you glide your hand fast along his shaft—tip to base. Bucky desperately jerks his hips into your tight grip, so close to coming.
“Fuck, baby, you’re gonna make me—“ He groans deeply in pleasure as he explodes. Ropes of his thick cum spurt out of his red tip, coatings your hand.
You raise your eyebrows in delight and part your lips as you watch his twitching cock in awe as it empties itself entirely.
“Yes, baby. Yes, yes, yes.” You muttered against his cheek in satisfaction while still pumping his sensitive cock until he spilled every single drop.
You’d finally arrived at your secluded destination. Bucky grabbed the back of your neck hard and crashed his lips into yours for a sloppy kiss.
A smirk played on your lips as you looked down at your hand, and his dick covered in cum and spit.
“Oh, what a mess, baby. Here, let me clean that up.” You purr against him before leaning down and taking his red and sensitive head in your mouth.
Tumblr media
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                      𝒊𝒊. 𝒔𝒕𝒐𝒓𝒆
Tumblr media
🍂 summary ─ a bookstore visit gone very nice. 
🍂 pairing ─ farmer!bucky barnes x reader
🍂 warnings ─ fluff, soft!bucky, bucky is a bookworm, he loves a good sci-fi or thriller book, he has a tote bag!!!!
🍂 a/n ─ hope you like it! please leave comments if you do! thank youuu <33
Tumblr media
You inhaled the new book smell deeply as you closed your eyes briefly. Your fingertips were brushing against the spines of the books on the shelves, feeling the textures of the covers and everything.
You loved bookstores.
You loved how they smelled, how they felt as soon as you stepped inside, and how they offered you everything you knew and didn’t know what you were looking for. If you could, you would live in one, but it was a retirement idea. Sighing, you re-opened your eyes and read the titles of the books your fingers were tracing the textures of.
You were looking for a book that could get you out of your reading slump. The only other hobby you had other than baking and knitting was reading, and lately you couldn’t read anything. It sucked so bad because you loved reading, and now you were in search of that book that’d save you from giving up reading for a while.
Deep in your thoughts and depth in the bookstore, you noticed a movement near you and frowned. You lifted your head and saw the guy from the coffee shop inspecting the books on the thriller section. Your tummy immediately flipped with excitement and heart decided that she was going to beat out of your chest.
It was the guy from the coffee shop.
After the first time you saw and exchanged smiles with him, you went back to the coffee shop, but he wasn’t there. You went there twice, and a third time, but he was nowhere to be seen, so you’ve given up.
Your first encounter was at a coffee shop, and your second one was in a bookstore? You were sure you were dreaming him at this point, but he looked way too real for your imagination. You sighed. You were acting weird, you were aware. Turning your eyes back to the books, you continued to navigate through shelves.
Just as you turned around for the next shelf and made a move to grab the book that hit your eyes as the first thing, your fingers touched foreign ones. You pulled your hand back as if it burned you. You looked up. It was him.
“Sorry,” he whispered and grabbed the book to give it to you. “You take it. I can find something else.” You continued to watch his handsome face without saying anything, but you did take the book from him. “It’s a good book, though,” he added with a cute frown on his face. You felt your face burn.
“Yeah?” You murmured. He hummed approvingly. “Okay,” you whispered and held the book close to your chest. He smiled. Sending a small wave, he walked away to explore other books. You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down, because it didn’t make any sense for you to react like this. You’ve talked to men before, but he made you feel different. It was kind of annoying.
Sighing, you held onto the book tightly as you continued to walk between the shelves. You could see him reading a thriller book’s back cover with the corner of your eye. You tried to ignore him, but it was hard.
His hair was up in that bun you saw him supporting the first time. He had a beige, knitted sweater on him and a thick, brown coat with a soft-looking white scarf around his neck. His face was still clean-shaven, and you appreciated the sight it served you. His eyes were a little darker color than before, but you liked it. His black jeans were fitting his figure very nicely as you ogled his thick thighs and cute ass. You realized that he was stylish and smiled.
You hit a shelf and caused him to turn his head to you. Cursing, your face heated up. He hid a smile, but you could see the amusement in his pretty eyes. You huffed. You were acting like a stupid high-schooler who had a crush on her teacher. Ugh, you thought. Get it together.
You smiled apologetically at him. He blushed softly. God, but you loved it when he blushed. He always looked so cute, and it made you want to squish his cheeks and maybe kiss them softly. You blinked. He was a stranger, for God’s sake, you shouldn’t have been this gone over a fucking stranger.
You were snapped out of the depth of your minds with a chiming coming from the door, indicating that someone just walked inside. You inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. Deciding to continue to browse, you let your feet carry you to the romance novels section. You read the titles and pulled out a couple from the shelf to read their back covers. You held onto one of the books you grabbed and placed the rest back.
It took you a while to realize that time had bled away when inside the bookstore got dark and soft lights turned on─ soon, you noticed it also had to do with the weather. You didn’t interrupt your bookstore time, though. It was something that you only got to do every once a while, not as often as you would like to, so you were going to thoroughly enjoy it.
Just as you were passing by a genre they titled as ‘dark academia’, you saw the guy pick up a book you’ve read some time ago.
“It’s a great book,” you told him softly, being careful about not scaring him. He was startled anyway, but smiled at you. “Main characters are a bit annoying, though,” you added. He let out a soft chuckle.
“I like annoying characters,” he murmured. “Adds reality.” You hummed. He was right. He showed the book and put it in his small bag. You saw the bag was filled with books, and your crush on him grew.
He was both an animal lover and a book worm. Could he get better? You didn’t think so.
Smiling at him, you moved onto the next shelf. You saw a couple books that were on your to-read-later and to-be-bought lists and added them into the growing pile in your arms. You walked towards the register to pay for the books and to get a bag.
“I’m so sorry, we ran out of bags,” the man at the register said with an apologetic look on his face. “Something went wrong with the delivery. I’m sorry.” You were bummed, you weren’t going to lie, because the books were heavy, and you’ve walked. You could hear the pitter-patter of rain outside. You sighed. Opening your mouth to say that you’d be giving up some of the books, you were kindly interrupted.
“I have an extra tote bag,” a familiar voice said behind you. You didn’t need to turn to see who it was. The smell of apple and cinnamon and fresh rain was the dead giveaway if not for his voice. You saw him handing you his extra bag on your right. “Your books will fit in it,” he said. You looked up at him.
“I can’t─” He shook his head.
“You can, it’s alright,” he said. “I make them myself, so you’d be promoting me, actually.” He sent you a cheeky grin. You chuckled. Taking the bag from him, you put your books in it with his help.
“Thank you so much,” you murmured. He smiled and shrugged. The man at the register told you the total, and you were reaching for your wallet when you saw the writing on the bag that said: ‘When life gives you pumpkins, make a pie’ with a cute pumpkin drawing winking at you next to it. You chuckled. “It’s cute,” you noted. He grinned.
With a smile stuck on your face, you paid for your books and stepped aside. You thanked him again and waved. He sent you a lazy salute, wearing a faux-serious expression on his face.
“Enjoy your book and the bag,” he murmured. You smiled shyly at him and nodded.
“I will,” you said. “For you,” you added without knowing why the hell you did that. He blushed again but more furiously. One last look at him, you walked out of the bookstore, holding onto the bag tightly.
Now, you had evidence from the guy. Evidence of him not being a result of your imagination. You didn’t know what you should feel or think.
You were surely going to enjoy the book and the bag, though. You promised that you would for him.
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Okay , onto my Frank request then! Being Frank’s friend and he’s all over the place but he’s attentive when it comes to you . He makes sure you’re okay and looks out for you . One night , he’s driving you to your place . He pulls you close in the front seat , cuddling his side while he’s holding a cigarette and driving with the other hand. When he stops at a red light , he turns to you to tell you how beautiful you are . One thing leading to another , you’re making out and when you reach your house , he’s picking you up by the back of your thighs and carries you inside . He makes you scream that night and then you fall asleep on his chest . But when you wake up , you’re in an empty bed . You’re so upset , thinking Frank treated you like any other girl he takes home for the night . You’re crying and you don’t hear the door opening or a worried Frank rushing to your side after picking up breakfast
Tumblr media
18+ minors dni 
Oh this sexy menace? Fuck yes.
Frank x f reader
"I don't ca-
"It's y/n"
Franks eyes grew wide, grabbing the phone from his friend to answer his call; he usually lets it go to voicemail but never with you.
"Hey peanut, you okay?"
"Mhm, m'fine" You slur out and he's on his feet making his way to his car. You said you were having a girls night and at least it sounded like you enjoyed yourself.
"Where are you right now"
He comes and grabs you, smirking when you stumble out of the club, right into his arms. He carries you to his car and buckles you in, you have a goofy grin plastered on your face and he's definitely taking a few pictures to tease you with for later.
Once he reaches your place, he has you in his arms again, chuckling at the way you cling onto him while he carries you to your room. He carefully removes your lashes and does his best to take off your makeup. He slips you into one of his shirt's you've stolen, tucking you into bed before crashing on the couch just in case you get sick in the middle of the night.
He knows he can be a bit of a mess but not when it comes to you, not his favorite little peanut. 
“I told you it was good” You sass, while Frank shakes his head, taking another drag of his cigarette, driving you home. “Just admit it” 
“Fine, it was okay” 
“It was more than okay!” You poke his arm, the both of you coming back from a movie you had insisted on going to. If anyone else had told him to go, it would have been a hard no, but for you? He was at your door within minutes. That didn’t mean he wanted to admit it was actually a good movie. 
You continue rambling on about the movie, which makes him smile. Everything about you makes him smile. Your voice. Your smile. The way your nose crinkles when you laugh. He takes another long drag of his cigarette, he can’t stop the way his mind is racing; you’re so beautiful and sweet. You’ve been the most consistent person in his life, you’ve been there for him in more ways than he can count. You’re stopped at a red light and he can’t even stop the words tumbling out of his mouth. 
“You’re gorgeous” 
You roll your eyes, you were not new to Frank’s flirting, this was nothing new. 
Hm. He never used your name. You gasp, feeling his arm pull you closer to him, making him look at you. “You’re so beautiful...”
Your face is near his, you can feel your skin heating up with each passing second. He leans in slightly and before you can stop yourself, your lips smash onto his. His tongue slips past your lips, his fingers tugging your hair gently, as if something he had contained for ages was finally releasing. 
You moan, feeling his lips trail down to your neck, whining in protest when he has to reluctantly pull away after the light changes. There's only a few more blocks till you get to your place, but you’re more desperate than ever. 
As soon as he pulls up to your drive way, he’s ran around to the passenger seat before you can even unbuckle yourself. He easily lifts you to wrap around his waist, your thighs hugging onto him tightly and his lips are on you again, heading straight to your room. 
“Y/n, give it to me baby, just one more sweet heart, c’mon” 
Sweat is beading at his forehead, his cock fucking in and out of you, he wants to cum so badly but not until you cum one more time for him. His hands are toying with your clit the other holding your waist while he gazes down at you. His lips are brushing against yours while he rolls his hips, the tip of his cock hitting your g-spot each time. 
He’s already made you cum twice (the benefit of being friends, you’ve told him what you like and he definitely paid attention during that conversation). The sheets are damp, your mixed arousal dripping out of you, making a mess everywhere. Its sloppy and desperate, pent up tension between you both reaching an all time high. 
“F-FR-ANK” you cry out, clenching and squeezing around his cock, your orgasm right on edge. Tears are prickling your eyes, pleasure is surging through your body, because of him. Your walls and fluttering and you can feel his cock throb. 
“Cum with me baby, milk my cock, you feel so good baby-fuck-can’t hold it” 
“I-fuck-I’m CUMMING” You cling onto him, your pussy making it impossible for him to hold off any longer, he can feel your slick gush out of you and he’s only going to fill you back up. 
“Gonna cum so hard for you y/n, FUCK” You can feel his warmth fill you up, his pace unrelenting trying fuck you through your high. 
You can barely move afterwards, hardly able to feel the warm wash cloth between your legs. You feel his arms wrap around you to pull you into him; he places your head onto his chest. He’s cradling your head, gently stroking your hair while you fall asleep, you’ve never felt so complete. 
The bedside his empty.
His clothes are gone.
You don’t see his wallet anywhere. 
He left.
You should have known. You were no different. You knew exactly who he was last night, he’d shown you who he was time and time again. Why did you believe you were any different.
Maybe because you actually loved him.
You thought he maybe felt the same.
Guess not. 
You curled into a ball, tears streaking your face as you cried, your face buried in your knees. You didn’t even hear the door open, crying harder when you thought about all the times you wished he was yours. 
"Peanut? Hey, hey baby" He rushes over to your side, immediately pulling you into his lap. His heart is beating out of his chest, he’s hardly ever seen you cry, mostly because he’s always there to stop the tears before they even start. 
"Baby what’s wrong"
"I-” You stop yourself from speaking, your skin heating up while he brushes your hair away from your face waiting for you to answer. You feel can’t bring yourself to tell him why your upset, not wanting him to think you’re clingy, especially if there's nothing more here. He looks terrified, wondering if he hurt you or if you felt pressured into doing something you didn’t want in the first place, he’d never live with himself if he hurt you. 
"Baby? Did I do something wro-
"No!" You bite your lip, worried about telling him more. "I-I thought you left" You whisper, looking down at your lap, refusing to look at him. 
"No sweet heart, I just went to grab us something to eat, thought you'd like those waffles from the diner"  He’s rubbing soothing circles on your back, pulling you to lay on his chest, just like he did the night before. "Why would I leave you"
You shrug, not wanting to tell him you thought he saw you like every other girl he takes home, fearing that really was how he saw you.
"I'd never leave you peanut"
You snuggle into his chest, still feeling unsure. He wraps his arms around you, his lips brushing your forehead. He’s thought about this moment 100 times over, and nothing compares to how perfect you feel, sitting against him. 
“You promise?” You whisper, smiling softly when he tips your chin to look up at you. 
“Baby, if you haven’t pieced it together already-
He hesitates. He might had said this haphazardly in the past before but this is real. He means it. He doesn’t want to screw this up.
“I love you” 
You blink up at him, gasping when he comes down to kiss you, the sweetest softest kiss anyone's ever given you. He stays with you the whole day. Many days. and nights. and you’re always safe. you’re always loved. in his arms. 
Tags: @glxwingrxse @hungryyeyes @sebsgirl71479 @beabutterfly987 @teambarnes72 @witchy-whore @jamesbuckybarneswify @slutforsexyseabass @chrisdrysdale @littlemarvelmenfan @buggy14 @whimsyplaty92 @sergntbarnes @inkedaztec @pono-pura-vida @moonlightreader649 @brooklynscherry-z  @elle14-blog1 @littlelightnings @psychomanniac-blog @happyt0exist @emmabarnes @bethyruth   @matchat3a @cjand10 @getwellsoontana @cherryschaos @lokisasgardianvampirequeen   @ashenc-blog   @buckybarnessimpp  @potatothots @goldylions   @high-functioning-lokipath  @morganemorganite-blog @peaches1958 @kingfleury @spiderman-stilinski @peaceinourtime82   @gublur @wintersmelodie @geeky-politics-46 @lolawassad @almosttoopizza @a-poor-gryffindork @alternativeprincess @buckycallsmeaslut @kamaria-sweet-writes @charmedbysarge @samfreakingwinchester @xnorthstar3x
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sstan-hoe · a day ago
𝒀𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝑨𝒓𝒎𝒔 𝑨𝒓𝒆 𝑯𝒐𝒎𝒆
Tumblr media
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚 — steve and you split over a year ago, but still you end up in his bed most night, he was addiction. Then on the other side there was Bucky; Steve's bestfriend who is always there when you needed him and was the perfect uncle...you need them but one could be your ruin and the other your happy end. You couldn’t have both...or could you?
𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 — ex!husband!dilf!steve rogers × fem!reader × bucky barnes
𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔 — potential threesome, smut obviously, minors dni, (the specific smut warnings will be in each chapter), angst, steve and bucky
𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒆 — like this was originally just a steve fic but thanks to @georgiapeach30513 this is now a love triangle potential poly story like I have no idea where this is gonna go but it will be heartbreaking and filthy – well at least I hope I will make you cry, idk maybe there won't be as much angst cuz where do I fit that you know? Anyway follow @sstanhoe-updates to get notifications everytime I post!!!!
Tumblr media
𝒊. 𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒂 𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒕𝒊𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈
𝒊𝒊. 𝑾𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝑰 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒎𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒐𝒏?
𝒊𝒊𝒊. 𝑫𝒐𝒏 𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒓𝒚 𝒎𝒚 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆
𝒊𝒗. 𝑾𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒔𝒖𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒐 𝒎𝒆𝒂𝒏?
𝒗. 𝑽𝒆𝒓𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒑𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒎𝒚 𝒅𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔
𝒗𝒊. 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒊𝒕...
Tumblr media
!!!!depending on how good the story will go, I will add chapters!!!!
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world-of-aus · 21 hours ago
Pairing: pornstar!bucky x pornstar!reader
Warnings: smut 18+ Minors DNI (cockwarming, pet names, alludes to smut)
A/n: surprise surprise I have fallen behind, but anyway here's day 2! Worry not I will continue to get these pieces out but for how long they may be, well I just can't say! I've gotten a promotion and it's taking up most of my time, but I still itch to get these pieces I've written out so hopefully you'll still enjoy 💋
Tumblr media
He’s got one hand on your thigh, the other curled around the bunched-up fabric of your black silk dress. He’s asked you to be his eyes, but you’re not sure your fit for the job when they threaten to roll back everytime he pulses inside of you to let you know he’s there’s, to remind you what the two of you are doing in the darkened night club.
“Keep them open for me baby,” he murmurs against the skin behind your ear, “gotta let me know when someone’s coming this way.” You lean into the wet press of his lips, “Bucky, baby they’re gonna know if they come over here, please let’s just go.”
He answers you with a quiet “mm mmm, quite comfortable where I am actually, got you sat all nice in my lap – stuffed full of my cock.”
Your lips part on a choked noise as he shifts in the leather seat, the movement sheathing him further inside of you. A quick little thrust that has your head reeling. “C’mon baby stay strong,” he chuckles as he leans his head against yours, keeping yours from resting back and really giving way to the others what the two of you are doing, “we barely just got here, besides weren’t ’t you the one that said we should come out and mingle with the others?”
You regretted those words the second Buck offered you his lap as a place for you to sit. “Buck please,” you whine hoping that if you begged enough the brunette may give In and put you out of your misery. He could take you in this very seat, the restroom, or even the grimy alley as long as he was fucking you.
“C’mon baby,” he all but purrs in your ear the sound threatening to break your composure, “do it for me, be my perfect little cockslut and keep me ready for you, promise ill give it to you real good when we get home.”
His fingers find your chin when you begin to whine, you poor needy little thing, cock warming never seemed to be enough for you anymore. Getting to feel him inside of you wasn’t enough anymore; even when he was filling you, you still felt empty.
“Buck please,” you beg pressing your head into his, “take me home baby.” He chuckles low pressing a wet kiss to the side of your head, “you had the opportunity to stay home,” he murmurs with another kiss to your head, “but you’re so worried about what stark may think of our absence,” he tsks.
He shifts beneath you again drawing another low whine from you, “hush now baby, Steve and Sam are making there way over.”
Your eyes flick up to see Steve and Sam’s eyes already on yours, a smirk kissing each of there lips. They knew.
“You alright there y/n,” Sam is the first to question, “yeah you’re looking a little stiff,” Steve adds with a snicker. You remain cool even as they take a seat beside you and Bucky, Buckys arms going around your middle as he adjusts you on his lap.
Your unsure how you pull it off, how you manage to bite back the moan that threatened to spill past your lips at the movement. He settles then, and you think you may be able to make it through the night even with the sudden quick pulses you feel of him still showing you he’s there.
You even let yourself believe for a moment after the four of you get lost in conversation that you were simply imagining your friends being aware of what the two of you are doing.
It isn’t till Steve is leaning in close, that you realize just how mistaken you are, “you look like you’re ready for a ride sweetheart.” When your eyes find his, it’s all Peary whites and gleaming eyes, the knot in your throat suddenly becomes harder to swallow, “she’s been ready to ride since we got here,” Bucky chimes in.
A low whistle sounds from your other side, warmth floods your cheeks as you look down at the drink in your hands, “oh come on now,” Sam teases, “don’t go all shy on us now, take him for a ride, show us what you’re working with.”
Bucky chuckles leaning forward to press a wet kiss to your cheek, “sorry Boys but this ride isn’t for the public eye, ain’t that right sweetheart?”
You’re nodding your head not trusting yourself to speak, “you ready to get out of here?”
You were more than ready but that fact didn’t stop you from asking if he’d take you in the restroom before the two of you made your way out.
“whatever you want baby, whatever you want.”
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bucky-barmes · 7 hours ago
♥︎ You should see me in a crown, but you won't ♥︎
Being the daughter of the royal family sounds all fun and games, except when you despise it all. The only one that seems to care is your bodyguard, James, but will that cause friction with your father?
bodyguard!Bucky x f!royalty!reader
word count: 2,976
chapter 1
warnings: angst, so much angst (i was in a major angsty mood apparently) asshole bucky (& i'm not even sorry tbh), no nsfw themes yet
Tumblr media
As always, my blog is 18+ only, minors dni
[ all my work is my own and not to be reposted or translated anywhere else ]
Tumblr media
[ gif from @unearthlydust ]
Your father was seriously off the mark if he expected you to actually show up to breakfast at 7am. The only reason you were awake in the morning at all was thanks to your old Governess, Juliana.
Even though your baby sister, Aria, was almost 18 and nowhere near being an actual baby anymore, your father insisted on keeping her around. He probably felt bad, people weren’t exactly looking for governesses in this day and age.
“It’s almost 8:30.” Christian, your father, boomed as you dragged yourself into the dining room, the smell of bacon being your only motive.
“And you’re lucky I’m here at all.” You shot him a glare as you slid into your usual seat between your mother and sister. “I’d still be asleep and away from you if it weren’t for Juliana.” The words came out as a growl as you piled bacon rashers and eggs onto your plate.
“Darling, don’t speak to your father like that, please.” The last part of your mothers sentence came out as almost a beg, a plead to not do this first thing in the morning. She knew how you felt about your father, and that the relationship had always been a complicated one, but she couldn’t stand it when the two of you went at it like that.
“Sorry, mum.” Was all you could bare to mumble out, eyes lowered at the plate of food, not wanting to meet your mothers sad eyes. You hated disappointing your mother, but your father made it hard sometimes.
“What was that? I’m not sure you mother could hear you.” Christian’s hold on his knife and fork tightened as he stared you down. So it was going to be like that, was it?
“Oh, I’m sure she did, considering she’s sitting right next to me.” Your jaw jut out in defiance. There was no way you were going to let his shit slide today. “Right, mum?”
“Yes, I heard you quite fine,” your mother agreed, her pleading eyes now directed at her husband. “How did you find the ball last night?” She looked back to you as she took a delicate bite of the bacon on her fork.
“Intolerable, as usual.” Your reply came out between mouthfuls of bacon, a silent prayer for the nausea that was beginning to rise in your stomach to fade.
“I see your lack of food etiquette has followed from last night.” Christian sent you a disgusted scowl, before turning his attention to his wife. “She turned down every single eligible bachelor I had arranged for her to speak with. You need to control her.”
You mentally thanked your father for avoiding the part of last nights story that involved your early departure. As much as you both despised each other, there was an unspoken agreement to never tell your mother about your extracurricular activities. You both knew it would devastate her, and that was something neither of you were willing to do.
“Sweetheart, when are you going to allow your heart to open and just entertain the thought of seeing someone?” The sadness in your mothers voice was deafening. “And if it’s a problem with the fact that they’ve all been men, I’m sure we could work something out, right Dear?”
Christian almost choked on his mouthful egg and toast. “Well, I suppose so-” he cleared his throat. “But one can’t exactly continue the bloodline if they’re,” he paused, struggling to find the right words so as not to upset your mother. “Well, you know.” His sentence trailed off, deciding less was more unless he wanted to endure a lecture from his beloved wife.
“Don’t worry, I like men, if that’s what you’re concerned about. Just not the awful ones that dad is so great at choosing.”
Before the conversation could go on, and potentially end up with your father being chastised by your mother for being so closed-minded, the door to the dining room opened.
Your eyes lit up as they landed on the body emerging from the hall. It was your bodyguard, James. You gave him a small but bright smile as he entered, but you were merely offered a curt nod in response, before he turned to acknowledge your father.
“Good morning, your Majesty,” he bowed his head slightly, then turned to your mother. “Your Highness.” Another bow. “My Lady.” His eyes met your little sister, Aria, as he spoke, this time with a slightly smaller bow.
Finally, he had made his was around the table to you, but all you received was a brief moment of eye contact accompanying the formal “my Lady” before he bowed his head and moved to the corner of the room to wait for further instructions from your father.
You’d be lying if you said that didn’t hurt like a bitch. After the events of last night, of him allowing you to use his nickname, the name some men had nearly died for using. Of course your father would try to ruin the only good thing you had in your life.
There was no other possible explanation, he had to have threatened James back into line. He had only ever been this formal with you during his first couple of moths working with you. Now the two of you had almost 10 years of history together, and you were determined to get that back.
Breakfast was well and truly over now, and you were getting ready for the day when James entered your room. “Care to explain what the hell that was?” You just about threw your hairbrush at him as you spoke anger coursing through you.
“I’ve realised our working relationship has been getting too personal.” He was still standing in the doorway, arms clasped behind his back, eyes looking straight ahead at nothing in particular.
“You realised that, or my father gave you an ultimatum?” Your eyes narrowed at him through the mirror you were sitting in front of.
“His Majesty employs me, not you.” That elicited a scoff from you.
“And since when did you care about what my father thinks? The last I remember, you hated him almost as much as me, Bucky.” You instantly regretted the final word out of your mouth, all sense of confidence dissolved at the speed in which James moved to you, standing behind you, towering over you.
“Don’t ever call me that again.” His voice was low, each word enunciated sharply. It sent a shiver down your spine. How could he turn so cold so quickly?
A meek “sorry” was all you could manage as you fumbled with the hairbrush still in your hand. You may have had your eyes glued down at your hands, but you could feel James’ boring through you, the tension in the room thick enough to cut with a knife.
“I’ll be escorting you to the ball tonight.” James stepped back to his place in the doorway, hands behind his back and eyes looking ahead again, demeanour snapping back as if the previous interaction had never happened.
“And there will be no leaving early this time.” Momentarily, his eyes flicker to yours in the mirror. If there was any emotion behind them, it was impossible for you to pick up. “The Majesty has requested that you have a list of your picks from the suitors he’s lined up for you. You won’t be leaving the ball without that list.” With that, he ducked out of the room, but not before a sharp nod in the direction of your wardrobe, signalling you to get a move on.
You sat there, motionless, for what felt like hours, but could have been only minutes. You could only assume as much seeing as James would have most definitely returned and thrown any old outfit from your wardrobe at you. Well, at least, he would have before, who knows what he would be like now.
The weather was nice out, sunny without being too warm, so you decided on your favourite jeans, the ones that hugged your body in all the right places, paired with a basic satin button down blouse. Loose and flow-y, perfect for catching the late spring breeze. Also a staple outfit you knew you would be comfortable in, no matter what the day threw at you. On your way out the door, you slipped on your ankle boots.
“That’s what you’re wearing?” Christian pursed his lips as you entered the combined lounge and dining area for the second time that day.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise there was a dress code for that day?” You bit back almost immediately, eyeing the room to see what everyone else was wearing. Your mother and sister were both wearing nice summer dresses, the kind regular families would wear to fancy family lunches. Even James was in one of his best suits.
“So, apparently I missed the memo, what’s happening today?” You shot daggers at your father as you questioned, sending them James’ way first when your eyes wandered back to Christian.
“Well, if you were ever actually present for family conversations, you would know that we’re going to the Beauchamp’s for lunch today.”
It was enough for you to try and hold the eye roll in, let alone that groan that begged to accompany it. The Beauchamp’s were one of the neighbouring royal families. The ones that just so happened to be one of your most despised.
“I don’t suppose this has anything to do with trying to set me him?” A shudder rippled through you at the thought. The fathers of the two families had been trying to set up you and their eldest son, Kingsley. You couldn’t make it up if you tried. A royal family calling their son Kingsley. That was too much, even for you. Then you throw in the fact that he was a right asshole. The thought of it all made you want to gag.
“Well, there’s no time to change now.” Christian sighed, looking your outfit up and down again. “This will have to do. I suppose we should be thankful that it’s actually covering everything.”
The slim patience you had left for the day was beginning to wear thin. You knew he was talking about the aftermath of your dress from last night. “Well maybe I just won’t go, don’t want to embarrass the family with my disgraceful outfit.”
“Unlikely,” Christian scoffed. “You’re the topic of conversation for this lunch. You’ll be there and you’ll be on your best behaviour.”
The lunch could not be going worse. Much to your surprise, the Beauchamp’s actually liked your outfit, Kingsley especially, as the top few buttons undone on your blouse left plenty for him to gawk at.
It made your blood boil. But what made your blood boil even more was that James didn’t seem to care at all. Under any other circumstance, he would have been death glaring him to hell and back, potentially even pointing it out and telling him to ‘quit it unless he wanted to lose an eye’. But James just stood there by the door, looking at no one or nothing in particular. And that upset you more than anything.
The topic of you and Kingsley marrying had already been brought up three times, and every time you chose not to answer, blatantly ignoring everyone throwing questions at you. You could see how much it was affecting your father, and you loved it.
“If you’ll excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.” You pushed your seat back from the table and stood, making your way inside. James followed closely on your heel.
“What the hell are you trying to pull in there?” He hissed in your ear, annoyance evident in his tone. You knew exactly what he was talking about, but decided you weren’t going to entertain him. If he was going to treat you like nothing more than a job, so would you.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Your tone is casual as you fix your lipstick in the mirror of the bathroom, James following you inside and remaining behind you, scowling at you through the reflection.
“You know damn well what I’m talking about. Why are you acting like such a child, your father is just trying to find you a husband.”
Your eyes snapped up to his in the reflection, narrowing dangerously. “Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I don’t /want/ to get married? Maybe I don’t want to be another pawn in his royal game.” You turned to face him now, glaring up at him. “And you know damn well what I think about all this bullshit with arranged marriages, so why don’t you cut the crap James, my father isn’t watching over you right now. What the hell happened to you?” You hadn’t noticed it, but your voice was steadily raising as you spoke, to the point of almost yelling.
James could only scoff. “What the hell happened? Maybe I realised that our relationship was getting too personal. I’m your bodyguard, Y/N, it’s my job to make sure you stay safe and keep your annoying ass out of trouble. That’s it.” You’d be lying if you said those words didn’t hurt. A lot.
“Wow, James, that’s really what you think of me? So I’m just some annoying princess you were assigned to?” You’re lost for words, all you could manage was a disdainful laugh.
“Fuck this, I’m going home.” You shoved past him to leave the bathroom, but he grabbed your forearm with his right hand.
“Like hell you are. You’re staying for this lunch whether you like it or not, Christian’s orders.”
“And when have I ever followed any of his orders? Let me go.” You attempted to pull your arm from his grip, but it only tightened.
“Well you will be starting to, today.” He moved to drag you back to the table outside, but you pulled back in resistance, causing him to grip even tighter.
“You won’t win this, Y/N.” James’ eyes narrowed at you, pulling you towards him again, harder this time.
“Ow, James, you’re hurting me now.” Your eyes widened at his attitude, at the sheer flip he had done from just a couple of days ago. The thought brought tears to your eyes. Never, once, in the entire time he had worked with you, had he ever even got close to accidentally hurting you, let alone intentionally. The thought made you instinctively retract into yourself, sullenly trying to pull your arm back with you.
For just a second, James’ eyes flashed with guilt, his grip loosening just enough for you to draw your arm in and grab the spot he had gripped, bruises already started to form.
You pushed past him before he could stop you again. “I’m going home, James, you can’t stop me.”
You were halfway up the driveway of the Beauchamp’s estate when a car honked a slowed beside you.
“Let me drive you, Princess.” James spoke to you from the window, slowly rolling along with your walking pace, but you ignored him.
“You can’t walk home, princess, it’ll take hours.”
“Who said I’m walking?” You bit back.
“How else would you get home? It’s not safe.” There was concern in his words, but you didn’t trust that it was genuine.
“What’s it to you? If something happens to me then you won’t have to worry about my annoying ass anymore.” You snapped back, stopping in your tracks to glare at him.
“That’s not what I meant and you know it, Y/N.” He stopped the car, getting out.
“Then why would you say it then? It sure sounded like you meant it.”
“Just get in the damn car and let me drive you home, for Christ’s sake.” James’ voice had risen, not unlike yours in the bathroom before.
“Why are you so fucking pissed at me, James? I’ve done absolutely nothing to you and you start treating me like shit out of nowhere. Maybe I’d be better off marrying Kingsley, or any one of my fathers arranged marriages, just to get the fuck away from you.” You were practically screaming at him now, right up in his face, stabbing into his chest with your finger.
James went silent, closing his eyes as he took a deep breath. “I’m taking you home.” He opened the back door and pushed you inside, his job made easy as you closed the distance between you moments before. There was no getting out of it even if you wanted to. You did, however, want to go home.
The car ride back to your estate was silent and tense. James glancing at you every so often through the rearview mirror, hands gripping the steering wheel like he was trying to choke the life out of it.
The second he opened your door for you, you were out of the car and marching inside and away from him, James following you the whole way to your room.
You made it inside your room and slammed the door shut just before he reached you. The sound of the lock clicking a deafening symbol loss of connection between the two of you. He stood outside of your door, fists resting on it.
“Can we just… talk?” He sounded defeated, yet still nothing like the James you knew before.
“I have nothing left to say, James, and I think I’ve heard enough from you.” He couldn’t see you, but you were stood facing him from the other side of the door, arms folded over you chest in frustration at him.
“Fine, if you’re going to act like a child, you’ll be treated like a child.” His words hit you like ice, sending a chill down you spine. “I’ll see you at breakfast, Princess.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @boofy1998 @nerdy-bookworm-1998
& tagging some moots i luv: @traitorjoelite @sweetdreamsbuck @beefybuckrrito @posinhay @igotnoname4thisblog (hi bbys i haven't talked to some you y'all in way too long 🥺)
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sweetsweetnuit · a month ago
  toxic & jealous
Tumblr media
synopsis: bucky is fed up with you going on shitty dates so he finally does something about it.
pairing: bucky barnes (roommate) x f!reader
word count: 2.5k
warnings: 18+ ONLY. jealous bucky, shitty date, possessive bucky—he’s actually kind of a red flag but it’s fine, teasing, dirty talk, bucky is beefy and tall af, so much sexual tension, lots of kissing, oral (receiving), fingering, protected sex, praise kink, heavy size kink, pet-names, idk if i missed anything
notes: felt kinda slutty and this happened
“Where are you going?” Bucky asks, folding his arms over his chest.
His brows are furrowed tightly, a look of concern and confusion coating his face as he watches you apply your lipgloss in the mirror. The bathroom you both share isn’t nearly large enough to accommodate you both, so Bucky has no choice but to lean against the doorframe.
“A date,” you shrug casually, puckering your lip before dipping the wand back for another coat.
Your eyes meet Bucky’s through the mirror briefly as you try to focus on your makeup and not the hole he’s boring into the back of your head.
“With who?” The line of questioning doesn’t stop as you groan, closing the tube of gloss and chucking it into your small purse.
“Just a guy I met.” You’re keeping things as nondescript as possible because you know Bucky.
Your last date didn’t exactly go smoothly, but that wasn’t because of any you did. No, in fact, it was entirely Bucky’s fault and you continue to remind him of the fact.
Things were going great until you invited your last date back to your place, opening the door only to be greeted by a brooding Bucky who looked like he had murder on his mind.
And truthfully, who wouldn’t be afraid of a nearly 6’6 man built like a Greek God glaring at you like you’re his best victim. Safe to say your date didn’t stick around as soon as Bucky opened his mouth and explained all of the ways he could hurt your date if he fucked up in any way.
“Where are you going?” Bucky asked and you rolled your eyes as you scoffed.
“Bucky.” You tried to warn, “we’re just going to grab some dinner, okay?”
Nothing you said seemed to calm Bucky down, his jaw clenching before he forced himself to relax. He stepped out of the doorframe so you could exit, grabbing your heels before grabbing onto Bucky’s thick arm for balance as you put them on.
“I just don’t understand why you go on these dates, it’s not like these guys are good enough for you.” Bucky grumbles under his breath as he wraps his arm around your waist to offer more support as you slide the second heel on.
You chuckle, shaking your head, “maybe that’s because you scare off anyone who tries.”
Bucky just shrugs as if there’s nothing wrong with his behaviour. Despite being your roommate, he acts more like a protective father to you. No one is ever good enough for you, that he’s made clear.
“I’ll be back soon, don’t wait up for me.” You say, giving him a wild smile as his eyes blow wide.
You don’t linger, running out the door and closing it shut as you hear Bucky swearing on the other side—some of it not even English as you laugh to yourself before stepping into the elevator.
What a total fucking bust of a date.
Bucky was going to love this at least. He won’t be a huge grump and maybe you’ll be able to talk him out of hunting this guy down. Although, you probably wouldn’t try so hard considering he was an absolute asshole.
The second you’re through your front door, the heels come off and you let out a groan of relief before chucking your keys and bag onto the small table by the entrance.
“So, was I right?” Bucky emerges from his bedroom wearing nothing but a loose, low hanging pair of sweatpants.
It takes you a moment to tear your eyes away from his broad chest, but you manage.
“Yes, fine. You’re right, no one is good enough for me.” You sigh, grabbing a glass of water before leaning against the counter.
Bucky mimics your position, folding his muscled arms over his chest. His prosthetic gleams lightly under the soft light of the city, but little else is illuminated in the apartment.
You let out another defeated sigh, “maybe there’s something wrong with me. I don’t know.”
Bucky’s eyebrows furrow at your words again as he takes a few steps towards you as you watch him, placing your glass on the counter behind you.
“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth. And I’ve heard a lot of dumb shit come from those lips.” Bucky smirks, his words oddly putting you at ease.
“Yeah? Well then why can’t I ever get a man to stay?” You retort back, feeling that awful pit in your stomach you always get when you think about your love life.
Bucky moves closer and you think he’s going to stop when he’s right in front of you, but he doesn’t. Instead, he’s nearly pressed up against you as he cages you in with both of his hands on either side of you.
Your breath catches in your throat slightly at the proximity and the way Bucky’s scent washes over you. It’s so deep and rich you want it to stain your bedsheets, but he can’t even know that.
“Do you really want to know why, sweetheart?” He asks and you notice the way his voice has dropped an octave or two.
You swallow thickly, inhaling a shaky breath as you nod your head as your response. You know that your words would fail you right now, especially with the dark, hungry look in Bucky’s eyes.
He looks away for a second, taking a deep breath before his eyes are locked on yours. His tongue runs across his bottom lip and you think your heart might fail you at any moment.
“Because I’m a selfish bastard,” he says. “I drive every man away because I’m a selfish, jealous, arrogant asshole who can’t stand the thought of another man’s hands on your body.”
His confession sends a jolt through your body. The rawness of his words mixed with the raspiness of his voice as he’s just mere inches away is enough for you to feel lightheaded.
“It’s because I want to be the one who makes you laugh. Who’s there for you, who knows you better than anyone else, and who makes you come so fucking hard I ruin men completely for you. That all you’ll want is me.”
You gasp at his boldness, mouth forming a soft ‘oh’ shape. You’ve crossed some sort of boundary and you know there’s no going back now. You’ve fucked up this relationship.
Might as well ruin it some more.
“What else do you want to do to me?” Your question comes out meek and small, voice shaking, but Bucky smirks at your words.
He cocks his head to the side, nearly perfect teeth on display before he’s leaning into you so he can whisper into your ear.
“I’d rather show you, baby. I’m better with my hands than I am with my words.” He purrs, lips brushing your earlobe and his breath is hot against the skin of your neck.
You nearly whimper, knees almost buckling as you mutter a silent fuck under your breath without even realizing it.
“Would you like that, baby?” He asks, almost mockingly with a small pout as his eyes lock with yours again.
“Would you like me to show you all the ways I dream of touching you? About the things I think about when my hand is wrapped around my cock late at night?”
The heat between your legs is beyond extinguishable now unless Bucky gets his hands on you.
“Yes.” That three letter word is all Bucky needed to hear before his lips are on yours.
The kiss is hot and desperate, his hands trying to feel and touch every inch of you as you do the same to him. Sinking your crescent shaped nails into the freckled skin of his shoulder as you lose your breath over this man.
He’s pulling you off the counter, large hands splayed on your waist and hips as you both messily stumble through the dark apartment until you’re standing at the threshold of his door.
Bucky makes it look so small, but he looks like a wild animal with his dark eyes and heaving chest as he looks down on you like you’re his next meal.
“I want you on my bed so all you can smell is me while I’m buried deep inside of you,” he says, chest rumbling as he pulls you into the room.
There’s no need to close the door, but he does anyway. Shutting it with his foot while he hungrily kisses you again. And he’s all you can think about, your heart beating to the tune of his name.
It’s not romantic, there’s no candles or mood lighting. Bucky’s bed isn’t done and there’s a pair of boxers strewn on the floor you both manoeuvre around. Still, you wouldn’t change a thing as Bucky rips your clothing off one by one until they join his.
“You’re so goddamn beautiful,” he murmurs, dropping to his knees so he can wrap his lips around your nipples.
You moan when he sinks his teeth into them, grabbing his hair to keep him anchored to you.
“No man deserves you, but I’m going to do my best to prove my worth to you.” He says against your hot skin as he presses a hot trail of kisses down your stomach until he meets the line of your panties.
He looks up at you one last time, as if asking for permission before his hand in pushing you back onto the bed. His fingers hook into your panties, dragging them down before throwing them over his back.
Bucky’s hands spread your legs further as he leans in and your mind is dizzy and fuzzy when his hot breath fans over your core.
“Just relax, let me make you feel good, baby.” Bucky purrs in a cocky, confident tone as you let your head fall back onto the mattress.
His kisses are warm against your inner thighs and you’re squirming until Bucky delivers a soft bite that has you gasping and looking at him.
“If you can’t stay still I’ll have to tie you up, sweetheart.” He winks, nose nuzzling the top of your mound and you’re about to start begging.
Bucky delivers a long lick and you lock your legs tighter around his head. He takes his time, carefully mapping you out in his head and taking note of what makes your toes curl.
“Fuck,” you curse, grabbing onto his hair as he teases your entrance with a thick, cool finger.
He adds one, then another, and then he curls them and you swear you’re about to meet your maker because no one has ever figured you out this quickly. If ever.
“You’re so sweet, Christ, baby.” Bucky groans, “I’m already fucked addicted.”
You moan, feeling your orgasm quickly approaching as his continues his motions with his fingers and mouth in tandem together before you’re falling apart.
It hits you out of nowhere, back arching off the bed as Bucky keeps you anchored with a thick arm over your waist.
“Oh my God.” You pant, unable to get any other coherent thought out.
Bucky smirks, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he crawls over you until his lips are back on yours. He moans when you wrap your hand around his clothed cock, grinding it against you before he has to stop you.
“You keep doing that and I’ll come in my pants, baby girl.” He groans, almost in pain as he squeezes his eyes shut tightly.
You’re breathing just as hard as him, if not harder, as you watch this giant, huge, man coming apart all because of you.
“Bucky,” you say his name in a questioning tone.
He looks down at you, meeting your eyes and you know just how much he’s holding back. You know he wants to rip into you…and you want it too.
“Fuck me.” You whisper, barely audible as Bucky’s eyes flutter closed and he buries his head in the crook of your neck.
“You’re going to kill me, baby.” His words are muffled, “I never thought I’d hear those words from you.”
Bucky makes quick work of his pants, not wanting to waste any time before your eyes widen and you can’t tear them away from his cock.
“I-I, uh, Bucky I don’t think you’re going to fit.” You stutter, still in a trance.
He cocks his head, licking his lips as he grabs a condom from the bedside table. Your body moves for you, inching up the bed and getting comfortable against the pillows because you need to know how Bucky Barnes fucks.
“It’ll fit, sweetheart. We’ll make it fit.” He cooes as he finishes rolling on the condom and settling over you again.
You don’t doubt him either, watching him spurt lube over his length as he gently nudged your your legs apart.
“You look so good like this; spread out underneath me.” Bucky purrs, his nose tracing along your jawline as you feel him line up with your entrance.
You wrap your arms around his neck, beckoning him closer to you as he pushes in slowly.
“Shit,” Bucky groans as you gasp out a moan.
You’re both entirely consumed by each other as Bucky slowly pushes in, stretching you out inch by inch.
“You’re doing so good for me, baby.” Bucky whispers, kisses being peppered to your neck.
It’s not painful, but the stretch can definitely be felt as his hips rock against yours. When he’s fully seated, you can feel his hand cup your face as you manage to open your eyes.
“Feel that, baby? That’s it, so fucking deep inside of you.” You whine at his words, trying to lift your hips up and create some sort of friction.
Bucky takes mercy on you, circling his hips before pulling out and thrusting into you. It shakes the bed, the headboard rocking against the wall as the bed springs creak under your combined weight.
Nothing in this world is more important than this very moment and you hope it never ends.
You feel Bucky’s hand run down your sides before he’s placing it on your lower stomach. You’re confused at first, but when he adds pressure, it’s a whole new type of pleasure.
“That’s how deep I am, fuck, baby. And you’re taking all of me like the good girl you are.” Bucky praises as he continues to rock his hips against you.
You know he can feel you tighten around him, because he just slightly changes his angle until you’re crying out for him.
“I know, I know, sweetheart. Don’t hold back for me and come for me.”
Your legs tighten around his toned waist, holding him close to you as the coil snaps and pleasure fills you. You’re acutely aware of the way Bucky’s hips stutter before he stills completely inside of you, panting against your neck.
“Get comfortable, sweetheart.” Bucky smirks, a light sheen of sweat on his face, “because we’ve still got all night ahead of us.”
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goldenjo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings: 18 + innocence kink + age gap (readers in her 20’s, he’s in his mid 40’s!!) + breeding kink + daddy kink + house wife kink + jewelry fetish + cum play + slight degradation + overstimulation
summary : its always three
a/n : it’s probably one of the filthiest things i’ve written so be ware!!! my guilty pleasure without a doubt so why not write my version of him. i couldn’t be more proud of myself so i hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
It was an innocent crush. School girl as some call it, without a doubt, harmless. You admired him in passing, when he was perched on your countertop in a conversation with your dad. You take in his appearance each time he was around you. He aged like wine and to say it was frustrating was an understatement. His laugh contagious, his smile vibrant and his existence was demanding. Fantasizing about him late at night in the comfort of your safe space. Imagining him between your thighs, his tongue tracing forbidden words, his hands wandering your body and the angelic melody that would leave his lips that would be on yours. 
You were trouble.
He swore it wouldn’t happen again, but yet here you were once again under him as he rammed into you with no mercy insight. Meant to be a one time thing. A very drunk one time thing — that was over four months ago. It had been all the cabernet you two had consumed at his family's vineyard. The night filled with stolen glances, lingered hand grazes and a whole lot sexual tension filled that breezy night. He knew it was wrong. It was forbidden, you were forbidden.
His best friend’s daughter.
Every bit was passionate, hungry, and horrible all at once. He was in love with you and you well, were head over heels for him. Carved straight out of your diary from middle school. It was an all consuming, mind boggling, head spinning romance. Messy hands after his featherlike graze brushed against your back — an innocent gesture. Haunting kisses that lived on repeat in his mind late at night, on your balcony with a glass of wine. You were a breath of fresh air. When his lips met yours for the first time he never wanted to leave them. That night was everything he never knew he needed. 
He never understood why you were interested in someone older, let alone all six foot something of him until he asked you one night.
It’s not older men, it’s you.
“Where can I touch you, bambi?” His words rushed through your veins. Close enough to feel the thump, thump thump as he pressed up against your chest. His lips exploring every crevice of his new found home. Holding you close, afraid you’d disappear from him. The warmth provides a sense of protection, comfort.
“Everywhere.” Hooded lids with glazed eyes, swollen lips and a golden halo. Far too gone under his spell to say anything else. You needed him like air. 
His hands came to cup your cheeks, noses touching and mirrored expressions. “Are you sure?” He looked at you searching for a protest heart pounding louder than the first time he touched you.
His lips left a path of destruction everywhere he touched. The burning sensation trailed from your lips to your pussy. His tongue swirling your nipples and your fingers pinching the other. His teeth marking your impossibly hard nipples as he continued his trail. 
“Fuck bambi, she’s pretty today. Is this mess all for me?” His eyes searching yours for the answer he so desperately needed to hear. 
“Yes.” The whine hungry for his lips and desperate for his cock. 
“Such a good girl, my pretty good girl.” His cold fingers roll your pebbled nipples, he bit his bottom lip and watched your hips buck in response. 
“Do something, please.” You whimpered as you attempted to squeeze your legs together only to have his hands keep them open. He knew you needed him. He needed you more though. 
“I’m right here, baby, i’m gonna take care of you. Promise” He swears as the top of his tongue meets your clit. Beg me.
His lips pressed against your clit tasting the honey that seeped out of you. He could watch you fall apart all day long. He ached for it. Each time you came he swore he met his creator. Angelic and sinful all in one. He swirled and nipped at your clit, two fingers sliding in and out of you as his arm held your hips down. The vibrations of the words mine, my pretty girl, need more permanently marked on your clit. 
Your fingers running through his tousled hair demanding him to keep going, the faint taste of iron from your teeth biting into your bottom lip, and the angelic melodies of yours gracing his red tinted ears. He sucked harder and wrist worked faster to bring you to your orgasm, the one he knew you needed but in reality he needed more. It was his pride talking. His tongue carving Barnes on your clit in the promise of making you his. His kisses stamped on your inner thighs marking what was his. You were his. 
His tongue slipping into your silk filled hole and his fingers now tracing Bambi and Barnes. You were sweeter than honey. The best thing he ever tasted. The second and close first was the mixture of him and you. His tongue swirling your hole needing you to cum. His efforts double in speed and strength pushing you over the edge and seeing stars. 
“You’re such a good girl for me.” He crawls over you brushing the hair from your face and placing his lips on you. The taste of you now engulfing your taste buds and you needed more. 
You fingers brush the tip of his cock before slowly wrapping your hand around him and squeezing him, “I need you.” Your voice is weak and vulnerable. His lips placing a gentle kiss on your forehead in response. 
You needed to feel him. Feel him brushing against your g’spot. Feel him stretching you out. Hear him pleading for you to cum. You needed him all of the time. He was your addiction. 
Bucky never got tired of kissing you while he filled you completely. You were under his spell. His cock grazed your throbbing clit, teasing your pussy slightly before he pushed himself into you. 
“I wish you could see how pretty you are when you cum, Bambi.” He grunted, cock sliding in and out your warm neck as you continued to beg for mercy, brand his back and fill you up two more times. “Truly a sight, so be my good girl and cum for me just like daddy asked you when I tell you too.”
The filth leaving his mouth only made you wetter. The sounds bouncing around the room. The sounds of his cock meeting your pussy, the wetness from your last orgasm, the heavy breathing from him and your melody gracing his ears.
“Cum for me, Bambi, just liked daddy asked you.”
Your back arching off the bed and pressing impossibly closer to him as you came all over his cock. His pace never faltering as fucked you through your second orgasm of the night. He needed one more out of you before he could leave some of him in you.
“One more. Need’ya to cum one more before I can, baby.” His pace sloppy and hard. Desperate for one more release out of you. “Reach down and rub that pretty pussy for daddy. Can you do that for me? Or are you too fucked out to do that?” His eyes dark and hungry. The only answer was yes. 
Bucky liked control. Having the power, he was dominant by nature. He liked it rough with sweet words and hungry kisses. His sole interest being you. Three words. Three different emotions for those three different orgasms. 
“Look at me bambi when I talk to you. Open those pretty eyes so you can look at me fucking you, cumming for me.” His hand wrapping around your neck and applying the perfect amount of pressure.
“Wanna buy a house with you. Need to fuck you in every room, every surface as you scream for more. Beg for me, pretty girl. Gonna put a baby in you — fuck do that again, bambi.” He grunted out, as you clenched around him as repeated his movements and ran his vibranium up and down your thigh. Your fingers working fast and needy for him. 
“Would you like that?” You whined in response, grabbing his face and kissing him fiercely with every ounce of passion. 
“I bet you would, fuck I know I would. I’ll fuck every chance I get.” He slams his hips harder, “Wake you up by eating your pretty pussy, you’d be such a good girl for me whenever, wherever right?”
“Yeah need that, daddy.” You moaned into his parted mouth, grasping to feel something in his mouth. Each others moans being passed to one another.
“I’ll fuck you to sleep every night beautiful. I promise.”
“Gonna cum, Can I?” 
“Go ahead, Bambi, mark me.” The husky voice spoke as you came again and watching you cum made him lose it. His pace never stopping as he fucked you through both of your orgasms. His movements slowing down, his forehead pressed against yours and a forbidden kiss.
He slowly pulled out of you which made you whimper, “I know beautiful. Just need to clean you up.” His eyes dilated. He could feel you dripping. He trailed down your body kissing every where he possibly could right before meeting the most inviting sight.
His lips trail along your thighs soothing the bruised marks he left behind earlier. His fingers scoop up the combination of you and him and press the cum back into you. Kissing you once more.
It was something beyond wildest dreams. Silk sheets, feathered pillows in your oasis. And this love was glowing in the dark, leaving a permanent mark.
“This is for you.” He leaned over and handed you a black box and an inquisitive look appearing on your face, “Just open it.” He spoke up from next to you as his fingers messed with your long legs. 
It was gold and long. That held a B on it. His fingers removing it from your grip and place it on you. 
“Now everytime your legs are over my shoulder you have something pretty to look at.”
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
Nice and Wet
Summary: You love Bucky's beard, it's thick and full and soft. You know it would look even better after you sit on his face and soak it. And he agrees. Well...sort of.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Construction Worker!Bucky x Reader
Word count: 2.5k
Warnings: Smut, Minors DNI, Oral (fem receiving), choking, praise, size kink, Bucky is a 6'5" himbo.
A/n: Betad by the lovely @beelicious-barnes @sexyprise and @lfnr-blog-blog-blog. Based on this tiktok @beach-daydreaming sent me.
《Masterlist》《Beefy Bucky Masterlist》《Library》
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Steve, I don’t know what else to do,” Bucky sighs, his phone propped up on the counter as he stares at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Desperation laces through his deep voice, his brow furrowing in concentration. “I can’t put any more water on my face, I’m already soaked. How wet can a beard get?”
You’re looking for your boyfriend when you hear his deep, albeit very confused voice floating down the hallway.
Your eyes widen, and your mouth drops open on a gasp. Embarrassment burns across your cheeks at the sound of Steve’s choked laughter crackling through the speakers.
Dragging your palm down your face, you’re teetering between laughing or all-consuming mortification of listening to your boyfriend plead for help.
You don’t know how you went from seducing your man to–well, this.
Tumblr media
Straddling his thick thighs, you pin Bucky’s arms above his head, watching his deep blue eyes darken, the breathy moan from his parted lips is enough to make your panties drenched-if he hadn't already ripped them off you. Your slick coats both of your thighs and it's so primal and filthy like you're marking him.
He could easily overpower you, bend you to his will and make you do what he wants- but right now- he’s so desperate and needy for you, for your touch, it’s like he can’t even breathe unless you tell him to, and you can’t deny how feral that makes you.
“Bucky,” you hum, chaining kisses up his throat. He shivers at your touch and you nip his skin, he gives you an oh fuck in return, the needy words settling in your chest. “You know what I want?”
Bucky shakes his head, drunk and delirious off your touch. “I don’t, I’m sorry, I don’t know but you can have it, whatever you want, Plum, it’s yours,” he pleads, groaning his acquiesce, his narrow hips shoot up, shamelessly grinding against you. “Please let me touch you.”
“Not yet.” You make your way up to his mouth, teasing your tongue along the seam of his pink, kiss-swollen lips. “You can touch me,” you start, tamping down a giggle at his relieved yes. “But first I want your beard soaked.” 
There's a brief flash of confusion spreads across his darkening eyes that you miss, too engulfed in the feel of his thick, soft beard on your fingers. “That’s what you want and then you'll let me touch you?”
“Fuck yes,  I want to see it drip–”
“I can do that, Plum.” Bucky rolls over, shaking you off him in one smooth movement; you land on your back, bouncing on the bed. “One sec.”
You blink once, twice, watching him sprint out of the room, his bare ass disappearing around the corner. 
Slowly pushing yourself up, your brows cinch together.
Where is he going?
You’re about to call out his name when the faucet in the bathroom turns on. Pursing your lips, your eyes narrow, head tilting to the side as you listen to water splashing. He can’t possibly be doing what you think he’s doing.
You almost have yourself convinced except Bucky is sauntering back to the room, a proud smirk on his handsome face. “Wet enough for you?”
Oh, Bucky.
You gape at him, water is dripping off his beard, droplets rolling down his broad, flushed chest. Your eyes follow one errant drop as it travels down his ridge abs to his thick cock. “It’s soaked for you, Plum.” 
“I–” you exhale, wondering where you went wrong and why you find his misunderstanding sexy and cute at the same time. “No, Bucky that’s–” you start to explain, not wanting to hurt his feelings.
His expression crumbles, his crestfallen eyes drifting over your body with such longing it makes your stomach constrict, a wave of heat pulses straight through to your clit.
He really wants to touch you, feel your gorgeous body on his, wrapped around him so tight he can’t think, can’t feel anything but you.
Bucky nods, more to himself than you, determined to do anything you ask, anything to relieve his growing ache to be inside you.
“Okay. I can get it wetter for you, Plum. Hold on.”
“Wait, wait, that’s not–Bucky!” He’s gone before you finish saying his name.
You laid on the bed for five minutes before you realized he wasn’t coming back.
Tumblr media
Steve tries to speak, but every time he manages to get a word out, he ends up wheezing.
Bucky sighs, making a frustrated noise in his throat. “It’s not funny. She wants it wetter, Steve, and I don’t know what else to do.”
Steve cackles louder, a dull thud pops through the speakers, and you hope it’s because he fell or stubbed his toe. A small, vindictive part of you preens when he mutters a low ouch before laughing again.
"What am I missing?" He's stressed. And disconcerted. Mostly stressed though.
Unable to take another second of this, you push open the bathroom door. Bucky’s head swings toward you, splattering you with cool drops of water. Ignoring his hopeful gaze, you grab his phone.
“Steve, if you even think about telling the guys about this, I swear I’ll let your roommate know what really happened to her panties,” you threaten, before hanging up on him.
"Hey Plum." Bucky looks down at you, the corner of his bottom lip rolling between his pearly white teeth. “Is this good? Can I touch you now?”
Tilting your head back, you place your hands on his damp chest and glance up at him. “Bucky, when I said I wanted your beard wet, I meant I wanted to do it.” Raising your brows, your gaze flits down to your pussy and back up to his face. Giving him a long, meaningful stare, you smile. “Get it?”
He stares back, gingerly smiling. Silence pulses between your bodies. The wrinkle between his brow eases and clarity brightens his wide blue eyes. 
“Oh,” Bucky drags out the word and you let out a soft breath. “I get it.” His face lights up with a wide grin.
Without taking his eyes off of you, he takes your hand in his, kissing your palm.
“Yes, Plum, I want you to soak my beard too,” he murmurs.
Leaning in to kiss him, you’re startled when he begins pushing your hand towards the sink. Your smile drops, along with your head. No, no he does not get it. A giggle bubbles up when you feel warm water splash over your fingers.
He’s so fucking adorable. You don’t think you can love this man any more than you already do. 
“Bucky. I want to sit on your face.” You blurt out, right when he’s about to wipe your hand over his beard and you feel his large body stiffen. “I want you to eat me out so I can cum all over your pretty face–” pulling your arm down, you bring his hand lower until he’s cupping your mound “–and then soak. your. beard.”
He swallows, his eyes fluttering shut when he feels how wet you are. You spot the exact moment understanding crawls over his face.
“Oh. Oh.” His eyes snap open and he balefully glares at you.
“Why didn’t you just say that?” He grumbles like you’re the one to blame for all this. “Plum, sometimes ya gotta just sit on my face and show me what you want.”  His hands grab your waist, and he places you on the counter. Dropping to his knees, he drapes your leg over his shoulder. "You know I can't think straight when you're naked."
That's true. Then again neither can you when Bucky is towering over you, all six foot something with abs that could have been carved by Michelangelo himself.
"I had no idea why seeing my beard wet would turn you on but for a chance to taste you, I'd do anything." Bucky stares at your pussy, his tongue darts across his bottom lip. “Plum, you gotta have the prettiest pussy on the planet.”
The sincerity and devotion in his voice sends a fresh wave of arousal through you. Seeing your arousal drip down your skin has him moaning. “Yeah, this is the only thing I want on my beard.”
Metal fingers lock around the calf resting on his shoulder while his other hand slides up your thigh, spreading you open for him, and he pushes his face into your cunt.
Licking a wide, firm strip up your entrance to your aching clit, he mumbles, “Swear ya came straight out of my dreams, so good, so fucking good.”
You can only describe the way he eats your pussy as divine. And filthy. And so incredible you want to cry. Your head hits the mirror and your fingers scramble for purchase, grabbing his soft hair. His hand leaves your thighs, his wide thumb sweeping over your clit as his long, warm tongue glides inside you, fucking you with languid, deep strokes. “Oh god Bucky, please don’t stop."
You don't even need to beg because you know he’s going to give you what you nees. His vibranium hand leaves your calf, sliding around to grab your ass, bringing you closer to him even as his large body shifts to give him more access to your pussy. Two thick, calloused fingers replace his tongue, fucking you at a deeper angle, and your entire body bows forward when he hits a deliciously sensitive spot inside you, sending a wave of raw, heady bliss up your spine. “Right there,” you whimper out, “shit ‘m close.” 
Bucky is addicted to the way you ride his tongue, your soft walls clamping down around his fingers, tight and greedy. He could cum just from hearing your sighs and moans, and when you sob his name, he almost does. 
His lips clasp over your clit and he sucks hard, pulling you into his eager mouth, his fingers thrusting faster and harder. You collapse around him, pulse pounding in your veins as your orgasm crashes into you.
Bucky’s moans drown out your own and he slows to a gentle caress, thoroughly kissing your clit, drawing out the sharp aftershocks until you let go of his hair to weakly tap his shoulder.
Bucky reluctantly lets you go, tilting his back just enough to gaze into your eyes. “Aw fuck, I did that wrong, Plum," he teases, wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand.
“Uh, Bucky, you did that very right,” you counter, your body pulsating from the intense pleasure lingering in your veins. “That was 10/10, highly recommended. Will do again.” 
Bucky shakes his head, standing up, he scoops your pliant body off the counter. “No, you said you wanted to sit on my face until my beard is dripping.” He smirks as he carries you back to the bedroom, tossing you on the sheets. “And I have to give my girl what she wants, don’t I?” 
Tumblr media
Bucky tosses his head back. “I can’t believe I did that, I don’t know what I was thinking.” 
It's been three days and he can't let it go. He can't get over the fact that he's the only guy in New York that has never heard that particular phrase before.
Soft laughter bubbles as you grip his shoulders, slowly lowering yourself on his thick cock, inch after veiny inch stretching your pussy, a sweet burn searing through you.
“Don’t–fuck, fuck-oh that's good", you sob, taking another thick inch inside you, clearing your head, you glance up at him. "Don’t worry about it,” you pant out.
You both stare at your joined bodies, watching him split you open, your pussy greedily wrapped around him.
“I called Steve,” he groans out, his hands steadying your hips. “Steve. You know he keeps splashing me at work, talking about you wet enough, Bucky?" He mocks Steve voice, your chest shakes from laughing, drawing his attention to your breasts. Rolling your nipple between his warm fingers, he contines, regret thickening his deep voice. "Why did I call him?” 
“Yeah, that was pretty bad,” you say, nipping his chin. “But we all have that one thing or saying that we didn’t get and its always something that’s obvious as fuck until someone points it out to us, it’s not a big–” Your nails dig into his shoulders and you circle your hips, looking down you're stunned by how much of his cock you still have to take. “Plus, you were horny and baby, we all get a little stupid when we want to cum so…”
“Almost there, doing so good, a little more,” he encourages, ignoring your splutter that it’s a lot more. “Well, I’ve been doing some research, Plum, and from now on I’ll get everything right.”
Your brows raise and you cup his jaw. “Bucky, you don’t have to…”
He stops you with a passionate kiss, breaking away slowly, he gives you a cautious smile.
“Can I try something?” His hand hovers over your throat, his eyes search your facing for permission. “I wanna show you what I’ve been researching.”
Intrigue and shock pour through your veins and you eagerly nod. You can’t lie, you’ve imagined the way his hand would feel around your throat more than once but didn't know how to ask.
Metal fingers close over your sensitive skin, applying more and more pressure; you clamp down on his cock, your heart beating in your ears. He pulls you forward until all you can see are the depths of his gorgeous blue eyes, your lips touching.
“There’s my sweet dirty girl,” Bucky rasps. “You’re so goddamn beautiful. I wish you could see yourself fucking me–”
Your eyes roll back, nails rake down his tattooed chest when he brings your hips down, the rest of his cock filling you, stretching you so tight you’re shocked he hasn’t snapped you in two yet. 
His hips snap up, pounding into you, pleasure exploding inside you with every deep, precise stroke, “–your pretty little pussy taking every fucking inch like my cock was made for you.”
You don’t know if it’s the unexpectedly filthy words coming from his perfect lips or the way he’s gazing at you, trying to hold on to his newfound dominant demeanor, but it’s driving you wild. All your senses are aflame, the impact hitting you like raw electricity. 
“Ohmigod,” you choke out, your hands circling his wrist. The harder and faster and deeper he fucks you, the more you spiral out of control–he’s never been so rough with you and fuck you love every single second of it. “More, please I need more,” you beg, even as it becomes too much, you finally know how the women in your favorite books feel when they get railed because the way he’s taking you apart is so good.
You must be chanting those words because his pace increases, his wild thrusts make you bounce helplessly on his lap, each drop back down on his cock sends you reeling.
More filthy praise spills out, his lips brushing over yours so you feel every word, his cock gliding over your silken walls, finding that spot that makes your vision blur with tears, unintelligible noises crawling up your throat.
The coil that’s been winding inside you ever since you slid down his cock unravels, your orgasms flooding your sweat-laced body with waves of heady, sultry sensations. Your back arches and you keen, pulsating and fluttering around him, letting the pleasure sweep around you, taking you higher and higher, only his firm grip on your throat keeps you in place.
Bucky hums under his breath, a sated, pleased smirk on his lips, waiting for your orgasm to subside, still very hard inside you, holding his own release back while your body thrums with pleasure. 
“So you what did ya think, Plum?” His inquisitive gaze focuses on your face, sweat beading across his flushed chest. 
“10/10, highly recommend,” you gasp, repeating your statement from earlier, taking a deep breath in to soothe your burning lungs.
The familiar phrase brings a smile to his lips and you naturally return the gesture. 
“Noted, thank you,” Bucky says, curling one arm around you, he leans over and grabs a notebook and pen off the nightstand, placing it on top of your thighs, he uncaps the pen with his teeth and starts writing. 
You look down, your eyes widening. The page is full of his neatly written notes, various kins underlined next to crudely drawn diagrams.
“What is this?”
“Told you I was doing research. See I decided to check out those fics you like and hoped they would help me understand you so the next time you say you want to get my beard wet, I’ll know what you mean,” Bucky beams, making a star by the stick figure being choked by a black and gold hand.
He taps the drawing next to it, his pen tracing over the blindfolded drawing of you.
His gaze drifts up, a mischievous glint settles across his face. “And then I saw what you were reading"-embarrassment creeps up your spine but is quickly extinguished by his next worda-"and figured we could have fun reenacting your fantasies.”
Oh, fuck yes.
He rolls his hips, reminding you he’s still deep inside you and still very hard.
“And you read a lot, Plum. We’re going to be real busy.”
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Day 5 — Blowjob
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing || CEO!Bucky x Wife!Reader
Word Count || Around 1000
Contents & Warnings || Smut — NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, dub-con, explicit content/language, pet names, teasing, (secret) blowjob, orgasm denial, throat fucking, mention of bodily fluids.
Disclaimer || English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes or misunderstandings!
Kinktober Masterlist
Tumblr media
You knocked on your husband’s office door, entering when he announced to do so. He had a pleasantly surprised expression on his face, not expecting you to visit today, but he glowed when he saw you.
“Hey, honey. What are you doing here?”
“Oh, I just came to say hi.”
You closed and locked the door. A mischievous smirk curved on your lips as you strutted over to the desk where he sat. He leaned back in the seat while licking his lips. Oh, you hadn’t just come to say hello; you’d also come for something else.
“Does my princess want something?”
“She does.”
You placed your palms on his desk as you leaned forward, showing off your cleavage in the low top, making him groan. “I want your cock in my mouth.”
“Fuck.” He shut his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows as he lightly tilted his head back. “You know I want to give you everything, princess, but I have an online meeting that starts now. It’s about that important investment, remember?”
“Please.” You batted your eyelashes at him as you tilted your head to the side. “I promise I’ll be quiet.” Truth is, the worry wasn’t you being loud but him. He could never shut up when you sucked him off.
He knew nothing he said would change your mind. You were already insistent on having his cock in your mouth, and you would get your way.
You dropped to your knees and crawled under the desk, finding your place between his legs.
You started with palming him through his suit pants, wanting to make him so hard that his cock begged to be freed and sucked.
He was already a groaning mess, and you’d only just started. It made you smirk at the power you held over him.
The laptop sounded that a call was coming through, but he didn’t answer. His senses focused only on your hand that was touching him.
“Aren’t you gonna get that?” You chuckled.
“O-oh, shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He panicked for a second and tried to find his calm before he answered. “P-please, baby, be gentle with me.” He pleaded before clearing his throat and pressing to join the call.
You would have to see about the gentle and kind part because you’d come here to wreck and destroy.
“Hello, gentlemen.” Once you heard the men on the other end greet your husband, it was time to get to work.
You undid the pants and took his cock out of its confinements. Your lips parted as you eyed his hard and perfect cock. Of course, it’s not the first time you’ve looked upon it, but it always left you mesmerised.
You zoned out on what the gentlemen said—focusing entirely on the big task at hand.
You peppered his length with kisses and kitten licks, making the man above you suck in a breath. Which made one of the men on the other end stop talking for a second or two before continuing.
God, how you loved being a menace towards your husband.
You traced his thick vein with your broad tongue, which made him shiver in his seat as his leg jerked.
Once you were done teasing and playing around, you took his tip in your mouth and suckled while swiping your tongue on his slit, tasting his precum.
Inch by inch, you took him in your mouth, and once he hit the back of your vibrating throat, he let out a loud groan. You pulled away from him, a smirk on your lips, waiting to see what would happen and if they suspected something.
“James, are you ok?” One of the men asked.
“Y-yeah, sorry, gentlemen. I did an intense workout this morning, and I’ve got cramps in my leg. All good now. Proceed.” They all went back to talking.
You took him in again, but being careful not to go too deep. You hollowed your cheeks and slowly bobbed your head on his cock.
Surprisingly, he was good at keeping quiet. Only a slip of a moan and groan here and there. And when he talked, he sounded relative normal. His voice only strained a little.
Building a delicious momentum, you now quickly bobbed and swirled your head on his slick cock.
Once you sensed he was about to bust, you slowed down, not wanting him to come yet, because where’s the fun in that?
He jerked his hips into your mouth, silently begging for release, but you whispered a no before returning to suck him off again.
Like this, it went on for another 10 minutes. A torturous 10 minutes for your husband, but in the end, he got the deal, and he could now celebrate.
Once he hung up, he pushed his chair out, pulling you with him. “Jesus fucking Christ.” He cradled your head and fucked up into your face, making you gag as he hit the back of your throat.
Now, his moans and groans ran free into the office space as you slobbered all over his cock, making a drooling mess. Your lips were swollen, and your eyes watered as he showed no mercy on your poor throat.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” His tip tickling the back of your throat repeatedly sent him over the edge. He groaned deeply as his cum shot down your throat.
“Fuck.” He rid himself of the aftershocks by slowly thrusting into your mouth. Once he was completely satisfied, he glided you off him. His cock left your mouth with a pop.
He admired your messy state—spit and cum dripping off you.
“Congrats on the deal, babe.” You announced casually like you hadn’t just gotten your throat wrecked.
“Thank you, honey.” He guided your head to his cock again, wanting to celebrate some more.
Tumblr media
Feedback through a comment is highly appreciated! Or let me know through an anonymous ask if that feels more comfortable. As well as a reblog to share my work with other people!
I don’t do taglists so please follow @bucky-barnes-diaries-library and turn on notifications to never miss out on my writing!
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𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒌 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒆𝒕𝒔
summary ─ hearing the man you’ve been fantasizing about had similar feelings for you had to be a dream. a best kind of dream. you never wanted to wake up.
pairing ─ dilf!bucky barnes x babysitter!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, flirting, age gap (reader mid 20s, bucky early 40s), dirty talk, pet names, dilf bucky is a Sight, dad!bucky, kissing, visuals are: 2017 sebastian, light degredation, fingering, bucky with kids, size kink, oral sex, riding, protected sex
a/n ─ this took me a while to write, but i'm happy it's finished and that i'm officially horné. all the mistakes are my own. hope y'all like it. please leave a comment if you do! thank youuu <333
title and the inspiration comes from ‘freak’ but when it ends it’s ‘streets’ (slowed) by doja cat.
Tumblr media
“Thank you so much for doing this again,” James murmured as he opened his door for you to get inside. “I know this is your day off, but I wouldn’t have called you in if it wasn’t an emergency.” He grimaced a little.
“It’s alright, Mr. Barnes,” you said. It really was alright because babysitting to his kid was one of your favorite things. “I enjoy my time here, honest.” He chuckled.
“Oh, it’s very good to know. I now will assign you a room, so that I can keep you here all the time,” he wiggled his eyebrows. You laughed lightly. You wouldn’t say no to staying here, you thought to yourself idly.
Mr. Barnes was filthy rich. The place he called ‘home’ was just a little shy from being a fucking mansion. It had many rooms and incredibly beautiful inner design. Each room was comfortably big; they didn’t make you feel like it was suffocating you with its smallness or drowning you with its extra empty spaces. The design his house had was cozy. It carried earthy tones with some whites and golden color nicely sprinkled around.
“I wouldn’t say no,” you teased, feeling your cheeks burning when the way he looked at you changed.
“Yeah?” He asked. You chuckled nervously as you nodded. It wasn’t like you hadn’t stayed here before, it happened once, but you really wouldn’t mind being a stay-in-babysitter because your roommates and their friends were driving you crazy during midterms and finals. “Well, now I’ll definitely make sure to set one of the rooms up for you, then,” he murmured. “Please pick a room and tell me, so that I can put some things you might like up in there, alright?”
“Oh, you don’t h-have to…” You started, but James waved his hand dismissively.
“It’s fine, I actually enjoy doing interior design,” he said, shrugging. “I don’t get to do that as much as I would like to.” He grabbed his suit jacket where he left it on the couch. Quickly putting it on, he fixed his cuffs.
“Your tie…” You mumbled as you inspected his slightly crooked tie. Your hands went for it before you could stop yourself; fingers touching the soft fabric, you straightened the tie up, fixed his collar and brushed the non-existing dust from his shoulders. “T-that’s better,” you whispered, eyes finding his.
Mr. Barnes was rich, yes, but he was also very charming, funny guy who was great with kids; you watched him spending time with his kid, you knew how much of an attentive father he was. The scene of him playing with his son was making your uterus having thoughts of her own, but you also couldn’t help but melting every single time you got to watch them together.
James was a devilishly handsome man. He had beautiful steel blue eyes which he passed it on to his son. He had gorgeous, chestnut color, fluffy hair that always made you want to run your fingers through them, and his well-kept beard always made you bite your lip for some reason you refused to think deep about. His naturally red lips had very pretty bow shape; they looked like they were made to kiss and to be kissed. He had a sharp jawline although he always hid it under his beautiful beard. He really was a very handsome man.
What drove you mad about his looks, though, were the grays in both his hair and beard.
He wasn’t a young man; he was nearing his mid-forties. He wasn’t so young, but he wasn’t exactly old either. For you, he was the perfect age, and seeing him going silver slowly was the best kind of torture.
“Thank you, sweetheart,” he whispered, a small pleased smile playing on his lips. You nodded quickly and sent him a smile of your own. “I’ll be back in couple hours. You already know the drill, but for the sake my mind let me repeat: If you get hungry, I just got the grocery shopping done, so you can cook or order takeout. It’s on me, you don’t have to pay for it. If you go out with him, please text me so that I’ll know you’re out and don’t freak if I come home early.” You chuckled. He rolled his eyes, mostly to himself. “I already gave him a bath. He will most likely to pass out in an hour or so, but who knows. He’s a little shit.”
“Mr. Barnes!” You exclaimed lightly, and James laughed.
“What,” he said, shrugging. “He’s my kid. I know things.” You chuckled. “Anyway. I’ll let you know if I run a little later than I told you, and will also let you know when I’m coming home. Any questions?” You shook your head.
“We’ll be fine,” you murmured. “We’ll probably pass out together.” James smiled. He loved walking in on you and his son cuddled together in the couch, all conked out.
“Alright,” he agreed, sighing deeply. He grabbed his coat, car and house keys and wallet. “Have fun.”
“You too,” you said. He grimaced. “Err, don’t have fun?” You offered at his expression. He snorted.
“Yeah, paperwork and last minute meetings are not fun,” he rolled his eyes. Opening the door, he stepped out. “I’ll be silent.” You nodded. He sent you one last smile before he made his way to his car which was a sleek and handsome looking black Jaguar. Unlocking the doors, James slipped inside gracefully, making your stomach flutter. He waved right before he exited the driveway and disappeared.
“Goddamn,” you whispered to yourself while closing the door. That man was a walking sin, and it was getting harder and harder to not jump into the arms of Lucifer.
“Miss Y/N,” you heard a small voice coming from your left and immediately lifted your head. “Where’s dad?”
You smiled as you walked towards James’ son, Tommy. He was the most adorable little boy you’ve ever seen. He had beautifully curly, chestnut brown hair and steel blue eyes, which he got both of them from his dad, with a small nose and tiny, cute face. He was missing two of his front teeth, and it just made him look even cuter.
“He had an emergency at work, baby,” you murmured softly. “He had to leave, but he’ll be home very soon.” Tommy nodded. He was sleepy, it was so obvious, and was slightly swaying on his feet. So, you bent over and scooped him up in your arms. He was getting heavier, and it was making you feel sad that there was going to be a day where you wouldn’t be able to lift him up in your arms like this.
“Can we cuddle?” He asked, face hidden in the crook of your neck. You stroked his back, ran your fingers through his soft hair.
“Of course, sweetie,” you said. “I’ll never say no to cuddles, you know that.” He hummed. His little hands were holding onto your t-shirt tightly. You hugged even closer to him. You loved carrying him around like this because it felt so nice to have his weight and warmth up against you like that. It was very soothing.
You carried him to the huge living room. He was here, you could see; his favorite fluffy blankets were thrown on the large, comfy couch and you saw a couple throw pillows and his favorite stuffie. You got on the couch, grabbed the blankets and covered him and yourself with it carefully. He was laying on your chest, silent and sleepy, when you held out his cute stuffie to him. He took it without saying anything and held it against him. You sighed happily.
“Is there anything you wanna watch, baby?” You asked softly. Tommy whined a little but didn’t say anything. He was very close to passing out, you figured, so you didn’t repeat your question. There was already an animation movie playing, so you let that roll as you cuddled Tommy close to you.
It was fifteen minutes later; you fell asleep with Tommy still cuddling you on the couch.
A shuffling noise and the sudden lack of weight on your chest woke you up. Alarmed, you opened your eyes immediately and looked around.
“Hey,” A soft, familiar voice called out silently. “‘s alright.” You tried to blink the sleep away from your eyes and looked up to the figure standing tall before you.
It was James.
“Oh,” you whispered. James hummed. Tommy was in his arms, wrapped in his blanket and his stuffie still in his hands, sleeping soundly. “What time is it?” You asked. James grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.
“Past midnight,” he answered you. “Lemme put him in his bed, and I’ll be right back.” You nodded absently, sleep still present in your movements. James cradled his son’s head closer to his neck as he moved quickly towards the boy’s room.
You yawned. James’ couch was very comfortable, you thought, because you didn’t have any crick in your neck or any stiffness in your body. Looking around, you slowly gathered the couple toys Tommy left behind and put the pillows back on the couch, and then you stood up, fixing your clothes and hair. You could feel sleep still being present in your limbs and actions, everything felt so slow and heavy. James was home, though. That meant it was time for you to leave.
“Alright, he’s in his bed,” James said with a breathy voice as if he ran from Tommy’s room to the living room. “He’s out still, and I think he will be until─ Where are you going?” You tried to blink away the sleep.
“Um,” you paused, thinking for a hot second. “Home?” James frowned.
“You’re not going anywhere at this hour,” he said, his voice hard as steel but soft as feather at the same time. You swallowed hard. “It’s late. I’d rather if you stay in one of the rooms until I set up your real one.” He shrugged his suit jacket off as he spoke and undid his tie. Your sleepy state was dissipating slowly but surely. “I would offer you to take you home myself, but there really is no need for that when you can stay here.” James looked at you with his mesmerizing steel blue eyes as he rolled his sleeves up.
Oh fuck, you thought.
“O-okay,” you stammered and watched him getting hotter each passing second. “I’ll, uh, I’ll stay.” James gave you a smile and wink.
“Good girl,” he murmured. You shivered lightly. His eyes traveled up and down exactly once before he made his way to the kitchen. “You hungry, angel?”
Fuck him, you thought. He knew what exactly he was doing with calling you those sweet names. You frowned. He shouldn’t have affected you this much, but he was a very hard man to resist. He had always called you ‘angel’, though. You hummed.
“Y/N?” Blinking, you snapped out of your trance.
“Um,” you started but forgot what he asked. James came out of the kitchen with worry etched on his face.
“You okay?” He asked softly. So softly that you suddenly wanted to let go of everything and collapse into his arms. “Hey?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” you lied. “Still sleepy.” He hummed. He slowly reached for your wrist and grasped it gently in his large and warm hand, pulling you towards the kitchen. You let him drag you, relishing the soft hold he had on your wrist.
He placed you against the counter and turned around to get some fruits out of the fridge. You yawned lightly as you watched him washing the fruits quickly but efficiently. James, then, grabbed a small knife and flipped it masterfully between his fingers before starting to cut fruits in small pieces. You watched him fussing around the kitchen like you were hypnotized.
After he was done with cutting, he put them into a deep bowl and turned to you. “Hop on to it,” he said, pointing the counter. You felt your cheeks burn but did as he said. Lifting yourself up on your arms, you perched yourself on top of the island in the middle of the kitchen. James grabbed a fork before he walked into your personal space, your legs spread open without you realizing it.
“M-Mr. Barnes?” You whispered. He shushed you gently.
“Open up,” he murmured, holding the fork with a strawberry to your mouth. You licked your lips, totally missing him eyeing the movement hungrily, and opened your mouth. James hummed as he fed you.
Your whole body was on fire. Your heart was beating fast, hands were a bit sweaty, and you could feel your panties getting damp slowly. You cursed at yourself in your head. You had a crush on James since the day you saw at the job interview, and it was easy to crush on him. He was this older, rich guy who was very handsome. He was very good with his kid, funny, smart and caring. It was impossible not to crush on him, honestly.
“Wan’ some mangoes?” He asked softly. You swallowed the strawberry in your mouth and nodded meekly. He smiled. He stuffed the fork with a couple mango bites and held it to your lips again. You hummed appreciatively at the taste and chewed it, relishing the taste of the cool fruit. “You know,” James started. “If you don’t want this, you can just say so, and I’ll step aside, act like this never happened.” You frowned a bit. His blue eyes tore themselves away from the fruit bowl and locked into your own. “You don’t want me in your personal space, feeding you, caring and providing for you…” He took a deep breath. “…fantasizing about the ways I can touch you, just say so. I’ll stop, and I mean it.”
You choked on your fruit. Coughing a couple times, you felt his soothing hand at your back, rubbing. “Fantasizing? Me?”
His eyes darkened. “You have no idea how magnificent you are,” he huffed. “I watch you care for my child almost every goddamn day, and the only way to stop myself from bending you over the nearest surface is to jerk off three times a day while thinking of how you’d moan my name when you’re all needy.” Your eyes widen at his words. Your slowly dampening panties were now soaked, and you could feel the ache spreading through your groin.
“Mr. Barnes─” You started, but his appreciative moan caused you to cut yourself off.
“Yeah,” he said, sound so close to a growl. “That. I both hate and love the fact that you refuse to call me James or Bucky, but Mr. Barnes.” He leaned in; his nose was brushing against yours a little. “It drives me fucking insane.” He nudges your nose, his breath licking your face. You felt his hands on your thighs. His large hands grasping them, he slid them up from your knees. “You have no idea how much I wanna see you all breathy and covered in my marks.” He tilted his head, and fuck, his lips were brushing against your jaw. “Maybe see my come leaking out of you…” He nipped the soft flesh there, and then placed a kiss on it. “You have no idea how much I wanna see you wrecked and out of it because of me.”
“James,” you breathed. He responded you with a deep groan. His hands on your thighs tightened, blunt nails dug into your flesh over your jeans, and you took a shaky breath.
“Want me to stop?” James asked. “Say the word, and I will. I swear.” You bit your lip as you really thought about it.
One side of you was telling you that it was wrong, that you were the babysitter and it might end badly for you. That was your logic speaking, you knew it, but then there was this other side of you that was yelling at you to just go with it. You wanted to give in, let him use you and make you feel good while you did the same for him. It was wrong, yeah, but it sounded like such a great idea. You swallowed harshly and said ‘fuck it’ to yourself in your mind.
“No,” you whispered. Your fingers found the collar of his white, crisp shirt and curled around them, using it to pull him in for a passionate kiss. James moaned into your mouth. His hands were quick to find their home on your thighs. His fingers dug into the meat of them, and you moaned. They tightened around your knees, and he placed your legs around his waist, doing the same with your arms, winding them around his neck.
“Hold on,” he gasped into the kiss. You tightened your limbs around his body, and suddenly you were hauled up in his arms. You gasped. James didn’t miss a beat; he covered your lips with his, continuing to kiss you while making his way to his bedroom.
It was so sexy that he could carry and kiss you at the same time like it was nothing. You always liked it when your partner manhandled you, and James was pressing on that button so hard. You whimpered into his mouth, licked into it and bit down on his bottom lip. James grunted at the prickly pain. He walked into his room, closing the door rather loudly, but neither of you cared. You knew that Tommy could sleep through a bombing, and the thought relaxed you.
James made his way to his bed, dropping you onto it and climbing on top of you without losing a second. You moaned as you stretched under him.
You were still having hard time that you were under him, his big and strong body on top of yours and his plush lips were kissing yours. You have fantasized about this for so many times and so long that it all felt like a dream, you were afraid that you were going to wake up at the best part and continue to your yearning in silence.
“Mm, angel,” Bucky whispered, his nose moving up and down your throat. “You smell divine.” You whimpered. Squirming under his bulk, you looked at him when he pulled back.
His blue eyes were black, pupils massive. All the kissing you’ve done caused his lips to get red and swollen, and it made you want to kiss and bite them all over again. His beard had spit and some fruit juice in it, making it shiny, and you briefly wondered how it would look after he made you come on his face. You moaned at the thought. James caught on it immediately.
“What?” He asked. He cocked his head to his side and looked at you with careful, narrowed eyes. “You’ve thought about something that made you moan, haven’t you, love?” You bit your lip and nodded. “Tell me,” he commanded gently. You whined.
At first, you wanted to say no. You knew he’d accept it, but you also wanted to tell him what you’ve just thought about because you knew that he’d make it true, too. Ugh, you thought. This guy.
“Baby, if you don’t tell me, I’ll just wring it out of you,” he threatened. His voice was soft but low, it sent shivers down your spine. You hummed, murmuring another ‘fuck it’ to yourself in your mind.
“I…” You started. James hummed approvingly. “Can you eat me out? Please?” You asked, face burning up. James’ eyes widened at your words before his whole face darkened with lust. Your breath left your lungs as you watched him licking his lips hungrily and nodding eagerly. Fuck, you thought, whining. “You’re gonna ruin every other man for me, not fair!”
James chuckled. “Who says I’m gonna let you go to those… boys after I’m done with you, hmm?” He told you. You gasped. James quickly shed his shirt, throwing it on the bedroom floor, his hands grabbed the hem of your sweatpants. He pulled them down after your tiny approving nod, and in no time, he got rid of your panties as well. “Goddammit, sweetheart,” he whispered when his hands spread your legs to reveal your dripping core. He licked his lips again.
“James,” you whined. Your hand found its way into that fluffy, chestnut brown hair and pulled. James groaned throatily. “James.”
He hummed. “Pull my hair all you like, baby,” he whispered. The tip of his nose was nudging your weeping core, grazing over your sensitive clit. “Lookit this lil’ pussy, hmm…” You whined, pulling on his hair a bit more. He moaned.
Then. Then, he was latched onto your clit like he was a thirsty man who finally found some water, and you gasped loudly as your other hand desperately clutched onto his hair like the other one.
James’ skillful tongue started licking, moving up and down on your pussy, and his lips occasionally closed over your clit, sucking it harshly. You moaned whenever the tip of his tongue nudged that little bundle of nerves. He was a messy pussy eater, you came to find out soon enough. He didn’t mind the drool getting everywhere, certainly did not mind how wet his face got because of you. James seemed to get off on it, in fact.
As he pushed his tongue inside you, your back arched at the feeling. Your hands were holding onto his hair tightly. Feeling like if you were to let go, you were going to lose your last grip on reality. James didn’t comment nor mind the harshness of your hair pulling. He actually liked the stinging pain in his scalp; it let him know that his partner was having a real good time.
Pulling back, James gasped for air for a couple seconds. In mean time, he put his long and thick fingers into use as he pressed his thumb on your clit and slid two of his fingers in you. You cried out in pleasure.
“So fuckin’ tight,” he whispered, feeling how your walls were constricting around his fingers. “God, you gonna feel so damn amazing on my cock, aren’t you, baby?” James asked, taunting you just a little bit. “You gonna milk that come right outta my dick, but don’t worry, I’m a very willing participant.” He winked at you when he caught your eyes.
James’ hair was a mess thanks to you. All of his neatly done hair was tangled. His beard was shining like a crystal under lights with your juices. His face was red, eyes were black, and James still looked hungry. You mewled at the sight of this man between your thighs.
“Mmm,” you moaned when you felt him sliding another finger in you. He was pumping them in and out at a tolerable pace; one that wouldn’t make you desperate for him to faster, and also would keep you on the edge. It was the best torture. “James, mmm…”
He grunted. “Love the way you call my name, honey,” he murmured. “Gets me so hot for you.” He bent his head down and licked a fat line from his fingers to your clit, giving it a small suck and causing your hips to thrust upwards. James chuckled darkly. “Take your t-shirt off,” he ordered. You lifted your torso off the bed, minding that James was between your thighs, and pulled your t-shirt and bra off, throwing them on growing the clothes pile on the ground. James let out an appreciative hum at the sight of your bare chest.
His free hand found its home on one of your breasts, fingers immediately pulling and tweaking your nipple. You gasped at the sharp sting of pain and moaned at the pleasure that followed that pain. James smirked. He, then, got on his knees on the bed without taking his fingers out of you or faltering the pace he set, and closed his mouth on one your nipples.
“Mm, fuck!” You groaned, hand sliding back into his already messy hair. James hummed. “You have an oral fixation, sir,” you murmured, amused. James bit your nipple in return, making you cry out in real pain this time, but both of you dissolved into chuckles. James took his mouth off your nipple, kissed his way up your lips and kissed you passionately. You hummed into his kiss.
James was such a good kisser, you thought. The way he kissed made you feel precious, and like you were this person that he really found sexy─ it was one hell of an ego boost if you were to be honest. You sighed into the kiss, melting under him as you opened your mouth and let him lick into your mouth.
He pulled back with gasp. “Damnit, you gonna make me come in my pants like a fuckin’ teenager,” he murmured, huffing out a chuckle. You grinned. You wrapped your legs around his thick waist and flipped him onto his back. James gasped in surprise. You found your seat right over his groin, felt how hard he was for you and hummed. You started to roll your hips against his bulge; bare pussy against his clothed dick. James moaned throatily as he threw his head back, burying his head deeper into the pillow. You chuckled lightly.
Making a man like him moan like that and get him lost in his pleasure had the power to make you feel confident and very sexy, so you rolled your hips against his bulge a bit faster and rougher. His large palms found their home on your ass, holding onto the flesh there and digging his nails. You moaned.
“Mmm, God, honey,” James whispered, moaning afterwards. You closed your eyes, straightened up and ground your hips harder. You were getting close, the position you were in and his reactions were pushing you even closer to the edge. You moaned. Your fingers found your nipples, and you pulled on and rolled them between your fingertips.
James grunted at the sight on top of him.
You were this wet dream of his that made him come in his sleep pants at nights, and here you were, grinding your hips desperately against his hard as fuck cock. He hummed. Pulling back one hand, he slapped your ass cheek harshly. You gasped. James did it again and again until he was sure that the flesh of your ass was warm with his attack. You mewled, and in that second, James knew you were about to come.
His thumb found your clit immediately, pressing on it and rolling it gently, he watched your lips parting with a silent scream. Your eyes were closed and hands resting on his thighs as you continued to grind down on him. James could feel your clit throbbing under his thumb, and he smirked. He pulled his thumb back and gave you very gentle slap right on your clit.
You gasped loudly, hips thrusting at a mad pace as you came.
“Yeah, love,” James grunted. “Yes, gimme all. Yeah, let go.” He stroked your sides, your ass and breasts. You were gasping for breath as your thighs shook violently. Your walls were clutching around nothing, and it made you whimper sadly. James shushed you. Sitting up, he kissed your neck, cheek and lips. “’s okay,” he whispered. “’s okay, baby, let yourself feel it.” You relaxed under his kisses and touch, and James hummed approvingly. “There you go…”
You sighed. You could feel the effects of your orgasm fading away, and you sighed again. You melted into his arms; your face tucked into the crook of his neck as James stroked your back soothingly.
“You were amazing,” James was whispering into your ear. “You were so good, damn, baby.” You giggled lightly as he pressed kisses after kisses on your cheeks, neck and lips. James hummed at the sound your giggle. He always found it adorable, but never got the chance to tell you because you were forbidden once.
“Mmm,” you hummed. “Mr. Barnes, sir, you haven’t come yet,” you said, all faux-innocence on your face and softness in your voice. James narrowed his eyes at you. He knew so well what you were trying to do. “Will you let me make you feel good, Mister?” James exhaled shakily.
“Have at it, love,” he said, gesturing his lap. You grinned at him and pushed him on his back. Then, you grabbed his legs, spread them apart and fit your body between his strong thighs. You kissed his inner thighs, nuzzled against his full balls and licked his faint happy trail. James hummed deeply. You ran your nose along the length of him, the tip of it brushed against his balls, and James moaned. “Hmm, don’t tease, baby.”
You pouted. “But, where is the fun in that?” You whimpered a bit and leaned down to took one of his balls into your mouth, sucking on and getting it wet. James groaned loudly. You nibbled on the skin there very gently, scraping them mostly really, and James tensed. You heard him choking on a groan and high-fived yourself in your mind.
“God, angel,” he murmured. His large palm found its place in your hair, taking a hold of your head to hold it gently. “I’m too riled up,” he whispered. “I feel so close to coming already,” he added and forced out a chuckle when you licked his cock from root to tip. “Fuck.”
You grinned at him when you pulled back. “I’m gonna leave the cock worship to some other time, then,” you told him, winking. “Please tell me you have a condom?” James nodded. He leaned on his left, opening his drawer, and pulled out a string of condoms. He ripped one free and opened the package. You took the condom from him, put it on his cock and stroked him a couple of times to spread the lube. James hissed at the warmth of your hand around his aching cock.
You straddled his thick thighs, raised on your knees to grab a hold of his dick that curled up to his belly and guided it to your already weeping pussy. You slowly sank down on him. James gasped, hands grabbing your hips immediately; he watched the way your pussy swallowed his cock inch by inch. You hummed, a moan getting trapped in your throat, then, you whined lowly. James ran his hands up and down your back soothingly.
“Lookit that lil’ pussy,” he growls. “She’s so hungry, isn’t she? Hmm? Lookit the way she swallows me right up. Hmm…” You moaned. Placing your hands on his muscled chest, you started to bounce on his cock at a steady pace. James cursed.
He felt so good inside you. He fit so nicely that it felt like that he was made to fill you up, or you were made for him to fill up. It didn’t matter. James fit so well into your pussy, and you wanted to keep him in you at all times. You whimpered at the thought of him being inside you all the time, and your walls clenched around his cock. James groaned.
“Baby,” he whispered, voice strained. His blunt nails were digging into your flesh. You hummed questioningly. “Baby, I’m gonna come─” James gasped. You didn’t care about what he said, you continued to ride him at a steady pace, occasionally clenching your walls around him.
Growling once again, James wrapped his arms around your back and flipped your positions. You squealed as you found yourself under his bulk, trapped and being railed through the mattress mercilessly as James started to pound into you with his all might. You cried out, moaned and gasped as his cock hit all the sensitive spot and stroked your walls so nicely. His balls were so full, you could feel the heaviness of them whenever they slapped against your skin. James’ tensed body was also another sign that how worked up he was. Like he said, he was about to come.
You grinned as James kept pounding into you. “Mmm, Mister!” You whimpered, putting on a show on purpose. “Mister, please come! Please!” James hissed and cursed. He cornered you against the pillows and the headboard, bending you almost half, and threw your knees over his elbows. You gasped.
“Oh, shit, yes, there!” You whispered. He was hitting that spot with each of his thrust, and holy fuck, you were going to come.
“Mister!” You cried out. “You’re gonna make me come! ‘m gonna come so hard for you, fuck─” You gasped. “James, James! Fuck, James, ‘m coming─” Your walls clenched around him as his thumb suddenly found your clit and started rolling it beneath his fingertip. You threw your head back, moaned loudly and long and came on his cock. Your walls were clenching around his aching dick madly.
James hissed. He thrusted once, twice and for the third time before he gasped, groaning deep in his throat, he filled the condom with his come. His balls were twitching as his cock spurted come. He panted into the crook of your neck. Your hand was in his hair, nails scratching his scalp, while your other hand was rubbing his back. Both of you stayed in that position until you leveled your breathing.
James pulled out slowly. You whimpered, but James shushed you with a sweet kiss on your lips. You sighed into it. Quickly getting rid of the condom, he walked into the bathroom to grab a wet cloth.
“Mmm, you’re against the stickiness, I assume,” you joked. James grinned. He gently wiped your body down from all the excessive body fluids and dumped the cloth back into the bathroom before joining you in bed. You immediately cuddled up to him, laying your head on his chest, as he held you against his body with his arms tightly. You sighed again. You were content, relaxed and felt cherished.
The sleep didn’t take long to find you when you were that relaxed.
Your feet were silent as you walked towards the kitchen while wearing one of the sweatshirts that James owned and you found in his closet. It ended in your mid-thighs, and you pulled on your thin pajama bottoms just in case (you left some clothes in his house, after all). James was talking to someone, and you frowned as you slowed down. You didn’t want to interrupt his phone call, that was if he was having one.
The scene greeted you when you entered the kitchen wasn’t what you were expecting.
Tommy was standing on his small stool next to James while James poured some pancake batter into the hot pan. You smiled. Your heart was beating fast, stomach flipping, but you loved the feeling.
“Well, mornin’, boys,” you murmured. Both of them turned around with the same look on their faces, and you chuckled. “What are you doing?” You approached them with a skip on your step. James smiled.
“Mornin’, love,” he whispered. You grinned at him. Lifting yourself on your tiptoes, you kissed his cheek and patted his ass, knowing that Tommy wouldn’t be able to see it. Then, you turned towards Tommy, kissing his forehead. “We thought we could make some pancakes before you woke up.”
“Wanted to suphrise you,” Tommy slurred. You smiled at him. Ruffling his hair, you kissed Tommy’s cheek this time.
“Consider me surprised, baby,” you told him. Tommy beamed at you. James watched the scene right in front of him with a stupid smile on his face. “Need any help?” James blinked himself back into the reality and shook his head.
“Nope,” he said. “You help yourself with some coffee and go sit down, a’right? Make the kitchen look pretty.” You felt your face heating up at his words, and James winked at you. You rolled your eyes. He kissed your cheek. “Go,” he urged you. “Coffee’s fresh.”
“Fine,” you sighed. Grabbing yourself a cup, you filled it with coffee and sat down on the chair like James told you so.
You watched Tommy and James as they cooked breakfast for you. They were bickering and giggling lowly, creating a nice background noise. You smiled into your cup as your eyes never left your boys. You could see how much James loved his son and indulged him into things that he was doing. Tommy was also a good boy for listening to James and never disobeying him.
I love both of them very much, you thought and sighed happily.
James came by the table with a plate stacked with pancakes, and Tommy brought the utensils. You thanked them both before all of you dug in. After you were done with eating and sent Tommy away to wash his face and hands, you leaned in James’ personal space, lips brushing against his.
“You know,” you whispered, and James hummed. His eyes were dark already and never leaving yours. “You’re great father.” James blushed. Smiling widely, you kissed him on the lips chastely. “You’re also a freak in the sheets, but I guess I like it.”
James laughed loudly. His arms wrapped around your waist as he held you close to him. “Oh, baby, you love how much of a freak I am, and you haven’t seen nothing yet.” You hummed. Kissing him again, you rubbed your nose against his own.
“Oh, Mister, I can’t wait for you to show me.” James grinned and captured your lips with yours, promising you silently to show how much a freak he was in the most loving way possible.
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buckyalpine · a day ago
I have a request!!!!
Can you do a Bucky barnes x female reader angst based on Call out my name by weekend.....
Like Bucky and reader used to date and reader have been with Bucky in ugly times but he leaves her for someone else...
But reader having a happy ending and Bucky regretting........
By your big fan 🌝
Tumblr media
18+ minors dni
Ex bucky x reader, destroyer chris x reader
That song is sexy as hell. I know this isn't straight up cheating but this smells of Bucket to me. sigh. Okay. Here we go.
You really have been with him through everything. The absolute worst of times, holding him, cradling him, loving him through every nightmare, every breakdown, talking him through every insecurity he feels. You are his safe place, the one place he can cry and sob and be himself with no judgement.
You run your fingers through his hair while rocking him close to your body each night, deprived of sleep just like him but you'd never let him suffer alone.
He claims he needs a fresh start. The more he's with you, the more he remembers the dark sides of his past. You're special, but you remind him of every moment of weakness he's had. You don't remind him of happiness and hope. When he sees you, he sees the place he goes to cry and he doesn't want that anymore.
He just can't see a future with you.
It's over.
You're struggling to keep it together, your heart in pieces while he's flourishing, learning how to love himself now and be more independent. It's hardly been a few weeks until he has a new girl around. He thinks he's found happiness, there's a part of him that feels oddly hollow. There's something missing. He brushes it off because it'll pass and he's dating someone new anyway. She looks very much like you but that's where the similarities end. He learns that very quickly.
She's not sweet like you.
Not patient like you.
Not loving like you.
Not beautiful like you.
She's not you.
Bucky realizes his mistake very quickly, whatever stupid reasons he had for wanting to break up make 0 sense, he understands that now. He tries to have a conversation with you but it's impossible with the team standing in the way each time he comes by your room. Steve hasn't punched Bucky yet but he's very close to hitting him on the head with his shield if he comes to you one more time.
Bucky went looking for you in every girl he came across and it was never the same. You're all he can think of, and it doesn't stop him from calling you for. You can hear his cries at night, your name falling from his lips when he has a nightmare. He's whimpering and crying, he needs you back, he's so scared but he can't do anything about it, he made his choice when he left you.
He calls you for even when he shouldn't.
"What the fuck?!"
Bucky doesn't even bother correcting himself, simply getting off his newest hookup and putting his clothes back on. He doesn't even hear her screaming at him, truthfully he doesn't care, he can just think of you. He wants to call for you, he wants to be wrapped in your warmth, coming undone for you, making you feel good but it never happens.
When he sees you in Chris's arms, he doesn't know what to do with himself. Your new boyfriend won't let Bucky go near you with a 10 foot pole. He treats you like a princess. Just like you deserve. He's protective over you. He's always by your side.
"I love you sugar" He has you on his motorbike, parked outside the compound, his arms around your waist, trailing kisses down your face to your neck. "My pretty girl"
Bucky freezes seeing you both, seething watching the way his hands are stroking your waist, the waist he used to hold onto, the place only he used to be allowed to touch. When you see Bucky, your heart races. Anxiety takes over. You love your boyfriend but you can't help the new fear that has clouded your brain, a part of you is always scared he might leave just like...
"Baby, look at me" He breaks you out of your trance, his thumbs wiping away the tears you didn't even notice spill down your cheeks. "Sweet heart, I'm here" He holds you close to his chest, he knows everything that happened and he's ready to be patient with you and show you exactly how you deserved to be loved. "It's okay baby, m'not going anywhere"
Bucky hates himself even more because not only did he hurt you but you now also feared people would leave you without warning, just like him. He wants you back, every single day but it never happens.
Nothing gets easier, even though a part of him is happy to see you doing better. Much better. You're smiling, laughing, surrounded by the team while you look open presents, giggling at the cute little onsies and baby toys the team has brought for the baby shower. Tony got your little one a tiny custom leather jacket to match his dad. There's a set of tiny silver rings. There are way more toy motorcycles than toy cars.
You're in your own world now, with your husband, a little baby on the way.
The pain he's feeling couldn't be worse.
Tumblr media
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jadedvibes · 5 months ago
Crossing the Line
Summary: After your friends set you up on a blind date with your sworn enemy, you both drunkenly decide to mess with them by making a bet to see who can pretend to be a happy couple the longest.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x reader
Warnings: 18+ only, smut, unprotected possessive sex, beefy!bucky manhandling the reader a lot, mirror sex, fingering, light angst with a happy ending, fluff, swearing, Fifty Shades of Grey reference, alcohol, jealous!bucky, brief run-in with an "ex" with a wife, pet names, Bucky is kinda cocky, enemies to lovers, fake dating.
Word Count: 10.1k
Like, comment, and/or reblog to put a giant smile on my face ♡
Tumblr media
“We shouldn't, right? It’d be too cruel,” Natasha asked warily. 
“Nat, they have so many things in common, and frankly I am tired of their bitter rivalry over every little thing. We can’t finish a game of Uno without things getting contentious. And god forbid that they end up on the opposite team for charades,” Sam said. “Would giving them a chance at meeting outside of our game nights be so bad?”
“No, but you know how they get when they’re left alone.”
“Bitter and argumentative, sure, but maybe there’s a hidden spark just waiting to ignite into a blazing passionate fire.”
Nat looked at Sam incredulously, “I think you’re doing this to get back at Barnes for flirting with your sister.” 
Sam smiled sheepishly, “Well why did you offer to set her up on the blind date to begin with? You were fully on board at one point.”
“I just feel like there is something there that they’re not seeing, and I have a strong sense that if given the chance, it could work out really well. Plus Bucky’s not a bad guy, and after the dates she’s been on — well I trust him at least a little bit.”
“And at the end of the day it will be a really funny story if it backfires,” Sam said cheekily. 
Nat sighed, a knowing smirk playing on her lips, “Yeah, can’t argue with that.” 
You walked up to the doors of the restaurant with purpose. Your best friends Nat and Sam had set you up on a blind date, and while the thought of that was unnerving, you trusted their judgment. Blind dates were a fun way of meeting people, or so you told yourself, and at the very least you knew that the mystery man was vetted by reliable people, so it shouldn’t be too bad. 
With a deep breath you opened the door and walked towards the hostess. 
“Hello, do you have a reservation?” the cheery wide-eyed brunette asked. 
“I believe my date is already here. Is there a man in a blue shirt waiting for someone? I was told that’s what he would be wearing,” you said. 
“Yes, of course. He got in a few minutes ago, told me to expect a woman in a burgundy dress,” she said as she took in your attire. “Right this way,” she said gleefully before quickly grabbing a couple menus and walking you towards a candlelit corner booth. 
You couldn’t see the man given the angle of the booth, but the moment you arrived at the table you were filled with instant regret. 
“And here we are, your waiter will be right out in a second,” the jovial hostess said before giving you a sly wink and leaving you to be. 
You were met with familiar blue eyes that looked just as bewildered as yours. 
“You’ve got to be kidding me. You?!” you exclaimed at your annoying foe.
“I’ve got to be kidding? What the hell are you doing here?” 
You huffed out a breath before sliding into the seat across from Bucky. “Obviously this is some kind of punishment aimed at you for taking things too far last Saturday.”
He ran a hand through his hair, “When I play charades, I play to win, you know this.”
“I know, but did you have to nearly flip Sam’s coffee table?”
“This isn’t worth rehashing, what do we do, just go home?” he asked. 
“I’m hungry, and while I could go find something to eat elsewhere, we’re already here. Can you keep it together without any drama for a little while?” you asked sarcastically. 
“Only if you can,” he said with a raised brow. 
“Great, I’ll just need a lot of wine, but then I’ll be good to go.”
“Perfect, let’s get a bottle or two,” he said before flagging down a waiter. 
“Some prank huh?” you muttered after placing both your food and drink order because you had no intention of prolonging the night. 
“I know this is Sam’s way of getting back at me for something.”
“Yeah no doubt, but I’m not sure what I did to deserve this.”
“Right, because you’re perfect,” Bucky said drily. 
Bucky leaned back and looked at you with a tight smile. “So what do we do to get back at them? I don’t think they should get away with setting us up on a date that they knew wouldn’t work out.” 
“Whoa, I’m a damn delight, this could’ve worked out if you were anyone else.” 
Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why are you like this? I only agreed to this because Sam said this girl was unlike any I’d dated before. I didn’t think he’d mean it so literally.”
You furrowed your brows. “The hell is that supposed to mean?” 
He rolled his eyes, “Nothing bad, I just usually got along with my exes, at least for a while. You and I, on the other hand, have never gotten along.”
You nodded your head, “Yeah that’s true.” You paused for a minute as the waiter brought out your wine and poured it into your glasses, leaving behind the bottle.
After taking a few gulps, “Maybe you were right, I mean you pulled out an iron for that shirt, we can’t let them get away with this,” you said jokingly. 
“Thank you for noticing,” he said as he subconsciously ran his hands over his nicely pressed shirt. “So what are we thinking? We could TP their house,” he said before taking a big swig of his wine. 
You scoffed, “Bucky, how old are you?” 
“Well give us an idea, smartypants.”
You sighed, taking a moment to contemplate. Unfortunately, you realized every option would be juvenile. “Ugh I don’t know. Sadly, the mature thing to do would be to pretend like this didn’t affect us so that they don’t get the reaction they hoped for.” 
“That’s lame,” he said as your waiter brought out your food. 
“So is their prank,” you muttered before taking a bite of your pasta. 
The two of you ate in silence for a little bit because neither of you knew how to speak to each other companionably. It was always quips, retorts, and sarcastic remarks that fueled your conversations. 
After a beat, you asked, “Did you pick out the restaurant?” 
Bucky furrowed his brow, “Why, do you hate it?” 
Your eyes widened, “No, I actually really like it.” 
“Oh,” he chuckled in surprise. “I did, it’s my favorite spot for good Italian food.”
“Ah, well you’ve got decent taste — at least in food,” you said with a small smirk. 
He tugged at his bottom lip, trying to suppress a smile. “Do you want more wine?” 
“Yes please.”
Heat rose to your cheeks as the effects of the wine were finally making itself known. With one bottle down and another on the way, you felt a little more at ease in Bucky’s presence. 
“I don’t know why Nat would set me up with you, no offense — like she knows that I just got out of something a little messy.” 
Bucky’s eyes softened as he looked at you. “I know Sam is doing this to mess with me, but I can’t figure out what Nat’s thought process was in all of this. She’s usually so protective of you.”
“Yeah, I guess I’ll have to be more weary of her,” you said timidly. If you were completely sober you would shrug this off as a silly prank, but you weren’t and it was hard to process why your friend would mess with you in an area in which she knew you held many trust issues. 
Before you could ponder any further, the waiter reemerged, pouring more wine for the two of you. The two of you happily drank some more, not completely hating the date any longer. 
“You know what would be kind of funny?” Bucky mumbled more to himself. 
“If we pretended that this date was amazing and that we liked each other after it.” 
“Like liked each other?” you asked in surprise.
He let out a laugh, “Yes, like we felt a spark and decided to keep seeing each other.”
You giggled, “They’d never see that coming! But that would be hard to pull off.”
“I know,” Bucky blushed at the thought. 
“Regardless, you can’t seem to keep your cool around me when you’re sober, so it would never work.”
Bucky huffed out a breath, “Yeah that’s true, plus you despise me and start arguments for no reason whenever given the chance,” he shrugged.
You scoffed, “Right, I’m argumentative for absolutely no reason and you never upset me on purpose,” you muttered.
“That’s exactly right,” he said matter-of-factly. 
“I don’t know why you live to agitate me, I could totally keep it together and do it convincingly too.”
“Correction, you live to annoy me, and I know I could keep it together way better than you,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Wanna bet?” you blurted out. 
Bucky’s eyebrows raised, his interest was piqued. “Bet?”
“We do the pretend thing to mess with Nat and Sam — the first to back out loses.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes as he considered the proposition; it would be a good way to get back at Sam. And he would take that bet on principle just to prove you wrong and show you that you were the irrational one, but he knew something else was needed to make it more interesting. 
“What’s at stake? If we’re going to pretend to like each other in front of our friends it’s gotta be worthwhile.”
“Loser has to clean the winner’s place for a month.”
“Make it two months with laundry included and you’ve got yourself a deal. I could use the break.”
You snickered as you reached for your wine glass once more. “Yeah, and when I win you can enjoy the extra month of cleaning you’ll have to do at my place and yours.”
Bucky tilted his head, “Are we really doing this, or what?”
You extended your hand, “Two months of cleaning for whoever bails or starts drama first.”
He stretched out his hand, engulfing yours completely — and thus commenced the charade. 
You woke up feeling dehydrated and hungover; you needed a painkiller and a giant cup of water to quell the throbbing in your head. Begrudgingly getting up to retrieve that from your kitchen was a difficult endeavor, but it certainly helped you feel a bit better afterwards. Once your head felt a little less heavy you thought back to the bet you made with Bucky. Even though you were drunk then, it wasn’t difficult to remember every detail of the conversation now. 
In the light of day you started to feel uncertain about following through with it, and you wondered if Bucky was going to bring it up himself. You wouldn’t be mad if he didn’t, but as you put some bread in the toaster you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. 
Bucky: Hi sugarplum, honey pie…
Well shit, he remembered. There was no way you were going to back down now. 
Y/N: Workshopping nicknames are we?
Bucky: Duh. I’m in it to win it, muffin.
Y/N: Okay good for you, but why are you texting me? There’s no one around to see.
Bucky: Nat didn’t text you?
You were about to type that she had not, but your phone began to buzz at that moment. Speaking of the devil, it was Nat calling to likely see how her crappy set-up went. Before answering you reminded yourself that you didn’t want to be Bucky’s housekeeper. 
You soon found out that Sam had already spoken to Bucky and that Nat was checking to confirm if you really were good to grab coffee in an hour. She seemed genuinely excited to hear that things went well with Bucky, which confused you immensely. Nat even claimed that she knew something was there, but before you could ask her to elaborate on that she had to run. Before hanging up, you agreed to meet up with them. 
So much for coasting for a few days before having to play pretend.
Before you could grumble about it too much you remembered that you had to text Bucky back before getting ready. You pulled up your messages and quickly typed out your response. 
Y/N: Nat called, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon. 
Bucky: Right, I was going to ask if you wanted me to pick you up on my way. 
You couldn’t tell if he was being nice or whether he was trying to further prolong your suffering, but you had a feeling it was the latter. 
Y/N: Fine. 
Bucky: Cool, I’ll text you before I leave, babygirl :P
You rolled your eyes at your screen. 
Bucky pulled up to your place wearing a bright smile ten minutes before you were set to meet up with the other couple.
“What are you so happy about?” you asked as you buckled your seatbelt. 
“I’m just really looking forward to the upcoming two months of chore-free living, that’s all. Seeing you reminded me of what a great break I’m about to get.” 
You scoffed, “Wow, well I wouldn’t be too sure about that yet, Barnes.” 
“Barnes? No pet name for me, doll?” he asked cheekily. 
“I’ll think about it. Can we just save the talking for when we get to the coffee shop? I don’t even know why we’re doing this today.” 
“Steve and Sharon are out of town, so game night is pushed to tomorrow. Guess Sam and Nat still wanted to see us, and I think they’re also trying to confirm that we’re a thing.” 
“Well I am looking forward to messing with them about that,” you mumbled.
Bucky hummed in agreement, “Same, but let’s see how long you can hold out.” 
“All I know is it’ll be longer than you.”
Bucky scoffed as he turned a corner, “Right, just try not to fall in love with me while you’re at it.”
You snorted, “Shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Why’s that?” he asked with a self-assured smirk on his face. Bucky loved to mess with you, mainly because you were the only one that could keep up with him. 
You huffed a breath, “Because, I like my men a little less dick-ish.” 
“Ah, yes, that would be an issue then,” he said as he parked his car. After a second, he turned towards you with a smug smile, “But is too much dick, really that bad?” 
Groaning internally, you tried to rush out of the vehicle, ready for a moment away from him already. But Bucky was too quick, and he was there to help you out of the car once your door was open. You mumbled a thank you and moved to get across the street, but in your haste to get away, you tripped and stumbled onto the road. 
“Y/N!” Bucky shouted. He quickly grabbed your hand and tugged you back just as a cyclist zoomed past, barely missing you. 
All too fast, you heard a whiz of air and a shouting of expletives from the cyclist before you were roughly pulled against Bucky’s broad chest. “Shit!” you exclaimed, as you tried to recover your balance. 
“Are you alright?” Bucky asked as he placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you. He looked at you with concern, only now noticing the stunning hue of your eyes. He unconsciously brushed his thumb over your cheekbone, hoping to calm you, or perhaps himself as he took in your beauty.
Your heart raced as you stared into his sparkling blue eyes. And when you took a deep breath to calm yourself, you accidentally inhaled his warm cologne — like sandalwood and vanilla. Wow, did he always smell that good? 
Shaking your head and coming back to your senses, you finally found your voice. “This isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey. Thank you for saving me but I’m not going to gaze longingly into your eyes.” You only hoped that he wouldn’t bring up the fact that you had essentially done that already.
Bucky slowly released the grip he had on you, finally remembering where he was. “You sure? Could be good practice?” he said with a soft smirk on his lips. He was too mesmerized to call you out on that little moment, he was too caught up in you. 
You released a breath, before nodding your head. “I’m sure.” 
“Okay, well then it’s time to go put on a show. Is it alright if I hold your hand, for appearances of course?” Bucky didn’t tell you that he only wanted to make sure that you crossed the street safely. He was feeling unexpectedly protective over you after that adrenaline-inducing moment, and he was grateful when you wordlessly slipped your hand into his. 
As you crossed the street together, Bucky felt a weird sensation in his chest — and that worried him more than he cared to admit. 
Once you arrived in front of the coffee shop’s door, you both shared a knowing look. Plastering a fake smile on your face, you stepped inside as he held the door open for you. “Thank you, boo bear,” you said, looking back with a wink. 
Bucky looked at you in surprise. Oh, so she’s not going to make this easy on me.
“So you guys really hit it off, huh?” Sam asked curiously as you curled up next to Bucky in the wooden booth. 
Sam’s narrowed eyes showed his disbelief, but Nat appeared smitten and excited for whatever response you were going to give. 
“We did, what can I say?” you said gleefully as you looked into Bucky’s eyes. He tried to contain a smile, but failed miserably. You were too good at this, and he knew he had to put in some work to keep up.
“It was strange,” Bucky chimed in. “It was like I saw her for the first time last night. Suddenly, all of our petty arguments seemed ridiculous.” You looked over at him suspiciously as he spoke all too convincingly. He continued, “She was wearing this burgundy dress that looked so gorgeous on her, and I knew then that I wanted her. And of course, let’s not forget, she’s always challenged me like no other. She makes me want to be a better man. So thanks so much for the set up, Samuel,” he said with a charming smile. 
Nat listened attentively to every word, as Sam sat still, finding it all hard to believe. Bucky and you were practically sworn enemies from almost the moment you crossed paths. Sam knew Bucky’s aversion was because he thought you were an “exasperating wisecrack.” And Nat knew your disdain stemmed from the first rude encounter you had with Bucky, where he told you he thought you were an “annoying know-it-all.”
From those early moments he couldn’t stand you, and you had trouble speaking with him without getting upset. Undoubtedly, it was petty and based off of the most trivial encounter, but it magnified over time. Game nights with the gang only amplified your animosity, which continued to grow through seemingly every interaction you both shared. 
“Yes, thank you Nat. Seeing Bucky all cleaned up last night, looking so handsome, just did something to me. I knew then that I had to have him,” you said, groaning internally as you spoke. 
Sam nodded his head, seemingly convinced. “Well, I’m happy for you both. You guys deserve something good.” The two of you together wasn’t entirely implausible, because despite the surface hostility, he knew you both respected each other. 
“I guess this means game nights are going to look a little different too then, huh?” Nat asked teasingly. 
Bucky looked at you, “Of course, we’re on the same team now. Isn’t that right, baby?” 
“So true, bunny,” you said as you looked into his cerulean eyes. 
Nat spoke up, “I am loving this, so so much! I cannot wait until tomorrow night.” 
“Me too,” Bucky mumbled. 
“Me three,” you said, lying through your teeth. 
The ride home was uncharacteristically quiet. Neither you nor Bucky had anything to say to each other. You were starting to feel a little weird about the bet, mainly because it wasn’t exceedingly hard to uphold. Playing nice wasn’t nearly as difficult as you imagined it’d be, and that felt strange. It’s not that you loved Bucky’s company, but you didn’t hate it as much as you usually did either. 
Bucky was feeling his own version of unusual, because he too realized that sustaining the bet was too easy. He had been fairly honest, and he realized when he spoke of how beautiful you looked the night before, that he meant every word. Hopefully, things will change at game night. 
He still felt compelled to check on you despite his desire to win. After parking in front of your place, he turned to you. “Are you sure you want to keep doing this? We can come clean before game night because I’m pretty sure we’ve convinced them and made up for their prank.” 
“Is that your way of attempting to quit?” you asked curiously. Sure, you felt odd, but you were still in it to win it. 
Bucky huffed out of breath, “No, I was giving you an out in case this isn’t something you wanted to do anymore. We could call off the bet and have no winner or loser if you want.”
“That kind of defeats the purpose of this whole thing, Bucky,” you said frankly. 
“I… I know.” He shrugged his shoulders, unsure of what he was even trying to say in the first place. “So then, I’ll pick you up at 5 tomorrow?” 
“Sure, and thanks for driving me today, boo bear,” you said as you opened the car door.
He let out a laugh, “Can I put in a request for another pet name?”
“You can, but it might not get approved,” you beamed before shutting the door and leaving him alone with his thoughts. 
And that consisted of the thought of you in his arms, the feel of your hand in his, and the memory of you in that dress. 
The following day, you tried not to dwell on the unusual feelings you had about the night before. They didn’t matter, and you figured Bucky would finally start some drama later on at game night. He was too competitive not to, and that made you excited about what was to come. 
By the time Bucky had come to get you, you were giddy to get the show on the road. You both made casual small talk, and seemed to be in good spirits. The two of you even set boundaries on public displays of affection quite easily, agreeing on everything but kissing. However, your plans were briefly thwarted when Nat texted you, asking if you could pick up some ingredients that she forgot to get from the store. After letting Bucky know, the two of you stopped at the supermarket along the way. 
“What did she say she needed?” Bucky asked as he grabbed a cart. 
“Just a couple of things for her dip. We don’t even need a cart.”
“That’s okay, I like to drive it.” 
“Suit yourself. I just need a few things from the produce section,” you said before heading in that direction. 
“Alright, I’ll meet you there in a minute. I’m going to grab a couple drinks.” 
You nodded, as you made your way to grab the vegetables you needed. As you picked out some celery, you were disappointed to see your recent ex, if you could even call him that, Quentin headed your way. Things abruptly ended early on after you found out that he had a wife. After a crappy first date, and a dramatic second date where his wife stormed in, you realized he was an absolute tool. He still called and texted you afterwards, trying to see if you were willing to look past it but you blocked his number after declining multiple times. 
“Well if it isn’t Y/N. How have you been, sugar?” he asked obnoxiously. 
“Quentin, —.”
Bucky interjected before you could respond. “Hey, doll. Do you remember the whiskey Sam had last weekend? I forgot the brand name,” he said as he stood behind the cart facing you and Quentin. He furrowed his brow as he took in your demeanor — he couldn’t tell what was going on, but he could see that you were bothered. 
“Hey, um I don’t remember.”
“Oh alright, well did you find —.”
Quentin narrowed his eyes as he looked at you, “Who the hell is this, Y/N?” he interrogated. 
Bucky was taken aback, but he finally understood from context that this had to be one of your crappy exes. He chimed in before you had to. “I’m her boyfriend, and I don’t really care who you are,” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest, making himself appear broader. “Ready to go, doll?” he asked, not giving Quentin a second glance. 
Quentin was so shocked by the turn of events that he couldn’t think of a response. 
You nodded your head as you placed the greens in the cart. Bucky reached out for your hand, after you put everything down, which you gladly took. 
“Do you actually need anything else?” he asked as you turned the corner. 
“No, I’ve got it all. And thanks for the assist back there.”
“Any time,” he said as he squeezed your hand. For a moment you forgot that he was still holding it, and by the looks of it, he did too. “Oh um, sorry,” he said, slowly letting go of your hand.  
Bucky knew he shouldn’t, but he wondered if you felt it too, the captivating force that was pulling him to you — a small part of him wished you did. 
“Nothing to be sorry about,” you mumbled as your heart skipped a beat. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the feel of your fingers intertwined with his. 
“I forgot to ask, do you want me to circle back and kick his ass?” 
You let out a laugh, looking up at him in disbelief. “You’d do that for me?” 
Bucky cracked a smile, “Anything for my sugarplum,” he teased, nudging you gently. You only shook your head and tried to suppress a smile in response. 
And even if his tone was playful, he couldn't help but feel like he meant it. 
After arriving at Sam and Nat’s you took the opportunity to step away from Bucky. You had a feeling things would get contentious soon enough, and a brief break before that wouldn’t be the worst thing. Heading to the kitchen you dropped off the groceries and caught up with the girls. 
“How have things been with Bucky?” Nat asked suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows. 
“Oh my goodness, is that why you two arrived together?!” Wanda asked excitedly. 
“Nat, it's only been a couple of days, but it’s been great. He’s a good guy.” 
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. I know you guys clashed when you met, but he’s a good person. I’m so glad you’re seeing that now.” 
Wanda chimed in, “Bucky really is the best — so chivalrous and handsome. I’m happy you guys settled your differences, because you make a lovely pair.” 
“Thanks ladies,” you mumbled, taking a good swig of your beer. You were well aware that this was supposed to be a prank — mess with Sam and Nat for setting you up on a bad date, and get a couple months of cleaning out of Bucky. But it didn’t seem like the others were taking it the way you had intended. You weren’t feeling the satisfaction that you thought would come from pranking them, and Bucky was being entirely kind to you. How the hell is this going to work out? 
Before you could worry about that too much, your old friend Thor walked in. 
Excusing yourself from the girls, you walked up to your blonde friend. “Hey, I didn't know you were coming!” you said excitedly. Thor rarely made an appearance at your game nights, but you loved it whenever he did. 
Thor beamed at you, “Hello, Y/N. It’s so good to see you! Are you well?” he asked before pulling you into a bear hug. 
You giggled as he let you go. “I’m good! What’s new with you?”
As Thor caught you up on his daily life, someone else was feeling unsettled at the sight of you standing so close and chatting so happily with him. 
From across the way, Bucky asked Sam and Steve, “Who invited Thor?”
“Oh right, I ran into him a few days ago. I invited him but I didn’t think he’d take up the invite. He’s always a good time though.” Sam paused when he saw Bucky's irritated expression. “Why do you look upset?” he asked. 
Steve let out a laugh, “Because Y/N’s looking awfully chummy with him,” he pointed his beer bottle in your direction. 
Bucky glowered at you laughing at something Thor was saying; your head thrown back as you gripped his large bicep for balance. Thor looked at you with the brightest smile, laughing along to whatever joke you two were sharing. It made Bucky’s chest tighten, and he did not want to think about the reason for that. 
“Oh,” Sam said. He thought your behavior coupled with Bucky’s concern was suspicious, considering you both were apparently together now. “Well, what are you worried about? That’s your girl now,” Sam said to goad Bucky. For the first time that night, Sam started to doubt the legitimacy of your short relationship, and he figured he could push Bucky into revealing something.
Bucky took a deep breath before realizing something himself — this was the perfect opportunity to maintain the ruse and get you to quit first. “That’s right, she is my girl,” he said impishly. “If you’ll excuse me gentleman,” he said before heading towards you. 
You saw Bucky strutting towards you jovially, a bright smile on his face. Those kinds of smiles weren’t usually directed at you, so you knew something was up. Unsure of the reason, but hoping to divert his behavior, you spoke up. “Hey, Buck! What’s up?” you asked behind an obviously saccharine smile.
“Nothing, just came over to see my girl,” he said as he reached out and wrapped his arms around your waist. 
Your eyes widened as Bucky settled behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder as you both faced Thor. 
“I didn’t know you and James were together,” Thor said with a sweet smile and a hint of confusion. 
Bucky lifted his head. “We sure are Thor, this little jellybean is the best thing to ever happen to me,” he said with feigned enthusiasm.  
“Well that’s wonderful, how long have you been together?”
“Three days, three amazing days,” Bucky said as he let out a chuckle.
Thor furrowed his brow, “Well congratulations, to the both of you,” he said before kindly excusing himself to get another drink. 
Once he was gone you turned around to look at the annoyingly affectionate man behind you. 
“What the hell was that?” you challenged. 
“What was what, doll?” Bucky asked with a cheshire grin. 
Your jaw dropped, narrowing your eyes, you grabbed his hand and tugged him outside to the backyard. “So we’re adding sabotage to the mix now, huh?” 
“Sabotage, what do you mean? Like your chances with Thor? Well I just thought he ought to know your relationship status. Plus, Sam and Steve were starting to get concerned, what with you flirting so openly with another man when you’re supposed to be with me.”
“So what if he was flirting with me? We’ve told them that I’m with you.” 
Bucky eyes widened, taken aback. “You knew?”
“Thor’s a flirt, who cares?” 
“I do, you’re my girlfriend.”
You shook your head, “You know you’re starting to sound like a jealous boyfriend.”
“Then I’m playing the part right,” he shrugged.
You scoffed at his indifference, “Is that what it’d be like? Dating you?”
“Why, are you asking because you’re considering it?” he asked with a smirk. 
“No, Bucky. I just want to properly warn the next girl that stupidly falls for those pretty blue eyes.” 
“Did you just say that you like my eyes?” he asked gleefully. 
“Ugh,” you scoffed before kindly shoving him out of the way and heading back inside. 
He smiled to himself, satisfied that he got the better of that exchange. 
Watching through the glass door, he saw you walk into the kitchen and pour yourself a drink. You looked frustrated with him, and normally that would make him quite happy, but today Bucky felt a touch of guilt in his smug satisfaction. He didn’t want you to actually be upset with him. Lately, when it came to you though, the more time he spent in your presence, the more confused he became. 
The only thing he knew was certain from that interaction was that you were right. He didn’t like seeing you with Thor, and come to think of it, he didn’t like seeing you with that guy at the store either. It made him feel that tightness in his chest that was now becoming common when it came to you. 
After you threw back your drink and headed to the restroom to freshen up, you finally had a moment to yourself. As you thought about the events of your typical game night, you started to think about Bucky’s present ridiculousness. By now you’d be at each other’s throats for some type of game disagreement, not because of something like this. 
It was true, you enjoyed Thor’s company, and his flirty nature was fun for you too. However, you didn’t think you’d like the way it felt to be wrapped up in Bucky’s arms more — but you really did. The way it felt to be held against that wall of hard muscle, the heat permeating off his body, it just felt so good. 
This was supposed to be fake, and perhaps there was more beneath the surface, but you knew you shouldn’t think about that. It was too great a risk to take, especially with the bet still in place. You couldn’t give that smug bastard the satisfaction of a win. 
After returning to the living room, you observed the girls finishing up a game of Uno. 
“Hey, charades is starting up in five. You and Bucky are on different teams. Since you both are friendly with one another, I’m sure it shouldn’t be a problem!” Nat said excitedly. 
Oh thank goodness. Finally, competitive Bucky can come out and ruin the day. 
Bucky was excited to play against you, because he knew you were just as competitive as him. He too was ready to finish this bet. Every time you both stepped up to grab the slip of paper with the phrases on it, you could feel the tension. And he brought his A-game, beating you out on the hardest phrases. Somehow he was able to act out building a sandcastle with ease, and he made sure to give you a cocky wink after getting that done. When you were both up again, you were able to convey shoveling snow faster than him, and you loved seeing how frustrated that made him. 
Bucky had Steve on his team, which was an unfair advantage because it oftentimes felt like they shared the same brain. But you were grateful to have Wanda on your team because it almost felt like she could read your mind, which definitely helped rack up some points. 
As the game neared its end, both teams found themselves in a tie. It was down to you and Bucky to break it. After you both read “waterfall” you got to pantomiming the best that you possibly could. 
Ultimately, you were able to break up the word and make it recognizable for Sam, thus sealing your victory. You made sure to stick out your tongue at Bucky as you basked in your win. He only shook his head before heading out the back door. There’s the hot head that I know. 
You decided you’d follow him after a minute to see if you could push his buttons, and maybe win your bet too. But you didn’t expect to see him in such good spirits when you stepped onto the patio. 
“Hey, doll,” he said with a soft smile. “Congratulations on the win, I really thought I had you there.” 
“Here I was coming to gloat, and you’re being… nice. What gives?” 
Bucky shrugged, exhaling a heavy breath. “You know I don’t hate you, right?” 
“You told me off the day we met, Bucky. You don’t like me.” 
“I was drunk, which isn’t an excuse, but I only told you that you were a know-it-all. Did you ever ask yourself why I might've said that? 
You furrowed your brows. “No?” you asked quietly.
He took a deep breath. “I was being stupid and childish. I was the best at trivia, and then you came into my friend group, knowing more than me about American history — that was my thing. And it wasn’t just that, your team won the entire trivia match because of you alone. So I said something dumb when I shouldn’t have, because I was intimidated,” he said sheepishly. 
“Trivia, Bucky? Are you insane?” you asked in disbelief. That had to be the dumbest reason to start a bitter rivalry with a person. 
“We just clashed, we didn’t get along. And I guess I never did anything to fix that.” 
“You know, I studied up on those categories because I wanted to make a good impression on the new group of people Nat was introducing me to. I didn’t want to ruffle feathers, I only wanted to be accepted. But before the night ended you made sure I knew that I definitely was not.”
“I misjudged you, and I annoyed you when I should’ve seen you for the exceptional person you are. I should’ve been kinder, and I’m sorry.”
You eyed him suspiciously. “I don’t get it. Why are you saying this now?” 
“Because something’s changed, and I needed you to know that I —.”
“Hey lovebirds! Sharon convinced Nat to fire up the karaoke machine. You in or you in?” Sam asked excitedly, oblivious to the moment you were sharing. 
“Um,” you looked at Bucky. 
“We’re in,” he said. This was far too heavy a conversation for tonight, and he had already said what he wanted to. 
He gave you a shy smile before following Sam inside. 
You wished you could finish the conversation you were having. With the way Bucky was acting you felt like the bet would truly never end, and it scared you that you didn’t mind as much as you thought you would.
Now that you understood where he was coming from, as irrational as it was, it was hard to hate him. In his tipsy state he spouted out a statement borne of jealousy, which felt a little less harmful than what you had been thinking all this time. Still, you figured you could think about it all later. 
It was karaoke time now. 
After watching Steve belt out “Brown Eyed Girl'' by Van Morrison, then seeing Sam follow it up with “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, you started to feel a bit overwhelmed. Nat asked if you were feeling alright, and you weren’t sure how to answer that. You couldn’t fully pinpoint what was going on with you. 
Opting to avoid revealing anything that would lead you to lose the bet, you told her that you weren’t feeling well and that you were going to call it a night. Fortunately, Thor was heading out early too, so you left with him while Bucky dueted with Sam. 
Immediate relief washed over you once you were back home. Finally, you were alone and able to process your thoughts on your own. 
Things were getting weird with Bucky. Your friends were all too accepting of you two getting together, and even you were starting to get too comfortable with it. As silly as it was, you thought back to how you felt in his arms, when he pulled you out of harm's way. The way he looked at you, like he was seeing you for the first time — it was all too hard to forget. 
The man that you couldn’t stand a few days prior, now made you feel safe and somehow cared for? You pondered how that could be and gave yourself a headache thinking about it. Bucky went out of his way to apologize, when you were happy to dislike him for the rest of his days. 
Even though his rationale for being mean in the beginning was ridiculous, you realized neither of you did anything to stop it from spiraling out. And not only that, but he went on to tell you something had changed, making you even more confused. Did he feel something for you, like how you might feel for him too?
Deciding to forget about the whole thing, you lit a couple cozy vanilla candles and set up a warm bath for yourself. After soaking and relaxing your mind, you came to a decision. 
You were going to call off the bet. 
It had become pointless. Bucky treated you differently, and you couldn’t see how this would end in him surrendering. He was seemingly unbothered by the situation, so you had to be the one to put an end to it. You could always hire a housekeeping service or something to clean his place for him, the terms were never that detailed anyways.
As you slipped into your favorite pajamas, you felt content with your decision. Your life was going to go back to normal and an added bonus was that Bucky would no longer be your enemy — things were looking up. 
Just as you sat down with a cup of tea, your phone buzzed in your lap.
Bucky: Can I come over? Unless you’re with him. 
Huh? Maybe he was drunk texting you from Sam’s place. You decided not to text him back until the morning since it was already late. 
Bucky: I’m outside, if you’re awake. 
What the hell? You got up and opened the door, surprised to see him waiting on the other side. 
“He’s not here is he?” he grumbled. 
“The one that would be more than happy to give you a ride.” 
“Of course, Thor’s not here,” you stepped aside to let him in from the cold. 
Bucky breathed a sigh of relief. “Good, that’s good,” he muttered as you shut the door. 
“You really came all the way over here to make sure I wasn’t with Thor? Are you serious?” you asked in disbelief. 
“No, well, you left without a word and I had to make sure you were okay, and tell you —."
You cut him off before he could continue. “Look, I don't want to do this —.”
“I’m calling it. I don’t want to do this bet anymore,” he blurted out at the same time.
“You’re… we’re both quitting?”
His eyes widened as he processed your question. “Looks that way.”
“Okay. So neither of us wins and gets a housekeeper… I guess that’s fair,” you said.  
“I think so,” he nodded. “Okay well, I’ll let you go then,” he said before moving to leave. 
Placing a hand on his chest, “Bucky, why couldn’t this wait until tomorrow?”
He exhaled a deep breath, looking down at your hand. He wanted to confess that he came because he saw red when Nat told him you left with Thor, and that his heart wouldn't know peace until he saw you. He needed you to know that you had consumed his thoughts the last few days and he needed to release the pressure of the bet because he was overwhelmed by his emotions. 
Instead he asked, “Did you feel it too?” 
“What do you mean?” you asked timidly. 
Clasping his large hand over yours, he looked up into your eyes. “I think you know.”
“I don’t know what you mean,” you breathed out. Thinking back to all the instances in the last couple of days that made your heart race, of course you knew what he was referring to. But it wasn’t made to work, not with all the rough history between you two. 
His azure eyes bore into yours, as words were not necessary to express what laid under the surface. “Alright then,” he nodded before giving you a tight smile and dropping your hand to leave again. 
“That’s it? You’re not going to elaborate or anything?” you breathed out, before you could bite your tongue. 
Before you knew it, he was invading your space, slowly pushing you up against the door behind you with his hands on your waist. “I asked you a question, and you don’t want to answer honestly.” His lips were a mere inches from yours as he gazed into your eyes. 
“It was a vague question,” you whispered, your eyes falling to his soft pink lips. 
Bucky grabbed the back of your neck and pulled your lips to his — intentional and packed with everything he was too afraid to say. You reciprocated immediately; your confusion and doubt finally made sense. What you wanted, no, needed, was him. 
You gave into him completely, letting him take control of the filthy kiss. It was all tongue, teeth, and wanton desire. His rough hand dug into your hips as he pulled you towards him, melding you to his firm body. Your hands found their way into his hair, and you tugged his brown locks, earning a deep groan from his throat. 
Bucky didn’t want to let go of the feel of your lips on his, so he dragged out the moment until you were both too breathless to carry on. As he pulled away and released the hold he had on you, you reluctantly untangled your fingers from his hair and peered up at him; his eyes dark with kiss-swollen lips. 
“You knew what I meant,” he whispered, his thumb brushing against your bottom lip.
You nodded your head. 
Bucky smiled softly, one of his hands coming up to cradle your face. He couldn’t help it — his feelings were reciprocated and you were too gorgeous so he pulled you back for a wild, warm kiss. 
“You’re mine now, understand?” he muttered against your lips. 
You narrowed your eyes at him. “We’ll discuss that later,” you said defiantly, a smirk playing on your lips. 
A lazy grin tugged at his lips, “You are the most frustrating woman in the world.” 
You rolled your eyes, “And you are the most infuriating man I have ever known.”
“Yet for some reason, you like me, doll,” he goaded. 
“Shut up,” you muttered.  
His eyes widened, a twinkle of mischief glistening in his gaze, “Make me.”
He was about to tease you some more, but then you sucked his bottom lip between yours and he decided it wasn’t worth it; he’d gladly lose every little disagreement if you kept kissing him like that.
Bucky’s hand snaked its way to the back of your head as he savored the kiss, his tongue gliding along yours. 
Reaching up, you tugged at his hair to tilt his head for an even deeper kiss, pouring everything you felt into the searing kiss. 
Bucky’s hips grinded with yours, hands moving down to squeeze your ass as he kissed you fervently. You couldn’t help but moan at the delicious friction. His brain short-circuited, the sound sobering and disillusioning him at the same time. 
“I’m… fuck, I’ll stop.” He pulled away to look into your eyes, his hands doing nothing to release you from his hold. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to take advantage —.”
“You’re not, we can slow down if you want though,” you said before kissing him softly. 
He pulled away to smile at you. “I don’t want that. I want you.”
You pushed his chest, successfully getting him to back up and away from you. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. You knew he was letting you shove him around, and that in reality he only moved because you directed him to. 
“Come and get me then,” you said before making a break for your bedroom. 
Bucky let out a laugh before chasing after you, and right as you were about to hop onto your bed, his arms wrapped around your stomach, jerking you back towards him. You squealed in surprise as he pressed your back up against his hard beefy body. 
He moved you so that you were facing your tall mirror and the sight of him wrapped around you made your heart pound like a drum in your chest. Engulfed in his warm scent, captured in his strong arms, your head felt dizzy with desire. 
“Now that I’ve caught you, what am I going to do with you?” he rasped, as his hand slid down your torso, toying with the hem of your shorts. You bucked against him, as his hand ghosted over your clothed core. 
“Please, Bucky. Whatever you want.” 
“Anything?” Bucky asked as he deftly untied your shorts, allowing them to fall in a pool at your feet. 
“Mhm,” you mumbled as you watched his fingers dip beneath your panties, trailing his fingers through your soaked folds. “Bucky,” you whimpered, as his thumb pressed into your clit, his fingers prodding at your entrance.
“Yes, doll?” he asked, slipping two fingers into your tight hole, pumping slowly. 
You were rendered speechless, trying to stifle your moans as you writhed against him. 
“So gorgeous,” Bucky groaned, taking in your pleasured expression in the mirror. He curled his fingers and you keened as he gently caressed that spot that made you shudder. 
Reaching down to his hand around your midsection, you guided it up to your body as you rucked up your shirt. Understanding your intention, Bucky pulled your top off before cupping your breast with his large warm palm, squeezing and kneading you roughly. You gasped, arching into him and he picked up the pace, strumming your clit with his thumb. You leaned your head back against his chest as he touched you, moaning as he eased in and out of you in a perfect rhythm. Incapable of controlling your hips, you grinded down on his hand erratically.
“Fuck,” Bucky breathed out, “Look at you.” You were falling apart before his eyes, and he couldn't look away. 
You whined desperately, clutching his forearm as that familiar coil tightened in your belly, “Fuck, I’m —.”
“Go ahead, doll,” he groaned in your ear. 
You whimpered as your walls fluttered around his fingers. Your vision going white as pleasure coursed through your body. 
If it weren’t for Bucky’s arm wrapped around you, you were certain you’d collapse. As your breathing slowed and sight cleared, you got a good look at him in the mirror — you watched as he brought his soaked fingers from your pussy to his mouth, licking them clean. 
Reaching behind you, you palmed his hard erection, earning a deep groan from his lips. Keeping his hold on you, he buried his face in your neck, sucking at your pulse point as he rutted against your hand. 
“I need you so bad,” he muttered as he kissed along your jawline. “Are you ready for what comes next?” 
You weren’t sure if he meant what you’d do in the bedroom or what would happen once you crossed the next line, but you nodded your head eagerly because it didn’t matter — you were ready for it all with him. 
He kissed your temple before finally releasing the hold he had on your body. “Undress me.” 
“Yes sir,” you whispered, turning around and eagerly unbuckling his belt, tugging off his pants and dragging down his boxers. Your mouth watered as you finally got a look at his impressive length. You should’ve known, the man was a giant, it only made sense that he’d be well-endowed too. 
Bucky’s jaw went slack as he looked at you, wide-eyed and gazing at him with fire in your eyes. He pulled his shirt off himself because he could see your attention was elsewhere.  
You marveled at the gorgeous unclad man, and you started to slowly pump his hard cock, unable to keep your hands off of him. You were about to fall to your knees when he lifted your chin to look into your eyes. 
“I need something else more, doll.”
You looked at him quizzically, until he scooped you up and headed towards the bed. You giggled as his knees hit the edge of the bed and the two of you fell sideways onto your duvet. He let out a laugh as you sidled up next to him, hooking your leg over his own, as you peppered his neck with kisses. Bucky’s hand skimmed over your back, gliding his fingers along your spine until they settled around your waist. Your hand found his hard length, and you stroked him slowly, earning a deep groan from his chest. 
“Fuck, baby,” he moaned. 
He kissed you softly before pulling back to look in your eyes. His hand halted your movements, making you release him. You were about to protest but then he gripped the back of your knee, and rolled you onto your back, so that he was hovering over your wet heat. Bucky met your gaze, looking for any unease, only to find you nodding and biting your lip in anticipation. 
He let out a chuckle at your expression before coating himself with your slick and lining himself up. Your fingers tangled in his hair as he slowly sunk into you, gasping at the feel of him stretching you out completely. Bucky leaned in and kissed you, his tongue swirling around yours as he gave you a moment to adjust. 
You had never felt so full before, but you knew that you could get used to the feeling. Wrapping your legs around the small of his back tightly, you urged him to move. Bucky sucked your bottom lip before easing back and thrusting into you hard. He watched as your eyes squeezed shut and mouth fell agape, as he sank in and out of you. 
He relished the way you clenched around him, your breathing coming out shallow as he took what he wanted. His lips found your neck when he felt your walls squeezing even tighter, “Such a good girl, and she’s all mine now, huh?” he mumbled against your skin.
“Use your words, doll,” he groaned as he suddenly slowed his movements. “Wanna hear you say it.” 
Your eyes snapped open as the peak you were so close to hitting started to slowly fizzle away. Bucky had a self righteous smirk on his face, like he knew he had you. He wasn’t going to give you what you wanted until you answered his question. 
“Bucky,” you whined in protest, trying to urge him to move faster with your hips. 
He halted his movements as he gazed deeply into your eyes, “You’re not getting out of this one, doll,” he smiled before nipping at your bottom lip.
“Later,” you pleaded. 
He swiftly pulled out of you, and manhandled you so that you were facing away from him while sitting in his lap. 
Your eyes flickered to his gaze in the mirror. “Do what you want then,” he muttered as he placed a pillow behind his back. 
You couldn’t help but think that Bucky was practically telling you to fuck yourself, but you didn’t care. You placed your hands on his thick thighs and tucked your legs up so that you were straddling him in reverse. The position had you spread open on your knees as you hovered over his lap. 
Bucky grasped the sides of your hips so that balance would not be an issue, allowing you to comfortably rock against him. The sight in the mirror made you even wetter, if that was possible — his brawny body taking up your bed, with his hands holding you tightly as you moved against his thick, perfect cock. 
You lined his length up with your entrance, and slowly sank down, releasing a shuddering breath as you went. The stretch ached in the most satisfying way, and you liked the control the position gave you. 
Your lips parted with a breathy moan as you started to move, bouncing up and down. Finding the right rhythm was easy as Bucky supported you and let you grind against him until you found what felt good. 
Bucky hissed beneath you, “Fuck, feel s’perfect.” He filled you up perfectly, like he was made for you. 
“Look at yourself, doll.” He grabbed the back of your neck, coaxing you to look at yourself in the mirror. “Watch how well you take my cock.”
You cupped your breasts as you saw your reflection, and then you understood why he insisted on making you see. The way you moved against him, the way your bodies melded together, it was all so beautiful. As you continued to appreciate the sight, Bucky sat up, so you could lean back against him.
He kissed along your shoulders, up to your neck as you took what you needed from him. “Don’t you see it?” 
And you finally realized, you did; you were perfect for one another, physically and literally. The thing that everyone saw, and you both were too afraid to admit, was that you were so damn similar. Both fiery, passionate, and a little crazy — you didn’t clash because you were different, you clashed because you were the same. 
You wrapped your hands around his, as he sucked a hickey into your neck. “Yes,” you breathed. 
“You belong with me.” 
“I do,” you moaned as the coil tightened in your belly. 
Before your brain could comprehend what was happening, he twisted you both onto your side and started thrusting into you from behind. “Good, now come with me,” he groaned. You arched your back, giving him better access as he pounded into you. His thumb found your swollen clit, rubbing rough deliberate circles, making you clench around him even more.
Your breath hitched in your throat as the sudden increase in pace and added pressure finally pushed you over the edge of bliss; your body tensing and mind blanking as your walls spasmed around him. “Fuck, fill me up please,” you cried out. 
His thrusts grew erratic as he buried himself as deep as he could go, hips driving into you with more force until he was spilling himself inside your core with your name on his lips. 
With one last squeeze on your hips, he carefully withdrew himself from you and rolled over on the bed next to you. You both laid there, panting as your breathing slowly regulated. 
After taking a solid moment you lazily turned towards him and reached up to play with his hair. 
Bucky turned towards you slowly, a lopsided grin on his face. His eyes were closed as he reveled in the way you touched him. 
“That was…” you said, barely above a whisper. Hot as fuck, ridiculously good, indescribable.
“Yeah,” he nodded, knowing exactly what you meant. “I wasn’t too rough was I?” he asked gently, finally coaxing his eyes open to look at you adoringly. 
You shook your head, “I liked it,” you murmured. 
Bucky grinned, grabbing your hand in his hair and bringing it to his lips, “And to think all the times we were bickering, we could’ve been doing this.” 
“Maybe we should take the weekend to make up for lost time,” you said teasingly. 
Bucky rolled you over, and pinned your hands above your head before you could blink. His lips hovered over yours as he caged you in. “I’ll need more than a weekend for that, doll.” 
You stretched up and pecked his lips before laying back and looking into his gorgeous blue eyes. “I think that can be arranged. After all, I am yours now, boo bear.”
He let out a laugh, “And don’t you forget it,” he beamed, leaning down to press his lips to yours.
Bucky would learn to deal with your silly nicknames, and your sass, and anything else you threw at him. Because now that you’d crossed the line, there was no going back — and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 
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wintersldr1 · 4 months ago
summer sins.
dads best friend bucky! x fem reader
18+ only, minors do not interact
summary: ever since you returned from your first year of college, you can’t keep your eyes off of your dad’s best friend, Bucky. at a family pool party, you finally give in.
warnings: unprotected sex, kitchen sex, age gap (m:40+, f: 22), penetration, fingering, dirty talk, praise kink, degradation, size kink, pet names (sweetheart, princess, sweet girl), come kink, breeding kink, bucky has a huge dick lol
Tumblr media
a/n: im baackkk😊 & i’ll come up w a more creative title later hehe
The inviting chill of the pool woke your muscles up. You sighed contently, laying back and floating stomach-up in the water. Sunshine soaked into your skin. You were happy.
Bucky was also happy. He stood at the grill, flipping hamburgers distractedly while staring at you. Your breasts were accentuated perfectly in the neon pink bikini you wore, the peaks of your nipples just barely visible through the fabric. Not to mention your face, a blissed-out smile stretching it as you enjoyed the summer weather. Bucky swore he’d do anything to be able to put that expression on your perfect face.
“Buck, you’re burnin’ the damn burgers, man!” Sam shouted across the pool. Bucky cursed, looking down just before the meat caught on fire. You glanced up at the commotion, spotting Bucky, in all his shirtless glory, scrambling to get the burgers off the grill. You giggled, swimming closer to the edge of the pool.
“Maybe we should fire you from grill duty,” you teased, positioning yourself so that your cleavage was more than visible over the railing of the pool.
Bucky glanced up at you, then back down to the burgers, and back to you. His gaze dropped to your chest momentarily before forcing its way back up to your blushing face. “Har har,” he retorted, stacking the burgers on a plate. “I’d like to see you do better.”
You smirked. Grabbing the railing, you began to climb out of the pool. You felt a bit self conscious, but the way Bucky looked at you like you were his prey made all your self-doubt fly out the window. You walked over to him, drops of water sliding down your bare torso and towards your feet.
“I can do better,” you said, coming within an inch of Bucky’s personal space. “After all, I know how to handle meat.”
You shot him a sly smile before waltzing away, taking in a deep breath at the sound of Bucky’s frustrated growl from behind you. Teasing him was your favorite hobby; you’d been doing it since the beginning of summer since you came back from your first year of college.
Bucky Barnes was by far the best looking man you had ever seen. He could easily be a Calvin Klein model with his tanned torso, beefy thighs, long brown hair and piercing eyes. He was good friends with your dad. They weren’t friends when you were younger, but they began to hangout more and more when you were in high school. Even then, you had only met Bucky once or twice. You only just got to know him this past year.
And you had been teasing him since.
Whether it be at pool parties, neighborhood barbecues, grad parties, or charity events, you made sure to look your best for a certain six-foot Russian man. You didn’t miss the way the older (and very married) women fawned and practically fell over themselves to get just a morsel of his attention - but his eyes were only on you. He stayed by your side anytime you were in the same vicinity, a protective presence over your back. The boys your age didn’t dare come speak with you when such an intimidating man was standing with you.
You and Bucky still hadn’t done anything, but the sexual tension was enough excitement for you.
Until today.
You only had about a month left until you went back to college hundreds of miles away, meaning that if you wanted Bucky, you had to act fast.
You put on the bikini you knew drove him crazy and made your best doe-eyes that had most men stuttering to form a sentence. But not Bucky. He never stuttered or tripped, he just got angry.
You could feel the frustration radiating off of him from behind you as you walked into the patio from the pool deck. You didn’t turn around as you entered the kitchen, expecting to find your dad or one of the other neighbors lounging around, but it was empty.
You were just about to go back upstairs when a piece of paper lying on the counter caught your eye.
Hey honey, the guys and I ran to the store for some more snacks and beer. Might take a while b/c Clint likes to take detours to the ABC store. Bucky should be here though. See you later!
- Dad
You didn’t even have time to process the note before Bucky spoke from behind you. “You thought you’d have people here to protect you, didn’t ya, sweetheart?”
You swallowed, slowly turning to face him. He towered over you, a devious grin on his face. “Uh-”
“Thought you could get away with teasin’ me because you’d be safe around other people. But let me tell you a little secret, doll.” Bucky leaned in closely, lips inches from your neck. “I saw your dad’s car leave. We’re all alone. And guess what? I’m sick of the fuckin’ teasing.”
You heaved in a breath as he cornered you, your ass pressed against the countertop. “Bucky,” you breathed, craning your neck to look at him, “we have to be quick.”
His lip quirked into a devilish smile at your words. “Knew you’d let me ruin you. Jump, sweet girl.”
You did as he asked, his enormous hands catching your thighs with ease as he dropped you on the counter and moved in between your legs. “Been waitin’ all summer for this sweet cunt,” Bucky grumbled, tilting your head back and pressing his lips to your neck. “And I’m not a very patient person, doll.”
You whimpered when his teeth scraped your throat, your nails digging into his back at the painful pleasure. “Need you now, Bucky.”
Bucky pulled back, breathing heavily as he crouched down until he was level with your pussy. “These gotta get the fuck off,” he snarled, yanking your bikini bottoms down until your cunt was exposed to him. He heaved in a breath at the sight, jaw visibly clenching and his pupils blown wide as he admired your pussy. “So cute,” he whispered. “Such a pretty little cunt all for me.”
You nodded your agreement. “All yours, Bucky. Belongs to you now.”
Bucky seemed to like that. He gripped your hips with a bruising force, his tongue darting out to wet his pink lips. “Gonna eat you out later, baby,” he promised as he stood to his full height, “gonna make you feel so good when we have enough time. But I gotta fuck you now, okay?”
“Please, god, please,” you whined, the feeling of being empty too much to bear.
Bucky smiled, his fingers dancing across your core before slipping one inside your aching cunt. You reeled, back arching as his finger curled once, twice before another one joined it. “Oh, fuck,” you sobbed pathetically, burying your face into his neck. “Fuck.”
You could feel Bucky smirking above you, his fingers moving steadily inside you. “If this is your reaction to two of my fingers, how are you gonna take my fat cock, sweet girl?”
You couldn’t even respond, especially when his thumb flicked your clit with expertise. It wasn’t long before you felt that familiar build up in your stomach, legs beginning to shake around his waist. You were absolutely shocked; no guy had ever made you finish before, much less within minutes. But of course your dad’s best friend just had to be the only one who could. Just your luck.
“Bucky, I- I think I’m about to come,” you whimpered. Bucky didn’t speed the pace up, he simply curled his fingers with more force and did his best to reach the depths of your cunt. “Please, oh shit.”
“Fuck yes, sweetheart. You’re gonna come all over my fingers, then on my cock. Sounds good? Jesus, you’re so tight. ”
Your cries were more than enough response for him as you came hard around his hand, your cries echoing in the expansive kitchen.
“Love the sounds you make,” Bucky sighed as you came down from your orgasm, hands still clutching his back with a death grip. “So much better than anyone I’ve ever been with. So young and innocent, huh? You like getting off on your dad’s friends? Fucking slut.”
You smiled. “You’re the one who came on to me, James.”
Bucky scoffed before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss. “Because you walk around in these slutty bikinis.”
“At a pool party!”
“Doesn’t matter. You’re teasing me all the same. Now stop fucking talking, princess.”
Your mouth immediately clamped shut, eyes focused on Bucky as he pulled himself out of his pool shorts. You couldn’t stifle your accidental gasp.
He was huge. And not just huge in a way that most big guys are; you hadn’t even seen a dick that big in porn. His cock was long, at least nine inches, and absolutely dripping in precum. His thick hand was wrapped around it, giving it a few tugs and running his thumb over the engorged head. Veins popped out and you swore you could see them throbbing.
“That’s not going to fit,” you said matter-of-factly.
Bucky chuckled, a deep, rumbling sound. “I’ll make it fucking fit, sweetheart.” He grabbed your waist and gently tugged you towards him. Your feet landed on the ground and he swiftly turned you so your back was against his chest. “Bend over,” he commanded, but he didn’t give you much room to disobey as his hand found its way into your hair and practically bent you over the counter for him. The side of your face was pressed against the cool marble of the kitchen counter, the edge of it digging into your hips. You could feel Bucky moving behind you, his gaze burning into your backside.
“You’re gonna take everything I give you, understand?”
You whimpered, wiggling your ass closer to him. “Yes, sir.”
That seemed to do something to Bucky. He groaned, placing his hands on your waist and pressing his cock against your entrance. “Good girl.”
He began to press his way into you, the head of his cock slowly being engulfed by your clenching cunt. The two of you moaned in unison at the feeling. Bucky began to pump in more, inch by inch being swallowed in your pussy.
“Too big,” you whined pathetically, clutching the edge of the counter for dear life.
“Fuck, princess, I gotta move. You feel too good. You can take it, okay?”
You simply moaned in response, bracing yourself. He started to thrust into you fiercely, the head of his cock ramming into a spot you didn’t even know existed. You could feel his heavy balls smacking against your clit with each push of his hips.
“So fucking tight,” he grumbled, voice laced in lust. “That’s it, you perfect little thing.”
Your body slid up and down the counter, breast pressed into the chilled granite as your dad’s best friend fucked you like a toy. He wasn’t giving you time to catch your breath, but you loved it. He knocked the air out of your lungs with each hard thrust. There was a delicious burning sensation around your cunt, its walls stretching to their limit in order to take Bucky in. He could feel it, too: each pulse of your pussy, the drag of his veins along your walls, the slick of your mixed arousal aiding him in sliding in with ease.
“You fucking get off on this, don’t you?” Bucky asked, bending to press a heated kiss to your spine. His hand found its way into your hair, wrapping strands around his fingers and yanking your head back so that your neck was exposed. “You get off on letting your dad’s friends fuck your brains out, huh?”
“Fuck, yes, I do,” you admitted, gasping for air. “I do.”
Bucky moaned from behind you, and you swore you could come from that sound alone. “You filthy little girl. But you’re MY filthy little girl, huh? Not gonna let anyone else touch what’s mine. This-” he emphasized the word with a spank to your ass, “is all mine. Say it.”
You’d be lying if you said that his possessiveness didn’t get you riled up. “I’m yours, Bucky.”
“Good girl. And what belongs to me?”
You opened your mouth to answer, but only a string of curses came out. “Fu-fuck. My cunt. My cunt belongs to you.”
Bucky rewarded your obedience with a slick rub to your clit, causing you to arch your back into his touch and grasp the counter. “Oh god, please,” you begged. “Please don’t stop.”
“You already came once, little one. You’re really going to come again? God, how desperate can you be?”
You wanted to retort back with something witty, but you were too fucked-out to think straight, so you moaned wildly instead.
Bucky’s thrusts matched with his flicks to your clit. It felt like a tidal wave slamming into you with each movement, that same coil building hotly in your insides. Your pussy clenched tightly around Bucky, who moaned and began to thrust erratically. You could tell he was close too.
“I’m gonna come, baby,” Bucky ground out, “and you’re gonna take it all like the good girl you are.”
You nodded fervently, urging him to fuck you harder and faster. He obeyed, slamming into you with a force that was near impossible. You knew that, without a doubt, you’d have some serious issues walking later.
“Shit, Bucky, I’m coming,” you groaned, feeling that peak approach. “FUCK!”
“God, you’re s-so fucking tight,” said Bucky, whose voice was lowered an octave and came out nearly as a growl. “Best damn pussy I’ve ever had.”
You relished in the praise. Your orgasm began to hit you, causing your legs to shake and your face to screw up in a perfect blissed-out expression. You moaned loudly, uncaring of the neighbors.
Bucky hit his climax a second after yours, pushing into you in slowed, drawn-out thrusts that milked him of all his seed. He stayed in you for a while, making sure every last bit of his cum was pushed deep into your cunt.
You caught your breath, heaving in large gulps of air as your heart beat wildly in your chest. “Jesus Christ,” you mumbled.
Bucky barked out a laugh from behind you, slowly pulling out and tucking his dick back into his pants. “Are you okay?” He asked, reaching out to gently pull you up and turn you to face him. “I wasn’t too rough, was I?”
You looked into his concerned eyes, adoration filling your chest. “Not at all,” you replied. “That was perfect.”
Bucky smirked, pressing a kiss to your nose. “That’s what you deserve.”
You scoffed, unused to any form of intimacy after sex. But Bucky wasn’t like those college boys you’d hooked up with - he was a real man, and it showed.
“Dad’s gonna be home soon,” you whispered, peering up at Bucky.
He looked down at you, nodding his head and pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. “I know.” He leaned down, plucking your discarded bikini bottoms from the floor and helping you into them. You felt your face flush at the sweet action.
You heard the garage door open, and your eyes widened. “I gotta go back outside,” you said, moving past Bucky, but he grabbed your wrist and yanked you into him, capturing your lips in a bruising, heated kiss before letting your wrist go and ushering you outside.
“Go,” he said with a wink. “We have the rest of the month.”
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sinner-as-saint · a month ago
meddle about
Mob!Bucky x Babysitter!Reader (one-shot)
Run-through: He keeps having to remind himself that he shouldn’t be having such thoughts about you. There are so many reasons why he shouldn’t; you work for him, you take care of his kids, you’re much younger than him, etc… But sometimes, the heart wants what it wants. And now even big bad mob bosses can deny their desires for too long. 
Themes: mob!bucky, babysitter!reader, age gap (reader is in her early twenties), smut
Tumblr media
You weren’t facing the entrance to the kitchen, yet you felt him enter the room. 
Bucky had a way of moving about soundlessly but you always knew when he was close by. His presence always filled the room and your skin tingled whenever he was around. 
You looked over your shoulder as you placed the dishes in the sink and said, “Hi, I put the kids to bed. I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet them, but they had a long day today and they were pretty tired.” You then went on to tell Bucky all about the fun day his kids had today and he listened with a smile on his face. 
“Well,” He spoke up once you finished talking, “I guess I don’t thank you enough for the work that you do.” 
You chuckled, picking up a tea towel and wiping your wet hands as you turned to face him properly. Your heart skipped a beat. That always happened whenever you really looked at Bucky. Sure he was as bad as people said he was, but he was a sight. Tired but pretty blue eyes, handsome face, tall and muscular. He was so, so dreamy. 
“No need to thank me, Mr. Barnes,” You said, toying with the towel, “Just doing my job.” 
He gave you a faint smile and leaned against the island, crossing his arms over his chest. The stance not only accentuated how muscular his arms were, but it also meant that he wanted to hold a casual conversation. “I spoke with your father recently, and he was really proud of you for doing so well at uni.” Bucky said. “Everything alright with uni? Your classes and all that, all okay?” 
God, he sounded like such a dad sometimes. You mentally giggled at this tone and nodded at him. “Yes, all okay.” 
“Hmm,” His chest did that rough rumbling sound, “What’s with the smirk?” He asked out of nowhere. 
Only then did you realise that you were still trying to hold back your smile. You shook your head, finally smiling at him. “Nothing just… you really do sound like such a dad sometimes.” You confessed. 
Bucky chuckled. “Well, I kind of am.” 
Instinctively, under your breath you went, “A total dilf too.” 
“What was that?” He asked immediately, a funny but curious look on his face.  
You froze. Shit, you did not. No, no, no. “I, uh, I should go. It’s pretty late, and I have classes tomorrow so, uh, yeah. See you.” 
It was moments like these that made you realise that you don’t work for just a regular person, but one of the most feared men in the city. And as you tried to walk past him to get out of the kitchen, Bucky stopped you by grabbing your arm. 
“No, no, don’t run,” He said playfully, gently tugging you closer to him, “What was that word you just called me?” He was fully smirking by now, looking down at you. 
How did you end up here? “Oh, it… it’s not a bad word.” You said, defending yourself. 
“Mhmm,” He raised an eyebrow, “Go on.” 
Your face burned under his stare. “Just means that you’re, you know, good-looking. For a dad. Of two. You know?” 
His smirk grew as he stared deep into your eyes, “So you think I’m ‘good-looking’?” 
You nodded, not realising that he was slowly backing you against the kitchen counter. Only when you felt the cold marble countertop press against your back did you realise that you were properly trapped between him and the counter. Your heart was racing, faster and faster the more you looked into his ocean blue eyes. You were well aware that he could tell that you were clenching your thighs together under your skirt. 
“You know,” He said, inching closer to you, “Young girls like you shouldn’t find men like me attractive. Instead, they should turn the other way and run.” 
You looked down at his mouth as he spoke, and you felt hot, burning desire coursing through your veins at the sight of that mouth. “Well, we always want what we know we shouldn’t have. Isn’t it?” 
Bucky chuckled softly, his hand dropping from your arm to your waist. 
You shivered. 
“Correct.” Bucky said, lazily toying with the hem of your skirt. His little finger brushed against your skin occasionally and you felt like you were about to combust into flames. “But you’re such a good girl. You should want nothing to do with men like me.” He smirked, “I mean, what will your father think? If he sees you so close to me in such a… compromising situation.” 
“My dad doesn’t have to know.” You played along, “You won’t tell him, will you?” 
Bucky’s smile was dangerous as he looked down to how close his hand was to your inner thighs. All he had to do was slide his hand under the skirt and he was sure he’d find you dripping wet. “I don’t know,” he teased, “What will you give me for not telling?” 
You were almost gasping for breath by now. His damn finger wouldn’t stop brushing against your heated skin and he was so close to you, almost pressing up against you. 
“Well I don’t have the kind of money you’re used to dealing with,” You gently reached down, wrapped your fingers around his wrist and guided it over to in between your legs. He immediately cupped your clothed core. “But you can have this.” You added, breathlessly. 
He groaned. “You’ll let me have it, won’t you, pretty girl? You’ll let a man like me touch you there, pet you, maybe even kiss you down there, won't you?” 
You nodded. “Please…” 
“Let me see it then, let me see what you’re offering.” 
Fuck… the whole process of removing your skirt and underwear, sitting up on the counter and spreading your legs so he could just look at you down there was agonisingly pleasurable. He placed his hands on your thighs and spread them further apart and took his time inspecting your wet folds. He mindlessly dragged a finger up and down your slit, making you shiver and moan as he touched you but barely. 
His eyes trailed up to your tits, and his other hand reached up to pinch a nipple, making you yelp. He chuckled, “So pretty, and all mine to play with.” He whispered, getting down on his knees so his mouth was mere inches away from your clit. “Now, keep your legs spread for me. Just like this, pretty girl. Okay?” 
You nodded, looking down in between your legs as he leaned in and pressed his mouth shamelessly to your wetness. 
His tongue, his lips, the gentle suction of his warm mouth - it was all too much. He moved his head side to side, his coarse stubble brushing against your soft inner thighs. You whined and trembled, trying to keep your voice down as he made you lose your mind by eating you out like a starved man. 
Then he looked up, meeting your eyes as the lower half of his face was completely submerged into your wet cunt. And that did it. You came with a yelp and a moan, riding his face and tugging on his short hair. 
Bucky smiled as he pulled away and stood up. “You taste so good, pretty girl. Now come on, turn around and bend over the counter for me.” 
Trembling from the orgasm still, you did as he asked. 
You turned around so your front pressed against the edge of the counter. 
You gripped the counter as he grabbed your hips and spread your legs just enough so you were aligned to his crotch. “There we go,” He whispered, caressing your skin where he held you. 
You felt his mouth near your ear; licking and biting and kissing. 
“Now, be good for me. Okay?” 
“Okay.” You whispered back, needing him like you needed air. 
“Good girl. Always such a good girl. Look at you, spreading your pretty legs for me. You’re gonna let me fuck you while you’re bent over this counter, aren’t you baby?” He spoke, over the sound of him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. 
“Yes, please,” You whined, bending down already and waiting for him. You held yourself up on your elbows and pushed your butt back into him, urging him to hurry up. 
He chuckled as you wiggled your hips and brushed against his clothed crotch. “Eager, are we?” 
“Okay, baby,” He whispered, “I’m gonna fuck you, and you’re gonna do your best to be quiet, okay?” That smooth and deep voice of his made you want to squeal. 
“Yes, I’ll be quiet. I promise. Please, just-,” 
Your words ended in a soft moan as you felt him pressing the tip of his hard, warm cock against you. His hands on either side of your waist, holding you in place as he slid his cock against you at first. Gently rubbing it up and down, parting your folds. 
“You ready, pretty girl? Ready for me to fuck you and make you come on this cock, huh?” He asked, nudging your wet hole with the tip of his cock. 
“Please, yes…” 
You braced yourself for his thrust, knowing it was coming. 
Slowly, Bucky slid inside you, filling you up and stretching you as he did. He let out a sigh of relief and pleasure once he was seated deep inside you. You felt so full, like you’ve never been before. So full, you could barely form a thought other than telling yourself that you never wanted this feeling to go away. 
You let out a quiet moan as he started rocking into you. Slowly at first, then gradually building up his pace. 
“Fuck, you feel like heaven. Like you were made just for me… just for this cock.” Bucky whispered, fucking into you with a pace that made you want to scratch and bite him because it felt so good. So perfect. So right. 
You felt all of him. Each time he filled you up entirely, the tip of his cock brushed against your most sensitive spot and you moaned, trying to keep your voice down as your walls clenched around him. 
“Don’t stop…” You whispered. Your mind was all foggy, by him fucking into you. His thrust was animalistic, and rough now. 
Bucky chuckled. “Don’t want me to stop, pretty girl? You want me to keep fucking this pretty little cunt all the time, huh? Say it,” He growled. “Tell me how good I fuck you, tell me how you never want me to stop.” He taunted, his voice sounded menacing. 
You whimpered as he pounded into your core. His pelvic bone smacking against your ass each time he thrust into you. You told him all that he wanted to hear. You told him how good he felt, and how you don’t want him to stop. Ever. 
“Well, well, well,” He teased, “Who knew my innocent babysitter would be such a good little slut for me, huh?” He slowed down, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pulled your back into his chest, getting closer to your ear as he said, “Is that what you are now, pretty girl? My little slut? Huh, tell me.” 
You whimpered, “Yes I am. I am your little slut, please just… make me come.” 
Bucky hummed, kissing your warm, damp skin. “Yes you are, baby. A perfect little slut for me. Just for me.” 
Then he resumed fucking you like an animal. The sounds of your skin slapping against one another was downright obscene, and the grunts leaving his mouth were even more so.
“You better come for me, pretty girl.” He growled into your ear. “You hear me? Come on this cock, come on. I want it wet with your cum.” 
His words made you delirious. Lust drunk even more than ever before. You moaned as he reached every single sensitive spot inside you. You felt a familiar warmth taking over you, and a pressure building in between your hips. 
“Oh…” You whined, “I’m gonna come.” You cried, and you were pretty sure you had warm tears streaming down your face. 
You couldn’t hold it any longer. And you came all over his cock. 
“Yes… Aww, look at you, pretty girl,” He cooed, his voice laced with lust and desire. “You come so good for me.” He slammed his cock harder into you, and your eyes watered even more. He felt agonisingly good. It didn’t take much for you to come undone again after that. Gushing out around his cock, walls pulsating around him as you came, hard. A second time. 
Bucky came right after you, grunting and sighing in pleasure. His warm load shooting inside you as your body shook against the counter.
“Fuck baby, you’re so full of my cum even I can feel it.”
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vxntagedior · 3 months ago
well oiled machine
summary | you can’t seem to face bucky after crashing one of his cars
pairing | beefy!mechanic!bucky barnes x fem!reader
warning | angst, car accidents, fluff ending
word count | 1.0k
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The shock blanket that was wrapped around you, wasn’t helping with your shock.
You kept muttering curses under your breath, your eyes wide, the adrenaline still rushing through your body. 
The entire intersection was blocked off, numbers of officers and paramedics were at the scene. The one ambulance held you, one of the paramedics, patching up the gash on your forehead from the impact causing you to hit your head against the steering wheel.
The other was for the man who crashed into you. Your light had just turned green and as you started to cross the intersection to keep going straight, a truck tried to pass his light before it turned red, not getting in time, running the red, and driving straight into the side of your car.
Well Bucky’s car, not yours.
Your car had been leaking, and Bucky brought it into his shop to figure out the problem and let you borrow his car for the day, his Camaro that he worked so hard to restore. And you finally realized you hadn’t called him.
Trying to grab your bag, you were pulled back, the paramedic scolding you for moving while they tried to get the stitches in. 
Trying to grab your bag, you were pulled back, the paramedic scolding you for moving while they tried to get the stitches in. 
Still not seeing the car, being surrounded by paramedics and police you never saw the damage. A tow truck came onto the scene, and you prayed it was the other car that was going to get wheeled on. 
Fear struck your face when you saw the Camaro being wheeled on, the entire passenger’s side destroyed, the mirror just gone and the door barely hanging onto the hinges.
You felt tears cascade down your cheeks finally seeing the damage that happened, Bucky poured his heart and soul into the car and you wrecked it within a second. 
The medic was still tending to your wounds when you heard the shouting.
“Where is she, Y/n! Y/n!”
Your heart flared, hearing the familiar through the crowd of people, looking over the shoulder of the paramedic to see your boyfriend flow through the way of officers and firefighters.
He had been held back by two police officers, seeing the three of them argue before they let go under the tap, watching him run closer and closer towards you.
“Thank god.” Bucky muttered when he saw you sitting in the back of the rig. The medic had just finished with you, placing another piece of gaze over your forehead before going off in a different direction.
His eyes were frantic, his eyes searching over your body for any more injuries. “You were just going out to the bank and you were gone too long so I went to check and I saw the accident and the car.”
The moment he mentioned the car, your eyes started to water and your bottom lip started to quiver.
“Hey it’s okay.” Bucky thinking you were hurt, holding you gently.
“I’m sorry.” You sobbed, resting the side of your head on his shoulder. “I should have been looking more carefully, I could have seen you coming before I drove across and now your car is destroyed and you put some much work into it.”
Bucky furrowed his brows, looking back at the car then towards you again, opening his mouth to speak before you cut him off. 
“I’ll pay you back.” You gasped. “I a few hundred dollars saved up, I know it’s not enough but-”
“I’ll put my paychecks towards it-”
“And hopefully maybe-”
“Y/n, stop talking.” He finally got his word across. “I don’t care about the car, I don’t care about you paying you back.”
“Stop.” He said loudly. “I thought I almost lost you.”
His voice started to quiver. “I saw the car, and everything flashed before my eyes and no one was telling me anything so I had to go out and figure it out myself. You don’t understand how happy I am that you are right in front of me in one piece. You’re okay. I can replace the car, I can look for more parts, I can’t do that with you, I can’t replace you.”
Bucky didn’t know he was crying, until you used the edge of your sleeve to wipe the tears that were on his cheeks.
“You better not say you’re sorry.”
“I love you.” You said instead, smiling softly. 
“I love you too, so much.” He sighed.
Standing in the garage of Bucky’s shop, the two of you stood in front of the car.
Bucky was able to get the camaro back from the tow truck, happy that the two were close enough for him to get it back so easily.
You didn’t understand why he was restoring it, he had endless cars, another camaro but he just said it was okay.
“Should be good, test it out baby.” Bucky smiled through the window. Turning the key, hearing the sound of the engine start, he smiled. Turning the engine back off you got out of the car seeing how giddy he was.
“Why are you so happy?” You teased.
“Because I got your birthday gift.” He smiled, “Surprise.”
You didn’t understand at first looking around before you turned back to the car.
“Your car.” You said in awe. “B, I can’t take this.”
“You will.” He insisted. “Registered in your name and everything, it’s all yours.”
Squealing, you wrapped your hands around his neck, hugging him tightly. His arms naturally wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer into his stomach. 
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You smiled ear to ear.
Bucky returned the gesture, turning you around so both of you were facing the car, his arm still wrapped around your waist.
“What do you say about taking it out for a little test drive?” He smirked. “Test out the waters.”
“I don’t know.” You muttered, you were still cautious since the accident a few months ago, Bucky kept explaining to you how it wasn’t your fault and you were a good driver.
“Hey, I’m right here.” He reassured. “We’ll be okay.”
Your hands gripped on the steering wheel as you continued to get closer and closer to the accident sight, Bucky noticed the distress, wrapping one of his hands around your thigh, squeezing it lightly..
“See.” He said. “We’re good.”
You smiled, giving me a quick look before turning back to the road, the two of you riding downtown together.
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